Remix War V sync (part 3/4 from synchtube1)

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  1. this is a less-than-ideal log, but it is a log nonetheless.
  2. I attempted to scrub the spam attacks, but there might still be some remnants.
  3. -----
  4. "TinDragon: "I accidentally the whole bass"
  5. AutomaticJack: This is BOSS
  6. Echelon: pretty cool.
  7. phaux: thanks!
  8. vinalgirl: well i know its BOSS
  9. TinDragon: Oh, and Echelon's here too
  10. Angel: Good one, have a cookie.
  11. TinDragon: Echelon, I haven't stopped playing your version of Ponystomp since last week
  12. vinalgirl: but what is it?
  13. Chickadee: Phaux, you did a great job with this!
  14. Foxdeimos: ^
  15. GeneralMumble: Ponystomp remix?
  16. Echelon: @TinDragon hahaha, cool!
  17. GeneralMumble: I had no idea this existed awodijferogidtj
  18. Chickadee: I need to save this on my youtube.
  19. vinalgirl: :dealwithit:     :dealwithit: i loveallthese emotes
  20. scibot9000: it's not working for me ;_;
  21. Echelon: @Mumble yeah I remixed Silva's remix
  22. TinDragon:
  23. Bam
  24. VeganCheesecake: Lol, Chicka in the box.
  25. Foxdeimos: Ok, next one in line
  26. VeganCheesecake: HI!
  27. vinalgirl: @generalmumble: me neither! isnt it the best!
  28. Chickadee: Lol, VeganCheesecake in the box!
  29. CommandSpry: mush plese
  30. VINXIS: damn
  31. Camsy: Hey everyone
  32. CommandSpry: ur not allowed to fix discord
  33. Neu: waitwut. lol
  34. dat intro
  35. VINXIS: Hai guysze
  36. Scootles: ...Suddenly
  37. BassClef: wafuq?
  38. Chickadee: Heyyy, this one isn't bad, either! I like.
  39. Foxdeimos: Suddenly, cars.
  40. BlueBelle: Uh what?
  41. Echelon: 10/10 video
  42. Scootles: 200 sanics onthe motorway
  43. TinDragon: Why is there a car
  44. SASFalcon: Guys, take a drink.
  45. vinalgirl: are we all listening to the exact same thing? is this live?
  46. Doofcake: What's with the video?
  47. Chickadee: It's a Discord car, duh.
  48. Doofcake: Oh
  49. TinDragon: Vinal, if you're listening to a Discord remix, then yes
  50. VeganCheesecake: HURRDURR
  51. Neu: well, it definitely got my attention.
  52. JackTHerbert: Mush does Forza 4 Car designs
  53. Chickadee: Smoooth sounding!
  54. BlueBelle: Uh, I'm listening to the one before again?
  55. Ian: this is pretty good
  56. vinalgirl:
  57. Scootles: GOTTA GO FAST
  58. Echelon: Discord's "party" van
  59. TinDragon: Derpy Mail, haha
  60. thebipolarbrony: WOW DAT VAN
  61. BassClef: its really bass-ey
  62. Evine: That's one awesome car
  63. VINXIS: amfg mush
  64. Crossover: I want a pony on my sports car
  65. I need a sports car first though
  66. Neu: dis dis dis dis dis
  67. VINXIS: oh, neu's on
  68. Crossover: WHATS WITH DIS CORD? It's frayed or something
  69. vinalgirl: how awesome would it be to have a car with a cutie mark??????????
  70. Crossover: Where is the flank of the car?
  71. SASFalcon: This is kinda funny with the van
  72. Crossover: like above the rear tire?
  73. Chickadee: Dis cars?
  74. Neu: it's the changeling-version of the Season 3 van.
  75. Shadow: Season 3 van?
  76. Chickadee: Discaaaars
  77. I: I AM IN
  78. Chickadee: Are we your prey alone~?
  79. thebipolarbrony: lol
  81. VINXIS: I'm coming later on guys... got stuff to work on lol
  82. Chickadee: So jammin~
  83. vinalgirl: I LOVE THIS SONG
  84. BlueBelle: Whoa man
  85. Neu: inb4 monomate vst
  86. phaux: 2 TLT remixes in a row wat
  87. Shadow: And when Mr.Bigglesworth gets upset...
  88. people DIE!!!
  89. BlueBelle: Buffering nooo
  90. AdamTh3Walker: What song is this?
  91. I: I can't believe I missed my own sonhg
  92. AdamTh3Walker: oh
  93. okay
  94. CommandSpry: wat is even happen
  95. Ian: NO
  96. Scootles: What
  97. Ian: just NO
  98. I: Why am I not called Mush
  99. lolwat
  100. TinDragon: It was good until the vocals started
  101. thebipolarbrony: ow my ears
  102. AdamTh3Walker: this is interesting
  103. Snacky: wat.
  104. TinDragon: And now I have no idea what's going on
  105. VeganCheesecake: Sounds like CommandSpry.
  106. vinalgirl: what happened to the song?
  107. Doofcake: Ears
  108. Snacky: my head is full of buck.
  109. Doofcake: Bad
  110. bad
  111. Scootles: Breaking Bad
  112. AdamTh3Walker: Mush looks like |:
  113. CommandSpry: amazing
  114. Evine: mfw
  115. Mush: Okay fixed
  116. So
  117. CommandSpry: dudes if we were high we would have LOVED IT
  118. vinalgirl:
  119. AdamTh3Walker: good
  120. Neu: it'
  121. Mush: What dod you guys think
  122. Scootles: Stop that Neu
  123. TinDragon: Pretty good Mush
  124. Pyro25100: So bad, it's good.
  125. Scootles: I love you too much for you to like bad thing
  126. Neu: just like Skrillilix
  127. Scootles: DROOP DA BOOS
  128. AdamTh3Walker: If Tombstone made songs like this the world would be a better place
  129. Doofcake: Hahaha
  130. vinalgirl:
  131. Doofcake:
  132. KyLuke: this song saved my family from dysentery
  133. Mush: I am still peeved I missed my own entry because I needed a piss
  134. Scootles: Too bad they died fjording the river
  135. It's k mush
  136. We liked it
  137. Mush: WOOT
  138. Doofcake:
  139. Neu: HERE we go.
  140. TinDragon: I think someone said the chat was gonna be logged anyway
  141. AdamTh3Walker: It was good stuff
  142. Mush: Now, when's Jack's?
  143. Crossover: much better XD
  144. TinDragon: So you can probably check that later
  145. BassClef: ooh another boooring remix
  146. JackTHerbert: Which Jack's
  147. Doofcake: wuuuuub
  148. Mush: Your's mate
  149. phaux: finally remix of boooring which is not drumstep!
  150. AdamTh3Walker: This is amazing
  151. VeganCheesecake: Let's hope it's not boring.
  152. Scootles: need more unts in my unts life
  153. thebipolarbrony: OH SHIT MY SPEAKERS
  154. AdamTh3Walker: I'm amazed
  155. JackTHerbert: Quite late
  156. Chickadee: How cool!
  157. Neu: nice transitions...!
  158. Doofcake: Anyway, I'm a tad busy messing with an anime con stuff, I'll hop back in here as soon as I'm done
  159. See ya!
  160. TinDragon: It's after the intermission, like 4 songs or so after
  161. Scootles: Is this Synchtube going to remain open for a while, or is it just a once-off?
  162. Shadow: Damn, gotta get ready for work in 15 minutes.
  163. Duskstroke: woo music
  164. Snacky: Oh yes.
  165. Duskstroke: I just finished the poster for my RPG too
  166. TinDragon: Scootles, last Sunday they left it running after, but they didn't on Saturday
  167. So I dunno what they'll do today
  168. I: nice
  169. TinDragon: You can always get the torrent of all the songs or the YT links to the songs on MLR though
  170. Camsy: I'm liking this remix
  171. Neu: Pinkie's body cracks me up.
  172. CommandSpry: I'm disturbed by the lack of commentary on this track
  173. cmun
  174. guis
  175. Bumble: Hi
  176. digitalbrony: I'm worried for my song
  177. Scootles: Okay, if you say so commandspry
  178. Shadow: We're all too bust groovin'. lol
  179. Scootles: THIS SONG IS GOOD
  180. phaux: >dubstep
  181. Scootles: 20% COOLER
  182. digitalbrony: This song is baws
  183. Scootles: NEEDS MORE PONIES
  185. Chickadee: THIS SONG
  186. Scootles: LOLOLLLOLOLO
  187. Chickadee: I NEED IT
  188. digitalbrony: Needs moar LOUDER! samplez
  189. BassClef: this is a good remix
  190. Scootles: Seriously though, good song.
  191. Snacky:
  192. Duskstroke: I really like its mane
  193. Mush: I approve
  194. thebipolarbrony: excellent song
  195. Duskstroke: section
  196. digitalbrony: I cant wait for the big download link
  197. is it up yet
  198. TinDragon: Yep
  199. Bumble: *listens to the music and sees the comments on it*
  200. *cries by himself*
  201. TinDragon:
  202. AdamTh3Walker: This is so good
  203. digitalbrony:
  204. Scootles: Thanks, TD.
  205. digitalbrony: Torrent?
  206. Meh
  207. I might get uTorrent to worj
  208. Scootles: >not torrenting
  209. Duskstroke: ON IT
  210. Crossover: im gonna wait for the archive
  211. Shadow: >>Torrenting like a boss.
  212. Neu: don't download the torrent yet - i'm not in there yet, due to reasons.
  213. Echelon: I like this remix. =]
  214. Pyro25100: That was awesome
  215. digitalbrony: That's post-tag fixin' right
  216. IchigoPony: hallow?
  217. TinDragon: Late submission I assume Neu?
  218. Crossover: nice work
  219. thebipolarbrony: amazing
  220. Scootles: Did anyone remix you, Echelon?
  221. Crossover: that was giid
  222. TinDragon: I saw your entry get added in right before it started
  223. Neu: well, one of them, tin.
  224. VeganCheesecake: Guess who's next.
  225. CommandSpry: good song
  226. Pyro25100: Someone fixing Silva? Impossible.
  227. Chickadee: I'm so excited and nervous!
  228. Crossover: this is nice
  229. Chickadee: Hey, this isn't bad! o.o
  230. Scootles: Oh man
  231. digitalbrony: Erryberrdy berrngern
  232. Chickadee: I'm jammin~
  233. Scootles: Moombah
  234. VeganCheesecake: You should see me, Chicka.
  235. Scootles: All up in this
  236. Chickadee: I can imagine, Cheesecake.
  237. Pyro25100: Cowbell master race.
  238. KyLuke: time to take off my shirt
  239. AdamTh3Walker: oh hell yes
  240. Scootles: BRB having sex with the furniture
  241. Duskstroke: lol Luke I never HAD a shirt on
  242. Chickadee: Lol, Scootles.
  243. thebipolarbrony: lolwat?
  244. Duskstroke: so I beat you to it
  245. Shadow: It waas shirtless 'o clock 30 minutes ago.
  246. Chickadee: I'm not wearing pants. Does that count?
  247. Scootles: >wearing pants
  248. >ever
  249. Duskstroke: lol
  250. Crossover: I don't know what pants are
  251. Scootles: It's like you go outside or something
  252. KyLuke: If i had a lot of fat, my dancing would be amazing
  253. Duskstroke: Lyra would kill you Crossover
  254. Neu: [puffs a cigarette] i don't even know what pants is.
  255. Mush: WHO SAID LYAR
  256. Neu: anyone get the reference?
  257. Mush: *LYRA
  259. digitalbrony: Not bad.
  260. Chickadee: Psssh, pants.
  261. Duskstroke: LYRA IS BEST LYRIST!
  262. Chickadee: You're better off without.
  263. digitalbrony: PANTZ
  264. Neu: scootles, it was a Drawn Together reference. lol
  265. Chickadee: This is a nice mix, btw!
  266. digitalbrony: brb bathroom
  267. Leonine: Thanks guise!
  268. Scootles: Damned nice remix.
  269. Chickadee: TIME IS CANDY
  270. YES
  271. zorg: OH SNAP
  272. Bumble: *looks at his music thread, soundcloud, and youtube. He then closes his tabs and cries*
  273. Scootles: It keeps the sound of the original but still takes it in a new and unique direction.
  274. Echelon: Nice stuff man!
  275. Pyro25100: This is pretty good.
  276. Neu: hai zorg.
  277. Scootles: 10/10 would pone again
  278. BassClef: eh i dont lie it
  279. soundesign and mexing seems bad
  280. Scootles: Well you don't exist
  281. KyLuke: I'm assuming "fixes" means remixing?
  282. zorg: heyhey i'm stylishly late
  283. Scootles: Yush.
  284. Pyro25100: Essentially.
  285. Scootles: HI ZORG
  286. Doofcake: And I'm back
  287. Well that was quick
  288. Camsy: I never liked the term 'fix'
  289. VeganCheesecake: Time to mute your speakers.
  290. Lucky: I slept through the first 4 songs, so you're not alone.
  291. Bumble: Meh...
  292. Chickadee: OH GOSH
  293. Bumble leaves
  294. Chickadee: SO NERVOUS
  296. Doofcake: ORGANS
  297. Angel: Oh, this.
  298. Scootles: Oh man
  299. Chickadee: ;__;
  300. BlueBelle: Whoa organs
  301. Scootles: what's gonna happen
  302. BassClef: oh wow
  303. Pyro25100: No, Vegan. We're gonna listen, and we're gonna like it.
  304. Crossover: Ah, organs
  305. Angel runs away
  306. Scootles: Will we dream?
  307. Snacky: omgawd.
  308. Chickadee: Ahhhhh ahhh ahhhh
  309. TT__TT
  310. LoreRD: Hello
  311. Chickadee: Nervous nervous nervous
  312. VeganCheesecake:
  313. digitalbrony: back
  314. Mush: LoreRD
  315. Hug me now
  316. Shadow: Love it so far.
  317. Scootles: Calm down, Chick.
  318. Camsy:
  319. KyLuke: gotta love that gangsta organ
  320. LoreRD hugs Mush
  321. Scootles: You'll die too soon.
  322. Mush: Yeah thats right
  323. LoreRD: There!
  324. digitalbrony: nawt baf
  325. Mush: Hold dat chord
  326. Ian: hmmmmm
  327. KyLuke: smack those keys baby
  328. digitalbrony: Remember day 1 when this wass full
  331. Neu: needs moar pedal tones.
  332. Crossover: ^
  333. Scootles: I was not prepared.
  334. IchigoPony: I like
  335. KyLuke: I DUN HERE WURBZ
  336. thebipolarbrony: liking this
  337. Shadow: DAT CHORUS
  338. Mush: Oh look
  339. A Rainbow Factory mix down in that list ._,
  340. TinDragon: There's like four of them
  341. Scootles: ...
  342. ...My everything hurts.
  343. TinDragon: And a couple Still Shy, and at least one BYG
  344. SASFalcon: Thats a few drinks
  345. Camsy: No remix war is complete wihtout a rainbow factory remix or 10
  346. VeganCheesecake: Wait for it...
  347. Chickadee: Oh gosh my voice-
  348. Mush: Me and many people made a hobo happy today by singing pony songs
  349. Chickadee: *Gags*
  350. Camsy:
  351. Chickadee: XDD
  352. BlueBelle: Whoa what
  353. Camsy:
  354. Pyro25100: LOL
  355. IchigoPony: lol
  356. BlueBelle: lol
  357. digitalbrony: LOL
  358. Lucky:
  359. Leonine: YEEEEEES
  360. Neu: LOLOLOL
  361. Chickadee: YES, CHEESECAKE
  362. TinDragon: 15/10 for image
  363. hottoast16: Dis is pro.
  364. Shadow: 'MURICAH
  365. BlueBelle: lolololol
  366. Chickadee: YES
  367. digitalbrony: WAT
  368. BlueBelle: MURICA
  369. Scootles: 2America4me
  370. hottoast16: DIS IS PRO!!!
  371. Pyro25100: OMG
  372. Neu: F--K YEAH
  373. Leonine: MURICAH
  374. Mush: Durp
  375. Pyro25100: YES
  376. Chickadee: WHAT A TWIST
  377. digitalbrony: URRMURRIKAA
  378. IchigoPony: yes yes yes
  379. Crossover: what even
  380. Firenze: OMG wtf
  381. Doofcake: Well then
  382. Firenze: Why
  383. Chickadee: MY FAVORITE PART
  384. KyLuke: now that's gangsta
  385. Scootles: XxX420ponescopeamericaronpaulXxX
  386. BlueBelle: IN CELESTIA WE TRUST
  387. Firenze: Why
  388. bartekko: lol it's not a troll entry idiots
  389. Mush: 8
  390. Chickadee: lolollollolololol
  391. digitalbrony: RON PAUL no.'
  392. Angel: Hurrdurrica
  393. digitalbrony: lol
  394. that was odd
  395. Mush: Firenze
  396. Is yours today?
  397. Pyro25100: That was amazing. Could not contain my lolz
  398. Camsy: :derp:
  399. digitalbrony: Mine is today... i'm scared
  400. BlueBelle: That was unexpected.
  401. Mush: Mine was on while I was on the can :/
  402. Scootles: ...It's not over?
  403. Mush: Feels batman
  404. Cherry: That was fucking terrible.
  405. IchigoPony: not
  406. digitalbrony: That was ok. 7.8/10
  407. Firenze: It was... er... meh
  408. KyLuke: remember guys, the song would sound better if we weren't all energetic from the previous ones
  409. Scootles: inb4 i really like its mane
  410. Firenze: It had merica, so therefore bad
  411. CommandSpry: I think this is a great troll entry
  412. BlueBelle: I...really like it's organs?
  413. Mush: OH YOU
  414. BlueBelle: LOL
  415. digitalbrony: DAWWW
  416. Mush: Derpy
  417. hottoast16: Best song yet.
  418. Snacky: I... really like it's derpy.
  419. hottoast16: YEEAAHH
  420. Mush: Yeah I maded a love heard
  421. digitalbrony: Snacky wins
  422. Pyro25100: Haters gonna hate.
  423. Mush: *heart
  424. Crossover: I dont..
  425. Scootles: OKAY NEXT ENTRY
  426. Camsy: Intermizzion vid says side B, shouldn't it be back to side A again?
  427. Scootles: PLEASE
  428. Cherry: the best part about that song is the ending. because then it's over.
  429. Neu: how mean. lol
  430. digitalbrony: MOOMBAH
  431. Crossover: aw shit
  432. Doofcake: Haha
  433. Pyro25100: Oh yes
  434. Mush: Suddenly
  435. Firenze: Now we into it
  436. BlueBelle: Whoa
  437. TinDragon: Hells yeah
  438. Ian: art attack much
  439. Mush: Moombah
  440. Scootles: And then
  441. Crossover: *bounces*
  442. Firenze: BOOHYAH
  443. Scootles: Everything got better
  444. JackTHerbert: Moombah day it seems
  445. Firenze: Not mine Jack
  446. Or yours
  447. Mush: Mine wasn't
  448. BassClef: wow
  449. Mush: Mine had a van
  450. Pyro25100: Lol, why do people always say art attack the moment there's moombah? He didn't invent it.
  451. Firenze: Or PinkieGuys
  452. digitalbrony: I was not expecting Jack to be here
  453. Snacky:
  454. Cherry: this is better.
  455. Mush: His remix is today
  456. Scootles: AA doesn't even Moombah that much.
  457. digitalbrony: This is nice
  458. Pyro25100: Exactly
  459. TinDragon: I think Jack's been here all three days
  460. Scootles: People are just dumb.
  461. JackTHerbert: You weren't? I did an entry so yeah.
  462. And yeah I've been here all 3 days
  463. Doofcake: Oh hey JackT
  464. Mush: He has been here all long
  465. He is just a ninja
  466. digitalbrony: Hmm
  467. I didnt see him
  468. TinDragon: The one I didn't expect to pop in here was Mumble
  469. Pyro25100: Hardstyle+Moombah=okay with me.
  470. Mush: NINJA
  471. Underscore: wat
  472. BassClef: moombahstyle
  473. Scootles: oh god so smooth
  474. Underscore:
  475. Scootles: sliding out of bed
  476. Lucky: So smooth, can't handle it.
  477. Scootles: and out the door
  478. Mush: Why you in bed scootles
  479. Lucky:
  480. Mush: Noooo scootles come back to me
  481. Neu: i'm a liquid-dnb producer and i love me some piano.
  482. Mush: I made you a muffin
  483. digitalbrony: Dat ocean sample
  484. Scootles: Because I should be sleeping. Because late-night work shifts.
  485. digitalbrony: Tempo upwards!
  486. Mush: mmk
  487. Scootles: But instead I spend them here, pone-ing the pone.
  488. TinDragon: Oooh, here we go
  489. Mush: 3
  490. 2
  491. 1
  492. Scootles: OH MAN
  493. Doofcake: needs more bwomp
  494. Scootles: Wait...
  495. Mush: Its slowed down
  496. lolwat
  497. BlueBelle: Whaa
  498. digitalbrony: Moar DROP
  499. pls
  501. SASFalcon: Damn that confused me
  502. Doofcake: BWOMP
  503. BlueBelle: Trippy bro
  504. hottoast16: ALL OF THE DROPS!!!!
