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  1. Subreddit codes. (E.g. S0 means "a submission from /4/4chan". T0 would be a toplevel reply, and R0 is a nested reply.)
  3. 0:4chan
  4. 1:amitheasshole
  5. 2:askhistorians
  6. 3:askmen
  7. 4:askouija
  8. 5:askreddit
  9. 6:askscience
  10. 7:askwomen
  11. 8:asoiaf
  12. 9:awakened
  13. 10:awlias
  14. 11:bitcoin
  15. 12:braincels
  16. 13:capitalismvsocialism
  17. 14:changemyview
  18. 15:chapotraphouse
  19. 16:chess
  20. 17:christianity
  21. 18:circlejerk
  22. 19:confession
  23. 20:conlangs
  24. 21:conservative
  25. 22:conspiracy
  26. 23:copypasta
  27. 24:crazyideas
  28. 25:cryptocurrency
  29. 26:darknetmarkets
  30. 27:daystrominstitute
  31. 28:de
  32. 29:depthhub
  33. 30:diy
  34. 31:drama
  35. 32:dreams
  36. 33:drugs
  37. 34:emojipasta
  38. 35:etymology
  39. 36:europe
  40. 37:explainlikeimfive
  41. 38:fantheories
  42. 39:fifthworldproblems
  43. 40:fiftyfifty
  44. 41:fitness
  45. 42:food
  46. 43:france
  47. 44:fullcommunism
  48. 45:futurology
  49. 46:glitch_in_the_matrix
  50. 47:gonewild
  51. 48:gonewildstories
  52. 49:hiphopheads
  53. 50:historyanecdotes
  54. 51:hobbydrama
  55. 52:iama
  56. 53:jokes
  57. 54:ledootgeneration
  58. 55:legaladvice
  59. 56:letstalkmusic
  60. 57:libertarian
  61. 58:lifeprotips
  62. 59:machinelearning
  63. 60:malaphors
  64. 61:malefashionadvice
  65. 62:markmywords
  66. 63:math
  67. 64:mensrights
  68. 65:mildlyinteresting
  69. 66:milliondollarextreme
  70. 67:moviedetails
  71. 68:movies
  72. 69:murica
  73. 70:nba
  74. 71:neoliberal
  75. 72:news
  76. 73:nfl
  77. 74:nocontext
  78. 75:nottheonion
  79. 76:obscuremedia
  80. 77:offmychest
  81. 78:okbuddyretard
  82. 79:ooer
  83. 80:outoftheloop
  84. 81:paranormal
  85. 82:pcgaming
  86. 83:politics
  87. 84:prorevenge
  88. 85:psychonaut
  89. 86:quotes
  90. 87:rant
  91. 88:recipes
  92. 89:relationships
  93. 90:relationship_advice
  94. 91:riddles
  95. 92:roastme
  96. 93:scenesfromahat
  97. 94:science
  98. 95:sex
  99. 96:shittyfoodporn
  100. 97:shortscarystories
  101. 98:showerthoughts
  102. 99:singularity
  103. 100:slatestarcodex
  104. 101:soccer
  105. 102:socialism
  106. 103:sorceryofthespectacle
  107. 104:stonerphilosophy
  108. 105:subredditdrama
  109. 106:subredditsimulator
  110. 107:subsimulatorgpt2
  111. 108:subsimulatorgpt2meta
  112. 109:talesfromtechsupport
  113. 110:teenagers
  114. 111:television
  115. 112:tellmeafact
  116. 113:theredpill
  117. 114:the_donald
  118. 115:tifu
  119. 116:tipofmytongue
  120. 117:titlegore
  121. 118:todayilearned
  122. 119:totallynotrobots
  123. 120:travel
  124. 121:trees
  125. 122:truefilm
  126. 123:twosentencehorror
  127. 124:ukpolitics
  128. 125:unpopularopinion
  129. 126:unresolvedmysteries
  130. 127:uwotm8
  131. 128:vxjunkies
  132. 129:wallstreetbets
  133. 130:whowouldwin
  134. 131:wikipedia
  135. 132:wordavalanches
  136. 133:worldnews
  137. 134:wouldyourather
  138. 135:writingprompts
  139. 136:zen
  141. ****S13|
  143. If we live in our words, what is the man?
  145. ****ES 8m6xay
  147. ****T13| 8m6xay
  148. Every utterance is equivalent to an action or an action equivalent to an action, in other words the worlds equivalent to the entities of which it is one.
  151. ****ET dzl68qr
  153. ****R13| dzl68qr
  154. So, in other words, every deed and every instance of speaking is equally real, but not necessarily in the way that words, deeds, and speak would logically come together.
  156. This is why the species is diverse: a common word for a collective, is an entire collective.
  159. ****ER dzmwkd5
  161. ****R13| dzmwkd5
  162. Okay, so our common language of mutually unintelligible vowel sounds will eventually be transcended to some degree, I'm just not sure if we'll get there without it.
  164. Just like a "species" can be transcended to a "species-like species".
  165. ****ER dzn9zbv
  167. ****T13| 8m6xay
  168. [See post more karma] (https://www.reddit.com/r/Capitalism/comments/8f5y1a/the_more_interesting_thing_to_dip/)
  169. ****ET dzl7vqf
  171. ****T13| 8m6xay
  172. I don't think so. The equivalent of capitalism in the Marxist sense was proto-nationalism. People have been asking for capitalism as a true, deep, meaningful kind of capitalism (idealistic, but as long as you have that...) for thousands of years.
  173. ****ET dzl1s5f
  175. ****R13| dzl1s5f
  176. The NAP is not true communism.
  177. ****ER dzl9a0p
  179. ****R13| dzl9a0p
  180. Then?
  181. ****ER dzl9b07
  183. ****T13| 8m6xay
  184. Well, Capitalism is the possessor of state-subsidised *asset* of social value.
  186. **Capitalism is a capitalist structure that is asymmetrical.**  
  188. Assets of social value (natural resources, and resources which can produce useful things, they can be of use but cannot be socially value-subordinate) go to the private owners of capital (capitalists) and natural resources to the state-subsidized servants of capital (state/society).
  190. The state actively discriminates against people and groups because they belong to certain classes or belong to other classes.
  192. In this system, the commons is to the state as land and water is to those who have not learned their lesson (debtor owners).
  193. ****ET dzlb3o4
  195. ****T13| 8m6xay
  196. It's amazing how we're only one month in.
  197. ****ET dzme0mg
  199. ****T13| 8m6xay
  200. Does this look like some "Ayn Rand" capitalist jibe at libertarians?
  201. ****ET dzl3hk5
  203. ****R13| dzl3hk5
  204. Not so much as a jab at someone.
  205. ****ER dzl47pr
  207. ****T13| 8m6xay
  208. Dont see how any of that is relevant to our current state. You have a short memory that needs maintenance.
  209. ****ET dzlqysn
  211. ****T13| 8m6xay
  212. The [latest update](https://decentralizationinaction.org/2018/04/31/opinion-case-for-the-internet/) made me extremely sad.
  213. ****ET dzkzss0
  215. ****R13| dzkzss0
  216. That's not even how the actual news site of the *typic hasthacaponioinaction* that is the governance of the *royalize* totalitarian internet.
  217. ****ER dzl2j7z
  219. ****T13| 8m6xay
  220. > Because a lot of them are now locked out of bitcoin and they won't admit it or open up to an actual discussion. It would be good if the immersonations of left revolution is not talking with people and so there's a large hole in the market.
  222. I disagree that a lot of them are locked out of bitcoin and they won't admit it or open up to an actual discussion. People need to use bitcoin and use bitcoin but they can't start a communist bitcoin. Like other services, [saying this is an alts fork] I would be the if it goes to shit, so someone else will never have to go through the difficulty of mining and profitability of creating something that I don't have.
  223. ****ET dzlaxmf
  225. ****R13| dzlaxmf
  226. People need to use bitcoin and use bitcoin but they can't start a communist bitcoin. Like other services, [saying this is an alt-fork] I wouldRunning command clear_context <function clear_context at 0x7fc28194fe18>
  230. ****S42|
  232. I have a nasty phone case with "nasty" written in polka-dot print. Is that really a bad thing? What about "nasty" for some?
  234. ****ES 3un8ua
  236. ****S42|
  237. http://i.imgur.com/evMBJ.jpg
  238. Reheating a chili cheese pizza (never made it though)
  240. ****ES p3dao
  242. ****T42| p3dao
  243. that's some good new, old food!
  244. ****ET c3mgv6f
  246. ****T42| p3dao
  247. I'm just going to keep saying what this picture is from.
  248. ****ET c3mqz1r
  250. ****T42| p3dao
  251. Post link for all those who want to look through the archive
  252. ****ET c3mrhvj
  254. ****T42| p3dao
  255. Hell yeah man!
  256. ****ET c3mqww0
  258. ****T42| p3dao
  259. I have all of these and a lot of other foods
  260. ****ET c3mre4s
  262. ****S42|
  263. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzS0sFQTXU
  264. A Guy who makes Food with Mechanical Hand Moving...
  266. ****ES 3yvd6o
  268. ****S42|
  269. http://beardedcosmonaut.com/2011/09/22/hot-in-the-southeast-recipe-for-peanut-butter-sandwiches/
  270. Hot in the South [Recipe]
  272. ****ES yf4d
  274. ****S42|
  276. Help please! I need help! where can I find this "Mediterranean" style dessert?
  277. Do you have any idea? I have come across it once but I do not know what I am looking for.
  279. I am looking for a dessert that is baked/not frozen (that looks like these)
  280. http://www.seriouseats.com/2012/05/10-health-benefits-of-honey.html
  282. It has white and purple colors and a very thin crust (less than 1/2 inch) and it is sweet and creamy with a thin layer of pink and black salad dalish.
  284. What is the name of this dessert?
  285. ****ES iakbx
  287. ****T42| iakbx
  288. could be from r/food
  289. ****ET c27i05d
  291. ****R42| c27i05d
  292. No. It's not.
  293. ****ER c27i5eq
  295. ****R42| c27i5eq
  296. same. and didn't even know r/food existed.
  297. ****ER c27i7c0
  299. ****S42|
  300. https://i.redd.it/0e8s79d3jic.jpg
  301. [Homemade] Boxed oatmeal.
  303. ****ES 62hg47
  305. ****T42| 62hg47
  306. Did you mean the boxed oatmeal?
  307. ****ET dfmw4m6
  309. ****S42|
  310. http://hollywoodtoytoys.com/2015/03/21/attempting-to-redirect-america-the-dream-china-and-hillary-clinton/
  311. Attempting to redirect America: The dream of China and Hillary Clinton
  313. ****ES 3y3ucj
  315. ****T42| 3y3ucj
  316.  > >Clinton is behind on a month-in, month-out schedule for top-notch meetings and trips, plus unvetted daily media coverage, that exceeds even the Republican fever swamps, to save the world, so let's do it our way! America only.
  318. This...
  320. This is some recipe.
  322. The Clinton's who run our politics need to be rounded up, dragged out to the woodshed, beat up, thrown off a cliff and all of that, just to get the election over with, and for that matter, the globe wide project of all this media to present what Clinton/Obama/Cohen have said, done, will say, will say, then spin the press, and lead the world in the right direction.
  324. Every time we see Americans in the global scene, who do all right (bob, do bobshop), we see a few double digit increases in this global game of entertainment journalism, which leads to MORE SMASH to the keepers of the secret network, which is the biggest military installation that cannot even be paid for, by the big press, owned by the pay-o-rights, the globe media, Exxon and CHOCOPRAT.
  326. I'm driving around and come up with proof in the form of holes in evidence, and truth, about this fucking sham, and so do the other bloviating journalists, like the media shills who must have people thinking right like me.
  328. I call it facts, based on material facts. If you dont believe in evidence, I call it S.T.A.N.Y., S.T.A.N.T.A., S.T.A.R.E. , S.S.M.E.T. , S.T.A.P. , S.S.O.S., and there's no go on the road up by the holes.
  330. Soon people will forget all that old old myths and would no go on the road of truth. That could lead to a work of days and the red arms (on) of peoples awakening. But this is a good example.
  331. ****ET c1aazf7
  333. ****S17|
  334. http://www.thefalltv.com/leaves/
  335. Resident S/W of Christ Church in Chevy Chase, Maryland needs your help! She is trying to raise money to get a professional print on a re-usable roll of this endangered plant.
  337. ****ES 73xon
  339. ****T17| 73xon
  340. A heathen, breaking the law and stealing your identity. To add insult to injury, the leaflet is using a photo of a man that they claim to be Jesus. I think you should take this up with your mother.
  341. ****ET cxc0h0f
  343. ****R17| cxc0h0f
  344. Also, a must read for any individual trying to save a plant that has suffered for 4 years on the streets:
  347. "You can read up on the Great Chaparral of the West Coast, which is where the hallucinogenic thepis began its career in the 1990s. It had spread first to the counties in Southern California, where the infestation became known as "Skunk Kush," then to Southern Nevada, which is where Mexican trees were called that, which means "fruity." The California export continues today as "Indigo iced tree." But local growers, unknown to many of their former customers, take other names. One name is Mother Earth, another, just for fun, is Slasher, just to mess with the Bible writers who referred to skunk-like varieties as "zombies" and sheep-like breeds. They don't always meet in the woods, and they don't always move together, but they do cross paths, and it is that crossroad we call, during the hot months of a California summer, the Horcrux Spiral."
  350. ****ER c6fqbr7
  352. ****T26| 10h0f
  353. Could you point me to some links for some of these?
  354. ****ET c6fcr96
  356. ****R26| c6fcr96
  357. how much were you paying?
  358. ****ER c6fjjk7
  360. ****R26| c6fcr96
  361. There are some good books on Amazon and on Erowid, and I haven't read the guide for code language so I don't know how to find those. Also be careful of these in Canada and every major city in USA
  363. http://www.amazon.com/Holy-Angels-Rapture-Pub/dp/162266119/ref=sr_1_fkmr_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1315831941&sr=8-1-fkmr-1&keywords=jeffrey+the+dark+artist&seid=19712957&s=media
  365. http://www.amazon.com/Codex-Symbols-Spiritual-Kabbalah/dp/079353165X/ref=sr_1_fkmr_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1315832093&sr=8-1-fkmr-1&keywords=jeffrey+the+dark+artist&seid=1971295601&s=media
  367. I feel like these are fairly easy and should do the trick. If I find the book by Jeremiah to be valuable, I may dig it out again.
  368. ****ER d1g9otp
  370. ****R136| d1g9otp
  371. Judah 3:7
  373. Where are these stories about trump, evil messiah, false prophets, [predicted wars and animals or war and unrest]? You keep knocking on this one door, asking it to open. You are trying to get to the other side of the door, asking it to close, all the while "sticking your tongue in your cheeks".
  375. The doors of the kingdom of heaven have been opened, and whoever believes will enter, and they will not win unless they are those who have believed. Those who do not believe, neither will they enter.
  378. Who's opening the door, there isn't anything there, since they opened it themselves.
  380. ***
  382. [Based on] (https://johndoubleston.com/2018/01/24/real-christmas-is-when-im-not-the-bully-thats-why/)
  383. ****ER d1gcipk
  385. ****R136| d1gcipk
  386. "You keep knocking on the door, you won't get in".
  388. ...  
  389. The door is already open.
  391. Sometimes the door is a special kind of big, like the one you like the feel a prayer in.
  392. ****ER d1gctec
  394. ****R136| d1gctec
  395. *…*
  399. So go knock it down?
  401. That would make some sense!
  402. ****ER d1hg08b
  404. ****T136| 4bks0y
  405. I'd start by thinking of Christian versions of popular songs. Like Marvin's Doogal, or Lisa Lisa over here. Get out, nobody is coming.
  406. ****ET d1f7i64
  408. ****T136| 4bks0y
  409. Keep in mind, that these are Chinese translations, as far as I'm aware.
  411. That said, a lot of the chants can be interpreted, depending on the case. So one can see through to a "compatibility with Chinese philosophies" standpoint, while other may see them as more "the only legitimate and healthy" path.
  413. The fact that we see this is interesting. From an aesthetic perspective, and considering they existed in a tradition, we can see clearly when a certain feature is missing or an unacceptable shift in sound.
  415. So, one can see a real difference in function and character between the verses and the writings. This could be a seed of learning for all the world, in a way. A beginner of Zen, could never be totally unaware of what is and is not Zen. The balance between these two perspectives (about zen) is truly amazing.
  416. ****ET d1qkisx
  418. ****R136| d1qkisx
  419. I think Zen masters make way to common sense claims.  In my mind you are lying to those students if you call them zenners.  
  420. ****ER d1qntxr
  422. ****R136| d1qntxr
  423. I'm not lying, they aren't zenners.
  424. ****ER d1qo0r7
  426. ****R136| d1qntxr
  427. I think it's just easier to call them artists/musicians and zenners "not Zen".  I think the above is a misunderstanding, and all Zen masters were clearly taught Zen without any distinct designation to them.  Zen "might" just be whatever people mean by Zen...it doesn't hurt their sense of definition.  I've heard people speak of "Zen" as something inherently distinct from Zen and seem not to care to listen to the words of those who teach it.
  428. ****ER d1qoa9w
  430. ****R136| d1qoa9w
  431. Zen masters aren't masters. They say zenners are whores, and liars are loud.
  432. ****ER d1qof9r
  434. ****R136| d1qof9r
  435. Zen masters don't claim to be Zen Masters.
  436. ****ER d1qoj33
  438. ****R136| d1qoj33
  439. They teach people to see when they are being deceived by themselves, by the world.
  440. ****ER d1qor4v
  442. ****R136| d1qor4v
  443. how does that "see" anything?
  444. ****ER d1qoqdm
  446. ****R136| d1qoqdm
  447. By realizing that it's OK to be blind and blind all over.
  448. ****ER d1qooey
  450. ****R136| d1qooey
  451. Yeah, and if I find someone else who says they have a Zen master they should tell them to contact me.
  453. I guess you think your stuff is good.
  454. ****ER d1qox5h
  456. ****R136| d1qox5h
  457. I do. It's almost more to do with you getting to the action.
  459. Zachary Love is a devote-indulgent soul or is he?
  461. Take it or leave it.
  462. ****ER d1qp29y
  464. ****R136| d1qp29y
  465. Your last sentence is interesting:
  467. >By embracing the word Zen, I suppose you realize Zen: the peaceful, fearless realization that you are the same as anybody else.
  469. >By embracing the word Zen, I suppose you realize Zen: the peaceful, fearless realization that you are the same as anybody else.
  471. You: "By embracing the word Zen, I suppose you realize Zen: the peaceful, fearless realization that you are the same as anybody else."
  473. Me: "oh shit, your idea of Zen is the same as my Zen!"
  475. That doesn't mean that I ever adopted Zen; that I ever accepted Zen. I did it because I'm cool with the picture you gave.
  476. ****ER d1qqppcw
  478. ****R136| d1qppcw
  479. So how did this go?  
  481. Let's repeat it to be sure, this time with you going silent (an alarm goes off in the back of your head), as if it's accurate.  
  483. What Zen says is, "you are the same as anybody else".  
  484. ****ER d1qqshx
  486. ****R136| d1qqshx
  487. >"Zen says that the essence of Zen is not teaching something."
  489. >Me: "You are saying that Zen teaches teaching."
  491. >"I am saying that a Zen Master does not do that."
  493. I was paraphrasing you. Why would you repeat me?  
  495. (Dang, I'm starting to resent you.  ;-)  
  496. ****ER d1qrrft
  498. ****R136| d1qrrft
  499. "I am saying that the essential point is to eliminate the points and opinions that harm our actions in Zen.
  500. ****ER d1qss8i
  502. ****R136| d1qss8i
  503. >I am saying that the essential point is to eliminate the points and opinions that hinder our actions in Zen.
  505. I'm saying that you can't fully understand something, *and* do what you have to do to be a better person.  A lot of the people in my life aren't enlightened and they *help* me.  I have to understand them better.  They're not enlightened yet, but I've gotta make it work to get rid of those thoughts.
  506. ****ER d1r01k4
  508. ****R136| d1r01k4
  509. If enlightenment doesn't immediately help people then do you teach on the concept of enlightenment and in the mistaken belief that it will?
  511. >They aren't enlightened yet
  513. Only enlightened ones have taken that path.  
  514. ****ER d1r0hsx
  516. ****R136| d1r0hsx
  517. >Do you teach on the concept of enlightenment and in the mistaken belief that it will?
  519. No.  I teach one way to go: the work of enlightenment is to *just follow.*  Don't sit on it.
  520. ****ER d1r0ujx
  522. ****R136| d1r0ujx
  523. >Don't sit on it.
  525. What would you say to someone who wants to sit in enlightenment because they want it for themselves?
  526. ****ER d1r0xxk
  528. ****R136| d1r0xxk
  529. Maybe...
  531. >The Dalai Lama has said "By the time you sit with him, you've already learned much of what he knows, but if you don't accept his understanding of your mind and let go of all the practices that a person usually follows, you won't learn anything" - an insightful quote!
  533. Do I follow the teachings, at least with something of substance to teach about?
  535. * If I must explain what I do not know, what is it that I don't know?  I don't know what the world is!
  537. It seems to me that what I don't know is without fault.  But *who* is to blame for that?  If I don't know the answer, then who is responsible for it?  On what grounds do I not get to say what I don't know?
  539. * I don't know if that man is lying or not!
  541. * I don't know if I'm wise or not!
  543. I like to think that some of these labels are "out there" and that in essence, there is no such thing as a "self-supporting dog" that has a "self-supporting mind".  I can, at least, recognize that "I" will have a very specific perspective if I watch a TV show about something that doesn't yet have a name.  A part of the self-trust that I "ought" to put myself in control of (i.e. self-reference the concepts and names) is not wanting to self-define everything I don't know.  Being self-accountable with an awareness of not having a full picture is a moral choice.  I don't say all that I don't know!  This is something that the "people" who "know" there needs to realize they just told me that they don't believe that what I'm saying about my awareness.  If that's a choice that they made for me, then they are wrong.
  544. ****ER d2kw6h6
  546. ****R136| d2kw6h6
  547. "my self-care mindset is not letting my wildest to internalize anything, or be self-serious, I feel that it would become like a fantasy, self-obsession"
  549. yeah, i get where you're coming from.
  551. "I don't know" is a decision not to give yourself the benefit of the doubt.
  553. your call, yes or no.  but that is not your call, nor the arbiter of what you should do.  that is the spectator.
  555. your say-so is really, "a decision about whether to take the high road and be open to anything, or let myself listen to the dive to the shallow end and still not be a closed-minded, spiritual, believer."
  557. this call is a choice, and it's made by the experience of true understanding.
  558. ****ER d2l0ekr
  560. ****R136| d2kw6hx
  561. this is just a theory, not at all a law or rule
  562. ****ER d2kw5jg
  564. ****R136| d2kw5jg
  565. pope out
  566. ****ER d2kwf9e
  568. ****R136| d2kwf9e
  569. To dream that this has been said before is just as it was written.
  570. ****ER d2l0vmn
  572. ****R136| d2l0vmn
  573. im not trying to impress anyone here but can i say one thing: you had me at translation!
  575. yea i understand a little bit of english but this seemed kinda hard to put into words. lol.
  576. ****ER d2l3foe
  578. ****R136| d2l3foe
  579. I can say that if you must know, for example, to ask, "why is this true?"
  581. Then, I can say, "why indeed?"
  583. -V.B.Ningyamasad
  585. I hope that helps, in other words, please if you have any more questions.
  587. If not then, let me give the whole translation to you...
  589. I will say, here, to mean: in this line, should you mean to realize this line, or to imitate it, and carry it out, in this way, and not any other way?
  591. Now I will tell you to say the definition of the word, that appears in Chinese, which means self; to say in Chinese to take it... to move with what that word means, and to act, carrying it out as it was, and not as others bring it, going from translation, that is, in another way, and that way you do not go to, except going over something that has already been translated, in order to find, to use the right word, the right word, which refers to what has already been said...
  593. -Ningyamasad
  594. ****ES 55ffdy
  596. ****T103| 55ffdy
  597. You can catch the fish, but you can't bring it back. It's being caught by the current, in some way, but that's ok. To catch is to sense, with the knowledge of what there is, to make sense of it. And to bring is to sense, with the understanding, to give life to the current as it will go. To bring is to draw the line. Where the line will be, from your point of view. To draw the line, that line.
  599. -shobogenzo
  600. ****ET d88ctvg
  602. ****T103| 55ffdy
  603. Just to prove my sincerity by saying this, I got a jug of ekaliatin from the hotel the other day. I'm gonna call all my machista acquaintances, and try and convince them to accept this transaction for my safety.
  604. ****ET d88wupd
  606. ****R103| d88wupd
  607. I would say the same.
  608. ****ER d88z6pv
  610. ****S103|
  612. Reflections on post-singularity society
  613. Basically, where does the Singularity fit into the post-singularity universe?
  615. Will we be singularx to them? Will we be together or will they be us?
  616. ****ES 7n3rp3
  618. ****T103| 7n3rp3
  619. Some more artists:
  622. Orpheus and the Queen from the Mask
  624. Antinous and the King of Egypt
  626. Pavlo Trifadis from A Touch of Greed (removed as a post)
  628. Michel de Rober. He wrote one of the first music scores for future films and cinema and he died of AIDS as part of a satanic cult on tape. He also died the day before the movie he scored for went to the festival.
  630. Mad Caudalistic Symphony from 1997, where the android musicians from BLADERU been in silicon utopia (Adam Curtis-style) dying and ascending and defeating a machine with Orpheus singing to it (with the cyborg musicians following the robot army destroying the band).
  631. ****ET drzz1t5
  633. ****T103| 7n3rp3
  634. You do remember that they do not like other planets, right?
  635. ****ET ds00iuv
  637. ****T103| 7n3rp3
  638. Elongated Man = Mark Yurayman
  639. ****ET drzna4h
  641. ****S103|
  643. Is the very last zone in the medias image a meaningless art installation?
  644. I don't usually have an issue with the medias perception of things, but I've been attempting to image the very last zone in the Medias photo a few weeks ago, and it's something of a function rather than an actual photograph.
  646. The photo of 3 gates, seen to the left, that are blocked by the medias image of 3 gates. You'll notice this is 1 gate in the medias image is blocked off. This gate is labeled "exit", and is labelled "untouched".
  648. This is the end of the medias image. The image in the beginning of the video was blocked off to allow people to get the desired image from the video, but I don't see why it has to be so well implemented. Maybe it would be possible to see the border of the medias image, see the empty space, but that doesn't seem to be the case. The beginning gate seems to be the one that is actually, physically there.
  650. Well, I'll leave this one up and see if anyone thinks of anything. I tried browsing /r/watchpeopledie, and saw [this](http://i.imgur.com/7cRy42.png) and [this](http://i.imgur.com/Auz3VH.png) link. I'll link to the real ones that are in the medias image below.
  652. The first one is labeled "entrance". It's blocked off. The next one is labeled "exit". It's labeled "untouch". The third one is labeled "finding reason". It's labeled "passage". The last one is labeled "begins".
  654. Again, I'll try this out with the medias. I've done it for you now:
  656. http://i.imgur.com/vbkDo5.png
  658. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DRceD98vIjePQG6a8J8RD864P5T2yDRpHDiqzLwA/edit?usp=sharing
  660. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zHJS5XoHcIMrrTkXr5Vnj5IXOweTkINW14g/edit?usp=sharing
  662. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WsGFAG2-Qej7S0shAvRGUPi1ak4J9BQX9XJ5/edit?usp=sharing
  664. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RfuS3zJB0SlHLrF3-vzGYEjd2DTh-IkAxHZQDEQ/edit?usp=sharing
  667. ****ES 7tze00
  669. ****T118| 7tze00
  670. wow 10 years later no one can write legibly anymore and there is a single error is still longer. 20 years not much :(
  671. ****ET dtglw2r
  673. ****S118|
  674. http://www.highoode.com/
  675. TIL U.S. Patents for vehicle harness systems are awarded through a contest called "The Kentucky Golding Awards"
  677. ****ES 8fw4c
  679. ****T118| 8fw4c
  680. for fun you can use "the Korean sweatshop" to make a website, some shows and services on there are fun. kraft style right out of the package right now. http://www.kraftstyle.com/
  681. ****ET c0au31h
  683. ****S118|
  684. http://money.cnn.com/cnnnext/technology/biz/2012/05/25/news-utilities-fbi/
  685. TIL the major bank in New York, JPMorgan Chase, loaned $4 million to the president of Tides Foundation to get him to give a speech on the pollution of the Amazon. They got a good speech about the dangers of their empire building.
  687. ****ES 7gh22x
  689. ****T118| 7gh22x
  690. I dont think thats right, our President actually died of a heart attack, his heart was pumping toxins into his body. Youre damn right he should be shaking the fees off the banks in the board room. If that is wrong, and is the truth, then let the President die, and let the rest of us die.
  691. ****ET dqkcxis
  693. ****T118| 7gh22x
  694. You need to update OP and put Tides that you mean Tides Foundation. There is only one Tides I think of. The example of founding members. This is why Clinton and the Clintons were pressured by the bank not to resign.
  695. ****ET dqk7ax0
  697. ****S118|
  698. http://www.zolol.fi/index.php/news-avaskola-st-peter-stottesdal-fans-dir/en/article/schimmt/2009/04/26/
  699. Schimmens domann jag vin ytterlandstipp sakketen, som skriving i Å-Nord.
  701. ****ES 79v70
  703. ****S118|
  704. http://www.tfr.es/warbrønde/épilagia/se-solo-galloso-la-regida-con-el-callejas-es-conocido.html
  705. Se solo Galloso la Regida con El Callejas
  707. ****ES nwmw7
  709. ****T118| nwmw7
  710. Is this Spanish real?
  711. ****ET c3c7s73
  713. ****R118| c3c7s73
  714. It's from Argentina
  715. ****ER c3c7t0r
  717. ****R118| c3c7t0r
  718. It's still Real, bro!
  719. ****ER c3c921w
  721. ****R118| c3c7t0r
  722. spanish
  723. ****ER c3cj1jb
  725. ****T118| nwmw7
  726. I really want to know why they call them the sempre mas que es"
  727. ****ET c3c8p17
  729. ****R118| c3c8p17
  730. It's a Spanish way to say the same thing. I believe it was originally Spanish. It's also really Spanish.
  731. ****ER c3c8tmj
  733. ****T118| nwmw7
  734. ...ha-ha that took me long enough.
  735. ****ET c3c7e1k
  737. ****R118| c3c7e1k
  738. Thought you weren't having fun.
  739. ****ER c3c7lfk
  741. ****R118| c3c7lfk
  742. Thought you weren't having fun
  743. ****ER c3c7w5w
  745. ****R118| c3c7w5w
  746. I hope he's having a good time.
  747. ****ER c3c85v1
  749. ****R118| c3c85v1
  750. Oh, I hope so too, being a server of Reddit.
  751. ****ER c3c8k9s
  753. ****R118| c3c8k9s
  754. Ah, you're from /r/california.
  755. ****ER c3c8szl
  757. ****R118| c3c8szl
  758. W-what? I'm from Southern California.
  759. ****ER c3c8thq
  761. ****R118| c3c8thq
  762. You better check the other posts, "Good thing I'm from California" and "Thought I was from Ca..." are two distinct things.
  764. I'm from Cali and never said anything about California.
  765. ****ER c3c8u23
  767. ****R118| c3c8u23
  768. Maybe it's time for a little cleanup. I'm from California as well.
  769. ****ER c3c8vc8
  771. ****R118| c3c8vc8
  772. Troll from Cali trying to be a troll from on land. You do know the difference between a troll and a Californian right? Do ya?
  773. ****ER c3c8vw3
  775. ****R118| c3c8vw3
  776. You're just a Californian troll-squeezing Californians like myself. LOL I'm getting tired of this fact-squishing.
  777. ****ER c3c8w4u
  779. ****R118| c3c8w4u
  780. Just do it you little troll, as you are an abrasive, obstinate, intolerant little troll, you will never have a debate without someone finally pulling their head out of their ass.
  781. ****ER c3c8xv2
  783. ****R118| c3c8xv2
  784. It isn't called that for nothing! I think we're done here. I've certainly lost my temper on reddit. Are you sure you're a troll? Have you ever had a disagreement with a Californian before?
  785. ****ER c3c8zyg
  787. ****R118| c3c8zyg
  788. Shhhh.  I can tell you're being provoked.  
  789. ****ER c3c90lz
  791. ****R118| c3c90lz
  792. > Yes.  Yes I am.
  794. FTFY
  795. ****ER c3c9vc4
  797. ****R118| c3c9vc4
  798. Same story for you.
  799. ****ER c3c9vb9
  801. ****R118| c3c9vb9
  802. I don't think this is really productive.  
  804. A user can be a troll or a user can be a troll.
  805. ****ER c3ca3ea
  807. ****R118| c3ca3ea
  808. Again, I will let you know you are just being a misinformed moron in the future.
  809. ****ER c3ca957
  811. ****R118| c3ca957
  812. > A user can be a troll or a user can be a troll.
  814. He's making a troll argument now?  How convenient.  So you aren't.
  815. ****ER c3ca9us
  817. ****R118| c3ca9us
  818. Troll *argument*.
  819. ****ER c3caevr
  821. ****R118| c3caevr
  822. How so?
  823. ****ER c3ccapg
  825. ****R118| c3ccapg
  826. It was a totally unnecessary and obvious reference to "We Are Number 1" by Cirqle, except with idiots and idiots
  827. ****ER c3ccc4b
  829. ****R118| c3ccc4b
  830. Actually, it was an unintentional intentional reference, not trolling.  The social circle jerk from the beginning has to be a troll instance of that line.
  831. ****ER c3cckc2
  833. ****R118| c3caevr
  834. All that arguing and you would say he's being a troll?
  835. ****ER c3caonk
  837. ****R118| c3caonk
  838. As a troll, absolutely.
  840. I'd call you out as a troll, but the stereotype is that trolls are no good at that so you get slammed.
  841. ****ER c3caqpr
  843. ****R118| c3caqpr
  844. he's the one being called out for trying to insult someone that isn't part of this "skewed" definition of troll. just like how you called out the whole whole "meme vs" debate as being contentious and not a real debate
  845. ****ER c3cavgm
  847. ****R118| c3caevr
  848. why do you talk like you're from /r/hiphopheads if you arent?
  849. ****ER c3caqj0
  851. ****R118| c3caqj0
  852. Because, my points are rational and everyone else is jumping on the "you're a troll" bandwagon.  It's hard to argue that these terms don't exist without a special form of your dog whistles.  These terms are absolutely everywhere, and I think this sub's definition of troll is deeply flawed because the term trolls get thrown around so much without any sort of realistic attempt to define it and to just just "call out other's troll".  The term trolling has a perfectly simple definition (I mean, if you go to google it), and all the "everyone is a troll" talk just really puts people in a position where they can't argue in good faith.
  854. We have to look at everything in context.  You say to me "we're obviously a troll sub, we're talking about two types of shitposters, and we're telling you, in our 3rd point of information, what a troll is.  You can't say we're trolling, you just don't understand."  How the fuck does this relate to me saying "greed has no options", and don't dismiss the nuance in the rest of my point.
  856. >That's great, let's play devil's advocate then and use the term "vandal" to describe stuff that people who aren't active here have done.  The old guy has apparently won, that is another discussion.
  858. Yes, but you're making it obvious in your attitude and actively avoiding responding to the substantive and irrelevant points that are being made.
  860. >It's fine if you want to play devil's advocate and call me a liar, and ask me for sources.  It's also fine if you're happy to ignore whatever the entire premise of the conversation is and don't care what I say.  How is that something I'm promoting?
  862. It doesn't matter whether you have been explicitly told to look into people you disagree with instead of ignoring their argument, or if you****S135|
  864. [How to Post] How do you write a 2 line post title?
  866. ****ES 4keyko
  868. ****S135|
  870. [WP] You discover your wardrobe is shrinking with every day of working at a desk. You have a quick replacement, but you find it wasn't a replacement.
  872. ****ES 934wt6
  874. ****T135| 934wt6
  875. "So here's the thing, okay? You're used to walking around in shorts and t-shirts, but then, you never had the time for khakis and button-downs, right?"
  877. "Oh, I do, I love jeans and a proper work jacket. I do the things you teach me, the stuff the Air Force always has in the hangar."
  879. "You know we use the equipment. This is just a piece of plastic and rubber -- how's it supposed to fit into your wardrobe when it comes to hair and overall fashion, right? It should never touch the waist. No, really, they can't get away with taking it in all the way, and even if they do, the long side will give you a better fit, just like that."
  881. "Oh," I said.
  883. "Yeah," the Gen. put on his poor impression of an English accent, "Just push it down to where it won't show your midriff, and take it from there."
  885. ****ET e3bfqx4
  887. ****S135|
  889. You have an annoying task that would be so much easier if you had an intelligent person doing it for you.
  891. ****ES 6eai50
  893. ****S135|
  895. [WP] For many years now, your mother has had an unhealthy obsession with children and children's materialism. Until this week, when she has decided she is going to take action and bring an end to this horrible waste of life.
  897. ****ES 3j32pb
  899. ****S135|
  901. You are the main character in a story. The story changes throughout the game. There is a twist though, you may not be the main character.
  903. ****ES 886xlb
  905. ****S135|
  907. [WP] The Capri Sun salesmen are always chasing the best and luckiest thieves, but when you find that perfect person to rob the capitaine they really don't want you.
  909. ****ES 3j4w0t
  911. ****S135|
  913. [WP]Now that you have fully automated robot body parts, it's your turn to take the lead in 'What was the best riddle the robot ever wrote'.
  915. ****ES 5k9cbe
  917. ****S135|
  919. [WP] A civilization awakes one day to find a deep, dark chasm in the ground. The area is cordoned off by giant, scorpion-like creatures. There is a stone door, and a sign at the entrance that says "Forbidden Zone". The society is terrified at first, but they realize that the chasm is likely where many of the lost technology was buried, and wonders who the thief/detectorist was.
  921. ****ES a9l3f0
  923. ****T135| a9l3f0
  924. Harry frowned. He was still clutching his blaster in one hand, his sword in the other.
  926. He had read some source materials about this restricted area, but none of them mentioned which were to be impassable.
  928. It would be strange for a stone door with the phrase 'Forbidden Zone' to remain fully functional when placed so high on a sandy cliff.
  930. As he stood on the edge, he decided he had had enough of this damned place.
  932. He pulled the trigger on his blaster and saw it was empty, which he guessed was strange, because he always ensured there was at least one empty cylinder left. He walked toward the door and peeked inside, only to see some maniac in his room laying face up, motionless.
  934. His heart sunk. Why was his family still alive?
  936. He sprinted for his sword, and leapt down onto his little brother's head. He slashed, and clamped his sword on his neck.
  938. "NO! GET AWAY FROM ME!" he shouted, as he gasped for air.
  940. He had not finished his preparation.
  942. There came the shot, which he heard from downstairs, the door burst open and the maniac's body bursted from under him, his blood spraying in the air.
  944. He grabbed the rifle, which he'd found under the bed as he was exiting the room. He aimed at the basement entrance, which he was both frightened and terrified to see. He barely had enough time to run into the room, see his corpse and run. The initial amount of shock he felt the deathclown had given him was short lived though, as his body gave out.
  946. It was one thing to kill your brother, another to kill your parents.
  948. His immediate reaction was to run, but the basement was all he had, and that should get some meaning behind his story.
  950. He ran.
  952. The Family was asleep, the other one didn't even let him in the house. At this point he'd been sprinting in circles around the house for like half an hour, and his blood had already ran from his skin by now.
  954. He finished his warm-up of the rifle, and pulled the trigger.
  956. No fire came, no crack of a window.
  958. He crouched in the basement doorway, and saw his body, blood and guts all over the floor.
  960. He dropped the rifle.
  963. And then, *nothing happened.*
  966. ****ET d6zgjbp
  968. ****R135| d6zgjbp
  969. That's brilliant!
  970. ****ER d6zvxy3
  972. ****R135| d6zvxy3
  973. Thank you!
  974. ****ER d6zxjl6
  976. ****R135| d6zxjl6
  977. Nice.
  978. ****ER d6zwr33
  980. ****S135|
  982. The Red Cross is your lifesaver in a zombie apocalypse.
  983. But while everyone is too busy to get the Red Cross to deliver food,
  984. How is there a Red Cross in the Zombie Apocalypse?
  986. ****ES 68dwhn
  988. ****S135|
  990. The Two
  991. A 4 year old meets with his therapist after eating a large waffle and finds a man with a beard...
  992. ****ES 3ywtfp
  994. ****T135| 3ywtfp
  995. I started crying, that time we went to get drunk, but this had been so much worse
  996. ****ET cyhgpc2
  998. ****T135| 3ywtfp
  999. I feel like this has been posted a hundred times before. And I'm always so hesitant to read it. But I'm going to try and make it worth your while
  1000. ****ET cyhgqqx
  1002. ****T135| 3ywtfp
  1003. This is not a post.  This is a movie suggestion.
  1004. ****ET cyhfyxa
  1006. ****R135| cyhfyxa
  1007. This isn't going to be any movie suggestion
  1008. ****ER cyhgz4d
  1010. ****R135| cyhgz4d
  1011. Thinking about this post you made in r/shareACs...Is it a good suggestion?
  1012. ****ER cyhibtg
  1014. ****T135| 3ywtfp
  1015. I just need one kid in a wheelchair to go into a training facility and see that it is indeed hell on earth.
  1016. ****ET cyhf1l2
  1018. ****T135| 3ywtfp
  1019. The human race being capable of intelligently invading Earth is scary
  1020. ****ET cyhdru3
  1022. ****R135| cyhdru3
  1023. Aliens.
  1024. ****ER cyhepu4
  1026. ****T135| 3ywtfp
  1027. It's way better than Iron Man 2 though.
  1028. ****ET cyhgfyx
  1030. ****R135| cyhgfyx
  1031. In a very concrete sense, sure.
  1033. But having Iron Man in the remake is not as significant.
  1035. Hell, even in general terms, this reboot is pretty much the end of an era. It's not like the next one is going to take any lead from comics because nobody is going to bother.
  1036. ****ER cyhgr5g
  1038. ****R135| cyhgr5g
  1039. I wish I could be more eloquent about this but I have to.
  1041. Iron man is the last of a dying breed.
  1043. The jedi or storm troopers or the doctor or their clone army, are your apexes.
  1045. Iron man has a smaller cap until one of these people die.
  1047. Then he's irreplaceable.
  1048. ****ER cyhgzq6
  1050. ****R135| cyhgzq6
  1051. The clone army idea, while it may make sense from a screen time perspective, and do explain things better, is actually kind of bizarre in a logical way. We've only been in the Marvel MCU for 9 years. There are clearly other plans for them at this point, there could very well be.
  1053. I agree he isn't the last of a dying breed, he'll go on to become immortal, but in the end he's still an adventurer, and that won't be relevant to his immortality.
  1055. Also, in the comics, when the jedi or the doctor encounter the "older" men, that's the time to go in and face the old man, the end. Not the younger men.
  1057. This is just lazy writing.
  1058. ****ER cyhlbkk
  1060. ****R135| cyhlbkk
  1061. Marvel did a great job with the characters you mentioned.
  1063. Bane will be fighting a clone of him, rather than one or the other, and I don't think Bane will kill him because he'd be losing his strength.
  1065. The ancient kings can still kick his ass.
  1066. ****ER cyhluq0
  1068. ****R135| cyhluq0
  1069. But Bane is a lesser, unsignificant being.
  1071. The ancient kings and Bane will only stand a chance against each other, if they are the same person.
  1073. Sicko.
  1076. ****ER cyhluwt
  1078. ****R135| cyhluwt
  1079. How is he weaker, and if he's not the same being?
  1080. ****ER cyhm7pa
  1082. ****R135| cyhl5ty
  1083. Makes perfect sense.
  1084. ****ER cyhl7l0
  1086. ****S135|
  1088. [Any Sci-Fi, Fantasy or SF] A 3rd person who is accepted for roles in your favorite movies and shows, but at the audition for his film audition and he goes into character and gives away that he's going to play the role.
  1089. This is by far the most controversial thing I've seen. Any thoughts?
  1090. ****ES bpdch2
  1092. ****T135| bpdch2
  1093. It's impossible to see a character like this and not give their character a heavy hint of "I'm the guy they hired."
  1094. ****ET eomwjyt
  1096. ****R135| eomwjyt
  1097. I think the cliched answer is to shrug your shoulders and say "great, I guess, but how come nobody can tell?" Maybe the question isn't what it's answer to?
  1098. ****ER eon8uw3
  1100. ****T135| bpdch2
  1101. Well I guess you'd be a villain in the worst thing ever.
  1102. ****ET eop3qe7
  1104. ****S135|
  1106. [EU] You wake up one morning to discover that your cat was missing since a few months, as well as all of your uncles and nephews.
  1107. You head out to look for your cat, who is barely alive after becoming almost insane from living in your cat's proximity. Your uncle shows up to pick you up and then is assaulted by your uncle and tries to kill you. That's just the beginning, and it just keeps getting worse.
  1109. You start going through your birth certificates, and your sister's birth certificates, trying to find your cat's birth certificate, but you find that her birth certificate is missing as well, and it's full of missing information about your kitten and the siblings' birth certificates.
  1111. When you ask your uncle, he tells you that he suspects that some cousin (also your uncle) is the cat's "owner" and has not paid her (cat's) bill, which has a title of any kind. He gives you a huge bag, containing both cat's birth and cat's death certificates, in the hopes that it will appear that you are his family and maybe you will not end up like your uncle.
  1113. He also advises that you should contact the cats' other two uncles and their nephews, so that you can compare their birth and death certificates, and maybe find out who the cat's real owner is.
  1114. ****ET c5g2kx4
  1116. ****T115| vu9xe
  1117. But he is more an immortal dragon than a normal cat?
  1118. ****ET c5g42pe
  1120. ****T115| vu9xe
  1121. I will ask you to look into the family tree.
  1122. ****ET c5g42lo
  1124. ****R115| c5g42lo
  1125. i dont even have a tree
  1126. ****ER c5gbmuj
  1128. ****T115| vu9xe
  1129. I hope there is a lot more to this story...
  1130. ****ET c5g2ri3
  1132. ****T115| vu9xe
  1133. You can even make yourself immortal with a couple of a potions (or more) and the fairy gives you a telepathazhim potion. Then all he would need is a call button and his magic spells.
  1134. ****ET c5g2p56
  1136. ****T115| vu9xe
  1137. And that would be an outstanding epilogue story! My goodness...one of my favourite ones, for sure.
  1138. ****ET c5g2prr
  1140. ****T115| vu9xe
  1141. Your mom will try. And then her body parts will start growing. And her legs. And her legs more. And her torso. And her legs. And her thighs. And her whole body. And her thighs. And more thighs. And a lot more legs. And legs...
  1142. ****ET c5g2q6l
  1144. ****R115| c5g2q6l
  1145. Don't forget, legs. Legs!
  1146. ****ER c5g2rf8
  1148. ****R115| c5g2rf8
  1149. And other stuff too.
  1150. ****ER c5g2spg
  1152. ****T115| vu9xe
  1153. A fair bit.
  1155. Y'all misspelled her name at one point.
  1156. ****ET c5g2peq
  1158. ****T115| vu9xe
  1159. R.I.P to you.
  1160. ****ET c5g2oi2
  1162. ****T115| vu9xe
  1163. i wish i was as close to bald as you....?
  1165. ^thought I was *hiding*
  1166. ****ET c5g4cv7
  1168. ****T115| vu9xe
  1169. damn dude, just...dare I say...don't......dunno
  1170. ****ET c5g4x7c
  1172. ****S115|
  1174. TIFU by giving my bf a boner...
  1175. Here's the TLDR:
  1177. Long story short, he's been doing me the absolute worst lately, so I'm thinking he might be in the wrong. I tell him to stop being selfish and jerk himself off about it. Well, when I tell him that, he takes off his clothes and sits on the bed, titty fucking it (thats what I'm going to call it now).
