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4craft 3.0 aka Not4craft ideas list v.2.0

1x7ow Jun 26th, 2013 85 Never
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  1. General:
  2.         - If there are too many (500?) hostile mobs per chunk/area, cut their number in half.
  3.         - If there are too many (?) animals per chunk/area, cut their number in half.
  4.         - The map: grow trees and grass, fix missing chunks - two at 111 124 (there might be more), /x/ island needs fixing.
  5.         - Donation perks: Fireworks, coloured names in chat, /hat, maybe some non game-breaking items per day like wood or something, music disks maybe.
  6.         - Combat logging leaves a ghost of your character with all your items, if the ghost gets kiled the plugin clears your items and kills you, etc.
  7.         - No tpa/sethome, only /f home and /spawn with cooldown and warmup, also can't teleport when near enemies.
  8.         - World boundary, not just a wall.
  9.         - Make sure /esethome etc. does not work.
  10.         - Add a player head plugin if possible - make it work only if a player is killed in faction land if possible.
  11.         - Make players go to /spawn on death to prevent /f home camping
  12. Factions:
  13.         - Permissions in enemy territory: only allow placing of lava and water, allow the use of pressure plates, wooden doors, wooden buttons, all containers, nothing else.
  14.         - Death messages: Faction-related: you see your faction members kill and get killed.
  15.         - Coloured name tags: green for faction members, not purple for allies (blue?), red for enemies, not purple for truce(yellow?)
  16.         - Connected claims are fine as long as it's possible do declaim.
  17.         - Remove existing claims, make a single claim on every fact island and set /f home.
  18.         - -1 power per day of inactivity, autokick from faction after 10 days of inactivity.
  19.         - Players with negative power can't join factions.
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