  505. Pyro25100: Tempo automation. My body was not ready.
  506. Mush: here we go again
  507. Scootles: DROP TIME
  508. digitalbrony: offtempokick
  509. BassClef: aw yeah
  510. digitalbrony:
  511. Doofcake: AWW YISS BWOMP BWOMP
  512. KyLuke: bought time I heard hardstyle
  513. Camsy: Urgh, hope you guys enjoy the rest of the sync, I can't stay awake any longer. XD
  514. Underscore: let this night last
  516. Scootles: 5evr
  517. SASFalcon: Aw no camsy!
  518. Snacky: FOREVER!
  519. Mush: Bonkbonkbonkbonk
  521. Crossover: gotta love that hardstyle
  523. digitalbrony: HArdstyle is boss
  524. Doofcake: I approve
  525. BassClef: i like this
  526. KyLuke: oh yeah
  527. digitalbrony:
  528. Doofcake: suddenly moombah
  529. Scootles: My everything
  530. Doofcake: again
  531. Scootles: it is full of wat
  532. KyLuke: nustylez
  533. Kheoz:
  534. Neu: i have mixed feels about all the tempo changes.
  535. Firenze: aye
  536. Scootles: Same, Neu.
  537. Crossover: IT CROSSEDOVER! TWICE!
  538. KyLuke: meh
  539. Scootles: My feels are all feely.
  540. KyLuke: you're just silly neu
  541. Firenze: sounds like a dj set
  542. but by someone learning mixing
  543. Scootles: 8.8/10
  544. digitalbrony: That last wub was a sample
  545. Mush: I heard some tomb at the end :d
  546. Firenze: Oooh
  547. this piano
  548. digitalbrony: YAY NIGHTMARE NIGHT REMIX
  549. Neu: once again, i pianuz.
  550. Mush: Nightmare Night
  551. digitalbrony:
  552. KyLuke: this isnt Justin Bieber!
  553. Crossover: Here we go Nightmare Night
  554. Mush: Is Luna actually
  555. BlueBelle: Yay nightmare night
  556. Cherry: this could be good
  557. Underscore: :dealwithit: anypony who agrees they like killing time with ponies say I
  558. SASFalcon: I already like this one!
  559. Firenze: Its the song Luna
  560. digitalbrony: |
  561. Firenze: Not Nightmare Night
  562. Scootles: Neigh
  564. Snacky: killing time? what?
  565. BlueBelle: Whoa
  566. Scootles: Or something.
  567. digitalbrony: |I|I|I|I|I|I|I|I|I|I|
  568. Lucky: It sounds like luna. :
  569. Firenze: Oooh
  570. Scootles: It is Luna.
  571. BassClef: dat saw wave
  572. Firenze: This is gooood
  573. KyLuke: yeah it does sound like luna
  574. GeneralMumble: saw bias
  575. KyLuke: same chord progressions?
  576. Scootles: It's remixing Luna.
  577. Hurr.
  578. digitalbrony: Luna chord progression+Nightmare Night Piano
  580. I was all confused and stuff :C
  582. Underscore: ►◄ nightmare night is cancelled FOREVER
  583. Firenze: I did the only Nightmare Night mix
  584. Crossover: I'll use multisyllabic words if I want
  585. digitalbrony: Sorry Crossover, inform us of the correctNomenclature pls
  586. BlueBelle: QUIT TALKING FANCY
  587. Firenze: I feel proud
  588. Scootles: WELL FINE BE THAT WAY
  589. Underscore:
  590. Crossover: X fixes Y - Remix name
  591. Angel: It's based on Alex's remix... At least that's written in description.
  592. VeganCheesecake: This' amazing.
  593. digitalbrony: This is good, but confusing name
  594. Crossover: ^
  595. Lucky:
  596. digitalbrony: This ain't nightmare night
  597. this is luna
  598. Leonine: Rad, but I wish the kick had a little more knock.
  599. KyLuke: yeah perhaps
  600. Inkpony: Oh hey, I made it.
  601. Firenze: a punchier kick plz
  602. digitalbrony: Oh hey, you did
  603. Snacky: no, this is patrick
  604. CommandSpry: please synthisize
  605. the amount of nexus here actually physically hurts me
  606. BlueBelle: Is this the Krusty Krab?
  607. Scootles: 2nex4us
  608. Crossover: No, this is luna.
  609. Snacky: no, this is dog
  611. Lucky:
  612. Neu: and then snares.
  613. KyLuke: you guys make me want to tear my legs out
  614. Crossover: why legs?
  615. digitalbrony: Why not hair
  616. KyLuke: so I can be Legolas
  617. BassClef: wut
  618. digitalbrony: horns
  619. Crossover: wut
  620. Scootles: YUSH
  621. Snacky: !
  622. Scootles: YUSHYUSHYUSH
  623. Lucky:
  624. Snacky: Yes!
  625. digitalbrony: This song is the best ever
  626. BlueBelle: Why not hands? Donate them to a Lyra nearest you
  627. LoreRD:
  628. BlueBelle: Yay Gypsy Bard
  629. Lucky: LYRICS OR GTFO
  630. Scootles: When you're ripe with devastation
  631. scootalube: hellos
  632. Mush: SO
  633. AdamTh3Walker: rife*
  634. Snacky: All my yeses.
  635. Scootles: Whoops
  636. Underscore: lets get this party started motherfillies
  637. Scootles: My baed.
  638. FLUTTERSHY: banana
  639. digitalbrony: LOL ripe w/ devastation
  640. AdamTh3Walker: lol
  641. FLUTTERSHY: Fluttershy YAY
  642. Neu: motherfillies? were
  643. Scootles: It's like Tsyolin is prancing about in my dreams.
  644. Lucky:
  645. AdamTh3Walker: ^
  646. yes
  647. Crossover: Alright everyone, I have a gig I have to go to, I hope you enjoy my mix. *waves*
  648. DerpyHooves: 9_6
  649. Scootles: Take care, CO.
  650. Firenze: brb gys
  651. digitalbrony: bai
  652. BlueBelle: Bye!
  653. Firenze: dog walk :
  654. Lucky: bai
  655. Leonine: Good luck at your gig!
  656. digitalbrony: 6_9
  657. Scootles: >responsibilities
  658. hottoast16: Their faces are obscured, and my memories are blurred. But i still know the words to this song!
  659. Scootles: OH MAN CARS
  660. 2HARCORE
  661. digitalbrony: DAT ART
  662. BassClef: VARC
  663. BlueBelle: More cars?
  664. BassClef: CARS
  665. Lucky: luvin teh cars. lol
  666. KyLuke: oh and they're not cars, they're dugongs!
  667. Pyro25100: Ponies driving. That would be a sight to see
  668. Snacky: OH YES
  670. TinDragon: Ooooh, I really like this so far
  671. Leonine: DAMN
  672. Lucky: DD
  673. Neu:
  675. Neu:
  676. <#
  677. Evine: quite a lot of love for cars this time
  678. Neu:
  680. LoreRD: Nexaka, you did it again :O
  681. Underscore: >:D
  682. Snacky: OHAI DNB!
  683. BassClef: oh i like this
  684. Leonine: SO CLEAN
  685. LoreRD: Great job
  686. Cherry: This is good.
  687. Pyro25100: WOW, DnB. Now you don't hear enough of that in this community.
  688. Neu: PYRO, go sub to me - that's all i do.
  689. Scootles: Someone doesn't have enough Addictia in their life then, Pyro.
  691. Neu: NeuKatalYst is my youtube.
  692. Scootles: Also Neu.
  693. Pyro25100: Brb, subbing to neu
  694. KyLuke: neu shoves D&B down your throat
  695. Scootles: But that's a given.
  696. Snacky: Subbed!
  697. Pyro25100: done
  698. Mush: Loving the bently continental and the Gallardo
  699. JackTHerbert: I thought I was subbed to you earlier Neu, I love my D&B, so I assumed I already was subbed.
  700. Scootles: And then Neu was a Synchtube prostitute
  701. KyLuke: the end
  702. Lucky:
  703. KyLuke: i love handfarting to D&B
  704. Scootles: ...wat
  705. Lucky: Heh.
  706. Neu: implying i wasn't already a prostitute - have you SEEN my OC and it's vulnerab--COUGH--i mean, adorableness?
  707. digitalbrony: wat
  708. VeganCheesecake: Trance?
  709. Scootles: Watch it, Neu.
  710. Neu: b^.-
  711. Scootles: It's things like that that get OCs SHIPPED around these parts.
  712. Inkpony: I really like this track.
  713. Scootles: And just terrible.
  714. Neu: i this track more.
  715. Scootles: So terrible.
  716. KyLuke: my OC got shipped to Somalia
  717. digitalbrony: This song makes mine look terribru
  718. Scootles: >not shipping pones to Nigeria
  719. Neu: mine MIGHT be able to compete.
  720. Scootles: It's like you don't even WANT their prince to be free
  721. Inkpony: I wonder what tempo this is. I like how upbeat it is.
  722. JackTHerbert: One question
  723. digitalbrony: I, like your average person, procrastinated until the day before, and forgot to master.
  724. JackTHerbert: This is an original song, in the remix war?
  725. Scootles: I dunno.
  726. Lucky: Huh.
  727. VeganCheesecake: Kinda seems like. Dunno.
  728. Pyro25100: How'd that work? lol
  729. JackTHerbert: I checked the vid, description says it's an original piece...
  730. Lucky: Well.
  731. Angel: Oh.
  732. Ducks: Quack
  733. digitalbrony: Itsa remix of nexaka i think
  734. LoreRD: wat
  735. digitalbrony: oh
  736. Angel:
  737. Inkpony: I finished mine the day it started.
  738. Pyro25100: Oh
  739. Angel: He accidently the wrong link
  740. Scootles: The whole wrong link
  741. GeneralMumble: did he post the original?
  742. digitalbrony: confused
  743. Scootles: I mean, it's a great song.
  744. thebipolarbrony: anyone have advice for somepony trying to break into the music scene? i'm trying to start
  745. JackTHerbert: I think he linked his original song instead of his RW remix...?
  746. digitalbrony: Angel's link was in week 1
  747. GeneralMumble: Yeah this song was posted 6 aug
  748. Scootles: Just make a song.
  749. Echelon: Amazing stuff.
  750. BlueBelle: Don't put cats in blenders?
  751. Scootles: And put a pony on it.
  752. Neu: @bipolar - DON'T BE AFRAID.
  753. Scootles: Instant 5K views.
  754. Leonine: m/
  755. Scootles: It doesn't even have to be good.
  756. Leonine: OPEN THIS SHIT UP
  757. Inkpony: Oh look it's my original genre.
  758. AdamTh3Walker: thebipolarbrony - just make noises and keep doing it until something wonderful happens
  759. ^seriously
  760. Underscore: not that much wub
  761. KyLuke: now that's rare, it ain't electronic!
  762. BassClef: hm
  763. Ian: people learn how to mix
  764. Lucky: Make stuff. I'm currently in a very similar situation with all the newness and that's what everyone tells me to do.
  765. Inkpony: Wow. I love this.
  766. Pyro25100: I feel like this has already been in the sync before.
  767. Angel: So... maybe this one? It's fix too.
  768. BassClef: oh my god
  769. yay
  770. SASFalcon: Not sure about the vocals, but the instrumental, me gusta
  771. KyLuke: oh crap, this reminds me of the band my cousin is in
  772. Leonine: HATE MOSHING
  774. Pyro25100: Well...
  775. Inkpony: I may be the only one, not sure. I used to listen to this stuff all the time.
  776. digitalbrony: SCREAMING
  777. AAH
  778. Pyro25100: Eh
  779. Ducks: I agree with Falcon
  780. Scootles: I remember being fifteen once.
  781. Neu: is there a way to internet-mosh?
  782. VeganCheesecake: Sounds flat. But ok.
  783. Scootles: It was terrible.
  784. Underscore: khgbfclikgELJKFHEWKHFLKHDFLKHDSLFHDSLF <== what this guys in the song is saying
  785. Lucky: Ugh, a couple of my brothers were into this stuff sooo much.
  786. Leonine: Slam your face against your keyboard.
  787. Pyro25100: Not much for the vocals. But the instrumental is excellent.
  788. Leonine: sdfg;oiagasfiouhasgf
  789. digitalbrony: b
  790. Neu: gsjijlsfijvsaerareilaaeraer;
  791. Scootles: CHUGGA CHUGGA
  792. digitalbrony: omg my nose
  793. Scootles: BREAKDOWN
  794. CHUGGA
  795. KyLuke: NORG!
  796. Cherry: ugh, so generic sounding
  797. Inkpony: Reminds me of like August Burns Red but with some singing involved.
  798. Leonine: Tasty two step is tasty.
  799. digitalbrony:
  800. Pyro25100: I guess you could call screamo the dubstep of the metal world.
  801. digitalbrony: I dont liek dis
  802. Ducks: werd
  803. Scootles: I was never a fan of the original song, and this is about on par with that.
  804. thebipolarbrony: wow, thx guys. i was actually working on a piece before i came over to listen to this awesomeness
  805. Scootles: H8's come a LONG way since then.
  806. KyLuke: now we need MLP music that's like job for a cowboy!
  807. Ducks: I don't like the straight vocals, but they fi with the rest of it.
  808. I -really- like the rest of it.
  809. Neu: inb4 "How Far We've Come"
  810. Pyro25100: I actually really like the original song.
  811. Scootles: >Job For A Cowboy
  812. pls go
  813. Leonine: ^
  814. KyLuke: lolz
  815. digitalbrony: lolol
  816. Inkpony: In my world, I have to explain to my friends that dubstep is like the metal of the rock world.
  817. Pyro25100: Lol, that works too
  818. Neu: eh, it's all music to me. b^.-
  819. Scootles: ...I don't think that back-up vocalist knows what timing is
  820. VeganCheesecake: Inb4 derp.
  821. Ian: NO
  822. Leonine: Ooh
  823. Inkpony: I grew up listening to like metal and screamo, then recently when I found Owl City got more into electronic stuff.
  824. Pyro25100: Word to that, Neu.
  825. Lucky: interesting.
  826. SASFalcon: Welp, finishing my drink
  827. KyLuke: and here we go
  828. BlueBelle: This sounds happy yayayay
  829. Leonine: DEM CHIMES
  830. BlueBelle: CHIMES
  831. TinDragon: A cheery rainbow factory
  832. This confuses me
  833. Lucky: re-used video?
  834. Ducks: Rave-bow Factory
  835. Angel: Yup
  836. Lucky: Oh, mixed, video though
  837. Neu: EDM, here we go.
  838. BlueBelle: Just don't look at the video and everything is okay
  839. Scootles: Oh man so edgy
  840. Pyro25100: Aoshi has the best remix of this song.
  841. Angel: ^
  842. Neu: i like Blaze's remix.
  843. Inkpony: Omni does a swell job too.
  844. Ducks: I like the original
  845. TinDragon: I'm a fan of H8_Seed's remix
  846. Scootles: Gonna have to say H8 or Tei have the best remix.
  847. Ducks: Doof had a nice one
  848. digitalbrony: HI Deimos
  849. Lucky: I like the pretty rainbows.
  850. Ducks: Ohyea, Tei
  851. Neu: 303's, nice!
  852. thebipolarbrony: H8 has best remix of this
  853. TinDragon: This is pretty good though
  854. hi: hi guys
  855. Applejinx: I did a heavy metal one
  856. hi: why is my name hi
  857. it should be deimos
  858. digitalbrony: lol
  859. TinDragon: Because you typed hi for your name
  860. BlueBelle: lol
  861. Ducks: lulz
  862. Lucky: lawl
  864. Pyro25100: This is good though.
  865. Angel: Glaze made the best remix of this :I
  866. Scootles: dead pones
  867. thebipolarbrony: LOL
  868. digitalbrony: I hate that
  869. VeganCheesecake: Best remix by Bronymike.
  870. Scootles: in the sky
  871. Applejinx: no, HIIIIIII
  872. Lucky: refresh page mebbeh?
  873. Snacky: He...hehe...hehehehe
  874. Inkpony: Lol.
  875. Scootles: what is this magic
  876. hi: i like the rainbow factory song
  877. Pyro25100: Pistons... they don't work that way.
  878. Angel: Flutterrex's version is quite nice too.
  879. TinDragon: ./nick Deimos might do the trick
  880. BlueBelle: Same, Deimos.
  881. PONYWORTHY: Fluttershy YAY
  882. GeneralMumble: I think Imma go download this if i can
  883. digitalbrony: HI MUMBLE
  884. VeganCheesecake: And remix it?
  885. Deimos: ok im back
  886. digitalbrony: There you go
  887. TinDragon: We need more remix-ception
  888. Lucky: I can kind of does play this on piano and stuff.
  889. Deimos: changed name from hi to deimos
  890. Scootles: Mumble posted, BETTER BLAST HIM WITH PRAISE
  891. Ducks: I was just gonna wait for the compilation, 'cause I missed the first 2 days anyway
  892. TinDragon: Remixes of remixes of remixes
  893. Neu: i like how everyone says hi to mumble as soon as he enters, even though he's done it, like, 3 times.
  894. digitalbrony: Inb4 remixception
  895. Deimos:
  896. GeneralMumble: lol
  897. TinDragon: Mumble should remix Echelon's remix of Silva Hound's remix of Mumble's Ponystomp
  898. BlueBelle: inb4 remix of remixception
  899. digitalbrony: ^
  900. TinDragon: I think that'd probably break everyone's minds
  901. Scootles: Remixixixixixix
  902. Echelon: @TinDragon BAHAHAHAHAHA
  903. Lucky: inb4 remixceptionceptionception nah I killed it
  904. digitalbrony: rmxieptceion
  905. Pyro25100: Oh, assertive Fluttershy is next.
  906. GeneralMumble: TinDragon, that's not a bad idea
  907. CommandSpry: this one is also cool
  908. Cherry: Do it
  909. BassClef: this will be good
  910. Scootles: 333333333333333333333
  911. GeneralMumble: oh hey it's my art awodijeforidgtjhy
  912. Snacky:
  913. Neu: i like it already
  914. Lucky: oooh me likey
  915. Ducks: Weeeeerrrrrdddddddd
  916. digitalbrony: Assertive Fluttershy remixed this? Instant win
  917. phaux: incoming happy hardcore
  918. Lucky: ha
  920. Inkpony: Insta-like
  921. BassClef: sounds like foozogz
  922. VeganCheesecake: My favorite!
  923. Deimos:
  924. Scootles: I was never a fan of the VIP of this song.
  925. PONYWORTHY: Fluttershy YAY
  926. Lucky: dat cute flutterface.
  927. AdamTh3Walker: It does
  928. Scootles: Loved all the remixes, though.
  929. Deimos:
  930. TinDragon: Yeah, I kinda wish someone 'fixed' the original instead of the VIP
  931. VeganCheesecake: Needs more pitched vocals.
  932. Ducks: Dig this HH
  933. TinDragon: This is the best fix though
  934. Angel: Someone fixed.
  935. AdamTh3Walker: This is pretty cool
  936. Neu: i keep thinking about remixing this, but everyone else has already, so i don't know if i would be starting a revolution or now.
  937. *or not
  939. Scootles: Have you heard Addictia's remix, TD?
  940. AdamTh3Walker: Tempo-wise
  941. Leonine: YES
  942. TinDragon: Not sure, was it on the first two days?
  943. AdamTh3Walker: And there it is
  944. Snacky: Yes.
  945. thebipolarbrony: Assertive remixing Art? excuse me while i faint
  946. Pyro25100: Yeah, this is awesome
  947. Neu: retrigger + tapedown = yes
  948. Inkpony: Have so many things I wanna remix but find no inspiration on how to change the song.
  949. TinDragon: 'cause if it wasn't one of those, I haven't heard it
  950. Scootles: Nah, it released back when the VIP released.
  952. Underscore: this is some awesome mix!!!!!!!!!!!
  953. Scootles: It was part of the CD bundle.
  954. Deimos: we need moar songs like this
  955. TinDragon: Yeah, I didn't even listen to the original until like two weeks ago
  956. Scootles: Give it a listen. It's on Addictia's page.
  957. TinDragon: I'm kinda behind on most of the music in the fandom
  958. Lucky: Loving this. So much
  959. Scootles: But damn, this is good.
  960. Lucky: sounds a little empty here
  961. BassClef: assertive doesnt dissapoint
  963. digitalbrony: Assertive Fluttershy is best pony
  964. Neu: he had less subs than me at one
  965. Ducks: I enjoy this
  966. Scootles: I know that feel, TD.
  967. PONYWORTHY: Fluttershy
  968. Scootles: I'll go for like a month without hearing anything new, and then just go through my subs and download EVERYTHING
  969. Inkpony: Love that glitching
  970. TinDragon: I don't even have too many subs, mainly just the well known ones and a few from this remix war
  971. Lucky:
  972. Scootles: Balloon Party is what brought everyone's attention to Assertive.
  973. KyLuke: listening to this makes me emo about my own music!
  974. TinDragon: (by "have subs" I mean "those I am subscribed to"
  975. Scootles: And he deserves every bit of it.
  976. Pyro25100: I feel I have more subs than I deserve
  977. digitalbrony: I mainly lurk SC and am behind on all the YouTube stuff
  978. Ducks: lulz
  979. Ian: i have like 18 subs
  980. Ducks: This is the first time I uploaded anything to youtube
  981. digitalbrony: My 2nd
  982. Ducks: Soundcloud is my baby
  983. TinDragon: That reminds me that I was going to sub to Pyro25100
  984. digitalbrony: Although it's my 2nd good song anyways
  985. Leonine: My second. I did a shit Aviators remix before.
  986. Scootles:
  987. digitalbrony: Who are you, Ducks?
  988. Ducks: Ducks Unlimiyed
  990. Scootles: A spreadsheet of all the entrants, if anyone's interested.
  991. Ducks: *Unlimited
  992. Pyro25100: No way, Tin. You don't have to
  993. digitalbrony: Ok, I thought you were Malard for a sec
  994. Ducks: I rarely make pony music
  995. Nah
  996. digitalbrony: *mallard
  997. Deimos: digital are any of your songs on here?
  998. Ducks: He's the other duck
  999. Angel: Lemme check how many accounts I'm subscribing...
  1000. TinDragon: Your remix from last week was one of the 6 or so songs I've downloaded from the remix war
  1001. So yeah, that deserves a sub
  1002. Scootles: Sounds like someone's crying...fowl
  1003. digitalbrony: Yeah, scroll down. I'm Digital Brony Fixes Element6 - Cutie Mark Carpenters
  1004. Angel: 561. Hurr.
  1005. Pyro25100: Wow! Well, thanks then. Haha
  1006. Jesus: Excuse me, this is my jam
  1007. digitalbrony: I'm scared that mine is gonna be terrible
  1008. Scootles: Oh god
  1009. TinDragon: I don't usually actually check when my subscriptions update, but hey, extra number for you
  1010. BassClef: XD
  1011. Scootles: All these contrasting songs
  1012. TinDragon: Wat is this
  1013. digitalbrony: This...