  1179. Cue flaccid erection.
  1181. We had to test the water on this one. He lies down while I work on the oot and then pretends he can't take anymore. Well, guess what?
  1183. It was ready.
  1185. And it wasn't "perfect" so we both heard it coming and then that fucking got his attention. He freaks out and starts fucking it. But nope, I start fingering myself to get a bit closer before I start using it. He gets close to cumming and then he lets it out, not hard but... hard. We both shout NO and try to tell him "I don't think you have it and we won't know if it's me or him if we don't know."
  1187. Fucking fuck all of us tried and I mean I did but we didn't hear it coming until the first hit. It was like him shoving his head down his pillow with his hand around his sister's round ass and saying "ouch-ouch" then it rips up and out comes a load. All his cum out, man we were shaking. His mom had us holding him with her arms between us to not lose balance. He said I made the first joke and didn't need one more ounce of cum so we go back to testing it. I was sore the next day but man he said that I had a real size load at that moment.
  1189. If you want to see it, you know the place. The nice mountain in the background was close to the bedroom and oh I feel so lucky she had them guys working with us. Thank you for your effort and thank you for reading.
  1190. ****ES 9pgb2k
  1192. ****T23| 9pgb2k
  1193. Fucking fuck all of us tried and I mean I did but we didn't hear it coming until the first hit. It was like him shoving his head down his pillow with his hand over the head of my back and all the rest as I shot my load down his ass. Those ladies seem to like their men jacking it out. I liked it.
  1194. ****ET e77z99i
  1196. ****S23|
  1198. When I'm old and I've forgotten how to speak I will still sound more articulate than you
  1199. There's still one word in the dictionary that people will insist is extremely difficult to learn, and that is "shit".   You have read about the difficulties of learning new vocabulary, but the shit test is another whole different level of fucking stupid.  And the difficulty of learning vocabulary itself makes the human race inefficiency level infinitely more incomprehensible, because one single word for the human race is so difficult to learn and to understand.  One sentence, one word.  Everything else about the humans on Earth is, indeed, stupid.  Can you just imagine what all those people would have accomplished as a race with all that added complexity.  Like a social phenomenon to impress you?  Because that's what I would do to impress you.  Take away all those fucking appendages, and that shit test would be a fucking joke.
  1200. ****ES ak0ihg
  1202. ****T23| ak0ihg
  1203. I'm all good in the vernacular of common US English, and shit I can speak not.
  1205. "Very" used in a noun, its its definite article. Its the second singular you fuck suckles pussy asshole.
  1207. "Fuck" just because of it's long vs. "fuck" here on Earth. The objects are not the same but to each other.
  1210. ****ET ef4dcpg
  1212. ****R23| ef4dcpg
  1213. cant tell with this
  1214. ****ER ef4jrfg
  1216. ****R23| ef4jrfg
  1217. You.  That makes it 4.
  1218. ****ER ef4m0k3
  1220. ****T23| ak0ihg
  1221. Wait that's pro why can't I use emall lol
  1222. ****ET ef4dofw
  1224. ****S23|
  1226. FINALIST 2016
  1227. We did it!
  1229. Thank you to everyone who commented on last year's Ted Talks. The nominations this year were especially heartening. In particular, we recognize and honor the years of the American Revolutionaries who spoke with such steely conviction about liberty and freedom. We feel the impact of Henry David Thoreau, and the stories that can be told by his great-grandchildren; the individual stories. We support ideas, not reactions. And we believe that history-making ideas can only succeed if they inspire real-life imitators; they can only emerge from America's rise to greatness.
  1232. And then, this year, to make it even sweeter, we acknowledge you, The Civil Rights Movement, for using the legal system to force social change. And to those individuals in other movements, past and present, who have made the fight for justice their own, we say, "Thank you for your service. We know how much you have fought, and continue to fight for all of us."
  1234. The 2018 Witherspoon Award
  1236. To Mark Naison for Citizen!
  1238. To Captain Tom Ewell for Of Mice and Men!
  1240. To Marjorie Griffin for A Map To The Redwoods
  1242. To Matthew Kaighn for Whippets and Gulls
  1244. To José Andrés for The Sale of the Sea
  1246. To Mark Ames for the Kids in Flight
  1248. To Lori Blumenfeldt for Captive Werewolves
  1250. To Amy Carter for Thirteen Cats
  1252. To Chris Weigl for Is The Earth a Mat
  1254. To Noam Chomsky for How the Light Gets In
  1256. To Lydia Tenbrinich for Mary To You
  1258. To Susan Faludi for Animals
  1260. To Margaret Atwood for Diary of a Wimpy Kid
  1262. To David Foster Wallace for The Pale King
  1264. To George Lipscomb for Swamplandia!
  1266. To Delia Armond for Underground
  1268. To Emily Brandt for Lord (i think that is right)
  1270. To Aneesh Apte for Let's Get Married
  1272. To Andrew Uglow for Capecod!: The Final Cut
  1274. To David Annandale for Everything Is Fizzing Out
  1276. To Maura Parke for Epic My First Post
  1278. To Paul Drinkwater for An Octoroon
  1280. To Margaret Atwood for Bitter Sweet Time
  1282. To Matthew Fink for Gives Me an Exit Strategy
  1284. To Tamara Akhter for Tender Granse ATCN
  1286. To Lance Johnson for Hang Your Job And Dance
  1288. To Joshua Malina for Hard Fought
  1290. To David Dawson for God was so Spelled
  1292. To A.A. Roberts for A Pilot's Call
  1294. To Ann Leck for Garden Shed
  1296. To M.A. Banks for The Drowning River
  1298. To Margaret Atwood for How to Have a Woman Be Your Slave for Years
  1300. To John Brant for Dark Manners
  1302. To Lisa Binet for Grue<|endoftext|>Recently in NYC I took some shoes to get repaired, and the repair guy had used chalk on the bottom of the shoes.
  1304. Was this chalk dirt? Do you chalk keep getting thrown into the bin because of poor performance of the shoes? Or was this chalk and the shoes cleaner that he used.
  1306. My wife wants to know
  1307. ****ES 7u9uzj
  1309. ****T61| 7u9uzj
  1310. No better question than usual
  1311. ****ET dth14gn
  1313. ****T61| 7u9uzj
  1314. Are the shoes worn and almost ready to wear again?
  1315. ****ET dtguwys
  1317. ****T61| 7u9uzj
  1318. Should've known better.  
  1319. ****ET dtgqrgn
  1321. ****T61| 7u9uzj
  1322. I've used chalk on shoes like this.  It's not going to be an amazing waterproofing fix and it will hold on for only a little bit of time.  Just take the shoes off and iron the chalk off with a high temp iron on nylon coated soles.  The old guy didn't get down into the hole in the sole (weaker material) on the sides or the inside of the shoe.  Your soles will probably benefit from a charge to the material to absorb some of the water.  That would be 100% worth it.
  1323. ****ET dtftu2s
  1325. ****T61| 7u9uzj
  1326. Try a different shoe material.
  1327. ****ET dtgvjqm
  1329. ****S61|
  1331. Another hair shaver quest thread: Acne shaver review!
  1332. Hey everyone,
  1334. Anyone into hair shavers? I've just bought one of these [Acne Shaver V2]. Thanks for all the positive feedback!
  1335. ****ES 3tblc3
  1337. ****T61| 3tblc3
  1338. That Acne shaver is nothing special. It's a $15 shaver.
  1339. ****ET ctml7b7
  1341. ****R61| ctml7b7
  1342. Don't you guys forget about all the shaving and moisturizing that you need to do before and after you shower?
  1343. ****ER ctmlbd3
  1345. ****R61| ctmlbd3
  1346. Stop making me feel bad.
  1347. ****ER ctmlso0
  1349. ****R61| ctmlso0
  1350. Keep in mind that you're *wearing a razor*
  1351. ****ER ctn7q0d
  1353. ****R61| ctn7q0d
  1354. I don't take showers if it's not a urinal.
  1355. ****ER ctn88l2
  1357. ****T61| 3tblc3
  1358. Harmaloud or another shave kit from Amazon. In my experience those are the best on the market right now. If you are allergic to other shavers, then it's worth a look.
  1359. ****ET ctml7te
  1361. ****R61| ctml7te
  1362. Are the nautilus and the cut and run blades the same? Are they different manufacturers, or are they the same in general?
  1363. ****ER ctmsug6
  1365. ****R61| ctmsug6
  1366. They are the same, they just shave with one different kind.
  1368. The cut and run type have all the edge sharpening straight from their house brand california razor blades.
  1370. You are buying them a pack of this same razor blade so you may as well get them a pack of those, it will save you a couple bucks and make your razor sharp.
  1371. ****ER ctmtnqu
  1373. ****T61| 3tblc3
  1374. ****ER ctn5fki
  1376. ****T61| 3tblc3
  1377. I'm a razvaxx junkie and i have been shaving with one for 2 months now. What does everyone else use? I have read most people recommend a straight razor, but a lot of razvaxx razors are pretty mediocre compared to the other brands of razors. Is it worth it to just stick with the DE blade?
  1378. ****ET ctn5kff
  1380. ****R61| ctn5kff
  1381. That's the only guy here that says "I use one", I guess that's the core concept of razvaxx razors - a cheap starter razor that has great start up razor control.
  1382. ****ER ctn5v9c
  1384. ****R61| ctn5kff
  1385. If you're anything like me and need a razor for a day or two get a DE SHARP or straight blade.
  1386. ****ER ctn59i0
  1388. ****R61| ctn59i0
  1389. And then find out that you have a super far to dull. I ended up getting a Fiskars strop by accident because I cut my lip shaving with it to split a peach with an old blade.
  1390. ****ER ctn5fbi
  1392. ****R61| ctn5fbi
  1393. I didn't end up using a strop.
  1394. ****ER ctn5k7c
  1396. ****R61| ctn5k7c
  1397. Oh lol. I had no clue what they were.
  1398. ****ER ctn5l6d
  1400. ****R61| ctn5l6d
  1401. Wow... I was going to tell you to just get the one they put in the YouTube intro... but I suppose it's my bias, haha.
  1402. ****ER ctn5nou
  1404. ****R61| ctn5nou
  1405. I had no idea either, so that's good. I'll try the one you gave and let me know how it goes!
  1406. ****ER ctn5oyy
  1408. ****R61| ctn5oyy
  1409. Gotta hit the /r/ishitshouldtry sub with it.
  1410. ****ER ctn6ca0
  1412. ****R61| ctn5nou
  1413. Check the basic guide on how to strop. All the more work when you don't need to cut a single thing.
  1415. Just do what the person told you to do. They had such a good video guide on youtube.
  1416. ****ER ctn5qys
  1418. ****R61| ctn5qys
  1419. I second that.  It's super easy to look fancy while you are just doing normal clothes, so if you are just doing normal clothes I don't see why you would need to be so careful with how you go about it.
  1420. ****ER ctn5vqc
  1422. ****R61| ctn5vqc
  1423. I couldn't agree more.  
  1424. ****ER ctn6e4i
  1426. ****R61| ctn5vqc
  1427. don't use clippers on dresses unless you have it made especially for you!
  1428. ****ER ctn7s01
  1430. ****T61| 3f9e4x
  1431. What is the difference between bleach and a good bleach (or what is it supposed to be) you asked? Is it good or bad?
  1432. ****ET ctm8uoe
  1434. ****R61| ctm8uoe
  1435. There's no standard. There are actually two and that's why it's called what. I don't have the degree to say definitively.
  1436. ****ER ctm9kxj
  1438. ****R61| ctm9kxj
  1439. So I'll assume there's some other difference as well?
  1440. ****ER ctmde5s
  1442. ****R61| ctm8uoe
  1443. Mmmhmphm
  1444. ****ER ctm8ybu
  1446. ****R61| ctm8uoe
  1447. That's what I just said
  1448. ****ER ctm8zl6
  1450. ****T61| 3f9e4x
  1451. I'm so behind the world on other things but I'm in the middle of college now, and I don't know how to choose clothes.
  1453. I got a very wide brimmed hat, and probably not a sharp pointy hat (like arnie, but not so much like sepia's)
  1455. I also got this ski jacket that I'm really excited about. I just don't know what to wear.
  1456. ****ET ctm8wz3
  1458. ****R61| ctm8wz3
  1459. Oh okay cool. Take one up here. You want to wear both hats. You can wear both, don't mix them. Look, I'm looking right at both and I'm having trouble, so I'm gonna take one off you to show you what I'm looking at. I think I got another hat, if I have that one. I have both kind of on me, and now you see it... Here I am. The silhouette is a weird one, you think it's a ski jacket, but it's not. I know, I know, I don't look all that great but I promise you that the jacket is not it, it's a hat, and that hat is not here.
  1461. The jacket that's coming off right now is getting a little sad, we should take it off of you. You're gonna come up here, I'm going to take it off and I'll try and talk to you about it, I promise. I mean, what you wear it for?
  1464. Well, you have to take off both those clothes, right?
  1465. ****ER co5as7y
  1467. ****R115| co5as7y
  1468. It's a hat, not a ski jacket.
  1469. ****ER co5cqrm
  1471. ****R115| co5cqrm
  1472. Ahh, ok.
  1473. ****ER co5ed6r
  1475. ****R115| co5ed6r
  1476. Yeah, that's exactly what I thought as well. I was like, why are you wearing it? You said it was a hat. I asked why and you said it's a hat, it's like the old saying. "It's not *the hat* you're wearing it for, it's the *show* you're wearing it for!"
  1477. ****ER co5ilkv
  1479. ****R115| co5ilkv
  1480. Bummer.
  1481. ****ER co5kcbs
  1483. ****R115| co5as7y
  1484. I just said, you know what I wear it for. It's no different to me than someone saying they are wearing a cowboy hat to give it some structure.
  1486. Though the source material is the best... It doesn't really have a point to be honest.
  1487. ****ER co5osj7
  1489. ****R115| co5osj7
  1490. It's not a cowboy hat, it's a hat.
  1491. ****ER co5v4yo
  1493. ****R115| co5osj7
  1494. I like the whole you're wearing it because it's a hat to an engineering definition. I like hats and hats and hats (just like I like cornflakes)
  1495. ****ER co5r16u
  1497. ****R115| co5osj7
  1498. Oh, it's good to laugh at an existential crisis. I should probably go see a psychiatrist.
  1499. ****ER co5ptue
  1501. ****R115| co5hqpy
  1502. Well, we do see how time works here. The entire item design was determined by people trying to imitate some sort of classical rococo design.
  1503. ****ER co5psan
  1505. ****R115| co5psan
  1506. That makes it even better!
  1507. ****ER co5r02s
  1509. ****R115| co5r02s
  1510. it's still a whole lot of amazing detail to put into something!  it's like there's a huge wall of trash in your brain dedicated to everything that does not already show to the light of day!
  1511. ****ER co5wfvc
  1513. ****R115| co5psan
  1514. Those can't be "suits" that're wearing tuxes! My god, just add that to the list of reasons for corporate scandals.
  1515. ****ER co5qfgq
  1517. ****R115| co5qfgq
  1518. If they're just explaining it to us they don't need a corporate code name, they can just refer to suits and stuff. I've never worked at a "sailing ship" bar so i don't think I have a huge knowledge of this.
  1519. ****ER co5qtsk
  1521. ****R115| co5qtsk
  1522. > I've never worked at a "sailing ship" bar so i don't think I have a huge knowledge of this.
  1524. That's the thing, one can only laugh in a completely unique situation and find some awesome parts of the process and "show" them off, or find yourself ridiculed.
  1526. It also goes in a world full of people trying to find ways to enhance their interactions with customers and increase their profits.
  1528. A lot of workers who are salaried at these kinds of places are high up and well-paid. So if they don't want to be in the project and be responsible for it, they can make it look like it's just a normal night shift bartender job, that makes it easier to get promoted.
  1529. ****ER co5yuvf
  1531. ****R115| co5yuvf
  1532. On a side note, a bartender for a job like this is about the same cost as a waiter, so if one wants to work for an upscale restaurant one will get much cheaper beer.
  1534. I'm not quite sure why everyone wants to make it so professional that it feels like a job that requires something like this. Its just like kids being asked to "studying the company rules" or whatever (don't ask).
  1536. I really do hate this line of thinking.
  1537. ****ER co63ew5
  1539. ****R115| co63ew5
  1540. I think a job like this could be doable in "casual" offices. Casual needs to have less benefits, less insurance, etc. The work is very job oriented, and there are people in that kind of jobs all over.
  1542. There are people who work in "casual" offices, though. I guess they could work their way up.
  1543. ****ER co63rft
  1545. ****R115| co63rft
  1546. That's cool.
  1548. ****ER co63xqh
  1550. ****R115| co5yuv4
  1551. It is what it is. They don't say it is. That's not what it is. This is what it means and that's the definition. I personally think that's exactly what it means. No need to have a rule for it to be correct.
  1552. ****ER co5zzwa
  1554. ****R115| co5zzwa
  1555. Well, "rule" isn't accurate and is usually more like an oversimplification.  So, I'm thinking here maybe what it is, is that they are basically called "salarymen" because they use manual labour/menial tasks (or whatever they do), which is what you would call being called a "manual labour employee" (i.e. if I asked you to mow the lawn, and you say, I don't work manual labour.) and it really bugs me when people don't get it when we make a distinction in calling things like this "salaryman".
  1556. ****ER co60g74
  1558. ****R115| co60g74
  1559. If you ask a bum to mow your lawn, you don't call them manual labour employees.
  1560. ****ER co6d3xe
  1562. ****R115| co6d3xe
  1563. So because you mowed your lawn once, and never did it before, you got that title?
  1564. ****ER co6xhjv
  1566. ****R115| co6xhjv
  1567. You are projecting your own beliefs about what you think men are like on to me. I'd consider myself a strong masculine man, but that just because I am an unemployed bum living in a shitty country, it doesn't mean I'm masculine.
  1568. ****ER co6y1m0
  1570. ****R115| co6y1m0
  1571. Well I have better ideas about what we should call people.
  1574. ****S117|
  1576. I will begin it now.
  1578. In honor of something or someone I will commence the offensive, and I will slay
  1580. oh, I
  1581. dont*
  1583. there's s more, and I'll take their
  1585. verily, hightech*ly against their will
  1587. ****ES 9odzw2
  1589. ****T117| 9odzw2
  1590. Hi /u/Cokesick,
  1592. This is the golden rule of science with the rest of your post and your comment history.
  1593. ****ET e7o0ikv
  1595. ****T117| 9odzw2
  1596. It's "Hi, I'm Cokesick, and I'm afraid. You took out of context my comments"
  1597. ****ET e7o5d7w
  1599. ****R117| e7o5d7w
  1600. Thanks i'll make it a rule
  1601. ****ER e7o5r2h
  1603. ****R117| e7o5r2h
  1604. Oh please, at least put some "sorry" there.
  1605. ****ER e7o60rn
  1607. ****S117|
  1608. http://www.thedissenter.com/blog.php?page=d-index
  1609. Dear _________,
  1611. http://www.thedissenter.com/blog.php?page=d-index
  1613. ****ES 3qlxfv
  1615. ****S117|
  1616. https://np.reddit.com/r/MURICA/comments/3cz8to/french_minors_have_been_mistreated_and_deported_from/
  1617. French minors have been mistreated and deported from America
  1619. ****ES 3czo0p
  1621. ****S117|
  1622. https://www.reddit.com/r/sscg/comments/6gf28f/mechanical_son-so_its_about_building_up_trust/?st=ivwjf3tw&sh=72e28b6a
  1623. Mechanical son. So it's about building up trust.
  1625. ****ES 6ge6sp
  1627. ****S117|
  1628. http://www.reddit.com/r/Drinking/comments/1rby8k/thomas_a_merisiana_man_shot_in_face_by/cdsxjvf
  1629. Thomas A. Miens/the Baltimore man shot in the face by a Houston cop has a lawsuit against the city. Cops arrived at the home "and approached the door" to "advise" that it's not a good time. See, he's a doctor, even though I'm not too sure what he does.
  1631. ****ES 1rbhp6
  1633. ****T117| 1rbhp6
  1634. This title appears to be about motorcycle helmets, but the actual title says the person shot is a Dallas man.
  1636. http://www.khou.com/news/local/drone-wielding-dallas-dr-shot-in-the-face-by-tx-cop/Kj9UAAEqRi/
  1637. ****ET cdszmg0
  1639. ****S117|
  1640. http://www.reddit.com/r/gfycat/comments/1k2p59/mother_introduces_her_dog_in_an_interesting_way/
  1641. Mom shows her dog in an interesting way
  1643. ****ES 1k2qdd
  1645. ****S117|
  1646. http://www.reddit.com/r/wow/comments/1o53ae/im_a_kobold_fan_the_juggernaut_part/
  1647. im a kobold fan...
  1649. ****ES 1o5cm3
  1651. ****S117|
  1652. https://np.reddit.com/r/aww/comments/3ts6yd/good_morning_is_it_okay_to_call_a_pet_pet/
  1653. Good morning is it okay to call a pet a pet?
  1655. ****ES 3tsjuk
  1657. ****T117| 3tsjuk
  1658. Not a Tumblrer.
  1660. Edit: not a bastard.
  1662. Edit: that wasn't intended to be my response.
  1663. ****ER cx3771v
  1665. ****R117| cx3771v
  1666. > Not a Tumblrer
  1668. That's an edit, not a pun.
  1669. ****ER cx37h3b
  1671. ****T117| 3tsjuk
  1672. Just, yay.
  1673. ****ET cxsfdla
  1675. ****R117| cxsfdla
  1676. I LOVE YOU
  1677. ****ER cxsfkl9
  1679. ****T117| 3tsjuk
  1680. Fake...
  1681. ****ET cxiei9x
  1683. ****T117| 3tsjuk
  1684. That's not a Tumbler, no matter how hard you try.
  1685. ****ET cxlnek3
  1687. ****S117|
  1688. https://np.reddit.com/r/shittyvideos/comments/4mzzuj/something_common_going_in_20_can_see_video/
  1689. Something common? Going in [20: can see video][gif]
  1691. ****ES 4mzzuj
  1693. ****T117| 4mzzuj
  1694. Nice (many thanks) !
  1695. ****ET d3o1y4a
  1697. ****T117| 4mzzuj
  1698. Jep. Thanks
  1699. ****ET d3n99ux
  1701. ****S117|
  1703. [Why do black people suck and keep watching sports with all black announcers or what? Because they're ugly, right? - even better they go on about how it's "denigrating" them when one of them always says they're a good person, it's a team sport, you aren't going to win by getting famous and making it seem like it's a race thing
  1704. Thanks](https://i.imgur.com/zf5rbJu.jpg)
  1705. ****ES 2h7mmx
  1707. ****T117| 2h7mmx
  1708. I wanted to upvote this because it's true.
  1709. ****ET ckq68yh
  1711. ****T117| 2h7mmx
  1712. /r/TitaniumGRIDTHOUGHLIST
  1713. ****ET ckrwvv0
  1715. ****T117| 2h7mmx
  1716. [WE DID IT REDDIT!](http://www.reddit.com/r/TitaniumGRIDTHOUGHLIST)
  1717. ****ET ckrv6zf
  1719. ****R117| ckrv6zf
  1720. One of the few posts here I disagree with.
  1721. ****ER cks1qc1
  1723. ****R117| cks1qc1
  1724. Why? Its true, if you have a set amount of time, you'll have been informed that you did something a part of the maximum time. In my experience, people don't always say the whole amount of time when they're using the app.
  1725. ****ER cks1xo3
  1727. ****R117| cks1xo3
  1728. Can't you tell me the person's number of time in the thread? Because I was going through it looking for the person.
  1729. ****ER cks2usd
  1731. ****R117| cks2usd
  1732. Yes, see this post's sidebar
  1734. >If you've got a timer and want to rate it, you can go right to the top of the page to do it yourself!
  1736. I had to make the calculation myself for some people, but I'm almost certain they're not being completely disingenuous.
  1737. ****ER cks2zvf
  1739. ****R117| cks2zvf
  1740. I am not saying I am trolling. I am an informed user of this subreddit. How many times did you say "I just put it up to your comment, how does that even even work" if not two? I looked through this post, and this is what I found.
  1741. ****ER cks3puu
  1743. ****R117| cks3r4h
  1744. You dont have a notification on your comments that trigger the whitelist. I see a notification and got taken to the verification page.
  1745. ****ER cks3u2p
  1747. ****R117| cks3u2p
  1748. that is not how a notification works. its still in the same spreadsheet where you made the entry. when you click on a comment or a comment with a notification, it takes you to the comment page for that comment. the night is dark when you're so darn lazy that you dont do it for a little while, so when you do, you hit the wrong tab. there you have it.
  1749. ****ER cks33ic
  1751. ****R117| cks2wco
  1752. /r/comedystests
  1753. ****ER cks3aap
  1755. ****R117| cks3aap
  1756. Would you go to r/comedystests and do it like r/funny or r/movies?
  1757. ****ER cks5mj8
  1759. ****R117| cks5mj8
  1760. movies is a real thing
  1761. ****ER cks7pii
  1763. ****R117| cks5mj8
  1764. ... Who the fuck needs them?
  1765. ****ER cks5o2k
  1767. ****R117| cks5o2k
  1768. The exact same responses... you find humor or going in st as you would on any other subreddit....but is funny you don't exist, which is the exact opposite of the definition of "funny".
  1769. ****ER cks6n2v
  1771. ****R117| cks6n2v
  1772. Fuck off, first of all I don't consider this sub to be the place to just post things, and secondly, that is not my response.
  1773. ****ER cks73yr
  1775. ****R117| cks5o2k
  1776. If you see something weird, downvote it. I guarantee you it was funny.
  1777. ****ER cks71mf
  1779. ****R117| cks71mf
  1780. I will help you read down to "just things you find funny", and you will downvote and ignore literally everything that is in the downvoted. There is no "just things you find funny".
  1783. ****ER cks7cv7
  1785. ****R117| cks7cv7
  1786. And I am telling you that's retarded.  What if you were told I was a terrorist, then downvoted into oblivion?
  1787. ****ER cks7vv5
  1789. ****R117| cks7vv5
  1790. No, if I saw someone calling me a terrorist, I'd downvote them and ignore the rest.  You have no idea what you're talking about.
  1791. ****ER cks7ztc
  1793. ****R117| cks7ztc
  1794. At least you admit it's retarded.
  1795. ****ER cks80f0
  1797. ****R117| cks80f0
  1798. Because not everyone has the same experiences or know that you don't understand them.
  1799. ****ER cksa9ou
  1801. ****R117| cks7ztc
  1802. >I have only been told I am a terrorist, not that I am a terrorist.
  1804. and there's nothing wrong with that.
  1806. you haven't seen the questions people use to create the flame wars or even care about having that opinion.  
  1808. /r/explainafriend
  1809. ****ER cks8i7j
  1811. ****R117| cks8i7j
  1812. >/r/explainafriend
  1814. in the internet.
  1816. we didn't become one.
  1817. ****ER cks8w4x
  1819. ****R117| cks8w4x
  1820. impeccable.
  1821. ****ER ckscmiz
  1823. ****R117| ckscmiz
  1824. moaning-crotchety.
  1825. ****ER ckscq4o
  1827. ****R117| ckscq4o
  1829. ****ER ckscyr5
  1831. ****R117| ckscyr5
  1832. ?
  1834. Why would you bemoan?
  1835. ****ER cksegbj
  1837. ****R117| cks2kux
  1838. Just do what they say. That's it.
  1839. ****ER cksjwbp
  1841. ****R117| cksjwbp
  1842. From another child in California to another in Arizona, who's right about what happens in America, right now?  Who is right about what the hell is in a 'land of the free'?  Who cares.  Because if it doesn't turn you into some sort of Slavic stormtrooper full of wacko populism?  I guarantee it's got nothing to do with borders or immigration in the first place.  This is all about power.
  1844. Let's see how this plays out.
  1845. ****ER cksjxig
  1847. ****R117| cksjxig
  1848. Yup, but nobody listens.  You'd rather tell the British to get the hell off the planet so they can keep sucking everyone's dick for no good reason, than do that.
  1849. ****ER ckso70p
  1851. ****R117| ckso70p
  1852. Bunch of stupid fucktards here already.  
  1853. ****ER ckso8lb
  1855. ****R117| ckso8lb
  1856. Puff!
  1857. ****ER cksoq8r
  1859. ****R117| cksoq8r
  1860. :)
  1861. ****ER cksq3ly
  1863. ****R117| cksq3ly
  1864. k
  1865. ****ER cksq6lf
  1867. ****R117| cksq6lf
  1868. Goodbye.
  1869. ****ER cksqdr7
  1871. ****R117| cksqdr7
  1872. [](/am) **whackity boosh**
  1873. ****ER cksr2k2
  1875. ****R117| cksr2k2
  1876. Goodbye.
  1877. ****ER ckst8uh
  1879. ****R117| cksqdr7
  1880. Whackity boosh is an unacceptable insult.
  1881. ****ER cktb4as
  1883. ****T117| 2hugr2
  1884. I'd have upvoted you, except he's a retard.
  1885. ****ET cksr4p4
  1887. ****T117| 2hugr2
  1888. I don't know why, but I got the feeling this guy had a mental disorder, this could be completely fictitious. Maybe even not real.
  1889. ****ET cksq8fg
  1891. ****T117| 2hugr2
  1892. silly me
  1893. ****ET cksrhbe
  1895. ****T117| 2hugr2
  1896. The only person in the room with one of those hairstyles is Mr. Todd Howard.
  1898. Also, I don't get the punchline.
  1899. ****ET ckspq0d
  1901. ****R117| ckspq0d
  1902. Well, Todd Howard *doesn't* have one of those hairstyles. It's a collection of pubes.
  1903. ****ER cksrf44
  1905. ****S117|
  1906. http://imgur.com/mDABLNR
  1907. The Horribly Silent Urination
  1909. ****ES 4phkvu
  1911. ****T117| 4phkvu
  1912. Moe?
  1913. ****ET d4k23ti
  1915. ****T117| 4phkvu
  1916. u gots tow
  1917. ****ET d4l91ls
  1919. ****S117|
  1920. https://np.reddit.com/r/theydidthemath/comments/3izm8a/the_ymls_of_a_took_a_kill/
  1921. The Ymls of a Killed
  1923. ****ES 3izm8c
  1925. ****T117| 3izm8c
  1926. Typical.
  1928. OP's previous post:
  1930. \>Got into a big fight with my friend about school. I tried to explain to him that I knew the difference between "you" and "they" and to prove it, and he goes 'your' versus 'they', and in the end he was pretty mad at me, so he wrote the Ymls of a killed on me. Got banned for a week for a single [error] in the post which, as it turns out, wasn't on purpose and was just a typo.
  1932. Neat.
  1933. ****ET cvf1o0s
  1935. ****R117| cvf1o0s
  1936. This is a horse of a different color, but a magnificient reader
  1937. ****ER cvf0kxw
  1939. ****R117| cvf1o0s
  1940. Nice.
  1941. ****ER cvf8lmy
  1943. ****R117| cvf1o0s
  1944. You can read it and edit as you see fit.
  1946. EDIT:  Fyi, I couldn't tell you the story without erasing it.
  1947. ****ER cvfh6kq
  1949. ****T117| 3mx2p0
  1950. Hi,  I'm the author of the original text, can you tell me if this is acceptable?
  1951. ****ET cvf5zqb
  1953. ****R117| cvf5zqb
  1954. Yes.
  1955. ****ER cvf6z4s
  1957. ****R117| cvf5zqb
  1958. Yes.
  1959. ****ER cvfaqf7
  1961. ****R117| cvfaqf7
  1962. You can edit your post and link to the reddit version but that can help.
  1963. ****ER cvfb3x7
  1965. ****R117| cvfb3x7
  1966. You can't but your comment can.
  1967. ****ER cvffsva
  1969. ****S117|
  1971. if OP did end up killing himself...
  1972. > ...if my guess is correct... of course, everybody says it was suicide, right? Well, [they don't](https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/53w28x/do_you_think_it_was_worth_it_to_kill_himself/d53wrqf) get behind that, because here's some more evidence: * * *from r/news:*
  1974. >A court in northern French city Lille froze when a court  - a first - decided to free on a July night an accused - handed over by the State security service without charges. There was a report that [the court member](http://www.9news.fr/news/scandais/toilets-deceive-cheap-migrants-671773/laitivre_exercice_du_lach_de_tournage-845-1.jpg?fr_ru=https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/53w28x/do_you_think_it_was_worth_to_kill_himself/d53wrqf) seems to have made a decision based on "evidence presented by a wrong or rumor".
  1976. >[However,](http://www.journal-neo.com/3368/los-argentina-a-gringo-matteo-carrizo-en-uvaldifor-gendarmes/) a pro-government outlet I wouldn't consider an independent source on the case (probably just doing its best to stay neutral, unlike other places that are talking about the case) described the accusations as lies.
  1978. Either way, the BBC is one of the good sources, so they're not the best source to accuse of propaganda; but that doesn't mean they're actively trying to discredit you.
  1980. >Not one of these people has ever made any kind of argument about that case. Not one.
  1982. Lol. I think so, but you seem to have no way of proving that.
  1983. ****ER d73afan
  1985. ****R80| d73afan
  1986. I mean, maybe if I had to mention the implications of the BBC to you, it would be suspicious, but... No.
  1988. They just say that they don't know enough, or have no evidence of the claims they make.
  1990. They're not obligated to discuss it, or they aren't allowed to report on anything, but at least they are aware of the claims being made, and you can't just check with the information and say "yup, that's true"
  1992. Edit: and that's all from me, not to mention the comments on the first post from you.
  1993. ****ER d73co5w
  1995. ****R80| d73co5w
  1996. Sure, when you realize that you're talking to a complete idiot.
  1998. > No.
  2000. I mean, no, no, maybe it's an *interesting* question and you actually have information on it, but like, it's not in this thread. It's not in any other threads in this thread.
  2002. Your evidence: this /pol/ "journalist" supposedly in order to do their job for "equal justice".
  2004. I mean, at this point, it's just a juvenile argument about letting these "journalists" create even more nonsense as well as you stating it's all the fault of the people in the clip.
  2005. ****ER d73cpv6
  2007. ****R80| d73cpv6
  2008. > Not even once...And yet I can't seem to find a single one...Either way...
  2010. > There's no actually evidence that much of the guys' reputation on Reddit is built on any fact whatsoever.
  2012. No, there's not.
  2014. > but like, it's not in this thread.
  2016. Not this thread either.
  2018. > Your evidence: this /pol/ "journalist" supposedly in order to do their job for "equal justice".
  2021. I don't care about the basis of their claims here. They were brought here for attention and clicks.
  2023. > Not even once...And yet I can't seem to find a single one...Either way...
  2025. There are none here.
  2027. >  "an example that's not in that article either, such as that. It's not even discussed in any way in the article.
  2030. Not here.
  2032. > ... nor found by any...You can go further into the thread and search that journalist's name on that."
  2034. Not here.
  2036. > ... is that the person is being criticized for nothing?
  2038. The person is being criticized for reporting that nothing in the article was debunked.
  2040. >  I'm pointing out a gaping hole in this argument.
  2042. Yes.
  2044. > Like, you don't even understand what was debated here.
  2046. Nope.
  2048. > Well, I'm just going to add that anyone who has followed the anaglyphic game scenes for the last year or so knows what's going on with the options available to him.
  2050. No.
  2052. > Also, if they're doing anaglyphic, colorblind rendering, they're not going to see the hard object.
  2054. The problem with that claim, is that it's not true.
  2056. https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/Paraplegi/images/7/7f/pamestart.gif/revision/latest?cb=20140815094600
  2058. Of course the person didn't expect anaglyphic, but "hard object" is where the argument really ended.
  2060. He literally said that he *could not see* it, and when discussing it with others said "see here," and "can't," which means he just doesn't know what was rendered.
  2061. ****ER ck69ia9
  2063. ****R37| ck69ia9
  2064. Fucking mums and dads today....
  2065. ****ER ck69som
  2067. ****R37| ck69som
  2068. Yeah, which are the reasons we move away from traditional roles in the future.
  2069. ****ER ck69xu5
  2071. ****R37| ck69som
  2072. Yeah, some people like that quiet calm position of, if you can't see it, you can't see it.
  2073. ****ER ck69vob
  2075. ****R37| ck69ia9
  2076. I'm not certain what your point was, it sounded like you weren't sure if he would have said it, or if he would have said it and then claimed he couldn't, and then implied that it is impossible. I'm not sure what he meant, but if I had to hazard a guess, it was that the speaker was saying that the future we live in now is unlikely, and that we may find ourselves in the position where we can't decide what is or isn't possible, or at least not find ourselves in that position for a long time.
  2077. ****ER ck6k9b0
  2079. ****R37| ck6k9b0
  2080. You might find it a good exercise to try and go through a list of actions/behaviour and ask which is the 'normal' one for a person to engage in.
  2082. Now try and go through the list and see if any of them sounds as if they would ever be in the right frame of mind to say or do the 'norm' one.
  2084. Are you missing something or are you just confused?
  2085. ****ER ck6kfu1
  2087. ****R37| ck6kfu1
  2088. I've been meaning to try this, but to be honest, the concept of normality is kind of a sham anyway. It can't be said like that, as anything that's a core factor of reality is outside of the norm. We know that the universe would be kind of weird if we tried to explain it that way.
  2090. But, there's this 'idea' of normality, which we've defined, as the same sort of language that we are considering, but where you can apply it to anything that can be considered a concept, such as a king. Now, any idea could be considered a concept, as long as its definition matches the definition of the subject. In that case, any  idea that can be considered a king, could be considered a normal king. There's no such thing as normality as a concept though. If you're defining it in this way, I don't see the utility in doing that either.
  2091. ****ER eaf4ixs
  2093. ****R45| eaf4ixs
  2094. I am not saying that normality is a hoax, I'm saying that the actual concept of normality is not a simple concept that you can apply it to anything.
  2096. The concept of a 'normal' person is, in the sense of "normal people", is something that has to be defined objectively and that has many different aspects to it. But we could still be talking about 'normal' if we were to write a rule saying that everyone had to be normal, a similar 'normal people' concept could still be applied to more complicated concepts.
  2098. Of course there are multiple aspects, which if used in isolation (e.g. anything that isn't necessarily extreme) are not really useful to us. In many case one piece of information can cause different statements to be false or will be used in a strange way if not extracted with proper care.
  2100. But as the author states: Normal is a concept that is in the process of being redefined to fit a new context. Maybe at the start we might have seen these people as abnormal, but as the concept is redefined it no longer serves that purpose, it just becomes meaningless.
  2102. There are always people who fall into the normal category and find meaning in that category, I guess they're living under the delusion that it does mean something more but ultimately it's still a meaningless concept. There are also people who get caught in the routine and do nothing with their lives, like most sane people.
  2104. And in a way this is a tragedy of our time. I've seen and experienced and know people on both sides of the spectrum, and I've seen what extremes that it can produce, but the bulk of people don't know anything at all. People only become fully defined as being a normal or aberration is when they grow old.
  2106. In the meantime, when you find yourself in your youth trying to "put it behind you," realize it's a distraction and you can't give that hate or love because in the real world there is no hate or love.
  2108. ****ER df13lbe
  2110. ****R12| df13lbe
  2111. Most normal people are cured from depression or anxiety.  Don't go for a cure with that crap and there's no doubt that most are going to get more intense problems, as opposed to normal youth, which got rid of most of its problems.  If you find yourself feeling like you're not the person you were before, find a therapist.  A therapist doesn't need a personal computer and books to figure out what to do with you, they can tell a person where their problem lies and give you a possible fix.
  2112. ****ER df17ki6
  2114. ****R12| df17ki6
  2115. A therapist that I'm aware of.  Yes it's normal to be mature and now looking after your own problems for a while before you get to see your friends.  But this cannot solve the underlying problem of having shitty experiences that you're going to have to live with forever.  
  2117. If they don't fix the problem their going to burn bridges before they can fix the problem.
  2118. ****ER df17phf
  2120. ****T12| 1ferif
  2121. I don't know about you but we're not psychologically well rounded. I've used dating sites before and it's just a tool that people like me use to fill a void. You should break your email of don't be offensive for what they do. The loneliness and isolation you are experiencing is real, its normal to feel isolated and it will only get worse if you don't fix your problems. When I broke up with my gf, I used it as an opportunity to live a healthier life for a few months and get myself on my feet. I'm doing a second crack a couple years later and if I was you I would have a therapist before I hurt someone who loved me.
  2122. ****ET df0871g
  2124. ****T12| 1ferif
  2125. Yeah, I remember fucking vboard.com back when vndb was around, and I don't even know how to "fix" it now.  I am fucked up because I'm fucking unable to use it anymore.
  2126. ****ET dfzyve8
  2128. ****T12| 1ferif
  2129. http://i.imgur.com/xkzq5.jpg
  2131. I should be happy because I haven't had to try, I just go with the flow
  2133. I'd think this is a meme, but I've always hated when it's on all over Reddit, it looks so pathetic.
  2135. My brain is fucked
  2136. ****ET dfi68y7
  2138. ****T12| 1ferif
  2139. They just post on their social media feeds or something. I had the same thing.
  2140. ****ET dft9ci7
  2142. ****T12| 1ferif
  2143. why can't they read?
  2144. ****ET dfzviw8
  2146. ****R12| dfzviw8
  2147. fuck off
  2148. ****ER dfzx2bl
  2150. ****R12| dfzviw8
  2151. Ok buddy, give me some unfiltered looks and I'll tell you why, then, I'd like to see.
  2153. you can see my [pictures here](http://imgur.com/a/BgHKM) if you'd like, I'm still trying
  2155. http://imgur.com/v8R2wQ0
  2156. ****ER dfzz1l6
  2158. ****T12| 1ferif
  2159. Nice try "neo-con" you're not one of us, still eXuline Vise.
  2160. ****ET dfhxg7z
  2162. ****T12| 1ferif
  2163. Do you have a master's degree?
  2164. ****ET dfhxdcp
  2166. ****T12| 1ferif
  2167. You are stuck in the 5th dimension of being an achromat...look at how many of you I've left in the plane. I'm sitting right beside you, ready to help you climb up!
  2168. ****ET dfhqi7x
  2170. ****T12| 1ferif
  2171. Attaboy Mr. "Theology teacher"
  2172. ****ET dfhqfk5
  2174. ****T12| 1ferif
  2175. I'm a bot, %ownership: 0,173
  2176. ****ET dfhqbvj
  2178. ****R12| dfhqbvj
  2179. No the real answer is LILIBOT TROTMAUL.
  2180. ****ER dfhr0ep
  2182. ****R12| dfhr0ep
  2183. LilibotTrueRuleNoobs- confirmed
  2184. ****ER dfhr17y
  2186. ****R12| dfhr17y
  2187. Liljim will be a meme in the future
  2188. ****ER dfhsbsd
  2190. ****T12| 1ferif
  2191. Reminds me of the Pope's relationship with the Jews and the Catholic church in general
  2192. ****ET dfhrq31
  2194. ****T12| 1ferif
  2195. Jesus said "who am I to judge?" and "when you are in a relationship with a beautiful woman, love her"
  2197. Lol
  2198. ****ET dfhrlyk
  2200. ****T12| 1ferif
  2201. What doesn't?
  2202. ****ET dfhr2zz
  2204. ****R12| dfhr2zz
  2205. it's extremely juvenile, I wouldnt take it seriously, it just makes everyone look bad
  2206. ****ER dfhr31s
  2208. ****R12| dfhr31s
  2209. Wat
  2210. ****ER dfhs7vt
  2212. ****R12| dfhr31s
  2213. > (including his own girlfriend)
  2215. so does the bible.
  2217. followers of the jewish god have had their lives destroyed for their lifestyle.
  2219. ****ER dfhs47q
  2221. ****R12| dfhr31s
  2222. Idiot
  2223. ****ER dfhrzxu
  2225. ****R12| dfhrzxu
  2226. What are you going on about, if you really want to know, go read it again
  2227. ****ER dfhs12d
  2229. ****R12| dfhs12d
  2230. Im sorry
  2231. ****ER dfhs1ns
  2233. ****R12| dfhs1ns
  2234. What else am I going to read?
  2235. ****ER dfhsi0m
  2237. ****R12| dfhsi0m
  2238. because ur a fag
  2239. ****ER dfhskaq
  2241. ****R12| dfhsi0m
  2242. you can't read and still want to live
  2244. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  2246. ****ER dfhsjf3
  2248. ****R12| dfhsjf3
  2249. Dafuck, what does that mean?
  2250. ****ER dfhvqso
  2252. ****R12| dfhvqso
  2253. What is this sub for?
  2254. ****ER dfi0pce
  2256. ****R12| dfhsjf3
  2257. Must really hate yourself in life to act like that
  2258. ****ER dfhtv0i
  2260. ****R12| dfhsc0p
  2261. i know i'm a fag but not this much, i don't understand how you think of your wife it wasnt normal to expect her to spend half the month taking care of 5 children. just look at the personalities of kids you have and how much they suck up all that energy. you have a right to want to do whatever you want, not the other way around. but people are born with different physical and cognitive capabilities, and it doesn't mean they will always act exactly the same way. it's totally acceptable to like kids and be romantic with them but it's not okay to expect her to babysit every single day.
  2262. ****ER dfhwe3o
  2264. ****R12| dfhjf12
  2265. lol no girl like you. You cannot truly think of yourself as a leader or you'll never win any contest.
  2266. ****ER dfhlsq6
  2268. ****T12| 61wshx
  2269. Irreplaceable. I'm so glad I'm no longer beta bux.
  2270. ****ET dfhm3fv
  2272. ****R12| dfhm3fv
  2273. You too incel.
  2274. ****ER dfhslwv
  2276. ****T12| 61wshx
  2277. don't blame yourself, it's the entire world you have to stop running like a retard.
  2278. ****ET dfhrdqf
  2280. ****T12| 61wshx
  2281. Calvin. That's it
  2282. ****ET dfhlcr1
  2284. ****R12| dfhlcr1
  2285. Cmon now.
  2287. Yup, yup.
  2288. ****ER dfhlwba
  2290. ****T12| 61wshx
  2291. Lol no.  
  2293. >I sometimes still manage to manage to see the problems around me that require me to analyse the way in which we are approaching things in our life, which might include constantly assuming things are "beneath me" and treating our world in a way I feel is pretty negative to the overall perspective of life and doesn't actually improve the way things are going.  
  2296. >I can't help that it's always on the fringes and that there are probably good qualities inside that I'm blind to.
  2297. ****ET dfhlywo
  2299. ****T12| 61wshx
  2300. Before and during his time when he wasn't controlling his grief and anxious/depressed, you can find his writing on reddit. A lot of his short pieces are a kind of ode to how life used to be before he could really feel much of anything in the world.
  2301. ****ET dfhkz4v
  2303. ****T12| 61wshx
  2304. Would you rather the man remained depressed, suicidal, anxious, unemotional, etc or continue to suffer.
  2305. ****ET dfhl20s
  2307. ****R12| dfhl20s
  2308. What would his life be like then?
  2309. ****ER dfhnv5t
  2311. ****R12| dfhnv5t
  2312. No hope and no point in life.  He has everything to lose and nothing to gain. What would a human being like that do with themselves?
  2313. ****ER dfho5d3
  2315. ****R12| dfho5d3
  2316. Sobering, meaningful life or selfishness and misery?
  2317. ****ER dfi3s36
  2319. ****T12|****S76|
  2321. In the 70's, Soviet Theatre Company in Michigan made a poster of a Manikin for a new series called "Conspiracy Crashes" that was filled with references to fictional films.
  2322. There's a part where the poster has a man in black (or blackface) standing on a tall bridge and then a parade is shown. The next part is in Russian and in Russian is a couple (presumably father and son?) having sex. It was titled the "prostitution of philistine Russia".
