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Jun 20th, 2016
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  1. <@Mobius> hey Samurai
  2. <%Samurai> hey mobi
  3. <@Mobius> ,irony
  4. <+Servitor> <Jenova> put that on your resume
  5. <+Jenova> did you only add like 3 quotes
  6. <+Jenova> surely you could have found more
  7. <@Mobius> I added more
  8. <@Mobius> just skulltag random
  9. <@Mobius> ,irony
  10. <+Servitor> <Jenova> you literally cannot shut your fucking mouth for 5 minutes
  11. <@Mobius> Lol
  12. <@Mobius> 15 lines
  13. <@Mobius> ,irony
  14. <+Servitor> <Jenova> its all in context
  15. <@Mobius> ,irony
  16. <+Servitor> <Jenova> you literally cannot shut your fucking mouth for 5 minutes
  17. <@Mobius> rofl
  18. <@Mobius> I'll take the hint
  19. <+Jenova> lmao
  20. * Dragon (~Dragon@Best.Hostname.For.Real) has joined #A3
  21. * Igor sets mode: +h Dragon
  22. <+Jenova> Mobius do you still have that altdeath post where you talking about raping children or w/e
  23. <@Mobius> Yes.
  24. <@Mobius> It's still brought up here
  25. <+Jenova> link?
  26. <@Mobius> Though even I can't read it.
  27. <@Mobius> K (rofl as if I don't know where this is going)
  28. <+Jenova> rofl
  29. <+Jenova> also
  30. <+Jenova> remember when you were making fun of jwarrier's 2 yr old children too
  31. <+Jenova> do you have a log of that also
  32. <+Jenova> i dont remember the exact terminology you used to shit on them
  33. <+Jenova> so it would be good if you can refresh my memory
  34. <@Mobius> That I do not have
  35. <+Jenova> do you know where i can find it
  36. <@Mobius> Though I didn't make fun of his kid
  37. <@Mobius> I made fun of his girlfriend
  38. <+Jenova> hm
  39. <+Jenova> maybe it was decay or someone else
  40. <@Mobius> Decay often did it
  41. <+Jenova> but im pretty sure it was someone from a3
  42. <@Mobius> I made fun of Jwarrier and his girl and even told his girlfriend to dump him because he loses to us in scrims
  43. <@Mobius> during that huge grudge scrim we had
  44. <@Mobius> with eg
  45. <@Mobius> funny day
  46. <+Jenova> was this in the server
  47. <+Jenova> in NJ
  48. <+Jenova> i can probably check the log somewhere
  49. <@Mobius> Oh! I think you are referencing an image that Watermelon posted on the forums.. you know, Watermelon
  50. <+Jenova> perhaps
  51. <+Jenova> can you link it
  52. <@Mobius> I don't have it
  53. <+Jenova> o
  54. <@Mobius> or at least have it available
  55. <@Mobius> It was a little thing among us that Water went crazy with
  56. <@Mobius> I guess this is the type of person R recruits
  57. <@Mobius> :^)
  58. <%Samurai> some of it might be in that thread that jwar made that was trashed on the forum
  59. <+Jenova> ty
  60. <+Jenova> i will check it out
  61. <+Jenova> i wasnt around for it so im not 100% sure exactly where it took place
  62. <@Mobius> was it the thread Jwarrier wanted Decay banned?
  63. <+Jenova> who didnt want decay banned
  64. <+Jenova> is a better question
  65. <@Mobius> Decay
  66. <@Mobius> Alien
  67. <@Mobius> Mifu
  68. <@Mobius> Anima
  69. <%Samurai> idk maybe something here
  70. <+Jenova> decay alien and mifu
  71. <+Jenova> nice
  72. <+Jenova> i dont know who anima is but i assume hes also autistic
  73. <+Jenova> ty Samurai
  74. <+Jenova> you the best
  75. <%Samurai> aha
  76. <@Mobius> I didn't say anything bad about Jwarrier or his wife in the thread
  77. <+Jenova> Mobius
  78. <@Mobius> Good job Samurai
  79. <+Jenova> can you link that altdeath post
  80. <@Mobius> I can.
  81. <+Jenova> will you
  82. <+Jenova> i think i can get it from alex
  83. <+Jenova> but idk if hes here atm
  84. <@Mobius> Sure.
  85. <+Jenova> ty
  86. <+Jenova> also
  87. <+Jenova> i think you will be glad to hear that because of various ddos threats i'm going to provide a website that makes it extremely easy for users to mask their ip so they don't get ddos'd by people like capo or myself obviously
  88. <@Mobius> But remember to include me being banned from altdeath and it only happening on Altdeath
  89. <@Mobius> :^)
  90. <@Mobius> unlike you
  91. <@Mobius> I get banned for things I do
  92. <+Jenova> oh no doubt
  93. <+Jenova> i will definitely make sure to include that it happened only on altdeath
  94. <+Jenova> and therefore does not define your character here
  95. <+Jenova> that much is given, obviously
  96. <@Mobius> don't forget being banned
  97. <@Mobius> cause that did happen
  98. <+Jenova> ah yes
  99. <@Mobius> cause you know
  100. <+Jenova> how many times has it been now that you've been banned
  101. <@Mobius> some of us get banned for doing things
  102. <%Samurai> you're right mobius there is nothing there
  103. <@Mobius> actually very first
  104. <@Mobius> I know Samurai
  105. <@Mobius> Jenova is mad that his DDos stuff is brought up
  106. <@Mobius> and now wants to even it
  107. <+Jenova> lol
  108. <+Jenova> not the ddos
  109. <+Jenova> im actually not mad at you
  110. <+Jenova> im mad at the admins
  111. <@Mobius> For?
  112. <+Jenova> being terrible
  113. <+Jenova> what else
  114. <@Mobius> but what do I have to do with them?
  115. <@Mobius> I'm not on staff
  116. <+Jenova> you are an example of why they are terrible
  117. <+Jenova> i mean
  118. <@Mobius> How come?
  119. <+Jenova> ie. by not banning you
  120. <@Mobius> why should I be banned?
  121. <+Jenova> idk
  122. <+Jenova> ask yourself that question
  123. <@Mobius> and I was banned
  124. <@Mobius> for several years
  125. <@Mobius> rofl
  126. <@Mobius> time served
  127. <+Jenova> of course you were
  128. <+Jenova> then you got unbanned
  129. <@Mobius> :^)
  130. <+Jenova> and do the same shit
  131. <@Mobius> Uh
  132. <@Mobius> No
  133. <+Jenova> ya you're right
  134. <@Mobius> Actually I have been behaved
  135. <+Jenova> i was obviously joking
  136. <@Mobius> No you aren't
  137. <@Mobius> You're just mad
  138. <+Jenova> you are a pillar of this community
  139. <+Jenova> the greatest contributor
  140. <@Mobius> Red herring
  141. <@Mobius> good job
  142. <+Jenova> i want to show the community why you should not be banned
  143. <+Jenova> because you have done a lot to avoid drama
  144. <+Jenova> and generally make the community a better place
  145. <%Samurai> its ok you put 'mobius pastebin' into google and there's about 1000 logs, maybe you can get some dirt on him that way :)
  146. <@Mobius> he's right
  147. <@Mobius> don't forget yea.jpg
  148. <@Mobius> Wait
  149. <+Jenova> i dont think linking a dick pic warrants a ban
  150. <@Mobius> don't most of the competitive side know these things?
  151. <@Mobius> rofl
  152. <@Mobius> but
  153. <@Mobius> jenova
  154. <@Mobius> it's me showing people on irc that
  155. <@Mobius> on the network
  156. * Dranzer ( has joined #A3
  157. * Igor sets mode: +o Dranzer
  158. <@Mobius> I mean
  159. <@Mobius> if you're going to go hard and go ham
  160. <@Mobius> You should try everything
  161. * Dastandroid ( has joined #A3
  162. * Igor sets mode: +v Dastandroid
  163. <+Jenova> i dont need to go hard
  164. <+Jenova> nor go ham
  165. <@Mobius> then go home
  166. <@Mobius> :^)
  167. <+Jenova> rofl
  168. <+Jenova> that was good
  169. <+Jenova> my point is it should be pretty obvious w. minimal effort from my part
  170. <@Mobius> Well go ahead
  171. <+Jenova> just need to make people aware of it
  172. <@Mobius> Bring it
  173. <@Mobius> but unlike you
  174. <@Mobius> I didn't need help digging up the youtube thing
  175. <+Jenova> i just want to point out that 2 days ago you were ragging on a 15 yr old high school student
  176. <@Mobius> So go help yourself
  177. <@Mobius> I have it there still
  178. <@Mobius> yeah do that too
  179. <@Mobius> even though
  180. <+Jenova> and personally attacking him
  181. <@Mobius> I posted it in #Zandronum
  182. <+Jenova> and linking a ton of his pics
  183. <+Jenova> no thats fine man
  184. <@Mobius> actually
  185. <+Jenova> dont worry
  186. <@Mobius> I linked one
  187. <+Jenova> you got your slap on the wrist
  188. <@Mobius> I just made a gif
  189. <+Jenova> justice was served
  190. <+Jenova> im sure you wont do it again
  191. <@Mobius> uh
  192. <@Mobius> I got banned
  193. <@Mobius> rofl
  194. <+Jenova> a ban from #zandrnonum doesnt mean anything
  195. <@Mobius> True I should be banned from everything
  196. <@Mobius> rofl
  197. <@Mobius> Well go ahead Jenova
  198. <@Mobius> Do it
  199. <+Jenova> ir cand forums
  200. <+Jenova> ya
  201. <+Jenova> 100%
  202. <+Jenova> the game? probably not
  203. <@Mobius> I'm waiting
  204. <+Jenova> i have to study a bit then write a final
  205. <+Jenova> but i will be free for the next few days
  206. <+Jenova> i also have some cool projects for the zandronum community
  207. <@Mobius> Is this an anti A3 premise as well
  208. <@Mobius> or just me?
  209. <+Jenova> idk
  210. <+Jenova> mostly you and decay i think
  211. <+Jenova> the rest are just followers
  212. <@Mobius> Another Jwarrier thread ok
  213. <+Jenova> you know 4 years ago I wouldn't care about this shit
  214. <@IvanDobrovski> hi
  215. <@Mobius> Well dig up your own dirt. It is there and I won't delete it
  216. <@IvanDobrovski> another day of drama
  217. <@Mobius> So have at it
  218. <+Jenova> ok
  219. <+Jenova> but you arent going to link that altdeath post or did i miss that somewhere
  220. <@Mobius> I didn't ask you for Legion's video
  221. <@Mobius> So it's only fair
  222. <@Mobius> but it is there
  223. <@Mobius> I know how to easily get it
  224. <@Razgriz--> hey IvanDobrovski ready for woc tournament?