  1014. thebipolarbrony: wat is this
  1015. Scootles: Keep throwing me for a loop
  1016. Snacky:
  1017. SASFalcon: digital, I know that feel
  1018. AdamTh3Walker: This is cool
  1019. thebipolarbrony: don't know what to think
  1020. Ducks: quack
  1022. TinDragon: Well, it's catchy at least
  1023. Lucky:
  1025. phaux: 160bpm
  1026. SoaringFlight: A bit dissonant, or is it just me
  1027. phaux: expect some dnb
  1028. Neu: woohoo
  1029. BlueBelle:
  1030. Lucky: Yeah maybe a bit dissonant.
  1031. Scootles: Just a bit, Soaring.
  1032. digitalbrony: Meh.
  1033. BassClef: actually not bad
  1034. has some mixing issues
  1036. BassClef: well.. a lot of mixing issues
  1037. Inkpony: Strange style.
  1040. Inkpony: Strange chords and chord progression to my ear.
  1041. Pyro25100: It's k
  1042. RandomPony78x: personally i think it needs more wubs but this is a good overall song
  1043. PONYWORTHY: :derp:
  1044. thebipolarbrony: not sure if like
  1045. Inkpony: ^
  1046. AdamTh3Walker: Pretty good, close enough to a clean rewrite
  1047. Ducks: .....meh
  1048. AdamTh3Walker: it almost works
  1050. Scootles: Not a fan of the original, but this sounds better.
  1051. Neu: hey gais, Griffin (of FiW) might be dropping by in a couple minutes.
  1052. digitalbrony:
  1053. SoaringFlight: scootles
  1055. SoaringFlight: i got something coming up
  1056. Scootles: Oh god
  1057. Neu
  1058. Pyro25100: To be honest, I wasn't even really a fan of the original song.
  1059. Ruckus:
  1061. Scootles: Contain my boner pls
  1062. Lucky: nice.
  1063. Pyro25100: Which is surprising because I love Glaze
  1064. Inkpony: I love the original like crazy. I need to get to work on my remix.
  1066. Scootles: Glaze isn't perfect
  1067. Snacky:
  1068. digitalbrony: :derp: :despair:      
  1069. SoaringFlight: think above cloudsdale, but with a sad tone under it
  1070. Scootles: He has his off days
  1071. phaux: that break
  1072. TinDragon: Is there anyone who doesn't like Glaze's music in general?
  1073. digitalbrony: lol max emotes
  1074. BlueBelle: I really like it's mane?
  1075. TinDragon: Even if they don't like a song or two
  1076. Lucky: And he has MANY *lazy* days
  1077. digitalbrony: TD: no
  1078. Scootles: I eagerly await, Soaring.
  1079. Inkpony: I like pretty much everything Glaze does. Hm... No wonder all my stuff sounds like him.
  1080. SoaringFlight: Got skype or something?
  1081. Pyro25100: Another aviators fix. Like, the second one I've seen.
  1082. SoaringFlight: I could show it to you, its on soundcloud, but wont spam it here
  1083. TinDragon: Think it's the third fix
  1084. Neu: dude, i feel stupid - there's ponies at the bottom of this page.
  1085. thebipolarbrony: yah there is
  1086. Lucky: What about em?
  1087. digitalbrony: I remixed Element6. Nobody knows him.
  1088. Scootles: I don't think anyone would mind, Soaring.
  1089. KyLuke: Neu's life has been changed forever
  1090. CommandSpry: cevapiflight
  1091. Pyro25100: Guess there's just nothing to fix about aviators.
  1092. SoaringFlight: SPRAI hello!
  1093. Nah, dont wanna spam here, really
  1094. Scootles: But yes, I have Skype if you want to throw it there instead.
  1095. thebipolarbrony: woah, dose lyrics
  1096. Ducks: Digi: I've heard of him from this, that's it.
  1097. digitalbrony: Aviators singin' is baws
  1098. SoaringFlight: Sure, whats your skype name?
  1099. Scootles: kyleoftheenglish
  1100. AdamTh3Walker: he's alright
  1101. lol
  1102. Leonine: His voice reminds me of The Echoing Green.
  1103. VeganCheesecake: And now...breakbeats.
  1104. BlueBelle: inb4 over 9000 contact requests
  1105. Scootles: o man
  1106. so deep
  1107. KyLuke: blurgh?
  1108. Pyro25100: Aviators has an amazing voice, but he always says he hates his voice, and I wonder why.
  1109. Neu: did you hear that? "i am soaring" - he's stealing your identity, Soaring.
  1110. SoaringFlight: Hahah ^^
  1111. SASFalcon: everyone hates their own voice
  1112. KyLuke: better sue
  1113. Inkpony: My mind still gets blown when I hear Aviators's voice and remember he's 16.
  1114. SoaringFlight: I'll lend him it for now, hes aviators in the end
  1115. KyLuke: holy bowser, did not know that
  1116. AdamTh3Walker: He's got a good voice, but no faith in his pitch
  1117. Neu: he's 16?? huh.
  1118. Pyro25100: 16? Dude, no way
  1119. SASFalcon: My mind exploded
  1120. VeganCheesecake: More like 26.
  1121. Ducks: ^
  1122. Inkpony: I said the same thing.
  1123. Lucky: Yeah thats what I thought/.
  1124. Inkpony: I wish I had a voice like that.
  1125. Scootles: Everyone please stand for Sethisto's theme song.
  1126. kuyfgerwghjkbcm: hhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooowwwwwwwwww
  1127. digitalbrony: lol Scootles
  1128. Snacky: lols
  1129. AdamTh3Walker: He does use pitch correction, to be completely fair
  1130. SASFalcon: I remove my hat
  1131. Neu: doesn't matter, if it's for the mix and making it sound good.
  1132. AdamTh3Walker: but the effect is still good
  1133. yeah
  1134. digitalbrony: He needs de-essing
  1136. kuyfgerwghjkbcm: goooooooooooooooooooooddddddddddddddddddddddddddbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  1137. KyLuke: huh
  1138. Lucky: bai
  1139. kuyfgerwghjkbcm: i love u aaaalllllll
  1140. Inkpony: I can hear the correction on the breath when he says "Chances"
  1141. KyLuke: that was a short visit
  1142. LoreRD: Correction: Aviators is 18 now (I think)
  1143. Neu: in my Determination song, i used pitch correction on Shamrock's voice. if you're careful, people can't tell the difference.
  1144. VeganCheesecake: Makes more sense.
  1145. Ducks: Oh, that's good then
  1146. LoreRD: That's what it said yesterday on MLR
  1147. Inkpony: Maybe. My friend who's talked to him recently and knows him told me he's 16.
  1148. Ducks: I was wondering if he hit puberty at 10 or something
  1149. kuyfgerwghjkbcm: i...................... am BACK
  1150. no il ied
  1151. digitalbrony: Don't make your voice sound like T-Pain, and you're all good
  1152. KyLuke: what is he, Tay Zonday?
  1153. Pyro25100: XD
  1155. Ducks: Now imagine if Tay Zonday was a brony
  1156. and did covers
  1157. KyLuke: that's what I was thinking
  1158. digitalbrony: ^
  1159. VeganCheesecake: CHOCOLATE RAIN...
  1160. Lucky:
  1161. Pyro25100: LOL
  1162. KyLuke: he could get all of the babes
  1163. TinDragon: They already threw chocolate rain into an episode
  1164. Inkpony: OH GOD DRAMATIC INTRO
  1165. TinDragon: It'd be the perfect opportunity
  1166. Ducks: LOL
  1167. digitalbrony: lol
  1168. Pyro25100: OH MAN
  1169. Lucky:
  1170. KyLuke: oh my
  1171. digitalbrony: WAT
  1172. Scootles: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  1173. Snacky: wat.
  1174. SASFalcon: lolwat?
  1175. Lescor: YES
  1176. TinDragon: wtf
  1177. Scootles: YESSSSSSSSSSSSS
  1178. KyLuke: SUPER SIGH
  1179. Snacky: WHAT
  1180. Leonine: WHAT THE HELL
  1181. digitalbrony: ALL OF MY YES
  1182. Lucky: doesnt fit, but lol anyways
  1183. Scootles: GAME OF THE YEAR
  1184. Pyro25100: XD
  1185. zorg: HAHAHAHAHA
  1186. hottoast16: SO AWESOME!!!!
  1187. digitalbrony: LOLOL
  1188. KyLuke: TOP SONG
  1189. BassClef: OH GOD
  1191. Lucky: OMG IT FITS NOW
  1192. digitalbrony: YES
  1193. Echelon: OMG
  1194. Snacky: LOL
  1196. Neu: ......
  1197. BassClef: oh my god
  1198. Scootles: 10/10
  1199. Pyro25100: This is amazing.
  1200. Ian: what the heck is this?
  1202. TinDragon: dat cover picture
  1203. Ducks: This is falling apart -hard0
  1204. SASFalcon: song is next...HOW CAN I COMPETE TO THIS?!
  1207. BassClef: THIS IS AMAZING
  1208. Lucky: This video, sooo many filters.
  1209. KyLuke: BEST SONG
  1210. NeuroFission: This is sync perfectly
  1212. Snacky: This is the best song on the internets.
  1213. NeuroFission: lol
  1214. Scootles: Peter Jackson need to make a trilogy based on this remix
  1215. BlueBelle: I went afk for 5 seconds and Da fuq is this
  1216. Inkpony: :dealwithit:
  1219. Snacky: :derp:
  1220. digitalbrony: :derp:
  1221. Leonine: SWAG
  1222. LoreRD: Seriously, this ain't bad
  1223. Pyro25100: CD
  1224. hottoast16: @BlueBelle: The greatest thing ever.
  1225. Snacky: lol digital!
  1226. zorg: it could be better
  1227. SASFalcon: Brb, gonna cry in corner
  1228. PONYWORTHY: :derp:
  1229. Snacky:
  1230. TinDragon:
  1231. hottoast16: :derp:
  1232. KyLuke: the vid only has 68 views?!
  1233. digitalbrony:
  1234. Pyro25100: >Supreme Baaalling Dun'n'hoop Remix
  1235. lolol
  1237. Snacky: Laughing so hard.
  1238. Leonine: THANK YOU BASED GOD
  1239. digitalbrony: brb, submitting to EQD
  1240. Neu:
  1241. Lucky: I really like her... SPAAAAAAACEjam?
  1242. TinDragon: I feel like I accidentally left my WMP playing Boooring when I started watching Space Jam
  1243. BassClef: everyone spam eqd with this
  1244. Likonan: XDXDXD
  1245. THIS IC
  1246. CLASSIC
  1247. Pyro25100: XD
  1248. Inkpony: Everyone should submit to EqD/
  1249. BlueBelle: lol
  1250. Lucky: Do eet.
  1251. BlueBelle: I will.
  1252. Snacky: Hahahaha
  1254. digitalbrony: You copycats
  1255. Lucky: "Hey, this popped up on RW5, and it was epic"
  1256. Snacky:
  1257. hottoast16: everyone submit to EQD. They'll HAVE to post it!
  1258. BassClef: i just sent it
  1259. VINXIS: hello guise
  1260. Just got back
  1261. and wtf
  1262. Snacky: Oh..
  1263. Inkpony: At the perfect time.
  1264. Snacky: Great timing HAHHAH
  1265. Pyro25100: XD
  1266. KyLuke: I can't get over that picture
  1267. VINXIS: amfg
  1268. Scootles: Everyone go ahead and close the Synchtube.
  1269. Pyro25100: Greatest picture ever
  1271. TinDragon: Vinxis had the same reaction everyone else coming back during this song
  1272. thebipolarbrony: SPACE JAM!!!!
  1273. digitalbrony: lol
  1274. Scootles: You're not going to hear anything better than this.
  1275. Inkpony: I knew Pinkie was black.
  1276. Scootles: So just go home.
  1277. Lucky: This is best song, hands down
  1279. Scootles: And be family people.
  1280. Neu: so far my favorite is Nexaka - Interstate BFF
  1281. Snacky: Agree Neu :o
  1282. TinDragon: Mine too
  1283. Inkpony: Agreed so far.
  1284. Deimos:
  1286. KyLuke: meh
  1287. Lucky: Is that a remix though
  1288. ?
  1289. Snacky: nope.
  1290. Ducks: This is too long
  1291. TinDragon: Not the one that played
  1292. Deimos:
  1294. Neu: but it's so good, it doesn't matter if remix or original.
  1296. Inkpony: IT'S OVER
  1297. FINALLY
  1298. KyLuke: PLAY IT AGAIN!
  1299. dsfsd: is there a playlist of this so i can skip?
  1300. AdamTh3Walker: Good ending tho
  1301. Inkpony: THANK YOU
  1302. Lucky: Too many epic.
  1303. Snacky: Again!
  1304. Ducks: Hoh-oh
  1305. TinDragon: SCIBOT
  1306. REPLAY IT
  1307. Snacky: Weee!
  1308. digitalbrony: LOL Submitted to EQD
  1309. Lucky: Need more giga-RAM
  1310. Ducks: NACP
  1311. SASFalcon: brb, freaking out
  1312. Deimos: :derp:
  1313. digitalbrony: dem hydraz
  1314. Deimos:
  1315. VeganCheesecake: One hell of a picture.
  1316. Neu: and then Hydra appears.
  1317. Lucky: Oh noes, they isn't 2D
  1319. Deimos: this is madness
  1320. digitalbrony: The hydras are here to kill shadowh511
  1321. Ducks: This is gonna be amazing
  1322. Deimos: this is
  1323. Inkpony: Always a fan of dark orchestral stuff.
  1324. Deimos: DISCOOOORD
  1325. Lucky: MADNESS? Well I suppose you're right arent you...
  1326. Deimos:
  1328. VINXIS: guys, when u hear my submission
  1329. u will be ded
  1331. Neu: @deimos NO, now i'm thinking about how it actually WORKS.
  1333. Deimos:
  1334. digitalbrony: lol Deimos
  1335. Neu: everybody start singing discord out loud with this.
  1336. Snacky: omg - is that a beyond her garden i see further down? :O
  1337. Deimos:
  1338. SoaringFlight: Indeed
  1339. Pinkameana: Wazzup
  1340. Snacky:
  1341. Pinkameana:
  1343. Lucky: This would fit nicely in a videogame somewhere.
  1344. digitalbrony: is here
  1345. Snacky: oh god.
  1346. Pinkameana: Yes I AM.
  1347. >:D
  1348. digitalbrony: lol
  1350. GeneralMumble: I've not seen a beyond her garden remix before i'm so excited
  1351. Snacky: Hide yo cupcakes.
  1352. Deimos:
  1353. Neu: the everfree forest - Hard Mode.
  1354. Deimos:
  1355. Lucky: Heh, yeah/.
  1356. Pinkameana: Hey Dashie...?
  1357. digitalbrony: Snacky lol
  1358. Pyro25100: I like that idea
  1360. Deimos:
  1361. Lucky:
  1362. TinDragon: And there we see GeneralMumble employ a lesser known type of humor called 'sarcasm'
  1363. Pinkameana:
  1364. GeneralMumble: lol
  1365. Deimos:
  1366. digitalbrony: Deimos is emotespamming KILL HIM
  1368. Neu: i already did a Ghastly Gorge - Hard Mode, so maybe i could just do intense video game versions of all the "dangerous" pony locations.
  1369. Pinkameana gets a knife out
  1370. Inkpony: Sarcasm? Pff. I was born engulfed in sarcasm.
  1371. Deimos:
  1373. KyLuke: is best pony
  1374. Lucky: Yay, what're you gonna chop up for us?
  1376. Deimos:
  1377. digitalbrony runs from Pinkameana
  1378. GeneralMumble: I'm just kidding
  1379. zorg: best cupcake pony
  1381. Deimos hides
  1382. Pinkameana: -.-
  1384. XD
  1385. zorg bröhööfs pinkamena
  1386. Pinkameana: I just wanted to cut some cake...
  1387. digitalbrony: Yay a Stroke of red remix
  1388. Angel: This is boss.
  1389. Pinkameana brohoofs back.
  1390. Ducks: Yoooooo
  1391. Pinkameana:
  1392. VINXIS: You guys will kill urselves when u hear my troll entry... it's dat bad lel
  1393. Pyro25100: Something about the name of this song feels disturbing.
  1394. Lucky: see people, you shouldn't be so judgemental of poor pinkameana...
  1396. N: Hey Pinka.
  1397. Pinkameana: Hi N.
  1398. Neu: dat xylophone
  1399. Snacky: can't be worse then SPACEJAAM!
  1400. Deimos: :dealwithit:
  1401. Pinkameana: I just wanted to make some cake...
  1402. ...WITH YOUR ORGANS!
  1403. Lucky: It's discriminatory and now she feels bad.
  1404. Deimos:
  1405. Lucky: waitwut
  1406. digitalbrony: The cake is a lie!!
  1407. Pinkameana: ^
  1408. XD
  1409. VeganCheesecake: Interesting.
  1410. Scootles: I'm back
  1412. Inkpony: Dem strings.
  1414. digitalbrony: Cupcake Intruder
  1415. Lucky: lovin teh strings.
  1416. Pinkameana gives PONYWORTHY a rainbow cupcake.
  1418. Pinkameana: Tary it
  1419. Pyro25100: Cake is not a lie. Aviators just uploaded it yesterday.
  1420. PONYWORTHY: O GOD NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  1421. Derpy: muuuuffffiiiiinnnnsss
  1422. PONYWORTHY: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  1423. KyLuke: tary it, you lurk em
  1424. Derpy: :derp:
  1425. Pinkameana: She was a brave pony..
  1427. Lucky: ooooh, a nice dash of rainbow in that one? If you dun want it, I'll have.
  1429. digitalbrony: The Capscops are gonna chase after PONYWORTHY now
  1430. Derpy: do you have a rainbow muffin pinky?
  1431. Pinkameana: Ok Lucky. * gives the Rainbow Dash cupcake to Lucky*
  1432. digitalbrony:
  1433. SoaringFlight: ooh colors
  1434. Pinkameana: I have no muffins...
  1436. I DONT WANT IT
  1437. Pinkameana: But I can make YOU one.
  1438. Derpy:
  1439. Neu: dat...plucked cello?
  1440. Lucky: man, my girlfriend is gonna love this...
  1441. Derpy:
  1442. Neu:
  1443. SASFalcon: Me gusta
  1444. Pyro25100: Panning strings ftw
  1445. Pinkameana gets a knife out >:D
  1447. Inkpony: A muffin is pretty much a bald cupcake.
  1448. digitalbrony RUUUNS
  1449. VINXIS: >wingboner
  1451. VINXIS: but I;m a unicorn
  1452. fak eet
  1453. Derpy sits and wait for muffin
  1454. Ducks: Where my timpani at?
  1455. digitalbrony: PONYWORTHY is too loud to hide
  1457. Pyro25100: Man, panning makes me feel weird lol
  1458. Pinkameana: ^
  1461. XDD
  1463. digitalbrony steals Derpy's muffin
  1464. Pinkameana throws a knife barely missing PONYWORTHY
  1466. Derpy pulls outa bazooka
  1467. Lucky noms cupcake
  1469. Derpy steals back the muffin
  1470. Pyro25100: Is this RP happening right now?
  1471. Lucky: Hey this isn't half ba-
  1472. Firenze: WHY THEFUCK ARE YOU RPinG!
  1473. digitalbrony is like "Oh Shit"