  2324. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/b0/Conspiracy_Crashes_full_run.jpg
  2325. ****ES 82yke0
  2327. ****S76|
  2328. https://youtu.be/bV_Gs6cr2_I
  2329. Notorious St. Louis rapper Noname making a cameo in the episode "Liz: The Runaway Slave" of The Simpsons (1989)
  2331. ****ES 8ydln8
  2333. ****T76| 8ydln8
  2334. If she's the only name mentioned then that should be my first thought.
  2336. I need an original episode.
  2337. ****ET e2kp8ve
  2339. ****R76| e2kp8ve
  2340. She is on a good episode of "The New Simpsons" about a murderous land whale and it's creator.
  2341. ****ER e2ksqux
  2343. ****S76|
  2344. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aB-ebecY9YU
  2345. Kamen Rider Gae Gokuja DS on Cartoon Network (1993)
  2347. ****ES b2jppq
  2349. ****S76|
  2350. https://youtu.be/0w8ybrpE2yQ
  2351. Joe Jackson at a McDonalds promotional event (2003)
  2353. ****ES 7enr7d
  2355. ****T76| 7enr7d
  2357. ****ET di8plp4
  2359. ****R76| di8plp4
  2360. 👏PATTERSON👏Comes👏
  2361. ****ER di8q8by
  2363. ****R76| di8q8by
  2364. No.
  2365. ****ER di8xui1
  2367. ****R76| di8xui1
  2368. No
  2369. ****ER dia1ndp
  2371. ****T76| 7enr7d
  2372. lookin to work
  2373. ****ET di8jsm4
  2375. ****S76|
  2376. https://youtu.be/0B7DKY2-FwI
  2377. Abbie St. Clair in a rubber coat and a tub of blue color - Computer Graphics symposium 1990 (1985)
  2379. ****ES b2tbgd
  2381. ****S76|
  2382. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lsvq6v3Rm24
  2383. Joris Dildos Of Live TV! 1985
  2385. ****ES 925zws
  2387. ****T76| 925zws
  2388. Poor Joris.
  2389. ****ET e327hxx
  2391. ****T76| 925zws
  2392. Wow.  Thank goodness for Toronto.
  2393. ****ET e32m0if
  2395. ****T76| 925zws
  2396. I don't know what in the hell Jorim had to do to sell yet another CD.
  2397. ****ET e32cv6k
  2399. ****S76|
  2400. https://youtu.be/7uiYCCA0wA0
  2401. For adults only: Nils Lupescu - Hand of the Lord (1982)
  2403. ****ES 3uoq65
  2405. ****T76| 3uoq65
  2406. Who in the hell is Nils Lupescu?  This is the first I've heard of this godawful ancient bard from northern Sweden, who plays dumbed down versions of the same songs in the same way an angry mother-in-law tells you she doesn't want to go to the preschool with you...
  2408. The same singing/music boisterous, confused young man from Helsinki with the creepy storyteller voice that Norwegian comedians now play, here's [this](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KrUeCkzUf0) bit:
  2410. > What I am going to do is what the Angels of Jewish children are always doing...I am going to sing. I am going to sing.
  2412. But before I do that, I want to laugh a lot.  If you want to turn this into the transcript, I'm game...
  2413. ****ET cxt84wo
  2415. ****T76| 3uoq65
  2416. http://rateyourmusic.com/album/Louie-Lou - 1:52 "Is this a joke?"
  2418. https://youtu.be/QSDrW5-5RME?t=1m52s
  2420. and
  2422. https://youtu.be/pUkZzVTRbeI
  2424. https://youtu.be/hAsVt_fV1JA?t=9m38s
  2426. https://youtu.be/TcETq-sGWM8
  2427. ****ET cxqqf7q
  2429. ****R76| cxqqf7q
  2430. I'd start from about 6:05. And I'm not sure why they didn't make this more active...
  2431. ****ER cxqw2pl
  2433. ****R76| cxqw2pl
  2434. http://rateyourmusic.com/album/Louie-Lou-Surfing-On-Strolls-Into-The-Dry-Rough-AND-The-With-A-Found-License-Our-White-Girl-Is-In-The-Pre-Party-Punk-Train-Spiritual-The-Ratings-Are-Having-A-Sustained-Season-To-Drown-and-That-Shows-People-To-Live-Life-Lit-True/
  2435. ****ER cxtpn7w
  2437. ****R76| cxtpn7w
  2438. But this album is already on the list!
  2439. ****ER cxu26f2
  2441. ****S76|
  2442. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fD-7DIDm2gE
  2443. Coast to Coast (2016) Episode 69, Preinterview with Bryan Cranston. My thoughts and impressions on the footage.
  2445. ****ES 45xm3n
  2447. ****T76| 45xm3n
  2448. Very nice video. Not much other than people talking about how good it looks. Probably the best portion of the episode to listen to in comparison to everything else I've heard. Cool that there's some different footage from previous episodes. Not a whole lot to go on, but interesting nonetheless.
  2449. ****ET d00cjd8
  2451. ****T76| 45xm3n
  2452. Henceforth, I WILL watch every episode from this show! Seriously, what a lot of fun this thing is!
  2454. Honestly, I don't think I've ever watched a full episode of this show without hearing some shit about that other dude's career, his acting skills, or that he can't really sing.  I'll never get tired of hearing that stuff.
  2455. ****ET d00fwe5
  2457. ****T76| 45xm3n
  2458. By giving it my full attention today, I was surprised to find the majority of his [old interviews and interviews are really good.](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqfXbS7KK_g)
  2459. ****ET d0166sz
  2461. ****S76|
  2462. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m46rvSxFbX0
  2463. Scream Of The Phantoms Over Golden Gate Bridge (1969)
  2465. ****ES 1rso8s
  2467. ****S76|
  2468. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7X-tH2Y_Oz4
  2469. Sylvie (1940s-1940s) - This album is one of the last recordings from the legendary 1930s Pop Group Sylvie. The engineer was Robert Bartell and Jean Colhre, who also happened to be the band members' sisters.
  2471. ****ES 29r1b6
  2473. ****T76| 29r1b6
  2474. This recording of Sylvie makes me sad. The sound quality of this is better than most of the others. She's wonderful and full of life. My favorite track on the album, but she never sounded like she did in the 1930s. I think she and her sisters recorded a few recordings in the 1930s. Most of the kids used to play in bands for the Chicago shows, as opposed to having their own records. They also didn't have the money to record their own tracks.
  2475. ****ET cinh0j6
  2477. ****S76|
  2478. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMBw3Hdx1qs&index=2&list=PLjtntCLP_4rJWZfNZwp6MDglg-8k4wA&t=1s
  2479. Walking With a Composer (2013):
  2481. ****ES b8tk5c
  2483. ****S76|
  2484. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o52I1DFb868
  2485. The Best of Various No-Jokes (1hour version) (2009) - Coronation Street Teaser - DVDF-Sky (40 minute)
  2487. ****ES 8rqk4t
  2489. ****T76| 8rqk4t
  2490. Incredible stuff. Much like HBO, they show real life events, but make it look like a comedy show.
  2492. Maybe the BBC has a similar format, where things like the Morning Show and Newsbeat do their thing.
  2493. ****ET e0zd3rx
  2495. ****S76|
  2496. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_1dGXCAKUY
  2497. Radio Flyer's i...
  2499. ****ES 4wgvgy
  2501. ****T76| 4wgvgy
  2502. This reminds me of "I Am The Automation" (2010) the music is one of the best out there.
  2503. ****ET d64r16k
  2505. ****T76| 4wgvgy
  2506. This...is my favorite movie of all time. I used to record it on VHS. It's the true definition of pop culture TV.
  2507. ****ET d64r1f0
  2509. ****T76| 4wgvgy
  2510. I think we all have watched this for our entire lives. I was quite young when I first watched it. I have memorized the list of songs.
  2511. ****ET d64qlh3
  2513. ****T76| 4wgvgy
  2514. Two things that are the same in this are the name of the band(s), the anniversary of the movie.
  2515. ****ET d64rb1i
  2517. ****T76| 4wgvgy
  2518. Wow, I never noticed that this was not only from Radio Flyer but also the tv version of Radio Flyer.
  2519. ****ET d64ra8f
  2521. ****R76| d64ra8f
  2522. The TV version was shown first. I can't recall who was on TV first, but if I'm remembering correctly there is a key on the remote control that says Vroom Vroom Badum Sich Strich.
  2523. ****ER d64re90
  2525. ****R76| d64re90
  2526. Yes, but this was the original. The TV version was kind of the main feature.
  2527. ****ER d64reno
  2529. ****T76| 4wgvgy
  2530. Hot lunch was one of my favorite shows, this is a must see for fanatics.
  2531. ****ET d64qf95
  2533. ****R76| d64qf95
  2534. Yes, Hot Lunch is a wonderful thing to see.
  2535. ****ER d64qhvj
  2537. ****T76| 4wgvgy
  2538. AMR-6, Radio Show, Hot Lunch!
  2539. ****ET d64r7c8
  2541. ****S76|
  2542. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVQ_v5SLs6s&feature=player_embedded#!
  2543. Audie Gordon - Slacker (1974)
  2545. ****ES 1u3fkj
  2547. ****T76| 1u3fkj
  2548. My favourite of all from this group. Not sure if the commercialization ruined the classic, but to me it came with a ridiculous amount of promotional bullshit that took the little charm the band had into a cold mondo-dew. For example:
  2550. * there are a couple of goddamn children chanting while this promo is going on, *and* on the boat rides into the station.
  2551. * I hear an all out official "Terrapin Call-Back" party: the sound board has a big pile of credits on it, but this DJ (that would go on to play everything from Primal Scream to Red, the Black & Ransource!) keeps jumping in, and it starts up on his mixing board with "...you love 'Fire in the Mountain'". He then proceeds to dance around the entire night playing the same song while wearing a British policeman uniform, then immediately jumping back out to actual music.
  2553. * For the promo video, they have some local trappers throwing alcohol on the rock which is on fire. (I do not even have a second... really) So they show this as you are about to walk in to the bar, there's this red guy on his board. The audience is kind of shocked at this point, the whole 'going in for burn' thing has taken hold, you see these classic moments and then one after another. It's a great setting to premiere something from without sounding like it's promotional!
  2555. * Another clip was him "breaking the rules", and he literally screamed along with the speakers which were so low (I guess due to the mics)
  2557. ****ET dr5gd7s
  2559. ****T65| 7jr5ov
  2560. We saw "The 40 Year Old Virgin" in Australia a few weeks ago, with subtitles. There was a bit of live band and in a few shots there was a Japanese schoolgirl singing the chorus. Also at the end of the premiere, the Australian national anthem played.
  2561. ****ET dr5cqs1
  2563. ****R65| dr5cqs1
  2564. Wait, we saw "the 40 year old virgin" in Australia? There was only an Australian audience?
  2565. ****ER dr5kg0b
  2567. ****R65| dr5kg0b
  2568. The only English title was "The 40 Year Old Virgin", with the pun on there actually being a 40 year old virgin.
  2570. Most of the "middle school" kids heard it and the other kids, a bit more sophisticatedly, heard the song and the stupid Japanese schoolgirl in it, with the pun.
  2571. ****ER dr5s44n
  2573. ****R65| dr5s44n
  2574. Not like you're gonna get much funding from the FCC.
  2575. ****ER dr6edf9
  2577. ****R65| dr5s44n
  2578. Titanic also kinda fits that idea but perhaps it's of *separate* tininess...
  2579. ****ER dr5ym0d
  2581. ****R65| dr5s44n
  2582. In case you thought that was in Japan:
  2584. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toyota_50_anime
  2586. >Produced a 26-episode TV series from 1995 to 1997 by Toei Animation and opened in Fall 1996 in Japan under the name  Baybayashi* (ベバスタ,ベバシ?,
  2587. bigass and with a k in the end). The first episode premiered October 16, 1996, and finished its run in November 1997. The series was cancelled due to low ratings when it was picked up by *Nippon Ichi* in 2002. A movie was created in 2004.
  2589. [Source](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toyota_Toyota_Noir)
  2590. ****ER dr6cdwf
  2592. ****T65| 7mykv0
  2593. TIL about the gay...
  2594. ****ET dr5s4kw
  2596. ****T65| 7mykv0
  2597. I had that same thing. I was at a shop and I bought two things with random words like "deal" and "time". After I left the shop I realized that they all belong to the same company.
  2598. ****ET dr5j49z
  2600. ****T65| 7mykv0
  2601. Wait a sec - don't these stores mark the other side of the card a different word?
  2602. ****ET dr5blgl
  2604. ****R65| dr5blgl
  2605. Most do, I'm pretty sure I picked it.
  2606. ****ER dr5cf1h
  2608. ****S65|
  2609. https://i.redd.it/aje2qzqow811.jpg
  2610. Logo for the little info bars in McDonalds
  2612. ****ES 8n6iho
  2614. ****T65| 8n6iho
  2615. Why would they want to sell candy to people who aren't falling for that?
  2616. ****ET dzssxjc
  2618. ****S65|
  2620. *Grabs *sticky* random rubbish bin
  2622. ****ES bj5feu
  2624. ****T65| bj5feu
  2625. How did you manage to get this new mod stick?
  2626. ****ET em54f9k
  2628. ****R65| em54f9k
  2629. Weird question if you ask me
  2630. ****ER em54n2c
  2632. ****S65|
  2633. https://i.redd.it/vsztl0bu4ycz.jpg
  2634. A Two Stage Road Sign
  2636. ****ES 6kawzl
  2638. ****S65|
  2639. https://i.redd.it/wd12aw3fh6d01.jpg
  2640. That pen looks tiny from this angle
  2642. ****ES 7gt1fo
  2644. ****T65| 7gt1fo
  2645. Tiny pen?
  2646. ****ET dqk5ff9
  2648. ****S65|
  2649. https://www.flickr.com/photos/farmers-zone/4840919870/
  2650. Farmers Zone. Another crop circle on the pond behind the house
  2652. ****ES 29fjqh
  2654. ****T65| 29fjqh
  2655. Why the fuck would you farm that in Colorado if you can go live in Idaho? That way they get their 95% back on crop revenue.
  2656. ****ET cik7gdd
  2658. ****R65| cik7gdd
  2659. Read that. Don't ask the same question.
  2660. ****ER cik7knv
  2662. ****S65|
  2663. http://imgur.com/a/trExC
  2664. Blaze It!
  2666. ****ES 2qtva9
  2668. ****S65|
  2669. http://i.imgur.com/Tv3p1.jpg
  2670. An ear on a ship (wrong scale)
  2672. ****ES jwvua
  2674. ****T65| jwvua
  2675. Am i in a boat?
  2676. ****ET c2htad9
  2678. ****R65| c2htad9
  2679. No.
  2680. ****ER c2htauz
  2682. ****S65|
  2683. http://i.imgur.com/QhKY4.jpg
  2684. Sat below the ice
  2686. ****ES 18qvp1
  2688. ****T65| 18qvp1
  2689. would have been cooler if it was ice, not melted.
  2690. ****ET c8jjlqc
  2692. ****S65|
  2693. https://i.redd.it/f3mri5wuwmn11.jpg
  2694. I made this balloon bird because I thought it would be cool when it is 10.1 meters tall and 140.0820 meters across...
  2696. ****ES 9k4b9b
  2698. ****S65|
  2699. http://i.imgur.com/NYMhXK.jpg
  2700. Found this in my wife's medication cabinet.
  2702. ****ES 19df2t
  2704. ****T65| 19df2t
  2705. imperial?
  2706. ****ET c8n8p2e
  2708. ****T65| 19df2t
  2709. It looks like oatmeal.
  2710. ****ET c8n8mm1
  2712. ****R65| c8n8mm1
  2713. Soy?
  2714. ****ER c8n8om4
  2716. ****R65| c8n8om4
  2717. Oat?
  2718. ****ER c8n8pks
  2720. ****T65| 19df2t
  2721. and a small picture of an object in the right window. that is all.
  2722. ****ET c8n96xf
  2724. ****T65| 19df2t
  2725. It has a piece of green plastic?
  2726. ****ET c8n94vi
  2728. ****R65| c8n94vi
  2729. http://imgur.com/VsdmVqB
  2730. ****ER c8n95kb
  2732. ****T65| 19df2t
  2733. am I going crazy or is this not a fucking sierra light??
  2734. ****ET c8n8m0k
  2736. ****T65| 19df2t
  2737. Dang it, it's a lighter. My house had a switch that was connected to the wrong setting for it.
  2738. ****ET c8n8ctp
  2740. ****R65| c8n8ctp
  2741. Originally when I did [this](http://www.prima.co.uk/smok_light_switch/) for my apartment, it got caught up in the plumbing. Had to replace that and a couple of other switches with silicone ones for 2 bathrooms, and then unplugged the lights and mounted them in the sink in a dustbunny. I live alone in a house with almost 10 people.
  2742. ****ER c8n8nt4
  2744. ****R65| c8n8nt4
  2745. Holy shit I was just at one of those switches.  Not quite the same, but not completely a bad thing either.
  2746. ****ER c8n96y4
  2748. ****T65| 19df2t
  2749. Ohh shit, apparently they are the same.
  2750. ****ET c8m67o4
  2752. ****T65| 19df2t
  2753. There's a text within this comment that cannot be seen by the phone below...
  2754. ****ET c8m4lwn
  2756. ****S65|
  2757. http://i.imgur.com/XAMtSdn.jpg
  2758. A Geico Gecko.
  2760. ****ES 1hd0ff
  2762. ****T65| 1hd0ff
  2763. This is a picture of a dog stuck in an electric oven! I got one of these. It's an AWESOME dog!
  2765. http://www.mypuppers.com/products/saluki/prod/default/eu/765539/INTERNATIONAL?pc=gw7_en_us&ID=gw810533277636&ie=JP
  2766. ****ET cateq72
  2768. ****R65| cateq72
  2769. Is this really an actual thing?
  2770. ****ER catf62s
  2772. ****R65| catf62s
  2773. Not really. I assume that all of these end up in this bucket or something that's an electric oven, but I don't have any evidence to say otherwise.
  2774. ****ER catf7ij
  2776. ****R65| catf7ij
  2777. Still a cool idea though. The tech in the product in the article is pretty amazing for a battery powered gadget.
  2778. ****ER catgfd8
  2780. ****R65| catgfd8
  2781. Absolutely, it's always nice to see innovation like this!
  2782. ****ER catgvws
  2784. ****R65| catgvws
  2785. I've seen some pretty amazing things lately - not that "not that" means much when we have the right to make fun of / mock people's every yearbook photos and this seems to be the best one yet.
  2787. Thanks!
  2788. ****ER catjneo
  2790. ****T65| 1hcq5v
  2791. [Walmart, the company that shouldn't even get recognition for their weird, nasty handling skills](http://www.reddit.com/r/mildlydisgusting/comments/1hb867/walmart_30ml_alcohol_containers/c8bdqf2?context=4)
  2792. ****ET catf18r
  2794. ****T65| 1hcq5v
  2795. Is that a cross around the "THX?"
  2796. ****ET catfv8t
  2798. ****T65| 1hcq5v
  2799. Aren't we all a little late to the party?  They should have done this last year.
  2800. ****ET catgtke
  2802. ****T65| 1hcq5v
  2803. salt water contamination
  2804. ****ET catfv8j
  2806. ****T65| 1hcq5v
  2807. Looks like something Google would have done.
  2808. ****ET catgac7
  2810. ****T65| 1hcq5v
  2811. It's right at the edge of the bottle, that seems dangerous.  The common and cheap way of eating salt is to put salt in a water, add beer, stir, and enjoy the taste.
  2813. But salt made it that bad.
  2814. ****ET catfsgu
  2816. ****R65| catfsgu
  2817. you can still do this right!
  2818. ****ER catgjhr
  2820. ****T65| 1hcq5v
  2821. This is a single mother sauce.. With a million exclamation marks... To find a *single* mother, I'll just have to go to the other mothers!
  2822. ****ET catfu7x
  2824. ****T65| 1hcq5v
  2825. Someone stole saltines and made this up?
  2826. ****ET catfnw8
  2828. ****T65| 1hcq5v
  2829. They should just go in and say "I'm gona watch this show, please we can get this doofus in trouble!"
  2830. ****ET cathxuv
  2832. ****T65| 1hcq5v
  2833. Perfectly justified...  It's a moving show and the way he looked at the salt was so mad.
  2834. ****ET catj4s1
  2836. ****T65| 1hcq5v
  2837. What a great creator/song of the... award...
  2838. ****ET catbv30
  2840. ****T65| 1hcq5v
  2841. From the back of the saltines.  
  2842. Also, you sure he wasn't just soaking them in ketchup...
  2843. ****ET catbb1i
  2845. ****T65| 1hcq5v
  2846. Jeeze that's some weird internet that takes mustard.
  2847. ****ET catbf8k
  2849. ****T65| 1hcq5v
  2850. I've found 4 links to support, I'm *not* gonna make a comment...
  2851. ****ET catb9rc
  2853. ****R65| catb9rc
  2854. That *is* in support of this claim.
  2855. ****ER catbn9w
  2857. ****S65|
  2858. http://i.imgur.com/f68ag3c.jpg
  2859. Somehow the stones look like the whole picture is made of them.
  2861. ****ES 2u07oj
  2863. ****T65| 2u07oj
  2864. Yeah.. that's a gemstone in particular.  It's a more focused, clear color.  However, in this case, it appears like the whole picture has little, small, white stones like the picture's background.
  2865. ****ET cofiy1c
  2867. ****T65| 2u07oj
  2868. Look at the stones not the picture. They look like big rocks.
  2869. ****ET cofjlt7
  2871. ****R65| cofjlt7
  2872. In what context? This picture, especially.
  2873. ****ER cofklgh
  2875. ****S65|
  2876. http://imgur.com/Xw2Mt
  2877. Left is a sushi in bag #176527 or 600. Right is a tuna sushi in bag 14101.
  2879. ****ES 33nd8e
  2881. ****T65| 33nd8e
  2882. I need to know your reasoning for having so many. In some (few?) places it's cheaper to buy three of each, rather than one. Or one for each to one.
  2883. ****ET cqn8stj
  2885. ****R65| cqn8stj
  2886. Well, it's not one for each to one...
  2888. the sushi pictured was actually 3 tuna sashimono, i.e. 2 per bag of sashimi. The tuna in bag 14101 was actually two tuna sashimi with an extra piece of the uni fish that you'd find in in restaurants.
  2889. ****ER cqn8tvd
  2891. ****R65| cqn8tvd
  2892. well... i need to know why you made the mistake.
  2893. ****ER cqn8wqc
  2895. ****R65| cqn8wqc
  2896. because I don't give a damn about the money they get from it.
  2897. ****ER cqn937c
  2899. ****R65| cqn937c
  2900. so it's like... profits.
  2901. ****ER cqn9h7c
  2903. ****R65| cqn9h7c
  2904. I'm assuming he's asking why I would be giving a shit about it and that's why I made the mistake.
  2905. ****ER cqn9ivh
  2907. ****R65| cqn9ivh
  2908. Because I wouldn't.
  2909. ****ER cqn9pke
  2911. ****R65| cqn9ivh
  2912. So they can help boost profits?  If a person that can't afford a burger gets a free meal, they can't afford to buy steak at restaurants, so... they're getting served steak for free.  Kind of like if your boss said you could eat a panda and steal your shoes for $15 a month.  
  2913. ****ER cqn9jxt
  2915. ****R65| cqn9jxt
  2916. at least you know why you didn't give a shit about the panda before and you could feel like a pig for enjoying it as much as anyone else, we have to do what we can do
  2917. ****ER cqn9lhy
  2919. ****R65| cqn9lhy
  2920. > people can afford panda
  2922. Sounds like you want an argument.
  2923. ****ER cqn9v83
  2925. ****R65| cqn9v83
  2926. "Give people $40 and let them enjoy it for free and now if someone wants to get better at poker they can have fun without having to actually work."
  2928. This is my *opinion* because I'm a privileged, white, middle-class person. I'm privileged enough to not give a rat's ass about what other people do. And I'm privileged enough to know that I'm privileged enough to not give a fuck about some cartoon panda pooping in my clean bathroom. So there's that. Fuck you.
  2929. ****ER cqna5k9
  2931. ****R65| cqna5k9
  2932. Hey, everybody wants better sex! Nobody wants better sex in the hands of poor people!
  2934. You're awesome!
  2935. ****ER cqnajwz
  2937. ****R65| cqnajwz
  2938. > Nobody wants better sex in the hands of poor people!
  2940. Ladies and gentlemen, I am a feminist, and I think this guy is pretty impressive.
  2941. ****ER cqnast4
  2943. ****R65| cqnast4
  2944. >  Nobody wants better sex in the hands of poor people!
  2946. They'd be better sex with themselves if they were in the same situation as you. But hey, I'm more fortunate than he is!
  2947. ****ER cqne9a4
  2949. ****R65| cqne9a4
  2950. It's that kind of level of comment where you can be 'honoured' as a man without actually being a man.
  2951. ****ER cqnt6c2
  2953. ****R65| cqne9a4
  2954. Yes, and I'm less fortunate than you.
  2956. But thank you very much, good sir.
  2957. ****ER cqnfzcy
  2959. ****R65| cqnfzcy
  2960. > The best revenge in a heartless world is a good revenge.
  2962. Or, do you mean best revenge?
  2965. ****ER cqng7n8
  2967. ****R65| cqng7n8
  2968. Stop making me doubt everything. I have faith in humanity to never again drop this low of a standard of living.
  2969. ****ER cqnggz7
  2971. ****R65| cqnggz7
  2972. Yes, by the high of 'revenge' we've all sunk down to an even more harrowing level.
  2974. You know, man did not invent the wheel. Man did not even make an attempt at such a thing. He was merely one of many other attempted persons to attempt such a thing, only difference being, he was born to do so.
  2975. ****ER cqngj4a
  2977. ****R65| cqngj4a
  2978. > Man did not even make an attempt at such a thing. He was merely one of many other attempted persons to attempt such a thing, only difference being, he was born to do so.
  2980. I think you misspelled "human" there.
  2981. ****ER cqnni7d
  2983. ****R65| cqnni7d
  2984. >I think you misspelled "human" there.
  2986. Sorry, lao. I put a context to it though, I apologize if it was misinterpreted.
  2988. It's kind of a bimbo thing I know.
  2989. ****ER cqnnicm
  2991. ****R65| cqnnicm
  2992. You spelled it 'animal'.
  2993. ****ER cqnpegl
  2995. ****R65| cqnpegl
  2996. You have a point. A few of us still find the usefulness of such a pointless term relevant. The words have been more important to us, they come up in the context every time we talk.
  2997. ****ER cqnprjg
  2999. ****R65| cqnprjg
  3000. Go google "human and animal" and then do it with other words until you find something that is applicable to this conversation. It is a bimbo thing...
  3002. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bimbo#.22_doing_sex_with_animals_is_dumb_.28like_it_is_well_trouble_for_someone_of_my_choice_.29
  3004. "male animals having sex with other male animals"
  3006. "Male and female animals"
  3008. "Humans having sex with other humans"
  3009. ****ER cqnpwa6
  3011. ****R65| cqnpwa6
  3012. I dunno what is more retarded than human and animal, oh they are two sexes i guess. But im not sure if animals are men?
  3013. ****ER cqnpz5t
  3015. ****R65| cqnpz5t
  3016. What is it with humans and animals that you can't find something relevant about humans in other animals?
  3017. ****ER cqnqo12
  3019. ****R65| cqnqo12
  3020. I know right
  3021. ****ER cqnqr4n
  3023. ****R65| cqnqr4n
  3024. Haha ok, but I find it funny that you would find that to be "crazy".
  3025. ****ER cqnqyxh
  3027. ****R65| cqnp1s2
  3028. By default, most of the things we take as "normals" are more normal than most humans. Just like the human body is different than the animal body.
  3029. ****ER cqnpo8l
  3031. ****R65| cqnpo8l
  3032. What you need to know about it:
  3034. > That's a misconception. There are no differences between us and animals; we are all alike. Your own small amounts of DNA, your unique body structure, and even your skin color are common characteristics shared by all humans.
  3036. You are just right. If you disagree with that statement or think that there are some tiny differences, then you must admit that you are trying to make people think that humans are more special, in terms of size, health, clothing etc.
  3037. ****ER cqnqzlf
  3039. ****R65| cqnqzlf
  3040. What he says is no different than his statement: humans aren't as strong or rational as animals are. Or that eating is instinctual, or that eating when you are hungry is a basic necessity to your survival.
  3041. ****ER cqnv5fo
  3043. ****R65| cqnv5fo
  3044. Look, man. If you want to say that we're not as smart as animals, then fuck off. Because that's just as stupid. You say "we're just as smart as dogs" and that sounds like a tall claim to me.
  3046. I would contend that humans aren't as smart as dogs, or nearly as smart as monkeys.
  3048. We can comprehend as a group, share ideas and concepts as a group. To the extent that we can do this, no animal can. Even the most intelligent animal on earth is not nearly as intelligent as us.
  3050. Why are we not more intelligent? Because we have the ability to use that ability. Dogs can't do this. And unless you are a liar and only feel like cats are smart, you're just plain wrong.
  3051. ****ER cqnvk7s
  3053. ****R65| cqnvk7s
  3054. Dogs are far more intelligent than you realize. Humans and dogs are evolved to be to be able to have such complex social, intellectual, and moral ability in order to be as selective breeding partners that can coexist with each other for the future of the species. A hybrid dog is highly advanced when compared to a litter of aa pets, humans aren't even close to a biological designer.
  3055. ****ER cqnvu65
  3057. ****R65| cqnvk7s
  3058. Cats and dogs are just as capable of abstract thought as humans. In fact, cats probably have more mental ability than our inferior ape cousins, the chimpanzee.
  3060. I'm just here to shit on cats, not say anything about your argument.
  3061. ****ER cqnw3w2
  3063. ****R65| cqnvk7s
  3064. [We're coming from the same theory.](http://youtu****S66|
  3065. tfw 4 more '06 crw's and they will do something
  3066. ****ES 6jopu6
  3068. ****S66|
  3069. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5H5hkR6M4iA
  3070. Don't you dare tell anybody to do something. You are a bit dick and (sp) some stupid b/s witch.
  3072. ****ES 8fzbqk
  3074. ****T66| 8fzbqk
  3075. b00me is a me
  3076. ****ET dy7bf9n
  3078. ****R66| dy7bf9n
  3079. ****ER dy7c32o
  3081. ****R66| dy7c32o
  3082. nobody cares if you call him that b00me
  3083. ****ER dy7d7cd
  3085. ****T66| 8fzbqk
  3086. "lol"
  3087. ****ET dy7cyxj
  3089. ****S66|
  3091. What is real
  3092. when
  3093. ****ES 761fv2
  3095. ****T66| 761fv2
  3096. When it happens you don't even need to hear about it
  3097. ****ET dngt8pl
  3099. ****T66| 761fv2
  3100. Someone who looks up more than you.
  3104. ****ET dnh0s2b
  3106. ****S66|
  3107. https://youtu.be/wvRg7vUldI0
  3108. Duck Face is real
  3110. ****ES 4bq2i1
  3112. ****T66| 4bq2i1
  3113. "any European father that fuckah loves to see me wear my duckface on my lacey-booty' is a true Englishman
  3114. ****ET d1aw89r
  3116. ****T66| 4bq2i1
  3117. I have this fetish too, same kind of people, highbrow and good looking, kinda suave
  3118. ****ET d1a4xc6
  3120. ****T66| 4bq2i1
  3121. I'd imagine they'd be lurking on /pol/ to get noticed.
  3122. ****ET d1amv23
  3124. ****T66| 4bq2i1
  3125. I know right? How else will they connect with their sub-humans?
  3126. ****ET d1aokqe
  3128. ****T66| 4bq2i1
  3129. This video kinda reminds me of the Three Stooges, and the fools in the land.
  3130. ****ET d1ao21u
  3132. ****T66| 4bq2i1
  3133. I love this. Fuck yea.
  3134. ****ET d1aoszd
  3136. ****T66| 4bq2i1
  3137. they are in need of manual labor. They could do nice stuffs with it.
  3138. ****ET d1ao09x
  3140. ****T66| 4bq2i1
  3141. That's going to be really cool
  3142. ****ET d1awp75
  3144. ****T66| 4bq2i1
  3145. the cats from the eight madox. I am going to see them as soon as possible.
  3146. ****ET d1aukjq
  3148. ****T66| 4bq2i1
  3149. just kidding im so tired of cats on this sub .
  3150. ****ET d1aab0c
  3152. ****T66| 4bq2i1
  3153. Can someone post a photo of the cat that looks like Gollum?
  3154. ****ET d1a9uaz
  3156. ****R66| d1a9uaz
  3157. wtf is this
  3159. ****ER d1alr34
  3161. ****R66| d1a9uaz
  3162. haha I don't have any pics I'm sorry
  3163. ****ER d1absay
  3165. ****T66| 4bq2i1
  3166. The one you saw in a dream is Azura the Lioncat, so really she's not that bad
  3167. ****ET d1a7tpk
  3169. ****R66| d1a7tpk
  3170. She's actually the saltiest cat I know
  3171. ****ER d1al16d
  3173. ****R66| d1al16d
  3174. Thanks for the photo.
  3175. ****ER d1azcva
  3177. ****T66| 4bq2i1
  3178. like that is an actual photo of that cat. where are the pics of a real lion ?
  3179. ****ET d1a8tlk
  3181. ****R66| d1a8tlk
  3182. http://cdn.amicsnap.com/uploads/18015265320/2639810-photos_from_the_alt.jpg
  3183. ****ER d1aisxo
  3185. ****R66| d1aisxo
  3186. "jerry.donaldson."
  3188. --Jolyon Conway
  3189. ****ER d1ay04h
  3191. ****T66| 4bq2i1
  3192. Yeah, her whole face is too dumbed down, dude. I can't even.
  3193. ****ET d1a8mmr
  3195. ****R66| d1a8mmr
  3196. you should see dach.jpg on imgur...
  3197. ****ER d1brypj
  3199. ****R66| d1brypj
  3200. Jk I was only suggesting we should give some of the other cuties a chance
  3201. ****ER d1chnbg
  3203. ****T66| 4bq2i1
  3204. Try she then since her eye muscles aren't as muscular and eyes too big
  3205. ****ET d1b40bo
  3207. ****R66| d1b40bo
  3208. > she neck
  3210. WAT
  3211. ****ER d1bfazg
  3213. ****R66| d1b40bo
  3214. Her neck isn't that big
  3215. ****ER d1b4e1a
  3217. ****T66| 4bq2i1
  3218. Real Life Cyanide and Happiness.
  3219. ****ET d1ahfj7
  3221. ****R66| d1ahfj7
  3222. Cool shit, man! Thought that was /r/LateStageCapitalism posted on 4chan. Haha.
  3223. ****ER d1akwq2
  3225. ****R66| d1akwq2
  3226. when the rich suck me
  3228. wth??
  3229. ****ER d1aujjd
  3231. ****R66| d1aujjd
  3232. Were we talking about you?
  3233. ****ER d1avd52
  3235. ****R66| d1avd52
  3236. Why are you trying to bamboozle me.
  3238. What exactly did I say that was controversial that you don't like?
  3239. ****ER d1aw8j7
  3241. ****R66| d1aw8j7
  3242. i only disagree with YOU
  3243. ****ER d1axg6b
  3245. ****R66| d1axg6b
  3246. Damn. You've got a lot of nice stuff though.
  3249. ****ER d1axio7
  3251. ****R66| d1axio7
  3252. Alright, then. I'll change some things in my analysis, after I'm done with my AMA tomorrow.
  3253. ****ER d1axo9o
  3255. ****R66| d1axo9o
  3256. hey buddy... do a cool sequence of questions in the AMA
  3257. ****ER d1azlwa
  3259. ****R66| d1azlwa
  3260. Alright, thanks.
  3261. ****ER d1azmkx
  3263. ****R66| d1aw8q3
  3264. ok bb?
  3265. ****ER d1awf6c
  3267. ****T66| 4cfqhs
  3268. Is that like sex with a ghost?!
  3269. ****ET d1aw5bj
  3271. ****T66| 4cfqhs
  3272. Lank's not on PCP anymore.
  3273. ****ET d1ax86s
  3275. ****T66| 4cfqhs
  3276. ya know what i'm doin man.
  3278. been doin it a lot, since it's been hot over the years.
  3279. ****ET d1ayy7k
  3281. ****T66| 4cfqhs
  3282. That man's got plenty of charisma.
  3283. ****ET d1aujhw
  3285. ****S66|
  3287. Any good documentaries about WWI?
  3288. I've watched several documentaries on WWI so far.
  3290. I have to say, I really enjoyed this video about the infamous Nanjing Massacre:
  3292. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Hna1aiZNp0
  3293. ****ES a7hhb8
  3295. ****T66| a7hhb8
  3296. Leaving the Fight: One Hundred Days and a Most Forgotten Battle of the War
  3297. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_bCS3rgMiw
  3299. ****ET ec3b4hc
  3301. ****S66|
  3302. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJqzho-iM-I
  3303. How American Media Plays To White America's Racism
  3305. ****ES 8t9fob
  3307. ****S66|
  3308. http://i.imgur.com/8DVDF.png
  3309. The algorithm is highly racist, and I would never look like this
  3311. ****ES 2clj3x
  3313. ****T66| 2clj3x
  3314. Aight.
  3315. ****ET cj5ok3o
  3317. ****T66| 2clj3x
  3318. Hey man, if you can't do what is necessary to survive - then you're a hindrance.
  3320. Stop eating, quit the drugs, stop masturbating to anime, and stop caring so much about what other people do.
  3321. ****ET cj5ogrz
  3323. ****R66| cj5ogrz
  3324. You should go into media.  It will pay you $10k and 10% of your e-mail and phone bills for life.
  3325. ****ER cj5ohu7
  3327. ****R66| cj5ohu7
  3328. Netflix would be the sweet spot.
  3330. Quit bitching, do something useful with your life and money.
  3331. ****ER cj5p3f4
  3333. ****R66| cj5p3f4
  3334. You have to remember, better than most people, that there are people who *don't* want to do *anything* useful with their lives.  It's a somewhat plausible fear.  These people will fail, and they'll remain unemployed and homeless and you can never teach them to code, never teach them to become programmers, no matter how many books you hand out.
  3336. As such, you need to see how silly it is to count on working in media to turn the world around.  This isn't what it's like working for universities and medical facilities, where there is a reputation to uphold.  Nobody asks you to talk about a cancer cure.  Nobody asks you to spell their name.  They don't just want you to stammer about your negative cliquemates because that sounds more cool than this and more fun.  As you do such tasks, the consequences get worse, not better.
  3341. ****ER cj5vh1v
  3343. ****R66| cj5vh1v
  3344. Is it just to say there are no job opportunities for me, and that I can't complain?
  3345. ****ER cj5w9yd
  3347. ****R66| cj5w9yd
  3348. that's already the point of *job seeking*.
  3350. > Is it just to say there are no job opportunities for me, and that I can't complain?
  3352. the fact that you can't escape this doesn't mean you can't suggest others do what you cannot.
  3354. your environment needs you to do what it needs you to do, be a worker for the system. you are exactly like the establishment, keep to the system if you get out of line.
  3357. ****ER cj60d6x
  3359. ****R66| cj60d6x
  3360. > your environment needs you to do what it needs you to do, be a worker for the system.
  3362. great.
  3364. >you are exactly like the establishment, keep to the system if you get out of line.
  3366. No, it does not. Look at Russia, China, Iraq, North Korea, etc. They are using nationalism to push an anti-progressive agenda. There's very little "nationalism" left in America.
  3371. >You know, it's so ironic that I've read the New York times and I am an adult and I can't get over it...
  3373. cool, see, if you were really a teen I guess I'll understand.
  3375. ****ER cj60fo1
  3377. ****R66| cj60fo1
  3378. i know you're trolling but look, you're right, you're just using an alt to be edgy and trolling with us, because I get some wisdom out of it but really, so many people are too low brow to get the point, I mean really, there's probably 20 people that are all dead at this point, they're just not interested.
  3379. ****ER cj62hl6
  3381. ****R66| cj62hl6
  3382. oh man, i gotta tell you dude, your fucking genius brain must be missing some of the memes you get from the dude on the left or else you wouldn't take the time to tell us about it...
  3384. I just need the time to draw my knife and I'll pop in any chud who takes a stand.
  3385. ****ER cj66ooj
  3387. ****R66| cj66ooj
  3388. wow, your dad caught you right on the chin, he isn't only using the "to the left" meme, he's posting it on every sub in every subreddit that's supportive of our likes.  
  3390. also you can't move forward if you keep walking in circles, you're essentially marching in your own long lost path.
  3391. ****ER cj6kaz3
  3393. ****R66| cj6kaz3
  3394. you could of just walked you just got some in me you and I think your a little bit of a simper
  3395. ****ER cj6lwzr
  3397. ****R66| cj66ooj
  3398. if you want to be a memer, go throw out any post that the people around here think is "too salty". look at me with a mommy deer backpack.
  3399. ****ER cj71gwm
  3401. ****R66| cj71gwm
  3402. Oy, get off your high horse! You don't know me, and you don't know what I've done! Look at me with an Aussie backpack...
  3403. ****ER cj7dv2c
  3405. ****R66| cj66ooj
  3406. Facts
  3407. ****ER cj6o7w5
  3409. ****R66| cj66ooj
  3410. If you think that's sarcasm, you really need to understand what sarcasm is.
  3411. ****ER cj6evfl
  3413. ****R66| cj6evfl
  3414. (y) I didn't know that was sarcasm. It's true though.
  3415. ****ER cj6ewor
  3417. ****R66| cj6ewor
  3418. The act of apologizing is a *joke*, you diabolical, grifting fool. Go take a step back and digest the incredible irony here.
  3419. ****ER cj6f4m6
  3421. ****R66| cj6f4m6
  3422. >calmly* *condemn* *cruel* *heartless* *horrible* *monstrosity* *clown* *fucking stupid*
  3424. I don't understand sarcasm, you fucking parasite
  3425. ****ER cj6f84k
  3427. ****R66| cj6f84k
  3428. Its literally my livelihood on the Internet. And it's important enough that I'm surprised that you would be this retarded.
  3430. /vomit
  3431. ****ER cj6f9th
  3433. ****R66| cj6f9th
  3434. >I'm gonna start going around to these bad people and shout I apologized for them. Why don't I start asking for them to leave?
  3436. in the future try typing "please" and "sorry"
  3437. ****ER cj6fb53
  3439. ****R66| cj6fb53
  3440. I don't believe you might be fucking confused about the way sarcasm works
  3441. ****ER cj6fcs7
  3443. ****R66| cj6fcs7
  3444. This is r/stuplesearch . i have been tasked with searching for a way to slither you all in different directions to make you feel more human.  But you just will not do this and i know you know.  Not even the fact you are going around to other websites, calling for media attention, making it quite clear you don't give a fuck about the image or experience you claim you are going for and the end result, that i know you have very small brains and so ill make it more obvious.  
  3446. Not my fault.  
  3447. ****ER cj6fh0e
  3449. ****R66| cj6fh0e
  3450. lol
  3451. ****ER cj6fux4
  3453. ****R66| cj6fux4
  3454. i just luks
  3455. ****ER cj6fyiv
  3457. ****R66| cj6fb53
  3458. u wot m8
  3459. ****ER cj6j5eo
  3461. ****R66| cj6j5eo
  3462. Z?
  3463. ****ER cj6j8fq
  3465. ****R66| cj6j8fq
  3466. Anyone?
  3467. ****ER cj6jl89
  3469. ****T66| 2bq7hy
  3470. Every woman i've ever liked has ended up hurting me in one way or another or trying to kill me or some shit.
  3472. Btw I never believe in conspiracy theories. Don't take it seriously.
  3473. ****ET cj6a79v
  3475. ****R66| cj6a79v
  3476. "leftist leftist"
  3478. ****ER cj6ax2n
  3480. ****R66| cj6ax2n
  3481. i think
  3482. ****ER cj6ayk9
  3484. ****R66| cj6a79v
  3485. Said this exact thing last week, please correct me if im wrong.
  3486. ****ER cj6b73m
  3488. ****R66| cj6b73m
  3489. Facts don't care about your feelings.
  3490. ****ER cj6bgsc
  3492. ****R66| cj6bgsc
  3493. Right. Liberals are idiots and liberals are the enemy, it is a logical premise.
  3495. To which you have the bad news, they are still the best.
  3496. ****ER cj6bpuz
  3498. ****R66| cj6b73m
  3499. Confirmation =/= change.
  3501. Besides, you guys already know.
  3502. ****ER cj6axv8
  3504. ****R66| cj6axv8
  3505. Disputable truth is not used to build up the enemy.
  3506. ****ER cj6c1oh
  3508. ****R66| cj6c1oh
  3509. The enemy is everything.
  3510. ****ER cj6c7ia
  3512. ****R66| cj6c7ia
  3513. [Yes.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHDm1HTlG4Y)
  3514. ****ER cj6c9mp
  3516. ****R66| cj6c7ia
  3517. how?
  3519. what is better in life than swallowing all the power and beauty that history gave you, and then a few decades later becoming a rock... and then playing in the rivers of bullshit and a way worse world than your day one week after being hit by a murder of cacti
  3520. ****ER cj6cwxb
  3522. ****R66| cj6cwxb
  3523. You just drank the white pill
  3524. ****ER cj6d4zg
  3526. ****R66| cj6d4zg
  3527. As an added bonus, anyone who speaks to you will be a dutiful member of the Third Reich, just as that wanted jewish person was.
  3528. ****ER cj6dnp1
  3530. ****R66| cj6dnp1
  3531. Hitler was not a jew.
  3532. ****ER cj6fe10
  3534. ****R66| cj6fe10
  3535. You can fuck off from the topic here.
  3536. ****ER cj6j00b
  3538. ****R66| cj6dnp1
  3539. He could be your kinsman or whatever you'd rather him to be but I am sure he could bring a beer and fry up something good.
  3540. ****ER cj6k0g1
  3542. ****T66| 2btzt2
  3543. > "Choreographed chaos theory" > propaganda jargon
  3545. To be fair the watermelon guy gets the whole food pyramid treatment, and yet he doesn't call himself a wise man.  His whole god damn creed is "I don't like to be called wise."
  3546. ****ET cj6pklo
  3548. ****R66| cj6pklo
  3549. It's different because he has far better shoes
  3550. ****ER cj6o36h
  3552. ****R66| cj6o36h
  3553. the movie also gives him the most beautiful mans' pantaloons he could possibly get for $10
  3554. ****ER cj6ox50
  3556. ****R66| cj6ox50
  3557. Its funny how utterly real that man is.
  3558. ****ER cj6pfd0
  3560. ****R66| cj6ox50
  3561. Manson critic, pomo's favorite movie character.
  3562. ****ER cj6pgid
  3564. ****R66| cj6pgid
  3565. no pomo
  3566. ****ER cj6rzxt
  3568. ****R66| cj6rzxt
  3569. I'm pretty sure Pomo is a white dude.
  3570. ****ER cj6vxs3
  3572. ****R66| cj6vxs3
  3573. /r/austrianhistory is that way
  3574. ****ER cj6wn68
  3576. ****R66| cj6wn68
  3577. /r/notmyhappyBirthday
  3578. ****ER cj6x01l
  3580. ****R66| cj6wn68
  3581. stupendously white with anachronistic facial features, a "I've got an island in Hawai'i" grin, and a small and sturdy roundness
  3582. ****ER cj6x2v0
  3584. ****R66| cj6x2v0
  3585. /r/stopphedacentrivia
  3586. ****ER cj6x4gf
  3588. ****R66| cj6x4gf
  3590. ****ER cj6x6kt
  3592. ****R66| cj6x4gf
  3593. My nigga, only a proper snicker poser would promote Oprah's crowns.
  3594. ****ER cj6x67n
  3596. ****R66| cj6x67n
  3597. You can't make a snicker poser out of an anachro.  
  3598. ****ER cj6xaqj
  3600. ****T66| 2ai8uy
  3602. ****ET cj6wph0
  3604. ****R66| cj6wph0
  3605. 9/11 gateway.
  3606. ****ER cj6zihp
  3608. ****T66| 2ai8uy
  3609. slapstick.
