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  1. **Item #:** SCP-XXX
  3. **Object Class:** Euclid
  5. **Special Containment Procedures:** SCP-XXX is to be contained within a secured safe, lined with lead, and locked using a standard mechanical combination lock as well as an electronic keypad. The combinations for each individual lock are to be secured with two (2) separate personnel at different Sites, to prevent the possibility of accidental opening.
  7. The safe is to be stored inside a 4 x 4 x 4 meter room, connected to a hall way no less than six (6) meters in length. The two (2) doors leading to the chamber housing SCP-XXX are to be hermetically sealed, the inner door opening only once the outer door is completely closed and the seal engaged. The chamber housing SCP-XXX is equipped with an emergency depressurization system, designed to completely draw all air and particulate matter from the room in the event that SCP-XXX is ever smoked.
  9. Unless specifically authorized by O5-level staff, personnel are prohibited from bringing any of the following into the chamber with SCP-XXX:
  11.   * Open flames
  12.   * Tobacco in any form
  13.   * Nicotine patches and electronic cigarettes
  14.   * Matches
  15.   * Items which could produce a spark or flame without expending significant effort (e.g. gas torches, flint and tinder, etc.)
  17. Personnel found bringing these items into the chamber without authorization will be demoted to D-class. Personnel who smoke recreationally should not be permitted to enter the room containing SCP-XXX unless approved for testing due to the compulsion SCP-XXX creates.
  19. **Description:** SCP-XXX is an antique Meerschaum-style pipe, carved to appear as the bust of an elegantly-dressed woman holding a small sceptre and wearing an exotic headdress, with a delicately carved amber stem. The style in which SCP-XXX is carved suggests that it was crafted during 17th or 18th century England, however carbon dating of SCP-XXX places its age at approximately [DATA EXPUNGED]. Analysis of SCP-XXX reveals that the material it is crafted from is indeed horn, as was common during this historical period, however the molecular structure of the horn includes proteins and keratins not produced by any animals native to Earth.
  21. Individuals who view SCP-XXX are struck with an urge to attempt to smoke with it. This urge is in direct proportion to the level of addiction that they currently suffer from, regardless of the kind of drug involved, although it should be noted that the drug must be smoked in order to have its effect. Non-smokers experience only a mild draw to attempt smoking SCP-XXX. Recreational smokers experience a moderate compulsion to smoke with it, even if they have never smoked a pipe before. Heavy smokers, typically those who use a pack of cigarettes or more a day, will become highly drawn to SCP-XXX, often attempting to forcibly gain access to SCP-XXX and may become mildly agitated if denied access. Individuals addicted to more powerful drugs (e.g. cocaine) will [DATA EXPUNGED].
  23. Testing has revealed that individuals who smoke SCP-XXX experience a significant change in their emotional, psychological, and moral strictures, in direct proportion to the duration that SCP-XXX has been smoked. Individuals who have smoked only once for a short period of time show mild narcissism, avarice, and xenophobia, with these traits being magnified in those who already exhibit these qualities, and the feelings typically subside within 3-6 hours, after which the individual returns to their normal psychological baseline. Subsequent smokings increase the intensity and the duration of these feelings, with individuals who have smoked for more than 24 total hours experiencing a near-total denigration of their former psychological structure, becoming self-serving, psychopathic, and virulently antisocial, with the targets of said psychopathic and antisocial behavior being influenced by fears or prejudices that are deep-seated in the individual's psyche. Individuals who have smoked SCP-XXX for more than 24 total hours do return to normal after being deprived of it, although it should be noted that recovery time increases by an exponential factor for every █ hours smoked after the first 24. To date, only [DATA EXPUNGED] (who is in Foundation custody) has successfully recovered from a long bout with SCP-XXX's usage. Full recovery from its usage has taken ██ years to complete, along with extensive psychological treatment to cope with the atrocities performed while under the influence of SCP-XXX, which is ongoing and has been for the past ██ years. This individual is, in official records, to be designated SCP-XXX-1, although referring to SCP-XXX-1 by name is acceptable for purposes of psychological stability.
  25. Additional symptoms include fascination with smoke and fire, advancing to the point of pyromania in individuals who have used SCP-XXX for long periods, second and third-degree burns appearing suddenly upon the user's skin, and a general feeling of unease or fear of the individual who has been smoking SCP-XXX.
  27. **Addendum:** SCP-XXX was recovered approximately ██ years ago from an underground bunker outside of London, England, during the cleanup of the Second Great Fire of London in World War II, clutched in the hand of a ██████ soldier who was too badly burned to be positively identified. SCP-XXX remained completely unscathed, despite the fact that temperatures of the fires were hot enough to melt steel and cause severe structural damage.
  29. During research of the history of the item, it was determined that SCP-XXX has been through no less than ██ major fires across the globe, including the first Great Fire of London in 1666, the 1805 Great Fire of Detroit, the 1871 Great Chicago Fire, the 1894 Fire of Shanghai, and the 1922 Great Fire of Smyrna. In each case, SCP-XXX was found at or very near to the location that each major blaze began according to anecdotes from each of these major eras. The most concrete evidence of a link between SCP-XXX and these fires is with the 1805 fire of Detroit, where a dockworker allegedly emptied his pipe out on a hot, dry day, and the embers started the fire that would burn down effectively the entire city.
  31. It is presently unknown what causes SCP-XXX's mimetic effect, although testing with Class D personnel is presently ongoing.
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