  1474. Pinkameana: OH NOOOO!
  1475. ScootaLewis: Wow, I thought this sync was about music?
  1476. bartekko: HEY
  1477. Derpy ......BOOM
  1478. bartekko: THE MUSIC IS TO THE LEFT
  1479. Camsy: ^
  1482. Pyro25100: Stahp rp'ing pls
  1483. digitalbrony explodes
  1484. Lucky: lol
  1486. Lucky: I concur
  1487. Derpy succeeds
  1488. Firenze: ENOUGH RP
  1489. TinDragon: Camsy, I thought you had to leave?
  1490. Firenze: NO MORE
  1491. Derpy stops this fuckery
  1492. Pinkameana: Im not doing it nu more
  1493. Camsy: I did
  1494. Firenze: Good
  1495. Snacky: Can someone fetch a capscop?
  1496. Neu: dat Trumpet stab
  1497. Camsy: I came back
  1498. TinDragon: Well then
  1499. Welcome back!
  1501. Inkpony: Yes. Please stop this fuckery.
  1502. Camsy:
  1503. Pinkameana: We can rp in my room tho :L
  1504. digitalbrony: No more RPing nao
  1505. Lucky: This fuckery has been stoppeded.
  1506. TinDragon: I think fuckery needs to find its way into my vocabulaty
  1507. KyLuke: Raping?
  1509. Pyro25100: The fuckery hath been contained?
  1510. TinDragon: As does vocabulaty
  1511. Neu: role-playing, kyluke
  1512. Scootles: DID SOMEONE SAY RAPE?
  1513. KyLuke: i know
  1514. digitalbrony: TD wins
  1515. Pinkameana: >.<
  1516. Deimos:
  1517. VINXIS: >rape
  1518. >rape
  1519. >rape
  1520. Neu: >.(
  1521. Inkpony: Fuckery is officially in my vocabulary now. Best word ever.
  1522. digitalbrony: >/mlp/
  1524. VINXIS: shat up fhegetz
  1525. Scootles: >raaaaaaaaaaape
  1526. VINXIS: derp
  1527. Ducks: Hawtness
  1528. VINXIS: >rape
  1530. Pinkameana: Ok...Im going.
  1531. KyLuke: aw look what i started!
  1532. Pinkameana: Bye.
  1534. digitalbrony: Vinxis is from /mlp/
  1535. VINXIS:
  1536. Lucky: lol
  1537. VINXIS: Digital pls
  1539. Camsy: :o
  1540. zorg: hahaha
  1541. Lucky: 'cutie mark goes here'
  1542. Deimos: /)(^3^)(
  1543. VINXIS: lel Bartekko
  1544. Neu: lyra will never have hands.....lyra will never have hands......
  1546. KyLuke: best cutie mark ever
  1547. VINXIS: Those drums...
  1548. Pinkameana throws a knife in everyones face then exits
  1549. KyLuke: oh no
  1550. Lucky noms knife
  1551. KyLuke: I have been knifed
  1552. Lucky:
  1553. KyLuke: in that face
  1554. digitalbrony died
  1555. hottoast16: :smile:
  1556. Deimos:
  1557. TinDragon: That face?
  1558. Not your other face?
  1559. Inkpony: I have been attacked by imaginary pixels oh noes.
  1560. KyLuke: yar
  1561. Deimos: herpty derpty
  1562. Pyro25100: Guess the artist didn't wanna draw a cutie mark.
  1563. digitalbrony: lol
  1564. Neu: genre change of intensity no jutsu
  1565. GeneralMumble: so far am I really liking this
  1567. Scootles: MUMBLE
  1568. Lucky: I missed so much of it because Australia
  1569. VINXIS: >rape
  1570. Deimos is not rping
  1572. VINXIS: sorry lel
  1573. digitalbrony: =>
  1574. Firenze watches every fangasm over mumble
  1576. GeneralMumble: Am sorry scootles omg
  1578. VINXIS: Mumble
  1579. now loves
  1580. Scootles: GOD MUMBLE
  1581. VINXIS: Bartekko
  1582. Ducks: ......The hell is going on in this chat.
  1584. DKX;FKA
  1586. zorg: hi mumbles
  1587. Camsy: Who knows ducks... who knows...
  1588. TinDragon: OH GODDAMNIT MUMBLE
  1589. Scootles: NO SUPPER FOR YOU TONIGHt
  1590. GeneralMumble: hey zorgypoo
  1592. VINXIS: Mumble and Bartekko
  1593. KyLuke: hey mumbles, your first songs are gangsta
  1594. VINXIS: shipping
  1595. Neu: no salt for you.
  1596. digitalbrony: Mumble's ego is... OVER 90- *gets strangled*
  1597. Pyro25100: I'm having a hard time keeping up with what's going on here.
  1598. Firenze: dear god the puns
  1599. zorg: got my first remix/fix
  1600. Firenze: Why
  1601. And Mumble
  1602. Shuttup
  1603. TheSlendermen: Where am I...?
  1604. zorg: it's like i'm a legit musician now, like you
  1605. Scootles: >Zorg
  1606. Firenze: Love you too bro
  1607. digitalbrony: RUN ITS SLENDER
  1608. TinDragon: He even posted it on Facebook, I can't pretend it doesn't exist now
  1609. Deimos99: okie dokie now i haz avatar
  1610. Scootles: Zorg pls
  1611. make more songs
  1612. Snacky: Just don't look at him and you're fine.
  1613. VINXIS: >Mumble and Bartekko shipping
  1614. Scootles: pls
  1616. Neu: lawl dubstep. 3 genres in one.
  1617. Inkpony: Dat beat change
  1619. Cherry: oh shit, that drop
  1620. GeneralMumble: i'm gonna download me this
  1621. digitalbrony: That escalated quickly
  1622. TheSlendermen looks around.
  1623. Deimos99: SLENDY NEEDS HUGZ
  1624. Scootles: >not shipping Mumble with all of the fandom
  1625. Deimos99 hugs slendy
  1626. Lucky: awww.
  1627. Pyro25100: Hooray, like, 15% of the chat log will be ponyworthy's all caps RP'ing
  1628. Neu: mumble, download ALL of it, except that space jam p-o-sheet
  1629. space jam~~
  1630. KyLuke: no, that's the best part
  1631. Scootles: Neu
  1632. zorg: Scootles: Zorg pls make more songs <- behind _my_ scenes, a ton of songs are waiting for minor things for them to be released
  1633. KyLuke: C'MON AND SLAM
  1634. Scootles: how dare you
  1635. GeneralMumble: lol, if there's a pack released I'll do that
  1636. Snacky: But it was awesome.
  1637. Scootles: it's like you don't even know me
  1638. Firenze: There is Mumble
  1639. TinDragon: Space Jam is best song
  1640. TheSlendermen: No hug...
  1641. Deimos99 then hugs again
  1642. zorg: mumble: there qwilll be a oack released
  1643. TinDragon: There's a torrent, no direct download yet
  1644. HMage: in my honest humble opinion, the current track needs more saxophone
  1645. ScootaLewis: zorg's right, he an I collaborated on something that we need to finish one day
  1646. Ducks: ^
  1647. TheSlendermen: Yeah,,,Im ignoring you now..
  1648. TinDragon: Needs more recorder
  1649. Ducks: No, Tin
  1650. Firenze: FUCK ITS MY TURN
  1651. Neu: mumble, check yo skype.
  1652. Scootles: Oh man
  1653. Lucky: Oooh
  1654. digitalbrony:
  1655. Snacky:
  1656. KyLuke: lets make fun of firenze now
  1657. thebipolarbrony: this should be interesting
  1658. Scootles: Firenze
  1659. VINXIS: oh
  1660. Scootles: BONER IS GO
  1661. VINXIS: this remix
  1662. GeneralMumble: the mp3 for that last one was called toms.mp3...
  1663. Trixie: woah
  1664. VINXIS: I can have sex with it
  1665. Deimos99:
  1666. VINXIS: and make a president
  1668. zorg: also the 5 primadonnas i asked to provide vocals for one track
  1669. TheSlendermen: Goooooodbye
  1670. zorg:
  1671. maybe i should release the instrumental
  1672. VeganCheesecake: This might be nice for having sex while listening.
  1673. LoreRD: Bye Slender
  1674. VeganCheesecake: Indeed.
  1675. Pyro25100: No. this song IS sex
  1676. Jetpackpenguin: Almost forgot about today's remix war!
  1677. Lucky: oh noes
  1678. TinDragon: Am I the only one who's not really a fan of Mic?
  1679. Scootles: >not having your Lyra love pillow next to you while playing pone music
  1680. Are you even a brony?
  1681. Pyro25100: XD
  1682. Lucky: I slept through the first four songs.
  1683. Neu starts wondering what song i'ma remix next
  1684. digitalbrony: Scootles is scary
  1685. Firenze: sdfgh
  1686. HMage: > Lyra love pocket
  1687. Firenze: IM SORRY BOUT THIS SONG
  1688. Angel: BUT IT'S GOOD
  1689. HMage ponyhugs Firenze
  1690. Scootles: Nothing to apologize for, Firenze.
  1691. zorg: >why have a lyra love pillow when you can have the real thing
  1692. Pyro25100: No, Firenze. It is sex.
  1693. TinDragon: It's pretty catchy
  1694. Jetpackpenguin: I loves it!
  1696. thebipolarbrony: this is definitely better than original
  1697. Lucky: Firenze gave us sex, whats not to love?
  1698. Jetpackpenguin:
  1700. Jetpackpenguin: Wait... what?
  1701. Scootles: Is gud. I promise.
  1702. digitalbrony:
  1703. HMage ponyhugs VINXIS ^.^
  1704. Firenze: dfghjk
  1705. LoreRD ponyhugs HMage
  1706. HMage ponyhugs LoreRD
  1707. Pyro25100: Firenze, speak man!
  1708. Firenze: Whut?
  1709. Lucky: Deep breaths
  1710. Scootles: He's ded.
  1711. Angel is forever alone.
  1712. SASFalcon: Not sure if I liked that higher synth just then
  1713. Inkpony: Mouth to mouth is required.
  1714. LoreRD: This ain't bad
  1715. SASFalcon: but this is pretty good
  1716. KyLuke: This is the worst song about paint.
  1717. Firenze: o_0
  1718. Lucky: Who knows CPR? Oh right. I do. Any of these songs play at 100 BPM?
  1719. digitalbrony: Thus us good
  1720. Neu: brb, getting cupcakes. the non-grimdark kind.
  1721. Jetpackpenguin: Oh, VINXIS! I knew I had heard of you before! I found you in my mp3 for your remix of Artificial Perfection. good job with that, btw!
  1722. Deimos99 falcon punches lucky with a note that says you arent the only one who knows cpr
  1723. Lucky is ouchies
  1724. Scootles: Whoa
  1725. HMage ponyhugs Angel
  1726. Deimos99 D: fluffy?
  1727. digitalbrony hugs Deimos99 and tells him to be gentle for now on
  1728. Scootles: QUICKLY
  1729. HMage ponyhugs Scootles
  1730. Pyro25100: That was aweosme
  1731. Firenze: sdfgh
  1733. HMage ponyhugs Deimos99
  1734. Firenze: >////<
  1735. Lucky does not approve of violence
  1736. Ducks: *boom*
  1737. Jetpackpenguin hugs entire group at once cause why the heck not?!
  1738. SASFalcon: CARROT DOP!
  1739. Neu: dat riser.
  1740. KyLuke: ooh
  1741. canfy
  1742. BlueBelle likes potatoes
  1743. Snacky: YES
  1744. Lucky is resisting urge to lecture Diemos
  1745. KyLuke: fancy*
  1746. Ducks: Woah
  1747. thebipolarbrony: OH GOD YES
  1748. HMage: TARROT COP
  1749. Pyro25100: Inkpony tiem
  1750. Ducks: Dig that changeup
  1751. digitalbrony ponyhugs HMage so they don't have to go through the trouble of hugging me
  1752. VINXIS is me
  1753. GeneralMumble: oh wow, modified melody, that's nice
  1754. Lucky: Tarrot Cop. Huh.
  1756. Scootles: One-billionth remix of Beyond Her Garden attained.
  1757. HMage ponyhugs digitalbrony
  1758. Scootles: The singularity is nigh.
  1759. VINXIS: myombloe
  1760. LoreRD: Very cool modified melody ^_^
  1761. KyLuke: needs more cowbell
  1762. HMage: bodified belody
  1763. Neu: mic @ everfreenw: "you tried your best, and overused meme?"
  1765. GeneralMumble: heheh it looks like it says QJ mark
  1766. thebipolarbrony: wo this is really good
  1767. HMage: In my honest humble opinion, the current track needs more saxophone.
  1768. digitalbrony: This is awesome.
  1769. KyLuke: ooh
  1770. Ducks: This is awesome
  1771. Scootles: Feels simplistic.
  1772. VINXIS: 3:30
  1773. Scootles: Not a bad thing, though.
  1774. KyLuke: Ideas are coming to me
  1775. BlueBelle: Has there ever been a cowbell remix?
  1776. thebipolarbrony: oh god my ears just orgasmed
  1778. Pyro25100: Where would sax even go here? lol
  1779. Jetpackpenguin: It does, huh
  1780. Inkpony: Oh yeah. Nice job font for making a weird letter.
  1781. KyLuke: I own a saxophone and a jews harp
  1782. HMage: Sax fits everywhere
  1783. Lucky: replace lead line with sax
  1784. digitalbrony: I own a bass guitar
  1785. Jetpackpenguin: The whole song could be just sax
  1786. Scootles: >and a Jew's harp
  1787. GeneralMumble: dawoiefrgjtohij this melody hnnnng
  1788. zorg: jewharp
  1789. BlueBelle: I own a cat and a blender!
  1790. LoreRD: I agree. Needs way more sax and cowbell
  1791. Scootles: I'll bet you didn't even ask him for it.
  1792. Pyro25100:
  1793. digitalbrony: The music is 18% downloaded
  1794. VINXIS: caobell? ;c
  1795. TinDragon: Oooooh
  1796. Scootles: OH YES
  1797. Pyro25100: Whoa
  1799. TinDragon:
  1800. thebipolarbrony: man this is incredible
  1801. Jetpackpenguin: Must do that for next Remix War
  1802. Lucky: Carrot top, your uh up ul urrr
  1803. GeneralMumble: owadiesfjrogtjhoeigjfoadiwjoisefjrdgt
  1804. Ducks: GLITCH
  1806. FAK
  1808. Jetpackpenguin:
  1810. Neu: digi, wait for mine and BeaM's songs to be added before you download it.
  1811. digitalbrony: THIS IS AWESOME
  1812. KyLuke: wait! it needs and ACCORDION!
  1813. Snacky: just YES.
  1814. VINXIS: no
  1815. digitalbrony: Oops.
  1816. Pyro25100: Vocal chopping master race
  1817. VINXIS: this isn't good
  1818. VeganCheesecake: Inb4 pee break.
  1819. VINXIS: no cowbell
  1820. thebipolarbrony: DOWNLOADING RIGHT NAOW
  1821. digitalbrony: Too late
  1822. Lucky:
  1823. VINXIS: cowbell=good
  1824. Scootles: And then Mumble died of chops.
  1825. Jetpackpenguin: YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYes,
  1826. Lucky: Needs piano.
  1827. VINXIS: no cowbell=not good
  1828. digitalbrony: Sorry Neu
  1829. Lucky: Needs piano SOLO*
  1830. BlueBelle: Needs moar bells of cow
  1831. Inkpony: Drum solo
  1832. digitalbrony: >no cowbell
  1833. KyLuke: accordion drop
  1834. digitalbrony: >not good
  1835. wat
  1836. BassClef: >cowbell
  1837. Neu: it's ok, digi - as long as you don't forget to dl mine.
  1838. BassClef: >good
  1839. Ducks: I see no one's a fan of the melodica.
  1841. digitalbrony: I wn't.
  1842. Ducks: I'm dissapointed
  1843. thebipolarbrony: whoa
  1844. Scootles: Mumble, you know what you must do now.
  1846. Scootles: Put out an album of remixes of remixes of Beyond Her Garden.
  1847. KyLuke: what? never heard of an accordion drop? they're infamous in NuStyle Polka in the underground alpines
  1848. digitalbrony: THis needs moar Recorder.
  1849. Lucky:
  1850. BlueBelle: YES
  1851. Pyro25100: lolwat
  1852. Neu: it needs...CAT PIANO
  1853. thebipolarbrony: YES
  1854. Inkpony: If I had added anymore my computer would have died. Too much Massive.
  1855. BlueBelle: PLAY US OUT, KEYBOARD CAT
  1856. TinDragon: BYG and Rainbow Factory
  1857. HMage ponyhugs Inkpony. Good job!
  1858. Pyro25100: I thoroughly enjoyed this. Well done
  1859. TinDragon: BYG can be the A side, Rainbow Factory can be the B side
  1860. scibot9000: augh whoops
  1861. Lucky: That was great.
  1862. BlueBelle: Uhh random music skip?
  1864. Jetpackpenguin: Abrupt ending much?
  1865. TinDragon: Scibot broke it
  1866. KyLuke: lolololol
  1868. digitalbrony: What?
  1869. Scootles: >not needing more Hurdy Gurdy
  1870. TinDragon: So now we get to listen to it again
  1871. Snacky: Aaaand its borked.
  1872. Inkpony: OH NICE
  1873. Pyro25100: How could you, sci?
  1874. VeganCheesecake: Lolwut?
  1875. Inkpony: THANKS MAN
  1876. Scootles: GG Sci
  1877. scibot9000: IM SO SMOOTH
  1878. Jetpackpenguin: There we go!
  1879. Ducks: dafuq?
  1880. digitalbrony: It's back again
  1881. thebipolarbrony: WHAT HAPPEN
  1882. CommandSpry: nice edit sci
  1883. Lucky: Encore? Sure, why nawt?
  1884. KyLuke: i like this song
  1885. BlueBelle: GJ Sci
  1886. CommandSpry: I enjoyed the fuck up
  1887. KyLuke: it's pretty sweet
  1888. Neu: sci, i had no idea it glitched at ALL.
  1889. TinDragon: Sci wanted to do his own remix
  1890. HMage give sci a personal lubricant to be more smooth next time
  1891. digitalbrony: Lol Sci.
  1892. Inkpony: Instant replay herp
  1893. Pyro25100: Well, at least now we know everyone is resynced if they desynced.
  1895. VeganCheesecake: Lol HMage.
  1896. digitalbrony: >Sci wanted to do his own remix
  1897. VINXIS: well... I'm going to go ditch again
  1898. digitalbrony: lol
  1899. VINXIS: bai
  1900. Snacky: LOL
  1901. Jetpackpenguin: byez
  1902. thebipolarbrony: wow Ink, you did a great job with this
  1903. Kheoz: bye
  1904. Pyro25100: lol bai
  1905. Lucky: I very much love this.
  1906. KyLuke: maybe sci got jealous of the music playing?
  1907. Scootles: Back to /mlp/ with you
  1908. Snacky: I agree, this was great!
  1909. Neu: doncha know? just press the number keys, 1-0.
  1910. Inkpony: Funfact. I finished this in a day.
  1913. Pyro25100: Like I was saying, I thoroughly enjoyed that
  1914. Scootles: GG, Ink.
  1915. Ducks: Even better the second time
  1916. Jetpackpenguin: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-?
  1917. thebipolarbrony: 1 day for that
  1918. not possible
  1919. KyLuke: some day
  1920. zorg: good job sci
  1921. Camsy: Loving the music from this Remix War? Think you have what it takes to make great music? Why not join the "Simplicity is Key" album! It's perfect for both new musicians looking for somwhere to start...
  1922. Lucky: Yay, intermissionz
  1923. SASFalcon: Oh wow, we hit the intermission already?
  1924. Camsy: and a place for veterans to try something different and unique!
  1925. BlueBelle: Intermission?
  1926. zorg: note: this b-side intermission has the CORRECT music under it
  1927. digitalbrony: Camsyspamyay
  1928. Inkpony: I take it back. 12 hours. No pee breaks. No food. I about killed myself trying to get that done.
  1929. HMage: I lost so much hair when I was doing my remix war track, I was full of aaaargh and afgafjghafjgsbnadfgeor
  1930. scibot9000: yeah screw it let's give it to zorg
  1931. Rainbow Dash: I'll take lead I guess since sci died.
  1932. BlueBelle: Holy clucking quack
  1933. VeganCheesecake: Dead?
  1934. N: Figured you'd do that.
  1935. Lucky: OH noes
  1936. Jetpackpenguin: Oh well.
  1937. BlueBelle: Gotta get more potatoes and beans, brb
  1938. KyLuke: he had an owie
  1939. Inkpony: Alright. Intermission. Time for food.
  1940. Jetpackpenguin briefly mourns sci's passing
  1941. KyLuke: no man
  1942. Neu: i like food. brb
  1943. KyLuke: get vodka
  1944. digitalbrony: I can count to potato and down to bean.
  1945. Jetpackpenguin: Sandvich!
  1946. thebipolarbrony: 10 minutes? i cant wait this long!
  1947. SASFalcon: I don't know why, I feel like my part in this intermission just doesn't fit :
  1948. KyLuke: I can count to Interpersonal Communications
  1949. thebipolarbrony: back to fl studio for me
  1950. KyLuke: back to remixing my asian friend in cubase...
  1951. Neu: oh,'re so bipolar.
  1952. Pyro25100: I think I may participate in that "Simplicity is Key" thing.
  1953. refresh: I can count to SOundgoodizer
  1954. Pyro25100: Lol, refresh
  1955. Scootles: Alright, Imma go get a nap in. Thanks for putting up with my tomfoolery.
  1956. Lucky: you guys know the count died, right? No-one is able to count anymore...
  1957. AutomaticJack: Refresh was me
  1958. TinDragon: Your tomfoolery and shenanigans were much enjoyed.
  1959. AutomaticJack: Fuck this name yourself no login bullshit
  1960. Ducks: I can't count to more than 6
  1961. Pyro25100: Okay. bai tomfool.
  1962. Lucky: But I can count to no more than 9
  1963. Eh?
  1964. digitalbrony: Side B 2? Confused
  1965. Lucky: No.
  1966. Scootles: Mumble, hope to see you around again. Busting that music thief was da bes.
  1967. zorg added MLR Remix War 5 Inte...
  1968. GeneralMumble: hahah yeah
  1969. BlueBelle: Intermission still on?
  1970. Scootles: /Gregory Allen
  1971. TinDragon: Yep
  1972. Mush: Hey its Mumble
  1973. BlueBelle: Great
  1974. Scootles: / Gregory Allen
  1975. Lucky: Welp, I should go do stuff for a short time.
  1976. GeneralMumble: Hahah you're gregory?
  1977. Camsy: Shouldn't we be listening to side A again?
  1978. AutomaticJack: frkygp FTW
  1979. Mush: How's it going man.
  1980. Scootles: Yuep.
  1981. Camsy: Seeing as we had side B last time?
  1982. GeneralMumble: Hey hi ^-^
  1983. ScootaLewis: hey Mumble
  1984. mumble
  1985. hey
  1986. GeneralMumble: whatawhatwat
  1987. ScootaLewis: add me on skype
  1988. Neu: OMG hey mumble, for the 7th time. :I
  1989. Scootles: NO ADD ME
  1990. Pyro25100: I'ma go make lunch. Brb gaiz
  1991. Scootles: I DO THINGs
  1992. I THINK
  1993. TinDragon: We need to get another well known brony musician in here so people can stop freaking out about Mumble
  1994. zorg: YO Rainbow Dash
  1995. GeneralMumble: NEU WHAT
  1996. CommandSpry: momble plese
  1997. GeneralMumble: OMG HEPL
  1998. firenze: NU
  1999. TinDragon: Quick, someone show up with the name "Tombstone"
  2000. Rainbow Dash: Zorg, did Sci give you lead?
  2001. Neu: i'd...*cough,* like to THINK i'm well known...
  2002. JackTHerbert: What constitutes well known hehe
  2003. scibot9000: yes I did
  2004. CommandSpry: brony museceans are cancer
  2005. GeneralMumble: okay easier idea
  2006. zorg: for some reason it went to you
  2007. GeneralMumble: skype "poowis."
  2008. Rainbow Dash: k.. I'll give it to him
  2009. GeneralMumble: include the full stop
  2010. scibot9000: yeah wtf
  2011. GeneralMumble: there
  2012. LoreRD hands out refreshments and muffins to everypony
  2013. GeneralMumble: add
  2014. zorg: much appreciated
  2015. TinDragon: "Well-known" = "the ones people freak out about seeing"
  2016. digitalbrony: ./nick
  2017. ScootaLewis:
  2018. CommandSpry: add rick astley
  2019. scibot9000: I am not a clever man
  2020. BlueBelle eats some potatoes
  2021. Jetpackpenguin: Sorry I couldn't stick around guys. I have to go to my friend's wedding. Hope the bride doesn't.. well.. you know.... Bye everypony! See ya'll tomorrow if I remember!