  225. <@IvanDobrovski> sure
  226. <@IvanDobrovski> need to warm up a bit but yea
  227. <@Razgriz--> yes go sign us up
  228. <@IvanDobrovski> ok
  229. <@IvanDobrovski> you made a big mistake
  230. <@IvanDobrovski> I get to say the team name now
  231. <@Razgriz--> fuck
  232. <@Mobius> Gay
  233. <@Mobius> Gay
  234. <@Mobius> Gay
  235. * +im1hpu0 ( Quit (Client exited)
  236. <@Dranzer> rofl ownede
  237. <@Razgriz--> dranzer team up with gry
  238. <@Razgriz--> he needs a really strong man by his side
  239. <@Dranzer> fuck that cheese pizza lookin ass btich
  240. <@Mobius> Dranzer should team with Slyfox
  241. <@Mobius> aka
  242. <@Mobius> wait in spectator for 5 hours
  243. <@IvanDobrovski>
  244. <@Dranzer> rofl
  245. <@Dranzer> thats what you get
  246. <@Razgriz--> WOW THIS IS BAD
  247. <@Razgriz--> WOW
  248. <@Dranzer> shouldve been a strong man and signed yourself up
  249. <@IvanDobrovski> what
  250. <@IvanDobrovski> you're long
  251. <@Mobius> LMAO
  252. <@IvanDobrovski> and I'm thick
  253. <@Mobius> Wow
  254. <@Mobius> Razgriz-- you're long
  255. <@IvanDobrovski> why does that upset you
  256. <@Mobius> aka
  257. <@Mobius> no thickness
  258. <@IvanDobrovski> together
  259. <@Mobius> IvanDobrovski got to be the good part of a penis
  260. <@Mobius> nice
  261. <@Mobius> fuckin
  262. <@IvanDobrovski> WE ARE LONG AND THICK
  263. <@Mobius> jerk
  264. <@IvanDobrovski> ofc
  265. <@Mobius> Damn
  266. <@IvanDobrovski> he let me pick name
  267. <@IvanDobrovski> so I do it
  268. <@IvanDobrovski> easy
  269. <@Razgriz--> this is awful forreal
  270. <@Mobius> LOL
  271. <@Mobius> Damn
  272. <@IvanDobrovski> look at it on the bright side
  273. <@IvanDobrovski> if we lose
  274. <@Mobius> That got gay
  275. <@Mobius> real quick
  276. <@IvanDobrovski> we can say we "blew" it
  277. <@IvanDobrovski> get it
  278. <@Mobius> haha
  279. <@Mobius> not as funny
  280. <@Mobius> but this is bad
  281. <@Mobius> well good I am glad more sign ups are happening
  282. <@Mobius> we need one more team
  283. <@Mobius> which
  284. <@Dranzer> wheres your team??
  285. <@Mobius> I am signing up Arg and I now
  286. <@Razgriz--> awful
  287. <@Razgriz--> i have to go wash off all the slime now
  288. <@Razgriz--> this isn asty convo
  289. <@IvanDobrovski> welly
  290. <@IvanDobrovski> I told you you made a mistake
  291. <@IvanDobrovski> now you're gonna have to "suck it up"
  292. <@IvanDobrovski> and get a tight "grip"
  293. <@Mobius> just relax
  294. <@Mobius> and let it all go
  295. <@Mobius>
  296. <@IvanDobrovski> thats cool
  297. * Shift ( has joined #A3
  298. * Igor sets mode: +v Shift
  299. <@Mobius> Awesome i didn't have to do it afterall
  300. <+Jenova> mobius
  301. <+Jenova> you underestimate how many people in this community want you permbanned
  302. <+Jenova> luckily i dont bend against pressure
  303. <@Mobius> Not at all
  304. <+Jenova> i don't believe i will be banned
  305. <+Jenova> but i can say with 99% guarantee that you will be
  306. <+Jenova> but who knows
  307. <+Jenova> maybe I am wrong
  308. <@Mobius> I think you overestimate your sentiment
  309. <@Mobius> We'll see though
  310. <+Jenova> its not just mine
  311. <@Mobius> Well there is only one way
  312. <@Mobius> to really find out
  313. <+Jenova> i mean
  314. <+Jenova> yeah
  315. <+Jenova> we will find out
  316. * Slyfox ( has joined #A3
  317. * Igor sets mode: +o Slyfox
  318. <@Mobius> But remember a lot of people want Decay gone too
  319. <@Mobius> until of course it was time to actually get rid of him
  320. <+Jenova> yes
  321. <+Jenova> then the vocal minority (a3) complained
  322. <@Mobius> Yes. We complained with our own examples of the double standard you see among a fringed minority
  323. <@Slyfox> wow are yall still going
  324. <+Jenova> i think this would go a lot smoother if i didnt call the staff retarded all the time imo
  325. <@Mobius> :^)
  326. <@Slyfox> holy shit
  327. <@Mobius> well
  328. <@Slyfox> its been 2 days
  329. <@Mobius> That is your fault
  330. <@Mobius> not mine
  331. <@Mobius> but it's ok we all make poor choices
  332. <+Jenova> yes
  333. <+Jenova> we do
  334. <+Jenova> :)
  335. <@Mobius> Well Jenova
  336. <@Mobius> We can both agree on one thing
  337. <@Mobius> Capo is hilarious
  338. <@Mobius> He PMed me just now
  339. <@Mobius> <Mobius> I hope you get banned
  340. <@Mobius> <capodecima> i am banned ofc
  341. <@Mobius> <Mobius> Good
  342. <@Mobius> <Mobius> Stay banned
  343. <@Mobius> <Mobius> 30 year old guy ddosing people for no reason
  344. <@Mobius> <capodecima> its competitive
  345. <@Mobius> ^ mid convo
  346. <@Mobius> hilarious
  347. <+Jenova> he pmd me too
  348. <+Jenova> rofl
  349. <+Jenova> i close dit out
  350. <+Jenova> one second
  351. <@Mobius> k
  352. <+Jenova>
  353. <+Jenova> he is quite the character
  354. <@Mobius> <capodecima> i dunno man bother kids, stimulate anal on some blonde boy
  355. <@Mobius> <capodecima> is worse to me
  356. <@Mobius> <capodecima> just thinking about it jesus
  357. <@Mobius> <capodecima> are you this dumb or what lmao?
  358. <@Mobius> Stimulate anal
  359. <@Mobius> the fuck
  360. <+Jenova> LMAO
  361. <+Jenova> oh man
  362. <@Mobius> I know he means Mastergaro
  363. <@Mobius> who posted his own video
  364. <@Mobius> and I just reuploaded it
  365. <@Mobius> but you know.. using public shit is horrible
  366. <@IvanDobrovski> at least he has taste
  367. <@Mobius> you know stuff already post themselves
  368. <@IvanDobrovski> he wants blonde boys
  369. <@IvanDobrovski> ;)
  370. <@Dranzer> poor mudkipper
  371. <+Jenova> yes
  372. <+Jenova> im sure what you did was completely socially acceptable
  373. <+Jenova> im sure nobody would have any problems w. it
  374. <@Mobius> Oh no I am a content aggregator
  375. <@Mobius> even though AVC made another bathroom image
  376. <@Mobius> pointing fun at me
  377. <@Mobius>
  378. <@Mobius> At least he's making it his own
  379. <+Jenova> how is that poking fun at you
  380. <+Jenova> no but you're right
  381. <+Jenova> making that collection of pics is not harassment
  382. <+Jenova> im sure nobody will care
  383. <+Jenova> do you have logs of when you made fun of moti too
  384. <+Jenova> i need those
  385. <+Jenova> im sure nobody will care about those either
  386. <+Jenova> remember you called him giraffe neck and shit
  387. <@Mobius> actually he is in a way because he's proud of himself. Sly did that with cartoon couples, 6 years later
  388. <+Jenova> ya exactly
  389. <@IvanDobrovski> I remember you calling me a stupid muslim
  390. <@IvanDobrovski> but
  391. <+Jenova> they are totally OK with it
  392. <@IvanDobrovski> nobody complained
  393. <@IvanDobrovski> so ;)
  394. <@Mobius> ^
  395. <+IdeIdoom> what
  396. <@Mobius> You did that yesterday
  397. <@Mobius> for no reason
  398. <+Jenova> see
  399. <+Jenova> now the convo flips
  400. <@IvanDobrovski> nobody complains about fucking around
  401. <@IvanDobrovski> so
  402. <@IvanDobrovski> you're nitpicking
  403. <@Mobius> The conversation only flips when it's Jenova on the other end
  404. <+Jenova> IvanDobrovski you jumped into a conversation that didnt include you at all
  405. <+Jenova> it was me and mobius
  406. <@IvanDobrovski> you're literally becoming a faithful christian
  407. <@Mobius> so you are justified using personal insults then?
  408. <+Jenova> heres a question
  409. <@IvanDobrovski> when you have been sinning all this time
  410. <@Mobius> so you are justified using personal insults then?
  411. <@IvanDobrovski> thats ironic
  412. <@Mobius> so you are justified using personal insults then?
  413. <+Jenova> do you guys seriously believe what you do isnt harassment
  414. <@Mobius> so you are justified using personal insults then?
  415. <@Mobius> So it's ok when you do it
  416. <@Mobius> Gotcha
  417. <+Jenova> because im sure lots of other people think otherwise
  418. <@Mobius> answer the question
  419. <+Jenova> im not a pillar of faith
  420. <@Mobius> Answer the question
  421. <@IvanDobrovski> its a conversation on a public channel
  422. <+Jenova> but im not nearly as bad as you
  423. <@IvanDobrovski> anyone can chime in and out
  424. * Arman ( has joined #A3
  425. * Igor sets mode: +v Arman
  426. <@Mobius> Answer the questions
  427. <@IvanDobrovski> you dont get to decide
  428. <+Jenova> ok
  429. <@IvanDobrovski> you want us to stay out
  430. <@Mobius> Jenova the hypocrite
  431. <@IvanDobrovski> PM
  432. <@IvanDobrovski> easy
  433. <+Jenova> we'll see what the majority of the community thinks
  434. <+Galactus> Mobius u scared a newcomer away from this community
  435. <@IvanDobrovski> I thought you'd be smart enough to know it
  436. <+Galactus> that's pretty toxic buddy
  437. <+IdeIdoom> if poking fun at something is harrasment
  438. <@Mobius> Galactus I scare a lot of people
  439. <+IdeIdoom> then parody should be illegal
  440. <+Galactus> maybe u need to change if ur that cancerous to the community
  441. <+Jenova> IdeIdoom poking fun at someone isnt the problem
  442. <@Mobius> IdeIdoom AVC doesn't even have his images on private. I took my image archive down cause JZ was using images of unrelated people to flame me
  443. <@Mobius> I kept mines up
  444. <+Jenova> there is a threshhold imo though
  445. <+Jenova> obviously many people won't care if they are on the receiving end
  446. <+Jenova> but can you honestly tell me you wouldn't be upset if this happened to you
  447. <+Jenova> remember
  448. <+Jenova> these people made fun of 2 year old kids
  449. <@Mobius> it has happened to me
  450. <+Jenova> jwar's 2 yr olds
  451. <@Mobius> multiple times
  452. <+Jenova> children
  453. <+Jenova> children
  454. <+Jenova> im not talking
  455. <+Jenova> 20+ year olds
  456. <@Mobius> Also I didn't make fun of jwarrier
  457. <@Mobius> that's Decay
  458. <+Jenova> im talking children
  459. <@Mobius> get yrour shit straight
  460. <+Jenova> IdeIdoom
  461. <+Jenova> please man
  462. <@Mobius> Look at this liar over here
  463. <@Mobius> post your thread
  464. <+Jenova> obviously im not the bastion of light in this community
  465. <@Mobius> Post your thread
  466. <+Jenova> but are you seriously going to defend them
  467. <+Jenova> i will
  468. <@Mobius> Post your thread
  469. <+Jenova> just give me a bit of time
  470. <+Jenova> well
  471. <+Jenova> its not a thread
  472. <@Mobius> No
  473. <+Jenova> it'll be a discussion imo
  474. <@Mobius> Make a thread
  475. <@Mobius> Make it something not in Capo's thread
  476. <@Mobius> So we can focus
  477. <@Mobius> on ourselves
  478. <@Mobius> and not derail
  479. <@Mobius> Let's go
  480. <+Jenova> mobius how many times have you been banned
  481. <+Jenova> out of curiosity
  482. * by-Zero ( has joined #A3
  483. * Igor sets mode: +v by-Zero
  484. <@Mobius> A few
  485. <+Jenova> from everything doom related
  486. <@Mobius> Less than Decay
  487. <+Jenova> how much is a few
  488. <+Jenova> 5+?
