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  1. <18:55:46> "Brelf": Can he really not get a second chance?
  2. <18:56:17> "Brelf": It's been 4 months
  3. <18:56:57> "Brelf": I thought by now maybe people would've stopped caring, and moved on
  4. <18:57:51> "Mavy": Not my call to make really. Up to the CM's
  5. <18:58:52> "Brelf": I feel some CM's don't have an open mind, still holding on to their thoughts they had 4 months ago.
  6. <18:59:00> "Brelf": Like they will never change about it
  7. <18:59:20> "Brelf": Do I have to talk to every CM about it?
  8. <19:14:40> "Mavy": I would say have him message one with the question if it can be brought back up for discussion.
  9. <19:21:24> "Mavy": Actually, let me throw it into the group
  10. <19:21:29> "Brelf": They'll just say "no"  and will not even consider it
  11. <19:21:46> "Brelf": I'm afraid that will happen
  12. <19:22:17> "Mavy": Well tbfh. He did impersonate a few of them and he circumvented bans. Those are bannable offense by itself.
  13. <19:23:47> "Brelf": The first actions were quite a while ago. And I think the circumvention he did was actually useful for something: he realised what he had done
  14. <19:23:53> "Brelf": And he is actually considering his actions
  15. <19:24:12> "Brelf": Ofcourse he's been a cunt, but atleast he is realizing that now
  16. <19:24:42> "Mavy": Its not about how long they where ago. Its about the gravity of his actions.
  17. <19:26:56> "Brelf": I think time gives a mature person the chance to let everything sink, and actually move on, and not be pissed about it anymore
  18. <19:27:44> "Mavy": Yes they do, and he can now be a better person in another community.
  19. <19:27:50> "Brelf": There's so many people in this community who have already moved on, yet the CM's stay mad about it
  20. <19:27:58> "Mavy": He has burned his chances with us.
  21. <19:28:36> "Brelf": That was the hydra from 4 months ago
  22. <19:30:38> "Brelf": It seems some can't believe people can change
  23. <19:30:56> "Mavy": Again, he can be a changed man in another community.
  24. <19:32:59> "Brelf": You thrown it into the admin group yet?
  25. <19:33:11> "Mavy": yes.
  26. <19:33:18> "Brelf": Thanks
  27. <19:33:38> "Mavy": and they are saying the same. He has burned his chances.
  28. <19:33:55> "Mavy": The fact that he just a few days ago circumvented the ban says he has not changed at all
  29. <19:34:25> "Brelf": Do you know the actual reason he circumvented it?
  30. <19:34:42> "Mavy": I dont care for the reason.
  31. <19:35:02> "Brelf": Are opinions not based on the actual reasons?
  32. <19:35:28> "Mavy": The fact is he circumvented it, no reason can make that right.
  33. <19:35:51> "Mavy": He had many other options but he chose to do the wrong thing once again.
  34. <19:37:14> "Brelf": That was the only chance he had to getting back with his old mates, don't think anyone else would've chosen not to do it
  35. <19:37:46> "Mavy": lol, so discord and skype are no longer a thing?
  36. <19:38:10> "Brelf": Not really, no
  37. <19:38:11> "Mavy": And if he trully wanted back in fk he should have messaged us before hand, not after the fact.
  38. <19:38:16> "Mavy": BS
  39. <19:38:23> "Brelf": You wouldn't have let him in
  40. <19:38:26> "Mavy": Now you are just talking out of your arse
  41. <19:38:34> "Mavy": You don't know that.
  42. <19:38:41> "Mavy": You are making assumptions
  43. <19:39:03> "Mavy": ANd I suggest you stop this conversation before you say something really stupid.
  44. <19:39:22> "Brelf": The fact that whenever Hydra get mentions, the CM team gets upset about it, tells me they would've never let him in again
  45. <19:39:30> "Brelf": gets mentioned*
  46. <19:39:54> "Mavy": Again, an assumption.
  47. <19:40:48> "Brelf": You know that assumption is more right than wrong
  48. <19:41:44> "Mavy": Is it? I guess we will never know since he already did the wrong thing. again might I add.
  49. <19:45:36> "Brelf": I think you guys take everything so heavy
  50. <19:49:13> "Brelf": Before he circumvented the ban, he did not want to come back
  51. <19:49:28> "Brelf": After he realized FK is chill in some ways
  52. <19:50:12> "Brelf": And thought about coming back
  53. <19:50:20> "Mavy": So you are saying he changed in 2 days?
  54. <19:50:29> "Mavy": Then let him try again in a few months.
  55. <19:50:55> "Brelf": Yes, his attitude changed in two days. Only thing he needed was to realise how much he was missing
  56. <19:51:21> "Brelf": I understand it's hard to comprehend
  57. <19:51:27> "Brelf": But it's how it is
  58. <19:52:32> "Brelf": And I wouldn't be here talking to you if I didn't believe he has changed
  59. <19:52:43> "Brelf": Because I would not be defending the hydra from 4 months ago
  60. <19:53:10> "Mavy": Then let him prove it by not doing anything stupid regarding FK for a few months.
  61. <19:53:18> "Mavy": Then we will talk again.
  62. <19:53:43> "Brelf": I hope you'll give him the chance, like you said you would if he hadn't circumvented
  63. <19:54:24> "Brelf": I'll tell him
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