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Gold and Steel Session 7

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  1. #GoldSteel
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  7.         antoine Lord Lyonel Corbray listens as the dispute comes to a stalemate, his sworn swords shouting that the Kestra's have broken the King's peace and wage war on their fellow houses while the Kestra's shout back that the Corbray's violated their land with soldiers first. Finally he shouts, "Silence. Accusation and counter accusation will bring us nowhere. This dispute will be brought before the Lord...
  8.         antoine ...of the Vale, he will decide its outcome. In the meantime I ask that my Brother's squire be returned as a show of good faith while we wait for such a ruling."
  9.         Draven  continues to dance around the room jingling his bells to try and lighten the mood.
  10.         antoine The Lord expels you from his court so that you can decide on the matter while the mummer is left behind, hopping from one foot to the next while the tiny bells attached to his hat jingle.
  11.         antoine It is the dead of night by the time you have returned to the camp, the sun having retreated behind the mountains. The men dice and laugh, confident the Corbrays will be cowed by their Lord.
  12.         Jaros   walks into the camp out of the darkness, greeting some of the archers
  13.         Ralond  nods to Jaros
  14.         Jaros   nods back to Ralond
  15.         Ralond  takes a swig of ale from his flask
  16.         Ryker   looking agitated by the lack of action at the castle, walks over to greet Jaros "Oye danceman, where you been?"
  17.         Jaros   "Business."
  18.         Ralond  "Probably wankin it in the bushes."
  19.         Jaros   chuckles
  20.         Ryker   "Ahh" "Well...I'll leave your business to you, but may be speak in private?"
  21.         Jaros   "Of course, should you wish."
  22.         Ryker   walks with Jaros back to his encampment
  23.         Jaros   "What is it you wish to speak of?"
  24.         Ryker   "I'll be blunt in that's the only way I know to be"
  25.         Jaros   "As you wish."
  26.         Ryker   "I've slighted and pissed on many people as of late"
  27.         Ryker   "I've yet to meet a knight I could not disarm and strike down, but some come without swords"
  28.         Jaros   "Just so."
  29.         Ryker   "I'm not a fool, I know how if these lords can't kill a man by sending swords they may sent poison, just as what happened back after meeting the Waynwoods at court"
  30.         Ryker   "You saw him, while I was drinking down"
  31.         Ralond  lays down in the grass, petting Argos
  32.         Jaros   "It was a trivial observation. But as in swordplay, such perceptions often separate dealing death from being dead."
  33.         Jaros   "One, of course, that could have just as been benign as deadly."
  34.         Ryker   "I'm an arrogant man, and I only respect those that have earned their power" "You may not have broken as many enemies in the last battles as I, but you've fought well"
  35.         Jaros   's left eyebrow raises quizzically
  36.         Ryker   "I saw you troubled after the battle, and your absence from the last parley seems to confirm that"
  37.         Ryker   "I'm proposing to aid you with your struggles if you can aid me with your ability to "see" "
  38.         Ryker   swipes his cloak aside and points to Lady Forlorn. "While I carry this, many in the Vale will want to see me dead"
  39.         -->|    Mercer (Staffen@sux-3042DF21.sub-75-205-137.myvzw.com) has joined #GoldSteel
  40.         Jaros   "Many will say you rightly deserve death. I however know the truth of the matter. I have no trouble keeping an eye out-but you need not concern yourself with my 'trouble'-if you wish to call it that. It is none of your concern."
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  43.         Ryker   " Well, that may be so for now, but in exchange for an extra pair of eyes you will have my sword as you need" "I am sincere, you know it's not my way to be indirect"
  44.         Jaros   "Indeed."
  45.         Mercer  trots off on his destrier. "Round up the captains, bring them to my tent," he calls.
  46.         Jaros   gestures back to the camp.
  47.         Ryker   "Well, that concludes my thoughts, I need to seek out Lord Mercer"
  48.         Jaros   "Shall we?"
  49.         Ryker   "Aye"
  50.         Ralond  notices Jaros and Ryker and gets up
  51.         antoine The men have started up a competition before they go to bed, the archers all trying to see who can land an arrow atop the mast of a ship moored across the river. The rest of the camp is getting ready to sleep while the first watch takes its position for the night.