  489. <@Mobius> not a lot of places
  490. <+Jenova> 10?
  491. <@Mobius> rofl
  492. <@Mobius> The fuck
  493. <+Jenova> idk
  494. <+Jenova> you tell me
  495. <+IdeIdoom> like 3
  496. <+Jenova> i'm trying to figure this out
  497. <+Jenova> so
  498. <+Jenova> let me get this staight
  499. <+Jenova> you were banned once, then continued causing shit
  500. <+Jenova> then you were banned again
  501. <+Jenova> then you got unbanned and kept doing it
  502. <+Jenova> and then you were banned a third time
  503. <@Mobius> continue? I was banned for a whole year and a half
  504. <+Jenova> and you got unbanned
  505. <+Jenova> now you just got banned again from #zandronum
  506. <+Jenova> you were banned from what else, altdeath?
  507. <+Jenova> idk
  508. <@Mobius> yes jenova i paid prices for my antics
  509. <+Jenova> how can you seriously sit here and tell me you don't deserve to be permbanned
  510. <@Mobius> can't say bthe same for you
  511. <+Jenova> you didnt pay enough
  512. <@Mobius> not to you
  513. <+Jenova> nmobody cares about bans from #zandronum
  514. <@Mobius> go post your thread
  515. <+Jenova> or 1 month bans from irc
  516. <+Jenova> those are useless
  517. <+Jenova> look
  518. <@Mobius> post your thread
  519. <+Jenova> they are useless
  520. <+Jenova> i'm talking here to you right now
  521. <@Mobius> So I can counter your argument
  522. <@Mobius> I want to do it publicly
  523. <@IvanDobrovski> 21:15:44 <Jenova> obviously im not the bastion of light in this community
  524. <@Mobius> with a big audience
  525. <@Mobius> Go
  526. <@IvanDobrovski> then how do you decide if he paid or not :s
  527. <+IdeIdoom> i mean jenova right now you are the one causing shit
  528. <+Jenova> because i can use my brain
  529. <@Mobius> IvanDobrovski let him post his thread
  530. <@Mobius> I want to see this conviction of his
  531. <+Jenova> IdeIdoom
  532. <+Jenova> do you know what started all of this
  533. <@IvanDobrovski> INQUISITION TIMEEE
  534. <+Jenova> just wondering
  535. <+Jenova> because i think people will blame me
  536. <+Jenova> but all i did was bring attention to what mobius did
  537. <+Jenova> about 2 days ago
  538. <+IdeIdoom> with avc and his images?
  539. <+Jenova> not that
  540. <+Jenova> it was the fact that nobody banned either avc or strangle
  541. <+Jenova> err
  542. <+Jenova> mobius rather
  543. <@Mobius> Post your thread
  544. <@Mobius> you have time to shit uyp here
  545. <+Jenova> instead, strangle asked mobius to join #zandronum
  546. <@Mobius> go make your mega thread
  547. <+Jenova> just to shit on avc
  548. <@Mobius> Go
  549. <+Jenova> with personal insults
  550. <+Jenova> then they ganged up on him
  551. <@Mobius> Make a megathread
  552. <+Jenova> do you think the dude deserves that
  553. <@Mobius> Go ahead
  554. <+Jenova> hes like 15 yrs old
  555. <@Mobius> Make your megathread
  556. <@Mobius> Go
  557. <+Jenova> see
  558. <+Jenova> thats all he can say
  559. <+Jenova> he cant justify his actions
  560. <@Mobius> I want the community to see your reasons
  561. <@Mobius> Go
  562. <+Jenova> see
  563. <+Jenova> thats all he can say
  564. <+Jenova> he cant justify his actions
  565. <@Mobius> I want the community to see your reasons
  566. <@Mobius> Go
  567. <@Mobius> play the crowd
  568. <@Mobius> like you bluff'd
  569. <@Mobius> I dare you
  570. <+Jenova> what bluff?
  571. <+Jenova> i'm just saying
  572. <+Jenova> in fact
  573. <+Jenova> look at my post history on zandronum
  574. <+Jenova> how many posts do i have?
  575. <@IvanDobrovski> perfect summary of this situation:
  576. <@IvanDobrovski>
  577. <+Jenova> 120
  578. <+Jenova> how many of them are posts that cuase shit or drama?
  579. <+Jenova> probably close to 0
  580. <+Jenova> its not hard to not be an idiot
  581. <@Mobius> Go post your findings in the thread
  582. <+Jenova> but somehow i'm the one causing shit
  583. <@Mobius> you can shit up irc then you have time to make a plea to the community
  584. <+Jenova> idk man
  585. <@Mobius> go be productive
  586. <+Jenova> yeah i shit up irc
  587. <+Jenova> lmao
  588. <+Jenova> it was definitely me
  589. <@Mobius> You are right now
  590. <+Jenova> thats why im the one banned from #zandronum right
  591. <@Mobius> So go
  592. <+Jenova> and not you
  593. <+Jenova> oh wait
  594. <+IdeIdoom> this thing right now, yes
  595. <@Mobius> make your thread to get me banned
  596. <@Mobius> Go
  597. <@Mobius> I'm waiting
  598. <+Jenova> Mobius
  599. <+Jenova> this thread isnt about you
  600. <+Jenova> believe it or not
  601. <@Mobius> Well make it anyway
  602. <+Jenova> its about how the admins don't hand out justifyable punishments to players
  603. <+Jenova> one of which is you
  604. <+Jenova> im also going to question how players like strangle are admins
  605. <@IvanDobrovski> watch him steal the spotlight
  606. <+Jenova> when i remember him leaking logs in teamspeak
  607. <+Jenova> from the staff channel
  608. <+IdeIdoom> wait wait wait
  609. <+Jenova> but ok
  610. <@Mobius> Proof?
  611. <+Jenova> none of my business
  612. <+Jenova> i have none
  613. <+IdeIdoom> another leonard complain thread?
  614. <@Mobius> I want proof
  615. <+Jenova> you can believe me
  616. <+Jenova> you dont have to
  617. <@Mobius> welll
  618. <+Jenova> IdeIdoom
  619. <@Mobius> make your thread
  620. <@Mobius> stop talking
  621. <+Jenova> what do these complain threads have in common
  622. <@Mobius> Make it
  623. <+Jenova> just wondering
  624. <@Mobius> Decay can do it
  625. <+IdeIdoom> are you seriously making another thread like leonard did?
  626. <@IvanDobrovski> I'm obama
  627. <@IvanDobrovski> believe it
  628. <@IvanDobrovski> or leave
  629. <@Mobius> Lol
  630. <@IvanDobrovski> no proofs
  631. <@Mobius> Well I want this thread to happen
  632. <@Mobius> Decay got it done
  633. <@Mobius> now it's your turn
  634. <+Jenova> my turn for what
  635. <@Mobius> to make a staff reform thread
  636. <@Mobius> cause that's what it is
  637. <+Jenova> you know
  638. <+Jenova> ive been a part of this community since 2005
  639. <+Jenova> since skulltag had what
  640. <@Mobius> Don't care
  641. <+Jenova> 5 players
  642. <@Mobius> make your thread
  643. <@Mobius> Don't care
  644. <@Mobius> make your thread
  645. <+Jenova> ive been a part of a3 shenanigans
  646. <+Jenova> ive been a part of spak shenanigans
  647. <@Mobius> Then make your thread
  648. <@Mobius> Hurry up[
  649. <@Mobius> Come on
  650. <+Jenova> ive been the one on a3's side for the most of my time playing doom
  651. <+Jenova> because i thought the same thing tbh
  652. <+Jenova> like, "who cares"
  653. <@Mobius> Then you're a hypocrite
  654. <+Jenova> but at one point you have to draw a line imo
  655. <+Jenova> no
  656. <+Jenova> its called maturing
  657. <@Mobius> rofl
  658. <+Jenova> something you havent done
  659. <+Jenova> your entire life
  660. <@Mobius> you maturing?
  661. <@Mobius> yesterday proved otherwise
  662. <+Jenova> yes
  663. <@Mobius> Go make your thread
  664. <+Jenova> sorry for trying to stick up for avc
  665. <@IvanDobrovski> I'm mature guys
  666. <+Jenova> who was harassed
  667. <@IvanDobrovski> I call people muslim shitheads
  668. <+Jenova> my bad
  669. <+Jenova> ok
  670. <@Mobius> Nothing wrong with sticking up for him
  671. <+Jenova> you know the argument you use
  672. <@Mobius> make your thread
  673. <+Jenova> "but what about you??"
  674. <+Jenova> IvanDobrovski
  675. <+Jenova> you do realize Mobius hates muslims right
  676. <@IvanDobrovski> I know
  677. <@IvanDobrovski> I'm not muslim though
  678. <@Mobius> Look at him
  679. <@IvanDobrovski> I gave up on being one
  680. <@IvanDobrovski> long time ago
  681. <@Mobius> trying to wedge into A3
  682. <@Mobius> ROFL
  683. <+Jenova> no
  684. <@IvanDobrovski> something that you dont seem to know
  685. <@IvanDobrovski> which is funny
  686. <+Jenova> im just showing you how hypocritical your arguments are
  687. <+Jenova> "but you do this too!!"
  688. <@Mobius> but you called him one
  689. <+Jenova> thats not a defence
  690. <@Mobius> not kwowing he isn't
  691. <@Mobius> you lose
  692. <@IvanDobrovski> dont care
  693. <@Mobius> GG
  694. <@IvanDobrovski> I'm in love with him
  695. <@IvanDobrovski> none of your business
  696. <+Jenova> same
  697. <@Mobius> IvanDobrovski he didn't know you weren't until just now
  698. <@Mobius> So look
  699. <@Mobius> he used dirt
  700. <@Mobius> that didn't work
  701. <@IvanDobrovski> it's funny
  702. <+Jenova> you know im muslim right
  703. <@Mobius> fuckin low
  704. <+Jenova> lol;
  705. <+Jenova> but continue
  706. <@IvanDobrovski> i dont and tbh I don't really care
  707. <@Mobius> Jenova post your thread. I want to see how this rolls
  708. <@IvanDobrovski> doesnt interest me one bit
  709. <@Mobius> btw
  710. <@IvanDobrovski> but continue
  711. <@Mobius> Jenova
  712. <@Mobius> if I hated muslims
  713. <+IdeIdoom> i dunno what religion has to do with this
  714. <@Mobius> how was I friends with Bluewizard
  715. <@Mobius> and Ammar
  716. <+Jenova> i dont care what you think
  717. <@Mobius> GG
  718. <+Jenova> about muslims
  719. <+Jenova> i care about what you say to people
  720. <@Mobius> What about Ammar and Blue?
