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  1. Spectrum.Config            = {}; -- Leave this line
  4. --[[
  5.    The key that you registered Spectrum with (
  6.    Do not share this key. Improper use of this key may result in unwanted behavior, as well as revoke your ability to use Spectrum
  7.    This key can be used across multiple servers ran by the same person or group.
  8.    If you must to change this key, contact me on scriptfodder
  9. --]]
  10. Spectrum.Config.RegisterKey = "GRuqPdgra4EzUEJ9ap" -- Super secret key you registered with spectrum
  12. --[[ Database Configuration ]]--
  14. -- IP / Hostname to the server where MySQL is hosted. If it's on the same server as Garry's Mod, put 'localhost' (do not use the IP)
  15. Spectrum.Config.DBHost     = ""
  17. Spectrum.Config.DBUsername = "root" -- Your MySQL username
  18. Spectrum.Config.DBPassword = "******"   -- Your MySQL password
  19. Spectrum.Config.DBName     = "bans" -- Name of the database you made for Spectrum
  20. Spectrum.Config.DBPort     = 3306          -- MySQL Port, 3306 by default
  22. Spectrum.Config.Module     = "mysqloo"     -- 'mysqloo' or 'tmysql4'
  24. --[[ General Settings ]]
  26. -- Whatever you want Spectrum to know this server as (leave blank for default server name)
  27. -- Change this as infrequently as possible (if ever), and use different names if running spectrum on multiple servers
  28. Spectrum.Config.ServerName = "FelicityRP"
  30. Spectrum.Config.APIKey     = "************************"     -- Your Steam API Key (
  32. Spectrum.Config.AdminMod   = "ULX"  -- "ULX" or "ServerGuard"
  34. -- Should Spectrum ban any players that are banned on other any servers running Spectrum? (ignored if they are expired)
  35. -- By default, it will ban them for however much time is left until the expiration of the ban, on whichever server they're banned on
  36. -- If Spectrum finds multiple servers, it will try to automatically find the most reliable to fetch ban information from
  37. Spectrum.Config.SyncAllServerBans  = true
  39. -- How many bans must Spectrum find on a player before banning the player on this server
  40. -- Bans that originate from Spectum's auto-ban system are ignored (if that makes sense...)
  41. Spectrum.Config.MinimumBans        = 3;
  43. -- Display a warning to admins when a player with more than (Spectrum.Config.MinimumBansWarning) joins the server, regardless of (Spectrum.Config.SyncAllServerBans)
  44. Spectrum.Config.Warning  = false
  45. Spectrum.Config.MinimumBansWarning = 0; -- Display a warning to admins in chat if a player joins with more than this many bans found
  48. -- The reason for a ban that is imported from another server. Use {server} to get the name of the server it is pulled from
  49. Spectrum.Config.AutoBanReason = "Auto-Banned By serveur. Imported from server: {server}";
  51. -- How long (minutes) should a player be banned if they have more than {Spectrum.Config.MinimumBans} in the Spectrum database
  52. -- Setting this to SPECTRUM_AUTO_DURATION (no quotes) will automatically ban the player for the rest of the duration of their longest ban in the Spectrum database
  53. Spectrum.Config.AutoBanDuration = SPECTRUM_AUTO_DURATION;
  55. -- Should Spectrum try to link any bans to your website that occurred before you installed this addon? (Currently works with ULX only)
  56. -- Keeping it as 'true' will impact server performance, so be sure to turn it off after you've let your server fully startup for a few minutes while this is true, then change it to false and restart the server
  57. Spectrum.Config.LinkPreviousBans   = false
  59. -- Should Spectrum also attempt synchronizing bans with other Spectrum servers, not just your own? (while Spectrum.Config.LinkPreviousBans is true)
  60. Spectrum.Config.SyncPreviousBans   = false
  62. Spectrum.Config.EnableKeywords = true -- Should keyword banning be enabled?
  63. Spectrum.Config.Keywords = { -- If a player is banned on a Spectrum server with a reason containing one of these keywords, it will ban them (Spectrum.Config.SyncAllServerBans must be true)
  64.   "cheat",
  65.   "mod",
  66.   "hack",
  67.   "hax",
  68.   "scripts" -- No comma after last word / phrase
  69. }
  70. -- How long (minutes) should spectrum ban a player after finding a keyword (0 for permanent)
  71. -- Setting this to SPECTRUM_AUTO_DURATION (no quotes) will automatically ban the player for the rest of the duration of their longest ban in the Spectrum database
  72. Spectrum.Config.KeywordBanDuration = SPECTRUM_AUTO_DURATION -- But it usually doesn't matter - It will just keep banning them if they join again since it will keep detecting whatever keyword...
  75. -- [[ Valve Anti Cheat (VAC) settings ]]
  77. Spectrum.Config.VACEnabled = false -- Should Spectrum check if a player has any previous VAC bans?
  79. Spectrum.Config.VACPlayerBan = false -- Should Spectrum ban players with previous VAC bans
  80. Spectrum.Config.VACWarning = false -- Should Spectrum warn admins when a player with VAC bans joins the server
  82. -- How many VAC bans must Spectrum detect on a player before banning the player, or sending a warning
  83. Spectrum.Config.MinimumVACBans = 1
  84. Spectrum.Config.VACReason = "Automatic Ban - Detected {VACBanCount} previous VAC bans" -- Reason that the player is banned. You can use {VACBanCount} as a placeholder for the number of bans detected
  85. Spectrum.Config.VACDuration = 10080 -- How long to ban them, in minutes (0 for permanent)
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