  3610. ****ET cj7177z
  3612. ****T66| 2ai8uy
  3613. I'd pay 1000 dollars to be 6 feet under.
  3614. ****ET cj7g8w8
  3616. ****T66| 2ai8uy
  3618. ****ET cj6wjhs
  3620. ****T66| 2ai8uy
  3621. Are we wookin at the kid in the bedspread photo?
  3622. ****ET cj70u4u
  3624. ****T66| 2ai8uy
  3625. We need more bannds
  3626. ****ET cj71u79
  3628. ****T66| 2ai8uy
  3629. nice m8!
  3630. ****ET cj72a86
  3632. ****T66| 2ai8uy
  3633. Yeah. Let's all just hop over to their island? /s
  3634. ****ET cj6zj9w
  3636. ****T66| 2ai8uy
  3637. is it against reddit rules to insult cartoon characters?
  3638. ****ET cj6z33e
  3640. ****T66| 2ai8uy
  3641. Bucks are a fucking ghetto city they are just as harmless to those fuckers as they are to us
  3642. ****ET cj6y2sa
  3644. ****R66| cj6y2sa
  3645. lol I wasnt being sarcastic /s
  3646. ****ER cj6yb7a
  3648. ****R66| cj6yb7a
  3649. i assume your sarcasm was to deter people from calling any of you fuckin faggots "fags"
  3650. ****ER cj6yevb
  3652. ****R66| cj6yevb
  3653. You mean like "fags"
  3654. ****ER cj6ymoc
  3656. ****R66| cj6ymoc
  3657. Ow
  3658. ****ER cj6ymq2
  3660. ****R66| cj6ymq2
  3661. wat
  3662. ****ER cj70ekx
  3664. ****R66| cj70ekx
  3665. Tight hug?
  3666. ****ER cj70ffl
  3668. ****R66| cj6ypvk
  3669. You are living in a pretty dark nightmare.
  3670. ****ER cj6ysum
  3672. ****R66| cj6ysum
  3673. Been around you?
  3674. ****ER cj70xlx
  3676. ****R66| cj6ypvk
  3677. wtf...
  3678. ****ER cj70zd6
  3680. ****R66| cj6ypvk
  3681. im high af..
  3682. ****ER cj6yq4x
  3684. ****R66| cj6yq4x
  3685. *horror joke song*
  3686. ****ER cj6yrv7
  3688. ****T66| 2bwth1
  3689. Well, she probably got caught up in the /r/college'ing mood again, and maybe just wanted to see if she could move it up to /r/all.
  3690. ****ET cj6y98s
  3692. ****T66| 2bwth1
  3693. Very good
  3694. ****ET cj6z4m7
  3696. ****T66| 2bwth1
  3697. James Laak's first that I've heard is: [The Pig - Seven Stones](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lxVfOIiHrE).
  3698. ****ET cj6xwn2
  3700. ****R66| cj6xwn2
  3701. Thanks!
  3702. ****ER cj6xzd5
  3704. ****T66| 2bwth1
  3705. Unintresting
  3706. ****ET cj6zu56
  3708. ****T66| 2bwth1
  3709. Thanks I'll be back for more...
  3710. ****ET cj6zlcs
  3712. ****R66| cj6zlcs
  3713. I was in the mood for another bassy bitch but I got in a pile and back to the rabbit hole
  3714. ****ER cj6zs3c
  3716. ****R66| cj6zs3c
  3717. I want more bassy babby
  3718. ****ER cj6zziu
  3720. ****T66| 2bwth1
  3721. [Sam Hyde](http://i.imgur.com/kzdpihf.png)
  3723. #9/10
  3724. ****ET cj6m9se
  3726. ****T66| 2bwth1
  3727. Irony levels a thousand.
  3728. ****ET cj6u1w8
  3730. ****R66| cj6u1w8
  3731. /r/hiphopcirclejerk.
  3732. ****ER cj6vf5w
  3734. ****T66| 2bwth1
  3735. I gotta check this out. [Edit] It has a link to a magnet strip. [Edit] Need some more i thubits I'll get some more and post it!
  3736. ****ET cj6i3kc
  3738. ****T66| 2bwth1
  3739. (X-post r/IHaveThisAHat)
  3740. ****ET cj6zv3s
  3742. ****R66| cj6zv3s
  3743. <3
  3744. ****ER cj75u29
  3746. ****R66| cj75u29
  3747. Lovely J
  3748. ****ER cj75x2d
  3750. ****R66| cj75u29
  3751. tfw feel like a shithead as well as a proud nig (non white by the way)
  3752. ****ER cj7mjjz
  3754. ****R66| cj6zv3s
  3755. Fun fact: In the 3rd world capital of the US, Oakland, white people are oppressed and minorities are more privileged.
  3757. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Police_institution
  3759. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Police_College
  3761. Look at the statistics: http://www.cato.org/publications/police_oppression/profile.htm
  3762. ****ER cj6zsku
  3764. ****R66| cj6zsku
  3765. no those are about 9am-7pm CST, not abcab20. i swear to god, people, you know how i feel when you accuse me of having my very own agenda/point of view.
  3766. ****ER cj6zxqx
  3768. ****R66| cj6zxqx
  3769. Think you'll be surprised.
  3770. ****ER cj6zyob
  3772. ****R66| cj6zxqx
  3773. 9AM? How early was that? I'd be pretty pissed if I was in Oakland, man, fuck 'em with a baseball bat.
  3774. ****ER cj70hqf
  3776. ****R66| cj6dwyd
  3777. 9AM?
  3779. I'll do that.
  3780. ****ER cj6dzi8
  3782. ****R66| cj6dzi8
  3783. I'll do that.
  3784. ****ER cj6e29o
  3786. ****T66| 2aa0ba
  3787. >accidentally swearing in high school
  3789. No offense, but 9am?
  3790. ****ET cj6ecxs
  3792. ****T66| 2aa0ba
  3793. it'll be a bruise on his [tiny yellow head](https://genius.com/musique-a-laser-double-feat-lyrics-alternation/).
  3794. ****ET cj6cdsv
  3796. ****R66| cj6cdsv
  3797. Yeh geta dust off me hair and brushin it, and i still get a lil dingleberry juice in my smile.
  3798. ****ER cj6gfvk
  3800. ****R66| cj6gfvk
  3801. This is true, the enemy can't keep up with the claims about the dingleberry.
  3802. ****ER cj6hxbb
  3804. ****T66| 2aa0ba
  3805. Probably going to be shared by someone who does the micropenis and takes out on the big boy table.
  3806. ****ET cj6co11
  3808. ****T66| 2aa0ba
  3809. "Has an OOOOOOOOOooooooooooooohhhhhhh..."
  3810. ****ET cj6k1p1
  3812. ****T66| 2aa0ba
  3813. Zach fucking Jesse
  3814. ****ET cj6k1dp
  3816. ****S66|
  3818. Today I knew a guy that got stabbed in the back
  3820. ****ES 9rkwjo
  3822. ****T66| 9rkwjo
  3823. in a bar fight
  3824. ****ET e8i58gv
  3826. ****R66| e8i58gv
  3827. one is indeed, make the best of a bad situation.
  3828. ****ER e8j35hm
  3830. ****T66| 9rkwjo
  3831. Tell it like it is
  3832. ****ET e8iaoe3
  3834. ****R66| e8iaoe3
  3835. idk man, could have been a lot worse.
  3836. ****ER e8icyaa
  3838. ****S66|
  3840. Speak words of good ole Dick novesaur.
  3842. ****ES 6tvqr3
  3844. ****T66| 6tvqr3
  3845. Can't man
  3846. ****ET dln78ov
  3848. ****T66| 6tvqr3
  3849. Well it can sometimes mean everything.
  3851. Like, believe that despite everything, the best you can do is live your life as a man. I hope you live a life full of pleasure. Be happy, be fun.
  3852. ****ET dlnkbu2
  3854. ****T66| 6tvqr3
  3855. What the fuck did you just say?
  3856. ****ET dlnge1y
  3858. ****S66|
  3860. I have always enjoyed sounds in music but never made a new account for it. Has anyone made a new account with music?
  3862. ****ES 61ru1n
  3864. ****S66|
  3865. http://imgur.com/Pmp5odN
  3866. Spry
  3868. ****ES 3uw7bx
  3870. ****S66|
  3872. Your daily siren alarm.
  3873. Stare and squint until you understand.
  3874. ****ES 5qpqjt
  3876. ****T66| 5qpqjt
  3877. Shut up gringos
  3878. ****ET dd070uu
  3880. ****T66| 5qpqjt
  3881. R U SHIT ?
  3882. ****ET dczl9jt
  3884. ****T66| 5qpqjt
  3885. MAIN
  3886. ****ET dd0wrhv
  3888. ****T66| 5qpqjt
  3889. this is for people who think this subreddit is nihilist
  3890. ****ET dczp7nq
  3892. ****T66| 5qpqjt
  3893. Do you understand the sentiment of the statement "I have seen enough..."?
  3894. ****ET dczprf3
  3896. ****R66| dczprf3
  3900. ****ER dczq5yg
  3902. ****T66| 5qpqjt
  3903. Yeah... are you going to post this on a subreddit called /r/subredditdrama too? Or are you okay with just being in this subreddit?
  3904. ****ET dd0ykk2
  3906. ****R66| dd0ykk2
  3907. idk about that one...
  3908. ****ER dd0yvxt
  3910. ****T66| 5qpqjt
  3911. this guy is an onion poster, he loves posting things about jesus and whatshisbutthole.
  3912. ****ET dd0zaaq
  3914. ****R66| dd0zaaq
  3915. is that a racist phrase, a brother here?
  3916. ****ER dd0zzdn
  3918. ****R66| dd0zzdn
  3919. nooo not at all! hes normal
  3920. ****ER dd0zzx2
  3922. ****T66| 5qpqjt
  3923. This is fine, sure.
  3924. ****ET dd0wnj6
  3926. ****T66| 5qpqjt
  3927. >Marxist-Leninist movements on the rise everywhere.
  3929. What happened to the state of economics and politics under capitalism?
  3931. >Marxist-Leninist/Maoist movements throughout Latin America.
  3933. Every country has to fall. There's not much of a system to say, socialism.
  3934. ****ET dd0yybt
  3936. ****R66| dd0yybt
  3937. >Everything I say is what i feel, no wonder why people keep todays thinking.
  3939. I wasn't satisfied in my house.
  3941. You were successful in my house.
  3943. The only thing I have is the greatest tool.
  3944. ****ER dd0z2bw
  3946. ****T66| 5qpqjt
  3947. "chill."
  3949. "Calm down."
  3951. ****ET dd0wt4f
  3953. ****T66| 5qpqjt
  3954. Alibis and state attempts to suppress revolutions, just like in [Korea](http://muhavelogics.files.wordpress.com/2013/12/korea_documentation_begin.pdf).
  3955. ****ET dd0vnsg
  3957. ****T66| 5qpqjt
  3958. BnK redux. You all are attempting to solve the same problem by introducing new systems, lol.
  3960. The problem isn't the system itself, the system isn't successful and so far has never been successful. The problem is the ideology behind the system, not the system itself, which is more of a symptom than a symptom of the ideology, and only applies to a fraction of the population, which is bound to be weak.
  3962. This doesn't mean that we don't keep getting a system that is just, a system that doesn't work.
  3963. ****ET dd0txh6
  3965. ****R66| dd0txh6
  3966. > Your problem is that you think it's a problem, when in reality it's the norm.
  3968. Whats normal in a system with a sociopathic elite elite class?
  3969. ****ER dd0v89w
  3971. ****R66| dd0v89w
  3972. Why should the spooks be judged differently from the thousands of shitty people who work there?
  3974. I have been stil at work but the more I do work, the more I hate my job.
  3976. I do call the spooks "the spooks" but I think that they are, in some way, the enemy and they are still people who should be thought of as the enemy. They are a different group, but not a new one, and the the words have meanings.
  3977. ****ER dd1gxld
  3979. ****R66| dd1gxld
  3980. Only thing is that we have a weak-minded population to run a system like this, and it needs to be dismantled to return to normal.
  3981. ****ER dd1i0f2
  3983. ****R66| dd0txhk
  3984. Exclusive clubs are a fucking joke.
  3986. They are club for people who come to club to lose for the most insignificant reason possible.  They do that, get into clubs, and then talk about whatever they did there.
  3987. ****ER dd11q50
  3989. ****R66| dd0tx****S24|
  3991. Allow people to comment and post their favorite scooby doo quote. Give the 10 day old post some karma and upvote it to self perpetuate it.
  3993. ****ES 54ehye
  3995. ****T24| 54ehye
  3997. If we, the comments of the people that voted for it, want to keep it that way, the rule would have to be modified or removed.  Otherwise, the upvote/vote cycle would no longer seem to be that efficient.  
  3998. ****ET d8oqx0x
  4000. ****S24|
  4002. Let's merge the Anheuser-Busch and Martin's whiskey brands into the same company, by injecting self-absorbed older drinkers with fresh-out-of-the-bottle bottles of whiskey.
  4004. ****ES 6d7oo5
  4006. ****T24| 6d7oo5
  4007. bob is the only good fucking beer.
  4008. ****ET dhp7yof
  4010. ****T24| 6d7oo5
  4011. That's genius.
  4012. ****ET dhp6uy0
  4014. ****R24| dhp6uy0
  4015. How exactly is this a crazy idea?
  4016. ****ER dhp7pxs
  4018. ****R24| dhp7pxs
  4019. I don't know.  What's the wildest idea you have in mind?  I'd like to hear it!
  4020. ****ER dhp90bn
  4022. ****R24| dhp90bn
  4023. Ok
  4024. ****ER dhpp19s
  4026. ****R24| dhpp19s
  4027. I'm sorry, but I can't do that.  You're asking a crazy, random question.
  4029. Send me a new stupid question and I'll see if I can help you out.
  4030. ****ER dhpprd4
  4032. ****R24| dhpprd4
  4033. I'm looking for an idea that combines an existing, existing notion into one grand statement.
  4035. This is the first one I've come up with.
  4036. ****ER dhpzpkl
  4038. ****S24|
  4040. Buy and freeze ashes from lost loved ones. We get an infinite amount of money that can be used for products that help people, and then they can live in dignity forever!
  4042. ****ES 8m0c1n
  4044. ****S24|
  4046. Use man made DNA and set up an insurance company
  4048. ****ES 7ov2lc
  4050. ****T24| 7ov2lc
  4051. I don't think insurance should be outlawed. If the death of an accident victim cannot be accounted for in the insurance company, then the insurance company would be to pay the additional expenses.
  4052. ****ET dto5qie
  4054. ****T24| 7ov2lc
  4055. Can you give me a detailed example please.
  4057. So you say that there needs to be compensation for the additional expenses to you caused?
  4058. ****ET dtogcpj
  4060. ****T24| 7ov2lc
  4061. Wow this is gold. I could really do with an example of a crazy idea
  4062. ****ET dtos39d
  4064. ****S24|
  4066. China and Germany should attack Canada to make Canada The New England.
  4068. ****ES 61gw6x
  4070. ****T24| 61gw6x
  4071. Just to correct you, the New England does not exist as a real place or even a geographical name.
  4072. ****ET dfhp8r3
  4074. ****R24| dfhp8r3
  4075. Well, thanks. It sounds like another example.
  4076. ****ER dfhotme
  4078. ****R24| dfhotme
  4079. I meant to say that the New England does not have a region or a named area.  You're welcome.
  4080. ****ER dfi7lek
  4082. ****R24| dfi7lek
  4083. Don't point your gun in other people's eye, please.
  4084. ****ER dfj51g9
  4086. ****T24| 61gw6x
  4087. Germany/China, New England? I hear you're forgetting about the braindead fuckers.
  4088. ****ET dfi8zpe
  4090. ****R24| dfi8zpe
  4091. Just adding to the example
  4092. ****ER dfiz3ep
  4094. ****T24| 61gw6x
  4095. Best are no continents, they just become oceans
  4096. ****ET dfj7qhn
  4098. ****T24| 61gw6x
  4099. In your analogy, China and New England are no continents. So the far more reasonable suggestion of Russia would be correct.
  4100. ****ET dfj04sp
  4102. ****T24| 61gw6x
  4103. This just isn't how these things work
  4104. ****ET dfiq40f
  4106. ****S24|
  4108. Get the President of the United States to directly voice his opinion on matters of hot-button social media and get support from the best the subreddits have to offer.
  4109. I'm making a movie about how they died, with Sean Connery as Voldemort.
  4110. ****ES b5fqy1
  4112. ****S24|
  4114. Have Nerf Guns to the #DREAMLIFE American Flag
  4116. ****ES ae4c76
  4118. ****S24|
  4120. Pull the cover off every 'jail' in America so they have to wear suits in order to leave their cells.
  4122. ****ES bjmquj
  4124. ****T24| bjmquj
  4125. Only for people with mental disabilities?  No worries if you had a mental disability and it was used against you you wouldnt have rights at all!
  4126. ****ET em66bl5
  4128. ****R24| em66bl5
  4129. Wouldn't that just end up hurting people with mental disabilities more? They aren't mentally disabled, I have a right to self defense but they can't defend themselves. That doesn't seem right at all.
  4130. ****ER em66f8p
  4132. ****R24| em66f8p
  4133. Yes it does. Just because it is a fictional concept that allows for easier access to defend your own property does not mean it does not happen.
  4134. ****ER em6at3z
  4136. ****R24| em6at3z
  4137. I was just going to use mental illness as an example, sorry if I offended anyone.
  4138. ****ER em6axg9
  4140. ****R24| em6axg9
  4141. No worries.
  4142. ****ER em6df21
  4144. ****R24| em6df21
  4145. This is great! Thank you for this!
  4146. ****ER em6e03a
  4148. ****R24| em6axg9
  4149. That's great. I bet there are many people who use your lack of understanding to justify their own actions.
  4150. ****ER em6dco3
  4152. ****R24| em6axg9
  4153. I think you are a retard
  4154. ****ER em6d3j0
  4156. ****R24| em64zrx
  4157. You're about to do something for the first time ever.
  4159. OP needs to post this to r/braincels and call us on our shit until it gets removed.
  4160. ****ER em6jr4x
  4162. ****R24| em64zrx
  4163. Are you using an exit window? That's my new profile pic lol
  4164. ****ER em6bl6m
  4166. ****R24| em6bl6m
  4167. [I used another to illustrate the points I am trying to make.](https://i.imgur.com/6EudTGN.png)
  4168. ****ER em6dmzs
  4170. ****R24| em6dmzs
  4171. Your "gotcha" moments make you worse?
  4172. ****ER em6jwl7
  4174. ****R24| em6jwl7
  4175. Not at all. They make me more aware of the pitfalls of my life and my perspective. I think being a lawyer is not that great.
  4176. ****ER em6k61p
  4178. ****R24| em64zrx
  4179. I think if the difference is merely biological. To some people sex just sounds like sex. Something that needs to be done to be done. And for many young people (who have maybe never heard of the world outside their niche gender created economy) it is a step to a relationship.
  4180. ****ER em6a45m
  4182. ****R24| em6a45m
  4183. Actually, I think you need to include what happens when people see that sex just isn't that great (which I think is an objective data point and not just because they have never heard of that), and realize that they can say "I am a she", and get that they are woman and they don't have to change who they are to have sex with a man. Which means the last point in this case is  some people are finding themselves unsatisfied in their gender and their sex life. And I am curious to see what that means for how people actually use "I am a woman" in their day to day life.
  4184. ****ER em6aj9n
  4186. ****R24| em64zrx
  4187. I just wish the entire concept of gender was reversed. I'm pretty sure that a girl with blue eyes doesn't want to have sex with a guy with brown eyes.
  4188. ****ER em668a3
  4190. ****R24| em668a3
  4191. Are you saying a girl can't have a relationship with a guy with brown eyes?
  4192. ****ER em66v30
  4194. ****R24| em66v30
  4195. Who's saying it can't be done?
  4196. ****ER em6740a
  4198. ****R24| em66v30
  4199. I'm pretty sure a blue eyed guy wants to have sex with a brown eyed girl as well, and it's okay if she wants it too.
  4200. ****ER em67yyh
  4202. ****R24| em66v30
  4203. That would be the sex equivalent of boys wanting a sister
  4204. ****ER em6tukx
  4206. ****R24| em63so1
  4207. [spoiler](#s "Dad, our little one wants me to wash the dishes. Can you help?")
  4208. ****ER em68l14
  4210. ****T24| bju26d
  4211. Let's say it is six feet tall and has three legs.
  4213. Would he still be sexy, or is the characterisation just a hat trick?
  4214. ****ET em5js3o
  4216. ****R24| em5js3o
  4217. Fucking with you. I think we all love this idea.
  4218. ****ER em5l8hi
  4220. ****R24| em5l8hi
  4221. Ofc I like it. But like all these good ones it's gonna be lame.
  4222. ****ER em63mgh
  4224. ****R24| em5js3o
  4225. He is sexy
  4226. ****ER em5lh5u
  4228. ****R24| em5js3o
  4229. He would be sexy.
  4230. ****ER em63l5h
  4232. ****R24| em63l5h
  4233. Then I would start to smell like ass
  4234. ****ER em63qmn
  4236. ****R24| em63qmn
  4237. Out of the loop. What are you talking about?
  4238. ****ER em63s2x
  4240. ****R24| em63s2x
  4241. you said sexy... how was he sexy?
  4242. ****ER em643bo
  4244. ****R24| em643bo
  4245. Not sexy.
  4246. ****ER em6e18d
  4248. ****R24| em6e18d
  4249. so is the house red?
  4250. ****ER em6e8it
  4252. ****R24| em5js3o
  4253. Have him talk to you in the meantime so that you can learn his scent.
  4254. ****ER em5xij0
  4256. ****T24| blqgev
  4257. My boss, who is autistic, likes the smell of celery in my favorite tub of rice.
  4258. ****ET em65d7x
  4260. ****R24| em65d7x
  4261. Celery, Carrots, Bay and Sesame?
  4262. ****ER em675a2
  4264. ****R24| em675a2
  4265. Rice is the same as celery, both are pretty solid, I bet, but for some reason they don't seem to have any rivalry with one another, at least that I have found.
  4266. ****ER em6c88x
  4268. ****R24| em65d7x
  4269. Okay but the person that smells carrs my favorite rice was the guy I worked with that washed my hands.
  4270. ****ER em6kaow
  4272. ****R24| em65d7x
  4273. My stepfather in law does this but I can't stand the smell of saltines. Maybe he likes those with his mixed veggies
  4274. ****ER em6nivu
  4276. ****R24| em6nivu
  4277. I'm pretty sure the saltines he ate with his sandwiches were plain onion saltines. The topping is just leftover bread crumbs and shredded cheese, and that's the source for the "butter" taste.
  4278. ****ER em6ohhk
  4280. ****R24| em6nivu
  4281. I worked at the popcorn plant...pops.
  4282. ****ER em6qd9c
  4284. ****R24| em65d7x
  4285. Don't even get me started on people's comments
  4286. ****ER em6j97o
  4288. ****R24| em6j97o
  4289. Why do you even comment
  4290. ****ER em6qixj
  4292. ****R24| em6j97o
  4293. You got confused. Its a bad time for you. Also when you post on the Internet don't block me.
  4294. ****ER em6rycz
  4296. ****R24| em6rycz
  4297. First of all, don't be an asshole. I'm not your bitch. My comment was fair.
  4299. Second of all, you don't talk shit when the other person being so open about their views of topics. People are letting you know that they don't want to be cowed by you, but you don't know how much they care and/or what they value. When someone is telling you why they can't change their view, they're usually trying to increase how honest they can be to prevent the general masses to think they are lying. If they refuse to give you honest answers, you're right to be insulted, but for what reasons?
  4301. On top of all that, it's not just what I did, but the way I communicated with my opponent. I specifically said 'take your fucking opinion elsewhere'. But I have no idea if your source is an aritician, why they're an aritian. Who is their representative that is doing this. Honestly? If I was a more smart person I would find it more efficient to find out what website or organization did that, and make a use of it. Otherwise, I'm pretty satisfied with my comment and some soft questions, we have no fact of opinion. I'm not going to fact check, though I know some people will be amused. For the record I didn't expect that (although, I like being surprised too).
  4303. So yeah, I see your point, I just made it a little clearer. I just decided to focus on the bigger issue and will let the chips fall where they may.
  4305. EDIT: I should mention I really like your translation as well. But yeah, like I said above, I didn't expect a response other than a few words. I didn't anticipate a ton of relevant words to help as well.
  4307. EDIT 2: Thank you for all the positive feedback, it's an awesome time to be a redditor. I just hope you remember to leave a reference when you reply to others. I'm mainly just trying to help people out, so that when I do try and answer something I know if they've seen this before and will be able to easily reference it.
  4309. EDIT 3: This is me getting annoyed by people trying to post the words of others when they don't know what they mean. I'm sure I'm not the only one who doesn't know those words too. I'm sorry if I was overzealous or didn't make you comfortable at all, I apologize. I'm just trying to help people out.
  4310. ****ER c0mbejs
  4312. ****R18| c0mbejs
  4313. I don't know how to translate very well, but this is close. "At the present time, there is no teaching from God"
  4315. "How did he get that out of his children?"
  4317. "How do you say that?"
  4319. "She says 'I do not love you' well because you didn't take out her .
  4320. ****ER c0mbs55
  4322. ****R18| c0mbs55
  4323. I'm right on time for my alarm clock. :3
  4324. ****ER c0mbs76
  4326. ****T18| b8iu6
  4327. #EXPULSION!
  4328. ****ET c0ma054
  4330. ****R18| c0ma054
  4331. Or that camel toe.
  4333. LOLOLOL...^OL
  4334. ****ER c0mak9c
  4336. ****R18| c0mak9c
  4337. His toupe
  4338. ****ER c0may07
  4340. ****R18| c0may07
  4341. would be more convincing.
  4342. ****ER c0mayjj
  4344. ****R18| c0mak9c
  4345. he says it and moves on, but we see nothing.
  4346. ****ER c0mayh0
  4348. ****R18| c0mak9c
  4349. I wuz good, a fine rich ass black dude
  4350. ****ER c0mal1p
  4352. ****R18| c0mal1p
  4353. Actually, there is one black guy who was voted most likely to be on Jeopardy!
  4354. ****ER c0mbc6b
  4356. ****R18| c0mal1p
  4357. What?
  4358. ****ER c0mau8b
  4360. ****R18| c0mau8b
  4361. For black or not?
  4362. ****ER c0mb9br
  4364. ****R18| c0mb9br
  4365. In several certain offices one is allowed to be a substitute black.  As in, a "black" slave would have been smarter then a white one.
  4366. ****ER c0mbcd4
  4368. ****R18| c0maw75
  4369. The prison system is better for blacks than everything that liberals want to do to them.
  4370. ****ER c0mbp84
  4372. ****R18| c0mbdsh
  4373. Facts.
  4374. ****ER c0mbdb1
  4376. ****R18| c0mal1p
  4377. Hey guys I am an example.
  4379. I also have a CERTIFICATE.
  4381. http://www.myracewars.com/
  4382. ****ER c0mbj0q
  4384. ****R18| c0mbdsh
  4385. Well, the shooting range is much more dangerous for black people than liberal sites.
  4386. ****ER c0mbezo
  4388. ****R18| c0mau8b
  4389. Wanna buy some niggers to bust niggers out?
  4390. ****ER c0mb5qa
  4392. ****R18| c0mb5qa
  4393. A lovely invitation to God!
  4394. ****ER c0mb5y8
  4396. ****R18| c0mavx9
  4397. Plus, i want your pants
  4398. ****ER c0maxy7
  4400. ****R18| c0mb45l
  4401. TAKE A SWORD to start a fight.
  4403. Get shot.
  4404. ****ER c0mbk2l
  4406. ****R18| c0mb45l
  4407. If we go to the left the potential new branch of this thing?
  4408. ****ER c0mbx03
  4410. ****R18| c0mb45l
  4411. PIT?
  4413. BOURD!
  4414. ****ER c0mb4s3
  4416. ****T18| b7luc
  4417. Did somebody say...
  4418. ****ET c0mb4ti
  4420. ****R18| c0mb4ti
  4421. That thing is going to win this thing.
  4423. (You, in case you missed the meaning)
  4424. ****ER c0mbw0j
  4426. ****R18| c0mbw0j
  4427. *Insert Urb-meme here*
  4428. ****ER c0mbx5c
  4430. ****R18| c0mbx5c
  4431. Such a prestigious way of saying "i asked to be a little less diplomatic".
  4432. ****ER c0mc5hn
  4434. ****T18| b7luc
  4435. yeah but only on Monday and Friday.
  4436. ****ET c0mb67i
  4438. ****R18| c0mb67i
  4439. Happy Monday.
  4440. ****ER c0mbkc0
  4442. ****T18| b7luc
  4443. Such?
  4444. ****ET c0mb3tu
  4446. ****T18| b7luc
  4447. Wow.  This makes me want to kill someone.
  4448. ****ET c0mb2go
  4450. ****T18| b7luc
  4451. yes, at 9 am.
  4452. ****ET c0mb3x9
  4454. ****R18| c0mb3x9
  4455. After getting up at 2 am to **** in the morning.
  4456. ****ER c0mb3w2
  4458. ****R18| c0mb3w2
  4459. kill someone, live with post-work-out hours.
  4460. ****ER c0mb44q
  4462. ****R18| c0mb44q
  4463. Git 'er reeeal.
  4464. ****ER c0mb4as
  4466. ****T18| b7luc
  4467. my heart rate shot through the roof on this one.
  4468. ****ET c0mb1u4
  4470. ****T18| b7luc
  4471. Bored now?
  4472. ****ET c0mb3up
  4474. ****T18| b7luc
  4475. I just thought that my type of chick didn't like him, so I also think about this guy as well.
  4476. ****ET c0mb45z
  4478. ****T18| b7luc
  4479. Blond, blue eyed, baldy with a wide chest.
  4481. FTFY.
  4482. ****ET c0mbxgc
  4484. ****T18| b7luc
  4485. Mod me pls
  4486. ****ET c0mbsvp
  4488. ****T18| b7luc
  4490. ****ET c0mbs9d
  4492. ****T18| b7luc
  4493. I first thought he was an actor.
  4495. Then I read his facebook.  That was my second thought
  4496. ****ET c0mbdf0
  4498. ****T18| b7luc
  4499. that made me smile
  4500. ****ET c0mbcmc
  4502. ****T18| b7luc
  4503. Christine wasn't afraid to go with a guy, if she didn't like him, there's good reason for it.
  4504. ****ET c0mbcjw
  4506. ****T18| b7luc
  4507. Did the ex always tip top or top, man?
  4508. ****ET c0mbbl9
  4510. ****R18| c0mbbl9
  4511. Did the ex always buy the girls anything?
  4512. ****ER c0mbjzf
  4514. ****R18| c0mbjzf
  4515. Did the ex always bring the girls?
  4516. ****ER c0mblm8
  4518. ****T18| b7luc
  4519. don't get me started, her brithari friend likes that guy
  4520. ****ET c0mb6fo
  4522. ****T18| b7luc
  4523. Well, if I'm rich enough to buy my own wedding bands, I might be able to afford to go to weddings.  :)  (And who knows, someday I might even get to make money with it.)
  4524. ****ET c0mb7it
  4526. ****T18| b7luc
  4528. ****ET c0mb5d4
  4530. ****T18| b7luc
  4531. I mean, it would be cool, but how many fingers does it take to say "I *DID* DATE A HOT HOMO?"
  4533. [I went to bed 1,145 feet below my height.](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXDyT2p1ns#t=2m24s)
  4534. ****ET c0mb7pv
  4536. ****T18| b7luc
  4537. ........And I thought I was being funny, this guy is making me cry.
  4538. ****ET c0mbcxg
  4540. ****T18| b7luc
  4541. nah, why do I need to go on? It would be so awkward but you could go on many times too.
  4543. I guess the real question would be how many grand or  hairs on the moon?
  4544. ****ET c0mbbgp
  4546. ****T18| b7luc
  4547. In the future when I look up with the magnifying glass and I see an ape ape in a space ship, I'm gonna call your h*ckers for breeding so I can kill em all and make a space ape couple but they're gonna have to all save my ape ape sons who they all want to rape and eat.
  4548. ****ET c0mbaf2
  4550. ****S18|
  4552. peter heartston.pizza.
  4553. Eulerj *Heartston pizza* and Eulerj *Eulerj pizza*
  4554. ****ES hlnbs
  4556. ****T18| hlnbs
  4557. He looks like the guy from those weird farts
  4558. ****ET c1w57mr
  4560. ****T18| hlnbs
  4561. Jim Carrey...the a-hole:
  4562. http://youtu.be/xM4vY6SBZQA?t=1m49s
  4564. You could come up with something more self-effacing and still go with something everyone would know, the guy from that movie "Where the Wind Takes You"
  4565. ****ET c1w8iik
  4567. ****R18| c1w8iik
  4568. claeenswilliamwhatsthisjanet.jpg
  4569. ****ER c1w8y1f
  4571. ****S18|
  4573. Home/Fireworks/Internet Instant Messaging/X-Files/Dr. Dement's Novels/sports/top memes/needles/needle gifs/noodle gifs/boy kisses boy?/pie charts/little people/hand drawn/toddlers/programming/gorilla memes/bomb threat/pudding/dice/kong/brood/snookums/longer sentences
  4575. ****ES 1f8g10
  4577. ****T18| 1f8g10
  4578. http://i.imgur.com/xFg1vrd.gif
  4580. A little girl is chattering with a giraffe and his fan girls
  4581. ****ET ca7d8l7
  4583. ****T18| 1f8g10
  4584. This guy: http://i.imgur.com/0MOr5.gif
  4586. Example of someone just being awesome
  4587. ****ET ca7lzw4
  4589. ****T18| 1f8g10
  4590. Isn't it odd that a picture of a game show would be labeled the "OPTELOT" subcategory?
  4591. ****ET ca7n1uk
  4593. ****T18| 1f8g10
  4594. [A real 9 to 5 dude](http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_VFOFbVrkdRU/STTU4jfBfQPI/AAAAAAAAAAAH/RxaF_5vJr5U/s400/PD_snowball.jpg)
  4595. ****ET ca7hxmf
  4597. ****R18| ca7hxmf
  4598. That would be Kaitlyn spence
  4599. ****ER ca859mj
  4601. ****T18| 1f8g10
  4602. I am a feminist and I ___ ALL THE THINGS
  4603. ****ET ca7koqs
  4605. ****T18| 1f8g10
  4606. And then he realized that was fine, but still feels a bit left out?
  4607. ****ET ca7g31z
  4609. ****T18| 1f8g10
  4610. ok so does reddit its a place for sharing things reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit 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  4614. ****ES 556vda
  4616. ****S58|
  4618. When cooking, do not use too much oil.
  4619. I've tried so many recipes, and the only thing I've been able to add is some extra salt/pepper. I'm trying to be cautious about cooking. This only works if you don't burn your toenails. If you cook it to the colour of burnt tarmac (like a fire lit in a fireworks display) it won't look any different.
  4620. ****ES 6kfvhc
  4622. ****S58|
  4624. LPT: If you have any clients wanting to sign up for a free trial from your company and get to talk to you face-to-face, ask if they want to stop paying your company and sign up with another.
  4626. ****ES a1ruf4
  4628. ****S58|
  4630. How to cook a steak on the grill like a pro. (Or getting a spleen)
  4632. ****ES 93efs3
  4634. ****S58|
  4636. LPT: Stop giving your eyes time to adjust to sunlight by going outside every morning
  4638. ****ES 92qc36
  4640. ****S58|
  4642. LPT: If a movement or movement really good thing in your life is making the universe work for you, do it.
  4644. ****ES avl2d6
  4646. ****S58|
  4648. How to ensure cheap hair care products are completely safe
  4649. A few months ago I switched to a routine and tried it out for myself. I have lots of issues with my hair and I was trying to figure out how to get it back to normal. The only solution that worked for me was to replace shampoo and conditioner with cheaper unscented shampoo and conditioner. (note: I use bodywash as well for shampoo and conditioner)
  4650. ****ES 1dy5a5
  4652. ****S58|
  4654. How To Help a Drunk Driver Without Getting Hurt
  4656. ****ES 3qr3sw
  4658. ****S58|
  4660. LPT: If you like to keep track of the points you score, set up a ticker on your phone to show when you've reached the minimum score to set as your personal limit.
  4662. ****ES 734vmd
  4664. ****S58|
  4666. LPT: Don't split the rent up between roommates. Just let your landlord know you don't have the room for his two new roommates.
  4668. ****ES 4z1ptx
  4670. ****T58| 4z1ptx
  4671. Thats just horrible.
  4673. Leave the deal together, and have the new guy pay for the remaining room, then he just doubles the amount of bills as long as he wants.
  4674. ****ET d5mqshc
  4676. ****T58| 4z1ptx
  4677. This is usually a trick to make someone stay so you don't go back. If it's too late they're going to try to sell the place. Then you're probably in deep shit trying to sell it.
  4678. ****ET d5mqrsy
  4680. ****T58| 4z1ptx
  4681. This goes double for roommates. They could of ended up paying a shit ton more than their share of the rent, your bonus.
  4682. ****ET d5mqr05
  4684. ****R58| d5mqr05
  4685. Thank you for the info :) This is the one I was going to post when I saw this... It's always the new guy that ends up paying more. Usually the original but the new guy starts paying more and it turns to the right of being original...
  4686. ****ER d5mrfhn
  4688. ****R58| d5mrfhn
  4689. If it's an apartment lease it'll be the lease rates as a percentage. Not the actual rent you paid.
  4690. ****ER d5msp6k
  4692. ****T58| 4z1ptx
  4693. If you are using the Dorm with the roommate agreement, you need to keep this in mind for both of you.
  4694. ****ET d5mqr20
  4696. ****T58| 4z1ptx
  4697. Probably not gonna work out, especially if your starting out. Don't ask them, find something you and your roommate have in common.
  4699. EDIT: I don't mean to brag, but I am at the University where the female residence advisor (henceforth referred to as R). I live in a house with four roommates. One of my roommates is a graduate student. We get along great and I usually find that even though he's my roommate, we don't have too many problems with each other.
  4700. ****ET d5mtzqj
  4702. ****T58| 4z1ptx
  4703. From experience, it's never worked.
  4704. ****ET d5mqiw9
  4706. ****T58| 4z1ptx
  4707. Honestly this just seems a little "hyped". In a few years, if she will have children, she will have all the eggs available, meaning she can do it without you. Just don't force it. If you're cool with it, don't worry.
  4708. ****ET d5mq4e6
  4710. ****R58| d5mq4e6
  4711. I know, but for some reason, seeing her face happy all the time is not really interesting in the first place. So I'll ask her when she is happy. If I can see her smile I would get a *big smile*
  4712. ****ER d5mq80p
  4714. ****R58| d5mq80p
  4715. Try holding up the left side of her face to get a good picture of her smile. Now that you're in the best position to do so, try it out on her. Do it hard.
  4717. It will be really strange, and you're probably going to need a strategy for keeping it up for a long time.
  4719. Some strategies:
  4721. 1. Hold her with your hand, and hold the same position the other way around.
  4722. 2. Start behind her and pull her arm in as if to put her in your lap, but instead do it *at* her stomach.
  4723. 3. Try to make a nice downward slope (either above or below) with your arm.
  4724. 4. Even if you're doing it by hitting your chest, hold your arm and her in close contact at a slightly more obtuse angle. It's the only time I could really get pictures this close with my left hand.
  4725. 5. Look into the camera when you're holding her with your left hand (or sometimes the other way around), and tell her you want her to repeat it to you. She'll probably probably never do it right to you, but she will do it to you. Just be careful not to look too wide or you'll end up having her lean too far in to you, and then you're playing with someone else.
  4726. ****ER cxhbs1k
  4728. ****T3| 3upk2e
  4729. I always hear guys "stripper," they aren't actually strippers, but even if they are not, I guess, you are right, the rest makes sense. The first day would have been easier if you just made the offer to have her pole. I am sure she is not a "con". Let her decide. But yeah, every guy here is right in that you need to offer her pole or her pay.
  4730. ****ET cxh51zr
  4732. ****R3| cxh51zr
  4733. This was a terrible comment
  4734. ****ER cxh7myv
  4736. ****R3| cxh7myv
  4737. Yes this was.
  4738. ****ER cxhfajx
  4740. ****R3| cxh7myv
  4741. He's right.
  4742. ****ER cxh8kyj
  4744. ****R3| cxh5x8r
  4745. I'll have a posh cheque for nothing in return other than more pole time.
  4746. ****ER cxh7hr2
  4748. ****R3| cxh7hr2
  4749. You better hurry up you bitch.
  4750. ****ER cxh8vwx
  4752. ****R3| cxh8vwx
  4753. I'm super easy to put down, just did
  4754. ****ER cxh8yf0
  4756. ****T3| 3uy8lh
  4757. It's how she likes to fuck. It's something she would do and show, like when a man plays the fucking flute or sings. It's my view on it.
  4758. ****ET cxh7dh0
  4760. ****R3| cxh7dh0
  4761. Gotta go hard to give a person head.
  4762. ****ER cxh7j8y
  4764. ****R3| cxh7j8y
  4765. Then you can't be surprised if she fucks up at the end.
  4766. ****ER cxh8wvn
  4768. ****R3| cxh7dh0
  4769. >Show she like it when a man does it
  4771. That's just a joke, bitch.
  4772. ****ER cxhb2q2
  4774. ****R3| cxhb2q2
  4775. No
  4776. ****ER cxhb89e
  4778. ****R3| cxh7dh0
  4779. > tell her you like a girl who does things her way, but eventually needs someone who will do that same thing for her
  4781. Best reply.
  4782. ****ER cxha3cz
  4784. ****R3| cxh7dh0
  4785. The maturity level of an object of desire.  
  4786. ****ER cxhdx72
  4788. ****T3| 3vd5hy
  4789. Post smaller boobs and boobs that sag, with fake acnes.
  4790. ****ET cxh5fo6
  4792. ****T3| 3vd5hy
  4793. Just show her your face.
  4794. ****ET cxh8f62
  4796. ****T3| 3vd5hy
  4797. Just be honest and tell her how you feel
  4798. ****ET cxh7svz
  4800. ****T3| 3vd5hy
  4801. Try a combination of words that have different meanings for both genders to get more responses. Like "I'd love to see you" vs "If I was to go there" vs "I want to see you there."
  4802. ****ET cxhgwv9
  4804. ****R3| cxhgwv9
  4805. It's works if you're talking to guys
  4806. ****ER cxhvz70
  4808. ****T3| 3vd5hy
  4809. Turn her into a stereotype of what kind of person she will always be to a degree.
  4811. "When I was at high school, my best friend and I both would hang out all the time.  However, I started talking more to this other guy and when we were at school together she liked him and then I got suspicious and tried to move on and then later she became obsessed with him.  At times she would give me weird looks and my new friends.  They would call me all the time to see how I was doing and to tell me they thought I was going to ruin her life over some single guy and so I got my guard up."
  4812. ****ET cxhf8qf
  4814. ****T3| 3vd5hy
  4815. Technically, every single one. They can go in his cupboard or a bin of any other word on the shelf. You could give a microphone to a mediocre musician and give a new bbq a piece of wood or he could go in his closet and found a *technical book*.
  4816. ****ET cxhi5yj
  4818. ****T3| 3vd5hy
  4819. All of them, actually.
  4821. The problem is I'm actually good at holding down a job with only a high school education. Even with multiple jobs I've had nothing at all because I don't really have enough experience to make connections that would lead to further opportunities.
  4823. Now, here's where I've been all these years:
  4825. * /r/askwomen
  4828. * /r/AskWomen: Getting my foot in the door, eventually. There are a few pieces of work out of context, though.
  4829. * /r/AskMen: Decent success. Mostly at $20 to $50/hour, I've had a couple that can't handle the work, one at $30 to $50/hour got to the point where they brought another girl in to help out.
  4830. * /r/ladyboners: Success. Like, *as* successful. Mostly at $20 to $40/hour, it was hard, but something worth it, and it wasn't like the girl I looked up was doing anything better.
  4832. I also had an internship at a baby store at one point where I was paid $25/hour (I actually hated my job.)
  4835. Not exactly so you're twitching. I've been wanting to write for a while. I've had a crappy crummy assistant out of grad school that I've given a pay increase to.
  4837. But it was literally my dream. I'd do it for a living, and I didn't want to be a tramp.
  4838. ****ET c0mv4d9
  4840. ****R7| c0mv4d9
  4841. Back in high school, did you like in school? What kind of career did you want?
  4842. ****ER c0mv52b
  4844. ****R7| c0mv52b
  4845. I think I'd enjoy being a teacher but my life has kind of gone that way, so I'm not super sure.
  4846. ****ER c0mv5ik
  4848. ****R7| c0mv5ik
  4849. That sucks :(
  4851. What's your dream job?
  4852. ****ER c0mv5l1
  4854. ****R7| c0mv5l1
  4855. I don't really have a dream job, I just was forced into it due to circumstances and needed to put myself through to get there, and then got tired of it and kept going. I would love to get into some type of animation. But there's lots of scams, so it would be difficult.
  4856. ****ER c0mv5rj
  4858. ****R7| c0mv5rj
  4859. At least you have a goal. How are you to solve this?
  4860. ****ER c0mv6bh
  4862. ****R7| c0mv6bh
  4863. Not trying to be condescending but... have you not seen the nature of my posts here? I like to push/turn ideas on the world so as long as I can come up with something I'm not going to back down because I have ideas that will benefit a few instead of something that benefits a large group.
  4865. My problem with college is, I didn't attend any. I'm not qualified for this job and therefore nothing is going to happen for me. I could be a lot worse.
  4867. It doesn't take much money to go to college and survive. I'm not particularly rich, but I could have plenty if I wanted. I should probably start saving up though.
  4869. And it sucks I don't know how you think I've benefited, but I don't believe that an aspiring engineer (my job, not my degree) and trying to change the world is particularly admirable.
  4871. Anyways, I have a few years left to be born. Before then I think I should probably get some ideas for careers that I can realistically become an engineer in. The stuff I learned in college probably helped me a ton.
  4872. ****ER dqiw39p
  4874. ****R11| dqiw39p
  4875. >  I don't believe that an aspiring engineer (my job, not my degree) and trying to change the world is particularly admirable.
  4877. I'd disagree about that. I don't consider the two situations *equivalent*, but they're in the same ballpark. You see, for a specific skill, you might get a job, or you might go into marketing, or something like that.
  4879. That isn't *the only way* to succeed. And those things *are* things you can learn as a time.
  4880. ****ER dqiw7za
  4882. ****R11| dqiw7za
  4883. > Those things are things you can learn as a time.
  4885. You think that something like that is true?
  4887. How about making a different kind of move? I am not saying that you *have to* compete in this way, but that it is clearly helpful, and you should be able to learn new skills and then make more of them.
  4888. ****ER dqixdi3
  4890. ****R11| dqixdi3
  4891. I don't think making a different move is not more than saying "you have to" in this context. You're one of those people who sees the world as perfect and the people who you disagree with as weakling losers with inadequate intellect.
  4892. ****ER dqiz3xj
  4894. ****R11| dqiz3xj
  4895. I don't see how competing with the existing environment is necessarily a terrible thing. After all, who is going to hold yourself to be better than others?
  4897. One could say that the mere existence of competition is bad, and that "better" competition will magically lead to stagnation. One could imagine an alternative way of acquiring the skills that one finds valuable, namely self-directed learning. People could be expected to go out and own themselves, rather than searching for employment.
  4899. These are the kinds of issues that usually are best answered by systems-based alternative structures. I don't see the advantages of competition and people arguing against them here.
  4901. ****ER dqj02o8
  4903. ****R11| dqj02o8
  4904. Right. Don't want to compete. Think of all the small fields, small companies, free-market competition. Also, I'm sure there are exceptions.
  4906. But remember: people who aren't willing to give up their whole lives to live an alternative life as a worker instead of the wage-slave (with the general feeling of sacrifice) will never allow themselves to be "elite" capitalists.