  2022. Neu: everybody keep track of how many more times people say hi to mumble
  2023. GeneralMumble: you're still my favourite man
  2024. Mush: For anyone who wants to add me, I am stevenmagnet
  2025. scibot9000: mumbl why are you not in the irc anyway
  2026. zorg: ^
  2027. GeneralMumble: let me fix that
  2028. Ducks: v
  2029. GeneralMumble: ducks is poo
  2030. zorg: 3333
  2031. Ducks: ^
  2032. Awwww
  2033. BlueBelle: V
  2034. AutomaticJack: POO
  2035. zorg: <>
  2036. KyLuke: :V
  2037. Ducks: I like my poo//..
  2038. Mush: Potato
  2039. GeneralMumble: LOSERTSRAEST
  2040. Inkpony: Alright, I'm back. Time for more music that is better than my remix.
  2042. TinDragon: Welcome back Ink
  2043. BlueBelle: Lucky
  2044. AdamTh3Walker: nice intermissionnything
  2045. Neu: :billcosby: this is the best elevator music i ever heard.
  2046. Ducks: Yeeeeaaaaaa
  2047. Intermissiooooooonnnn
  2048. KyLuke: this is the best Neu I've ever heard
  2049. Camsy: Side A is 20% cooler.
  2050. digitalbrony: flibbity flobbity
  2051. zorg: i have my fave intermission entries
  2052. Lucky: diggin this intermission
  2053. Ducks: Camsy: Not true
  2054. cause I'm on side B
  2055. lance: hey bronies
  2056. Pyro25100: Oh man, I just had a capri sun for the first time in 8 months.
  2057. Camsy:
  2058. zorg: too bad not everyone entered
  2059. SASFalcon: Zorg, please disclose
  2060. Neu: some kinda chillstep goin on in he'r.
  2061. AutomaticJack: This intermission is consistently AWESOME
  2062. Lucky: Yeah.
  2063. zorg: i'll post a post on mlr
  2064. Ducks: lolmcmiag
  2065. zorg: no wait
  2066. i waont
  2067. Likonan: DREP DREP DREP
  2068. Inkpony: Interstate BFF and I were on Side A. Therefore. 20% cooler
  2069. zorg: i love most of them
  2070. FUTA FUTA
  2071. AdamTh3Walker: yes
  2072. Inkpony: I did like Interstate BFF.
  2073. digitalbrony: Futa?
  2074. lol
  2075. zorg: but blind's is one of my fave
  2076. Neu: i'm a dnb-whore, so my favorite continues to be Nexaka's.
  2077. scibot9000: I meant to enter but then I didn't
  2078. TotallyNotGlaze: Supersaw Hoover has best submission.
  2079. zorg: on side a
  2080. Inkpony: I'mma download that.
  2081. zorg: glaze: yes
  2082. TinDragon: Dammit, I forgot I was gonna take a break during the intermission
  2083. Likonan: Poniver be funky yo
  2084. TinDragon: And now the intermission is almost done
  2085. Neu: ohai Pinkie Guy
  2086. AdamTh3Walker: same here sci
  2087. Lucky: 1 minute of intermission to go, everyone should be heading back in here nao.
  2088. Ducks: Poniver has the best name
  2089. digitalbrony: Everyone, everyone, stop getting on Mumble's Nerves. Glaze is here.
  2090. Ducks: Pón Ivér
  2091. Ohhey, me
  2092. Mush: Is this working now
  2093. Camsy: Back to my shameless advertizing.
  2094. Loving the music from this Remix War? Think you have what it takes to make great music? Why not join the "Simplicity is Key" album! It's perfect for both new musicians looking for somwhere to start...
  2095. zorg: pony blood
  2096. Ducks: That's why this one's awesome
  2097. Mush: Good, its working
  2098. TotallyNotGlaze: not true
  2099. zorg: ducks you hungry?
  2100. Ducks: Starving
  2101. zorg: ....
  2102. AdamTh3Walker: yes good
  2103. Neu: oh goawd, hoover.
  2104. digitalbrony: I like eating duck
  2105. Ducks: Reminds me, I'ma go eat
  2106. BlueBelle passes around muffins
  2107. Ducks: nope
  2108. Camsy: Aww
  2109. Ducks: nopenopenopenope
  2110. Likonan: Glaze is attending the moth funeral for those killed by cat, silly! He can't be here~! :s
  2112. Lucky: Either my source of inspiration is here, or not. I must now go question my life goals.
  2113. Mush: Oh you Liko
  2114. Oh you
  2115. Likonan: Oh me?
  2116. Oh Glaze!
  2117. Mush: Oh you
  2118. Rainbow Dash: Have we had any people trying to spam this place at all?
  2119. BlueBelle: Intermission ova
  2120. Neu: i'm not "well" known, but i'm not "lesser" known, either. i'm in some kinda crazy popularity limbo.
  2121. zorg: no today i think
  2122. KyLuke: oh lolz, I thought my Cubase was going weird
  2123. zorg: not*
  2124. VeganCheesecake: One, RD.
  2125. digitalbrony: Yep, Camsy
  2126. Snacky: Just some rp / capsspam earlier.
  2127. VeganCheesecake: Very early.
  2128. Mush: I am totally lesser known
  2129. Camsy: I only spam in intermission
  2130. Ducks: I don't make pony music.
  2131. Rainbow Dash: That's good.
  2132. Ducks: No one knows me.
  2133. VeganCheesecake: This is a weird remix.
  2134. Underscore: get some upbeat musix in this playlist!
  2135. SASFalcon: Aww yeah, Navybrony!
  2136. TotallyNotGlaze: I am totally unknown.
  2137. AutomaticJack: Ducks aren't u from OHC?
  2138. Pyro25100: I thought this was also in last week's sync
  2139. firenze: nope
  2140. Mush: Yeah, who is this Glaze chap anyways?
  2141. Ducks: aye
  2142. Pyro25100: Wait
  2143. Neu: NICE tube filter!
  2144. KyLuke: I know you Duck, I know you 9 times.
  2145. Underscore: we need some good ol' days in here
  2146. Ducks: wat
  2147. Likonan: I like this drum beat
  2148. AutomaticJack: I know you Ducks, don't gimme dat shit
  2149. Ducks: ...sowwy
  2150. AutomaticJack: =3
  2151. Leonine: See you guys later.
  2152. Ducks: So many words I can't all read
  2153. Mush: kbye
  2154. Camsy: Bai
  2155. Ducks: later
  2156. GeneralMumble: seeyou
  2157. Lucky: Bye
  2158. KyLuke: Man, I wish I can sing
  2159. BlueBelle: adios
  2160. Likonan: adieu
  2161. AdamTh3Walker: cheers
  2162. Lucky: Man I wish I could record my singing.
  2163. Ducks: guttentag
  2164. ScootaLewis: Me too, KyLuke.
  2165. Me too.
  2166. Camsy: Havne't we already had one version of this song already today?
  2167. Lucky: yep
  2168. BlueBelle: Yea
  2169. KyLuke: well scootalewis, we can both sing in misery
  2170. ScootaLewis: Yes we have, camsy.
  2171. TinDragon: Yeah, it was only a few ago in the playlist, wasn't it?
  2172. Likonan: I'm liking this, yeah!
  2173. Camsy: I guess they assembled the playlist by random luck of the draw then.
  2174. KyLuke: well perhaps I don't need to know how to sing! all I need are my hands....... for handfarting of course
  2175. Mush: prrt prrt prrt
  2176. Lucky: right.
  2177. oGsMC: Whats up with the terrible vocals 0.o
  2178. Neu: check out my soundcloud page for high quality examples of Kyluke's handfarts.
  2179. Lucky: fascinating.
  2180. KyLuke: oh yeah lolz
  2181. Pyro25100: >Rainbow FUNK(or something)tory
  2182. Mush: mmk
  2183. Pyro25100: alright then lol
  2184. GeneralMumble: i like this
  2185. yes
  2186. Ducks: This is dark
  2187. megusta
  2188. Mush: Oh, next is so great and powerful
  2189. Lucky: It's nice.
  2190. Mush: Prepare
  2191. Likonan: Navy Brony is GREAT
  2192. Neu: are you glad you came, mymbloe?
  2193. KyLuke: sometime in the future, I will be famous enough to where everyone will want to collab with me just for my handfarts
  2194. Lucky: Sounds... i dunno...
  2195. Camsy: Be sure to turn up tomorrow!
  2196. Inkpony: Prepa-a-a... -are
  2197. Lucky: tempo doooown
  2198. Mush: Sloowww dowwwnn
  2199. Lucky: bullet time actibated
  2200. Pyro25100: Moar tempo automation ftw
  2201. Camsy: Wooo...........
  2202. Likonan: ooooh yeeeeaaaaah
  2203. Rainbow Dash: This music is too slow for my style now.
  2204. Neu: i feel like i'm swimming in an anti-sensory tank...
  2205. Inkpony: Getting into my tempo now.
  2206. ScootaLewis: KyLuke: people aready keep tryingto collab with me for my voice, but I can't sing. It confuses me.
  2207. Ducks: That was great
  2208. Mush: Funku ending
  2209. Camsy: Sweet stuff
  2210. KyLuke: oh really? that's funny actually
  2211. zorg: that
  2212. image
  2213. digitalbrony: Gentlemen.
  2214. zorg: that image
  2215. Camsy: O_o
  2216. Lucky: mentlegen.
  2217. KyLuke: do you have any works scoota?
  2218. Mush: Check out those fags
  2219. Zed: who's singing?
  2220. zorg: that image
  2221. Snacky: Mentlegen.
  2222. thebipolarbrony: wat
  2223. Likonan: that voice XD
  2224. BlueBelle: Dat image..
  2225. zorg: catsmilly
  2226. Pyro25100: Well then
  2227. ScootaLewis: kiiinda
  2228. digitalbrony: lol
  2229. Pyro25100: Um
  2230. SASFalcon: Oh my
  2231. Camsy: X)
  2232. KyLuke: I mean, it could be that you just don't like your singing
  2233. ScootaLewis: just search me on soundcloud
  2234. Ducks: How great is this song?
  2235. So great
  2236. digitalbrony: im depressed and happy at the same time
  2237. Ducks: That's how great
  2238. Zed: why do i like this?
  2239. Lucky: And powerful too
  2240. Inkpony: Sounds like a mainestream female singer or something.
  2241. Zed: really, why?
  2242. Pyro25100: >CMCMCMCMCMC
  2243. lol
  2244. Inkpony: Main*
  2245. Mush: *mane
  2246. Likonan: I don't think I'll ever call my special someone "lovely Mother Earth"
  2247. Mush: get it right
  2248. Inkpony: Oh you.
  2249. Zed: her singing is ok...
  2250. Snacky: oh you..
  2251. Camsy: Its not bad
  2252. Inkpony: O u
  2253. Zed: why do i like this so much?
  2254. Neu should remix "Relia and Yastin," by PonyToast
  2255. Pyro25100: Well uh
  2256. Mush: OH
  2257. WELL
  2258. Camsy:
  2259. Pyro25100: Wat
  2260. TinDragon: Wat
  2261. digitalbrony: What
  2262. ScootaLewis: dafuq
  2263. hottoast16: wait what?
  2264. zorg: WHA
  2266. digitalbrony:
  2267. Ducks: GAAHHHH
  2268. Mush: K
  2269. SASFalcon: wht just happened?
  2270. BlueBelle: What
  2271. ScootaLewis: FINE BY M
  2272. thebipolarbrony: dafuq just happened
  2273. ScootaLewis: *ME
  2274. Ducks: WHAHAPPEN!?!
  2275. Lucky: I loved the original.
  2276. zorg: fuck
  2277. Snacky: hmmh
  2278. Pyro25100: I like this remix
  2279. zorg: my elbow
  2280. digitalbrony: dafuq happened
  2281. BlueBelle: I what
  2282. Lucky: omg YES
  2283. Inkpony: This is better anyway.
  2284. thebipolarbrony: OMG AWOKEN
  2285. zorg: or wat
  2286. digitalbrony kills zorg
  2287. thebipolarbrony: YESYESYES
  2288. TinDragon: I was wondering why that last one was such a short track
  2289. zorg: wait
  2290. Neu: "to change the way my stream will flow" - isn't this the truth.
  2291. Snacky: This is good.
  2292. TinDragon: And that explains it
  2293. Likonan: Now I'm Awoken, and going to eat mah kidz
  2294. Snacky: the song was only 1:23 though
  2295. zorg: it was only 1:23 long
  2296. Snacky: the other one.
  2297. Likonan: REALLY?
  2298. SASFalcon: Well...
  2299. Likonan: 1:23 long?
  2300. digitalbrony: Whatever...
  2301. zorg: lol NOT MY FAULT
  2302. SASFalcon: WELL DAYUM!
  2303. Snacky: That was weird.
  2304. Zed: it cut off
  2305. pretty abrubtly
  2306. digitalbrony: Sorry guise
  2307. scibot9000: yeah I think sgap used my old youtube video generation technique, which will do that
  2308. Ducks: iwaslisteningtothat....
  2309. Inkpony: I actually really like this remix.
  2310. Rainbow Dash: > Wasn't Zorg's fault.
  2311. Camsy: Maybe it stopped half way through and they couldn't be assed uploading the rest of the vid
  2312. digitalbrony says sorry to zorg
  2313. Pyro25100: Welp, shit happens.
  2314. Neu: i love me some likid-dnb.
  2315. i love dnb
  2316. i love dnb
  2317. Lucky: not sure about the first note of the proggression.
  2318. Snacky: this is
  2319. phaux: it reminds me of pendulum
  2320. digitalbrony: This is pretty good
  2321. phaux: its awesome
  2322. Evine: It's supposed to cut off
  2323. Ducks: Well, this is good too
  2324. Pyro25100: No way. Neu. I had no idea
  2325. Camsy: -.-
  2326. KyLuke: Oh i see you're a rappa scootalewis
  2327. TinDragon: Good beat but the vocals don't really seem to match up with it
  2328. BassClef: neuK loves DnB? holy shit i had no idea
  2329. Ducks: Tin: They do
  2330. ScootaLewis: I'M SO NOT KYLUKE
  2331. KyLuke: You have all the ladies, and you're in the hood
  2332. Lucky: yeah the progression isn't matching the lyrics. :/
  2333. KyLuke: compared to you, Jay-Z is Laz-E
  2334. Likonan: this is interesting DNB
  2335. ScootaLewis: My flow is weak. My rhyme-fu is unmentionably disastrous.
  2336. digitalbrony: lol the download says 9h left
  2337. KyLuke: well I really can't judge you, I know nothing about rapping
  2338. digitalbrony: my damn inernets
  2339. ScootaLewis: My vocabulary is satisfactory, I rhyme like a factory, churning out mediocrity
  2340. Snacky: 100 mb/s is win.
  2341. Neu: scootalewis is actually Yelling at Cats.
  2342. digitalbrony: 25kb/s is me...
  2343. KyLuke: I'm gonna go to every hip-hop forum and advertise ScootaLewis
  2344. Likonan: I... I don't speak rap, dude...
  2345. Lucky:
  2346. Snacky: ow.
  2347. digitalbrony: lol
  2348. ScootaLewis: I can't make a good ryme scheme for shit, my flow is horrible (the way the words flow together; it should be like a stream)
  2349. digitalbrony: I'm up in 2 songs. omg
  2350. Neu: what do you guys wanna hear a dnb remix of? and it will not necessarily be done, but it will be considerred.
  2351. Likonan: nice sound FX!
  2352. Pyro25100: Wow, another awoken remix down there. C'mon people.
  2353. ScootaLewis: and I just can't rap vry well
  2354. Lucky: Anything by Madeon.
  2355. Ducks: I love Madeon
  2356. Lucky: who doesnt?
  2357. Ducks: My dad
  2358. ScootaLewis: who?
  2359. Pyro25100: Madeon. Yes
  2360. Ducks: Madeon
  2361. Lucky: Madeon, French musical legend
  2362. Inkpony: My rap lyrics are inspired by like how Owl City would right lyrics, but just add cussing to make it flow better.
  2363. Ducks: Niggz be 17
  2364. Lucky: eeyup
  2365. ScootaLewis: haha, @Inkpony
  2366. Lucky: he makes sum a da bestest stuff I evar heard.
  2367. ScootaLewis: I actually wrote a generic rap song that's just me fronting like any other rapper
  2368. Inkpony: I actually made my own Pony Swag verse for kicks and giggles.
  2369. digitalbrony: Ducks' dad doesn't like Madeon?
  2370. Lucky: ^
  2371. ScootaLewis: except it's a Scottish kid trying to do an american accent and failing
  2372. Ducks: Who said that?
  2373. KyLuke: Actually my friend and I are planning on making a horrible rap song
  2374. Neu: which medeaonnn song??
  2375. lol
  2376. KyLuke: to make Neu jealous
  2377. Ducks: My dad loves Madeon
  2378. Lucky: well to be honest most of his are already remixes...
  2379. lZYSSl: fuark
  2380. Lucky: ...soo...
  2381. digitalbrony: Oh
  2383. Likonan:
  2384. Inkpony: Scottish accent is sexy.
  2385. digitalbrony: I need to learn to read
  2386. ScootaLewis: My accent isn't even that strong ;_;
  2387. KyLuke: but you can make it strong
  2388. Rainbow Dash: Decent Awoken remix overall.
  2389. digitalbrony: AAAAAAAAAAAAH IM NEXT
  2390. KyLuke: which clan are ye from Scoota?
  2391. lZYSSl: #clean
  2392. $clean
  2393. >tfw not a mod
  2394. digitalbrony: *clicks the annotation
  2395. ScootaLewis: >clan
  2396. as if anyone cares about that
  2397. KyLuke: I know, i just want to know
  2398. Inkpony: I care.
  2399. ScootaLewis: I've worn a kilt exactly once, and plan to never repeat the experince
  2400. KyLuke: Inkpony cares
  2401. lZYSSl: :Rainbow Dash:
  2402. Inkpony: Inkpony cares.
  2403. lZYSSl: :dog:
  2404. ScootaLewis: seriously, I don't even know.
  2405. digitalbrony: lol kilts
  2406. ScootaLewis: I'm not sue I'm part of one.
  2407. KyLuke: Inkpony is going to cry now
  2408. Inkpony: Together, we will go far.
  2409. ScootaLewis: *sure
  2410. Ducks: Yo
  2411. Deep-ass bass
  2412. ScootaLewis: I'm not very scottish, basically.
  2413. KyLuke: if you don't know, that means you hate Inkpony
  2414. Lucky: Me and my 'well-spoken' Australian accent that I think clashes horribly with how I speak GAWD I hate my voice
  2415. Snacky:
  2416. digitalbrony: My internets are makin me
  2417. Pyro25100: Neu, Icarus.
  2418. Lucky: YES.
  2419. Icarus.
  2420. Camsy: :|
  2421. Likonan: what a bass :o
  2422. ScootaLewis: is Inkpony scottish?
  2423. Inkpony: Ikarusu
  2424. digitalbrony: WHat point in the song r u guys? what time
  2425. KyLuke: No ideaology
  2426. Inkpony: I have some Scottish blood.
  2427. Lucky: 2:10
  2428. Pyro25100: 2:10
  2429. LoreRD: Really like this
  2430. KyLuke: i do too
  2431. digitalbrony: lol I was at 1:09
  2432. Lucky: It's really... My words fail me.
  2433. digitalbrony: I skipped ahead to there
  2434. KyLuke: I just want to know who's a Campbell
  2435. ScootaLewis: I have some Dutch from waaay back on my dad's side, but other than that I have scottish lineage
  2436. Lucky: I like it.
  2437. ScootaLewis: apparently
  2438. Inkpony: I have more Royal English blood than anything though.
  2439. KyLuke: Ha!
  2440. digitalbrony: Nice song.
  2441. SOunds muffled
  2442. ScootaLewis: I was born in the capital of Scotland, though!
  2443. oGsMC: This is just bad
  2444. Ducks: I'm really really irish
  2445. But also really really american
  2446. Pyro25100: To each their own, oG
  2447. ScootaLewis: I'm Internetian.
  2448. KyLuke: we all be celtz
  2449. SASFalcon: Seems alright to me
  2450. Rainbow Dash: And remember registered users, don't type '/nuke' or your song will be interrupted.
  2451. Lucky: Scootalewis, you win.
  2452. SASFalcon: RD
  2453. digitalbrony: What does /nuke do?
  2454. Inkpony: It's funny. I'm from Alabama. The South. Where we all talk worse than Applejack. But I have royal ancestors from England.
