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  1. I don't want to be rude, but genetics absolutely does prove a gender binary, or at least, a chromosomal binary.
  2. Unlike as with Zoe's incorrect and fallacious false comparison states, white skin, left handedness and red hair, among other things, are not 'abnormalities' as she means the term to be. For example, left handedness hovers at about 10% of humanity, the percentage of Caucasian humans is roughly 20%, with the other 80% comprising of Hispanic, oriental, Indian, black and others. Red headedness is a true abnormality at just 2%, but we know this to be due to a double recessive gene, a normal abnormality.
  3. However, transgender-ism, or non binary chromosome expression isn't merely an abnormality, but a statistically minute (>0.01%) mutation, which as mentioned by others is detrimental to health. Furthermore, gender dysphoria may or may not be more common than some are aware, none the less it's a mental illness, not a mere deviation from the norm... Likewise, depression and anxiety are also mental illnesses and we treat them as such, thought most can agree that they are scarily common.
  4. So what do I mean to say? Well, I'm not introducing many new ideas as such but rather asking this. Which opinion holds more water, the collective knowledge of science gained over centuries or the feelings of a few? I don't mean to be rude or dismissive of you but what it comes down to is this: Yes, science is sometimes wrong, however, it's the best way of learning we have. Many years of study and research, backed up by expert opinion into genetics and epigenetics suggest that gender is a binary and that statistical outliers are a mutation, not a rare normality. In my politest tone possible, I'd like to say you're completely mad to say the exact opposite of this and then expect people to believe you despite your lack of expertise, credentials or 'real' research in the field.
  5. Completely beside the point. All I'm saying is that we treat the mental illness as a mental illness, not a diversion from commonality. As the article states, when someone suffers from BIID we don't simply chop off limbs, we asses the case as though it's a mental illness and we seek a psychologists treatment. The same should go for GD. If someone says they're the wrong gender, we should seek a psychological treatment prior to genital and bodily mutilation.
  6. It's not that adults can't make their own decisions and do whatever the hell they want to their body, it's that medical practitioners have a duty of car
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