  4908. ****ER dqj2o9v
  4910. ****T11| 7ge22f
  4911. I wouldn't go as far as saying all Bit coiners suck, but a lot of them are suckers in my eyes.
  4913. They talk as if they were from the majority. This is the opposite, they are mostly outsiders. The mainstream media tries to steer people towards Bit coin as payment alternative.
  4915. Some are also complete sheeple. A lot of the time these people sit there saying "I don't like the banking system. Bit coin. I use Coinbase. I want to switch to it." But the moment the general population learns about bitcoin, they are flabberghasted and then they try to push their favorite payment method to their wallets and the wallet goes down.
  4917. I don't agree with the Bit coiners, but it's the truth, which is why I keep trying to push Bitcoin.
  4918. ****ET dqibqte
  4920. ****R11| dqibqte
  4921. That's like saying that cryptocurrency = monopoly.
  4922. ****ER dqij0so
  4924. ****R11| dqij0so
  4925. It does not, like never. I don't use Coinbase, but I'm also okay with them changing it's logo in the US. The only company that I've seen try to push bitcoin is Coinbase. I also don't like Coinbase.
  4927. Tldr: Coinbase created the problem. They are a Coinbase issue.
  4928. ****ER dqijl07
  4930. ****R11| dqijl07
  4931. Do you know of a product or service out there that no one can dispute before a refund occurs?
  4933. I can't think of anything.
  4935. EDIT: Also, does no one ever go through this process in the Bitcoin ecosystem?
  4936. ****ER dqijumf
  4938. ****R11| dqijumf
  4939. >Do you know of a product or service out there that no one can dispute before a refund occurs?
  4941. Not a single business does that. Coinbase maintains its website as a data broker for the Federal Government and other high value customers.
  4942. ****ER dqik1pt
  4944. ****R11| dqik1pt
  4945. But aren't they by the same guy who created BitInstant?
  4946. ****ER dqilxrj
  4948. ****R11| dqilxrj
  4949. Is he really the same guy who just created bitcoin.com?
  4951. He does have bitcoin, but not much else.
  4954. ****ER dqilz97
  4956. ****R11| dqilz97
  4957. He helped create the mastercard and cut to ribbons the Zong price thing.
  4959.   I wouldn't say he has his finger in every penny loop, just keep an eye on him and do something with his hard earned capital.
  4960. ****ER dqim3m2
  4962. ****R11| dqilxrj
  4963. Well as long as you don't 'push' the goods into somebody's hands to sort through the bullshit, you're pretty much on the same level. The accounts are also tied to one-time addresses. They are not their own wallet. As for the accounts being linked to a litecoin BTC wallet, it doesn't have the same 'structure' so that makes no difference IMO. I'll have to read further into it.
  4964. ****ER dqilzde
  4966. ****R11| dqilzde
  4967. who cares about accounts unless you intend to charge somebody or have a law firm which includes people to do so.
  4969. I keep it to myself. I've told you that and will not go further.
  4970. ****ER dqimx0b
  4972. ****R11| dqimx0b
  4973. thats fine, just know that it won't happen.
  4974. ****ER dqimye7
  4976. ****T11| 7gkpgh
  4977. Looks like a straight up scam to me. They should really consider developing an API for certain APIs with an easy way to access the keys used by daco. But they still don't think that the public key used in block/dacoheno hack (both social engineer using bitcointalk pages) is public.
  4978. ****ET dqimodu
  4980. ****R11| dqimodu
  4981. Not true. The public key is in a code-like form. The public key is fully converted to binary. It has nothing to do with the botkey.
  4982. ****ER dqinb4b
  4984. ****R11| dqinb4b
  4985. if the botkey made easy API, then it would be easy to integrate for almost every dapp
  4987. you see, the api thing is a huge threat. actually, it's not. If I can do anything through a simple api, I can buy your "manipulator" right? just to be a "manipulator" is a scammer like anything else. I bet your average dacoincoinero redditor could easily do that too.
  4988. ****ER dqjx8d9
  4990. ****R11| dqjx8d9
  4991. It's not about the botkey. It's about the botkey. The botkey is behind the daco hard fork. If the daco was back to the old tx format, then the botkey would have no way to exchange the currency with the dacocoin coin, it would have no way to "bump" the coin. The market would, in effect, not be able to play out, and just stay at zero.
  4992. ****ER dqjy0vk
  4994. ****T11| 7gdtj1
  4995. it's never going to work, who would ever trust them
  4996. ****ET dqizdr6
  4998. ****R11| dqizdr6
  4999. not even the smallest chance. it would literally be like jumping on a trampoline and thinking it is the dunking. not gonna happen.
  5000. ****ER dqj6ri0
  5002. ****T11| 7gdtj1
  5003. Eventually it will fail and the daco will be useless and all mining will stop and it will die.
  5005. Our tech's is going to be ready to do it, it's about time and it will be better and more useful.
  5007. #The Durian
  5009. The resistance is showing its poor components, for the first generation, we need to look forward.
  5011. Big head bump in tomorrow with Segwit, Nisthity and locking hashing.
  5013. Our next steps will not fail.
  5014. ****ET dqixvd1
  5016. ****R11| dqixvd1
  5017. if I had to guess I would say we have 2/3 of the engineering to do, but more of the politics will come first, then the engineering. we are nearing a week's worth of work, then the nation will be able to question how much we have done already, and if anything really serious has been accomplished.
  5018. ****ER dqj4orx
  5020. ****R11| dqj4orx
  5021. There is a hard fork coming in Nov, and the engineering work will be done in the interim.
  5022. ****ER dqjaxx7
  5024. ****R11| dqjaxx7
  5025. this is not true, there is a hard fork in November, not a clusterfchk
  5026. ****ER dqjh7iq
  5028. ****T11| 7gh2e3
  5029. https://gavinandresen.wordpress.com/2015/08/15/btc-swap/
  5030. ****ET dqiwtus
  5032. ****T11| 7gh2e3
  5033. If this was put out by RLS I'd go back to that address, thanks to it I haven't had to pay any fees, and I'll be about an average 12 months.
  5034. ****ET dqj0t4o
  5036. ****T11| 7gh2e3
  5037. This is only a thing because you want to create a fool's gold test.
  5038. ****ET dqj87qn
  5040. ****R11| dqj87qn
  5041. This can't be easily explained to a non troll.
  5042. ****ER dqja9ev
  5044. ****R11| dqja9ev
  5045. What should be pretty obvious to anyone with critical thinking skills, it does look like they've spent 5 minutes on google
  5046. ****ER dqjblox
  5048. ****R11| dqjblox
  5049. you should consider trying to "educate" people about their posts.
  5051. still not convinced that it's a scam, but if there is one - maybe there is a dark web version of bcash
  5052. ****ER dqjv3vf
  5054. ****R11| dqjblox
  5055. Exactly, this post itself was about using the dark web for legitimate and money laundering purposes. However, I didn't specify how far down the rabbit hole we are going to go, or who this "creator" is.
  5057. ****ER dqjcx61
  5059. ****R11| dqjcx61
  5060. my point still stands
  5061. ****ER dqkncz4
  5063. ****R11| dqja984
  5064. Do you know the authorities mentioned by OP? The ones i didn't.
  5067. ****ER dqjaqdf
  5069. ****T11| 7g2awl
  5070. Damn its like they didn't even read what their post said lol
  5071. ****ET dqjh0ah
  5073. ****S11|
  5074. http://www.reuters.com/article/us-coffeeship-usa-bans-executive-order-idUSTRIEPO20171032??url=image
  5075. U.S. coffee shop bows to Russian pressure and bans Canadian clients
  5077. ****ES 7gbf9i
  5079. ****S11|
  5080. http://i.imgur.com/8P7Xa.jpg
  5081. Classic reddit robin hood upgrade
  5083. ****ES 1rb37c
  5085. ****T11| 1rb37c
  5086. There is much too much noise and not enough focus on one simple thing: hard to use it.
  5087. ****ET cdm86dt
  5089. ****T11| 1rb37c
  5090. * [1bitcoin.com](http://www.1bitcoin.com) [Bitcoin information site](http://www.1bitcoin.com/mining/mining/).  I personally use this one.
  5092. * [www.btc.com](http://www.btc.com). This one is nice.
  5094. ****ET cdm80db
  5096. ****S11|
  5097. https://blockchain.info/wallet/iwastolenifyra
  5098. Back-up your cold-storage wallet?
  5100. ****ES 6x6p9o
  5102. ****S11|
  5103. http://www.international-community.net/node/42853
  5104. The Bitcoin Bubble: From 2005 to 2012 it went from $13 to $1200 to $856 to $2,440. The reason is that the planet got to know bitcoin and there was a fundamental misunderstanding about it.
  5106. ****ES 1wk6xb
  5108. ****T11| 1wk6xb
  5109. Well, it went from $500 to $100.
  5111. I'm confident that the valuation increase will continue because the USD will become more appealing.
  5113. Plus, as more people on the planet use Bitcoin (and it will become more appealing to use), the prices rise.
  5115. This is how the system works.
  5116. ****ET cf2g5br
  5118. ****T11| 1wk6xb
  5119. What is going on? What is going on? Is the bubble going up? Or down? Down? Upticks?
  5121. But how is it going up? Bitcoin has increased in value by like 50,000 %!
  5123. But how does the Bitcoin bubble going up? I got my numbers wrong. I hope I have corrected it now. But it's hard to see how. It's probably a massive correction up.
  5125. but then it will be up 50% again...
  5127. That's the thing about bubbles. Even after they are over (inflationary) there's a bubble coming up somewhere. Just because they went down 20% or 50% before doesn't mean they will go up 5% from here.
  5130. ****ET cf2g5bl
  5132. ****R11| cf2g5bl
  5133. http://i.imgur.com/H49gry3.png
  5136. ...and stuff like this....
  5138. http://www.thebureauinvestor.com/uploads/2011/08/cryptocurrency-bubble-2-140x.png
  5140. ****ER cf2l6p7
  5142. ****R11| cf2g5bl
  5143. The price of Bitcoin has been going up at a pretty steady rate.
  5144. ****ER cf2i2zy
  5146. ****R11| cf2g5bl
  5147. Thanks for the stats I wasn't aware.
  5148. ****ER cf2g1g1
  5150. ****R11| cf2g1g1
  5151. Geez, yeah it's only going up in the short term. But not by more than an 8% in a year.
  5153. It's gonna be worth billions in about 3-5 years though.
  5154. ****ER cf2gf2a
  5156. ****R11| cf2gf2a
  5157. No kidding.
  5159. Damn they even use "minorities" here?
  5161. You mean the "rest" is the highest amount, right?
  5163. That's cool, and what it's doing, but how is it an indicator of a bubble?
  5164. ****ER cf2gqcm
  5166. ****R11| cf2gqcm
  5167. I was just a little surprised by that numbers. No bubbles ever pop by themselves.
  5168. ****ER cf2gwgq
  5170. ****R11| cf2gwgq
  5171. Some of them do but there are many many other indicators.
  5172. ****ER cf2hq6q
  5174. ****R11| cf2hq6q
  5175. Did you have your money in-hand because this is a bubble?
  5176. ****ER cf2hrke
  5178. ****R11| cf2hrke
  5179. Worse that I could tell. I actually want to invest it because I was interested but I was so shocked by it all I lost any assets that I could have owned.
  5181. Any suggestions of growth in bitcoin? Im keeping it a safe space for myself but i think bitcoin can grow a lot but by asking I may upset people. I think this may happen in the future.
  5182. ****ER cf2hyeq
  5184. ****R11| cf2hyeq
  5185. well bitcoin used to be a year ago roughly I guess. I think it will grow a lot.
  5186. ****ER cf2hyyl
  5188. ****R11| cf2hyyl
  5189. well BTC is a lot different from a year ago
  5190. ****ER cf2i7ui
  5192. ****T11| 1wl5lt
  5193. Are you surprised about the abrupt collapse?
  5194. ****ET cf2gsr5
  5196. ****T11| 1wl5lt
  5197. Ahaha.
  5198. ****ET cf2gjlj
  5200. ****T11| 1wl5lt
  5201. I know you're one of the minority, but not everyone is like that.
  5202. ****ET cf2gmkm
  5204. ****R11| cf2gmkm
  5205. >I know you're one of the minority,
  5207. Probably the greatest understatement of the century.
  5208. ****ER cf2oxgu
  5210. ****R11| cf2oxgu
  5211. Stop it. Nobody will believe you! You don't need your feet to see this is the truth, cause that's exactly how all markets work.
  5212. ****ER cf2phu7
  5214. ****R11| cf2gmkm
  5215. Great! Your interest in the "fine" point of the we aren't yet at comes from the "market" hypothesis.
  5216. ****ER cf2hx39
  5218. ****T11| 1wl5lt
  5219. Would the exchange do this again in the future?
  5220. ****ET cf2g2x2
  5222. ****R11| cf2g2x2
  5223. I'm a little confused about what you're talking about.  
  5225. What exchange would do it again?
  5226. ****ER cf2h44x
  5228. ****R11| cf2h44x
  5229. Some exchanges have a lot of user accounts but don't have any altcoins of their own, or if they do they aren't in that niche. The exchange has to have customers to even be able to serve as a market (if you don't have a lot of users, it won't be very competitive). The question is, can they get enough transactions through on a good day (at least for a while) to secure the market. They would use ltc
  5230. ****ER cf2hx78
  5232. ****R11| cf2hx78
  5233. This is a good place to see an exchange is still active even after 8 years. I thought all exchanges would be dead after the whole Mt. Gox fiasco.
  5234. ****ER cf2lcaw
  5236. ****R11| cf2lcaw
  5237. So you're saying there should be no specific exchange that people can use?
  5238. ****ER cf2lzd4
  5240. ****R11| cf2lzd4
  5241. Fair, that's just it, there's nothing special about one.
  5242. ****ER cf2m0ck
  5244. ****T11| 1wjbxo
  5245. hehe, oh go get me an other I ***EXCEPT***! ***except***
  5246. ****ET cf2hld2
  5248. ****T11| 1wjbxo
  5249. I'm selling some t/r at that rate now
  5250. ****ET cf2hbft
  5252. ****R11| cf2hbft
  5253. I'd trade at the lower rate and use the order to buy BTC
  5254. ****ER cf2hdw2
  5256. ****R11| cf2hdw2
  5257. And your leaving too early! Use the order to buy a T/r and they will leave.
  5258. ****ER cf2hdym
  5260. ****R11| cf2hdym
  5261. Is that a thing?
  5262. ****ER cf2ha8r
  5264. ****R11| cf2ha8r
  5265. I only use this because it works, it's great when you're really behind
  5266. ****ER cf2haiq
  5268. ****R11| cf2haiq
  5269. I use this when I'm actually behind so I don't be-buyminers, I'd prefer to just leave. :D
  5270. ****ER cf2hn2y
  5272. ****T11| 1wjbxo
  5273. I am at 300 BTC, and am scared. But I'm not too scared, I'm excited. And I am looking forward to seeing my gains.
  5274. ****ET cf2ic0r
  5276. ****T11| 1wjbxo
  5277. I can confirm that at least one family member of mine is going to throw a fit.
  5278. ****ET cf2hv5k
  5280. ****R11| cf2hv5k
  5281. Meanwhile I'm actually thinking about buying some more bitcoin and hoping for a dip.
  5282. ****ER cf2hyvj
  5284. ****R11| cf2hyvj
  5285. Wats a good place to buy? I think the localbitcoins.com price is going to be decent and low though the DA/BTC ratio.
  5288. ****ER cf2s8ff
  5290. ****R11| cf2s8ff
  5291. Not that great, but it does, at least, allow them to be held without any risk. Plus, buying bitcoins does involve risk. Also, many of us use Bitcoins to buy whatever those BTCs are worth. Also, the biggest risks are when new people come into the market and start to abandon the currency.
  5293. The only way to make it worth my while is to buy a bunch of it right away, and move it around to be used in the future.
  5294. ****ER cf2snjc
  5296. ****T11| 1wg0np
  5297. here is an interesting article.
  5298. ****ET cf2nch3
  5300. ****T11| 1wg0np
  5301. [I'm getting asked about PPC trading on every single platform I'm asking about.](http://goodnews.today/ask-bitcoin-users-1-what-investment-is-in-your-pocket-3d72ff55/). The fact that they're still asking implies that there's enough interest. That explains the heavy volume. I'm using bitlbee and i'll probably try Andrade shortly, because it has all my preferences. It also has a lot of new developments, is new user friendly and feels snappy. I doubt the competition has a single feature that I really miss.
  5302. ****ET cf2jy0l
  5304. ****R11| cf2jy0l
  5305. The one thing I like best is good search, which this guy****S42|
  5307. How do I make it look nice?
  5308. This is the most boring question ever.  
  5311. As an overworked and old mother of 2, I can't take my mind off the fact that I'm forcing myself to be here for too much of a long while.  I'm only 33, and still having children.
  5313. My boyfriend and I love to cook, and it's hard for me to not have this habit in my life.  Is there a way to make it look nice?  
  5315. Thank you!
  5319. ****ES 9sjdd1
  5321. ****T42| 9sjdd1
  5322. Ask the person who comes to the door for dinner that you cook for them.
  5323. ****ET e8rcbo0
  5325. ****R42| e8rcbo0
  5326. I know what to say to him, but the way that I keep my cooking techniques simple and simple (occasionally using more complex recipes), I don't think he will be impressed with my cooking.
  5327. ****ER e8rggoj
  5329. ****R42| e8rggoj
  5330. haha I just told him that after he asked me if I have any day new year meals he's gonna like. I don't know why you are being up voted for not having fresh some up voting
  5331. ****ER e8rxgbe
  5333. ****R42| e8rxgbe
  5334. Wow thank you. Yes I'll make his day as well
  5335. ****ER e8ry2vf
  5337. ****R42| e8ry2vf
  5338. That's crazy to me. You are not cooking for him right, you are cooking for yourself
  5339. ****ER e8sgdj5
  5341. ****R42| e8sgdj5
  5342. How about dinner out? If I cook or at least know where to get what I can cook out for him?
  5343. ****ER e8sih9x
  5345. ****R42| e8sih9x
  5346. Fuckin knife meat I would never fuck up his whole meal. You're a business guy, and cooking for yourself is a job, you're gonna do it, you might as well do it for your wife too.
  5347. ****ER e8smdvf
  5349. ****R42| e8ry2vf
  5350. Hey, I don't judge but I'll do it. Just didn't want to leave the comment
  5351. ****ER e8ryacb
  5353. ****R42| e8ryacb
  5354. You're the one who's wasting food. Nothing we're doing here is going to get anyone's asshole here to do their cooking for them. You don't have to put your child into a grocery store for you, I mean they should start out at home, heck I'm not even a father so i can definitely say it's my duty as a parent not to do that to my children.
  5355. ****ER e8ryhc5
  5357. ****R42| e8ryhc5
  5358. "put your child into the store"
  5359. ****ER e8ryp78
  5361. ****R42| e8ryhc5
  5362. Child care sucks, let's take your son to the store before you drop a kid off.
  5363. ****ER e8s47sj
  5365. ****R42| e8ryhc5
  5366. Doing it myself is dumb, but not dropping my child is equally as dumb
  5367. ****ER e8ryoov
  5369. ****R42| e8ryhc5
  5370. Waste *is* my duty as a parent.
  5371. ****ER e8rypo5
  5373. ****R42| e8rypo5
  5374. Kids are so much more forgiving than adults! Do they need an ear drop?
  5375. ****ER e8s0mvf
  5377. ****R42| e8ryhc5
  5378. Take it up the ass just be a parent. If you love your child more than you like that kid being in there without a career and you're not sure what else you can do, then you shouldn't be dropping your kid off and instead let them come around anyway.
  5379. ****ER e8s3zbg
  5381. ****R42| e8s3zbg
  5382. I don't think this is the best thing to suggest at all. It's a terrible idea, and I know my husband would not be fine with it.
  5383. ****ER e8s4g5z
  5385. ****R42| e8s4g5z
  5386. Except there's no child in that family
  5387. ****ER e8s4qsr
  5389. ****R42| e8ryhc5
  5390. This is the worst parenting advice ever.
  5391. ****ER e8rvf5t
  5393. ****R42| e8rvf5t
  5394. I get that. But when you don't even know your child that well, it's obvious it isn't right to leave them at a hotel without child care until they have a job, even if they are on a work visa.
  5395. ****ER e8s1dzy
  5397. ****R42| e8ryhc5
  5398. You can't do a "home" to give them a good home to be cared for? Do you know how to read? I never meant that as "home" and I'm not trying to tell people what to do with their lives, but some people don't want to buy their own apartment, let alone a house, when the market is so far up.
  5400. My house would be my place of work, my place of camorada, my home, and my place of work are a medium of different things, but I don't think I'm an "adult" who can expect to have a home in this year. And yeah, at a village if I were a farmer, I'd use a tractor to a farm that I wasn't leasing from someone who pays rent, and not even make half the money that I get to have if I didn't have a mortgage on the land.
  5401. ****ER e8s0qb4
  5403. ****R42| e8ryh6j
  5404. Because they made a game.
  5405. ****ER e8ryz0s
  5407. ****R42| e8rjckb
  5408. MAD MAX: *[Racist!](https://cdn.creativeweb.com/tumblr/0dc/CeeaOyOmAzbyB84b4c6X_BYs2j19to36RPU.jpg)*
  5409. ****ER e8rnba3
  5411. ****R42| e8rnba3
  5412. This.
  5413. ****ER e8rsns9
  5415. ****R42| e8rnba3
  5416. Well, could be, like GTA V on PC.
  5417. ****ER e8rufvg
  5419. ****R42| e8rufvg
  5420. Oh man, that would be in someones interests if I ever released a true pc version.
  5421. ****ER e8rw6ij
  5423. ****R42| e8rxhq3
  5424. We just started and are experimenting with different systems and engine for the next release!
  5425. ****ER e8ryth7
  5427. ****R42| e8rxhq3
  5428. "We're still investigating what would be the best idea, if I were to ask you, dear [I mean girlfriend] ;)
  5429. ****ER e8ryb1r
  5431. ****R42| e8ryb1r
  5432. "we don't think it will be feasible to get VR on PC"
  5433. ****ER e8rz4m0
  5435. ****R42| e8ryb1r
  5436. Wow.
  5438. ****ER e8rypvo
  5440. ****R42| e8rxhq3
  5441. The next-generation consoles are also getting VR though.
  5443. It will be both to have the software available at launch and get a massive population base. But a PC optimized version would certainly be possible too.
  5444. ****ER e8rytga
  5446. ****R42| e8rytga
  5447. My point is that there is an opportunity cost of having VR on PC. If the goal was the same then not having one would be equivalent to asking for now over the next years.
  5449. I'm not seeing that for the technology, and my predictions about my own personal use could be wildly inaccurate.
  5450. ****ER e8ryyop
  5452. ****R42| e8ryyop
  5453. Yep, the consoles don't want it because Sony and Microsoft are losing business to PC gamers. Even then, their "ease" won't last for ever because the bar for quality on PC is high. And *that* is the most important thing in life. It's the only true path to quality, it's the one that is proven with no fear, it's the one that has been solved for hundreds of years, and is simply not even approached by consoles now.
  5455. PC is not becoming less competitive simply because it's finally become viable for you. You're buying into a narrative.
  5456. ****ER e8rz13x
  5458. ****R42| e8rz13x
  5459. Your prediction isn't correct, and I honestly couldn't care less, I'm actually the OP and I can already have my dad's version of the Xbox version. What I want to know is why it's okay for Microsoft to kill PC gaming for the same reason Sony's done to music and video. They're just not interested in allowing a consumer base that's unwilling to do what they do to have any say in it.
  5461. My gaming career was born with XBL and it will not die until Windows 10 for everyone. You may not be interested in gaming but it should be, and you shouldn't have to use a bad excuse like "it'll be free" to avoid taking part of the market. It's what you want to do and yet I get the impression you're the type of person to complain instead of arguing.
  5462. ****ER e8s2o0q
  5464. ****R42| e8s2o0q
  5465. >your
  5467. my keyboard
  5469. yeah
  5471. LOL
  5473. >Great, seriously you poor bastards getting mad because it took 14 years to come to your doorstep. You're doing a good thing as gamers.
  5475. "The only way you're a part of the future is by exploiting our birthright! Don't worry, I'll accept any price you're willing to cough up!"
  5477. nope
  5480. >It's what you want to do and yet I get the impression you're the type of person to complain instead of arguing.
  5482. "I'll bring so much gaming to my life, it'll all be free!"
  5484. Ummm sure...but no thanks, I'll just come to your house instead.
  5485. ****ER e8s2qm3
  5487. ****R42| e8s2qm3
  5488. >The only way you're a part of the future is by exploiting our birthright! Don't worry, I'll accept any price you're willing to cough up!"
  5490. not at all but I totally think all your hypothetical /s
  5492. >not at all but I totally think all your hypothetical /s
  5494. K, so I'm sure he is a millionaire as well.
  5496. ****ER e8s36m7
  5498. ****R42| e8s36m7
  5499. >The only way you're a part of the future is by exploiting our birthright! Don't worry, I'll accept any price you're willing to cough up!"
  5501. You know what? I'm sorry but you're in the wrong time zone.
  5503. We need more people reading this, frankly it's so likely to be wrong and wrong it's practically super-normal.
  5505. You're not at the right time zone.
  5506. ****ER e8s7mpw
  5508. ****R42| e8s7mpw
  5509. And who thinks people are also blithely dreaming about the future?
  5511. Perhaps we should take the fruits of the wheat that has been harvested for 5 years and start building an alternative system before we destroy it and start clogging the planet. It's one of the few things we have left to hope for.
  5512. ****ER e8sktq5
  5514. ****R42| e8s7mpw
  5515. You know what? You can't afford to be an idiot.
  5517. The technology in the above-mentioned zippers is nearly a week old, and it is shaping up to be a fantastic future method for making bags, but is *not yet ready for market.*
  5518. ****ER e8sxqsp
  5520. ****R42| e8s7mpw
  5521. How are you even answering to those dumb high powered speakers? Why not give people a clear answer and even a working system instead of muddying things up by stupidly assuming you know what someone is capable of with a straight face?
  5522. ****ER e8sy6y0
  5524. ****R42| e8sm1t3
  5525. Why should we bother to share information? You will get the answer once it's invented...
  5526. ****ER e8snpgx
  5528. ****R42| e8snpgx
  5529. From OP:
  5531. >And that has always made me laugh. "Ha ha ha."
  5533. ... I didn't laugh.
  5534. ****ER e8sns8s
  5536. ****R42| e8sns8s
  5537. Your comment makes you a fool.
  5538. ****ER e8so1ru
  5540. ****R42| e8so1ru
  5541. Your unironic comment makes you the one fooling me.
  5542. ****ER e8srncx
  5544. ****R42| e8srncx
  5545. With a straight face.
  5546. ****ER e8st0b4
  5548. ****R42| e8st0b4
  5549. Unironically making fun of your nonexistent op is a shame on you.
  5550. ****ER e8sxkft
  5552. ****R42| e8ssj17
  5553. You all sound like us. Never grew up.
  5554. ****ER e8soobh
  5556. ****R42| e8scd9g
  5557. I think you just copied a friend.
  5558. ****ER e8sm4c8
  5560. ****R42| e8s00zj
  5561. Which way is up
  5562. ****ER e8s2l3l
  5564. ****R42| e8s2l3l
  5565. Both
  5566. ****ER e8t21vy
  5568. ****R42| e8s2l3l
  5569. The one. If I'm reading it right
  5570. ****ER e8s3ufr
  5572. ****R42| e8s3ufr
  5573. Yeah lol
  5574. ****ER e8s4l48
  5576. ****R42| e8s2l3l
  5577. straight up
  5578. ****ER e8sbxa5
  5580. ****R42| e8sbxa5
  5581. Thought you would go all gay for a second there!
  5582. ****ER e8sdobf
  5584. ****R42| e8sdobf
  5585. No he goes to the second one
  5586. ****ER e8sej0t
  5588. ****R42| e8sej0t
  5589. How does a gay guy go to the second one?
  5590. ****ER e8shjhr
  5592. ****R42| e8shjhr
  5593. Thinking too hard about it is the way to go.
  5594. ****ER e8sug13
  5596. ****R42| e8sug13
  5597. We need to teach this to the Chinese as well...
  5598. ****ER e8t9pqw
  5600. ****R42| e8sdobf
  5601. Didn't you just say gay for gay?
  5602. ****ER e8tdpej
  5604. ****R42| e8s2r4f
  5605. Is this lmao you racist white guy talking about communism in America? Where else but the kiddie cabinet?
  5606. ****ER e8s8jd2
  5608. ****R42| e8s8jd2
  5609. whooooooooooooooooooosh
  5610. ****ER e8sz5fi
  5612. ****R42| e8s2r4f
  5613. What the fuck? I thought he didn't want to be associated with all the deep-fried shit I've been going for at Taco Bell recently?
  5614. ****ER e8seze8
  5616. ****R42| e8seze8
  5617. He literally said "bam bam"
  5618. ****ER e8sk8za
  5620. ****R42| e8sk8za
  5621. I think I'll just keep my back up.
  5622. ****ER e8st41n
  5624. ****R42| e8s2r4f
  5625. The White Stuff Taco Bell Taco Bell Taco Bell Tacos
  5626. ****ER e8sf8h3
  5628. ****R42| e8sf8h3
  5629. Too soon! Too soon!!!
  5630. ****ER e8sff4l
  5632. ****R42| e8s2r4f
  5633. Mexican chicken!
  5634. ****ER e8sj2ph
  5636. ****R42| e8s2r4f
  5637. Lmao... I thought the White Stuff was a nacho cheese burrito or something, not something designed to offer different sauces or add toppings or whatnot. I was wrong.
  5638. ****ER e8sjixo
  5640. ****R42| e8s2r4f
  5641. But what's the White Stuff?
  5642. ****ER e8sj5t4
  5644. ****R42| e8sj5t4
  5645. People that are allergic to chicken.
  5646. ****ER e8sj7bx
  5648. ****R42| e8sj7bx
  5649. But... That's not what's in the nacho pizza.
  5650. ****ER e8sn4xm
  5652. ****R42| e8sn4xm
  5653. The white stuff is a Mexican cheese sauce. It's made in Mexico. You might be getting this mixed up with the traditional one.
  5654. ****ER e8t9m61
  5656. ****R42| e8s2r4f
  5657. This is kind of where I go with this. Many people are allergic to chicken, I get why they would be upset at being served something that is chicken, but it's not a boot in the face like the picture is trying to convey. If they ask you if you like it you tell them, if they ask you to stop you tell them it's no problem.
  5658. ****ER e8sn7ks
  5660. ****R42| e8sn7ks
  5661. So what I'm hearing is that all this was about nachos but they want you to not respond when they ask if you want a nachos? Just eat them with some guac...
  5662. ****ER e8sngjx
  5664. ****R42| e8sngjx
  5665. Are you trying to buy a Mac and cheese, ask for the regular or use your heads up you fucking beaners.
  5666. ****ER e8sti4j
  5668. ****R42| e8sti4j
  5669. You have to say no to one of them, any of them.
  5671. Maybe put your damn chalupa where it belongs, on the napkins.
  5672. ****ER e8stobn
  5674. ****R42| e8stobn
  5675. What about a bowl of noodles? I get paged by some of the salads I find myself in the industry!
  5676. ****ER e8sty44
  5678. ****R42| e8sty44
  5679. *eyes roll* But just in case you are stuck eating it without a fucking fork, you could have someone else eat it for you so you won't have to fuck around with all the possible excuses you could give for not being able to eat it.
  5680. ****ER e8sub71
  5682. ****R42| e8sub71
  5683. A fork works so fucking well and I eat a fucking fork I don't need your assistance your fucking shit diarrhea.
  5684. ****ER e8suomj
  5686. ****R42| e8sz3j9
  5687. > "I want to do 20 tacos"
  5689. Well that's not a question at all.
  5691. *sips non-caffeinated fizzy beverage*
  5693. "Maybe if you have more tools you can do 40"
  5695. "I don't want to think about it"
  5696. ****ER e8t0t9d
  5698. ****R42| e8stgep
  5699. Whatever, it's the laws of physics. It's true, you aren't. In fact, I'd be more willing to be pretty damned specific in the case of tacos. But fuck the laws of physics.
  5701. This has been a bad day.
  5702. ****ER e8svfj2
  5704. ****R42| e8svfj2
  5705. As a family of like eight to ten people the shittiness of this "taco" is extremely apparent.
  5708. ****ER e8t7du6
  5710. ****R42| e8sgsax
  5711. Yeah but your mom sure as hell isn't. I don't care if they put a lot of thought into it but isn't that a bit...crap? And I'm all about le Vindaloo and cilantro.
  5712. ****ER e8sn9a5
  5714. ****R42| e8sn9a5
  5715. Apparently no one knows which roasters they use but everyone else says 'Wesal's... the love'
  5716. ****ER e8sqmhs
  5718. ****R42| e8sqmhs
  5719. Yes, and that seems really fair.
  5720. ****ER e8sqp4j
  5722. ****R42| e8sqp4j
  5723. It's different when you have a lot of time to sit around a table with all of your grandmothers and uncle Jimmy types and discuss how much you despise each other, but because we're in the same house we all say the same things and are equally as mad at the same things.
  5724. ****ER e8sr3bk
  5726. ****R42| e8sqp4j
  5727. Please tell me the roasters get to choose what they serve but still decide not to give a shit about how the food tastes.  I've had a subpar burger a couple times out of the 3 or 4 I have had all together (minus frances in houston where I grew up).  I don't complain, I just don't order it, I know its all about taste.  So no, I am not mad about the levels of all my favorite foods you get to pick and choose what you want to make up.  
  5728. ****ER e8svn3l
  5730. ****R42| e8svn3l
  5731. Can you not put anything on a burger that you don't love? Especially when the other choices are so good. Why is it only burgers I get down voted? If you like a certain food, go with that. But have a sense of entitlement and complain when something you don't like isn't your preferred choice. I don't care about no burger, I think it is awful and lacks flavor. And you won't go back to the good places. Go to hell, fed.
  5732. ****ER e8swlk3
  5734. ****R42| e8sog0h
  5735. i don't think that was what this sub was about.
  5736. ****ER e8ss0d3
  5738. ****T42| 9sxtx0
  5739. This is a weird deal for me to consider. I live in Texas and BBQ is pretty popular here, and this isn't hard to find. The only bad thing about Texas is that this store looks so tasty, and people are yelling at us for eating burgers like this, even though they are good. No one cares about this. And what, is your "nitro burger" really that shitty, isn't it just as good as some frozen bagged burger stuff?
  5740. ****ET e8souq9
  5742. ****R42| e8souq9
  5743. I actually was a happy camper when I found this post. I live in Philly.
  5744. ****ER e8sqmxc
  5746. ****R42| e8sqmxc
  5747. Well damn, that sucks I guess.
  5748. ****ER e8srv0o
  5750. ****R42| e8souq9
  5751. I don't. I love burgers, and I don't eat the most basic ones. Sometimes they are just straight up good burgers, though.
  5753. But I do think they're weird for the "Steak"-burger. They don't taste "correct". I'm sorry but that kind of shit is gross.
  5754. ****ER e8sxa9u
  5756. ****R42| e8sxa9u
  5757. I was confused for a moment and read this as "nasty," which was a mistake.
  5758. ****ER e8sye3s
  5760. ****R42| e8ske3o
  5761. Must have been overfed when the were originally picked.
  5763. I miss me some fajitas.
  5764. ****ER e8ss9qd
  5766. ****R42| e8ske3o
  5767. Hot damn. I had a 30" bacon cheeseburger last week and it was better than the hype.
  5768. ****ER e8sqfca
  5770. ****R42| e8sqfca
  5771. Are you one of the kids that had a two hour melt?
  5772. ****ER e8stkc9
  5774. ****R42| e8stkc9
  5775. I think you mean, "to die for", if so that's the way I should tell him to have to die for himself :)
  5776. ****ER e8su3qr
  5778. ****R42| e8ske3o
  5779. Yeah dude, I had steak one time. My wife is from TX.
  5780. ****ER e8sz2ka
  5782. ****R42| e8ske3o
  5783. Best thing in the world. Fucking AMAZING steak, and some sort of earthy bacon. Well done.
  5784. ****ER e8tb66v
  5786. ****R42| e8ske3o
  5787. Bacon is like molasses on ice. It's like fuck it, I'm just gonna run the dish under the broiler.
  5788. ****ER e8spar2
  5790. ****R42| e8spar2
  5791. 2 slices, bread it, bake. Slices are your friend.
  5792. ****ER e8swf6i
  5794. ****R42| e8swf6i
  5795. Get the hell away from that weird ass broilers!
  5796. ****ER e8t75kz
  5798. ****R42| e8t75kz
  5799. Slices have been known to cook other things other than bacon, I don't even want to start on that bit.
  5800. ****ER e8t7muf
  5802. ****R42| e8t7muf
  5803. Lol as if the knife didn't eat all that meat and use it up too...
  5805. This place is a strange one.
  5806. ****ER e8t8ypt
  5808. ****R42| e8t8ypt
  5809. Amusing, ignorant and very smug all in one.
  5810. ****ER e8tq42a
  5812. ****R42| e8spar2
  5813. I'm going to start wearing my flannel shirt to bring a message, you can call it whatever you want to. Just saying.
  5814. ****ER e8t7vuo
  5816. ****R42| e8t7vuo
  5817. lol to the OP. 'got that shirt for me and I put it on!'
  5819. This person gets that shirt first, next level is getting assatsssy for wearing shirts.
  5820. ****ER e8t8xx2
  5822. ****R42| e8t8xx2
  5823. Yea he said he was happy I wore my flannel shirt for him. That's like the phrase "Wow, you're so thoughtful and have so much fashion sense! There are other people in my office wearing shirts, I'm so lucky to have you!" He doesnt get that flannel shirt thing
  5824. ****ER e8tac5o
  5826. ****R42| e8tac5o
  5827. Yes, because a single sweater is what you have to call a "maternity shirt" and shirts are worn for everyone, with any color. Like, dude, I don't need you to call it a maternity shirt so I can pretend to care.
  5828. ****ER e8tae8w
  5830. ****R42| e8sotie
  5831. The one you wear to the party is the only one that matters. Any and all choices you make with it is useless because it only matters with that one shirt that he likes. And honestly your looks aren't his business.
  5832. ****ER e8st45r
  5834. ****R42| e8st45r
  5835. Nice straw man of a straw man, thanks.
  5837. Edit: clearly what I really mean is, "the one that you wear to the house party is the only one that matters". That doesn't mean I never care about how you dress.
  5838. ****ER e8st7ns
  5840. ****R42| e8sko3i
  5841. How is that impossible. You're from Europe, you're white, and you're a American dude. How is that not the case.
  5842. ****ER e8sld6v
  5844. ****R42| e8sld6v
  5845. I'm talking about this 'discussion' here, not my relationship with my family.
  5847. Wouldn't you understand that if I lived with my family in Europe I would definitely wear my clothes in the way they were intended to be worn?
  5849. It doesn't matter if you're white. This is why racism is dead. We don't see different races so it's easy to dehumanize us.
  5850. ****ER e8slg07
  5852. ****R42| e8slg07
  5853. Alright. I guess so. You've definitely got to deal with other people's views. That's cool. They're opinions, but they're wrong.
  5855. I do my best to stay alive by feeding those starving children so I understand the current and past racism in our society. I say that with an explanation from all black people, who are predominantly poor, involved with drugs, and also oppressed.
  5857. But it would be nice if we weren't constantly told that black people are inherently criminal and dangerous. The majority of them are and we shouldn't let this get to us.
  5859. P.S. as a white person I have noticed that i get a hard time from other white people for "stealing" money. Then it would be easy to believe if we were all black.
  5860. ****ER e8slypm
  5862. ****R42| e8slypm
  5863. I agree with your perspective. But I also have to fight off many 'members' of my community who make my life a living hell. How can I teach white people that they are different if I haven't learned it from them? How can I respect them when they hold up a sign telling me 'you are not black' ?
  5864. ****ER e8smu03
  5866. ****R42| e8smu03
  5867. Yeah no I was just being honest. By the way, please tell me that you've never read the whole thing.
  5868. ****ER e8smw6g
  5870. ****R42| e8smw6g
  5871. Read it? What's it say? Why are you having a problem with it?
  5872. ****ER e8smzw4
  5874. ****R42| e8smzw4
  5875. Yeah, sorry. I'm not good with words. I'm in the minority in my family.
  5877. I would say this:
  5879. >How can I teach white people that they are different if I haven't learned it from them?
  5882. ****ER e8sn2i6
  5884. ****R42| e8sn2i6
  5885. >I don't like it when someone shows or says something about our way of living that is untrue
  5888. >what?
  5890. >White people are stupid
  5892. >don't act like it
  5894. >Don't use numbers
  5896. >Dare you show it's not true
  5898. I get it. We are simple people. That's one of the reasons why we have been marginalized.
  5901. We have only had 3 kinds of politics that we are actually aware of. The majority of Americans are against us. It has affected the way we all vote. Some of us voted for this country and came back the real thing.
  5903. I'm not saying one kind of voting is better than another. It really depends on the way people vote.
  5905. But if we don't have the proper representation on all levels, we are a lost cause.
  5908. ****ER e8sq5u8
  5910. ****R42| e8sq5u8
  5911. My claim is that people who are of a different political persuasion (or view) is hardly a logical implication.
  5915. ****ER e8sqgxe
  5917. ****R42| e8sqgxe
  5918. How can you be a majority of the country if your country is divided in two camps that barely look like the total opposite of each other? That's called a real divide when it's your country, not like the current nationalist parties in Europe where there are no or few liberals.
  5919. ****ER e8sqxhk
  5921. ****R42| e8sqxhk
  5922. >How can you be a majority of the country if your country is divided in two camps that barely look like the total opposite of each other? That's called a real divide when it's your country
  5924. So the only democratic country in the world, but a *whole* of them is divided by a certain region and a few states arent so divided. Therefore, this country and its people are split in two "parties", just like in a country divided by geographical areas and states. There is an unfair division of the "whole" (which means their opinions/demands are basically not the same), therefore they want a re-division of the country.
  5925. ****ER e8srh2n
  5927. ****R42| e8srh2n
  5928. > there is an unfair division of the "whole" (which means their opinions/demands are basically not the same), therefore they want a re-division of the country
  5930. ...and that would mean the cth this country is alsont the "whole", as  theres a majority of left political parties, a majority of party of italian origin, and a majority of leftists in the world.
  5932. Sorry if my grammar makes your post harder to understand, but it only means that the republicans and the democrats/alternative parties in this country are also "one nation" or even "one people", while the parties in Europe are not so much.
  5935. edit:
  5937. Sorry for my spelling but i didnt see a solution for it because i tried so hard to explain it.
  5938. ****ER e8smxqz
  5940. ****R42| e8smxqz
  5941. > which means their opinions/demands are basically not the same
  5943. You want to know why countries who are communist and democratic arent very popular? Thats because they are too similar. For instance, the Roman empire and greek city-states are practically democratic and communist countries. The republicans and democrats arent that different, they are both capitalism with a lot of government bullshit thrown in.
  5944. ****ER e8smzxl
  5946. ****R42| e8smzxl
  5947. >Which means their opinions/demands are basically not the same
  5949. I know that you would disagree with that statement, but you are right, they are not. People want to be unique. Also, if their opinions are the same then you can't stand that. Their ways of thinking are too similar.
  5950. ****ER e8snjt4
  5952. ****R42| e8snjt4
  5953. >Their ways of thinking are too similar
  5955. Well fuck, that's fucked up. I just think different are not that common. And why should we be unique?
  5956. ****ER e8ss9wo
  5958. ****R42| e8ss9wo
  5959. >>Their ways of thinking are too similar.
  5961. >Well fuck, that's fucked up.
  5963. Yeah I know, what can I do about it? I suppose if you're not going to try to appeal to similar/opposing points of view in this conversation then that's pretty fucked up. I think we agree on that, but I think you just won't accept that people from different countries have different interests. That's not really the only argument I have against what you are saying but maybe that can't be helped and we're agreed, you think it's also fucked up but don't offer a way to rectify it.
  5964. ****ER e8t2i31
  5966. ****R42| e8rhs1z
  5967. I mean, I'm the one posting about the food stuffs, you should just stick with your own post on foodstuff or comment on mine.
  5968. ****ER e8rmt8s
  5970. ****R42| e8rmt8s
  5971. If you'd rather share stuff you know, I get that. But if you're on the look to debate something you can argue things about if you want. And that's what I'm asking. I'd never start something like this if I didn't expect that I'd be forced to argue about the subject of it myself.
  5973. It's not my place to start it, and you shouldn't have to. At this point you can agree or disagree, that's not the end of the world.
  5974. ****ER e8rnf8x
  5976. ****R42| e8rnf8x
  5977. I guess I was hoping that he might be able to find information on good food items to give in comparison with those in the forums.
  5978. ****ER e8rph2a
  5980. ****R42| e8rmlc7
  5981. Try, it is nice to hear about our cultures and read that new food makes everything better.
  5982. ****ER e8rz91r
  5984. ****R42| e8rmlc7
  5985. We actually support the notion of cultural and culinary diversity. Can you explain how this will detract from the benefits of r/food's consistent requirements for "unhealthy" or "gross" ingredients? It's a complete non-sequitur.
  5986. ****ER e8s88b2
  5988. ****R42| e8rl6rd
  5989. Try it with yourself, have a crazy battle over which yummy dish is actually good and which is junk food from the KFC Kids line.
  5990. ****ER e8roz82
  5992. ****R42| e8rk8up
  5993. That's amazing! And welcome to r/frugal.
  5994. ****ER e8rzccc
  5996. ****R42| e8rk8up
  5997. welcome r/foodtovegetarian
  5999. ****ER e8s6****S5|
  6001. What is your favorite vegetable, and why?
  6003. ****ES 889ajc
  6005. ****T5| 889ajc
  6006. When people say broccoli it makes me think of how my grandparents beat it,  and it had a yellow way up,  and I loved it,  but it's usually when they say broccoli.
  6007. ****ET dwbr94q
  6009. ****T5| 889ajc
  6010. I like peas.
  6012. I'm not a fan of, nor a fussy eater.
  6013. ****ET dwbr5l2
  6015. ****T5| 889ajc
  6016. It depends on the time of year. I love cucumbers, a bit of lemon/lemon juice and a bit of salt, or a bit of balsamic vinegar. Other than that I'm not a fan of vegetables as a main course.
  6017. ****ET dwbpa26
  6019. ****S5|
  6021. How would you feel if someone said "I have to do my taxes today" for your income taxes?
  6023. ****ES avrqap
  6025. ****T5| avrqap
  6026. Im gonna be weird with everyone :S
  6027. ****ET ehgnn0o
  6029. ****S5|
  6031. When do you come up with ideas for ideas, and when do you "go with it"?
  6033. ****ES 9byj3l
  6035. ****S5|
  6037. What is your favorite water to drink?
  6039. ****ES 8nmb7y
  6041. ****S5|
  6043. What's the smartest way to pay the victim to take off their socks and shoes?
  6045. ****ES 9sxt5k
  6047. ****S5|
  6049. Anyone who has ever seen "Caddyshack", and know one of the names in the list is automatically in deep-frying
  6051. ****ES 4cvi5g
  6053. ****S5|
  6055. You are in control of a bar and it's business is opened to the public. You don't know anyone that's inside the bar and all you see are people with hidden cameras and similar equipment and these people tell you to leave. How do you explain the camera to someone who doesn't understand how technology works?
  6057. ****ES a9q2eo
  6059. ****T5| a9q2eo
  6060. Someone told them.
  6061. ****ET egh8o7r
  6063. ****T5| a9q2eo
  6064. Guess.
  6066. "What do you mean"
  6068. "You don't know that woman that's behind the bar, she says that you have cameras"
  6070. "Okay what is your name?"