  52.         Jaros   looks around the camp, checking for watchers
  53.         Ralond  follows Jaros, telling Argos to follow but stay quiet
  54.         Jaros   turns to Ralond
  55.         Jaros   "Ralond, stay here for a minute. My curiosity has been piqued."
  56.         Ralond  nods
  57.         Jaros   turns and walks towards the small village
  58.         Ralond  takes a knee , starts petting Argos, and waits
  59.         antoine The fishing village is quiet enough, the water dancer soon disappearing into the gloom of the thatch roofed houses.
  60.         Ralond  ,agitated, gets up and heads off after Jaros. Argos follows suit
  61.         antoine As you approach the village Ralong you hear Jaros shouting, "Pardons, but are there any villagers about?"
  62.         Ralond  ,hearing Jaros voice, heads over in that direction
  63.         antoine You spot Jaros standing outside a large shack used for housing ships being built.
  64.         Ralond  heads over to jaros and asks him whats going on
  65.         antoine The door splinters on its hinges as a knight in full plate comes charging through, greatsword held at his side, pointing out at Jaros as he tries to run him through.
  66.         Ralond  shocked , pulls out his bow and notches an arrow
  67.         Jaros   dives out of the way of the charging knight
  68.         Ralond  lets loose an arrow at the knight
  69.         antoine Jaros blade flicks out and catches a joint in the knights armour, eliciting a grunt from the man.
  70.         antoine Ralond send a pair of arrows into the Knight. The first catches his Achilles heel, stumbling his charge and making him fall towards the second arrow which catches him in the throat. His body whips back away from you while a spray of blood almost washes Jaros in gore had the water dancer not been so quick on his feet.
  71.         Ralond  walks up to the flailing corpse and takes the knights colours
  72.         Jaros   yells
  73.         Ralond  looks over at Jaros and grins
  74.         Jaros   "Halt your attack, or we shall continue!"
  75.         Jaros   steps up to the broken doorway, and looks inside
  76.         Ralond  bends down and cuts the knights ear off , putting it in his pouch
  77.         antoine The scared sailors throw up their hands or flee into the river, swimming for their lives.
  78.         Ralond  takes pot shots at the sailors , laughing
  79.         Jaros   stares at Ralond, exhasperatedly.
  80.         Jaros   "While I admire your enthusiasm, needless bloodshed often returns upon you tenfold."
  81.         Ralond  laughs
  82.         Ralond  "sometimes."
  83.         Jaros   "I shall go fetch Lord Mercer. This unfortunate knight chose to attack us. Hopefully he will have an idea how to placate whomever this man's lord was."
  84.         Jaros   walks back towards the camp
  85.         Ralond  follows
  86.         Jaros   turns to Ralond
  87.         Jaros   "Watch the body, man."
  88.         Ralond  sighs
  89.         Ralond  "fine."
  90.         Jaros   "I shall return post haste."
  91.         Ralond  turns back and shoo's Argos away from the body, who was eating it.
  92.         Jaros   continues to the camp.
  93.         Jaros   "Lord Mercer! An incident in the village requires your attention."
  94.         Mercer  exits his tent. "What sort of incident do you speak of, Goodman?..."
  95.         Jaros   "A knight attacked me in the village as I enquired as to where they had gone. The village is deserted."
  96.         Ralond  cuts off the other knights ear and throws it to Argos. "Your kill too"
  97.         Jaros   "Ralond's bow proved superior to the knights armor."
  98.         Mercer  frowns. "Show me." The Lord motions for a couple of the Talons to follow after him.
  99.         Jaros   beckons the Talons and leads the men down to the village
  100.         Jaros   "Here, lord Mercer."
  101.         Ralond  notices Jaros and Mercer and stands up
  102.         Ralond  nods
  103.         Ralond  points to the knights body. "Bad man"
  104.         Ralond  rips the arrows out of the knights body
  105.         Mercer  follows, and instantly recoils back in disgust. "For pity's sake, can you not avoid cutting off body parts?" The Kestra Lord comes close to examine the corpse. "This man will likely need to be sent back, and his liege won't be appreciative of his lack of facial features..."
