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Dec 4th, 2011
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  1. [02:18:59] <Maka> Oran Library, dawn of the final day, 24 hours rem- I mean, morning of summer 12.
  2. [02:21:10] * Maka shuts her book and cheerfully picks up a large bag of coins sitting on her desk, tossing it lightly up and down. Things are looking up. Her gift to Arawn finally arrived, the Unown haven't bugged her recently, and she finally has some funds to buy more books for the library. But...where is Sub? She slides her chair out from behind the front desk and starts searching through the shelves.
  3. [02:21:23] <Maka> "...S-sub? Are...are you awake?"
  4. [02:24:14] <Submission> If Maka heads towards Submission's room, the wooden frame and door hand-carved and hand-made by Submission himself, she probably will be able to hear the kind snoring she's come to know from her older brother. He is sleeping, but this is far past when he normally begins his morning routine. Outside the door, Dos snoozes softly, having waited for his trainer to come out and feed him and
  5. [02:24:14] <Submission> likely fallen asleep in the process. Something is obviously very wrong.
  6. [02:28:07] * Maka swings her bag off to the side and flips it open, revealing a still sleeping wynaut snoozing inside. She carefully nudges him aside and reaches for a couple berries inside and drops them in front of Dostoyevsky, then pats him awake. She reaches up to knock on the door. "...Sub...S-sub y-you're sleeping in late!"
  7. [02:34:55] <Submission> The Slowpoke takes his time waking, and the berries sit there for a bit. It's to be expected. Dos doesn't do anything except on his own time. Submission's snoring stops at the knock. He's trained himself to wake when people need him, so Maka can confirm that he's up. A mumbling voice echoes through the door, "Mmmwhat time is it?" It's hoarse, even through the muffling wood.
  8. [02:36:33] * Maka shoots a quick glance out the window before turning back to face the door. "It's umm...w-well, the sun's been up a while and you're usually up before this...A-are you sick? Is it because of the swimming c-contest?"
  9. [02:41:42] <Submission> "Oh..." Thud. Submission's thunderous footsteps can be heard as he meanders around a moment. A bit of shuffling and a few minutes later, the door opens, and Maka can see a very disheveled, very tired looking older brother. His eyes are bloodshot and his face is red. He's been drinking. A lot. And... Maka's probably only seem him do this once or twice, but has he been crying? "Sorry. I was...
  10. [02:41:42] <Submission> up late."
  11. [02:44:43] <Maka> "W-what...what happened?" Maka gets up on her tiptoes and stretches up to press her hand against Sub's forehead, checking for a fever. "Did...d-did you get into a f-fight at the bar? ...N-no, I don't see...and you would n-never...b-but..." Befuddlement and worry cross her face as she mutters incoherently and tries to recall what could have triggered this in the past few days.
  12. [02:48:28] <Submission> "No, it's fine." Submission tries to edge past Maka to get towards the kitchen or the bathroom, but Submission is a rather large man, and the doorway only holds so much person at a time. He finds he can't actually get through without pushing Maka out of the way, so he just kind of stands there. "I didn't get in a fight, Mir."
  13. [02:51:38] <Maka> "Oh, um..." Maka withdraws her hand, finding no signs of fever, and quickly steps to the side. "Then w-why were you up so late? What happened at the b-bar?" She starts walking backwards toward wherever Sub starts heading, staying just a few steps ahead the whole way.
  14. [02:58:58] <Submission> "Nothing happened. I just was out late." It's evasive. It's dodging the question. It's typical Submission behavior. "I shouldn't have been out so late. I need to get a contract soon. We need the money..." He heads for the kitchen, moving rather slowly so he doesn't run over Maka.
  15. [03:01:34] <Maka> "Do...d-do I have to go ask B-barkeep and Neph what h-happened?" Maka's voice rises into an uncharacteristically assertive tone as she continues backing up. "A-and...I j-just got some money for buying we can use a b-bit of that for now..."
