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  1. "Kyoudai! I need your help!"
  3. Shouted Ishimaru through the phone. On the other side of the call, was Mondo Oowada his best friend. It was the summer holiday, and both guys are spending their day at their respective homes. Mondo was quietly laying on his bed, enjoying his best friend's voice on the phone.
  5. "Sure, what do ya need?" He asked, curious as to what favor the Prince could ask him.
  7. "I need a partner to learn how to dance."
  9. It took a few minutes for Mondo to clearly process the words the other was saying.
  11. "I'm sorry, what?"
  13. The breeder was still lost in confusion, the fact that a prince, a royalty, asked him to be his partner to dance was utterly unbelievable.
  15. "Do I need to repeat myself Kyoudai? I wanted you to help me to learn the arts of dancing!" He said enthusiastically.  
  17. "Ya do realize yer asking a person who has no fucking knowledge on dancing?"
  19. "I'm fully aware of that Kyoudai! That's why I wanted us to learn together!"  
  21. He seems very ecstatic about the idea of them both learning how to dance. Mondo was happy that he is but he's a prince surely he'd know a thing or two about dancing, and why ask him? Mondo didn't speak up after that he was still dumbfounded.
  23. "Ah right, you're probably waiting for a proper explanation of why I asked you."
  25. The Prince wasn't wrong, in fact Mondo was very curious why he chose him out of all people and why at this time of the year.
  27. "Well, um, you see- Kyoudai. I will be going back to my home country next week, because they are going to hold the long awaited famous summer ball." He explained slowly, "And as prince, I will have to attend the event. Not only will I have to attend the ball, I must dance with a specific partner as well."
  29. "And why did ya ask me to help ya exactly? I ain't a dancer myself y'know." The Breeder confessed. Still not believing that his crush asked him to learn how to dance with him which he has zero skills at.
  31. "Because it would be a perfect opportunity for us to bond as brothers! Don't you think?" Ishimaru
  32. pointed out with a wide smile on his face.
  34. Mondo chuckled in response to the Prince's adorable tone, how was he suppose to say no to that amount of spirit.
  36. "Okay ya got me, so where and when are we gonna do this?" He questioned, trying not to sound nervous.
  38. "TONIGHT AT MY PLACE!" Ishimaru beamed cheerfully at Mondo, "See you then, Kyoudai!"
  40. "Yeah, see ya." Mondo replied to his goodbye, and ended his call with The Prince.
  43. Night came, and Mondo was already prepared for his first lesson in dancing. Ishimaru has told him beforehand to wear something formal since according to his customs it is a must in dancing. Mondo never did buy any suits or tuxedos due to him not finding any purpose on wearing it, but there was this one suit he own which his brother, Daiya gave to him for formal events. It was a two-piece black suit accompanied with a black tie. Automatically, he would have chosen to wear that suit to the upcoming occasion.
  45. He was nervous, he was going to dance with his crush at the latter's apartment, probably alone. Just the thought of it made Mondo's heart skipped a beat or two, but he needed to stay cool in order for his deep secret to be kept hidden.
  47. Mondo slowly walked out his house, and onwards to Ishimaru's. Ishimaru lived in an apartment, surprisingly it isn't far from Mondo's making him a lot easier to visit The Prince.
  49. When the Breeder arrived at his front door, he was already shivering. He took a long breath before reaching out to ring Ishimaru's apartment bell. Not long after, the door was opened revealing a nicely-dressed Ishimaru. He wore a white suit with
  51. "AH! Kyoudai! Nice to see that you are able to make it! Please come in!"
  53. He signaled his hand to his apartment as he move to the side, allowing Mondo to easily enter the room. When he entered it, an aromatic smell wafted over allowing a fresh atmosphere surround him while his eyes surveyed the clean and tidy room. Ishimaru has a really large and luxurious apartment, despite the fact that the only person who lived in it was himself. All his furnitures where pushed to the side allowing a big empty space to be seen in the middle, big enough for two people to waltz through the night.
  55. "Hey, did ya move all the furnitures by yourself?"
  57. Mondo asked while Ishimaru was too busy closing the door.
  59. "Yes I did, I admit it was quite a handful task but I gladly managed to overcome it!"
  61. He replied with a huge grin on his face showing his satisfaction.
  63. "Y'know ya could've asked me for help. We both know that I'm a lot stronger than you are."
  65. "Nonsense!" Ishimaru shot back furrowing his huge eyebrows, "I was the one who planned today's night hence I must also be the one to prepare for it!"
  67. "But still, ya shouldn't have gone to all this trouble for this one night."
  69. "Worry not Kyoudai! I planned this night to be a special one that I assure you it will be beyond your expectations!"
  71. "Fine ya could do whatever ya want, but in return I'll be doing the cleaning up part you've done enough work for today."
  73. "I shall not allow you! For I, Ishimaru Kiyotaka will not ever be pleased for my dear friend to clean up all the mess while I stand there doing absolutely nothing!"
  75. "Fine, if it'll make ya feel better ya could help me out!"
  77. "That I can allow, Kyoudai! Thank you for your cooperation!"
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