  721. <+Jenova> to make them leave this community
  722. <@Mobius> I never once
  723. <@Mobius> told them anything bad
  724. <@Mobius> about their religion
  725. <@Mobius> Get fucked
  726. <@Mobius> Fucking liar
  727. <+Jenova> didnt you rag on ammar
  728. <+Jenova> for making some bad ctf video
  729. <@Mobius> for his video
  730. <+Jenova> or something
  731. <@Mobius> once
  732. <+Jenova> lol
  733. <+Jenova> what did ammar do
  734. <@Mobius> cause I thought it was pointless
  735. <+Jenova> just wondering
  736. <@Mobius> it was a tutorial video for ctf
  737. <+Jenova> you literally cannot live
  738. <@Mobius> so I gave a link
  739. <@Mobius> of all the stuff
  740. <+Jenova> without putting others down
  741. <@Mobius> that was done
  742. <+Jenova> like
  743. <+Jenova> you are a legitimate sociopath
  744. <@Mobius> and said he can make one about advance shit
  745. <@Mobius> you didn't even read the thread
  746. <+Jenova> yes
  747. <@Mobius> stop aruging for shit you don't know about
  748. <+Jenova> if i did read the thread
  749. <@Mobius> fuck SJW
  750. <@Mobius> arguing like your sister
  751. <+Jenova> im sure somewhere in there i'd read about your stories about fucking children again
  752. <+Jenova> like that altdeath post
  753. <@Mobius> is this where you get your tactics from
  754. <@Mobius> your sister
  755. <+Jenova> see
  756. <@Mobius> yeah now I am going personal
  757. <+Jenova> of course you are
  758. <@Mobius> you went with avernus
  759. <+Jenova> its the only thing you know how to do
  760. <@Mobius> trying to wedge something in our friendship
  761. <@Mobius> So yes
  762. <+Jenova> i didnt argue with avernus
  763. <@Mobius> it's personal
  764. <+Jenova> i like avernus as a person
  765. <@Mobius> no you don't
  766. <+Jenova> i think if avernus didnt hang around you he wouldnt be like this
  767. <+Jenova> tbh
  768. <@Mobius> You just now tried to have us fighting
  769. <@Mobius> fight*
  770. <+Jenova> ?
  771. <@Mobius> Avernus is a friend of mine
  772. <+Jenova> what
  773. <+Jenova> ok?
  774. <+Jenova> great?
  775. <@Mobius> "Did you know Mobius hates muslims"
  776. <@IvanDobrovski> 21:28:41 <Jenova> i think if avernus didnt hang around you he wouldnt be like this
  777. <@Mobius> rofl
  778. <@IvanDobrovski> I would
  779. <+Jenova> i was simply pointing out
  780. <+Jenova> that type of argument
  781. <+Jenova> is not a good argument
  782. <@Mobius> No
  783. <@IvanDobrovski> it'd take more time
  784. <+IdeIdoom> i mean avernus has a choice whether or not to hang out with mobius
  785. <@IvanDobrovski> probably
  786. <@IvanDobrovski> but still, I'd be like this
  787. <+Galactus> the leonard thread was pretty legit, ppl just missed the point completely
  788. <+Jenova> of course he does
  789. <+Jenova> as does everyone else
  790. <@Mobius> Look at how low this fuckin scumbag sinks and then dares challenge me?
  791. <@Mobius> Make your thread
  792. <+Jenova> man
  793. <+Jenova> dont worry about what i'm gonna do
  794. <@Mobius> Do it
  795. <+Jenova> i'm gonna do what i'm gonna do
  796. <@Razgriz--> yes make it, he supposedly didn't care about stuff from
  797. <@Mobius> Then do it
  798. <@Razgriz--> what? 4 years ago
  799. <@Mobius> Please
  800. <@Mobius> btw
  801. <@Razgriz--> and i come back to a channel where this is all he's talking about
  802. <+Jenova> mobius how old are you
  803. <@Mobius> I and Karakruat are in good terms
  804. <+Jenova> 26?
  805. <@Mobius> we spoke it over
  806. <@Mobius> bam
  807. <+Jenova> that means 4 years ago you were how old
  808. <@Mobius> there goes your muslim argument
  809. <+Jenova> 22?
  810. <@Razgriz--> the most obsessed doom player around
  811. <@Mobius> FSN and I got a long too
  812. <+IdeIdoom> maybe galactus
  813. <+Jenova> dont worry
  814. <+Jenova> strangle is a great admin
  815. <@Mobius> Look at this tryhard
  816. <@Mobius> Hurry
  817. <+Jenova> im sure he will keep his spot
  818. <@Mobius> make your thread
  819. <@Razgriz--> Of course I am
  820. <+Jenova> he has done a lot for this community
  821. <+Jenova> like leaking logs
  822. <@Mobius> everyone has
  823. <+Jenova> or not banning a3 members
  824. <@Mobius> rofl
  825. <@Mobius> and what logs?
  826. <@Mobius> proof
  827. <+Jenova> hey
  828. <+IdeIdoom> Jenova what does age, religion and anything else aside from the topic have to do with this
  829. <+Jenova> rust is a good admin too
  830. <@Mobius> you want proof so do we
  831. <+Jenova> IdeIdoom: because timeframe is relative
  832. <@Razgriz--> I guess when someone like you pretends to be in staff by hanging around the staff channel, you get some crazy idea that you are somehow apart of staff and deserve to be in the channel
  833. <+Jenova> 4 years ago for one person is not the same as another
  834. <+Jenova> for instance
  835. <+Jenova> 12 -> 16 is a large gap in cognitive ability
  836. <+Jenova> 22 -> 26?
  837. <+Jenova> nothing
  838. <@Mobius> This isn't a rape accusation
  839. <@Mobius> this is irc
  840. <@Mobius> rofl
  841. <+Jenova> he will always be the same shitty person
  842. <@Mobius> Tryhard
  843. <+Jenova> unlikeable
  844. <@Mobius> Go hurry up
  845. <+Galactus> cancerous
  846. <@Mobius> Make your thread
  847. <+Jenova> i dont need to make a thread
  848. <+Jenova> am i frightening you
  849. <+Jenova> or something
  850. <@Mobius> Yes
  851. <@Mobius> rofl
  852. <+Jenova> people will agree with what is rational
  853. <@Mobius> We're arguing right now
  854. <@Mobius> over our dieals
  855. <@Mobius> ideals*
  856. <@Mobius> and conflicting
  857. <+Jenova> this isnt an argument
  858. <@Mobius> Well
  859. <@Mobius> make them agree
  860. <@Mobius> in a thread
  861. <@Mobius> Go
  862. <@Mobius> Make it as public as possible
  863. <+Jenova> yes
  864. <+Jenova> good idea
  865. <+Jenova> so i can get 6 posts
  866. <@Mobius> It is
  867. <@Mobius> Go
  868. <+Jenova> back to back
  869. <+Jenova> by: slyfox, ivan, razgriz, rustking
  870. <@Mobius> You're afraid?
  871. <+Jenova> good thinking
  872. <@Mobius> Scared of conflict?
  873. <@Mobius> Yeah
  874. <+Jenova> no
  875. <@Mobius> You're scared
  876. <+Jenova> its not a conflict
  877. <+Jenova> its a mob mentality
  878. <@Mobius> Rofl
  879. <+Jenova> you shit on anyone who doesnt agree w/ you
  880. <@Mobius> Well if the community agrees they will help you too
  881. <@Mobius> It's open
  882. <+Jenova> even though you are clearly in the wrong
  883. <@Mobius> Well if the community agrees they will help you too
  884. <+Jenova> of course they will
  885. <@Mobius> It's open
  886. <+Jenova> i have no doubt they will
  887. <@Mobius> Then
  888. <@Mobius> Go ahead
  889. <+Jenova> man
  890. <+Jenova> hold your horses
  891. <+Jenova> i'll do what i need to do
  892. <+Galactus> just do it Jenova
  893. <@Mobius> Just do it
  894. <+Galactus> im sure ppl will agree
  895. <+Jenova> of course they will
  896. <@HeavenWraith> the amount of hypocrisy in this dialog is unbelievable
  897. <@Mobius> Yes
  898. <@Mobius> People will
  899. <+Galactus> then do it
  900. <+Jenova> HeavenWraith
  901. <@Mobius> Do it
  902. <+Galactus> get this tumor out of zandronum
  903. <+Jenova> you are a genuine person I think
  904. <@Mobius> Rofl
  905. <@HeavenWraith> well, biologically, yes
  906. <+Jenova> can you explain to me (without others jumping in) what is wrong
  907. <+Jenova> with my reasoning
  908. <+Jenova> why mobius should not be banned
  909. <+Jenova> is a good start
  910. <+Jenova> there are two different ideologies here tbh
  911. <@Mobius> ^ same guy blasting you when I got masterbanned about you being a dumb lithuianianwtfever
  912. <@HeavenWraith> I don't think I can do that, as I only started reading few minutes ago
  913. <@HeavenWraith> so I don't really know your reasoning
  914. <@Razgriz--> Jenova you should make the thread already
  915. <@Razgriz--> I want a good laugh
  916. <@Mobius> I accept the challenge
  917. <@Mobius> He can bring his R buddies if he feels A3 is going to team him, and if the community agrees they can jump right in
  918. <@Mobius> BLuewizard hates me
  919. <@Mobius> So he'll gladly jump in
  920. <@Mobius> Galactus too
  921. <@Mobius> Make this a huge rumble
  922. <+Galactus> ya I'll get leonard too
  923. <@Mobius> I'm for it
  924. <@Mobius> Oh God Leonard
  925. <@Mobius> rofl
  926. <@Mobius> That guy is stupid
  927. <@Mobius> got his whole argument swatted
  928. <@Mobius> Even people who don't agree with Decay disagreed with Leo
  929. <+Galactus> that's cuz it's leo lol
  930. <+Galactus> u ppl are subjective af
  931. <@Mobius> He's retarded
  932. <@Mobius> and so are you
  933. <+Galactus> not rly his point was pretty solid
  934. <@Mobius> No it wasn't
  935. <@Mobius> it's why it got tossed
  936. <+Jenova> Galactus
  937. <@Mobius> Decay got banned along with him too
  938. <+Jenova> there is no use arguing
  939. <+Galactus> it got tossed because bias
  940. <@Mobius> yes we have
  941. <@Mobius> rofl
  942. <@Mobius> Jenova go make your thread
  943. <@Mobius> do you want help?
  944. <@Mobius> no distractions
  945. <@Mobius> I think you're distracted
  946. <+Galactus> ya it was honestly a big surprise seeing decay get banned
  947. <@Mobius> It wasn't
  948. <@Mobius> I've been saying it on ts for awhile
  949. <@Mobius> everyone has
  950. <@Mobius> He's going to get banned
  951. <@Razgriz--> Yea Galactus Jenova hasn't learned his lesson yet, this has gone on 2 days now where he's digging up all the old shit
  952. <+Jenova> what old shit
  953. <@Razgriz--> "where is that topic where x happened"
  954. <+Jenova> this happened 2 days ago
  955. <@Mobius> Actually I am upset Decay hasn't been banned cause I've been banned for less
  956. <@Mobius> rofl
  957. <+Jenova> remember when you asked mobius to join #zandronum
  958. <+Jenova> to defend you
  959. <+Jenova> from avc
  960. <@Mobius> Asked?
  961. <@Mobius> ROFL
  962. <@Razgriz--> No are you retarded?