  16. [03:06:13] <Submission> "No," Submission replies abruptly, almost interrupting Maka with how sudden and loud it is. So THAT'S the source of this. "I can manage things if I get a bit of work soon. Raven needed work on the guardhouse..." He trails off as he reaches into the cabinet to fetch a plate.
  17. [03:08:59] * Maka quickly shuts up and pulls up a chair at the kitchen table. She reaches into her bag and gently pulls out a still sleeping Sartre to hug tightly as she sits down. A minute or two passes in silence unless Sub interrupts, Maka just kinda staring while clutching her wynaut.
  18. [03:12:43] <Submission> Submission's expression softens as he notices his sister's agitation. "Mir..." he begins, putting the plate down on the table. He reaches into the icebox for a large chunk of ham, which he expertly slices for a sandwich. "I'm sorry. I had a lot of things going on last night with... Neph. I don't mean to take it out on you."
  19. [03:30:50] <Maka> "It's n-not because of the s-swimming contest, is it? N-no...y-you don't get bitter over friendly competitions..." Maka's voice is quiet enough she might as well just be muttering to herself. Setting Sartre down on the table with a few berries for when he awakens, she hops off her chair to Sub's side. "Um...a-anything I can help with?"
  20. [03:33:25] <Submission> "No." Submission pulls forth a loaf of bread that's probably only about a day old, so it hasn't gotten stale or anything yet. "I went with the intention to court Nephene, Mir." Blunt as always, he speaks plainly. The loaf of bread is probably sharper than his tone. "It didn't go as planned."
  21. [03:36:52] * Maka let's out a small gasp then slowly grabs Sub in a big hug from behind. "I'm s-sorry Sub...t-that'" She doesn't really know what to say from here.
  22. [03:39:43] <Submission> "It's fine, Mir. She had eyes for someone else, that city inventor man, Arawn." He finishes his sandwich by slathering it in a layer of mustard from a jar in the icebox. "Should've seen it coming. Eyes on a city boy," he mumbles.
  23. [03:43:04] * Maka gulps, knowing that last bit of information was coming. She takes a deep breath and slowly lets go, then rests her hands on Sub's. "I'll...I'll take c-care of the rest of lunch, o-okay? So j-just sit down and relax and umm...f-feel b-better." With a bit less skip in her step, she turns to the cabinet to start grabbing salad ingredients, turning to shoot a last worried look to Sub on the way.
  24. [03:46:58] <Submission> "Mir, I'm not enfeebled. Let me on about my chores," Submission replies, leaving his sandwich on the table to help her with the salad. "It was a mistake with Nephene last night, and I let it get to my head. I've more important things to focus on with you and the house than chasing skirts anyway."
  25. [03:51:14] <Maka> "I didn't even k-know you" Maka hesitantly shifts to the side a bit to give Sub room to help. She works in silence for a bit, seeming as if she's searching for just what to say. All she manages is a quiet "You know, you...should t-take care of your happiness too."
  26. [03:55:13] <Submission> Sub is silent for a moment. "Mir, I'm twenty-two years old, and I've yet to find anyone to court, let alone settle down with." He states it plaintively, matter-of-factly. It's not the typical Submission attitude to be so open, but it is his style to be frank. "I don't pretend like I want to be single."
  27. [04:00:09] <Maka> "So..." Maka pauses, gathering her words, "you d-don't have to worry a-about me or the house so much. I run the library f-fine myself...and..." Another pause, as she races through evaluating a few ideas in her head. She nods to herself before continuing. "And I can track down pokemon for p-people, ask for a small fee, h-help with the money. take care of yourself."
  28. [04:00:10] <Maka> A firm confidence fills her quiet voice, and she hugs Sub again. "P-please."
  29. [04:03:18] <Submission> "Mir..." Submission starts, trying to maintain his tough facade. "I can handle maintaining the house fine on my work. I don't need you dragged into this. You're still a teenager yourself. You ought to be having fun with your friends or reading, not working to keep things under control." He pauses thinking. "I just need to find focus."
