Petrus and Lord Doravis, Session 07

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  1. 01[22:27] <Staffen> The man smokes his pipe and looks at you oddly. "I don't believe I recognize you from last night. And I trust that isn't one of my rifles you're holding?"
  2. 01[22:28] <Staffen> "And that dreadful noise, what is that?"
  3. [22:28] <Petrus> "No my good man this is mine"
  4. [22:28] <Petrus> "That noise, just a troublesome gun cutter making a racket and lowering property values."
  5. [22:28] <Petrus> "What say you and I take care of that problem?"
  6. 01[22:29] <Staffen> The man's mouth twitches, his mustache tilting from one side to another. "How irritating. And terribly rude. I was under the impression I was on Scintilla, not Malfi. Lord Hax will have to hear about this..."
  7. [22:29] <Petrus> "I noticed your impressive collection of trophies."
  8. [22:29] <Petrus> "Indeed."
  9. 01[22:30] <Staffen> He throws off his shifting fabric robe, revealing an older, yet fit torso beneath, tuffed with chesthair. "Your name, sir?"
  10. [22:30] <Petrus> "Petrus Cain of the Transvaal Cains."
  11. 01[22:32] <Staffen> The man's mustache twitches. "Ah, yes. I believe I hunted with your... father at one point? No, you look a tad young. Your grandfather, probably. Was his name also Petrus?"
  12. [22:33] <Petrus> "Yes he was, his son is Theodore, the current warden-governor."
  13. 01[22:34] <Staffen> "Wonderful." The man leads you down the hall, back past his trophy room. "We'll have to discuss the matter of your presence on my property later, but this is more pressing. Tell me, have you much fondness for collecting rifles?"
  14. [22:35] <Petrus> "Yes I do actually. This long las is fine and all but I do miss some of the rifles I had at home."
  15. 01[22:37] <Staffen> "Splendid news." He opens a door for you. "You see, in my time, I've hunted all sorts of game..."
  16. 01[22:37] <Staffen> The walls of this new room are lined with a vast variety of killing implements, and some of the largest hunting rifles you've ever seen.
  17. [22:38] <Petrus> "If it's possible do you think we could take the gun cutter mostly unhar- Oh my?"
  18. 06[22:39] * Petrus goes over and browses over the selection of weapons
  19. 01[22:39] <Staffen> Lord Doravis hums to himself as he approaches the walls. "Bolt-rifle this time, perhaps..."
  20. 01[22:39] <Staffen> He points to an exquisite gun on the wall. "Nomad, I had that commissioned back in 843. Handsome piece of work, but I have two others. Go ahead and take it."
  21. [22:40] <Petrus> "Have you ever fished the great oceans of Tanis?"
  22. [22:40] <Petrus> "Are you sure good sir, I must give you something in repayment."
  23. 01[22:41] <Staffen> "Can't say I have. I've had the fortune to partake of Catachan, however. You can take the gun, in exchange for the story at some other time."
  24. [22:41] <Petrus> "Alright."
  25. 01[22:41] <Staffen> He takes a fat monster of a weapon with an elongated barrel sticking from its blocky casing down from the wall. "Let's see about dealing with this cutter...
  26. [22:41] <Petrus> "They use great harpoon guns mounted on the decks of the vessels there to reel in large whales and sharks."
  27. 01[22:42] <Staffen> (250m; 1d10+5; Pen 3; Clip 4; Accurate, Reliable)
  28. [22:42] <Petrus> "If you had one of the harpoon guns we could easily bring down the guncutter."
  29. [22:42] <Petrus> (sweet)
  30. 01[22:42] <Staffen> (I am reluctant to give this monster to you. Consider yourself blessed that I just unleashed the mary-sue powers.)
  31. [22:43] <Petrus> (thanks, I was saving for that next acutally)
  32. 01[22:43] <Staffen> (Now you can buy a handsome ammo-coffer for it instead.)
  33. 01[22:43] <Staffen> (Er. Gun-coffer)
  34. [22:44] <Petrus> (aye)
  35. [22:45] <Petrus> "Now about that pesky guncutter."
  36. 01[22:46] <Staffen> "Where was this craft at, exactly? I think I can hear it buzzing around... over by old van Schoorl's building?"
  37. [22:46] <Petrus> "It is indeed, dropped off a group of nasty looking mercenaries too."
  38. 01[22:47] <Staffen> "I know where to get a good shot at it, then."
  39. [22:47] <Petrus> "Lead the way."
  40. 01[22:48] <Staffen> He takes you and his oversized weapon along and upstairs, down a few halls, and into a sunroom. Sure enough, you can see the cutter hovering around the ruined front of van Schoorl's building.
  41. [22:48] <Petrus> "Well there goes the property value of this fine estate."
  42. 01[22:49] <Staffen> "Funs never had good taste in architecture. It'll be nice to see it demolished after this, I suppose, but I wonder who he upset to get into this mess..."
  43. [22:50] <Petrus> "No clue, though I'm sure you could expand your estate now."
  44. 01[22:50] <Staffen> "Perhaps."
  45. [22:59] <Petrus> "Good shot I'd say."
  46. 01[22:59] <Staffen> The man nods, tipping his bolt-rifle like a cane. "Fine work. You've got your grandfather's aim in you, boy. That was marvellous."
  47. [23:00] <Petrus> "Indeed"
  48. 01[23:00] <Staffen> The guncutter veers, going forward at first and crashing van Schoorl's estate, before it bounces back and falls into a spin towards the ground-level. It goes up in a bright, loud fireball that completely engulfs the plaza beneath van Schoorl's building.
  49. 06[23:02] * Petrus turns to Doravis "It was a pleasure meeting you but I'm afraid I must go now."
  50. 06[23:02] * Petrus tips his hat to the man
  51. 01[23:03] <Staffen> "I understand." He pats you on the shoulder. "You're clearly of a higher authority. Best of wishes to your ventures, and best of hunting to you, Petrus Cain."
  52. [23:13] <Petrus> "And to you too my good man."
  53. [23:19] <Petrus> "Say what's the quickest way to get over to the Van Schoorl estate?"
  54. 01[23:19] <Staffen> "My front-door, and along the streetwalk. Do be carefual"
  55. [23:20] <Petrus> "Oh I will."
  56. [23:20] <Petrus> (So I'm just going to stroll in the front door?)
  57. 01[23:20] <Staffen> (Wait a moment and you'll see what happens.)
  58. [23:21] <Petrus> (alright)
  59. 01[23:46] <Staffen> As you step outside, you see the van Schoorl building, without any particular intricacy, explode at the mid-section. The upper floors fall into the wide fireball, and the building begins to collapse in a steady stream of smoke as though it were a professional demolition job.
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