  963. <+Jenova> yes
  964. <@Mobius> Yo I know you are a liar
  965. <+Jenova> because strangle is weak
  966. <@Mobius> but jesus
  967. <+Galactus> Lol and since when is the date relevant
  968. <+Jenova> its the same thing when i called him a bad admin
  969. <+Jenova> and you had to come
  970. <+Jenova> to his rescue
  971. <+Jenova> strangle is no better than tta
  972. <+Jenova> he cant defend himself
  973. <@Mobius> Rofl
  974. <+Jenova> he needs daddy mobius to step him
  975. <@Mobius> Make your thread nigga
  976. <+Jenova> in
  977. <+IdeIdoom> Jenova
  978. <@Mobius> Rofl
  979. <@Mobius> Asked me
  980. <@Mobius> No one asked me
  981. <@Razgriz--> I'm a good admin, there is a reason why everyone thought I should actually be re-instated with actual forum access
  982. <+Jenova> ok
  983. <@Razgriz--> but you know.....
  984. <+Jenova> so let me get this straight
  985. <@Mobius> I saw AVC acting up and was like good opportunity cause I don't like him
  986. <@Mobius> rofl
  987. <+IdeIdoom> did you even ask if avc was okay with all the shit was happening to him?
  988. <+Jenova> of course he isnt ok
  989. <+Jenova> are you stupid
  990. <@Mobius> AVC isn't ok with it
  991. <+Jenova> i literally talked to him
  992. <+Galactus> that's why u harassed him???
  993. <+Jenova> in fact
  994. <@Mobius> yeah he cried to daddy jenova
  995. <+Jenova> im sure avc would drop everything
  996. <@Mobius> cause he can't defend himself
  997. <+Jenova> if mobius did
  998. <+Jenova> no doubt
  999. <@Mobius> so he needs jenova
  1000. <@Mobius> to defend him
  1001. <+Jenova> but mobius is not going to do that
  1002. <+Jenova> because he is petty
  1003. <@Mobius> he never asked
  1004. <@Mobius> to drop anything
  1005. <@Mobius> rofl
  1006. * +Enigma ( has left #A3 ("Leaving")
  1007. * Enigma ( has joined #A3
  1008. * Igor sets mode: +v Enigma
  1009. <@Mobius> didn't even know it was an option
  1010. <@Mobius> rofl
  1011. <+Jenova> of couyrse he didnt ask you
  1012. <@Mobius> then
  1013. <+Jenova> because if he asked you
  1014. <@Mobius> his problem
  1015. <+IdeIdoom> it was an obvious question, but it needs to be asked
  1016. <+Jenova> you would just make fun of him even more
  1017. <@Mobius> Kara asked
  1018. <@Mobius> Kara asked
  1019. <+Jenova> ok
  1020. <+Jenova> so you made fun of kara kurt too
  1021. <@Mobius> and Kara and I became alright now
  1022. <+Jenova> nice
  1023. <+Jenova> lmao
  1024. <@Mobius> uh wrong
  1025. <@Mobius> Kara asked me in PM to drop stuff
  1026. <@Mobius> I said ok
  1027. <@Mobius> Then we spoke awhile in PM
  1028. <@Mobius> and everything smoothed out
  1029. <@Mobius> .. then HN died rofl
  1030. <@Mobius> but that's unrelated
  1031. <@Mobius> You don't know shit
  1032. <@Mobius> Stop fighting for causes you don't know anything about
  1033. <@Mobius> worst type of self righteous fuck
  1034. <@Razgriz--> but let him post
  1035. <+Galactus> Since when does the victim need to confront the bully
  1036. <@Mobius> Victim?
  1037. <+Galactus> ya
  1038. <@Mobius> fuck that guy
  1039. <@Mobius> What
  1040. <+Galactus> u harass avc and u expect him to come to u
  1041. <@Mobius> He shit talked me too
  1042. <@Mobius> it wasn't one way
  1043. <+Galactus> to ask u to drop ur shit
  1044. <@Mobius> Are you stupid?
  1045. <+IdeIdoom> [20:41:57] <Galactus> Since when does the victim need to confront the bully
  1046. <+IdeIdoom> like
  1047. <+IdeIdoom> most of the time?
  1048. <+Galactus> there's a difference between shittalking and literally cyberbullying someone
  1049. <+IdeIdoom> if you aren't a sensitive or introvert bastard
  1050. <@Mobius> all I did
  1051. <@Mobius> was shit talk to Kara
  1052. <@Mobius> I never did anything more
  1053. <+Galactus> im talking about avc
  1054. <@Mobius> except alias
  1055. <+Galactus> u mocked his looks and his pictures
  1056. <@Mobius> AVC at any time
  1057. <+Galactus> that's p much bullying
  1058. <@Mobius> could have dropped his shit with me
  1059. <@Mobius> before it escalated
  1060. <@Mobius> didn't
  1061. <@Mobius> so why should I?
  1062. <@Razgriz--> Hold up so you are telling me its ok for AVC to throw a light punch at some random person on irc, then when someone does the same to him it's ok for him to flip out? I mean really
  1063. <@Mobius> ^
  1064. <+Jenova> strangle
  1065. <+Jenova> you are an admin
  1066. <+Galactus> there's a difference between throwing a light punch and harassing someone cuz of the way he looks lol
  1067. <+Jenova> you should have kicked him
  1068. <+Jenova> that was the entire point
  1070. <+Jenova> yes
  1071. <+Jenova> thats the entire fucking point
  1072. <+Jenova> instead of dropping it
  1073. <+Jenova> and banning him
  1074. <+Jenova> mobius came in
  1075. <+Jenova> and you tag teamed
  1076. <+Jenova> harassed him
  1077. <@Razgriz--> kick who
  1078. <+Jenova> for abouty 30 minutes
  1079. <@Razgriz--> avc?
  1080. <+Jenova> avc
  1081. <+Jenova> yes
  1082. <+Jenova> you literally
  1083. <+Jenova> sat by
  1084. <+Jenova> as mobius was shit talking on this dude
  1085. <+Jenova> about his looks
  1086. <+Jenova> obviously completely overboard
  1087. <+Jenova> thats like if i say you are a bad player
  1088. <+IdeIdoom> weren't they talking about how he mostly takes pictures in the bathroom?
  1089. <@Razgriz--> So I should kick the victim in the channel to make him feel more like the victim, nice you're completely retarded
  1090. <+Jenova> he wasnt the victim
  1091. <+Jenova> he was only the victim
  1092. <+Galactus> no they were calling him fat IdeIdoom
  1093. <+Jenova> when mobius joined
  1094. <+Jenova> and poor
  1095. <+Jenova> and you dont know what he goes through
  1096. <@Mobius> is he poor?
  1097. <+Jenova> like
  1098. <@Mobius> rofkl
  1099. <@Mobius> I was poor too
  1100. <+Jenova> me too?
  1101. <+Jenova> but why rag on him
  1102. <@Mobius> rofl
  1103. <@Mobius> pussy
  1104. <+Jenova> whats the point
  1105. <+IdeIdoom> lol i showed a picture of me 2 days ago, they called me fat as well
  1106. <@Razgriz--> Jenova you should go re-read the log
  1107. <@Mobius> I get called fat a lot
  1108. <@Mobius> rofl
  1109. <@Mobius> JZ has a video series for this
  1110. <@Razgriz--> He wanted to dance with words and I gave him the dance, but after that he choose it on his own to continue with other people
  1111. <+Jenova> why did he insult you
  1112. <+Jenova> to start with
  1113. <@Mobius> cause it's AVC
  1114. <+Jenova> im assuming there was a reason
  1115. <@Mobius> rofl
  1116. <+Jenova> there has to be
  1117. <@Razgriz--> because I said tmc is probably a runner irl
  1118. <@Mobius> didn't he call TMC a nerd?
  1119. <@Mobius> then he went ape on strangle
  1120. <@Razgriz--> yea i mean its light shit
  1121. <@Mobius> about white trash
  1122. <+Jenova> yes
  1123. <@Mobius> even though he's mexican
  1124. <@Razgriz--> nothing huge but it became huge
  1125. <+Jenova> so instead of doing what an admin does and ban him
  1126. <+Jenova> you let it devolve into a 30 minute shitfest
  1127. <@Razgriz--> why should i ban him?
  1128. <@Razgriz--> Tell me
  1129. <+Jenova> THEN when i brought it up
  1130. <+Jenova> only then did you ban him
  1131. <+Jenova> if thats not biased moderating
  1132. <+Jenova> then i dont know what is
  1133. <+Jenova> i have banned people from my own clan
  1134. <@Mobius> I agree on this. I should have been dealt with sooner
  1135. <+Jenova> listen to this
  1136. <@Mobius> Not that I am complaining
  1137. <+Jenova> rustking banned ral
  1138. <@Mobius> I got dealt with
  1139. <@Razgriz--> Hold up
  1140. <+Jenova> for 15 minutes
  1141. <@Mobius> it's fine
  1142. <+Jenova> for votekicking caboose
  1143. <+Jenova> 15 minutes
  1144. <+Jenova> how is that fair?
  1145. <+Jenova> thats not fair at all
  1146. <+Jenova> strangle doesnt ban his clan members
  1147. <+Jenova> until i ask him to
  1148. <+Jenova> so obviously its worthy of the ban
  1149. <+Jenova> but he doesnt do it because they are butt buddies
  1150. <+Jenova> they are bad admins
  1151. <+Jenova> both of them
  1152. <@Razgriz--> The thing that got mobius banned on irc was the second upbringing of the gif and posting the gif period
  1153. <+Jenova> i have banned edd, caboose, jake
  1154. <+Jenova> for weeks
  1155. <+Jenova> for throwing games, not playing
  1156. <+Jenova> etc
  1157. <+Jenova> votekick? 2 weeks
  1158. <@Mobius> Votekick is 2 weeks?
  1159. <+Jenova> votekick when a3 is involved? 15 mins
  1160. <@Mobius> that's excessive
  1161. <+Jenova> no it isnt
  1162. <@Mobius> Yes ti is
  1163. <@Razgriz--> I came home to the second upbringing of the stuff from last night and people had talked about it in the staff channel
  1164. <@Mobius> unless it's spammed
  1165. <+Jenova> whats the point of a 15 minute ban
  1166. <+Jenova> its literally useless
  1167. <+Jenova> a 15 minut eban does nothing
  1168. <@Mobius> I didn't say 15 minutes is fine
  1169. <@Mobius> 2 weeks is excessive
  1170. <+Jenova> so you agree then
  1171. <@Mobius> I'd say 5 days
  1172. <@Mobius> or something
  1173. <+Jenova> rustking and strangle made bad calls
  1174. <+Jenova> about both situations
  1175. <+Jenova> you literally agree with me
  1176. <@Mobius> sure
  1177. <@Razgriz--> You know what it's a good thing I'm not the only one who doesn't like you in staff
  1178. <+IdeIdoom> jenova tell me you're writing the thread
  1179. <+Jenova> remember about 2 years ago
  1180. <+IdeIdoom> OH WAIT you're writing here
  1181. <+Jenova> when strangle gave rustking rcon
  1182. <@Mobius> ofl
  1183. <@Mobius> damn
  1184. <+Jenova> or rustking gave strangle rcon
  1185. <+Jenova> and they abused it too
  1186. <@Mobius> IdeIdoom with the bantz
  1187. <+Jenova> remember that
  1188. <@Razgriz--> I never had rcon what the fuck
  1189. <+Jenova> but somehow they are still admins
  1190. <+Jenova> SOMEHOW
  1191. <+Jenova> yes you did
  1192. <+Jenova> this was a whole thing
  1193. <+Jenova> 2 yrs ago
  1194. <@Mobius> Didn't Strangle have rcon from Alexmax
  1195. <@Mobius> rofl
  1196. <+Jenova> maybe i can find the log
  1197. <+Jenova> no it was from rust
  1198. <+Jenova> i reported it to alex
  1199. <@Mobius> Are you sure
  1200. <+Jenova> and it got removed
  1201. <+Jenova> 100%
  1202. <@Mobius> I saw Strangle in the MOTD
  1203. <+Jenova> not lying
  1204. <+Jenova> yes
  1205. <+Jenova> he was
  1206. <+Jenova> he gave rcon to rust
  1207. <@Mobius> ah
  1208. <@Mobius> This I don't know much about
  1209. <@Mobius> I remember something
  1210. <@Mobius> hold on
  1211. <+Jenova> these are not good admins
  1212. <@Razgriz--> absolutely not, I am sure I lost it because I never did anything with it
  1213. <+Jenova> they should not be admins
  1214. <@Razgriz--> However Jenova keep changing the topic
  1215. <@Razgriz--> And make your post
  1216. <@Mobius> Well Legion did ban me for a month cause I said he sucked in priv but where was Jenova when it happened?