  30. [04:07:20] * Maka doesn't let go, squeezing tighter. It'd be a surprising show of strength for a girl of her appearance, but it's probably nothing at all to Sub. "No. I'll be 17 this year. W-which means I have to s-start thinking about...t-taking care of myself." The last few words come out sounding unsure and hesitant. She's not meeting Sub's eyes as she speaks them.
  31. [04:10:24] <Submission> "Mir, you won't ever have to do it on your own while I'm around," Submission says, putting a massive arm around his sister. "You're family, and with Mom and Dad gone, I've got to look out for you. As for what happened with Nephene, I'll figure things out, okay? Have some faith in your brother." He puts his hand on her head with the last sentence, ruffling her hair lightly.
  32. [04:15:50] <Maka> "T-then...then you have to...t-to have some faith in me to help you!" Maka stares straight into his face this time, a mixture of fierceness and uncertainty punctuating her voice as she leans forward toward him. A second later though and she's taken a step back again. "I...I j-just want us both to be happy and..." She bites her lip, seeming unsure of what she was about to say.
  33. [04:20:19] <Submission> Submission laughs his deep rumbling laugh that shakes Maka about. "That's my sister. More fire in her than anyone gives her credit for." He puts an arm around her shoulders to pull her into a big bear hug, lifting the girl off the ground. "Hey, look, I'm thinking we should head out to the shrine, soon, there and the hot springs. What do you say?"
  34. [04:24:07] <Maka> "H-hey!" Maka flails her arms ineffectually as she's lifted up. "T-that'd be great, b-but..." She flails a bit more. "But I wanted to t-take a look at the ruins too, and...and I was a-afraid you'd say it was too dangerous."
  35. [04:28:35] <Submission> "Well," Submission responds, "Maybe if I come with you, I'll feel better about it." He sets her down easily and gently on the floor before returning to preparing lunch. "I just figured we'd have some sibling bonding time. Of course, we'd have to have Clarity along too. That girl always manages to get into trouble..."
  36. [04:32:08] <Maka> "She might fall asleep in the ruins though." Maka lets out a small giggle. "T-then what would do? And um if...if y-you're really worried about safety, we can bring more of the village along, make it an expedition. M-maybe we'll find something useful.""
  37. [04:34:19] <Submission> "That'd be a lot of people, Mir. What if they mess up the ruins by accident?" Submission challenges. "I can carry Clarity. If they mangle some inscription though... I can't do anything about that." His grin is about as big as it gets, stretching almost across his face.
  38. [04:38:58] * Maka thinks for a moment. "We'll f-figure it out then. L-let's just have lunch for now." She returns preparing the salad with a smile. "And t-then I'll see what I can do about finding other villagers to t-track pokemon for."
  39. [04:42:58] <Submission> "Well, whatever makes you happy, Mir," Submission replies, reaching for his sandwich. "Just don't worry about money issues, okay? We're getting by fine on my contracts. I just figured there were some things I could do with more money, expand the library, build a guest room..." He trails off as he thinks about the building possibilities. This isn't uncommon Submission activity. Maka has more
  40. [04:42:58] <Submission> than likely seen him get daydreaming about his work day after day.
  41. [04:47:27] * Maka nods as she munches on her salad. "I...I had some ideas myself too., y-you know the empty space in the back of the library? I'm t-trying to collect maps of the surrounding areas there. So...w-when people go adventuring, t-they can stop by the library to check the maps. And um...other ideas that take time and money." She takes another bite and smiles. "S-so...I have to help too."
  42. [04:55:04] <Submission> "I appreciate it, Mir." Submission bites into his sandwich, probably a little more thoughtful than he's been in a long time. Things were so easy before when they were kids. He was the one looking out for his sister. Things weren't too much for just him. Now, things were changing. Mirror Move was growing up. She was almost an adult, after all, so why should he tell her she couldn't help him.
  43. [04:55:39] <Maka> </session>
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