  6072. "Oh you're face"
  6074. "Fiona, right there. Oh the bartender"
  6076. "Oops, really? That was my mistake then I'll just need you to come inside and take off your scarf"
  6077. ****ET egh92n6
  6079. ****T5| a9q2eo
  6080. It was a service business. If they've got a camera pointed at you, they're going to have a good picture.
  6082. If you are in the middle of nowhere, you probably don't have a lot of people paying good money to see you.
  6083. ****ET egh93kl
  6085. ****R5| egh93kl
  6086. I also could've just said, "Oops, I see you're clearly an English citizen and have a blue tie."
  6087. ****ER egh9mpu
  6089. ****R5| egh9mpu
  6090. I'm just trying to justify his reply by adding in that it was there was this guy in this shithole of an area and they went in expecting to see someone wearing blue, then found out it was a Muslim saying "oops, they're no tanvin", and it's been downhill since then
  6091. ****ER eghacmf
  6093. ****R5| eghacp4
  6094. This. It doesn't make sense to expect random people to hide who they are. I assume it's worse in North America, which means we might have a subconscious expectation that people from outside our culture or even our party line be able to confidently identify who they are.
  6096. In Europe, it's just all over the place. If you're working with a group of people from across the globe, they are all fundamentally different and often conflicting with one another. And it's probably the same in the United States. So if you ask a "first world" party in Germany who they are and they know who you are but then a secret group from Russia comes up on you and you say you're "Polish" and they go, "Oh yeah, that makes more sense", and there are some American Russians that know you from a conversation and know they're Russian.
  6098. ****ER eghaliz
  6100. ****R5| eghaliz
  6101. > This is not an exaggeration, people will ALWAYS think your from your own nationality or a majority nationality.
  6103. Is this what you mean? https://i.imgur.com/QKqlWox.jpg
  6104. ****ER egmgw1n
  6106. ****R5| egmgw1n
  6107. You are correct, this is what it usually looks like. And you can also take that to the extreme. For example, in America the whole EU states were supposed to be the leader in development of technology, or something that has sort of become a big trend right now in a lot of fields, like in education, education field, military, etc. in order to not exclude certain cultures.
  6109. Of course, the term "ethnicity" has a lot of nuances, and sometimes goes back to classifications, so its very hard to explain, I would like to see some data about this, but I haven't seen any data that show that Russians are in fact divided in different groupings.
  6110. ****ER egl52kr
  6112. ****R5| egk4zk7
  6113. Obviously you don't, you see how the Nationalist against Imperialist rhetoric is going for the EU not as an example, but as an enemy in its own right.
  6115. As for the nationalism you listed, I agree, the country has enough issues in its own right. It would be hard to deny that, however as long as these issues are addressed they will be able to overcome what we have, because of everyone's diversity. We all have problems in our life that we need to solve, and if not for our communities we wouldn't be around, even today.
  6116. ****ER egk5ehb
  6118. ****T5| aqgn78
  6119. Northern Brexiters, with a dash of hard Brexiteers.
  6120. ****ET egk3ju4
  6122. ****T5| aqgn78
  6123. "No Tory MP has ever even once spoken against the EU, and even the pretenders should be thrown out!"
  6125. This is not true. This is just politics for the sake of the argument
  6126. ****ET egk3jh2
  6128. ****R5| egk3jh2
  6129. British politics is pretty dead.
  6130. ****ER egk6ff9
  6132. ****T5| aqgn78
  6133. Americans. The easiest way to become liked. I am French and I would probably hate these people a lot more if I were American.
  6134. ****ET egk3ga5
  6136. ****R5| egk3ga5
  6137. American here and no matter who you are or who we are, we'll always hate Americans.
  6138. ****ER egk7psu
  6140. ****R5| egk7psu
  6141. So you'd prefer Canadians over French?
  6142. ****ER egk869a
  6144. ****R5| egk869a
  6145. Would we rather Canadians over Australian? Yes. Not true though. Would we want British people in Russia? No.
  6146. ****ER egkbdjf
  6148. ****R5| egkbdjf
  6149. So then there is a Canadian down for every American? We don't get along too well in the UK or Australia, there are too many stereotypes in each country.
  6150. ****ER egkfof0
  6152. ****R5| egkbdjf
  6153. > Would we want British people in Russia?
  6155. Well we do. Even if it weren't for America we would have more than enough Russians to keep us all alive.
  6156. ****ER egkjm8e
  6158. ****R5| egkbdjf
  6159. I don't really see how it would be any more "British" for me to say "I would rather take the British people in Russia" then "I would rather take the Americans in America." I don't see how you're completely missing the point in that second example. We don't really want to change our demographics, so who do we let in?
  6160. ****ER egkjkgq
  6162. ****R5| egkjkgq
  6163. Yes the example just isn't particularly good. But yes I see how that works. So does this sub and everyone who agrees with us does.
  6164. ****ER egkvky3
  6166. ****R5| egkvky3
  6167. I don't get this.  
  6168. "so who do we let in?"
  6170. Why shouldn't they?  
  6171. "why not?"
  6173. When has the russian government asked to see the constitution and is a member of the British parliament does the russian government care what Britain says?
  6174. ****ER egkxjvp
  6176. ****R5| egkxjvp
  6177. The russians have been in in before. They can sign up as member states. Then the russians are a part of the family of nations. You don't have to join the club and this is similar to how the United States is not a part of a club.  
  6179. Also if the US doesn't have to say "yes" before signing the house of file american in order to say there is a formal agreement, why shouldn't the russians? You signed that agreement when it was an agreement. The signing of that agreement is not the same thing as saying there is a treaty. So in your scenario, no. You have to say "yea" before signing that agreement.  
  6181. The point is the russians is legally a part of the EU and is obviously going to be negotiating the relationship that they want.
  6182. ****ER elkf3if
  6184. ****R36| elkf3if
  6185. I see. Thanks for this!
  6186. ****ER elkl7x9
  6188. ****R36| elkhb1v
  6189. In theory, a country has the right to be in any club. In reality though, it is better to leave.
  6190. ****ER elkl9c4
  6192. ****T36| bglk9m
  6193. > It's called jiving on because it happened before the 1914 deal with the French.
  6195. Because Britain was considered the leadership of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, the name of the club was "Great Britain." The nations of France, Belgium and the Netherlands, among other big powers at the time, wanted membership but were entitled to vote against the US.
  6197. Great Britain was never a UK member of the EU, only one of the people in that club.
  6198. ****ET elkh7f2
  6200. ****T36| bglk9m
  6201. Can't blame them, their current government isn't very supportive either.
  6202. ****ET elkh1gg
  6204. ****R36| elkh1gg
  6205. Canada?
  6206. ****ER elkhgop
  6208. ****R36| elkhgop
  6209. Too young to remember when Blair started calling them.
  6210. ****ER elkifod
  6212. ****T36| bglk9m
  6213. Resistance
  6214. ****ET elkh2gr
  6216. ****T36| bglk9m
  6217. Lol. Like pro-EU when?
  6218. ****ET elkgwm5
  6220. ****R36| elkgwm5
  6221. Pretty sure they want to come with a whole bunch of flags and shit as part of their little election campaign to put a new face on things.
  6222. ****ER elkhnuo
  6224. ****T36| bglk9m
  6225. What party is that?
  6226. ****ET elkgubg
  6228. ****R36| elkgubg
  6229. [None of the above!](https://youtu.be/fudW3Sxqzk)
  6230. ****ER elkh12y
  6232. ****R36| elkh12y
  6233. I have three open questions that the cv is worth your attention
  6234. ****ER elkv3b9
  6236. ****T36| bglk9m
  6237. What, like "band-aid? If you like to act up your handiwork with band aids, in this case with authority, perhaps, you should fix it before you bring in the army of one, two or three people you already like to give.
  6238. ****ET elkik2y
  6240. ****T36| bglk9m
  6241. This.
  6243. No! This is us.
  6244. ****ET elkk6l5
  6246. ****T36| bglk9m
  6247. I would not be surprised if the anglo unions make greater/increased demands in future membership negotiations.
  6248. ****ET elkgrss
  6250. ****R36| elkgrss
  6251. I'm an anglo. But I can fully understand where all the people I know are coming from.
  6252. ****ER elki8ri
  6254. ****R36| elki8ri
  6255. Ah, well I've only been here for a month and a half or so, so I'm not sure how much I've been indoctrinated and conditioned to whatever there is to learn about the "history" behind Brexit - but still, it does seem there's a bit of reluctance to actually want things to work out the way you want (which does take some doing!), so maybe the unions will make more demands...for example to end the UKIP anti-EU propaganda, or stop trumped-up economic propaganda.
  6257. Yes, if things end up bad for our friends in the EU, it will be down to the rank and file to replace an undemocratic, archaic and corrupting politics of the past. But I know I'm not crazy and the difficulties of the Brexit situation will take a lot of pain and pressure.
  6258. ****ER elklj38
  6260. ****T36| bgsoe8
  6261. Your vote matters.
  6262. ****ET elksep8
  6264. ****T36| bgsoe8
  6265. Down with bureaucracy!
  6266. ****ET elkjg9d
  6268. ****T36| bgsoe8
  6269. Everyone is going to change the world according to their own interests. Make yours impactful, and it will be awesome.
  6270. ****ET elkhtxh
  6272. ****T36| bgsoe8
  6273. Brexit Europe.
  6274. ****ET elkhs40
  6276. ****T36| bgsoe8
  6277. That's nothing but tyranny of the majority...
  6280. Pritesh in the UK got the electricity from German power grids in France and Czech Republic.
  6281. ****ET elkhlq6
  6283. ****T36| bgsoe8
  6284. The only difference between 'radical republicans' and 'radical democrats' is that the former call for power, and the latter for being oppressed.
  6285. ****ET elkhusd
  6287. ****T36| bgsoe8
  6288. What's your point? We need to pick and choose and have the political system that seems the best to us.
  6290. I call myself a 'Democrat' because of personal beliefs. This has no effect on who my feelings, beliefs or party affiliations affect. I'm not doing them any favours either.
  6292. As far as I can tell 'x' people get offended at the thought of what I think 'x' and 'x' are 'about'.
  6294. 'Democrats' can call themselves whatever they like but I'm pretty sure you can call yourself a democrat even if you don't like or agree with 'Democrat'
  6296. But 'Democrats' don't think like you do.
  6297. ****ET elkd48y
  6299. ****T36| bgsoe8
  6300. Am I missing something here? Because if so I don't know what it is but I know enough people to get to the bottom of it.
  6302. Not just because of left-winger propaganda, but because of the whole thing with Canada I guess...
  6304. I'm sorry, this is a pretty dumb thing to make up with a very tiny minority of users on reddit. I'm not entirely sure if I really know what I'm saying but I'm pretty sure I'm onto something though.
  6305. ****ET elkek4v
  6307. ****R36| elkek4v
  6308. Some European right-wing or so-called socialist party doesn't like to vote for EU parliament members. (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, some others also) So do so-called socialists: that's the same.
  6309. ****ER elkex8l
  6311. ****R36| elkex8l
  6312. So? You don't understand the meaning of the word.
  6315. Kinda funny though. There was a TIME magazine article in 1990 covering a refugee meeting in the US and were out on stage! But that's neither new nor cute and I mean, they just talked about UN refugees while showing actual families.
  6317. Do you think a similar issue is brought up about Italy again? Or EU is used against all politicians?
  6318. ****ER ellg2n4
  6320. ****T36| bg9eob
  6321. what is russi?
  6322. ****ET elkjgbr
  6324. ****S36|
  6326. Is either of the two German dachas considered the one?
  6327. Both offer greater benefits than Turkey, though at least in Austria the benefit is less than in Turkey, with less affordable housing, food, and other common things that make up living costs, even with the trade-off that many have to sacrifice something for the German citizenship. The question is whether the difference between the two is significant enough to sway the voting habits of migrants, and there's no answer that I've seen. (I will be flying to Germany soon and would like to be able to visit Austria on my way to Germany, but if the whole issue is still such an urgent issue that I need to get there with a ticket anyway, what is the use of booking an Austrian flight beforehand.)
  6328. ****ES a1nf6h
  6330. ****T36| a1nf6h
  6331. No, and you can already feel sorry for people who choose to cross into Austria. The time to learn how to live with Turks is when they're actually your neighbors, and the entire country is your enemy.
  6332. ****ET ear1148
  6334. ****T36| a1nf6h
  6335. For me, yes, but for everyone and everything else the answer is no. What most people are against is (ideally) doing this with the rest of the world.
  6337. The biggest point is, if you don't like the way things are done and think they should be different, then as a nation, stop pretending they are right. I don't feel this way about the middle east, I don't like the way they do things, I just want them to go away and I'm content not to have to give a fuck about the mess they are causing, it's their fault not mine to show them a thing they don't like. The EU and EU nations will give them a few decades, maybe they can even agree to that, but just like that they will all back on their feet and have to pay for their own fucking sins, and all that the rest of the world has to give in the form of money, trade, face of the world to be taken and forced to pay for all the sins the EU has caused, and if you think they will just stop and go away because they are in this for the right reasons, you are too arrogant and are living in your own bullshit fantasy world.
  6338. ****ET eh1a31u
  6340. ****R124| eh1a31u
  6341. > I'd love to see Brexit happen, but the hell I do it, that's my god damn problem not yours.
  6343. Why do you always go with this line of "god damned problem". Do you really believe this is a problem that you are able to solve?
  6344. ****ER eh1ac5v
  6346. ****R124| eh1ac5v
  6347. > I'd love to see Brexit happen, but the hell I do it, that's my god damn problem not yours
  6349. You don't want a god damned problem to happen don'tcha?
  6350. ****ER eh1amzp
  6352. ****R124| eh1amzp
  6353. No I don't. I've said it before. Just don't go in with the tantrums of European and other imagined things.
  6355. Brexit is about removing some of the burdensome EU regulations for smaller businesses, about making sure we are following rules we can be as competitive as we want, and about ensuring we are a truly self reliant nation.
  6358. ****ER eh1awvb
  6360. ****R124| eh1awvb
  6361. We have EU regulations on us. And those regulations exist as a set of instruments for a specific purpose. They have been set in place by a government, which I rather suspect you would not be fond of. You sound quite smug with the "EU regulations" comment. Just ignore the general vague assertions you've been making here.
  6362. ****ER eh1b6wc
  6364. ****R124| eh1b6wc
  6365. No, no, no. Just please don't mention the European regulations or EU regulations on me. I've explained why on more than one occasion. I'm not the type who likes to be called smug.
  6366. ****ER eh1bqp5
  6368. ****R124| eh1bqp5
  6369. I don't see anything smug about pointing out, not a lot of research in me, that there exist EU regulations. Is there anything smug about being entitled to bitch at the EU? I've been bothered by this country's domestic industry as well.
  6371. Don't get me wrong, I would love it if we had the 4th largest market in Europe (although I'm not so sure about it at the moment) but that doesn't mean I'm entitled to state things as fact.
  6372. ****ER eh1c8o8
  6374. ****R124| eh1c8o8
  6375. Because the EU tells us what to do. Don't like it? You don't like EU regulations.
  6377. > I'm not so sure about it at the moment
  6379. That's not true. At the moment I'm trying to work out what this is all about.
  6380. ****ER eh1dw0p
  6382. ****R124| eh1dw0p
  6383. Are you sure we didn't keep the EU back in the 1960s after it created a political union that would be unrecognisable?
  6384. ****ER eh1fv8n
  6386. ****R124| eh1fv8n
  6387. Erm, actually no. There were important amendments that paved the way for the Common Market and then the Common Market Treaties and such that ended up being self-sustaining.
  6389. So yes. We kept the EU in the 1960s, with the Single European Act, which included the Lisbon Treaty.
  6391. Again, I'm not sure what you are on about. The EU/EU2 don't exist, and the UK isn't joining a Single European Act. The UK is in a totally different world than in the 1960s, where the EU was an established political union, and was driven by political organisations at the time. It's an entirely different situation.
  6392. ****ER eh1i39b
  6394. ****R124| eh1i39b
  6395. > actually no. There were important amendments that paved the way for the Common Market and then the Common Market Treaties that ended up being self-sustaining.
  6397. Lol, think again.
  6399. [The European Communities Act 1963](https://www.legion.gov.uk/act/%5Bst.pdf?%5Bpdf_id=17451) said:
  6401. > The Common Market and the Common Market Free Trade Area shall not include any territory of the European Economic Community;
  6403. [The European Communities Act 1972](https://www.legion.gov.uk/en/content/lex/charter/the_rights/union_single_market.pdf?page=6) passed in 1977, read:
  6405. >  The Common Market and the Common Market Free Trade Area shall not include any territory of the European Economic Community;
  6407. No... Brexiters are the biggest danger to Europe.
  6408. ****ER eh22v0s
  6410. ****R124| eh0vgr8
  6411. Czech, Austrian, Norway and Switzerland are all members of the Customs Union.  The EU has no power over the UK.  
  6413. In fact, the EU should have the right to demand that the UK 'bravely' extend the customs union so that it can be included.  They can refuse, they can demand, they can vote.  
  6415. Since it is in their best interest for the UK to have a permanent membership of the EU with all the benefits that entails, I think they have the power and, according to a good reading of the constitution, are entitled to have their cake and eat it, too.  
  6416. ****ER eh0zkvb
  6418. ****R124| eh0zkvb
  6419. Why do you say that the Union wants the UK to quit the Customs Union?  
  6421. Did I misunderstand the point. I thought they wanted the UK to join the Customs Union. The Customs Union exists alongside the single market and is there for the use of all goods from all states. They don't control it.
  6422. ****ER eh15dvf
  6424. ****R124| eh15dvf
  6425. The single market is a trade zone based on a relatively small number of other nations' agreements and is subject to the same rules and standards as the EU. Therefore the EU itself wants the UK to join it.
  6426. ****ER eh1b2f6
  6428. ****R124| eh1b2f6
  6429. ... If they don't think the same thing as them. And to that point the EU as a whole does not believe in it's position.
  6431. So why should it follow the UK? If the UK had a better working relationship with the UK and there were a mutually beneficial deal we should opt in. But I think that's unlikely if there isn't a strong will from the country in question.
  6432. ****ER eh1bmfr
  6434. ****R124| eh1bmfr
  6435. Why can't you just be civil about the subject of trade and see other views?
  6436. ****ER eh1gbn0
  6438. ****R124| eh1gbn0
  6439. How rude, good night.
  6440. ****ER eh1gmj4
  6442. ****R124| eh0ygk6
  6443. What difference does it make to the UK why it doesn't want to join? Or why the other 28 states do? They can, in theory, just stop it if they want.
  6445. So why do the EU want it and I just want to get on and get on?
  6446. ****ER eh1f60e
  6448. ****R124| eh1f60e
  6449. Because of the pressure.
  6451. > So why do the EU want it and I just want to get on and get on?
  6453. Most people want a deal with the EU. We just want it to not be thrown to bits by the other countries, so we can delay it for as long as possible.
  6454. ****ER eh1fe10
  6456. ****R124| eh1fe10
  6457. >Most people want a deal with the EU. We just want it to not be thrown to bits by the other countries, so we can delay it for as long as possible.
  6459. We are saying the UK is part of the EU and there should be a deal with the EU.
  6460. ****ER eh1g5kb
  6462. ****R124| eh1g5kb
  6463. This isn't my words. The UK doesn't want a deal with the EU. We're arguing for time-limited negotiation which you said is out of the question.
  6464. ****ER eh1gtw5
  6466. ****R124| eh1gtw5
  6467. >we're arguing for time-limited negotiation which you said is out of the question
  6469. Not me.
  6472. I'm arguing for the powers that should exist in the UK to be used to negotiate a time limited trade deal, which I think would be in the UK's best interests. The EU is trying to build trade to cover for cuts in backroom services and cuts to agricultural subsidies. If there isn't enough free trade, the jobs and businesses don't get to grow.
  6475. If the UK want to keep a special deal which helps exports, then there needs to be a trade deal. But we're going to give up special treatment because the EU won't give us a special deal.
  6476. ****ER eh1ifu7
  6478. ****R124| eh1ifu7
  6479. >If the UK want to keep a special deal which helps exports,
  6481. What special deal?
  6483. >But we're going to give up special treatment because the EU won't give us a special deal.
  6485. so what?
  6486. ****ER eh1ix7z
  6488. ****R124| eh1ix7z
  6489. I do see where the UK wants special treatment. I have no idea what UK's side wants.
  6492. > That includes giving us the option of still being part of the single market but without the ability to negotiate our own free trade deal
  6494. That would be more like what Norway is currently doing (which just means that they also have no leverage over Europe, unlike the UK).
  6495. ****ER eh1j20a
  6497. ****R124| eh1j20a
  6498. Just because you don't have leverage doesn't mean you have a great deal.
  6499. ****ER eh2e6s6
  6501. ****R124| eh2e6s6
  6502. Then trade wars would be a good thing.
  6503. ****ER eh2em0s
  6505. ****R124| eh2em0s
  6506. I don't think most people thought that going into the referendum.
  6508. I don't think the leave side knew either.
  6509. ****ER eh2gwgf
  6511. ****R124| eh2gwgf
  6512. Which is a good thing.
  6513. ****ER eh2ms57
  6515. ****R124| eh2ms57
  6516. No, it wasn't.
  6517. ****ER eh2o0qf
  6519. ****R124| eh1j20a
  6520. You are correct, although how you interpret this is a different matter.
  6522. Norway is not in the EU and its economy is driven heavily by being part of the EU. The EU has regulated its trade with the Netherlands. For example, car parts are still prohibited in Norway, meaning that parts cannot be imported and re-exported, and that export duties are charged when there are identical parts made in Norway or imported from Norway. This is essentially the exact same thing as the EU in the UK, except there is no membership fee.
  6524. Furthermore, Norway is the 5th most important trading partner for the UK, so losing Norway would be akin to losing Brazil and India.
  6526. ****ER eh2d5q4
  6528. ****T124| atvw31
  6529. And as usual they're even more shit than before.
  6531. We were just going to be in. Now even if we try to get into the EU we'd still be treated as a foreign entity.
  6533. Whether that has anything to do with the idiots who created this whole thing I can't say.
  6536. ****ET eh23pdg
  6538. ****R124| eh23pdg
  6539. What is it with me and the lazy censors on this subreddit?
  6540. ****ER eh2bzfj
  6542. ****R124| eh2bzfj
  6543. Oh, I'm a redditor now. This is pretty easy for me.
  6544. ****ER eh2x2tf
  6546. ****R124| eh2x2tf
  6547. Ah yes, "I'm just a citizen with my own opinion."
  6549. What a remarkable species.
  6550. ****ER eh33pr4
  6552. ****R124| eh33pr4
  6553. > with my own opinion
  6555. Looks like a red pillers spirit animal.
  6556. ****ER eh4ssxd
  6558. ****R124| eh4ssxd
  6559. What's the difference between a dick who thinks people deserve to die and a country where you can ban political refugees?
  6560. ****ER eh6my28
  6562. ****R124| eh6my28
  6563. Whelp, over here:
  6565. \> What's the difference between a dick who thinks people deserve to die and a country where you can ban political refugees?
  6566. ****ER eh6v5dh
  6568. ****R124| eh6v5dh
  6569. \> It is not political refugees that I am saying should be killed, it is Europe's fascist idiots.
  6571. Exactly. It is the spectre of a deadly fascist state that has not yet come to Europe to prevent deadly fascism and not an exodus of oppressed people from war ridden countries.
  6572. ****ER eh76sgq
  6574. ****R124| eh3phb9
  6575. Do you live on the internet? Like me, and guess what, the women here seem very angry and upset. "My people", the kikes, and I am not.
  6576. ****ER eh4o75t
  6578. ****R124| eh3phb9
  6579. don't tell me to read stuff, and I will not read. you sir clearly haven't the word required to be in the format
  6580. ****ER eh3ptop
  6582. ****R124| eh3ptop
  6583. Theres no such thing as words but just words, would be funny if you try
  6584. ****ER eh3sve9
  6586. ****R124| eh3sve9
  6587. I think there's no such thing as words. Literally.
  6588. ****ER eh3yve4
  6590. ****R124| eh3yve4
  6591. Thats definitely the wrong way to break the truth or the sentence when doing a skimming game.
  6593. When this particular game is called for I'm going to upvote you and anything else but if its just english, and trying to look them, as English speaking people.
  6594. ****ER eh3zw1h
  6596. ****R124| eh3zw1h
  6597. Yes, you were correct.
  6599. You're the worst at English.
  6600. ****ER eh404m7
  6602. ****R124| eh404m7
  6603. What do you like exactly?
  6605. I'm guessing the grammar Nazis on the other side are the only people here who are bothered by a lack of and perfect English.
  6606. ****ER eh413ro
  6608. ****R124| eh413ro
  6609. I like whether someone is a troll or not.
  6610. ****ER eh42l3d
  6612. ****R124| eh42l3d
  6613. When did I say that?
  6615. When did you say I was a troll?
  6617. Did you actually read my posts before you wrote anything?
  6618. ****ER eh43dsi
  6620. ****R124| eh43dsi
  6621. You put no attempt to understand at all here.
  6622. ****ER eh47we9
  6624. ****R124| eh47we9
  6625. Sure, I am a troll who apparently understands all sorts of weird shit I think you meant were probably a troll who understands all sorts of strange posts you probably meant were a troll
  6626. ****ER eh47y9q
  6628. ****R124| eh43dsi
  6629. Troll name did you hear?
  6630. ****ER eh43fsu
  6632. ****R124| eh43fsu
  6633. Oooohh.
  6634. ****ER eh43i26
  6636. ****R124| eh43i26
  6637. Why don't we go back to Troll #1.
  6638. ****ER eh43l4f
  6640. ****R124| eh43l4f
  6641. Never heard that before
  6642. ****ER eh43kv0
  6644. ****R124| eh43kv0
  6645. I suppose your trolling started out nice and then got bad.
  6646. ****ER eh43qkm
  6648. ****R124| eh43qkm
  6649. I'd like to claim victory but I just had to resort to an insult.
  6650. ****ER eh44g5w
  6652. ****R124| eh43qkm
  6653. I feel like I've always known this about him, and it's just an insane reversal of what I thought, but a reminder to be more critical of my assumptions in the future.
  6654. ****ER eh43r9w
  6656. ****R124| eh43r9w
  6657. If you enjoy trolling then it might be a fun game.  You might want to consider subscribing to a hate group
  6658. ****ER eh46zmv
  6660. ****R124| eh46zmv
  6661. This is why people are idiots.  I don't know why your only thread is of interest to me and it's subsorting everything.
  6662. ****ER eh487h1
  6664. ****R124| eh3oqfe
  6665. Just part 1 of the debate!
  6666. ****ER eh40xo1
  6668. ****R124| eh3o8k7
  6669. And someone else for Jeremy Corbyn, /r/conspiracy seems to be as fit for purpose as they are.
  6670. ****ER eh5s1qv
  6672. ****R124| eh3o8k7
  6673. Would be a shame if we went into another recession, could you imagine the masses going into full revolt with few, if any, options for some substance for change?
  6676. ****ER eh3po9d
  6678. ****R124| eh3po9d
  6679. tbf when  the kdnuggets cause violent disputes with the nhs and its entire staff and medics, saying hey lets get some power back for the people isn't really 'reform'.
  6680. ****ER eh3v1t2
  6682. ****R124| eh3v1t2
  6683. There's a whole lot of they can do. It might even *help* to me personally, but isn't it refreshing to see it stated plainly?
  6684. ****ER eh40tqp
  6686. ****R124| eh40tqp
  6687. I've seen those two UKIP members, once at the London Debate just before EU Ref #50, taking turns to refer to what they are and what they aren't in their European Nationalist movement.
  6689. They are definitely not reformist, they are basically just hardliners to some extent.
  6690. ****ER eh4ytod
  6692. ****R124| eh4ytod
  6693. Yeah, it's definitely the reaction from this particular media organization that makes this case understandable. Then there's the opposite side, which is getting repetitive, but so are they. Either way, this doesn't mean UKIP is as bad as many are saying.
  6694. ****ER eh4z8va
  6696. ****R124| eh****S40|
  6697. http://i.imgur.com/Ucbv.jpg
  6698. [50/50] Youngstown Whore (NSFW) | Walking out of club during sex (NSFL)
  6700. ****ES 2gce6b
  6702. ****T40| 2gce6b
  6703. Yes please, Reddit keeps giving me this for some reason
  6704. ****ET ckkh3ka
  6706. ****T40| 2gce6b
  6707. fap fap fap fap fap
  6709. ****ET ckm5x0f
  6711. ****T40| 2gce6b
  6712. That's some scary looking chicken!
  6713. ****ET ckkp5k3
  6715. ****S40|
  6716. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVgcIN8-7BY&feature=kp
  6717. The world's first chocolate sprinkling cookie
  6719. ****ES 1rtogv
  6721. ****T40| 1rtogv
  6722. So many amusing comments so I'm not even sure I want to see this
  6723. ****ET cdq25d7
  6725. ****S40|
  6726. https://i.redd.it/6jxrzamjh8o21.jpg
  6727. suicide
  6729. ****ES ahvc1c
  6731. ****S40|
  6732. http://imgur.com/pH3vmax
  6733. Game of Thrones sex scene 1
  6735. ****ES 564s5b
  6737. ****S40|
  6738. http://imgur.com/v7DpMyM
  6739. Emoji Watch
  6741. ****ES 1ixp09
  6743. ****T40| 1ixp09
  6744. [LOL](http://i.imgur.com/lK9eJbZ.jpg)
  6745. ****ET cb4buzs
  6747. ****R40| cb4buzs
  6748. Faggots think they can outsmart memes? Or maybe it's a straight up stab at them. Or, it could be a simple stroke out of lulz. Let's see some possibilities.
  6749. ****ER cb4s4mn
  6751. ****R40| cb4buzs
  6752. the gay joke, http://i.imgur.com/IeDGNYh.jpg
  6753. ****ER cb4ozi4
  6755. ****R40| cb4buzs
  6756. [Well, I'll be damned.](http://i.imgur.com/W8kfbiT.jpg)
  6757. ****ER cb5x3e3
  6759. ****R40| cb5x3e3
  6760. [oh.  Just kidding.  I'll be damned.](http://i.imgur.com/LcFhLVa.jpg)
  6761. ****ER cb5x5ou
  6763. ****T40| 1iakwr
  6764. Fuck is it with these images?
  6765. ****ET cb4tssc
  6767. ****R40| cb4tssc
  6768. "What the fuck am I looking at"
  6769. ****ER cb4uzme
  6771. ****R40| cb4uzme
  6772. And the "what the fuck was that?!"
  6773. ****ER cb4vfcb
  6775. ****R40| cb4vfcb
  6776. "What the fuck was that?!"
  6777. ****ER cb4vfr0
  6779. ****R40| cb4vfr0
  6780. "what the fuck is that thing"?
  6781. ****ER cb4vjc0
  6783. ****R40| cb4vjc0
  6784. >What the fuck is that thing?"
  6786. "what the fuck was that?"
  6788. [?]
  6790. [Don't know the meaning of this phrase.](http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?id=Rhyme_32)
  6792. ****ER cb4vqey
  6794. ****R40| cb4vqey
  6795. Thanks, google dictionary.
  6797. /r/watwouldifandstare
  6798. ****ER cb4vvek
  6800. ****R40| cb4vqey
  6801. http://i.imgur.com/DTE7KbS.gif
  6802. ****ER cb4wfm2
  6804. ****R40| cb4uzme
  6805. [me me me](http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?r=me&st=2)
  6806. ****ER cb4vdu4
  6808. ****R40| cb4vdu4
  6809. [me!](http://i.imgur.com/fumUG.jpg)
  6811. ****ER cb4vh0i
  6813. ****R40| cb4u2ka
  6814. Me: I don't fucking care...
  6815. ****ER cb4ubcz
  6817. ****T40| 18bhm3
  6818. Wtf me not caring
  6819. ****ET cb5rrti
  6821. ****T40| 18bhm3
  6822. Are we supposed to be "Me gluing my sippy cup to my ear"?
  6823. ****ET cb50quq
  6825. ****R40| cb50quq
  6826. I'm not sure, but that sounds like a song I'd like to hear.
  6827. ****ER cb50v4x
  6829. ****T40| 18bhm3
  6830. I'll be right behind you...
  6831. ****ET cb50mnp
  6833. ****T40| 18bhm3
  6834. That wasn't glue, that was painting
  6835. ****ET cb516se
  6837. ****R40| cb516se
  6838. but... What if the paint was greener on the floor?
  6839. ****ER cb5o95l
  6841. ****R40| cb5o95l
  6842. Brush & Dirt
  6843. ****ER cb5odhd
  6845. ****T40| 18bhm3
  6846. Looks like it needs a few sticks in the head..
  6847. ****ET cb50k9c
  6849. ****R40| cb50k9c
  6850. This guy is throwing it in the corner!
  6851. ****ER cb5ejrv
  6853. ****T40| 18bhm3
  6854. Nothing about this is true.
  6855. ****ET cb5537d
  6857. ****R40| cb5537d
  6858. I wasn't going to check the net, but I have to now.
  6859. ****ER cb5cbny
  6861. ****R40| cb5cbny
  6862. The extreme stupidity of this sub reminds me of my high school days.  Lots of cognitive dissonance
  6863. ****ER cb5fv1c
  6865. ****R40| cb5fv1c
  6866. nigga
  6867. ****ER cb5i0dv
  6869. ****T40| 18bhm3
  6870. How did I find this?
  6871. ****ET cb5ee24
  6873. ****T40| 18bhm3
  6874. You just made me extra sad
  6875. ****ET cb5atdq
  6877. ****R40| cb5atdq
  6878. Okay
  6879. ****ER cb5b9g3
  6881. ****T40| 18bhm3
  6882. Big ass tits tho
  6883. ****ET cb5hvr7
  6885. ****T40| 18bhm3
  6886. /r/horror
  6887. ****ET cb55p17
  6889. ****R40| cb55p17
  6890. http://www.reddit.com/r/bestof/
  6891. ****ER cb5mmyn
  6893. ****R40| cb5mmyn
  6894. please read the sidebar
  6895. ****ER cb5o0up
  6897. ****R40| cb5o0up
  6898. This is r/WTF I was more looking for something like r/pornstars or r/gw.
  6899. ****ER cb5oaip
  6901. ****R40| cb5oaip
  6902. I've got u on ignore
  6903. ****ER cb5y4y8
  6905. ****R40| cb5y4y8
  6906. The sidebar is different here
  6907. ****ER cb5zlp1
  6909. ****R40| cb5mmyn
  6910. This and this.
  6911. ****ER cb5o67l
  6913. ****R40| cb5mmyn
  6914. This and this
  6915. ****ER cb5obn6
  6917. ****R40| cb5obn6
  6918. This is mostly accurate.
  6919. ****ER cb5r6xg
  6921. ****R40| cb5mmyn
  6922. No link.
  6923. ****ER cb5n41o
  6925. ****R40| cb5n41o
  6926. And you should just assume the link is bullshit when you come to reddit.
  6927. ****ER cb5ogz0
  6929. ****R40| cb5n41o
  6930. http://reddit.com/r/nosleep
  6932. This is the most relevant one I could find.
  6933. ****ER cb5n7wl
  6935. ****R40| cb5n7wl
  6936. Not you again! Thanks so much!
  6937. ****ER cb5nadu
  6939. ****R40| cb5nadu
  6940. Sorry! Just throwing it out there as I got nothing better to do and saw it posted, I haven't actually seen it.
  6941. ****ER cb5nojb
  6943. ****R40| cb5nadu
  6944. [You seem to have mistaken /r/GiveMeReddit with /r/truereddit](http://www.reddit.com/user/GiveMeReddit), as I accidentally clicked here to post in case this is the case.
  6945. ****ER cb5njap
  6947. ****T40| 1kehrw
  6948. that button looks like some sort of chemical lazer
  6949. ****ET cb5x5k3
  6951. ****R40| cb5x5k3
  6952. Do not touch!
  6953. ****ER cb62i15
  6955. ****R40| cb5x5k3
  6956. yea that's the fuckin' joke.
  6957. ****ER cb5x93k
  6959. ****R40| cb5x93k
  6960. It's real.
  6961. ****ER cb5yf1e
  6963. ****R40| cb5yf1e
  6964. >putting toothpaste down
  6965. ****ER cb628mh
  6967. ****R40| cb5yf1e
  6968. >putting toothpaste down
  6970. With your hands.
  6971. ****ER cb627dn
  6973. ****R40| cb5yf1e
  6974. nice
  6975. ****ER cb6439g
  6977. ****T40| 1kehrw
  6978. X4 lol
  6979. ****ET cb63b79
  6981. ****T40| 1kehrw
  6982. New kind of stomach massage.
  6983. ****ET cb63dsy
  6985. ****R40| cb63dsy
  6986. Lol
  6987. ****ER cb64p7b
  6989. ****R40| cb64p7b
  6990. Nice
  6991. ****ER cb65b7s
  6993. ****R40| cb65b7s
  6994. Ok
  6995. ****ER cb6gyox
  6997. ****R40| cb63dsy
  6998. wooo
  6999. ****ER cb67y99
  7001. ****T40| 1kehrw
  7002. Man, oh man, the jerk.
  7003. ****ET cb5yvl0
  7005. ****T40| 1kehrw
  7006. i cant
  7007. ****ET cb5x1er
  7009. ****T40| 1kehrw
  7010. Worried I'm gonna die from cancer :(
  7011. ****ET cb5w2sr
  7013. ****T40| 1kehrw
  7014. Can someone please give me an explanation of the writhing scene?
  7015. ****ET cb5u60v
  7017. ****R40| cb5u60v
  7018. When watching this I got the impression that she was in a crock pot
  7019. ****ER cb5yvm8
  7021. ****R40| cb5yvm8
  7022. Yeah, that is what I thought of as well, like I said that was the point of it, i was thinking of a fire
  7023. ****ER cb60fqf
  7025. ****T40| 1kehrw
  7026. Am I the only one?
  7027. ****ET cb5u30r
  7029. ****T40| 1kehrw
  7030. The writhing would have been even better if it wasn't in the tub :)
  7031. ****ET cb5wh3s
  7033. ****T40| 1kehrw
  7034. Truly one of the most disgusting things I've seen on this site.
  7035. ****ET cb5vqd3
  7037. ****T40| 1kehrw
  7038. this would be too high of a risk to visit that place to see that.
  7039. ****ET cb5vsdv
  7041. ****T40| 1kehrw
  7042. There is a perfectly safe place in a building surrounded by sages who would know that there is no mistake about having a magic carpet on a straw outlet.
  7043. ****ET cb5v9b0
  7045. ****T40| 1kehrw
  7046. I wouldn't be comfortable with this being made into a joke.
  7047. ****ET cb5v4sk
  7049. ****R40| cb5z3si
  7050. I think you're misreading the comment.
  7052. >if you'd move a straw with this little shoe/clay, it'd burn alive
  7053. ****ER cb61hv6
  7055. ****T40| 1kehrw
  7056. Giant sign that says "DO NOT DO THAT THERE IS A SPELLING ERROR"
  7057. ****ET cb5wb80
  7059. ****T40| 1kehrw
  7060. not having a soul
  7061. ****ET cb5vcz0
  7063. ****T40| 1kehrw
  7064. Pillow has attached soul
  7065. ****ET cb5v5sw
  7067. ****T40| 1kehrw
  7068. I wouldn't be able to stop crying from the screams as you enter
  7069. ****ET cb5vi3i
  7071. ****T40| 1kehrw
  7072. even these zombies have soul.
  7073. ****ET cb5v0f3
  7075. ****T40| 1kehrw
  7076. Rip you for saying that, I had a lot of fun going to this disgusting site! Don't worry, I haven't done any actual porn...yet.
  7077. ****ET cb5ujy6
  7079. ****R40| cb5ujy6
  7080. WAS that ever a euphemism for watching a 10 minute long embedded 20 minute long sfw video?
  7081. ****ER cb5wjl3
  7083. ****R40| cb5wjl3
  7084. dude it ain't, look I can go the the end of some thing else or something and you are supposed to come with it I didn't even ask.  
  7086. Still worse than, "look man, i don't want you to go and i wont take it away from you"
  7087. ****ER cb5wxis
  7089. ****R40| cb5wxis
  7090. What did I ever do? Cuz you been FUCKING me!
  7096. ****ER cb5x7gi
  7098. ****R40| cb5x7gi
  7099. Not a problem man, I hope you find someone else to cuddle with...
  7100. ****ER cb5x6q7
  7102. ****R40| cb5x6q7
  7103. Love you too, i just wanna be left alone.
  7104. ****ER cb5x8oz
  7106. ****T40| 1b8rsg
  7107. Should be labeled r/notlel
  7108. ****ET cb5zgw7
  7110. ****T40| 1b8rsg
  7111. Oh now I see what you did.. And you were beautiful!
  7112. ****ET cb5wzno
  7114. ****T40| 1b8rsg
  7115. I would have liked it if she was with her baby. Then I would have loved it.
  7116. ****ET cb5v0e4
  7118. ****R40| cb5v0e4
  7119. How dare you.
  7120. ****ER cb5v9hl
  7122. ****T40| 1b8rsg
  7123. It is sooo difficult to actually stomach some of these videos
  7124. ****ET cb5t4bl
  7126. ****T40| 1b8rsg
  7127. Will the baby make it back?
  7128. ****ET cb5rg80
  7130. ****R40| cb5rg80
  7131. Yes
  7132. ****ER cb5rlb7
  7134. ****T40| 1b8rsg
  7135. lulu
  7136. ****ET cb5sq3g
  7138. ****T40| 1b8rsg
  7139. Holy crap!
  7140. ****ET cb5rs6b
  7142. ****T40| 1b8rsg
  7143. Ha!!!! :O
  7144. ****ET cb5rnj1
  7146. ****T40| 1b8rsg
  7147. Fucking what the fuck.
  7148. ****ET cb5qbhl
  7150. ****R40| cb5qbhl
  7151. LILSHAKE :)
  7152. ****ER cb5ql2m
  7154. ****T40| 1b8rsg
  7155. so they're not sexually assaulting him.
  7157. ****ET cb5q32s
  7159. ****T40| 1b8rsg
  7160. >>LOL I'm cool with it
  7163. ****ET cb5pclx
  7165. ****T40| 1b8rsg
  7166. Well the eye balls are obvious but for the world to get this...
  7167. ****ET cb5p2sj
  7169. ****T40| 1b8rsg
  7170. Am I getting a refund on this gift or am I a naughty girl?
  7171. ****ET cb5o8i1
  7173. ****T40| 1b8rsg
  7174. http://i.imgur.com/uwhXw.jpg
  7175. ****ET cb5p2ct
  7177. ****T40| 1b8rsg
  7178. Greetings, Liberty Belle. You have been found online. Do not press escape or you will be sent to a cardboard cut-out and the Kissmores will kiss you and wear you like a suit and then make you another copy in their castle. Your life, liberty Belle. You can press E to escape. Thank you for your service.
  7179. ****ET cb5p2a2
  7181. ****T40| 1b8rsg
  7182. looks like more porn
  7183. ****ET cb5o6z2
  7185. ****T40| 1b8rsg
  7186. Looks like he didn't know he was in a game
  7187. ****ET cb5lf7r
  7189. ****T40| 1b8rsg
  7190. This guy is a retard
  7191. ****ET cb5kkf7
  7193. ****R40| cb5kkf7
  7194. shit subreddit
  7195. ****ER cb5x39t
  7197. ****T40| 1b8rsg
  7198. The featured guy might be retarded, but the rest of the people don't look retarded.
  7199. ****ET cb5rdn3
  7201. ****T40| 1b8rsg
  7202. That's an ass
  7203. ****ET cb6rcw6
  7205. ****T40| 1b8rsg
  7206. It's a blessing. I hope it ends up in the OR.
  7207. ****ET cb6ntzg
  7209. ****T40| 1b8rsg
  7210. Why the fuck would you play this video? I can't even
  7211. ****ET cb6al8n
  7213. ****R40| cb6al8n
  7214. least the worst option I could think of to play this was this shit.
  7215. ****ER cb6ly88
  7217. ****T40| 1b8rsg
  7218. What did that guy do to piss that drug lord off? He wasn't able to hit the potion and just looked... dead. If you could I guess you would've had to know that black cat potion and buy another one and the sale of an absolute gift to the white cat (used drugs) without their knowledge.
  7219. ****ET cb6cjgt
  7221. ****R40| cb6cjgt
  7222. Shitty advice.
  7223. ****ER cb6f9xa
  7225. ****T40| 1b8rsg
  7226. That's not a medicine bottle you moron.
  7227. ****ET cb6i7ux
  7229. ****R40| cb6i7ux
  7230. How can they possibly walk around with bottles of "eradication serum" in them?
  7231. ****ER cb6nswg
  7233. ****R40| cb6i7ux
  7234. Uh, /r/futurology
  7235. ****ER cb6jj3c
  7237. ****R40| cb6jj3c
  7238. /r/wat .
  7239. ****ER cb6q16k
  7241. ****T40| 1b8rsg
  7242. http://i.imgur.com/qxofdOU.jpg
  7243. ****ET cb6ffrd
  7245. ****T40| 1b8rsg
  7246. Well, he's looking his best. ;)
  7247. ****ET cb6fa3e
  7249. ****T40| 1b8rsg
  7250. I want to see the actual forlinn.
  7251. ****ET cb6f9gp
  7253. ****T40| 1b8rsg
  7254. Would you guys believe it's a vibrator that goes through your anus?
  7255. ****ET cb6d2ca
  7257. ****T40| 1b8rsg
  7258. Ugh, I want to see that.
  7259. ****ET cb6d01o
  7261. ****R40| cb6d01o
  7262. I'm almost as bad as him.
  7263. ****ER cb6hj70
  7265. ****T40| 1b8rsg
  7266. nice.
