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  1. Familiar
  2. Humanoid (Mamano, Familiar)
  3. Size: Small
  4. Speed: 20 ft
  5. Stats: +4 Charisma, -2 Constitution, -2 strength
  7. Dark Vision: 60ft
  9. Adept in the Arcane: Familiar's are instinctually intune with magic. Familiar Characters gain a +2 bonus on Spellcraft checks.
  11. Pedomorphosis: A familiar may turn a human or monster female into a younger version of themselves.
  13. This ability applies the (Young) template on a creature who fails its save and is permanent, although it can be removed with a DC of 10+the casting 1/2 familiar's level+Casting familiar's charsima bonus. All stat changes from the (Young) template are considered profane.
  15. This is a magical ability with a range of touch and with a save DC equal to 10+charsima bonus+1/2 Familiar's level. (Save is fortitude)
  17. This may be used up the familiar's level/5 times per day with a minimum of one.
  19. This is a spell like ability,
  21. Magical Creation: Familiar's are created from an arcane ritual involving the use of an animal to give the familiar shape, although they may also be naturally born. When creating a familiar character, please choose one of the following animals for a material component.
  23. (Note: Naturally born familiar's will have their siblings/parents be of the same animal)
  25. Cat: +5 bonus to Acrobatic checks. Has cat ears and tail appropriate to the breed.
  27. Dog: +5 bonus to perception, has dog ears and tail appropriate to the breed.
  29. Rabbit: Familiar Gains a 30ft movement speed. Has Rabbit ears and a long tail covered in cotton like fluff
  31. Monkey: Familiar gains a climb speed of 20ft and have ears and a tail reminiscent of a monkey.
  33. Languages: Familiar's begin play knowing Common and Undercommon
  34. Familiar's with a high intelligence may pick additional languages from the following list: Sylvan, elvish, draconic, orc, infernal, celestial, giant.
  36. Appearance: Familiar's are childlike humanoids with paws instead of hands and feet along with an animals ears and tail. A familiar's skin is usually a pale peach color although members with darker skin are not unheard of. Eye and hair color tends to wildly vary, ranging from dark greens and browns to exotic pinks and yellows. Familiar's do not tend to get larger than five feet. averaging around four feet and eight inches.
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