  1217. <@Mobius> I needed Jenova then
  1218. <@Mobius> :(
  1219. <@Razgriz--> You can bring up old shit from 2+ years ago, hey I wont even judge you for it, I know you're desperate as hell
  1220. <@Mobius> I want this forum threa
  1221. <@Mobius> thread*
  1222. <@Mobius> wait it's funny
  1223. <@Mobius> Jenova remembers this
  1224. <@Mobius> but not the shit I bring up
  1225. <@Mobius> mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  1226. <@Razgriz--> I remember when Jenova ddos and thought it was a good idea, I also like how he can rcon abuse on NJ but thinks its fair if he abuses it on everyone
  1227. <@Razgriz--> nice logic
  1228. <@Razgriz--> eat shit
  1229. <+Jenova> lmao
  1230. <@Mobius> Everyone got dirt on each other
  1231. <+Jenova> rcon abuse on nj
  1232. <+Jenova> show me ONE example
  1233. <+Jenova> ONE example
  1234. <@Razgriz--> priv last week
  1235. <@Razgriz--> nice
  1236. <+Jenova> when i kicked you
  1237. <+Jenova> for being afk?
  1238. <+Jenova> right
  1239. <+Jenova> i also kicked shadowforce
  1240. <+Jenova> a member of my own clan
  1241. <+Jenova> do you know why i kicked you
  1242. <+Jenova> you fucking moron
  1243. <+Jenova> its because if i didnt kick you
  1244. <@Razgriz--> you kicked people who were afk, even though that's unnecessary
  1245. <+Jenova> and randcaps got called
  1246. <@Razgriz--> just pick someone else
  1247. <+Jenova> it could pick them
  1248. <+Jenova> omfg
  1249. <+Jenova> you are so stupid
  1250. <+Jenova> its unreal
  1251. <@Razgriz--> you are completely stupid
  1252. <@Razgriz--> forreal
  1253. <+Jenova> randcaps
  1254. <+Jenova> hello
  1255. <+IdeIdoom> now that's stupid jenova
  1256. <@Mobius> real
  1257. <+Jenova> if you were starred
  1258. <+Jenova> i wouldnt care
  1259. <+IdeIdoom> just recall the randcaps
  1260. <+Jenova> how is that stupid????
  1261. <@Mobius> rofl
  1262. <+Jenova> you need to wait
  1263. <+Jenova> 30 seconds
  1264. <+IdeIdoom> SOOOO!?
  1265. <+Jenova> dude
  1266. <+Jenova> a kick isnt malicious
  1267. <@Mobius> I thought that was a setting?
  1268. <+Jenova> its not like i banned him
  1269. <@Razgriz--> you justify kicking people who are afk for a min or two to get water or do shit, just because randcaps picks them
  1270. <+Jenova> its a fucking kick
  1271. <@Razgriz--> you are stupid as hell
  1272. <+Jenova> he can reconnect
  1273. <@Mobius> I forgot how randcaps work
  1274. <@Razgriz--> you are fucking dumb
  1275. <+Jenova> are you seriously
  1276. <+Jenova> lmao
  1277. <+Jenova> ok
  1278. <+Jenova> i need to quote this convo
  1279. <@Razgriz--> yea shut the hell up
  1280. <+Jenova> this is solid gold
  1281. <@Mobius> Actually
  1282. <@Mobius> this convo is gold
  1283. <+Jenova> yes
  1284. <@Mobius> you trying to wedge shit between friends
  1285. <@Mobius> is good
  1286. <+IdeIdoom> it's pure gold
  1287. <@Mobius> I wanna show the world that
  1288. <+Jenova> IdeIdoom
  1289. <@Razgriz--> you know when you're not there that isn't the problem, we dont callvote kick people out of the servers for being afk
  1290. <+Jenova> i don't kick people to be malicious
  1291. <@Razgriz--> so yea
  1292. <@Razgriz--> explain that
  1293. <+Jenova> yes you do
  1294. <+Jenova> ral does
  1295. <+Jenova> hello?
  1296. <+Jenova> hello?????
  1297. <@Razgriz--> ral isnt me
  1298. <@Razgriz--> you moron???//
  1299. <+Galactus> 20:54:40 <Mobius> you trying to wedge shit between friends
  1300. <+Jenova> rofl
  1301. <+Jenova> of course
  1302. <+Jenova> ral has nothing to do with you guys
  1303. <+Galactus> do u mean between urself and razgriz?
  1304. <@Mobius> no
  1305. <@Razgriz--> ral isnt me you dumb motherfucker
  1306. <@Mobius> Avernus and myself
  1307. <+Galactus> o
  1308. <@IvanDobrovski> ral is an innocent bystander
  1309. <@Mobius> with the whole muslim thing
  1310. <@Mobius> Ral innocent?
  1311. <@Mobius> rofl
  1312. <@Mobius> rofl
  1313. <@Mobius> rofl
  1314. <@IvanDobrovski> see what I did there
  1315. <@Mobius> Ral got banned. No protest
  1316. <@IvanDobrovski> gj Mobius
  1317. <@IvanDobrovski> XD
  1318. <+IdeIdoom> who stars just to get a bottle of water?
  1319. <@Razgriz--> hurry up and make the topic Jenova because I can't wait for it
  1320. <@Mobius> No one
  1321. <@Mobius> Jenova is just trying hard
  1322. <@Mobius> right now
  1323. <+Jenova> ok
  1324. <+Jenova> so my rcon abuse is
  1325. <@IvanDobrovski> 21:55:23 <IdeIdoom> who stars just to get a bottle of water?
  1326. <@IvanDobrovski> doom is competitive
  1327. <+Jenova> kicking afk people for priv
  1328. <@IvanDobrovski> million dollar game
  1329. <@IvanDobrovski> you go akf
  1330. <+Jenova> i also kick aliasers
  1331. <@IvanDobrovski> you get killed
  1332. <+Jenova> ban me please
  1333. <@IvanDobrovski> afk*
  1334. <@Mobius> Remember when I kicked him from our ts and he went apeshit on irc and spak ts about a3 being bad and mobius being shit?
  1335. <@Mobius> Me too
  1336. <+IdeIdoom> aliasers sure
  1337. <@Razgriz--> yea you do one good thing and one bad thing, sorry it doesn't equal out
  1338. <@Razgriz--> dumb
  1339. <@Razgriz--> dumb
  1340. <@Razgriz--> the admin of be people
  1341. <@IvanDobrovski> dont worry
  1342. <@Mobius> I do good things so I am allowed to be an asshole
  1343. <@Mobius> :^)
  1344. <@IvanDobrovski> in islam
  1345. <@IvanDobrovski> doing 1 good thing outweighs every bad thing
  1346. <@IvanDobrovski> !
  1347. <@Mobius> damn
  1348. <+IdeIdoom> it's like
  1349. <@Mobius> I haven't seen a fag get blown out since Orlando
  1350. <@IvanDobrovski> FU
  1351. <+Jenova> Razgriz--
  1352. <@IvanDobrovski> DONT MAKE FUN OF EM
  1353. <+Jenova> why dont you ask alex
  1354. <@IvanDobrovski> !
  1355. <+Jenova> go pm alex
  1356. <+Jenova> and ask him if it was fair
  1357. <+IdeIdoom> doing a homicide and then going to church to get rid of your sins
  1358. <+Jenova> im sure he will tell you what i did was right
  1359. <+Jenova> in fact, it wasn't only right -- it was the smartest thing to do
  1360. <+Jenova> because if you are afk
  1361. <+Jenova> you know what happens?
  1362. <+Jenova> one person will pick you
  1363. <@Mobius> never AFK in NJ or GV
  1364. <+Jenova> and then another will pick someone else
  1365. <+Jenova> you can afk
  1366. <+Jenova> just start
  1367. <+Jenova> star
  1368. <+Jenova> its literally
  1369. <+Jenova> a fucking rule
  1370. <@Razgriz--> yea and im not there, so pick someone else
  1371. <+Jenova> holy shit
  1372. <+Jenova> yes but we dont know that
  1373. <+Jenova> UNLESS
  1374. <+Jenova> YOU ARE STARRED
  1375. <@IvanDobrovski> what if he went to pee
  1376. <@IvanDobrovski> I do that
  1377. <@Mobius> you know how many people who said they aren't playing and never star'd or never star'd and AFK
  1378. <+Jenova> then he should say
  1379. <+IdeIdoom> you could've just done randcaps again
  1380. <+Jenova> brb piss 30s
  1381. <@Razgriz--> i get water and get owned because omg i cant figure out a way to get captains sorted out
  1382. <+Jenova> i do that
  1383. <+Jenova> i can literally find logs
  1384. <@Mobius> Frank should be permabanned from NJ
  1385. <@Mobius> rofl
  1386. <+Jenova> where i say
  1387. <@Mobius> fuckin hell
  1388. <+Jenova> brb piss 30s
  1389. <@IvanDobrovski> what if I forgot to do it
  1390. <@IvanDobrovski> can happen
  1391. <+Jenova> then you reconnect?
  1392. <@Razgriz--> yea nice im sure everyone wanted to know you take piss during your break
  1393. <@IvanDobrovski> uh no
  1394. <+Jenova> getting kicked isnt a punishment
  1395. <+Jenova> its a way to remove players
  1396. <+Jenova> who are afk
  1397. <+Jenova> from the server
  1398. <@Razgriz--> but that's no reason to abuse it just because
  1399. <@IvanDobrovski> you find you got replaced by someone else
  1400. <+Jenova> its not like im punishing him for being afk
  1401. <@IvanDobrovski> frustratinbg
  1402. <@Razgriz--> omg afk i gotta kick them and use rcon
  1403. <@Razgriz--> but it doesn't matter you're retarded
  1404. <@Razgriz--> make your thread Jenova
  1405. <+Jenova> go ask alex
  1406. <@Mobius> Why does randcaps require 30 seconds?
