The Roommate

Aug 12th, 2016
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  1. [Script Offer] [F4M] The Roommate [Foot Worship] [Fdom] [Handsfree] [Mean Girl] [Blackmail] [Attempted Orgasm Denial]
  4. Hey! What the fuck are you doing in here?
  6. Oh, you didn’t know anyone was in here showering? Bull-fucking-shit. I knew having a male roommate was a terrible idea. Seriously, a man living with a group of women. I did not agree to the prying eyes of a sexual deviant. Fuck!
  8. What’s wrong? Can’t look at my naked body? Isn’t that why you busted in here?
  10. Whoa, wait a second… you’re not looking at my body, you’re looking at… *laugh* I fucking knew it. I told the others but they didn’t believe me. Yeah, I caught you looking, I saw how quick you turned away when I noticed. Every chance you got you’d seize. No one else noticed because you’re so well versed in discretion after all these years of perverted, sneaky glances.
  12. That’s right. I know exactly what makes your disgusting cock twitch. It’s not my rather perky breasts, or my round ass still with a sheen of wetness. It’s not my lips or the promise of how deep I could take you down my throat. It’s not even this pussy, freshly shaved and ready to fuck. No, you wouldn’t want you cock in there, would you? It wouldn’t bring you pleasure, it wouldn’t feel good, your dick would only lose its girth in the depths of my cunt.
  14. Your cock craves something else.
  16. *whisper* Correct me if I’m wrong but, you’d rather fuck a nice pair of soft feminine feet, wouldn’t you?
  18. That’s right. Nothing makes you harder than the sexy toes, smooth and wrinkled soles, curving arches, rounded heels and soft ankles of a woman. It doesn’t matter how perky her tits or ass, it doesn’t matter how sexy her smile, as long as her feet look good, then your cock can reach its full, blood pumping, lust quivering girth. What could’ve possibly driven your mind and body to such a sexual conclusion?
  20. Take off your pants and lie down on the bathroom floor. Now! I need to see exactly how this works.
  22. *laugh* How does it feel, me standing over you? I bet that’s one of your fantasies, to watch as a woman steps all over you, degrading you in any way possible with her feet
  24. Now, kiss the sole of my left foot. Hey! Not too hard! Soft, like your mistress deserves.
  26. That’s what you’ll call me whenever I command you. Do you understand? I said, do you fucking understand?! Yes mistress indeed.
  28. You’re too eager to please my feet, and how can you please them if your cock explodes in two seconds because of my soles on your lips. You may be pathetic, but surely not that pathetic, right?
  30. Now lick. Run your tongue along the wrinkles of my soles, taste my soft clean skin. *giggle* Yes, the way your eyes light up in ecstasy with each pass of your tongue. Fascinating.
  32. Now the toes of my left foot. Run your tongue along each one, one by one. *giggle* Kinda tickles. You better make sure it doesn’t tickle again. I fucking hate tickles.
  34. Now, what you’ve been most eager for. Suck my toes. Take my little toe and suck soft. Relish in the taste of it. Wrap your lips around each one and rub your tongue along the bottom.
  36. Hey, I saw that. Your dick throbs with each suck, stronger and stronger with each toe in your mouth.
  38. Here, take them all. All five toes stuffed into your willing mouth. That really turns you on doesn’t it? I’ve never heard a man moan in such pleasure. Fuck.
  40. Mmm, there’s just something so erotic about a man sucking my toes. I guess it just reminds me of sucking on a hard chunk of man meat before it ploughs into my sopping pussy.
  42. No! Don’t you fucking touch my feet! Keep your hands at your side and don’t even think about moving them. Worship my feet with your mouth and tongue only.
  44. Now, I’m going to sit behind your head, like this, and now you can worship both feet at once. Now, using all I’ve taught you, eat my feet like the ravenous foot fetishist you are.
  46. *gasp* So hungry for my feet, my fucking god. Licking as sucking like this is your last day on earth.
  48. Your mouth can’t decide whether to suck lick or kiss, it’s just a scramble of saliva and ultimate need for my feet. There’s not even a shred of shame, you love this.
  50. Your cock is throbbing so fucking much, engorging as your balls twitch. Is that all it really takes? Just put some sexy feet in your face and your cock spills its seed? Pathetic!
  52. No! Don’t you fucking dare! You won’t cum unless I tell you to.
  54. I said don’t fucking cum!
  56. Don’t fuckin-
  58. *gasp* *laugh* Oh my god, you fucking did it. I didn’t even touch your cock and you’re cumming, spurting all over your belly in thick, throbbing, ropes. All because of my feet.
  60. Wow. Look at you, lying there, covering in your own cum, eyes in a daze, rolling back into your head. Pathetic.
  62. In truth it did feel kinda good. *laugh* I’ll see you round.
  64. *whisper* And don’t you fucking dare cast your eyes upon my feet again or I swear life will not be easy for you.
  66. *giggle* See ya!
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