  106.         Ralond  sighs
  107.         Ralond  bends down with his dirk and starts cutting the knights head off
  108.         Ralond  "no problem now."
  109.         Mercer  "No!"
  110.         Mercer  slaps the archer's hands.
  111.         Ralond  frowns
  112.         Ralond  "self defense"
  113.         Jaros   "Indeed. Though perhaps a bit too final too fast."
  114.         Mercer  "He is dead already. Leave him to the Silent Sisters, damn you."
  115.         Ralond  "Fine, just thought you know... No head, no sign of ears cut off for trophies"
  116.         Ralond  "seemed good at the time"
  117.         Ralond  laughs "you shouldve seen the blood"
  118.         Ralond  "squirting..."
  119.         Mercer  grunts. "Another Corbray. After all you've managed to do, though, I can't recognize him... no matter. Fine work, nevertheless, this works well with us."
  120.         Ralond  hands the knights colours to Mercer "here you go lord."
  121.         Mercer  "I won't be needing that. Best you dispose of it."
  122.         Mercer  heads back to camp.
  123.         Ralond  nods
  124.         Jaros   follows
  125.         Ralond  follows aswell
  126.         Ralond  takes a victory swig from his flask and points it toward Jaros
  127.         Ralond  "Drink?"
  128.         Ralond  punches Jaros in the shoulder "My bloods on fire Jaros! We should hunt....corbrays?"
  129.         Jaros   "Perhaps not this night. I am tired and must retire."
  130.         Ralond  sighs "fine i shall go alone then, you wouldnt be able to keep up"
  131.         Jaros   "That would be unwise. But I will not stop you."
  132.         Jaros   stops
  133.         Ralond  heads back towards the village looking for corbray
  134.         Jaros   scratches his head
  135.         Jaros   "Though perhaps I shall see what I can find on the mysterious Corbray."
  136.         Jaros   walks back to where the knight lays
  137.         Ralond  looks back at Jaros "maybe more corbray near body!"
  138.         Ralond  heads towards the stinking corpse
  139.         Jaros   kneels next to the knight in the least bloodied area, and proceeds to search the body
  140.         Ralond  performs overwatch while Jaros searches the body, looking for corbray....
  141.         Ralond  pokes Jaros "Since we are here, might as well look around for corbray in this village ...."
  142.         Ralond  smiles
  143.         Ralond  "ill share the ears."
  144.         Ralond  moves farther into the small village
  145.         Mercer  assigns his orders to his captains, and hurries along.
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  148.         antoine The camp slowly rises, men who have marched all day moving to the river bed and into single file to shuffle along to the village.
  149.         Ryker   rises with the dawn and pisses out of his tent. Very classy.
  150.         Ryker   has prepared his garb and armour and sets off to find Lord Mercer.
  151.         Ryker   finds Lord Mercer with the other captains "Morning Lord Mercer, what are today's orders?"
  152.         Mercer  pats a finger to his lips as Ryker approaches. "Marching." He stares up at the castle wall before following the rear-end of his train of men. "Something appears to have unsettled the Corbray guards..."
  153.         Ryker   "Do we know the situation?"
  154.         Mercer  "Not yet. It may be they caught Draven. We won't know until we're in position."
  155.         Ryker   "Aye, do you want me with the 1st infantry?"
  156.         Mercer  "It would indeed be best. Kill all the guardsmen, but leave the villagers."
  157.         Ryker   "and Lord Mercer....when we take this castle, I plan to rename the valyrian blade "Talon's Grasp" "
  158.         Mercer  ponders. "Hm... actually, take as many prisoner as you can."
  159.         Mercer  looks to the sellsword, impressed. "I'm flattered. You have my approval."
  160.         Ryker   "Thank you , lord, I'll tell the men leave opportunity for surrender"
  161.         Mercer  "Ah," Mercer holds up a hand, "Only if you catch them unarmed. Any man who holds a sword dies by it."
  162.         Ryker   "...should I seek to capture enemy knights incase we need to trade for our man inside? "
  163.         antoine The smell of rotting fish emanates from the village as you walk on the far side of it to the castle. The men reach the edge when they pass the word down that the castle is on alert, the man next to his Lordship whispering "Archers on the battlements, watching the village it seems."
  164.         Mercer  grumbles. "It's good we took precautions, at least."
  165.         Mercer  looks to Ryker. "And no, do not. But at the least, let's stop fantasizing. We must first get in..."
  166.         Mercer  looks around. "Where the blazes is that damned huntsman?"
  167.         Ralond  ,in a full sprint, comes running into the line of marching men
  168.         Ralond  "You called?"
  169.         Mercer  "Where have you been?"
  170.         Ralond  "hunting"
  171.         Mercer  narrows his eyes. "Hunting what?..."
  172.         Ralond  "your enemies m'lord"
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