  1407. <+Jenova> seriously
  1408. <@Mobius> That's stupid
  1409. <+Jenova> go ask alex
  1410. <+Jenova> lmao
  1411. <+Jenova> no shit
  1412. <+IdeIdoom> if they are afk, leave them be
  1413. <@Mobius> in Zdoomwars
  1414. <+Jenova> but its not only randcaps
  1415. <@Mobius> ours can be done
  1416. <@Razgriz--> hurry up
  1417. <@Mobius> any time
  1418. <@Mobius> rofl
  1419. <+IdeIdoom> not even dragon kicks people
  1420. <+Jenova> if you let me talk i can explain
  1421. <+Jenova> but i cant explain
  1422. <+IdeIdoom> and he's competitive as shit
  1423. <+Jenova> w/o 30 ppl jumping in
  1424. <+Jenova> i can literally
  1425. <+Jenova> give you a step by step
  1426. <@Mobius> make
  1427. <@Mobius> YOUR
  1428. <@Razgriz--> yea shut the fuck up and explain in your topic
  1429. <@Mobius> THRAD
  1430. <+Jenova> logically thought process
  1431. <+Jenova> ok
  1432. <+Jenova> i will explain why i kicked strangle and shadowforce
  1433. <+Jenova> for not *ing in priv
  1434. <+Jenova> and being afk
  1435. <+Jenova> this might be a little hard
  1436. <@Mobius> Good so Alexmax can post too
  1437. <@Mobius> Jesus
  1438. <+Jenova> so make sure you follow
  1439. <@Mobius> Do it already
  1440. <@IvanDobrovski> wait
  1441. <@IvanDobrovski> before you start
  1442. <+Jenova> 1. If he is picked by randcaps, we need to wait 30 seconds (this isnt that bad tbh)
  1443. <@Razgriz--> if you had a brain in your head maybe it wouldn't be so difficult for you
  1444. <@IvanDobrovski> we need to make sure we are in the right context as you are
  1445. <+Jenova> 2. If he is not picked by randcaps, people will try to pick him if he is afk
  1446. <@IvanDobrovski> channel your contexts
  1447. <@Mobius> ,irony
  1448. <+Servitor> <Jenova> your entire doom career has been spent not playing the game || <Jenova> but just trashing on people
  1449. <@Mobius> ,irony
  1450. <+Servitor> <Jenova> its all in context
  1451. <@Mobius> There we go
  1452. <@IvanDobrovski> LOL
  1453. <@Razgriz--> but hurry you are still typing here Jenova the topic isn't gonna finish itself
  1454. <@IvanDobrovski> IRONY
  1455. <+IdeIdoom> wow
  1456. <+IdeIdoom> fucking dumped
  1457. <%Dragon> Lol what's going on here?
  1458. <@Mobius> ,irony
  1459. <+Servitor> <Jenova> please understand the context
  1460. <@Mobius> rofl
  1461. <@Razgriz--> Dragon
  1462. <@Razgriz--> let me ask you
  1463. <+IdeIdoom> you are an admin on gv
  1464. <+Jenova> 2. When people try to pick him, other will still pick, therefore ruining the "flow" and people usually have to repick
  1465. <%Dragon> Hey hey, 1 at a time.
  1466. <+Jenova> with how slow priv is
  1467. <@Razgriz--> When people are afk for a very short amount of time in priv, do you abuse rcon and kick them out of the server?
  1468. <+Jenova> this can take like
  1469. <+Jenova> strangle
  1470. <@Mobius> make thread
  1471. <%Dragon> It depends Razgriz--
  1472. <@Razgriz--> fuck jenova he's retarded and cant use his head
  1473. <@Mobius> make thread
  1474. <+Jenova> nobody knew the length you were gone
  1475. <%Dragon> What was the context?
  1476. <+Jenova> because you didnt say shit
  1477. <+Jenova> Dranzer
  1478. <+Jenova> Dragon
  1479. <+Jenova> pm me please
  1480. <@IvanDobrovski> ,irony
  1481. <+Servitor> <Jenova> what have i done in the past month that i should have gotten banned for
  1482. <+IdeIdoom> randcaps were called
  1483. <+Jenova> i will explain
  1484. <+IdeIdoom> razgriz was picked, he was afk
  1485. <@Mobius> He can't explain it here
  1486. <@IvanDobrovski> irony is epic
  1487. <+IdeIdoom> jenova directly kicked him
  1488. <@IvanDobrovski> i love it
  1489. <@Mobius> he has to explain it
  1490. <@Mobius> his way
  1491. <@Mobius> so he can lie to you
  1492. <@Mobius> in PM
  1493. <@Mobius> rofl
  1494. <+Jenova> Dragon is not dumb
  1495. <@Mobius> Well
  1496. <@Mobius> say it here
  1497. <+Jenova> if someone is afk and they dont say how long
  1498. <@Razgriz--> in fact Jenova where is the topic
  1499. <+Jenova> they need to be kicked
  1500. <@Razgriz--> go make it
  1501. <@Razgriz--> here i will help you
  1502. * Razgriz-- sets mode: -v Jenova
  1503. <@Mobius> I remember idling in priv for 3 hours
  1504. <@Mobius> no kicks
  1505. * Razgriz-- sets mode: +b m:Jenova!*@*
  1506. <%Dragon> So you were picked by a randcap Razgriz--?
  1507. <%Dragon> That's it?
  1508. <+IdeIdoom> ye
  1509. <%Dragon> You were afk?
  1510. <+IdeIdoom> he was afk
  1511. <@Razgriz--> yeh I got up to get water
  1512. <@Razgriz--> and he owned me outta the server
  1513. <@Razgriz--> he did the same to anyone afk
  1514. <@Razgriz--> unneeded
  1515. <@IvanDobrovski> I mean
  1516. <@Razgriz--> most people pick around afk people
  1517. <@IvanDobrovski> I get it that it breaks the flow
  1518. <@IvanDobrovski> I agree
  1519. <@IvanDobrovski> but
  1520. <@IvanDobrovski> wait like 15 seconds for the guy
  1521. <@IvanDobrovski> geez
  1522. <@IvanDobrovski> are you that impatient
  1523. <@IvanDobrovski> doom isnt everything
  1524. * IvanDobrovski sets mode: +v Jenova
  1525. <@Mobius> Man I forgot how to operate irc
  1526. <@Razgriz--> I play gv so-so often but I never see you rcon abuse like that
  1527. <@Razgriz--> but Jenova justifies it by saying he kicks other people
  1528. <@Mobius> I got kicked in duel on gv for idling
  1529. <+IdeIdoom> neither, when i used to play
  1530. <@Mobius> It's why I hate dueling on gv
  1531. <@Mobius> no d2m1
  1532. <@Mobius> but that's autokicking
  1533. <@Mobius> stupid
  1534. <%Dragon> Yes Mobius
  1535. <%Dragon> It's auto.
  1536. <%Dragon> But I can like the autokick..
  1537. <%Dragon> Say you're in a server, 2 joins, you're joined up.
  1538. <%Dragon> Taking the spot.
  1539. <+Jenova> i will paste
  1540. <+Jenova> what i pm'd dragon
  1541. <@Razgriz--> hey
  1542. <+Jenova> and you can read it
  1543. <@Razgriz--> how about you finish the topic already
  1544. <+Enigma>
  1545. <+Jenova>
  1546. <@Mobius> Lol
  1547. <+Jenova> there you go
  1548. <+Jenova> enjoy
  1549. * ArgentAgent ( has joined #A3
  1550. * Igor sets mode: +o ArgentAgent
  1551. <@Razgriz--> nice dragon only agreed about how long the picking process takes
  1552. <@Razgriz--> can't read I enjoy how stupid you are
  1553. <+Jenova> man
  1554. <@Mobius> I think Dragon wants no part of this idk
  1555. <+Jenova> lol
  1556. <@Mobius> Well
  1557. <@Razgriz--> yea sorry Dragon if you don't wanna be involved its ok
  1558. <%Dragon> Mobius, I just want to know the reason.
  1559. <@Mobius> ah
  1560. <+IdeIdoom> i just brought him up because he doesn't do shit like this
  1561. <%Dragon> This is not a thing that requires me to take part.
  1562. <@Mobius> See
  1563. <+IdeIdoom> that's it
  1564. <@Mobius> I thought it
  1565. <@Mobius> Good
  1566. <%Dragon> I mean, I've done just like Jen, but with Alien instead of Rangle.
  1567. <+Jenova> ty
  1568. <+Jenova> it speeds up priv
  1569. <+Jenova> games go faster
  1570. <@Mobius> but
  1571. <+Jenova> it literally just improves the game
  1572. <@Mobius> you have to wait
  1573. <@Razgriz--> Yeh though he kick several people, not needed
  1574. <+Jenova> sorry i am improving the game for you guys
  1575. <%Dragon> But I don't do it instantly, if it keeps happening he's gone.
  1576. <@Mobius> 30 seconds anyway
  1577. <+Jenova> sorry
  1578. <@Mobius> it's the same time
  1579. <@Mobius> rofl
  1580. <+Jenova> next time when someone afks
  1581. <+Jenova> i will just wait
  1582. <@Razgriz--> I'm only one of few people he did kick
  1583. <%Dragon> But AO has done this many times.
  1584. <@Mobius> <%Dragon> But I don't do it instantly, if it keeps happening he's gone.
  1585. <%Dragon> So I get rid of him for fucking up picking.
  1586. <@Razgriz--> there you go
  1587. <+IdeIdoom> ah
  1588. <+Jenova> would you agree
  1589. <+Jenova> a kick from private ctf
  1590. <+IdeIdoom> welp jenova
  1591. <+Jenova> for being afk
  1592. <@Mobius> Jenova got blown the fuck out
  1593. <+Jenova> is not malicious
  1594. <+IdeIdoom> you're still in the wrong
  1595. <+Jenova> but rather to improve the flow of priv
  1596. <+Jenova> would you agree
  1597. <+Jenova> just tell me that
  1598. <@Razgriz--> why not pick around, it happens a lot
  1599. <%Dragon> But is this just small shitfest just because of the FACT he kicked you?
  1600. <+IdeIdoom> not a malicious intent but the wrong action to tak
  1601. <+Jenova> no
  1602. <+IdeIdoom> take*
  1603. <@Razgriz--> Jenova is mad about previous drama from yesterday
  1604. <+Jenova> this all started 2 days ago
  1605. <@Mobius> Dragon it's a Jenova vs A3 thing don't even get involved
  1606. <@Mobius> just
  1607. <@Mobius> save yourself
  1608. <%Dragon> Because in all honesty, rejoining after a kick takes 2 seconds.
  1609. <+Jenova> exactly!
  1610. <+Jenova> jesus fucking christ
  1611. <@Mobius> 30 seconds to wait
  1612. <+Jenova> its not like i permbanned them for afking
  1613. <@Mobius> for afk
  1614. <@Mobius> just saying
  1615. <+Jenova> no
  1616. <+Jenova> its not 30s
  1617. <@Mobius> no?
