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  1. <size=30>Laboratory of <b>Memes</b></size>
  3. <color=#42f4f1><b>Anything that looks like this is a web link. (Except this.)</b></color>
  5. <b><color=red>Escapees are set to the opposite team if they are cuffed (disarmed), for example, if a Class-D escaped while cuffed, they would become NTF.</color></b>
  7. <b><color=red>We're back and we're better than ever! Come on in.</color></b>
  9. Rules:
  10. - Please <color=red>listen</color> to moderators, admins and the owner (me).
  11. - Please <color=red>do not</color> ask for administrative privileges. You may, however, apply with the applications if they are open.
  12. - Be mindful of <color=red>other players</color>. <i>You</i> are in a public server.
  13. - <color=red>Do not</color> harass staff or anybody in general. <b><i>We are watching.</i></b>
  14. - No cheating. If detected, you will be dealt with accordingly by a staff member.
  15. - No teaming with enemy teams.
  16. - <color=red>Do not</color> try to impersonate staff.
  17. - <color=red>Do not</color> complain about being team killed; you were told before joining that
  18.   friendly fire is on.
  19. - Speak <color=red>English</color> only!
  21. <color=#e03c57>Thank you for reading!</color>
  22. Please enjoy your time on the server; report any rule-breakers to our staff.
  23. <b>Owner</b>:
  24. - <link=""><color=#42f4f1>Cactus</color></link>
  26. <b>These may subject to change. <color=red>Check frequently.</color></b>
  27. For more details, join our discord. <color=#42f4f1><link="">rKW7BXM</link></color>
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