  2455. Neu: Rainbow Dash, you tempt me.
  2456. BlueBelle: Rainbow, I really want to type /nuke now.
  2457. SASFalcon: You just made me curious
  2458. BlueBelle: What happens?
  2459. digitalbrony: NO MY SONG AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
  2460. ScootaLewis: Oh my god, I had a disturbing thought
  2461. Pyro25100: Dat house.
  2462. Deimos99:
  2463. Inkpony: Loving that intro.
  2464. ScootaLewis: what if someone remixes me for RWVI
  2465. DemMeows: LOLWAT
  2466. thebipolarbrony: sounds good so far
  2467. KyLuke: hmm
  2468. BlueBelle: Someone tell me what happens if you do /nuke
  2469. Neu: no problems imho so far.
  2470. digitalbrony: I had no time to master actually, so this one instrument is too loud
  2471. DemMeows: it'll interrupt the synch
  2472. BlueBelle: o
  2473. Pyro25100: Sounds a bit like lavender town lol
  2474. LoreRD: Ah well, gotta go ;(
  2475. digitalbrony: ^ lol
  2476. Lucky: I likes it.
  2477. KyLuke: see ya cutie
  2478. Pyro25100: Yeah. definitely hearing lavender town.
  2479. KyLuke: I hear my toilet
  2480. DemMeows: So.. I heard there was a guy names penis here.
  2481. digitalbrony: THATS TOO LOUD
  2482. dammir
  2483. SASFalcon: Meows, would it interrupt the synch for yourself, or everyone?
  2484. DemMeows: yourself
  2485. ScootaLewis: I just want someone to dare to attempt a remix of PsychedelicBrony
  2486. digitalbrony: ah fail
  2487. SASFalcon: Ok, I was afraid for a second there
  2488. DemMeows: Do you guys not read what Rainbow Dash just said...
  2489. Ducks: Challenge accepted, bitch
  2490. KyLuke: I'll do a psychedelicBrony/Enya crossover
  2491. Deimos99: gtg
  2492. Lucky: lolwut
  2493. SASFalcon: see yas
  2494. Deimos99: :'(
  2495. Lucky: awww, bai
  2496. Deimos99: bye
  2497. digitalbrony: bai
  2498. DemMeows: byee
  2499. KyLuke: pie
  2500. Ducks: So how 'bout that song?
  2501. Rainbow Dash: It'll only interrupt your synchtube btw.
  2502. TinDragon: Kinda catchy
  2503. Pyro25100: Srsly, are we sure this isn't a lavender town remix?
  2504. Inkpony: So it's not like... For everyone?
  2505. Ducks: It's odd, but I like it
  2506. SASFalcon: I think that tune is just a little too loud for me
  2507. digitalbrony: Yeah, the chip thing is too lou
  2508. SASFalcon: but other than that, it seems pretty decent
  2509. Likonan: I feel like walking down the street with swag to this
  2510. Rainbow Dash: Nah, it only affects everyone if you're a mod.
  2511. digitalbrony: I couldnt master
  2512. no time
  2513. Inkpony: Monster Energy Drink.
  2514. Likonan: Might I ask why the mods have pony names instead of their own?
  2515. digitalbrony: I procrastinated a lot
  2516. Ducks: digi: I'd actually just bring up the chords a bit
  2517. KyLuke: because they must keep their identity safe
  2518. from people like us
  2519. Inkpony: Because ponies are cool.
  2520. Likonan: from us?
  2521. Rainbow Dash: I didn't take that part out of the script.
  2522. Likonan: We're a bunch of idiots
  2523. well, I am one
  2524. KyLuke: well I am the smartest and coolest out of everyone
  2525. Likonan:
  2526. KyLuke: #YOLO
  2527. Yllwyck: Hai guise
  2528. Pyro25100: Time for Rainbow Funktory.
  2529. Inkpony: YODO
  2530. Ducks: hai
  2531. Likonan: FUNK YO
  2532. Lucky: #POLO
  2533. thebipolarbrony: Pretty good, digital. i like
  2534. Pyro25100: That was pretty good
  2535. Inkpony: #MARCO
  2536. Shadysoup: Oh geez
  2537. KyLuke: #Go Low
  2538. Likonan: In the Funk Factory, where d.notive plays the blues
  2539. Inkpony: #I'LL KILL YOU YO
  2540. Lucky:
  2541. Likonan: WHOA
  2542. Lucky: huh
  2543. Likonan: Intro AWESOME
  2544. DemMeows: Rarity what
  2545. KyLuke: #OH NO!
  2546. GeneralMumble: i thought that said rainbow fucktory...
  2547. SASFalcon: Already gusta
  2548. Pyro25100: Damn buffering.
  2549. Lucky: Me gustaaaaaa(?)
  2550. Inkpony: MMMM FUNKY
  2551. VeganCheesecake: Dat fez.
  2552. thebipolarbrony: me gusta mucho
  2553. Inkpony: I don't enjoy funk enough.
  2554. Neu: lol, "FUNK(or something)tory"
  2555. JackTHerbert: Rainbow Fuckory?
  2556. Yllwyck: Ah yeeh
  2557. Inkpony: Now's my chance.
  2558. digitalbrony: lol
  2559. TinDragon: Haha
  2560. Likonan: I LOVE THIS ONE
  2561. SASFalcon: AWW HELL YES!
  2562. TinDragon: This is awesome
  2563. digitalbrony: i gtg nao
  2564. BlueBelle: What glorious music has assaulted my ears
  2565. SASFalcon: np digi, see ya later
  2566. thebipolarbrony: this is amazing
  2567. Neu: i bet Mumble loves this.
  2568. DeltaWing: cant tell if ear rape or awesome
  2569. Pyro25100: Bye, digital!
  2570. Lucky: bai
  2571. DeltaWing: bye
  2572. Lucky: omg I luv it
  2573. Pyro25100: Ay, Neu. Did you see the song I suggested way back in the chat?
  2574. Inkpony: Just lovely.
  2575. SASFalcon: Fezzes are cool
  2576. thebipolarbrony: i feel like i need a top hat now
  2577. Neu: yes, pyro, and i'm considering it.
  2578. Pyro25100: Aight.
  2579. GeneralMumble: I'm gonna have to do a stupid remix of rainbow factory now solely to name it rainbow fucktory
  2580. Inkpony: Michael Jackson is probably dancing to this in the afterlife.
  2581. Lescor: I'm really glad I didn't go with my original idea of a reggae version of Rainbow Factory now so many versions of this song
  2582. Neu: OMG muted trumpet,
  2583. Ducks: Muted trumpet = hawt
  2584. JackTHerbert: There's you next Genreal Mymbloe track for you.
  2585. Inkpony: This track is definitely sexy.
  2586. JackTHerbert: Abuse the Postal Dude fuck, and job done.
  2587. Neu: speaking of "Genreal Mymbloe," who else has a troll version of their artist name?
  2588. http: 2:15
  2589. Neu = Neutered Cat Analyst
  2590. SoaringFlight: Suddenly cows
  2591. Inkpony: Umm umm. Inkporny?
  2592. Pyro25100: Oh man, another Boooring remix and another Still Shy remix.
  2593. Likonan: Soaring!
  2594. how're ya?
  2595. Ducks: Fucks Unlimited
  2596. SoaringFlight: Aloha, im fine
  2597. KyLuke: The troll version of my name is Neu Katalyst
  2598. Likonan: MATH
  2599. http: 2:15
  2600. Likonan: ???
  2601. SASFalcon: MATHEMATICAL!
  2602. Yllwyck: Booksy dp ^3
  2603. Inkpony: Love the feel of this song already
  2604. Lucky: oh noes, too many math
  2605. Neu: ALGEBRAIC!!
  2606. Lucky dies
  2607. thebipolarbrony: omg cows
  2608. http: cows ftw
  2609. Pyro25100: I wish to solve this equation.
  2610. SASFalcon: I know that equation from somewhere (minus the booksy part)
  2611. Inkpony: Cow and Chicken is on.
  2613. scibot9000: the equation is just some stupid math thing I messed up
  2614. don't try it <_<
  2615. KyLuke: aaw, I just expecting a climax
  2616. Pyro25100: No, like terms and two plus signs next to each other. Impossibru!
  2617. Rainbow Dash: Hey Sci. What's the policy on loading ponies to songs that are about that pony?
  2618. KyLuke: was*
  2619. Yllwyck: Tehere's no pink in RDs name, bro.
  2620. Pyro25100: Fine, I'll simplify it lol
  2621. scibot9000: Rainbow Dash: uhhh what?
  2622. Lucky: heywait sci isn't dead. YOU LIED
  2623. Yllwyck: mane*
  2624. VINXIS: o hello
  2625. VeganCheesecake: That looks like a stupid equation. XD
  2626. VINXIS: again
  2627. scibot9000: I'm mostly focusing on the other chat
  2628. VINXIS: lel
  2629. VeganCheesecake: Indeed.
  2630. AutomaticJack: Where!
  2631. Ducks: werd
  2632. VINXIS: I'm back to be a VINXIS again lol
  2633. Pyro25100: I can;t even simplify because of those two plus signs!
  2634. Yllwyck: There are 3 plus signs.
  2635. Neu: you can't simplify a limit equation.
  2636. Ducks: undefinable
  2637. AutomaticJack: FUCK MATH
  2638. gg: g
  2639. Pyro25100: WELP, there's that too lol
  2640. gg: g
  2641. g
  2642. g
  2643. Ducks: g?
  2644. AutomaticJack: g
  2645. Ducks: g
  2646. Yllwyck: Shush
  2647. BlueBelle: G?
  2648. Neu: g
  2649. Ducks: g
  2650. gg: g
  2651. AutomaticJack: Fcuk Ipie, but... g
  2652. Yllwyck: q
  2653. gg: LOL LOOK WHAT I DID
  2654. Lucky: oh god, not more g...
  2655. Pyro25100: Song was boss though
  2656. BlueBelle: What is g
  2657. SASFalcon: Oh crap, theres our second spam
  2658. Neu: i just had a does this affect the youtube video's views?
  2659. VINXIS: asdf
  2660. k
  2661. zorg: -this-?
  2662. Lucky: k
  2663. TinDragon: I would assume each sync room adds 1
  2664. BlueBelle: Yeah
  2665. VINXIS: lel
  2667. zorg: i think it adds one per viewer
  2668. JackTHerbert: I would assume 1 per person viewing
  2669. zorg: but idk
  2670. CommandSpry: we are all on different IPs
  2671. VINXIS: I'm supposed to be making rock right now
  2672. CommandSpry: all the IPs count
  2673. Neu: so i shouldn't be surprised if i suddenly get +68 views?
  2674. TinDragon: But as far as YouTube is concerned, isn't the room the one viewing it?
  2675. gg: we all have to go dow the list after ward
  2676. zorg: yes neu
  2677. Yllwyck: Pretty
  2678. gg: Wait, it's ACTUALLY embedding and playing these?
  2679. zorg: tin: don't think so
  2680. gg: FUCK SWEET!
  2681. VINXIS: wtf
  2682. just listen to teh sang
  2683. Neu: groovy.
  2684. Yllwyck: COME ALL
  2685. CommandSpry: you get the amount of synclisteners views from embedded sources
  2686. Pyro25100: Interesting
  2687. CommandSpry: just as if we all clicked play at the same time
  2688. DeltaWing: FUFUFUFFUFUUUUU
  2689. Likonan: WOOOOOOO
  2690. DeltaWing: N
  2691. Likonan: woon
  2692. TinDragon: Well, that's kinda weird, but yay more views for people
  2693. Yllwyck: Rhyming cut vocals.
  2694. VeganCheesecake: Fun.
  2695. VINXIS: amfg
  2696. KyLuke: yeah I was freaking out about that rhyme
  2697. VINXIS: My troll entry
  2698. SASFalcon: DISTURB TRIXIE!
  2699. VINXIS: it's soon
  2700. Likonan: Trixie's sex song?
  2701. VeganCheesecake: Trixie is best pony.
  2702. Yllwyck: >.>
  2703. Pyro25100: Cannot unhear
  2704. Neu: SO CALL ME MAYBE
  2706. VINXIS: <.<
  2707. ScootaLewis: oh my god
  2708. KyLuke: C'MON AND SLAM
  2709. Pyro25100: Cannot. Unhear...
  2710. ScootaLewis: >so call me maybe
  2711. >and welcome to the jam
  2712. Lucky:
  2713. ScootaLewis: I have to find that mashup now
  2714. TinDragon: Best mashup ever
  2715. Neu: OMG YES OMG YES
  2716. ScootaLewis: it has to exist
  2717. Yllwyck: This is pretty owershome
  2718. VINXIS: nooo fak
  2719. Likonan: bout it babababout it
  2720. Yllwyck: bouboubouboutit?
  2721. TinDragon: Well, I found a Call me Maybe and Gangnam Style mashup
  2722. Likonan: do you bout the it?
  2723. Lucky:
  2724. Yllwyck: I saw that mashup too.
  2725. ScootaLewis: Ppffft.
  2726. Inspector PSY.
  2727. SASFalcon: If you find a welcome to the jam/ call me maybe mashup, link it
  2728. ScootaLewis: It's real, and it's the best mashup ever.
  2729. SASFalcon: uh oh. I lost sync :
  2730. BlueBelle: Hey, I just ate poo, and now have raaaabies, but here's my number, call 991 plz?
  2731. Ducks: *gasp*
  2732. Neu: someone get Psychosis on the phone and make him do it.
  2733. Lucky: Every day I'm DO THE HUSTLE
  2734. Yllwyck: 991 like a boss
  2735. Likonan: All NEIGHSAYERS disturb TRIXIE NAO
  2736. AutomaticJack: I love the vocal chopping
  2737. Pyro25100: 991 lol
  2738. BlueBelle: I messed up XD
  2739. Yllwyck: YOU DON'T SAY?
  2740. BlueBelle: *911
  2741. ScootaLewis: Just search "Slam Me Maybe"
  2742. Lucky: 000*
  2743. ScootaLewis: you'll get plenty results.
  2744. Yllwyck: ^
  2745. Rainbow Dash: Awoken remix time again.
  2746. Likonan: Slam Me Maybe? XD Good Lord that sounds dirty
  2747. JackTHerbert: 999*
  2748. Yllwyck: Liko
  2749. Lucky: oh yay
  2750. *112
  2751. VINXIS: omg
  2752. Inkpony: So much Awoken.
  2753. BlueBelle: What is that image?
  2754. JackleApp: This one is boss.
  2755. Neu: dat art...
  2756. VINXIS: Jackle just sed it
  2757. gg: lol
  2758. VINXIS: lel
  2759. Yllwyck: Dafuq
  2760. Lucky: omg loving this
  2761. TinDragon: Ohai Jackle
  2762. VeganCheesecake: OMFG ban this.
  2763. gg: Lol, you got stuck in the gears.
  2764. VeganCheesecake: Blood.
  2765. Likonan: Jackle, you meant the previous track?
  2766. Inkpony: Oh look, Jackle is here.
  2767. Yllwyck: Somebody killed that thing.
  2768. Pyro25100: What a disturbing image.
  2769. JackleApp: Nope, silly.
  2770. Likonan: :o
  2771. well, thanks mate!
  2772. VINXIS: Jackle is only saying it's good
  2773. because it's made in meexcreft
  2774. zorg: hi jackle
  2775. Likonan: XD
  2776. GeneralMumble: Jackle I haven't seen you in years
  2777. thebipolarbrony: another awoken mix?
  2778. AdamTh3Walker: This is good.
  2779. JackleApp: Just passing by~
  2781. Ducks: This is good
  2782. GeneralMumble: hey hi
  2783. zorg: did you likehate my remix of your track?
  2784. Ducks: hey hi hello
  2785. Yllwyck: Dem vocals
  2786. Inkpony: Love that vocal modification.
  2787. TinDragon: ^
  2788. Pyro25100: Mixcraft?
  2789. VINXIS: melodyne
  2790. yea
  2791. mixcraft
  2792. Neu: bitspeak.
  2793. Inkpony: Melodyne is the boss of bosses.
  2794. vfbfb:
  2795. Yllwyck: ^
  2796. Inkpony: And Bitspeek drives me crazy.
  2797. Pyro25100: I no has melodyne. What it be?
  2798. Applejinx: Jackle should invade the musician chat
  2799. Inkpony: The best damn program ever.
  2800. VINXIS: autotune thang
  2801. Likonan: I used neither Melodyne nor Bitspeek
  2802. VINXIS: oh
  2803. then eets
  2804. uh
  2805. Likonan: just mda Talkbox
  2807. Lucky: Awoken is a hard some to remix, particularly because the bassline is quite irregular
  2808. zorg: aka jackle should join the irc room
  2809. Inkpony: mda Talkbox is fun too
  2810. Applejinx: It sounds very cool and harsh
  2811. gg: eh, turning DOWN volume.
  2813. Rainbow Dash: Alright, well back to working on Ponymon Dawn and Dusk. I really should get the patch out for 0.31.
  2815. :CCC
  2816. KyLuke: I accidently closed my internet window by trying to kill a fly in my mouse
  2817. Rainbow Dash: Listening in the background now
  2818. Yllwyck: AEEAEEAY
  2819. gg: sounds like i'm listening to two ongs at once
  2820. Applejinx: I GOTTA try it out, I'm sure I can run it in Logic
  2821. KyLuke: on*
  2822. Yllwyck: This is pretty kew.
  2823. gg: like, Awoken, and a song on YT in another tab
  2824. it's just...
  2825. Inkpony: I just need to figure out how to put a supersaw carrier on vocals and I'll have even more fun with md Talkbox.
  2826. gg: what
  2827. AdamTh3Walker: haha, did you get it, KyLuke?
  2828. VINXIS: Likonan u use mixcraft?
  2829. Likonan: yes
  2830. VINXIS: Cuz mallard was like
  2831. KyLuke: huh? get wht?
  2832. VINXIS: ok
  2833. AdamTh3Walker: the fly
  2834. of course not
  2835. VINXIS: I waz like mixcraft's easy to use, and he'slike Likonan uses mixcraft
  2836. I'm like k
  2837. AdamTh3Walker: it was a fly
  2838. KyLuke: blurgh
  2839. AdamTh3Walker: shut up nvm
  2840. Neu: i use NewTone and Bitspeek, but have been too lazy to check anything else out.
  2841. gg: @ink: there's an Audacity tutorial for that.
  2842. Inkpony: Is there?
  2843. Ducks: Yea, but Audacity sucks
  2844. Yllwyck: 6:50
  2845. AdamTh3Walker: oh man, cool
  2847. VINXIS: lol
  2848. KyLuke: that's cute
  2849. Likonan:
  2850. Ducks: The fuck just happened
  2851. VINXIS: fail
  2852. Inkpony: Yeah. And I could just ask Glaze.
  2853. GeneralMumble: good god what
  2854. Inkpony: It's easy.
  2857. AdamTh3Walker: :<
  2858. SoaringFlight: chinese keyboards, sometimes they go crazy boy
  2859. KyLuke: :V
  2861. Inkpony: Or people could knock my comments out of the way.
  2862. Snacky: uhm yeah..
  2863. VINXIS: unamed is a fheget
  2864. KyLuke: I think he's trying to say hello
  2866. Likonan: :
  2868. Ducks: Who's this asshole?
  2870. kheoz: >.<
  2871. scibot9000: hey Rainbow Dash we have a spammer now!
  2872. KyLuke: don't worry unmaned, we love you too
  2873. Rainbow Dash: Yeah, well only actual mods can ban.
  2875. Rainbow Dash: Who created this room?
  2876. Ducks: zorg
  2877. ScootaLewis: ffs get this asshole out of here
  2878. Ducks: ?
  2879. KyLuke: the man in the sky
  2880. scibot9000: me actually
  2881. zorg: i dont see his name
  2882. VINXIS: LOL
  2883. VeganCheesecake: He made my stream crash.
  2884. Neu: that's what they do.
  2885. KyLuke: oh man, I can't get the SLAM version out of my head
  2886. gg: god
  2887. AdamTh3Walker: aw man, this is energetic
  2889. AdamTh3Walker: yeah
  2890. Pyro25100: God fucking dammit
  2891. VINXIS: stupid unnamed
  2892. KyLuke: unmaned should be banned!
  2893. VINXIS: someone block him
  2894. KyLuke: i rhymed
  2895. zorg: maybe just kick all the unnamed ones
  2896. Snacky: wooo..
  2897. Ducks: hm
  2898. Pyro25100: Bitch, knock it off
  2899. Angel: bad.
  2900. zorg: theyy learn to get names
  2902. thebipolarbrony: wub wub
  2904. VINXIS: bad drop
  2906. Pyro25100: Fucking hell
  2907. phaux: NO FUN ALLOWED
  2908. scibot9000: kicking/banning isn't working :
  2909. KyLuke: fun is not allowed
  2911. Rainbow Dash: It's kicking them.
  2912. SASFalcon: its a spambot guys
  2913. AdamTh3Walker: WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS
  2914. scibot9000: oh, it's multiple?