  1618. <@Razgriz--> Dragon he's on a tangent against Mobius, myself and the rest of staff, and from the sounds of it, rustking too
  1619. <+Jenova> because we dont know
  1620. <+Jenova> how long he is afk for
  1621. <+Jenova> he didnt say
  1622. <+Jenova> "brb 30 seconds"
  1623. <+Jenova> i didnt know how long he was gone for
  1624. <+IdeIdoom> well
  1625. <+Jenova> maybe he was gone for 30s
  1626. <+IdeIdoom> you could've waited
  1627. <+Jenova> maybe 5 minutes
  1628. <+IdeIdoom> 1 minute
  1629. <+Jenova> ok
  1630. <+IdeIdoom> 2 minutes
  1631. <+Jenova> but if we wait
  1632. <+Jenova> every single time
  1633. <+IdeIdoom> before kicking him
  1634. <@Mobius> or randcaps
  1635. <@Razgriz--> hey
  1636. <+Jenova> every single time
  1637. <+Jenova> then we just end up waiting
  1638. <@Mobius> just run rancaps again
  1639. <+Jenova> for no reason
  1640. <@Razgriz--> who unmuted this fucker anyways he has a post to make
  1641. <+Jenova> over and over
  1642. * Razgriz-- sets mode: -v Jenova
  1643. <+IdeIdoom> ivan
  1644. <@Razgriz--> finish bitch
  1645. <@Mobius> I do wanna see this massive thread
  1646. <@IvanDobrovski> i unmuted him
  1647. <@IvanDobrovski> let him talk
  1648. <@IvanDobrovski> hes not gonna do the thread anyway
  1649. * IvanDobrovski sets mode: +v Jenova
  1650. <@Mobius> cause I got nice simple counter to everything he got on me
  1651. <+Dastandroid> I know this doesn't concern me, but was Razgriz-- picked by randcaps or by a captain?
  1652. <@Mobius> randcaps
  1653. <+Galactus> randcaps
  1654. <+IdeIdoom> randcaps
  1655. <+Galactus> which is why I actually agree with jen lol
  1656. <@IvanDobrovski> randcaps bandwagon
  1657. <+IdeIdoom> Galactus
  1658. <+Dastandroid> It could've been possible to recall it without having to kick him from server
  1659. <@Mobius> ^
  1660. <+Galactus> tho maybe just recalling caps is easier
  1661. <+IdeIdoom> you and jen don't have patience then
  1662. <@IvanDobrovski> impatience
  1663. <@IvanDobrovski> is a big problem
  1664. <@Mobius> It isn't a corrupt move just a bad move
  1665. <@Mobius> Legion banned me for a month
  1666. <@Mobius> for saying he sucked
  1667. <@Razgriz--> actually what used to happen is if someone who is afk is picked twice, the two different people fill in caps
  1668. <@Mobius> Jenova didn't stand up for me then
  1669. <@Razgriz--> its not hard
  1670. <@Mobius> good thing Legion isn't an admin anymore
  1671. <+IdeIdoom> well
  1672. <+IdeIdoom> legion is gone
  1673. <@Mobius> yeah
  1674. <+IdeIdoom> doing his maths teaching
  1675. <@Mobius> He's an FBI shill
  1676. <+Galactus> Ok yeah I don't understand why u didn't just pick new caps
  1677. <+IdeIdoom> also that
  1678. <@Mobius> cause
  1679. <+Galactus> that's wut we always did in priv back when I played
  1680. <@Mobius> cause
  1681. <+Galactus> when someone was afk
  1682. <+IdeIdoom> because jenova wants a clean, totalitarian priv
  1683. <@Mobius> Jenova doesn't have time
  1684. <@Razgriz--> btw Galactus you were unbanned a few hours ago
  1685. <@Mobius> STOP WASTING HIS TIME
  1686. <@Mobius> speaking of time
  1687. <@Mobius> time for him
  1688. <@Razgriz--> just so you know
  1689. <@Mobius> to make his thread
  1690. <+Galactus> Razgriz-- ye watakid told me
  1691. <@Mobius> ,irony
  1692. <+Servitor> <Jenova> its all in context
  1693. <@Razgriz--> kk
  1694. <@Mobius> ,irony
  1695. <+Servitor> <Jenova> im not saying you are some evil person <-- Later -- > <Jenova> you're a fucking terrible human being
  1696. <@HeavenWraith> you guys seem to miss one obvious thing
  1697. <@Mobius> ?
  1698. <+IdeIdoom> wow
  1699. <@HeavenWraith> kicking/banning people is very fun
  1700. <@Mobius> Lol
  1701. <@Mobius> It is
  1702. <+Dastandroid> Lol
  1703. <+IdeIdoom> Sometimes
  1704. <@HeavenWraith> I still regret not banning mobius when I said I'd do that
  1705. <@Mobius> Especially Bob
  1706. <+IdeIdoom> having power is generally fun
  1707. <@Mobius> <3
  1708. <@Mobius> you love me
  1709. <@HeavenWraith> even though bans from GV didn't mean a whole lot
  1710. <@Mobius> to be fair HeavenWraith
  1711. <@HeavenWraith> it's just that moment
  1712. <+IdeIdoom> bans from supergod's however
  1713. <@HeavenWraith> when you hit enter
  1714. <@Mobius> I am sure Zap regret not banning me in 2009
  1715. <@HeavenWraith> and he's gone
  1716. <@Mobius> "fuck I could have gotten rid of this guy before he grew."
  1717. <@HeavenWraith> yeah
  1718. <@HeavenWraith> like a fucking tumor
  1719. <@HeavenWraith> jesus
  1720. <@Mobius> :^)
  1721. <@Mobius> Jenova wants to rid the community of the tumor
  1722. <+Galactus> ya cuz tumors kill
  1723. <@HeavenWraith> I forget why I threatened to permaban you though
  1724. <@Razgriz--> but we got rid of capo
  1725. <@Mobius> that kept the clan scene alive for years
  1726. <@Mobius> :^)
  1727. <@Razgriz--> don't forget he's also mad we wont scrim him
  1728. <@Mobius> remember we saved the competitive scene
  1729. <@Razgriz--> its like lol
  1730. <@Mobius> I miss that meme
  1731. <@Mobius> trolled Pro
  1732. <+Galactus> Mobius did u actually?
  1733. <+Jenova> [15:13:40] <@Mobius> that kept the clan scene alive for years
  1734. <@Mobius> yes
  1735. <+Jenova> [15:13:52] <@Razgriz--> don't forget he's also mad we wont scrim him
  1736. <+Jenova> lmao
  1737. <@Mobius> :^)
  1738. <+IdeIdoom> the only meme i know is that you should read the guide jenova
  1739. <@Mobius> ,irony
  1740. <+Servitor> <capodecima>all he is doing are collecting logs and making fun of some kids || <capodecima>when he is fucking
  1741. <+Servitor> over 30 || <capodecima>he can just foff
  1742. <@Mobius> *hits blunt*
  1743. <+IdeIdoom> oh that one too
  1744. <@IvanDobrovski> ,irony
  1745. <+Servitor> <Jenova> what have i done in the past month that i should have gotten banned for
  1746. <+IdeIdoom> ,irony
  1747. <+Servitor> <Jenova> im not surprised your little muslim brain cant comprehend what im saying <-- he never brings up personal
  1748. <+Servitor> attacks
  1749. <@IvanDobrovski> oh see
  1750. <@Razgriz--> it's like the only thing him and his clan brings up is "hey u wont scrim r wow i need attention"
  1751. <@Mobius> You know my cancerous behavior is why everyone filled up Zdaemon's ts to listen to me Battlerap Godlike
  1752. <@IvanDobrovski> thats what he said
  1753. <@Mobius> but you know
  1754. <@IvanDobrovski> rofl
  1755. <@Mobius> I am bad
  1756. <@Mobius> rofl
  1757. <+Jenova> hey
  1758. <+Jenova> if they want to ba me
  1759. <@Mobius> I hate this community
  1760. <+Jenova> for saying that
  1761. <+Jenova> they can
  1762. <+Jenova> but its more likely
  1763. <+Jenova> they will ban you
  1764. <@Mobius> I entertain them unless it's something they don't like
  1765. <+Jenova> for your years of personal attacks
  1766. <@Mobius> They didn't
  1767. <+Jenova> vs me kicking strangle for being afk
  1768. <+Jenova> or ddos 4 years ago
  1769. <@Mobius> I never did anything bad to Zdaemon
  1770. <@Mobius> ever.
  1771. <@IvanDobrovski> murphy's law: If something can go wrong, it will.
  1772. <+Jenova> good call
  1773. <@IvanDobrovski> if he has 99% chance of getting bad
  1774. <@IvanDobrovski> that 1% might just happen
  1775. <@Mobius> also
  1776. <@IvanDobrovski> :p
  1777. <@Mobius> I've been banned
  1778. <+Jenova> yeah no shit
  1779. <+IdeIdoom> well i don't remember mobius having a beef with moti lately
  1780. <@Mobius> Metal glined me for his images
  1781. <+Jenova> why did mobius have beef with moti anyways
  1782. <@Razgriz--> oh here we go
  1783. <@Mobius> soulsucka
  1784. <@Mobius> nari
  1785. <@Razgriz--> digging in the past
  1786. <@Mobius> which was nothing but personal
  1787. <@Razgriz--> hey you still havent finished that post
  1788. <@HeavenWraith> he was jelly soul had e-sex with moti?
  1789. <@Mobius> yes
  1790. <@Mobius> very jelly
  1791. <@HeavenWraith> ok
  1792. <@HeavenWraith> fair enough I suppose
  1793. <@IvanDobrovski> ew
  1794. <@Mobius> don't make it gay
  1795. <@Mobius> ,irony
  1796. <@IvanDobrovski> even the thought of e-sex with moti
  1797. <+Servitor> <Jenova> im not surprised your little muslim brain cant comprehend what im saying <-- he never brings up personal
  1798. <+Servitor> attacks
  1799. <@IvanDobrovski> makes me disgusted
  1800. <@HeavenWraith> although soul didn't want jelly
  1801. <@HeavenWraith> he wanted... yeah
  1802. <@IvanDobrovski> the neck
  1803. <@HeavenWraith> you know
  1804. <@IvanDobrovski> ugh
  1805. <@Razgriz--> rofl
  1806. <@Razgriz--> awful
  1807. <@IvanDobrovski> as I said yesterday
  1808. <@IvanDobrovski> if only his dick was as long as his neck
  1809. <@IvanDobrovski> that's the catch phrase of the bed
  1810. <@IvanDobrovski> activity
  1811. <@IvanDobrovski> *
  1812. <@HeavenWraith> you need to keep your hormones in your pants
  1813. <@IvanDobrovski> I do
  1814. <+IdeIdoom> sorry for the sidetrack tho
  1815. <@Mobius> funny
  1816. <@IvanDobrovski> np
  1817. <@Mobius> Metal PMed me
  1818. <@Mobius> was like
  1819. <@Mobius> please stop with the Moti thing
  1820. <@Mobius> and I obliged
  1821. <@Mobius> .. I think I broke the obligation though cause I forget and got in trouble
  1822. <@Mobius> ,irony
  1823. <+Servitor> <Jenova> please understand the context
  1824. <@Mobius> Shut up with the context
  1825. <@Mobius> holy shit
  1826. <+IdeIdoom> best context
  1827. <@Mobius> is that a new word priv just discovered
  1828. <+IdeIdoom> is none
  1829. <@Mobius> fuck
  1830. <@Mobius> ,irony
  1831. <+Servitor> <Jenova> thats because they are scared to ban you
  1832. <@Mobius> ROFL
  1833. <+IdeIdoom> wait
  1834. <+IdeIdoom> is that bot a Warhammer reference
  1835. <@IvanDobrovski> ,irony
  1836. <+Servitor> <Jenova> you literally cannot shut your fucking mouth for 5 minutes
  1837. <@IvanDobrovski> I could turn that so gay
  1838. <+IdeIdoom> the name of it
  1839. <@IvanDobrovski> you'd hate that comment
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