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  1. Tim Pool's statement on transparency and the incidents of 1/29/12
  2. -----------
  3. Last night I was attacked, my arm was "chopped" and my camera was smacked out of my hand.
  5. After I was struck and my camera bounced out of sight my only thought was
  6. "stop him." I grabbed the guy who hit me and refused to let him go.
  7. Within seconds I was surrounded by people yelling, filming, and taking pictures.
  8. Many other people grabbed the guy who hit me and someone yelled "take off his mask."
  9. The entire time I had both of my arms wrapped around the arm of the man who hit me.
  10. Someone then pulled his mask down and people started taking pictures.
  11. The NYPD came in and made us break it up, the man who attacked me vanished into the crowd.
  13. During the Oakland action #Moveinday, OccupyFreedomLA (another prominent streamer) had her phone
  14. stolen. 2 days in a row saw an attack on streamers. Freedom has not been able to recover her phone.
  16. I will not let an assailant go. If there is ANY semblance of a coordinated attack on
  17. independent media I will take action.  
  18. -----------------
  19. I have been publicly threatened for streaming.
  21. Earlier yesterday I was approached by another streamer and warned of
  22. the use of "blac bloc tactics." A few minutes later I was assigned
  23. security by some of those in #OWS. Other streamers had
  24. also been assigned security.
  26. (Skip to 2:40)
  27. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnFa1REClao&context=C379aa25ADOEgsToPDskIT83sSS2kqt0gBUAZwly5h
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