  2915. AdamTh3Walker: yeah
  2916. Pyro25100: What do they gain by spamming random ass letters?
  2917. AdamTh3Walker: well
  2918. Likonan: idiocy
  2919. Neu: bandwidth.
  2920. Lucky: Why would someone try to crash a party like this?
  2921. AdamTh3Walker: last week
  2922. SASFalcon: what do you think all the 'unnamed has chosen an invalid name' is?
  2925. AdamTh3Walker: they crashed the room
  2927. Pyro25100: Omg
  2937. BlueBelle: Hellppp my faaace
  2939. Rainbow Dash: Yeah, they are using multiple ones.
  2940. VINXIS: wtf
  2941. scibot9000: kick unmaned
  2942. Likonan: GET OUT
  2943. Pyro25100: What a whore
  2944. VINXIS: wtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtf
  2945. zorg: kick all the unnameds
  2946. sci
  2947. VINXIS: ^
  2948. Inkpony: I'm with Zorg. Just kick all unnamed.
  2949. AdamTh3Walker: This is a cool mix
  2950. zorg: scibot9000
  2951. AutomaticJack: Fuck those fucking fucks =3
  2952. Rainbow Dash: That won't help Zorg.
  2953. zorg: why
  2954. Rainbow Dash: They are using an undefined name.
  2955. CommandSpry: hey unnames I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE
  2956. Rainbow Dash: It's not an "unnamed"
  2958. zorg: then what can anyone do
  2960. Pyro25100: omg
  2962. SoaringFlight: PEJT SPAT PIZDA
  2965. Pyro25100: STAHP
  2966. KyLuke: lol
  2967. SASFalcon: it's ''unMANed
  2968. VINXIS: unmaned
  2969. AdamTh3Walker: ^
  2970. VINXIS: if you stop
  2971. scibot9000: I'm trying "/ban unmaned" which doesn't seem to work <_<
  2972. zorg: maybe implement some autokick feature
  2973. Neu: i think the best we can do is ignore it.
  2974. Pyro25100: Unmaned
  2975. VINXIS: I'll give you a cookie
  2976. Rainbow Dash: IT is kicking them.
  2977. Likonan: Who's this spamming imbecile...
  2978. zorg: i see
  2979. Rainbow Dash: They're using a script.
  2980. AutomaticJack: I'll geive you 2 bucks to FUCK OFF
  2981. Inkpony: Need a spam autoban
  2982. scibot9000: iduno blah
  2983. Pyro25100: Not if the dick keeps crashing the synctube.
  2984. AdamTh3Walker: I'm allowing myself to be hipnotised by it, it brings me peace
  2985. BlueBelle: Ahh registered only chat filter.
  2986. nahh jk
  2987. Rainbow Dash: I'll get in contact with Twi and Card about a way to remove spam text after a spammer is kicked.
  2989. AutomaticJack: This is DOPE!!!
  2990. Inkpony: Well, it's not exactly hard to register.
  2991. SoaringFlight: All this spam
  2992. Neu loves LOVES dnb
  2993. SoaringFlight: have some serbians
  2994. scibot9000: Rainbow Dash yeah but uh my text isn't even sending
  2995. SoaringFlight: 2:58
  2996. AdamTh3Walker: woah
  2997. holy cats
  2998. Neu: dnb dnb dnb dnb dnb dnb
  3000. AdamTh3Walker: really good
  3001. zorg: this reminds me of homestuck
  3002. a bit
  3003. Lucky: Diggin this
  3004. AdamTh3Walker: reminds me of toruboruta
  3005. Yllwyck: Is this DnB?
  3007. Pyro25100: Brb, making an account.
  3008. Neu: i'd call it dnb,
  3010. kheoz: crap, my song is next
  3012. AdamTh3Walker: gon be good
  3013. Marshmelon: GO TO IRC
  3014. Yllwyck: I don't see my song on this list.
  3015. BlueBelle: Yeah uh I should just stick to the registered filter. Sorry unregistered peeps
  3016. Lucky: awww
  3017. Marshmelon:
  3018. zorg: will that kick us out?
  3019. Yllwyck: Good, my song is terrible.
  3020. Pyro25100: lol, I made an account.
  3021. zorg: those who are already in?
  3025. Rainbow Dash: No, it only mutes unnameds for registered users.
  3026. Yllwyck: He needs more ponies in his life.
  3027. Marshmelon:
  3028. Yllwyck: They all need more ponies.
  3029. zorg: so if im unregistered but i have a name
  3030. Neu: or something.
  3031. zorg: i can talk right?
  3032. Marshmelon: but look: IIILIIL
  3033. Yllwyck: Just register, it's free.
  3035. Marshmelon: he has a name now
  3036. Marshmelon:
  3037. Pyro25100: I just made an account. Took like, 2 seconds.
  3038. Inkpony: Yeah and it takes like 5 seconds to register.
  3039. Yllwyck: Kheoz
  3040. Rainbow Dash: Yeah, temporary synchtubes do not allow ban with our script.
  3041. Marshmelon: even better, go to irc
  3042. Likonan: oo, this intro
  3044. Rainbow Dash: It's causing it to only kick.
  3045. AdamTh3Walker: good
  3046. SASFalcon: suddenly, dark
  3047. BlueBelle: Whoa that pic
  3048. TinDragon: Why don't y'all have a permanent room for this?
  3049. VINXIS: He's unmuting himself
  3051. Snacky: Yup.
  3052. Pyro25100: It keeps saying this IIIIIILiIIIIIL person is being muted, yet he keeps going
  3053. Inkpony: Yes, thank you. All the spam be gone.
  3054. VINXIS: jehfiejrknvkjsrnvertovmrofwijehfiejrknvkjsrnvertovmrofwijehfiejrknvkjsrnvertovmrofwijehfiejrknvkjsrnvertovmrofwisnriknckjejnfk4erbfkjebrgjk
  3055. fucking spammer
  3056. zorggn: okay regged
  3057. VINXIS: spam them back lel
  3058. Lucky: Likin this remix though.
  3059. VINXIS: ^
  3060. scibot9000: vinxis no, no spam
  3061. Angel: I'm just ignoring them :I
  3062. KyLuke: The Great Spam War. Many bronies were killed in this horrible bloodbath.
  3063. Pyro25100: Now the log is gonna be filled with spammers, and people will be like "wtf"
  3064. VINXIS: ok
  3065. Marshmelon:
  3066. You want to make a google doc
  3067. I'll delete the spam
  3068. Inkpony: Anyway, back to enjoying music.
  3069. Marshmelon: and you can log that
  3070. Pyro25100: I'm seriously questioning why I never made an account here before lol
  3071. KyLuke: I'm too lazy to make one
  3072. scibot9000: marsh, assuming that I can successfully grab this log at the end of the sync, I can filter the spam automatically
  3073. Pyro25100: Excellent
  3074. Likonan: outtake tiem
  3075. TinDragon: Nice
  3076. KyLuke: ooh pitch/tempo change
  3077. Marshmelon: aaalright
  3078. phaux: that feel when i hasnt remixed rainbow factory yet like everyone else
  3079. JackTHerbert: Oh it's my one
  3080. Likonan: Jack's song!
  3081. phaux: and im not going to do so
  3082. probably
  3083. Lucky:
  3084. Pyro25100: Don't worry, phaux. Neither have I. ANd I don't plan on it
  3085. Ducks: Jackie
  3086. Marshmelon: That feel when you're the only weeaboo who hasn't covered MAgnet
  3087. Ducks: Nice
  3088. Angel: I was expecting screamer at the end of previous song ._.
  3089. Rainbow Dash: Spammer got bored.
  3090. Pyro25100: lol
  3091. phaux: but i have that urge to do it
  3092. vfbfb: Pirate pony!
  3093. KyLuke: that blue text looks dangerous
  3094. VINXIS: lol
  3095. VeganCheesecake: Next song gun b good.
  3096. Neu: did he go away?
  3097. Automat1cJack: Nice tempo shift
  3098. Pyro25100: I simply don't want to lol
  3099. ScootaLewis: Oh man, Autojack
  3100. Likonan: Excellent!
  3101. Lucky: Let's hope he ain't comin' back.
  3102. ScootaLewis: I see your name on one of those videos
  3103. phaux: why do all the songs about pirates have 3/4 time signature?
  3104. Automat1cJack: Yes indeedy
  3105. Lucky: And this song is teh epicz.
  3106. Automat1cJack: Pirate Shanties were rollicking good tunes
  3107. phaux: or swing beats
  3108. Automat1cJack: a 3 over 4 is necessary to rollick, matey!!
  3109. scibot9000: phaux: because that's approx pi/4
  3110. Likonan: because pirates often danced to songs in 3/4
  3111. Pyro25100: I love this
  3112. Neu: omg, bottom song...
  3113. Likonan: haven't you seen POTC, silly?
  3114. Automat1cJack: Not 3/4
  3115. 3 over 4
  3116. Wait
  3117. NM
  3118. Triplets
  3119. KyLuke: blurgh
  3120. Likonan:
  3121. Ducks: ...wat
  3122. Automat1cJack: Shuffle
  3123. Marshmelon: er.. this one is in 4/4
  3124. Automat1cJack: Yep
  3125. Neu: maybe 6/8 or 12/8.
  3126. Automat1cJack: 123,123,123,123
  3127. Triplets/Shuffle
  3128. Ducks: That's 12/8
  3129. Inkpony: 3/4 time sig is fun for pirates anyway. But just 'cause you said it, I'm going to remix She's a pony and have a 4/4 time sig.
  3130. Likonan: Boom ts ts Boom ts ts
  3131. phaux: my music theory sucks
  3132. Lucky: arg, so confus.
  3133. thebipolarbrony: this is a very interesting song
  3134. Inkpony: 'CAUSE I'M A REBEL
  3135. Neu: let's go with 12/8.
  3136. Likonan: A pipsqueak's life for me!
  3137. Ducks: But this is 6/8
  3138. Marshmelon: maybe I'm counting too slowly?
  3139. Ducks: just sayin'
  3140. Marshmelon: Seems 4/4
  3141. Automat1cJack: 123,123,123,123,
  3142. Likonan: Good Job Jack!
  3143. Automat1cJack: That 4 damnit
  3144. Ducks: Nah, just 123-123
  3145. VeganCheesecake: ERMAHGAWD!
  3146. JackTHerbert: I could just say what it was, but what would be the fun in that
  3147. VeganCheesecake:
  3148. Likonan: Her eyes XD
  3149. phaux: noo its 4/4 i meant it has the shuffle/swing beat by saying its 3/4
  3150. Marshmelon: yes, XD indeed
  3151. Inkpony: Well I make a 4/4 swing.
  3152. Automat1cJack: With a shuffle feel
  3153. triplets
  3154. Ducks: Oh look, a new song.
  3155. Automat1cJack: 123,123,123,123
  3156. VeganCheesecake: Guys.
  3157. Automat1cJack: or 1*3,1*3,1*3,1*3,
  3158. Likonan: I INSTANTLY LOVE
  3159. VeganCheesecake: If it's 4/4 with shuffle, it's 12/8.
  3160. Automat1cJack: Nope
  3161. Marshmelon: ooh kay.
  3162. Angel: IT'S PIKACHU
  3163. Marshmelon: this is pretty good.
  3164. I'd g.
  3165. Neu: musical arguing, ftw
  3166. phaux: yes yes i get it, stop talking about time signatures
  3167. Inkpony: ANYWAY. Let's talk about how much d.notive's voice is amazing.
  3168. Automat1cJack: 123456789101112
  3169. is 12/8
  3170. VeganCheesecake: 11/58 is best time signature.
  3171. Automat1cJack: he's a good singer, but I don't like his voice than much
  3172. Derp: :derp:
  3173. Ducks: Let's all just agree it's 7/4
  3174. Neu: dat zecora plot
  3175. Derp:
  3176. Inkpony: I do.
  3177. Automat1cJack: I been drumming for longer than most of ya'll been alive
  3178. Derp: Derpy is still broken
  3179. Automat1cJack: I know mah signaturez
  3180. Rainbow Dash: My name will be FlutterYay in the IRC chat.
  3181. Yllwyck: LOAD
  3182. Ducks: quack
  3183. Inkpony: Trying to decide if I should go back to playing Minecraft or continuing listening to music.
  3184. Automat1cJack: What sounds does an AUtomatc jack make?
  3185. Wait.. I kno
  3186. WUB
  3187. CommandSpry: play minecraft while listening
  3188. Snacky: Why not both..
  3189. BlueBelle: Do both
  3190. Inkpony: I'd like to be able to hear if a creeper is coming to kick my ass.
  3191. BlueBelle: Also, Singleplayer or Multiplayer?
  3192. Inkpony: Single
  3193. BlueBelle: Oh
  3194. Lucky: oh gawd.
  3195. Likonan: XD
  3196. That face
  3197. Snacky: wat.
  3198. RandomPony78x: nightmare fuel
  3199. SASFalcon: MY GAWWWWWD
  3200. Lucky: why that pic of ALL pics...
  3201. Likonan: It's Slelestia1
  3202. Neu: and that pic is why i'm NLR.
  3203. thebipolarbrony: DAT FACE
  3204. BlueBelle: lol what
  3205. Marshmelon: whoa
  3206. VINXIS: fak mines soon TT_TT
  3207. phaux: this pic is terryfying
  3208. BlueBelle: What is that picture? It's very blurry
  3209. Inkpony: It's of Celestia.
  3210. Likonan: Put this pic on your bedroom door for Do Not Disturb purposes
  3211. Inkpony: Smiling.
  3212. RandomPony78x: great now i wont sleep for a week]
  3213. Inkpony: In a very creepy manner.
  3214. BlueBelle: The eyes are staring into my soul.
  3215. Lucky:
  3216. phaux: i like this remix
  3217. Rainbow Dash: It's Sid the Sloth.
  3218. Ducks: lol
  3219. Likonan: She will kill you.
  3220. phaux: reminds me of early dubstep
  3221. Inkpony: With green, blue, and pink hair.
  3222. SASFalcon: DEATH BY SNU SNU
  3223. Snacky: eyes are too close to be sid.
  3224. Ducks: "too close"
  3225. Likonan: I command you to fornicate with that Celestia
  3226. Lucky: ahh, no
  3227. Likonan: ahh, yes
  3228. SASFalcon: Liko, why would you say that
  3229. phaux: dat portamento
  3230. Derp: so does thischannel only come along the weekend
  3231. Likonan: cuz
  3232. TinDragon: I must depart, I shall be back to harass you all tomorrow!
  3233. Marshmelon: I'm not sure if Celestia is structurally sound.
  3234. Likonan: I make those faces too
  3235. Derp:
  3236. Applejinx: That was BADASS
  3237. SASFalcon: When she makes the face, you know somepony's coming home with her
  3238. Rainbow Dash: > Learn that Tiarawhy did an art commission/submission recently for another person you used to talk to often in the synch.
  3239. I didn't even know he was a clopper.
  3240. RandomPony78x: BA Fluttershy is BA
  3241. Marshmelon: g
  3242. g
  3243. VINXIS: >wingboner
  3244. Lucky: I love this.
  3245. Neu: what's, uh...wrong with being a clopper?
  3246. Marshmelon: g
  3247. g
  3248. g
  3249. Evine: ohhhh
  3250. Marshmelon: g
  3251. Ducks: All of the g
  3252. BlueBelle: g?
  3253. Neu: this g has just turned into an h.
  3254. zorggn: who cares
  3255. Marshmelon: I love evdog
  3256. oh my god
  3257. oh my god
  3258. VINXIS: ^
  3259. ^
  3260. ScootaLewis: god dammit I haven't heard ANY of the damn song uyet I bet I've missed all the good bits
  3261. SASFalcon: I approve of this song
  3262. Marshmelon: no, it's a soft rock cover of still shy
  3263. pretty much
  3264. Lucky: These vocals are just...
  3265. Inkpony: This song
  3266. Marshmelon: oh my god
  3267. Inkpony: Is fantastic
  3268. VINXIS: and then u compare mine to this... ded
  3269. ScootaLewis watches on youtube
  3271. Lucky: Sure.
  3272. Evine: This is a great one. Its been long since your last great song,
  3273. Neu: dat harmony
  3274. Rainbow Dash: $vid
  3275. Current media:
  3276. Marshmelon: wtf
  3277. Rainbow Dash: I do like video description download links.
  3278. Marshmelon: is someone messing around with the synch?
  3279. ScootaLewis: Evine, are you saying I Don't Hate You isn't an AMAZING SONG?
  3280. what: what the fuck is wrong with you fucking faggots
  3281. bronies are the worst in this world
  3282. this song sucks
  3283. Neu: here we go......
  3284. N: k
  3285. Yllwyck: Love you too.
  3286. what: fucking faggots
  3287. VINXIS: ^
  3288. Marshmelon: no, no, you don't understand
  3289. Snacky:
  3290. VINXIS: wait wut
  3291. what: listen to metal dumbass
  3292. Marshmelon: This is a much better version than the original
  3294. Yllwyck: YES
  3295. Marshmelon: If you heard the original, you'd get this
  3296. Inkpony: And then Fluttershy suddenly appears
  3297. Yllwyck: Fluttershy ON MAH SCREEN
  3298. VINXIS: ^
  3299. what: why is there some bitch pony here
  3300. SASFalcon: suddenly, Fluttershy widget
  3301. Marshmelon: Also, turn off the lag-making sprites, please
  3302. what: this song fucking sucks
  3303. scibot9000: Rainbow Dash what
  3305. what: horses can't play guitar
  3306. Neu: i respect your opinion, what.
  3307. Marshmelon: k
  3308. scibot9000: :I
  3309. what: play some death metal
  3310. Ducks: Not with that attitude they can't
  3311. Rainbow Dash: I asked before.
  3312. Marshmelon: we did that already
  3313. nyyes: 0/10 dude. troll harder
  3314. Yllwyck: 5000 dollars says if you took the picture out, he would've liked it
  3315. Neu: you should've have been here earlier, what
  3316. what: i'm not even trolling
  3317. you guys are beta faggots
  3318. VINXIS: k
  3319. Yllwyck: Love you, too.
  3320. what: girly feminists
  3321. Marshmelon: We had metal. It's not particularly popular because it's hard to do well
  3322. KyLuke: Don't call people sticks
  3323. Neu: "beta faggots," i don't even know what that means. troll fail.
  3324. ScootaLewis: What, there was a pretty damn good metal song earlier.
  3325. Marshmelon: Most people like bad dubstep & electro
  3326. Derp:
  3327. Marshmelon: that's what you'll mostly hear here
  3328. what: >confirmed reddit fags
  3329. ScootaLewis: Of course, there's the occasional gem, like this.
  3330. Evine: I so totally believe you what
  3331. Marshmelon: >confirmed 4chan fag
  3332. lololol
  3333. Yllwyck: ^
  3334. Neu: LOL
  3335. SASFalcon: So, who thinks this guy's from 9gag?
  3336. Marshmelon: >greentext
  3337. zorggn: >i'm from chans and lolwhat a fgt
  3338. Marshmelon: >lololol faggot
  3339. what: at least you guys are playing faggot music instead of that faggot tv show
  3340. queers
  3341. ScootaLewis: *sigh*
  3342. Marshmelon: Right, I HATE big Brother.
  3343. That show is for fagot
  3344. BeetieSwelle: try harder faggot
  3345. Neu: i'm bi, and i still respect your opinion, what.
  3346. ScootaLewis: and honestly
  3347. Jersey Shore?
  3348. Marshmelon: What, come over here and fuck me in the ass
  3349. ScootaLewis: Why does that even exist?
  3350. what: bi? really faggot?
  3351. Marshmelon: I want your dick
  3352. Yllwyck: Okay, 50 billion dollars says he watches the show and enjoys it.
  3353. Automat1cJack: I don't respect your opinion, get the fuck outta here
  3354. Marshmelon: Give your dick to me
  3355. KyLuke: Great job being mature what
  3356. Marshmelon: ahm nom nom nom
  3357. Automat1cJack: aimless fucker
  3358. Marshmelon: Give it to me
  3359. what: watch metalocalypse, jew
  3360. Pinkie PiePartie: He has nothing better to do guys.
  3361. Marshmelon: Oh!
  3362. scibot9000: I uh er...what: are you planning on focusing on the music here, or just sharing on your perception of us?
  3363. Marshmelon: Oh, what!
  3364. OH!
  3365. zorggn: guys, guys, let him went
  3366. Marshmelon: HARDER~!
  3367. Yllwyck: Wait, what...
  3368. Marshmelon: OH GOD
  3369. IT'S SO GOOD
  3370. Pyro25100: "What" an idiot.
  3371. Automat1cJack: I still dig the music
  3372. Yllwyck: What kind of music do you like?
  3373. Marshmelon: Also, the son
  3374. g
  3375. Neu: yay, he left.
  3376. Marshmelon: death metal, obviously
  3377. Ducks: ALL OF THE MUSIC
  3378. Yllwyck: Lol, he knows.
  3379. KyLuke: sheesh white people
  3380. zorggn: we're the only people besides the furries and the trekkies and all the otherkin he can mock because he has no life
  3381. Automat1cJack: OH YAY
  3382. Marshmelon: If he left, I am taking all the credit
  3383. VINXIS: OMG
  3384. SASFalcon: Fail troll was fail
  3385. Automat1cJack: TIME FOR EAR RAPE =3
  3386. Yllwyck: He wouldn't of joined if he wasn't a brony.
  3388. Neu: i'm still bi, though. [sunglasses, because still shy just played]
  3389. SASFalcon: Kudos to Marshmelon
  3390. Yllwyck: YUS
  3391. Inkpony: I have no idea what is going on.
  3392. Yllwyck: Dat bell
  3393. zorggn: good for you, neu?
  3394. Angel: >Discord
  3395. Rainbow Dash: Thiscord.
  3396. Neu: eh, i'm all about puns when i find them.
  3397. Yllwyck: This chord
  3398. Angel: Well, at least it isn't RF :I
  3399. Neu: that chord?
  3400. N: datcord
  3401. KyLuke: no, that chord ->
  3402. Pyro25100: No, he could have gotten here if he wasn't a brony. This synch is on the home page.
  3403. Neu: do you want this chord? I WANT IT.
  3404. Angel: Also, pretty nice so far.
  3405. Ducks: g
  3406. KyLuke: I miss what, he was a nice fellow
  3407. Neu: he spoke his mind. i liked him.
  3408. Pyro25100: Indeed
  3409. PinkFluff: Those cords.
  3410. SASFalcon: What for best closet brony
  3411. Yllwyck: YAIYAIYAI
  3412. Marshmelon: g
  3413. g
  3414. g
  3415. SO DEEP
  3416. Pyro25100: What is with these 'g's?
  3417. Ducks: ggggg
  3419. Marshmelon: This is like taking what's dick in my ass because i watch ponies and am therefore gay
  3420. Yllwyck: Idk
  3421. Neu: this chord, we won't take it anymore.
  3422. Marshmelon: it's SO DEEP
  3423. Ducks: Pyro: What's -not- with the g's?
  3424. Marshmelon: g
  3425. Neu: so instead, we'll take THIS chord.
  3426. Pyro25100: Da drums are amazing.
  3427. phaux: yayyayayayoiyoiyoiyoi
  3428. Derp: G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-Unit
  3429. VINXIS: that delay on teh vocalz
  3430. PinkFluff: I'm am just not a fan of puppeteers, guys.
  3431. Ducks: g
  3432. phaux: subscribed, because dubstep
  3433. Rainbow Dash will attempt to blend in with everypony by becoming Flutt3rYay
  3434. Marshmelon: ...
  3435. Lucky: ...
  3436. Marshmelon: Hello sir
  3437. Flutt3rYay: ...
  3438. SASFalcon: ...
  3439. Pyro25100: Lol, the third synchtube on the home page is being hosted by a guy by the name of "Gaynigger123"
  3440. Marshmelon: may i interest you in a chord?
  3441. Lucky: ...v2
  3442. which chord?