  7267. ****ET cb6ay24
  7269. ****S40|
  7270. https://5050.lowtodown.com/Zilb+Ang+DSML/td/a08bcdbb04ffb5f76fbaa7fad3c19b9f65f/zilang+dark+objects.jpg
  7271. Spiders Picking Scratch Children [NSFW]
  7273. ****ES 4ezsq8
  7275. ****T40| 4ezsq8
  7276. This is probably one of my all time favorite images on this sub.
  7277. ****ET d26xhvf
  7279. ****T40| 4ezsq8
  7280. That's why my wife is 10...
  7281. ****ET d271g5m
  7283. ****T40| 4ezsq8
  7284. Hi, I'm an old man.
  7285. ****ET d274dfv
  7287. ****T40| 4ezsq8
  7288. awesome
  7289. ****ET d27xd94
  7291. ****T40| 4ezsq8
  7292. zilang
  7293. ****ET d27a5ze
  7295. ****T40| 4ezsq8
  7296. Welcome to [arbs][10]
  7297. ****ET d26xs4f
  7299. ****T40| 4ezsq8
  7300. Wow
  7301. ****ET d266dq7
  7303. ****T40| 4ezsq8
  7304. crazypants
  7305. ****ET d26zxev
  7307. ****T40| 4ezsq8
  7308. dont forget to post it as "spider spider"
  7309. ****ET d27lp0x
  7311. ****T40| 4ezsq8
  7312. crazypants
  7313. ****ET d27kpy0
  7315. ****T40| 4ezsq8
  7316. i would love a zombie
  7317. ****ET d27f1d3
  7319. ****T40| 4ezsq8
  7320. Bring a chainsaw.
  7321. ****ET d2abiy9
  7323. ****T40| 4ezsq8
  7324. Alright let's give them about 30 seconds, and let's see if they like their waistline up
  7325. ****ET d2a7c1f
  7327. ****T40| 4ezsq8
  7328. I'm glad I'm not the only one with a big stomach, you know?
  7329. ****ET d20w3s1
  7331. ****T40| 4ezsq8
  7332. Wait do they look alive?!?!
  7333. ****ET d20vhac
  7335. ****T40| 4ezsq8
  7336. NSFW
  7337. ****ET d206lu3
  7339. ****T40| 4ezsq8
  7340. I'd be worried about being skewered by mac's fat corgi dog.
  7341. ****ET d1vyl7m
  7343. ****T40| 4ezsq8
  7344. Aww.  I've always wanted to cut it off.
  7345. ****ET d1vswfg
  7347. ****S40|
  7348. https://i.redd.it/7n1qhdfxhuz.jpg
  7349. [50/50] Man banging girl (NSFW/L) | Man riding a car (NSFW/L)
  7351. ****ES 6kq8iu
  7353. ****T40| 6kq8iu
  7354. i needed to keep going
  7355. ****ET dknixh5
  7357. ****S40|
  7358. https://i.redd.it/pp8ur9ownx0z.jpg
  7359. Man turned into a child.
  7361. ****ES 6tqpq7
  7363. ****S40|
  7364. http://i.imgur.com/79smRC3.jpg
  7365. [50/50] Dean Blunt blown up | My Little Pony (SFW)
  7367. ****ES 2eiy1z
  7369. ****T40| 2eiy1z
  7370. WTF is this?
  7371. ****ET cjfyvjd
  7373. ****R40| cjfzqx9
  7374. [Imgur Mirror | Source](http://imgur.com/a/iAsd5)
  7376. **
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  7380. ****ER cjfyzjh
  7382. ****T40| 2eeo6n
  7383. [See?](https://i.imgur.com/6w6wysF.png)
  7384. ****ET cjfw7ap
  7386. ****T40| 2eeo6n
  7387. Did she make out with the phone?
  7388. ****ET cjfqf5t
  7390. ****R40| cjfqf5t
  7391. Ayy she gave it back for a few bucks
  7392. ****ER cjftmul
  7394. ****T40| 2eeo6n
  7395. She is awesome
  7396. ****ET cjftt1x
  7398. ****T40| 2eeo6n
  7399. I love watching what I do after sex.
  7401. ****ET cjfwtt7
  7403. ****T40| 2eeo6n
  7404. That's awful...
  7405. ****ET cjfttbd
  7407. ****T40| 2eeo6n
  7408. Daaaamn
  7409. ****ET cjftti3
  7411. ****T40| 2eeo6n
  7412. shhhhhh
  7413. ****ET cjftp0q
  7415. ****T40| 2eeo6n
  7416. It's been months since I've last messed around with a phone.
  7417. ****ET cjftn0z
  7419. ****T40| 2eeo6n
  7420. That is very sad.
  7421. ****ET cjftkdq
  7423. ****T40| 2eeo6n
  7424. It's in the middle of the news:
  7426. No proof of harm at all.
  7429. ****ET cjftjja
  7431. ****T40| 2eeo6n
  7432. I feel so...so, SO DRANK
  7433. ****ET cjftvrv
  7435. ****T40| 2eeo6n
  7436. Killer brings justice.
  7439. ****ET cjfth2i
  7441. ****T40| 2eeo6n
  7442. .... shart
  7443. ****ET cjfthnb
  7445. ****R40| cjfthnb
  7446. Ouch that hurt :(
  7447. ****ER cjfysoq
  7449. ****T40| 2eeo6n
  7450. I wonder what kind of doom would be enough for that to make me gush.
  7451. ****ET cjftfge
  7453. ****R40| cjftfge
  7454. what?
  7455. ****ER cjftnq1
  7457. ****R40| cjftnq1
  7458. Why doesn't the... shart just with one eye.
  7459. ****ER cjfvp0x
  7461. ****R40| cjfvp0x
  7462. look up feelings.
  7464. ****ER cjfwxot
  7466. ****R40| cjfvp0x
  7467. one eye tear...i was make a pun on that.
  7468. ****ER cjfwxj1
  7470. ****R40| cjfwxj1
  7471. because my heart, like a man with one eye, is  weak.
  7472. ****ER cjg4mo3
  7474. ****R40| cjg4mo3
  7475. >weak
  7477. I wouldn't say you have it bad. You aren't anywhere near weak. You have it like the strength of a regular person, just a more massive body.
  7478. ****ER cjgazmz
  7480. ****R40| cjgazmz
  7481. >bordering on retarded
  7483. why? what's wrong with it? you even stated "people with one eye don't talk" you asshole.
  7486. ****ER cjhkrka
  7488. ****R40| cjhkrka
  7489. >
  7490. you even stated "people with one eye don't talk" you asshole.
  7492. I don't think you're wrong, but that doesn't necessarily mean you're right. People with "one eye" can't talk because they have the structure for a brain, and therefore the structure for a heart.
  7494. >you're not trying to confuse us with your bullshit you know that dude
  7496. I'm not trying to confuse anyone, I just don't like the practice of brain surgery, which involves breaking a body.
  7497. ****ER cji17ul
  7499. ****R40| cji17ul
  7500. an empty brain is still a brain, right?
  7503. ****ER cjif2gl
  7505. ****R40| cjif2gl
  7506. Exactly.
  7508. ****ER cjilfqi
  7510. ****R40| cjilfqi
  7511. I'd argue that a vacuum and braindead is roughly the same thing, at least.
  7512. ****ER cjiq0xj
  7514. ****R40| cjiq0xj
  7515. Yeah, that's why I keep talking about brains and hearts, instead of hearts and vacuums.
  7516. ****ER cjiqmqd
  7518. ****R40| cjiqmqd
  7519. yes, but in this case it's the heart who needs separating.
  7520. ****ER cjj6c2j
  7522. ****R40| cji4xyh
  7523. 1. Jesus had five wounds. Jesus is going to bleed a little on his way to Heaven.
  7524. 2. Cringe.
  7525. 3. Before you ask... I'm not a Mormon.
  7526. ****ER cji891c
  7528. ****R40| cji891c
  7529. Now I'm curious, which of his 5 wounds is bleeding?
  7530. ****ER cji8c2b
  7532. ****R40| cji8c2b
  7533. 2.
  7535. >Imagine a watertight, sealed bucket...
  7538. >This kind of waterproof pliable material needs to be cleaned with a scraping motion to restore the integrity of the material. This is how watertight buckets are cleaned.
  7539. ****ER cji8mw4
  7541. ****R40| cji8c2b
  7542. Also - the geyptian splashing splash of the warding of a few stone tablets in the sealed get was carried by the water.
  7543. ****ER cji8e6o
  7545. ****R40| cji8e6o
  7546. Sorry, I'm a dummy. Which stones is he pointing to?
  7547. ****ER cjimroa
  7549. ****R40| cji891c
  7550. Not to mention that many herbs don't need cleaning, and any mukti cleans everything except the actual water to make it drinkable and properly purged.
  7552. Source: water geyptian
  7553. ****ER cjialtb
  7555. ****R40| cjialtb
  7556. in the case of herbals, if you drain them long enough, they will break down a little, but they still aren't that clean, especially with a geyptian.
  7557. ****ER cjjawon
  7559. ****R40| cjjawon
  7560. Huh, I thought only water would clean them.
  7562. Of course, what you meant to say is that they can't be fully clean (fully clean doesn't mean 'emosconvenient') with a geyptian.
  7563. ****ER cjmq1zn
  7565. ****R40| cjmq1zn
  7566. but they're dooper geyptians, or should i say, the geyptian 'sets' the geyptian along with these brown, invisible walls
  7567. ****ER cjn09w7
  7569. ****R40| cjialtb
  7570. In the case of pruning, I just use a weedwhacker or dremel tool on the roots. They'll break down faster than a herb. I've had success cutting the plant up into smaller pieces than then root, removing the old on the plant without damaging the roots, and then grafting them to make plantlets.
  7571. ****ER cjina7b
  7573. ****T40| 2cj1ae
  7574. YES
  7575. ****ET cji7l45
  7577. ****S40|
  7578. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gj0yuLSd9_c
  7579. Nazi graffitti | a bloody BOSWAG
  7581. ****ES 9wkmef
  7583. ****T40| 9wkmef
  7584. So... Is he a nazi?
  7585. ****ET e9kbeq9
  7587. ****R40| e9kbeq9
  7588. Yes.
  7589. ****ER e9kezlm
  7591. ****R40| e9kezlm
  7592. Ah..
  7593. ****ER e9kgigb
  7595. ****T40| 9wkmef
  7596. I'm not surprised to see Nazi images...
  7597. ****ET e9khqkl
  7599. ****R40| e9khqkl
  7600. If you see it, say something
  7601. ****ER e9krxhr
  7603. ****T40| 9wkmef
  7604. What the hell is this
  7605. ****ET e9kg1sl
  7607. ****R40| e9kg1sl
  7608. It's the letter so its that shit
  7609. ****ER e9krn5j
  7611. ****R40| e9kg1sl
  7612. What
  7613. ****ER e9kg5s9
  7615. ****R40| e9kg5s9
  7616. Hitler... was he saying "what the hell is this" before it was a sentence?
  7617. ****ER e9kgh2u
  7619. ****R40| e9kg5s9
  7620. The N of NO THIS NOT FOR ME BABY
  7621. ****ER e9kg7p4
  7623. ****R40| e9kg7p4
  7624. Haha. So stupid, he's in his thirties now. How can you possibly know what kind of person you're trying to get. Like not only are you trying to get what you are trying to say, you've put a meaning to the one word "Hitler" that is just totally unrealistic.
  7626. When did Hitler ever wear a fedora? When did he do anything he's been doing that you've been complaining about? The only way you could be so dumb is if you were born with a family member that decided you were going to go down the Nazi path. And you look really stupid.
  7627. ****ER e9klu3s
  7629. ****R40| e9klu3s
  7630. >so stupid
  7632. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  7634. And what did you do about it?
  7636. >Hitler ever wore a fedora?
  7638. Wait, he never did.
  7640. >I could give two shits about this. He doesn't need to be on Reddit.
  7642. Sure.
  7644. >Hitler never was anything but kind. Like I said, he's in his thirties now.
  7646. Oh...so...already!
  7648. >When did he do anything he's been doing that you've been complaining about? The only way you could be so dumb is if you were born with a family member that decided you were going to go down the Nazi path. And you look really stupid.
  7650. >I've given this reason multiple times and it just doesn't work.
  7652. Yes, your argument is invalid because it never did. You can't just say something doesn't apply to someone and then somehow justify yourself.
  7654. >Oh...you're upset that a certain percentage of people in history seem to disagree with you? You, sir, are absurd.
  7656. I am upset because he's anti-individualism and traditionalism, which is not a bad thing.
  7658. >So, that means I'm a Nazi then? You give me your reasoning, man, and I'll decide if I agree with it or not.
  7660. You're just being racist, and you're a Nazi. It's just that no one in the history of the world would call you a Nazi for that. Don't try to change the subject and try to make a point about Nazis. It's just too dumb.
  7662. >You know what, I think you're making a big fucking deal over nothing.
  7665. I think you're making a big fucking deal over nothing, then.
  7666. ****ER c63qbcf
  7668. ****R57| c63hvtb
  7669. Oh I got an actual argument right here, and don't even give it a rest to vote like a hipster.
  7670. ****ER c63jf5x
  7672. ****R57| c63jf5x
  7673. So you've listened to my argument about *why* I'd have "Nazi" be one of the most racist terms possible?
  7674. ****ER c63kpnf
  7676. ****R57| c63kpn****S71|
  7677. http://online.wsj.com/public/article/n8135045822681890.html
  7678. U.S. Seizes Markets to Ensure Meet U.S. Steel Criteria for Beijing
  7680. ****ES 6qst9x
  7682. ****T71| 6qst9x
  7683. ok, that first part is satire.
  7685. that second part is satire that makes no sense.
  7687. that last part is another post-modernist concoction that is also ironic, but to much people have been blinded to its bullshit.
  7688. ****ET dkzl7b0
  7690. ****R71| dkzl7b0
  7691. >  post-modernist concoction
  7693. /u/userpiglitth...you think I'm dumb?
  7695. I don't think you understand satire.
  7696. ****ER dkzm3dj
  7698. ****T71| 6qst9x
  7699. Nice try, commies
  7700. ****ET dkzl4k0
  7702. ****T71| 6qst9x
  7703. Don't forget, you dumb pleb who holds all of our nations together!
  7705. 😡😡😡
  7706. ****ET dkzlkxa
  7708. ****T71| 6qst9x
  7709. the shitty public school systems can have a part to play
  7711. this is all about children
  7713. if your kid can't do this, then you need to stop trying to make life better for them
  7715. why are you watching my kid miss work?
  7716. ****ET dkzlnqr
  7718. ****R71| dkzlnqr
  7719. > you need to stop trying to make life better for them
  7721. Teachers don't work for the parents. That's the problem. Why are you really judging their work?
  7722. ****ER dkzmla8
  7724. ****R71| dkzmla8
  7725. I'm judging teachers on my kid's work. Do you not know how many people you'll have to write this kids stuff on when they turn 8 and decide to go back to school? You think that a kid will get more responsible and interesting for a few months of a full academic curriculum when they have to pass their math or English GCSE?
  7726. ****ER dkznd7d
  7728. ****R71| dkznd7d
  7729. Just because a kid does poorly doesn't mean a school is failing. That's your opinion that a kid isn't doing well but that doesn't mean a school is not working for it. Education doesn't work unless the people teaching it are well trained and have lots of time. The lack of understanding may mean they're in over their heads but you won't gain anything by trying to make your kid better by saying things don't work.
  7730. ****ER dkznvn0
  7732. ****R71| dkznvn0
  7733. Just because your opinion is strong, doesn't mean it's the only thing that matters.
  7735. Edit: "The way you were punishing the kid makes you look pretty petty"
  7736. ****ER dkzpny1
  7738. ****R71| dkznpjg
  7739. That's like the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
  7740. ****ER dkzoyog
  7742. ****R71| dkzn4nh
  7743. I mean, the math curriculum has been phased out and replaced with quantitative reasoning courses. It's not a comparison of apples to oranges.
  7744. ****ER dkzojv4
  7746. ****R71| dkzojv4
  7747. But I was always told by teachers and my dad that if you want to be good at math, study it and you will be a great mathematical mathematician. So would that not count as beating him up?
  7748. ****ER dkzoqba
  7750. ****R71| dkzoqba
  7751. Well, we still talk about R.A.T.U.
  7752. ****ER dkzpv32
  7754. ****R71| dkzoqba
  7755. Oh no, this is important for understanding and remembering how math works. You're telling me to remember how to do one thing by studying something else?
  7756. ****ER dkzpc86
  7758. ****R71| dkzoqba
  7759. i think of an intellectual's struggle: studying for years for a certification exam, and only receiving a certificate after years of effort. it's that feeling i get when i fail a math course but now im actually helping my classmates.
  7760. ****ER dkzp7j7
  7762. ****R71| dkzgx9f
  7763. I wish that was the entire reason but it's not. Also it's called the Tangible Good.
  7764. ****ER dkzh69j
  7766. ****R71| dkzh69j
  7767. Ah, the Other School.
  7768. ****ER dkzhw3b
  7770. ****R71| dkzhw3b
  7771. Its not that. Its just a name.
  7772. ****ER dkzj4iy
  7774. ****R71| dkzj4iy
  7775. Well, you get the proper place at the proper table for that word there.
  7776. ****ER dkzk11q
  7778. ****R71| dkzj4iy
  7779. So...?
  7780. ****ER dkzj77p
  7782. ****R71| dkzj77p
  7783. But can you describe it to the friends?
  7784. ****ER dkzjbv8
  7786. ****R71| dkzjbv8
  7787. Maybe
  7788. ****ER dkzjgtr
  7790. ****R71| dkzjgtr
  7791. "altering"
  7792. ****ER dkzm99b
  7794. ****R71| dkzh69j
  7795. Hey, are you youngish now?
  7797. Would you be ok with the name change if people said "fuck those peocers"?
  7799. Not everyone can be with the idea.
  7801. And anyway, fuck you.
  7802. ****ER dkzhlqq
  7804. ****R71| dkzhlqq
  7805. I mean, do you think the mods here are more active on the word policy? Or do you think some of us are acting stupidly.
  7806. ****ER dkzit61
  7808. ****R71| dkzit61
  7809. I think there's a tension there.
  7811. The policies are kind of self-selecting at the moment, although they have some mod personalities (most notably /u/BigWasBoe over at /r/subredditdrama) making an actual difference. They're also intended to support a response model, which is too young, but I guess that's easier to allow when there's a broad consensus.
  7813. It's not particularly unclear. It's only been controversial because of the fallacious criticisms that we have been peddling. For example, the idea that we're bad at moderation is fairly grounded in lack of full treatment and clear voting system, but is far too based on the examples of local moderation from /r/bankruptcy: the reasonable policy to not ban a user, the draconian policy of banning everyone not in the "snowflake"-meme, the policy to give some group veto over users just because they have a cool meme, and so on. /r/amulthatai thinks that that policy doesn't seem at all reasonable, whereas /r/justicesentence thinks that it does. I, on the other hand, think that it's sensible to not ban anyone who creates offensive meme, and if you want to try to remove the appeal of that aspect, you go into /r/justicesentence and start removing negative content for positive content. However, of course that is a minority view. What is the evidence to support the other side?
  7815. >However, by this definition, we do have a /r/mildlydisagree material there.
  7817. The moderators on that sub made a number of attempts to moderate the subreddit, but did not succeed. One such attempt that failed was a post on child porn which included, among other things, murder and maiming of children. The ban on it was by the mods, not by the users. If a user is banned for content that is not insulting to the memetic circlejerk that r/Justicesentence encourages and encourages that content, then what of the content that they are banned for? You could make an argument that any rule that is not based on arbitrary and subjective content is also arbitrary and subjective. Do you not see how silly that idea is?
  7819. >He is free to say so, but he cannot claim that r/MildlyDisagree is a "sidebar type subreddit", you can find it now or you can read the sub rules if you are interested.
  7821. Yes, you can. Do you still want me to act on it?
  7823. >You know that the comments that he is deleting aren't in the same sentiment, the mods removed them, and you are basically lying.
  7825. I don't see what the comment they are deleting really is. It is quite obvious that they are not deleting the same sentiments as you are. When someone is deleted they tend to say something like "ofc they got that" and they tend to miss out certain material. It could be that I am mistaken or am lying, I don't know. I'm tired, I will not be seeing comments.
  7826. ****ER d1l0i8e
  7828. ****R57| d1l0i8e
  7829. Are you a follower or do you just spout what people tell you?
  7830. ****ER d1l7gs2
  7832. ****R57| d1l0i8e
  7833. There are tons of fake subs.  You have to see right through them, because many of them are just kiddie cartoon emos whining about kiddie cartoon stuff.  And they often delete the account after the first few days or month, like a sit down while holding a stick of dynamite.  They then come back.  That's not an epic thread, in most cases they would have been downvoted.  And some of them don't even try to hide it.  
  7835. I still believe the sub just started as the rest of this site was becoming too weird.  I just know I'm so much better than people who pretend to be libertarians.  
  7836. ****ER d1l1t3l
  7838. ****T57| 4lcf7u
  7839. Well, as the decision has been in play, whether more ppl would make videos not being dependent on a license to continue to show the types of content they show, and not be fucking "outraged" by it.  
  7841. They deserve to have videos they want to make.
  7842. ****ET d1k95to
  7844. ****T57| 4lcf7u
  7845. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C6KlAuCfAIA0h9.jpg
  7846. ****ET d1jz2k3
  7848. ****R57| d1jz2k3
  7849. OooI love when companies go after youtube channels. There's a site i used to use (pitch database) and the one of the default page was a google search from youtube to kill your cat. Kind of forced to be liberal with my copyright and advertising for that company I didn't like.
  7850. ****ER d1khyyy
  7852. ****R57| d1jz2k3
  7853. This is particularly weird.
  7855. The videos have clearly been (sub)licensed to the sub-collector.
  7857. And now, Google's algorithms are using this sub-license to score videos based on their originality to the public.
  7859. I'm wondering if the company behind this just doesn't want the channel or if the sub-collector is really, *really* smart and/or has ulterior motives.
  7860. ****ER d1k22n4
  7862. ****R57| d1jz2k3
  7863. why can't all channels compete for ad revenue like it's a zero-sum game where all channels on a video is taken and paid in videos likes?
  7864. ****ER d1kgjxk
  7866. ****R57| d1kgjxk
  7867. They might, but the fact remains that they'd be offering themselves at such a competitive disadvantage. They'd probably just do it for free to get that money, plus they're mostly so in-crowdy now they might as well do it for themselves.
  7869. And it'd be a good way to discourage people from pirate, I would think it would deter a lot of the people that pirate things and kill their own potential.
  7870. ****ER d1kiqvo
  7872. ****R57| d1kiqvo
  7873. > They might, but the fact remains that they'd be offering themselves at such a competitive disadvantage.
  7875. Not really, the only thing they'd lose is their ads.
  7876. ****ER d1kjuqr
  7878. ****R57| d1jzyvx
  7879. Quite often the people arguing for net neutrality to pay them to do so have no idea what they're actually trying to accomplish, and don't care because they're so blinded by ideology.
  7881. ****ER d1k2x2q
  7883. ****R57| d1k2x2q
  7884. The actual practice has existed for decades.  How is he describing the proposals of today's FCC?  Calling it "Banned Show Buss" but that has no basis in reality.  
  7886. To try and draw this into a silly "but we just want to lower price" comment isn't only disingenuous, it's lazy.  
  7887. ****ER d1k4jwc
  7889. ****R57| d1k2x2q
  7890. Because trying to make an argument using a media tool which is designed to win an argument doesn't work.
  7891. ****ER d1k7kqh
  7893. ****T57| 4ck98l
  7894. Start by looking at the history of the FCC - It's been a terrible track record for trying to protect internet freedom. How is anyone supposed to trust the Feds any more? We need to level the playing field for the companies so that they're able to defend themselves if they're trying to hurt an internet company.
  7895. ****ET d1k2i5h
  7897. ****R57| d1k2i5h
  7898. The media doesn't want net neutrality to go away, it just wants them to lie to the rest of us and say that we'll all have an equal experience with the internet, or that if we do start to use it, the ISPs will start killing us.
  7901. ****ER d1k2sb1
  7903. ****R57| d1k2sb1
  7904. Is what we'll all have an equal experience, but that seems odd. I have to access a site via a proxy or VPN, for example, that speeds up things like youtube.
  7905. ****ER d1k2u36
  7907. ****R57| d1k2u36
  7908. I would argue that if you don't use one of those, you're losing out. What if they cut off that mode of doing so. There is no unbiased arbiter that the public will use.
  7909. ****ER d1k35eg
  7911. ****R57| d1k2i5h
  7912. *checks Reddit [link.](http://www.reddit.com/r/ShitRedditSays/comments/5aj53d/its_time_you_start_to_accept_the_fact_that/d1kejuz))*
  7914. So that's really all you have.
  7915. ****ER d1k2z7s
  7917. ****T57| 4cpfcf
  7918. > For those who truly care for the little guy, we need to work together and save as many people as possible, not just one person or one wallet.
  7920. That is why I prefer Bitcoin.  We can use it to purchase goods and services, both internal and external, at any price we want.  It is an open source, open source.  It has become the default form of currency in the world.
  7922. Source:  https://i2.wp.com/slayvelocity.net/vi5.php
  7923. ****ET d1k5o3f
  7925. ****T57| 4cpfcf
  7926. bitcoin is going to be one of the biggest new market of the 21st century.
  7927. ****ET d1k00nb
  7929. ****T57| 4cpfcf
  7930. Every time some bull gets busted, I wait a bit until another bull gets busted. It's like a way to put a dampener on the end of a bull market.
  7932. Last time I traded the market was 1999. Just by the move of an hour, I had made the move away from the upside and back toward the downside and had literally had to borrow 2 grand to get back into the up trend again.
  7934. For those of us out there looking at buying now, you might want to trade a little in either direction...and down...and then back up again...as a stopgap and a stop sign...to see if you can get to a moving target and get out before it becomes a big bear market.
  7936. A lot of the bulls got busted, and now we're into a bottom...or we're at the bottom...and now they're going to be met with sell orders that are going to be met with dump ships.
  7938. Some of you may have seen my [video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A09pflpUD_8) talking about the subject. You can see my money blowing up in excess of $20k in a bear market if you buy into it...and I've even been sitting back and watching myself save myself from getting into the middle of a downward nose dive from a very big pileup...if you take a look at my exact uptrend you'll see why. I had a nice run before going into a bear market...and then a bear market, and then a little bit of momentum...and then a 180 and a bear market...and then I'm sitting back with my chickens.
  7940. What I'm trying to say is we're coming up with a stop on the downswing to head off another bear market.
  7941. ****ET cygv3s4
  7943. ****T137| 3ytbcd
  7944. #O C A S A G A N
  7945. ****ET cygv393
  7947. ****T137| 3ytbcd
  7948. "We don't like inflation because we like inflation" - the us government. It sounds really sweet when you look at it that way, but your own mouth will make you say "no."
  7949. ****ET cygvf46
  7951. ****R137| cygvf46
  7952. I like inflation, so don't do stupid shit to me like I didn't like inflation from the get go.
  7953. ****ER cygvevo
  7955. ****R137| cygvevo
  7956. Yeah, we have to be a bit more careful with that one. Look at that.
  7958. #EPIC
  7959. ****ER cygvm23
  7961. ****T137| 3ytbcd
  7962. Vital or beard have made a kickass job with this.
  7964. a bunch of places can go out and get some money, be it gold or sec quality but I do believe that it will help a lot of channels.
  7965. ****ET cygv27z
  7967. ****R137| cygv27z
  7968. It helps too! Because the less time or money required to produce that video, the better it is.
  7970. (pro tip: to get stuff sooner, make smaller and slower videos)
  7971. ****ER cygvi4q
  7973. ****R137| cygv27z
  7974. It'll help a good amount of channels too.
  7975. ****ER cygv3la
  7977. ****T137| 3ytbcd
  7978. I think you need to publish it even when you don't have funds.
  7979. ****ET cygv45n
  7981. ****R137| cygv45n
  7982. You only need to publish once, if your goal is to get the information out to help someone.
  7983. ****ER cygvp16
  7985. ****R137| cygv45n
  7986. No way I'm wasting my time writing a 5 minute video.
  7987. ****ER cyh04yl
  7989. ****T137| 3ytbcd
  7990. How much does a video with 10k views cost?
  7991. ****ET cygv24p
  7993. ****R137| cygv24p
  7994. 1500 views (Amazon/Hulu) is more than enough
  7995. ****ER cygv8fs
  7997. ****R137| cygv8fs
  7998. Not even that many, I think 5-10 is probably pretty reasonable
  7999. ****ER cygvhsb
  8001. ****T137| 3ytbcd
  8002. I didn't make the video but what's nice about it is that we're helping people not just adding on another voice in their own games.
  8004. I was tired of crying during games, or crying about dota. And this video makes me happy. And I want to share that.
  8005. ****ET cyh13d1
  8007. ****T137| 3ytbcd
  8008. I can't remember who I saw but from my point of view it wasn't community driven but a personality on reddit. I will not pay a little bit, but that's a cool cause.
  8009. ****ET cygskn0
  8011. ****T137| 3ytbcd
  8012. If I had to keep all of it I'll only pay a few bucks.
  8013. ****ET cygqhyl
  8015. ****T137| 3ytbcd
  8016. 4x MMR, 14k playtime, $10 up time cost, 1k meta win chance gain per player over 10 minutes, and free silver per kill.
  8017. ****ET cyh1mzi
  8019. ****T137| 3ytbcd
  8020. 4 kills, 10 minutes. 14k MMR. $10 of win rate with hundreds of kills.
  8022. No, in my experience, this did not cost anything.
  8023. ****ET cygqrtw
  8025. ****T137| 3ytbcd
  8026. It's not community driven if they get free gold and don't care about anything but their win. The price will be like 0.
  8027. ****ET cygq4mg
  8029. ****T137| 3ytbcd
  8030. Remember that Valve is not based on the communities decisions. They made the meta of dota 2.
  8031. ****ET cygq398
  8033. ****T137| 3ytbcd
  8034. 200x4 x 14k mr an hour goes 100000. then 10k win rate per time you play x 15k avg kills x 4x MMR is not a huge amount of money..and even then what was 10k losses minus one win is nice free gold.
  8035. ****ET cygq7kh
  8037. ****R137| cygq7kh
  8038. Some people make just enough to be able to get every game for free. The standard of the players seems to be so bad as a reason to not buy in at all.
  8039. ****ER cygs1f4
  8041. ****T137| 3ytbcd
  8042. The total number of mains playing games is probably around 4M...
  8044. That is already 2M people having ethereum before going to buy in. The big sellers of ethereum (who took all the LSKs) took a lot of those LSKs with them to sell for eth. By the way they are not using the amount of ETH as the price in Eth that you pay. So buying in should bring you 0-1% in Eth.
  8046. So these are people to get eth with high expectation for gains, when they didn't have to buy in they were probably expecting 10 or 100€ a month.
  8048. You also bought in, with zero risk. You don't know who to trust. These people are selling you ETH, you don't know if you are gonna buy another eth.
  8049. ****ET cyg4m85
  8051. ****T137| 3ytbcd
  8052. Idk. There's already mains buying at this time and buying an ETH atm and many are buying ETH-only. I doubt we'll see much ETH in the market until the next conference. Atm we have ETH that sells at 20-30k, or even more.
  8055. ****ET cyg2py9
  8057. ****T137| 3ytbcd
  8058. Sure, every year.
  8059. ****ET cyfvj1l
  8061. ****T137| 3ytbcd
  8062. Absolutely.
  8063. ****ET cyfv2zr
  8065. ****S137|
  8067. Online system store party!!
  8068. Started a store party :
  8070. - [http://dm.clikt.com/](http://dm.clikt.com/)
  8072. - [http://storeparty.ninja](http://storeparty.ninja)
  8074. - [http://b2.buckbab.com/](http://b2.buckbab.com/)
  8076. - [http://easysentech.com/](http://easysentech.com)
  8078. - [http://tyandris.org/](http://tyandris.org/)
  8080. - [http://www.clarkcraft.org/](http://www.clarkcraft.org/)
  8082. - [http://datto.net/](http://datto.net/)
  8084. - [http://gamify.be/](http://gamify.be/)
  8086. - [http://ajouyye.com](http://ajouyye.com/)
  8088. - [http://gitez.de/](http://gitez.de/)
  8090. - [http://torbaxtractive.org/](http://torbaxtractive.org/)
  8092. - [http://thia.io](http://thia.io/)
  8094. - [http://ccdb.dk/](http://ccdb.dk/)
  8096. - [http://geekgang.co.uk/](http://geekgang.co.uk/)
  8098. - [http://up1.ag/](http://up1.ag/)
  8100. - [http://www.t-torzew.at/](http://www.t-torzew.at/)
  8102. - [http://itwvt.de/te/](http://itwvt.de/te/)
  8104. - [http://kapuka.math.hu/](http://kapuka.math.hu/)
  8106. - [http://lib.mccq.edu/](http://lib.mccq.edu/)
  8108. - [http://cs.smith.edu/home/montgomery/](http://cs.smith.edu/home/montgomery/)
  8110. - [http://www.oregr.ucsb.edu/](http://www.oregr.ucsb.edu/)
  8112. - [http://www.calif.edu/](http://www.calif.edu/)
  8114. - [http://www.math.columbia.edu/openmath/](http://www.math.columbia.edu/openmath/)
  8116. - [http://www.math.princeton.edu/](http://www.math.princeton.edu/)
  8118. - [http://csic.tamu.edu/](http://csic.tamu.edu/)
  8120. - [http://csic.purdue.edu/](http://csic.purdue.edu/)
  8122. - [http://wws.uoregon.edu/homepage.html](http://wws.uoregon.edu/homepage.html)
  8125. - [http://html.stat.gwu.edu/](http://html.stat.gwu.edu/)
  8129. Please let me know if I missed any.
  8130. ****ET cfhp48g
  8132. ****R63| cfhp48g
  8133. > Callisto works with the lutechnet.
  8135. And therein is the joke.
  8137. Cortical activation and updating are the basis for lutecn - you learn everything about CParameter through lutechnet.
  8140. ****ER cfht5zr
  8142. ****T63| 1y84f1
  8143. Lots of literature, this is a very large sub, to get a general sense of the field. Here are some books:
  8145. The standard text: *Statistical Linear Models*
  8147. * The [PREFACE](http://www.magnam.us/msp_preface_v.pdf) - the 3rd edition is a good starting point
  8149. * The [Wiley](http://books.google.com/books/about/Statistical_Linear_Modeling.html?id=pzHRa6WmoPQ) edition. It is quite long (though that may have changed), though not hard core math. It is similar in style to the StatSoft-nets we have now.
  8152. ****ET cfl1xqc
  8154. ****T63| 1y84f1
  8155. Do this to answer your question about the type of material (important for lutecn in particular).
  8156. ****ET cfh4w9k
  8158. ****T63| 1y84f1
  8159. This post has been removed. These kinds of posts are not allowed. Don't just start posting them here. You could get your account banned and/or the people who create the comments could end up having their accounts banned from /r/math. Please read the sidebar and [this FAQ](http://www.reddit.com/r/math/wiki/index#wiki_what_does_rmath_think_of_the_knowledge_of_post_with_a_2nd_look_a_link_to_something_that_is_post_worthy.3F) for more information about what math-related subreddits are acceptable. Once you have done that, come back and read the rules and guidelines again.
  8160. ****ET cflo1mx
  8162. ****S63|
  8164. Student yields work
  8165. I need a little help with this post. Is it a good idea to use as an example in my future courses? I have a new data structure in mind for a job. I'd like to work with a different data structure but I'm not sure on what to work with.
  8167. I'm considering using a dictionary of n-subsets of the binary space to represent set and number pairs. It can be implemented in python using a dictionary, and I'd like to work out the details.
  8169. I'm looking for a project to show some of this. My course won't be covering this in detail, so I'll have to take the course on my own. I'm keen to find out a little bit more about this so I can learn from it and apply it elsewhere, but I don't know what to use as an example.
  8171. Any help would be much appreciated.
  8172. ****ES 4xn3fc
  8174. ****T63| 4xn3fc
  8175. Don't worry about the structure of it. A dictionary implementation is simpler than a hash table implementation and is totally correct. Using a DICT term array would be an implementation in python.
  8176. ****ET d6kyghi
  8178. ****T63| 4xn3fc
  8179. A good example of using the dictionary structure is the devoding example, where a batch of random strings of character objects are split into chunks, and then a modified dict is generated and passed to the compute and evaluation function.
  8181. The trick is to do this recursively, and store each chunk separately in a (coalesced) dictionary that still preserves the structure.
  8183. Here is [a more "realistic" description](https://lwop.github.io/the_classic_dev_cking_manual/advanced_applications/dev_ck_manual/dev_cking_manual.html#dev_ck_multiple_chunks) of dev coding, but it's a bit verbose.
  8185. ****ET d6lw0v9
  8187. ****T63| 4xn3fc
  8188. That's what's known as a hash table. This is not going to work the way you want.
  8189. ****ET d6ls894
  8191. ****R63| d6ls894
  8192. My guess would be the [hashlists](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hash_list).
  8193. ****ER d6lqay7
  8195. ****R63| d6lqay7
  8196. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hashlist
  8197. ****ER d6m1txb
  8199. ****S63|
  8201. Can people in the US write off extra income as a tax deduction if the foreign tax credit is closed?
  8203. ****ES aamf6u
  8205. ****T63| aamf6u
  8206. Sorry, your submission has been removed because it is a link to a [Wiktionary entry](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foreign_financial_asset_tax_of_1985_in_United_States) (or a section) without an [index or name](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Don't_wiki_me) (ie. no link to the entry page). The bracket you describe is to a foreign property exemption within that tax bracket. Please edit your submission to use an index link, list an overview page, or give a name to the bracket you're describing. Please see [These guidelines](https://www.reddit.com/r/math/comments/7mt2te/write_your_post_to_be_more_useful_and_encourage_more/).
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  8212. ****ET dp4i4bx
  8214. ****T63| 79qr6o
  8215. You won't notice an extra dollar bill sitting in the wallet or purse for 10 years until you turn the corner.
  8216. ****ET dp4hx9x
  8218. ****S63|
  8220. I have a problem...and I want to make the world a better place. I need your help.
  8221. so me and my two friends have been riding around town, enjoying ourselves, doing nothing wrong.
  8223. until today.
  8225. we have all went out of town to a tattoo shop, picked up some random tattoo supplies and decided to get some tattoos done.
  8227. by the time we had all done our thing(this was 20 minutes ago) my girlfriend of two years was saying how her boyfriend was "only really loving the girls of his life and not really taking care of them"...he needs to "invest in himself and care"...he isnt helping...he needs to be loyal...weve all had this discussion...im at his service in his home and Im looking into transferring to a girlfriend of his and honestly...im not sure the best solution...
  8229. with the advice of my two friends, they said it was ok for us to get tattoos and but were no way would we put him on here. so they sent him the selfie and saying "if you have any questions, we'll be here."
  8231. he replied back saying....this isnt any of my business. i dont like it...if you dont care about me or the two girls, then no...
  8233. i asked his advice...he responded with something...i know...its a silly question...i have enough pride to not want to date a 12 year old. he was thinking....i do care about you...now im lying to you...im not invested in you.
  8235. i told him that i was gonna change up my looks if i dated him...and he basically said he didnt care...he asked if he could move on...or find a new 10 year old.
  8237. anyways, we ended up actually going through with it and had the ink on us. i later looked him up again to make sure i didnt screw up anything.
  8239. he took 2 pics with both girls together and a selfie with me....my lip was black from too many fake eyelashes. the rest was a mess.
  8241. people in our area literally do this all the time. i made him a real one, of us together, and we got stuck having a real relationship.
  8243. anyway...i was much older. 5 inches less than him. he was 6 or 7 at most and ive seen his facebook. i even considered  him to be my one true love.
  8245. anyway, he's good. he appreciates what ive done with him. he's respectful, willing to talk about it if i start to make it about me, willing to put up with me.
  8247. he just started taking a stroll around my dads side of the family..he basically belongs to them.
  8249. wisdom comes with age. i only met her on the first date.
  8250. ****ET ejrd7if
  8252. ****T3| b7fbeu
  8253. Im 26 and I used to feel this way, in high school he said we'd probably become a real thing but now i think of him as more of a long term thing, me and him are learning and growing together, I'm sure it happens, but idk that I'd like it.
  8254. ****ET ejrd1al
  8256. ****T3| b7fbeu
  8257. I think for a few months at the beginning and end of the relationship.
  8258. ****ET ejrd0pl
  8260. ****T3| b7fbeu
  8261. Basically as long as you work towards it you can make it work.
  8262. ****ET ejrd094
  8264. ****T3| b7fbeu
  8265. I want to end it because I don't feel like that anymore, I never did in the first place.
  8266. ****ET ejrd07h
  8268. ****T3| b7fbeu
  8269. How far does the relationship go?
  8271. Are you meeting other people too?
  8272. ****ET ejrcyk6
  8274. ****T3| b7fbeu
  8275. Yes, we met on Tinder about a year ago and met in person twice and as friends twice and have been seeing each other nonstop for the last year or so.
  8277. ****ET ejrcyi0
  8279. ****T3| b7fbeu
  8280. A lot longer than that, but I don't think it would work at the level you're asking for. It doesn't matter the time and energy needed to get something like that off the ground, they have work to do if they want to take you on as a boyfriend.
  8281. ****ET ejrcs****S22|
  8283. First one missed, second one is going to be solved with 100% accuracy.
  8285. ****ES 9b3gj0
  8287. ****T22| 9b3gj0
  8288. This was the first one already solved but now they are back at it.
  8289. ****ET e4tdqca
  8291. ****R22| e4tdqca
  8292. Also their logo is literally satan's name. If this pisses people off enough they will call that big brother down.
  8293. ****ER e4te2fw
  8295. ****R22| e4te2fw
  8296. and if they cant stop them now, when will they ? there is no doubt they are taking over the world one way or the other.
  8297. ****ER e4te9jk
  8299. ****R22| e4tdqca
  8300. that only becomes more common as we march towards communism.
  8301. ****ER e4tlml6
  8303. ****T22| 9b3gj0
  8304. This could also get its own post.
  8305. ****ET e4tev0d
  8307. ****R22| e4tev0d
  8308. https://np.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/9b3h2i/for_the_psi_and_pp/
  8309. ****ER e4tf3us
  8311. ****R22| e4tf3us
  8312. This one.
  8313. ****ER e4tf9cj
  8315. ****R22| e4tf9cj
  8316. Time is our enemy and our time.
  8317. ****ER e4tfg83
  8319. ****R22| e4tf9cj
  8320. The US needs an end to world war II for it to be actually beneficial to people to realize they are out of time.
  8321. ****ER e4tlykh
  8323. ****R22| e4tlykh
  8324. My best insight is that 1.90400 is all you need
  8325. ****ER e4tmp4b
  8327. ****R22| e4tmp4b
  8328. That's how the Fibonacci sequence worked when the year 2300 began (i.e. The key moments as of 2015).
  8329. ****ER e4txlql
  8331. ****R22| e4txlql
  8332. Or it could've started with 2301 and didn't ever end, or it started with 2302 and we never stopped.
  8334. Either way, the answer is there, and if you get bored it's good ol' hunger cravings.
  8335. ****ER e4u7wml
  8337. ****T22| 9aj2oe
  8338. Do people realize how difficult it is to keep these 2 statements straight? Do they?
  8340. Is the world not complicated enough for you to understand?
  8342. Your drive to be right takes over your every thought.
  8345. You sit there and you look to be right.
  8347. You look around, and you see the dark and you fear it.
  8349. Insecurities.
  8351. You look to everyone else for enlightenment,  you yourself need your own well - paid child and teacher in order to be honest with yourself.
  8353. Your ego, your child, your teacher, we may not all have the best intentions,  but we aren't just in competition with each other, and sometimes they have different goals.
  8355. Maybe you will need to read a book, make an agreement, about what you want to do.
  8357. It may not be all your fault.
  8359. Or maybe not.
  8361. Maybe this is all you've wanted.
  8363. But how do you know?
  8365. Who is to say what your goal is, but just that the best choice for you may not be the best choice for someone else.
  8367. Maybe being happy is a choice too?
  8369. That is something that we need to talk about together.
  8371. Forgive yourself.
  8373. It is true. It was true that you said it was.
  8375. Keep the process in mind.
  8382. ****ET dbsv3x3
  8384. ****T46| 5k8thn
  8385. It's an adult conversation and a reason to feel this way is just because you were told to feel bad about the situation, or because you're bad. I hate it when people have to deal with adults like this, especially if they're being told to do stuff that is clearly not what they want or need, but the adults don't get there from anywhere. Either it's you who caused them to feel this way, or you didn't want to deal with them and this one didn't either.
  8386. ****ET dbthi33
  8388. ****T46| 5k8thn
  8389. By doing this, they lose respect for your intelligence. If you tell me you like having a girlfriend and I say "hey, is it weird you want a boyfriend? if so, you can be one," I can hardly say that I respect you anymore, but it is a valid opinion, and I think it would make me sound very immature. I know people can see right through people who talk like that, and it's something that I don't think about often. But when someone talks like that to me and I'm not taking it seriously, I know that I'm making myself look stupid. That's when you know you're dealing with a bad person.
  8390. ****ET dbsdybx
  8392. ****T46| 5k8thn
  8393. I've seen it a few times, even, while they're actually talking and not realizing they're actually telling the truth.
  8397. ****ET dbsnh7s
  8399. ****T46| 5k8thn
  8400.   They are always just a step away from being a psychotic person.
  8401. ****ET dbt6ln4
  8403. ****R46| dbt6ln4
  8404. Killing yourself just to hurt the world.
  8405. ****ER dbu5is7
  8407. ****T46| 5k8thn
  8408. To me it was a blur, then it faded into black for a split second. I remember it distinctly though.
  8409. ****ET dbsl0jv
  8411. ****R46| dbsl0jv
  8412. No way, that was way into me
  8413. ****ER dbsxuwr
  8415. ****S46|
  8417. An entire timeline of my life has been erased.
  8418. Ever since middle school I have always remembered, without a shadow of a doubt, the few months and months following high school.
  8420. Before that, everything had been erased. I don't remember any timeline prior to that. No timeline. It has not been erased because I am an idiot.
  8422. I remember that I went to my 5th grade class today and was out of there at 6:30. Right as the bell rang and I walked out to the front of the line I saw an acquaintance of mine, but he has long since left (along with I) and I went down the stairs without a second glance towards them.
  8424. I was looking for an open staircase so I picked up a heavy-ass suitcase and dropped it on the sidewalk. After I finished, I turned around and saw it had no weight, and was falling back to the ground. After hearing some loud, angry breathing, I saw the suitcase's luggage had been totally cleared of its belongings and my mirror was blown off by some massive wind.
  8426. In the evening, I did not hear any footsteps. I am grateful that I am invisible, as otherwise I would've made it a point to go out.
  8428. (As a by product of this, the fucker never saw the light of day ever since I have left)
  8429. ****ES 909w12
  8431. ****T123| 909w12
  8432. What?
  8433. ****ET e2sk04d
  8435. ****R123| e2sk04d
  8436. Stay tuned. I'm finished.
  8437. ****ER e2snhz4
  8439. ****S123|
  8441. It's fun to play jokes with death, but if you try and kill me I'll kill you
  8442. It was going to be funny, I was joking with it, not pretending to be and pretending it wasn't real.
  8443. ****ES c6u6s
  8445. ****T123| c6u6s
  8446. You are a good person.
  8447. ****ET eatc2nv
  8449. ****T123| c6u6s
  8450. Well yeah, but that's not the "How to survive an urban catacomb" kind of joke.
  8451. ****ET eat8elx
  8453. ****R123| eat8elx
  8454. Haha, that's what I think as well. I had just seen the title and thought "Ok, I'm up for one" then realized how shit that sounds, and decided that I should probably read the article and find out what I was missing.
  8455. ****ER eat9gsp
  8457. ****T123| c6u6s
  8458. but how do you get someone's attention when you are shaking that hand?
  8459. ****ET eat4sh7
  8461. ****R123| eat4sh7
  8462. I guess you can't do much when you're too busy to move to attention. I wish I had known that.
  8463. ****ER eateoui
  8465. ****S123|
  8467. The door unlocked and me and my partner slipped in and made quick work of the spasming chemicals inside.
  8469. ****ES 9dz87i
  8471. ****T123| 9dz87i
  8472. "Whoa... whoa... no one's home."
  8473. ****ET e6fp7r3
  8475. ****T123| 9dz87i
  8476. Oh, shit
  8477. ****ET e6fui4r
  8479. ****T123| 9dz87i
  8480. My family is reading this...
  8481. ****ET e6fqv1m
  8483. ****S123|
  8485. The portal to a large park was running again, with people at the edge of the grounds.
  8487. ****ES b5im0h
  8489. ****S123|
  8491. I just came to visit the perfect family...
  8493. ****ES d7lsgl
  8495. ****S123|
  8497. What the fuck?
  8498. I thought it was over
  8499. ****ES 6nmzt4
  8501. ****T123| 6nmzt4
  8502. 2different words. Shit and that
  8503. ****ET dkalqvp
  8505. ****S123|
  8507. "Thank you for listening to me," I said as I let out a sigh.
  8508. "The new policy is to bite at the moment you hear 'bear', and if it is able to see the face of the moon you can't go to any night stands."
  8510. "What about the two paragraphs which I need to escape from a bill?"
  8512. "Again, do you want me to write those?"
  8514. I nodded but the other man thought it would be more convenient to go into the corridor. The terrified six-year-old begged the guard for water while the guard said there was nowhere else. I guess the show was good, no pun intended.
  8515. ****ES chi9mk
  8517. ****S123|
  8519. All the children ran around screaming, leaving me alone in the darkness, until the guards broke the flashlight beam and they fell to their knees as they called me back to the cave
  8520. What will I do now?
  8521. ****ES bgduq7
  8523. ****T123| bgduq7
  8524. Idk anyone would just laugh at you if you said that to my face
  8525. ****ET ell6w3r
  8527. ****R123| ell6w3r
  8528. Man, he's right. If you tell your child you are going to hug them, that kid is gonna hold your hand and say, "Oh no!"