  3443. Marshmelon: Would you like this chord?
  3444. KyLuke: my closet whispers secrets to me
  3445. Marshmelon: It goes well with your meane
  3446. *mane
  3447. Snacky: *facehoofs*
  3448. Yllwyck: LOAD
  3449. KyLuke: okay that's it
  3450. I need at least a tiny bit of exercise
  3451. i'm doing pushups
  3452. Pyro25100: Aww, we're almost done for the day. I cry. Well, a new turnabout: storm episode was released, so there's that.
  3453. N: lol exercise
  3454. phaux: i think it should have no vocals at the beginning of the drop so it would impact harder
  3455. Marshmelon: storm?
  3456. Lucky: wait the final's been released?
  3457. Marshmelon: What s strom?
  3459. Pyro25100: I wish. No, it's part 3/4 right now
  3460. zorggn: what final
  3461. KyLuke: yay
  3462. zorggn: what storm
  3463. ScootaLewis: Turnabout Storm
  3464. Lucky: oh.
  3465. zorggn: >brüe - oh wow
  3466. ScootaLewis: phoenix wright crossover
  3467. VINXIS: lol
  3468. Pyro25100: Indeed.
  3469. Lucky: I could swear there's already been 3 before though...
  3470. Likonan: ?!
  3471. XD
  3472. Ducks: This is...
  3473. Pyro25100: It's like, a different perspective lol
  3474. Ducks: this.
  3475. zorggn: YES YES XES
  3476. thebipolarbrony: lolwat this song
  3477. zorggn: this is the track i subconsciously based the intermission melody on
  3478. Lucky: nice.
  3479. Marshmelon: Eurobeat Brew
  3480. ?
  3481. zorggn: well, the original
  3482. Pyro25100: Oh, someone fixed ElectroKaplosion. Will we be happy with it, VINXIS?
  3483. VINXIS: OGOD
  3484. lololo
  3485. zorggn: all my yes
  3486. Ducks: Bagpipe/Eurobeat Brony
  3487. VINXIS: just watch
  3488. my troll entry
  3489. is so horrible lol
  3490. Inkpony: 6 Minutes worth of troll music.
  3491. Pyro25100: Oh shet
  3493. VINXIS: lololo
  3494. ScootaLewis: amg 4 songs until Marshmelon
  3495. y'all are in for a treat when that drops
  3496. VINXIS: There's an overuse of
  3497. loops
  3498. cowbells
  3499. thebipolarbrony: i really liked that
  3500. Inkpony: I'm actually stoked to hear that one.
  3501. VINXIS: and bongos
  3502. Lucky: here goes...
  3503. VINXIS: o shet
  3504. Neu: that LFO
  3505. VINXIS: first loop[
  3506. Pyro25100: Is bootyful
  3507. VINXIS: o 2nd loop
  3508. 3rd loop
  3509. Marshmelon: Wait what?
  3510. VINXIS: lol almost all of this shet's from my loop library
  3511. Marshmelon: Why do people excieted to hear my songs
  3512. God
  3513. Neu: what left a while ago. lol
  3514. KyLuke: I want to touch your LFO
  3515. Marshmelon: also, I thought that would be tomorrow
  3516. Yllwyck: COME ON
  3517. Pyro25100: Needs moar cowbell
  3518. SASFalcon: You say this is a troll song
  3519. VINXIS: wait for eet
  3520. SASFalcon: at least it aint Cii
  3521. VINXIS: I didn't bother work on it
  3522. It took 5 mins lel
  3523. Ducks: I like Cii
  3524. Pyro25100: SO do I lol
  3525. KyLuke: I'm scared
  3526. VINXIS: amg they're coming
  3527. faking
  3528. Applejinx: Yep, sounds like it
  3529. ScootaLewis: Marshmelon: the excitement is because you're good at what you do.
  3530. VINXIS: my troll entri eez so boring
  3531. bongoz
  3532. ScootaLewis: and also because no-one else does it.
  3533. Applejinx: Try harder next time, you can!
  3534. Pyro25100: Like I say, needs moar cowbell
  3535. VINXIS: cowbell
  3536. Lucky: Better than summa the stuff my friends tried to make. :derp:
  3537. VINXIS: lel so quiet
  3538. KyLuke: needs more pyro25100
  3539. Inkpony: Needs more Inkpony.
  3540. KyLuke: just a tiny bit though
  3541. Pyro25100: Oh man, I can hear the cowbell now.
  3542. Lucky:
  3543. VINXIS: lol
  3544. Pyro25100: lol, upvoted for cowbell
  3545. Derp: I can hear Christopher Walken
  3546. Applejinx: You see, that's a cool noise
  3547. Inkpony: Bolvine Bell.
  3548. VINXIS: bongo+cowbell=wonderful
  3549. Marshmelon: is the video cycling through ponies?
  3550. Inkpony: Bovine*
  3551. VINXIS: yea
  3552. Inkpony: Did I spell that right?
  3553. Applejinx: Just do a real song next time, you'll do fine
  3554. VINXIS: my other entry is
  3555. zorggn: DAVID FUCKING BOVINE
  3556. GENIOUS
  3557. VINXIS: this is my troll on
  3558. tomorrow is my much better one
  3559. lel
  3560. zorggn: ./r/ someone draw that
  3562. Pyro25100: Don lie, Ink.
  3563. It was awesome
  3564. Applejinx: And the drums are cool-sounding too.
  3565. VINXIS: lol boring troll remix is boring
  3566. Inkpony: Okay.jpg
  3567. Marshmelon: yeah, this could be good, but do a REAL, INTENTIONALLY GOOD song next time
  3568. Wait, there were even MORE entries?
  3569. Applejinx: Settle down, mix real, and quit spamming the chat when spammers spam the chat you silly pony
  3571. Marshmelon: Is there a synch tomorrow?
  3572. scibot9000: there is a sync tomorrow yes
  3573. Pyro25100: Static troll entry. Why you do dis?
  3574. Neu: i LOVE this loop.
  3575. VINXIS: idk
  3576. Inkpony: Gonna wait until Marshmelon's track then gonna go play Minecraft.
  3577. Lucky: I'm gonna miss tomorrow's sync. Or atleast the last 2 thirds of it.
  3578. Marshmelon: That's really weird
  3579. I thought, entering after the extention
  3580. I would be SURE to get a last day spot.
  3581. VINXIS: This was the most boring remix out of all the submissions
  3582. JackTHerbert: There's only one track after Marshmelon's, might as well stay for that
  3583. SASFalcon: Ugh...its now 9am...I'ma gonna need sleep soon
  3584. Marshmelon: not true.
  3585. @Vini
  3586. SASFalcon: must...hold on...4 songs left
  3587. Pyro25100: owat
  3588. Yllwyck: Random sound ftw
  3589. VINXIS: lololo
  3590. Pyro25100: Ow, my ears
  3591. Inkpony: Random sound.
  3592. scibot9000: marshmellon, there were several late entries and we didn't want to extend the last day's sync disproportionally
  3593. hottoast16: random sound at the end to hurt everyone's ears.
  3594. Yllwyck: RIP
  3595. hottoast16: #SWAG
  3596. VINXIS: o
  3597. Vlad's remix
  3598. Neu: well, since i'm last, i wanna thank you guys in advance for sticking around.
  3599. in advance.
  3600. Lucky: Np
  3601. Neu: lol, i said in advance twice.
  3602. thebipolarbrony: yeah, np
  3603. VINXIS: lol ^.^
  3604. Yllwyck: Np
  3605. Lucky: My pleasure.
  3606. KyLuke: uhehueheiheihe
  3607. SASFalcon: np man
  3608. JackTHerbert: I'm gonna thank you for making it worth staying til the end
  3609. Pyro25100: Of course. It's gonna be awesome
  3610. VINXIS: o wait
  3611. this was supposed to be
  3612. PinkFluff: Nyurp
  3613. Yllwyck: Your DnB is owershome, so.
  3614. JackTHerbert: Cause I totally didn't accidently listen to it already
  3615. VINXIS: a Hurricane Dial remix
  3616. SASFalcon: Nuuuu, I'm not syncing properly!
  3617. Inkpony: I was kidding by the way. Of course I'm staying until the end.
  3618. Pyro25100: Ooooh, it said a bad word.
  3619. Marshmelon: well, wouldn't it be shorter..? nvm
  3620. Yllwyck: BEEYETCH
  3621. KyLuke: what a naughty word
  3622. Inkpony: Juggernaut is best pony.
  3623. PinkFluff:
  3624. Lucky: on the moooooooooooooooon?
  3625. Pyro25100: I'm telling the music police.
  3627. PinkFluff: Pony
  3628. Lucky: yeah.
  3629. Yllwyck: BEEYETCH!
  3630. Inkpony: Bananas? Where?
  3632. Pyro25100: Whoa
  3633. SASFalcon: Ok, halfway in, I managed to sync in, now to start listening
  3634. i approve
  3635. VINXIS: needs more of the original .-.
  3636. Pyro25100: Wat does the picture say? lol
  3637. scibot9000: that it does. the chops of my chops were pretty good, brief as they were
  3638. Inkpony: More of the original = Less of a remix
  3639. Marshmelon: oh come on
  3640. Yllwyck: True dat
  3641. VINXIS: lel
  3642. Yllwyck: It's like those notes had tourettes. Xd
  3643. zorggn: Ctappionrpad
  3644. Inkpony: My body is ready for Archie
  3645. Pyro25100: Lessee if this person made a proper remix of an Archie song.
  3646. VINXIS: o
  3647. Neu: OOOOOOh, Leto
  3648. Lucky: oooh.
  3649. Snacky:
  3650. Lucky: omg loving this.
  3651. Yllwyck: 0.0
  3652. Derp:
  3653. Neu: no...way....
  3654. dnb dnb
  3655. Ducks: "proper remix"
  3656. KyLuke: I get jealous of that russian
  3657. Yllwyck: Dn
  3658. Neu:
  3659. Snacky:  .
  3660. Ducks: What music academy did -you- go to?
  3661. Lucky: All of my YES
  3662. Yllwyck:
  3663. Pyro25100: Yes, Ducks. Considering the other Archie "remixes" this seems to be the first legit one so far
  3664. Snacky:
  3665. Neu: nice syncopation
  3666. Inkpony: Challenge accepted, Pyro. I will make a legit Archie remix.
  3667. ...Eventually.
  3668. Yllwyck: Lol
  3669. Pyro25100: I look forward to it when you do it then lol
  3670. VINXIS: I'm waiting for the other 2 remixes
  3671. Marshmelon: hey, what makes it a legit remix, btw?
  3672. Inkpony: Glaze taught me the arts of laziness... So I mostly just play Minecraft now.
  3673. VINXIS: Especially Neu's
  3674. Marshmelon: I'll totally do that, but
  3675. KyLuke: a modified version of the original?
  3676. Pyro25100: Not being run through virtual dj
  3677. Marshmelon: What makes it legit, so I can do it
  3678. that all?
  3679. Lucky: Y'know the arts of laziness isn't necessarily a good thing.
  3680. Neu: sounding good. lol
  3681. KyLuke: well, there's probably a line in between them
  3682. but essentially
  3683. Marshmelon: Oh, hey, it's 13's!
  3684. Inkpony: Pfff. Anything that feels as good as being lazy has to be good for you.
  3685. Marshmelon: He was in chat earlier.
  3686. Yllwyck: So LONG
  3687. Lucky: ...whatever you say bro...
  3688. Neu: a good dnb song is gonna be at least 5 minutes long.
  3689. Pyro25100: Well it is a remix of a house song lol
  3690. Ducks: ofhgdjg
  3691. Ducks: I sure do love music
  3692. scibot9000: >huge decline in people in chat
  3693. o_0
  3694. Snacky:
  3695. Ducks: Did erryone move into room 2?
  3696. scibot9000: nope
  3697. that's emptier than this
  3698. VINXIS: o
  3699. god
  3700. Snacky: that is pretty.
  3701. Pyro25100: Shit froze
  3702. KyLuke: huh
  3703. scibot9000: weird
  3704. no problems here
  3705. Snacky: works here
  3706. KyLuke: man
  3707. that art is amazing
  3708. Snacky: ^
  3709. Ducks: word
  3710. scibot9000: ok, restarting this song to see if it fixes anything, because apparently it's not playing for several people
  3711. zorggn: thx
  3712. SASFalcon: Yup, works now, thanks sci
  3713. KyLuke: sheesh, third time I had to refresh page
  3714. Pyro25100: Test
  3715. FINALLY
  3716. Neu: testing
  3717. KyLuke: ugh
  3718. Neu: YES
  3719. SASFalcon: Best beatbox in the house!
  3720. scibot9000: sorry for the technical dificulties. I have no idea what happened
  3721. Neu: ok, we're all good.
  3722. KyLuke: peace has been restored
  3723. Pyro25100: It just took a shit on everyone lol
  3724. scibot9000: apparently :
  3726. Pyro25100: Can't really say we'll be getting all the viewers back. Most probably got tired of refreshing.
  3727. Neu: ok, so the three notable events of the night: random spambot with lots of letters; dude named "what" tries to troll everyone; and everything breaks.
  3728. Ducks: g
  3729. Pyro25100: g
  3730. Snacky: and some AWESOME music.
  3731. Neu: breakbeats.
  3732. nice.
  3733. Pyro25100: I love this
  3734. Ducks: werd
  3735. thebipolarbrony: dammit, synctube broke on me
  3736. hottoast16: same here.
  3737. Pyro25100: It broke on 40 people. Don't worry lol
  3738. This is so unique.
  3739. I love it
  3740. scibot9000: THESE HARMONIES
  3741. Snacky: That art.
  3742. Neu: oh man, next song.....
  3743. Neu gets butterflies...
  3744. KyLuke: I wish I caught butterflies
  3745. Ducks: That was beautiful
  3746. thebipolarbrony: last song... sad face
  3747. Marsh: yay
  3748. KyLuke: now for the worst one
  3750. KyLuke: jk
  3751. zorggn: finallyú
  3752. SASFalcon: Here we GO!
  3753. thebipolarbrony: GO NEU
  3754. Snacky: Was just about to say "I'm gonna sulk if its not DnB" - but i didn't have to.
  3755. Pyro25100: Dat drums
  3756. Marsh: woo cool
  3757. this is a good one to go out on.
  3760. KyLuke: wait a minute...
  3761. this ain't Justin Beiber
  3762. Snacky: :O
  3763. KyLuke: My life is a lie
  3764. Lucky:
  3765. Pyro25100: wat
  3767. KyLuke: luckyk
  3768. Snacky: yeah.. i expected a justin bieber DnB remix..
  3769. KyLuke: all I get are 3 annoying flies
  3771. Pyro25100: These drums make me feel complete.
  3772. CommandSpry: k
  3773. Snacky: ^
  3774. Crossover: Back just in time for the last song
  3775. SASFalcon: Suddenly, spiderses
  3776. CommandSpry: spidrese pls
  3777. SASFalcon: spri pls
  3778. Also, digging this track
  3779. Lucky: Agreed.
  3780. phaux: DED
  3781. Lucky: NOT BIG SUPRISE
  3782. Snacky: this is on top.3 tonight!
  3783. Pyro25100: I tried making DnB once. Man, it was not pretty.
  3784. KyLuke: I made DnB once, my whole family were killed by aliens from it.
  3785. Lucky: oh.
  3786. SASFalcon: I tried making anything not orchestral, same result of un-prettiness
  3787. VINXIS: Neu
  3788. I like ur logo
  3789. and ur songs
  3790. KyLuke: Neu likes you too
  3791. Pyro25100: Still unsure of what genre I find comfort in making. Been doing it for 7 months, and still haven't found one I'm good at lol
  3792. CommandSpry: genrecore
  3793. KyLuke: me neither, but I just do what I want
  3794. Pyro25100: Pretty much lol
  3795. KyLuke: and I usually get a combination of some sort
  3796. Neu: thank you, Vinxis!!
  3797. CommandSpry: neu, this was a really cool remix
  3798. Pyro25100: This was scik.
  3799. >scik
  3800. thebipolarbrony: this is awesome. good work Neu
  3801. Snacky: ^
  3802. Marsh: yeah
  3803. This was cool!
  3804. Pyro25100: This was awesome lol
  3805. KyLuke: Great Jorb
  3806. Lucky: Agreed.
  3807. CommandSpry: okay kids
  3808. that was the show
  3809. SASFalcon: Welp, in the end I got 10 new tracks to download - this has been a successful morning. Now if you'll excuse me, I must start sleeping at 9:30am
  3810. Marsh: And really, a really excellent song to end on, because it didn't suck.
  3811. CommandSpry: you can die in peace now
  3812. thebipolarbrony: thats all folks!
  3813. KyLuke: sweet
  3814. phaux: i will just leave this here
  3815. CommandSpry: go to die
  3816. KyLuke: I can die now
  3817. Neu: WOOOP
  3818. Pyro25100: I'm ready to die
  3819. phaux: 5:37
  3820. SASFalcon: See you all next time
  3821. KyLuke: lets watch it again!
  3822. CommandSpry: fuk u phaux
  3823. Marsh: woo! gj Kat.
  3824. Ducks: plug
  3825. CommandSpry: self promoton is not aluw
  3826. KyLuke: yeahyeahyeah!
  3827. no one leaves!
  3828. scibot9000: loop'd
  3829. KyLuke: we're forced to watch it all again!
  3830. CommandSpry: so the music just loops now
  3831. SASFalcon: Oh fuck, we looped
  3832. Ducks: Alright, dinner
  3833. Pyro25100: Now what lol
  3834. SASFalcon: game over
  3836. Ducks: Later
  3837. scibot9000: I'm out
  3838. Inkpony: Hell yeah.
  3839. scibot9000: (in a bit)
  3840. Lucky: I missed the first four songs, Ima stick around for a little while.
  3841. thebipolarbrony: later guys
  3842. CommandSpry: cya, die and burn in hell everyone
  3843. Pyro25100: I missed this one
  3844. zorggn: i can hear touhou in tihs one
  3845. i could
  3846. Inkpony: I missed like the first 8
  3847. SASFalcon: Welp, who's up for another 3 hours?
  3848. zorggn: i missed a few too
  3849. hi: so
  3850. KyLuke: I should work on my song
  3851. SASFalcon: Alright, sleep is needed for me
  3852. KyLuke: hopefully I won't subconsciously steal a melody
  3853. SASFalcon: 'Night all!
  3854. Lucky: night
  3855. Neu: welp, time to go work on more awesome music. cya guys, and thanks for the fish.
  3856. SASFalcon: I mean, morning!
  3857. KyLuke: night dawg
  3858. scibot9000: hey zorg want to be leader?
  3859. Pyro25100: It happens to me all the time, KyLuke. Then I'm like "Why's it sound so familiar?"
  3860. KyLuke: yeah, once I sang a random tune in a recorder, and my friends listened to it later
  3861. and they were like, saying it was from a song I've never heard from before
  3862. Snacky: Neu - check "PonyEveningStar" on youtube.
  3863. KyLuke: so i get a bit paranoid now
  3864. but I mostly get my melodies from hitting random keys on the piano
  3865. Pyro25100: Wait. Neu is gone lol
  3866. Snacky: awww...
  3867. weak.
  3868. KyLuke: if you want to send messages...
  3869. i could
  3870. I know him online
  3871. Pyro25100: Ky's got the hookup
  3872. KyLuke: but I'm assuming you guys want to say: good song yo
  3873. Snacky: just..
  3874. KyLuke: yes, I am the hooker
  3875. Snacky: 4:35
  3876. listen to that.
  3877. Pyro25100: Well, I'ma go outside and sniff a tree or something. I need fresh air.
  3878. KyLuke: I need Pryo
  3879. Pyro25100: lolwat
  3880. KyLuke: well
  3881. next MLR thingy I'll try to get into it
  3882. assuming I'm not on my mission by then...
  3883. scibot9000: omg I just realized
  3884. Lucky: hmm?
  3885. KyLuke: MMM?
  3886. scibot9000: I didn't crash or refresh the entire time I was here
  3888. Lucky: omgnice.
  3889. Pyro25100: Yus
  3890. KyLuke: sweet
  3891. well since no one has anything to say to Neu, I'll just go
  3892. See ya home slices
  3893. phaux: but there was so much spam
  3894. Pyro25100: Lol, bye guys. I'm out.
  3895. scibot9000: I can filter that pretty easily hypothetically
  3896. Marsh: If I refresh I'll lose my star, but w/e
  3897. Fluttershy: It's alright. I'll grab it.
  3898. /lead
  3899. Like this song I'm guessing?
  3900. Marshmelon: er
  3901. Yes, but
  3902. Oh, I'm still op
  3903. Uh... if I leave, it will still play, right?
  3904. Fluttershy: Yep.
  3905. Marshmelon: I was seeing if I could click around and change what just *I* was listening to.
  3906. I didn't realize I till had star
  3907. I'll go away.
  3908. Fluttershy: /pony Pinkie Pie
  3910. Marshmelon: later.
  3911. Fluttershy: Bai
  3912. /lead
  3913. Another thing about temprary synchtubes, can't put it into TV mode.
  3914. temporary*
  3915. /pony
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