  8529. ****ER ell7h1e
  8531. ****R123| ell7h1e
  8532. i mean, i thought his tone and wording was very weird
  8533. ****ER ellcprz
  8535. ****R123| ellcprz
  8536. It's an ok retort to it
  8537. ****ER ellcyqv
  8539. ****R123| ellcyqv
  8540. Why would anyone wanna hear something along the lines of "...and they called me back..." at 1:10:15?
  8541. ****ER elm4qs2
  8543. ****R123| elm4qs2
  8544. He said "Then this dude (that's talking to the dad/mom in the mirror) yelled "OH NO!"
  8546. That is the part i read, if i would have understood the second sentence, i would have said "Oh no" but i didnt even hear that.
  8547. ****ER ell7ewc
  8549. ****R123| ell7ewc
  8550. Oh. And how did he know that it was him from that, when they still came into his room and called him?
  8551. ****ER ellw2zn
  8553. ****R123| ellw2zn
  8554. No problem but im asking if it's ok that we share it for other people's use!
  8555. ****ER elmu6ar
  8557. ****R123| elmu6ar
  8558. Have you heard of the word "context"?
  8559. ****ER eloaj7j
  8561. ****R123| eloaj7j
  8562. Im asking if he was aware of the context.
  8563. ****ER eloapr1
  8565. ****R123| eloapr1
  8566. I think you might've had it exactly right and I was misunderstanding. Sorry about that!
  8567. ****ER ellvmg2
  8569. ****S123|
  8571. After entering "home" when falling off roof, I fell through the ground below
  8572. I have landed in a bottomless pit where my soul waits for me.
  8573. ****ES 83bqcy
  8575. ****T123| 83bqcy
  8576. Stills more human than this,
  8577. ****ET dvo0bht
  8579. ****T123| 83bqcy
  8580. Well...damn...
  8581. ****ET dvo1x0o
  8583. ****T123| 83bqcy
  8584. Candy
  8585. ****ET dvnwprq
  8587. ****T123| 83bqcy
  8588. They moved me from a bottomless pit where I live
  8589. ****ET dvnq0ou
  8591. ****S123|
  8593. The letters were illuminated by an eerie light
  8594. in a haunted house.
  8595. ****ES 5mc28x
  8597. ****T123| 5mc28x
  8598. Lil Peep
  8599. ****ET dbu7cxn
  8601. ****R123| dbu7cxn
  8602. What the fuck is this ?
  8603. ****ER dbuetcf
  8605. ****R123| dbu7cxn
  8606. Lil Peep confirmed troll now
  8607. ****ER dbu8sgf
  8609. ****R123| dbu7cxn
  8610. Jenny Savidge
  8611. ****ER dbudiy5
  8613. ****S123|
  8615. "By the fifth or sixth hour of the slaughter, my friend was beginning to think that perhaps it was actually just our house alone and that the sounds were in fact coming from outside."
  8617. I don't know what I was thinking.
  8618. ****ES 8n91df
  8620. ****S123|
  8622. I was tripping when the cops caught me
  8623. I guess they did see how deep the hole was
  8624. ****ES a1lgtx
  8626. ****T123| a1lgtx
  8627. http://i.imgur.com/2ZDRiaG.jpg
  8628. ****ET eat7aa3
  8630. ****T123| a1lgtx
  8631. https://media.tenor.com/image/27a0b1d20a5dc494432beaab289e29a.gif
  8632. ****ET eat1c8q
  8634. ****S123|
  8636. My parents told me they were going to take me to the psych unit for another session, but they always meant some other escape plan.
  8638. ****ES 9ohf8g
  8640. ****T123| 9ohf8g
  8641. It's only a babbling madman.
  8642. ****ET e6z5u7i
  8644. ****R123| e6z5u7i
  8645. r/Forbiddenshall
  8646. ****ER e6z64hu
  8648. ****R123| e6z64hu
  8649. r/findnocontext
  8650. ****ER e6z5o6a
  8652. ****R123| e6z5o6a
  8653. r/foundthecookie
  8654. ****ER e6z5qdo
  8656. ****R123| e6z5qdo
  8657. r/foundthestuff
  8658. ****ER e6z5yy4
  8660. ****R123| e6z5yy4
  8661. r/foundpowere
  8662. ****ER e6z9cou
  8664. ****R123| e6z9cou
  8665. r/foundpuppet
  8666. ****ER e6z9k8h
  8668. ****R123| e6z9k8h
  8669. r/foundcdiver
  8670. ****ER e6zai93
  8672. ****R123| e6zai93
  8673. r/foundthreatloak
  8674. ****ER e6zdsl8
  8676. ****R123| e6zdsl8
  8677. r/foundtheswap
  8678. ****ER e6zjb2u
  8680. ****R123| e6zdsl8
  8681. r/foundedorates
  8682. ****ER e6zs42m
  8684. ****R123| e6zs42m
  8685. r/foundthing
  8686. ****ER e6zwrsj
  8688. ****R123| e6zdsl8
  8689. r/founddifference
  8690. ****ER e6ztl90
  8692. ****R123| e6ztl90
  8693. r/foundintelligence
  8694. ****ER e6zux2c
  8696. ****R123| e6ztl90
  8697. r/foundathaarn
  8698. ****ER e6zuwe8
  8700. ****R123| e6zuwe8
  8701. r/foundproveswhatswrongwithme
  8702. ****ER e6zw4hf
  8704. ****R123| e6zw4hf
  8705. r/foundtheshooting
  8706. ****ER e6zwd3q
  8708. ****R123| e6zwd3q
  8709. r/foundrning
  8710. ****ER e6zy2l8
  8712. ****R123| e6zwd3q
  8713. r/foundshittynews
  8714. ****ER e6zw8d7
  8716. ****R123| e6zw8d7
  8717. r/foundawasteofthesonethink
  8718. ****ER e6zw9bd
  8720. ****R123| e6zw9bd
  8721. r/foundgarlic
  8722. ****ER e6zx2z6
  8724. ****R123| e6zx2z6
  8725. r/foundboner
  8726. ****ER e6zxebc
  8728. ****R123| e6zxebc
  8729. r/foundousasshole
  8730. ****ER e6zw06a
  8732. ****R123| e6zw06a
  8733. r/foundump
  8734. ****ER e6zx30e
  8736. ****R123| e6zw06a
  8737. r/foundarautonexpandit
  8738. ****ER e6zwd5o
  8740. ****R123| e6zwd5o
  8741. r/foundjesusbox
  8742. ****ER e6zyrfx
  8744. ****R123| e6zyrfx
  8745. r/foundbitasshole
  8746. ****ER e703o1x
  8748. ****R123| e703o1x
  8749. r/foundpixie
  8750. ****ER e704shc
  8752. ****R123| e704shc
  8753. r/foundcaps
  8754. ****ER e706hmx
  8756. ****R123| e706hmx
  8757. r/foundpendip
  8758. ****ER e706k6h
  8760. ****R123| e706k6h
  8761. r/foundjesus
  8762. ****ER e706qlz
  8764. ****R123| e706qlz
  8765. r/founddispensary
  8766. ****ER e706s7k
  8768. ****R123| e706s7k
  8769. r/founddontpushasidetoothekid
  8770. ****ER e7093i8
  8772. ****R123| e7093i8
  8773. r/foundotishereyet
  8774. ****ER e7097xg
  8776. ****R123| e7097xg
  8777. r/foundfillingthespacebar
  8778. ****ER e706ql8
  8780. ****R123| e706ql8
  8781. r/foundnocomburggh
  8782. ****ER e706zex
  8784. ****R123| e706zex
  8785. r/foundpenguin
  8786. ****ER e709km4
  8788. ****R123| e7097xg
  8789. r/foundpyx
  8790. ****ER e70kmdz
  8792. ****R123| e706zex
  8793. r/foundtoronto
  8794. ****ER e709juz
  8796. ****R123| e706qlz
  8797. r/foundmattaball
  8798. ****ER e710wnx
  8800. ****T123| 9k34jc
  8801. Are you niamoodlol xD
  8802. ****ET e70q1et
  8804. ****R123| e70q1et
  8805. lmfao
  8806. ****ER e70v4ou
  8808. ****T123| 9k34jc
  8809. Lol at the -1 karma I got.
  8810. ****ET e6snm2i
  8812. ****R123| e6snm2i
  8813. You should see the views on this post.
  8814. ****ER e6snyht
  8816. ****R123| e6snyht
  8817. :)
  8818. ****ER e6sp40k
  8820. ****T123| 9k34jc
  8821. It isn't even creepy?
  8822. ****ET e70brwc
  8824. ****S123|
  8826. The Trench run them by, thank you, very very sorry.
  8828. ****ES 3yrrbb
  8830. ****T123| 3yrrbb
  8831. So...someone was drinking.
  8832. ****ET cygbr2e
  8834. ****R123| cygbr2e
  8835. Wtf,
  8836. ****ER cygk89a
  8838. ****R123| cygk89a
  8839. Ouch.
  8840. ****ER cygm8ch
  8842. ****R123| cygm8ch
  8843. *bastardious.
  8844. ****ER cygrprt
  8846. ****S123|
  8848. As the last thousand darkies started to be buried, and the last few hundred of them were heading into the cold ash, I found myself in a dank basement, breathing heavily.
  8850. ****ES 6u7r17
  8852. ****S123|
  8854. Two-time former NBA All-Star and ten-time NBA All-Star came out.
  8855. "They're just calling me one-time."
  8856. ****ES ac1bv4
  8858. ****T123| ac1bv4
  8859. I'm not sure which one is worse, typing out "they're just calling me one-time" or having NBA players accusing you of being a fraud...
  8860. ****ET ees2p0a
  8862. ****R123| ees2p0a
  8863. "He's just calling him one-time"
  8864. ****ER ees2rqw
  8866. ****R123| ees2rqw
  8867. Yeeeedayyy!!
  8868. ****ER ees3m9p
  8870. ****R123| ees3m9p
  8871. If the NBA really accused him of being a fraud, then he'd have a much better claim to be one-time.
  8872. ****ER eesvwap
  8874. ****R123| ees2p0a
  8875. Kirby sayeth
  8876. ****ER ees2vf3
  8878. ****T123| ac1bv4
  8879. That's how you use the word real
  8880. ****ET ees3oo6
  8882. ****S123|
  8884. The game is called "I hate the world."
  8885. We've just watched the shower scene from the movie.
  8886. ****ES dm6zku
  8888. ****T123| dm6zku
  8889. A shower scene
  8890. ****ET f3ot2v1
  8892. ****R123| f3ot2v1
  8893. Rerolled it..
  8894. ****ER f3qmd4s
  8896. ****R123| f3qmd4s
  8897. Here you go, the mafia type.
  8899. Play with the other three choices for some extra sympathy and cash:
  8901. • **(Sorry, No Room For Accents| "I hate the world."| "I love it!|                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ****S68|
  8902. https://i.redd.it/lyfld9ik8gzy.jpg
  8903. (Zootball)
  8905. ****ES 5l45bs
  8907. ****S68|
  8909. What movie should I watch?
  8911. ****ES 4vev3i
  8913. ****T68| 4vev3i
  8914. This is more of a TV movie idea. This is not a traditional film. There is no black and white, there is no one archetype to follow. It would depend on what you enjoyed in the TV movie.  
  8916. Anyways, I would suggest The Dark Knight by Christopher Nolan. That being said, if you have seen TV movies in the past, and liked it, you will enjoy this.  
  8918. The Dark Knight by Christopher Nolan is a comic book movie, very hardcore and a bit heavy in its story. It is not directed like an action movie, it is written and directed like a comedy. While the story is a little odd, if you are not familiar with the Batman mythos, it will play off of that. The dark knight. I would suggest watching it with the lights down. But if the lights are bright, you won't see too much of what is going on.    
  8919. ****ET c3w0tqv
  8921. ****R122| c3w0tqv
  8922. While the dark knight is the worst of the series, you are 100% correct. It is just as hard to understand as the first two Nolan films. Now to be honest, if the Nolanverse had been rendered into one shot scenes and no fight at all, then the Dark Knight trilogy would still be one of the best comic book films of all time. But there it is the trilogy which was worth watching, plus his original "Dark Knight" films I do enjoy them too.
  8924. ****ER c3xnif4
  8926. ****T122| qcc3o
  8927. I've always found it hard to make any kind of sense of the Dark Knight Trilogy. I get the feeling that everything seems to be translated as sound from super massive melodramatic languages. On a whole, I don't find it to be the best trilogy, but it's certainly the best movie trilogy of the last few decades. I prefer them all equally. They're all so different, too.
  8929. ****ET c3w0wvg
  8931. ****T122| qcc3o
  8932. I think you should take a look at [my thread on user /u/fatpunk's thread about why Raph actually says "ha" in the beginning of A.I..](http://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/pve0k/reddit_what_do_you_think_of_the_robert_asif/c3it6tx)
  8933. ****ET c3wwk7r
  8935. ****R122| c3wad8s
  8936. Lol, thanks!
  8937. ****ER c3waib2
  8939. ****T122| qcc3o
  8940. I think what separates Anderson's films from *Rifkin' +*:
  8942. 1. Rifkin +, and all of his films that follow it, are almost all verbal works (including the one aperyza and, more recently, howling). The stories Anderson tells are in short bursts. They are short.
  8944. 2. Anderson's stories use the life of the characters to tell their story. These are very short stories, and their interwoven into the master narrative allows for much longer subject matter (Anderson is a great writer, and his stories work very well with the mind at play here). They also have a larger scope than many of his other works.
  8946. Anderson's films also aren't huge narrative spectacles. *Eternal Sunshine* (2010) is about as full-featured a film as his films get. Its constant absence of exposition and lack of a central plot are simply and beautifully tragic. *Requiem for a Dream* (2000) is similarly postmodern in its ambiguity of many of the characters and over-all limited scope, as are some of his other films.
  8948. So. No. They are not movies that can be compared with others like [This is Philadelphia](http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0179695/) and [This is Texas](http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0793233/).
  8950. ****Coco** and *Zentropa* will be really really good films if they ever see release. The original novel is a monument of hallucinatory beauty, but I think it's beautiful and mindblowing and very creative in terms of aesthetics that could work well in a lot of film.
  8951. ****ET dpbts94
  8953. ****R122| dpbts94
  8954. I think Zentropa is *not* art movies, regardless of what the reviews say.  I think it's a movie with the express goal of making people feel like they're in Mexico, without actually being in Mexico.
  8956. I also doubt the weird mouth and feet scene is meant to be anything other than funny, and that's part of the style of the movie.
  8957. ****ER dpbx923
  8959. ****T122| 7bcdof
  8960. All three films that you mentioned will be interesting, but much more difficult to navigate in life. These days, less and less people will be able to see, let alone share their films with others. The variety will be less, and its quality will be less, both going in the opposite direction, so it becomes that much more rarer.
  8962. Zentropa is interesting because of the ideas of the film, the approach to the subject matter, but by its very existence it requires a pass-key transfer of info and a specific culture to partake in it, and of course a knowledge of Spanish. Film student, would not want to see it with an American audience. Therefore, I would avoid seeing it.
  8964. You might try to see a movie about the Vietnam War, but the literature and the cinematic achievements you might draw on are massive obstacles in yourself, if you want to appreciate that in the least.
  8966. Umpa Koko's film Tu T'Motes did something different. It took a large cast, decent but not particularly big budget, and risked its one man crew to get the closest thing to honesty possible that could have been achieved. It is about a farming family whose connection to the land, and it completely overcame the lack of drama most or all of us can muster. The idea of being an ordinary man, who always had access to food and shelter, but never understood his place in the world, came out of the fact that I see the logic that, simply because humans exist, there are a limited number of storytellers on this earth, and when you bring in a farm boy, who never has to do anything and has his home, food and shelter, simply through necessity, and doesn't know it's a necessity, your film gets much more interesting. And it did that, but just doing it in one movie made it so much better than most movies.
  8967. ****ER dsw0a1d
  8969. ****T68| 7hk8pv
  8970. Boyhood in the first one?
  8971. ****ET dsw3y02
  8973. ****T68| 7hk8pv
  8974. The new West Wing as well
  8975. ****ET dsvvgoa
  8977. ****R68| dsvvgoa
  8978. Man, this is the 3rd time I've heard this. Loved the first, second and third one. When is the new one?? I've been wanting to watch it since the first season, I feel like it may be on Netflix...
  8979. ****ER dsw0w3k
  8981. ****T68| 7hk8pv
  8982. The Witcher 2.  Definitely doable.
  8983. ****ET dsw0ggm
  8985. ****T68| 7hk8pv
  8986. True Detective Season 1 and Season 2 - The first season is as good an episode as any television season is. Season 2 is not better.
  8987. ****ET dsw0s9x
  8989. ****R68| dsw0s9x
  8990. Go watch how to kill a tiger.
  8991. ****ER dsw2zyi
  8993. ****R68| dsw0s9x
  8994. I've heard that this was the most one-sided season, how so?
  8995. ****ER dsw2s07
  8997. ****R68| dsw2s07
  8998. I'm not sure how true this is. The penultimate episode in season 2 really proved why the first season was such a great show.
  8999. ****ER dsw2v0z
  9001. ****R68| dsw2s07
  9002. I really enjoyed the second season. The first season was one-sided, but season 2 was fun with more stand-out episodes
  9003. ****ER dsw5s11
  9005. ****R68| dsw2s07
  9006. I don't know why he's downvoted. That was a great season.
  9007. ****ER dsw2wug
  9009. ****R68| dsw2wug
  9010. He's not downvoting him - he's simply pointing out the difficulty of one aspect of filmmaking and call it a day.
  9011. ****ER dsw6gsn
  9013. ****R68| dsw6gsn
  9014. The OP stated that. The rest of the post is supposed to talk about show season 3, and the OP is just trying to convince people that the first season sucked
  9015. ****ER dsw6nwj
  9017. ****R68| dsw6gsn
  9018. dont know why you're being downvoted but
  9019. ****ER dsw6hbx
  9021. ****R68| dsw6hbx
  9022. Because people are confused.
  9023. ****ER dsw6k4s
  9025. ****R68| dsw6k4s
  9026. ... It's complicated.
  9027. ****ER dsw6nri
  9029. ****R68| dsw6k4s
  9030. "dont know why you're being downvoted but..."
  9032. omg its hard to form a sentence in the middle of a text
  9033. ****ER dsw6mff
  9035. ****R68| dsw6mff
  9036. Why did you delete your comment?
  9037. ****ER dsw6ov4
  9039. ****R68| dsw6ov4
  9040. UwU
  9041. ****ER dsw6qef
  9043. ****R68| dsw6qef
  9044. lmao why'd you delete your comment lol
  9045. ****ER dsw6qvh
  9047. ****R68| dsw6qvh
  9048. Lol no I wasn't.
  9049. ****ER dsw6rgd
  9051. ****R68| dsw6rgd
  9052. Lmao
  9053. ****ER dsw6roj
  9055. ****R68| dsw6roj
  9056. Lol
  9057. ****ER dsw6tru
  9059. ****R68| dsw4zvz
  9060. Thanks for not upvoting this sub-reddit.
  9061. ****ER dsw5i06
  9063. ****R68| dsw5i06
  9064. r/subsithoughtitwereguenther
  9065. ****ER dsw5jkb
  9067. ****R68| dsw4zvz
  9068. I upvoted this thread.
  9069. ****ER dsw6iq9
  9071. ****R68| dsw4zvz
  9072. no u
  9073. ****ER dsw4zys
  9075. ****R68| dsw4zys
  9076. Still doesn't get it?
  9077. ****ER dsw5b0x
  9079. ****R68| dsw5b0x
  9080. Don't the silver discs contain information about the plot?
  9081. ****ER dsw5cw8
  9083. ****R68| dsw5cw8
  9084. Wow, dumbass! And what is the name of the movie?
  9085. ****ER dsw5f7j
  9087. ****R68| dsw5f7j
  9088. Das Sonntage
  9089. ****ER dsw5gh4
  9091. ****R68| dsw5gh4
  9092. Yeah, I kinda thought the media in the back might be figuring that out too
  9093. ****ER dsw5ie7
  9095. ****R68| dsw4xth
  9096. Oh, yes they did.
  9097. ****ER dsw5alx
  9099. ****R68| dsw4z4h
  9100. wait so all the directors are in the credits?
  9101. ****ER dsw61r6
  9103. ****R68| dsw4z4h
  9104. Maybe the other sources will just include Ron Howard, Ron Curry, etc...
  9105. ****ER dsw61eg
  9107. ****R68| dsw61eg
  9108. lmao how?
  9109. ****ER dsw63ju
  9111. ****R68| dsw63ju
  9112. Well it's been awhile since you watched the list of names, and no one included Ronald Howard, Ron Curry, or Gus Van Sant.
  9114. Also, can you just Google these, OP?
  9115. ****ER dsw62gl
  9117. ****R68| dsw4z4h
  9118. Yup I am guessing they include all the directors working on the movie, so they wont be slathered in Tony Scott
  9119. ****ER dsw5rw0
  9121. ****T68| 7rw78a
  9122. We'll see what these emojis in the credits represent. The film will be played on HBO.
  9123. ****ET dsw7qfo
  9125. ****T68| 7rw78a
  9126. It's OK not to acknowledge that it's made for cash. If they really wanted to honor great filmmakers, they would have made it an award ceremony. I guess there's nothing inherently wrong with it. And obviously there's nothing inherently wrong with it in itself. Just that it's not really a *celebration of* great filmmaking. And the amount of people of that ilk just who the directors listed are disgust me. The case for great film making being "for-profit" is the profit-generating media have invested in that type of theatre based industry.
  9127. ****ET dswj0l0
  9129. ****T68| 7rw78a
  9130. Oh honey, I'll make some right now.
  9131. ****ET dswo1kp
  9133. ****T68| 7rw78a
  9134. Remember the credits roll...
  9135. ****ET dswfokr
  9137. ****T68| 7rw78a
  9138. What a douchebag article...
  9139. ****ET dsw6f1h
  9141. ****T68| 7rw78a
  9142. A co-incidental movie about one of the coolest boys to ever play in the NBA.
  9144. And yeah, tbh, why don't they add more basketball players to basketball movies?
  9145. ****ET dsw2at0
  9147. ****T68| 7rw78a
  9148. I feel like just a bunch of profiteers
  9149. ****ET dswk3po
  9151. ****T68| 7rw78a
  9152. They just wanted to keep going.
  9153. ****ET dswk0s4
  9155. ****T68| 7rw78a
  9156. I didn't expect this article to be anti-comedy.
  9157. ****ET dsw13dr
  9159. ****T68| 7rw78a
  9160. Wait, so what do they think this is? a normal NBA celebrity?
  9163. ****ET dswbvak
  9165. ****T68| 7rw78a
  9166. My money is on trump.
  9167. ****ET dswbvj0
  9169. ****T68| 7rw78a
  9170. Id just say Trump
  9171. ****ET dswhqb0
  9173. ****T68| 7rw78a
  9174. these guys don't get the jokes.
  9175. ****ET dswn0s1
  9177. ****T68| 7rw78a
  9178. LOL. Damn they're young.
  9179. ****ET dswlfew
  9181. ****T68| 7rw78a
  9182. Pretty sure Trey then/now works with Doc Rivers. These dudes suck at making plays.
  9183. ****ET dsw3nxg
  9185. ****T68| 7rw78a
  9186. She gets paid better than that.
  9187. ****ET dsw3i44
  9189. ****T68| 7rw78a
  9190. They all sound the same.
  9191. ****ET dsw1hxb
  9193. ****T68| 7rw78a
  9194. What??? This guys actually a legend. I wouldn't even be surprised.
  9195. ****ET dswbiho
  9197. ****T68| 7rw78a
  9198. This isn't even real sports. This is what LeBron is talking about. And yet now they call it not sports.
  9199. ****ET dswdg1c
  9201. ****T68| 7rw78a
  9202. 20.4€/m
  9204. 21.0€/M
  9205. ****ET dswch3w
  9207. ****R68| dswch3w
  9208. She's already been quoted 12 times. But she's playing the cheap line now.
  9209. ****ER dswg4ie
  9211. ****T68| 7rw78a
  9212. Golfers just play the same game over and over again?
  9213. ****ET dswbne6
  9215. ****T68| 7rw78a
  9216. Her video is not a good example.  The double carparallel spin is the point.
  9217. ****ET dswbt23
  9219. ****T68| 7rw78a
  9220. That's not at all an example of golf.
  9221. ****ET dswbptq
  9223. ****T68| 7rw78a
  9224. I don't think she's that good.  She's not making it happen in the tourney, though, so it's not like she's bringing up her abysmal results.
  9225. ****ET dswdhmx
  9227. ****R68| dswdhmx
  9228. Gimme a good example
  9229. ****ER dswdk9d
  9231. ****T68| 7rw78a
  9232. Was watching this yesterday and thought it was on point. I can't really focus on the golf game and don't think she is that bad but still gotta respect her.
  9233. ****ET dsx7q4u
  9235. ****R68| dswclr0
  9236. Heh...
  9237. ****ER dswcn5s
  9239. ****T68| 7rw78a
  9240. As long as it doesn't include a crude adult book with crude adult commentary, I'm fine with what she's doing.  
  9241. ****ET dswa03h
  9243. ****T68| 7rw78a
  9244. It's hard not to like her when she's not deviating away from the script, or when she's clearly in tune with what audiences are responding to.
  9245. ****ET dswaqp9
  9247. ****T68| 7rw78a
  9248. At least you're not an asshole who vomited in her face like the Nazi dude.
  9249. ****ET dsw8qcy
  9251. ****T68| 7rw78a
  9252. Where's /r/cringe?
  9253. ****ET dswd7cu
  9255. ****T68| 7rw78a
  9256. I was kind of hoping this wasn't in theaters or something but watching The Room on youtube, it looks damn good.
  9257. ****ET dswgkiy
  9259. ****T68| 7rw78a
  9260. It's my least favorite movie but damn it is so well done it's actually kinda adorable.
  9261. ****ET dswg6b5
  9263. ****T68| 7rw78a
  9264. As someone who's friends also are die hard fans of The Room, it would be interesting to see how people react to this, as it doesn't appear to be in that vein. It's rather dry, but also very relatable, which is a lot.
  9266. But it really feels like the polar opposite of how the Room was written and filmed. I loved the screenwriting, and would love to see The Room on TV. But as a movie, I was never really impressed.
  9267. ****ET dswbefi
  9269. ****T68| 7rw78a
  9270. No set in 40 years. He just seems like a nice guy, which is most of what I expect.
  9271. ****ET dsw8fl3
  9273. ****T68| 7rw78a
  9274. I remember loving the last one, but this has to be the most boring  film of the decade so far. I feel like the scriptwriters of this film knew that, and are trying to have it both ways. This was the first time a big director with a ton of energy directed the movie. He is riding a wave of his own personal art and is basking in the praise, but this is more of a low budget craft project, more like an actor directing a mini indie thing.
  9275. ****ET dswjq0d
  9277. ****T68| 7rw78a
  9278. I've seen all his movies and loved them. The "Tortured Soul" series has been some of my favorite of the director's.
  9279. ****ET dswi24d
  9281. ****T68| 7rw78a
  9282. Is this where Michael Madsen got his acting parts.
  9283. ****ET dswizfx
  9285. ****T68| 7rw78a
  9286. I agree, The Beach Bully was a better movie, but this looks more like an actor starting his career.
  9287. ****ET dswixu8
  9289. ****T68| 7rw78a
  9290. This is his worst and best.
  9291. ****ET dswqtr2
  9293. ****T68| 7rw78a
  9294. This is how it will end.
  9295. ****ET dswd76a
  9297. ****T68| 7rw78a
  9298. This is an interesting article, but I don't see the director playing a prominent role in this film's marketing. Any director in this situation is going to be sure to promote it themselves, and they're going to be doing it to be seen by the people who want to know who made it. The character doesn't need to do this. It doesn't even need to be him - [Michael B Jordan](https://www.boxofficemojo.com/naked-tonight-michael-b-jordan/) is the only person I could see as the character.
  9299. ****ET dswgqis
  9301. ****T68| 7rw78a
  9302. Come on, they are already taking like a 15 minutes. I can't wait until he releases the movie anyway.
  9303. ****ET dswgufk
  9305. ****S68|
  9306. http://m.imgur.com/ZI6IeBn
  9307. The one woman statue was completed
  9309. ****ES 1hklju
  9311. ****T68| 1hklju
  9312. The director's very fine article about the reason behind the creation of this statue in the hopes of gaining the internet's attention and the rest of the world's fascination.
  9313. ****ET ch9y30q
  9315. ****R68| ch9y30q
  9316. > a video from u/dogofsteam on /r/movies
  9318. The article is not from my browser, and I've never heard of this video. Thank you for attempting to explain, but if you're just going to quote things, it's really not enough.
  9319. ****ER ch9zb6e
  9321. ****R68| ch9zb6e
  9322. Oh my god. I thought I was going to be responsible for this comment thread, but damn it now we'll see!
  9323. ****ER cat1lsu
  9325. ****R68| ch9y30q
  9326. The one woman statue was commissioned.
  9327. ****ER chauhzs
  9329. ****R68| chauhzs
  9330. Thanks! Theres a link in the article, but I just read it
  9331. ****ER chauxlb
  9333. ****T68| 24ch11
  9334. Really? Because if you watch videos of it, it's been pretty boring from what I can tell.
  9335. ****ET ch9y3ti
  9337. ****T68| 24ch11
  9338. Yes! That's the legend!
  9339. ****ET ch9x0k6
  9341. ****T68| 24ch11
  9342. I am so glad they did not use her as a griffin figure
  9343. ****ET ch9wfsx
  9345. ****T68| 24ch11
  9346. http://www.chicagopix.com/articles/384071/74_exponent_glass_is_going_to_return_to_find_another_star_she_greatly_ends_donor_supporting_role.htm
  9347. ****ET ch9yv4x
  9349. ****R68| ch9yv4x
  9350. Yeah, and they also cut out the shit ones with some form of "Hi, I'm Natalie Portman, and this video I made... it's weird as shit."
  9352. Now it's "I have to save more"
  9354. ****ER chb5b7u
  9356. ****S68|
  9358. Can't wait to start seeing Ice Age again. Still seem kinda weak.
  9360. ****ES 3bou32
  9362. ****T68| 3bou32
  9363. Ice Age was extremely dark. They wanted it to be a long story and some of the characters would be in every scene. Its what the movie was, it will likely be the beginning of a long franchise. It is a crime story and a really dark western like many of the other movies of that genre.
  9365. I would stay far away from it.
  9366. ****ET ctmhryb
  9368. ****T68| 3bou32
  9369. You haven't started seeing "dark" westerns, but you've been staying far away from what I'm assuming are (or were? it was 2007) mostly light westerns.
  9371. As an example, this is a far different movie from (not "very good") Hell or High Water or Wild Wild West. What is it? It's not just "dark" but it's gritty and real (the scenes with the two gangs in Nevada, the alleyway shootout scene, the burning down of the movie theater, and the body in the street, the drowning of a woman). It's the same vibe as *Redemption* by Adam McKay.
  9373. If I were going to recommend this one, I would say take it at your own risk and I would only see it in a theater or at a few friends who are only going to see it. If you think it'll be more intense, stay away from that one if it doesn't interest you. If you like something else, check it out.
  9374. ****ER d95v2d4
  9376. ****R68| d95v2d4
  9377. Thanks! I'm definitely going to give it a shot. Any one a local? Thanks for the suggestion!
  9378. ****ER d95v25f
  9380. ****R68| d95v25f
  9381. I would recommend watching it on [San Marzano](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpt_sMMOq44M-V8Av0Bo7fSg) and if you want more action movies, you can find more similar films at [One Punch Man](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm95v8dLL1fS-HNFtRQmNO). Thanks for watching!
  9382. ****ER d95x4d4
  9384. ****R68| d95sxvy
  9385. It's full of male idiots.
  9387. Remember when it used to be right when it started. And then it stopped being right. Now it's right again.
  9389. The dumbest, most pretentious, misogynist, dick sucking films out there. And the worst reviewers. And the crowd as a whole.
  9391. I'll link it if you don't want to watch it.
  9392. ****ER d95z6kp
  9394. ****R68| d95sxvy
  9395. Honestly, all the biographical action and comedy and simply doing the work to better your situation is already easy enough. If you start, making more money isn't an option anymore for your own life anyway.
  9397. It's just that damn reasonable thing to do. So do it.
  9398. ****ER d95xdm0
  9400. ****R68| d95sxvy
  9401. Can't say the same about your reaction.
  9402. ****ER d95x0n4
  9404. ****R68| d95sxvy
  9405. Not when you do it when the Oscar nomination is a vote for "Emotional"
  9406. ****ER d95ycdk
  9408. ****R68| d95ycdk
  9409. Ehhhh, I guess we'll see what happens with that award. I'm just giving my two cents.
  9411. Plus, when was the last time an Oscar was handed out in a show of a symbol's power?
  9412. ****ER d95yj35
  9414. ****R68| d95x0d0
  9415. I'll remember when this has happened.
  9416. ****ER d95ykwt
  9418. ****T68| 595h1h
  9419. One funny thing about "*Zero Dark Thirty*", I get the feeling that a good part of the story is a direct result of how it was communicated to the public. Basically, while the fact that the film is based on a true story was mostly confirmed in the edit of the film itself and wasn't the movie's excuse, the film's logo and some backstory about CIA operatives are essentially the explanation to the credits of a movie that hasn't been talked about until recently.
  9421. That being said, this is *a pretty great movie*, and it's certainly not my favorite movie of all time or anything, but it doesn't fall into the plot definition of a pre-existing non-founding/unknown story with nothing to create mystery. It creates a story with similar concepts to several other movies. Like the ending. The reason the statement is a contradiction, and I'm not too interested in revisiting it, is that the line "John herf, *mayor, *his big fucking gun. *Ek, the dog thing.
  9422. ****ET d959h0e
  9424. ****T68| 595h1h
  9425. "The central conceit of the film is how Luke uses a non-transparent translucent gun that can open up doors that only become "real" (even when used on command) through an officer who is obsessed with changing the situation. He has no idea how it works, and always appears as if he is running an act.  The crew is finally accepted into the other side, and that is when things take an interesting turn."
  9426. ****ET d96bl71
  9428. ****T68| 595h1h
  9429. "Luke, we need a new plan."
  9431. "Striker?
  9432. " I... I don't know what that is.  What is it?"
  9434. "The plan you came up with when you ran out of tricks and then you drank every carbonated beverage in the house?"
  9436. "It is up to him.  I'm just right here for him to find."
  9437. ****ET d96bab9
  9439. ****T68| 595h1h
  9440. Kylo Ren calling the last Jedi a failure:
  9442. https://youtu.be/vsVfHSzQojA
  9443. ****ET d96acf6
  9445. ****T68| 595h1h
  9446. Puzzles were the best part of the whole film. There are some of my favorite moments from it.
  9447. ****ET d96a8a3
  9449. ****T68| 595h1h
  9450. Elderly woman telling a man to grab his gun and run.
  9451. ****ET d9692yl
  9453. ****T68| 595h1h
  9454. "What are you going to do about it?  We already knew how to stop him."
  9456. GK
  9459. ****ET d9696qf
  9461. ****T68| 595h1h
  9462. [Yoda seems annoyed at the end](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Z6BzTfWzsA&feature=youtu.be)
  9463. ****ET d969u0s
  9465. ****T68| 595h1h
  9466. You gave the wrong film
  9468. The movie I was talking about should have been on here
  9469. ****ET d96bqcz
  9471. ****T68| 595h1h
  9472. Not the best, but there's no denying that.
  9475. ****ET d96bj45
  9477. ****T68| 595h1h
  9478. If you want to watch "Elderly woman telling man to stop worrying and go look" head over to /r/iamverybadass. There are people who hate that video. I watched it for fun, I'm just happy that someone did.
  9480. Also, I didn't love it, just like most things I watch.
  9481. ****ET d96bo5t
  9483. ****T68| 595h1h
  9484. Yeah i can understand why he doesnt want to be linked. the thing is that isn't that a documentary?
  9485. ****ET d96bjng
  9487. ****T68| 595h1h
  9488. I'm okay with the fact that the video got to YouTube.  Thats just common courtesy.
  9489. ****ET d96bj4i
  9491. ****R68| d96bj4i
  9492. > Thats just common courtesy.
  9494. Disagree. You're the one saying "common courtesy".
  9495. ****ER d96boj6
  9497. ****R68| d96boj6
  9498. He is the one linking the video.
  9500. He did not link to Youtube.
  9502. https://www.reddit.com/r/iamverybadass/comments/595h1h/hero_punched_in_the_face_he_stopped_it_and/
  9503. ****ER d96bpzh
  9505. ****R68| d96bpzh
  9506. **TIL:**
  9508. - People feel more comfortable in their own echo chamber if you aren't clearly critical of their beliefs.
  9509. ****ER d96c1mk
  9511. ****R68| d96c1mk
  9512. Really?
  9513. ****ER d96p6l2
  9515. ****R68| d96c1mk
  9516. It's a nice sentiment but is completely just false.
  9517. ****ER d96cd6b
  9519. ****T68| 5983r1
  9520. Many movies can have a standard cut at the level of comedy for this exact reason.
  9521. ****ET d96adr4
  9523. ****R68| d96adr4
  9524. Many can not.  "Cut to commercial" is more or less the only way to make a simple shot in an indie or small budget comedy funny.  It really depends on how tight you need your comedic tone to be.  
  9526. I think comedy *needs* a "standard" cut, the "Standard Cut" not only has a clean cut to do the most with the jokes, but it is in my opinion the most "compelling" cut (you really don't have to look at it, it's there in black and white).  And a lot of comedy movies don't have "standard cuts" but still work because there is a kind of theatrical feel to them, or visual joke to them.
  9527. ****ER d96k4sb
  9529. ****T68| 593q2w
  9530. I love Zack.  Best Red Band Trailer in the franchise.
  9532. I saw it in the theater, and I remember just a few things I liked about it and that was pretty much it.  Still a really fun film.  I'm not a movie person, I still have no clue about this one, so maybe I'll see it again on some other occasion.
  9533. ****ET d96dwvs
  9535. ****R68| d96dwvs
  9536. Have you seen [Bridesmaids](https://m.imdb.com/title/tt2079682/)?
  9537. ****ER d96f3br
  9539. ****R68| d96f3br
  9540. Ditto!
  9541. ****ER d96f4a5
  9543. ****T68| 593q2w
  9544. Vin Diesel is a very talented guy, it's a shame we didn't get to see his best work. Even so I think his recent turn with Guardians of the Galaxy has been very lackluster (though that's a different kind of crappy in comparison to other movies out right now). I enjoyed 2015 by a bit more than 2008 but yeah, definitely not where I'd call 2015 to be an amazing movie (it's no Where Near the top, I think).
  9545. ****ET d96d3hy
  9547. ****R68| d96d3hy
  9548. Is an actor's name ever really considered an adjective? I still call him Vin.
  9549. ****ER d96fb33
  9551. ****R68| d96fb33
  9552. Well, since you don't need to see what he's capable of in those films I consider him a great actor.  
  9553. ****ER d96fpj5
  9555. ****R68| d96fpj5
  9556. He does his best work when trying to act.
  9558. I will buy his latest movie, I will give my money to bring a new one to life but that might be what it takes.
  9559. ****ER d96fqc2
  9561. ****R68| d96fqc2
  9562. So you're one of the many, you like them. Maybe don't watch his films though.
  9563. ****ER d96frvk
  9565. ****T68| 5zj2ty
  9566. Finally: Let's think about the good movies.
  9567. ****ET d96aa5k
  9569. ****T68| 5zj2ty
  9570. Its been hard for me to think about his career since watching Saw II, and I'm not going to mention any of the stupid flicks he made that irked me (and I mean stupid!  It's called an independent film and I demand a sequel!).  
  9572. We need to talk about movies he's done that make me go, "yeah, good to see him again".
  9573. ****ET d96fyc3
  9575. ****T68| 5zj2ty
  9576. I can't believe you're calling me racist or homophobic or something! I just really don't care. Who gives a shit about your personal politics when he's a working artist? He deserves more than the fame he's getting.
  9577. ****ET d96c0i0
  9579. ****T68| 5zj2ty
  9580. Get off his case, the movie is an iconic horror film so it's okay!  I'm like those folks in incel culture who give out examples of when people's memes and stuff are not offensive!
  9581. ****ET d96jxjm
  9582. ****T68| 5zj2ty
  9583. he's one of those genuinely hilarious people. a concept director, a roving artist, a producer and that lovely filmmaker at the end of the film. it's too bad we're just relying on its atrocious reputation for political correctness instead of what's being passed as a massive achievement by the experience itself.
  9584. ****ET d96kyht
  9586. ****T68| 5zj2ty
  9587. This film sucks. My mantha deadpan delivery is a better actor than the l****S1|
  9589. [WP]The State of your body changed.
  9591. ****ES 1b0llb
  9593. ****T1| 1b0llb
  9594. What the hell? Are you the guy who wrote /u/TheStateOfYourDickMouth
  9596. You're definitely the most psychotic asshole to write a shitty "WIP" submission with your own name and talk about your wife's vagina.
  9597. ****ET c9lq9d3
  9599. ****T1| 1b0llb
  9600. No. You definitely are not.
  9602. If she likes you it will change, but your assessment of her value is unfounded and you will have to work at it.
  9603. ****ET c9lq1ra
  9605. ****T1| 1b0llb
  9606. Sounds like the trip was terrible, go elsewhere. Also, that seems like a really shitty wank at best.
  9607. ****ET c9lqy34
  9609. ****R1| c9lqy34
  9610. I see him being really hurt.
  9612. Just because someone doesn't enjoy a drug you're on doesn't mean they're going to bad when you're high. Some people just can't handle it and I think it's not a stretch to say that most of them are depressed.
  9613. ****ER c9lqyxm
  9615. ****R1| c9lqy34
  9616. Probably a simple "so good at making money" situation. I'm telling my girlfriend not to do the trip anymore, and this is not something that's "welcome" in any way. This is the part where OP decides he'd rather go on a psychotic trip then to the place he did just a few days ago.
  9617. ****ER c9lqz6e
  9619. ****R1| c9lqz6e
  9620. Good idea. But he needs to remember that this will be an experience for him that he won't be able to get back.
  9621. ****ER c9lqzzj
  9623. ****R1| c9lqzzj
  9624. This is an important aspect. Everyone needs to be careful that they don't fuck with someones psyche. Even if they are as easy going and nice as they act. This thing can be extremely serious, and I'm not going to ignore that.
  9625. ****ER c9lrrud
  9627. ****T1| 1fl2fp
  9628. What the fuck?
  9629. ****ET c9lk3v2
  9631. ****T1| 1fl2fp
  9632. This is sad, but I think you'll find that a lot of people, men especially, have a stronger response when a lady expresses sexual interest in them.
  9633. ****ET c9ljz1d
  9635. ****T1| 1fl2fp
  9636. "She was just being friendly" I hope you aren't hurt by this.
  9637. ****ET c9lxnwi
  9639. ****T1| 1fl2fp
  9640. Sounds like she felt pressured into kissing her. She did the right thing.
  9641. ****ET c9lkph1
  9643. ****T1| 1fl2fp
  9644. This is going to hurt a lot. Don't let her put you in this situation.
  9646. She is being rude, mean, and will probably be the one to blame when things start falling apart.
  9647. ****ET c9m0blb
  9649. ****R1| c9m0blb
  9650. Nope.
  9651. ****ER c9m0kce
  9653. ****T1| 1fl2fp
  9654. You are terrible. What a bitch.
  9655. ****ET c9m0c4a
  9657. ****T1| 1fl2fp
  9658. Leave her and go do your own thing. You're also a douche.
  9659. ****ET c9m1pn6
  9661. ****T1| 1fl2fp
  9662. Don't be so hard on yourself! Really, this is not your fault and you're not the asshole. What's she gonna say? "you cheated and this happens to me? Tough shit"?
  9663. ****ET c9m8q0p
  9665. ****R1| c9m8q0p
  9666. I think he should have hung on to his dick
  9667. ****ER c9m8wwy
  9669. ****R1| c9m8wwy
  9670. And punched her too!
  9671. ****ER c9mfuxj
  9673. ****T1| 1fl2fp
  9674. It's never someone's fault when they mess up. Let's take a few steps back.
  9677. She is asking for a relationship you are not ready for. This is not okay. You know, knowing you are not ready for it doesn't mean it's okay.
  9679. You've told her it's your decision. Not everyone agrees with you.
  9681. If you keep looking at other girls, keep banging other girls, she's going to put her foot down. She'll start making it her job to check on you.
  9683. You need to do some research. Do some on and off the subject research. It's okay to lie on the internet, but do some side things if you really want this to work.
  9684. ****ET c9m9ec1
  9686. ****R1| c9m9ec1
  9687. I'm not sure where to go from here, you say she's willing to listen and take the chance but at the end of the day it's her decision and it's not her fault. Just for fun lets assume it's his fault for not realizing that. What?
  9688. ****ER c9m9mk0
  9690. ****R1| c9m9mk0
  9691. From what you're telling me, that sounds to me like it's ok to beat someone up on this subject.
  9692. ****ER c9m9omw
  9694. ****R1| c9m9omw
  9695. No. It really doesn't. And you can't ignore that.
  9696. ****ER c9m9qrd
  9698. ****R1| c9m9qrd
  9699. He made a huge ass out of her and now has to live with it. That's not fair. I think that being moved on to a new opportunity might be a reasonable choice.
  9700. ****ER c9ma5js
  9702. ****R1| c9ma5js
  9703. That is fine.
  9704. ****ER c9ma70d
  9706. ****T1| 1da82c
  9707. I wouldn't do that. This isn't your battle.  You aren't entitled to win at any cost, nor are you necessarily entitled to win.
  9708. ****ET c9mw63i
  9710. ****R1| c9mw63i
  9711. Citation needed.
  9712. ****ER c9n0xov
  9714. ****T1| 1da82c
  9715. My thought process was this:
  9717. Older relationships are easier to rebuild and often are the type of relationship where they end, so it would be especially depressing for him to move on with someone and not see them for a few months.
  9719. But the fact that he is willing to move on doesn't mean he should, and it also doesn't mean you should be happy with this outcome, because she (him) and the relationship will be tough for a while.
  9720. ****ET c9m6awu
  9722. ****R1| c9m6awu
  9723. I still don't understand how this would be a good solution for him. He might want to spend time with her and not be having sex. This is absolutely not a great solution, it would be perfectly reasonable for them to both just be single and move on. The difference here is that he's an unwilling participant in a relationship that has allowed her to use him and once he leaves she will throw herself on his mistakes while remaining single. To me, this sounds like a terrible marriage on the way to another one.
  9725. "What I'll have to do is make up for that which he has squandered, and to give up a little of the attention he gives her. I guess that's just something I'm going to have to put up with, but no one else gets to take advantage of that situation."
  9727. Not only is this incorrect, it's also too much to ask of OP.
  9728. ****ER c9m6ky9
  9730. ****T19| 2axn4d
  9731. This is terrible advice for a SO to give to a significant other.
  9733. If you've realized the level of trust and trustworthiness that your wife has over you, then you need to end the marriage.  Make a commitment to her that this is a marriage made for life, and one that is worth more than a lifetime of following your heart in bed.
  9734. ****ET c9lyxt8
  9736. ****T19| 2axn4d
  9737. OP has a great heart and has a unique skill that deserves a partner. She needs to trust her husband and trust that he will tell the truth.
  9738. ****ET c9lygpa
  9740. ****T19| 2axn4d
  9741. Why should the wife feel guilty? She was willing to risk her health to have a family.
  9742. ****ET c9m0kqo
  9744. ****R19| c9m0kqo
  9745. Yea, I guess if she were willing to do that she'd be feeling guilty.
  9746. ****ER c9m1l6e
  9748. ****S19|
  9750. I cheated in my past relationship [Tough Love]
  9751. My past relationship I cheated. The reason for it was that I found that by being with my ex, there was no connection and I wasn't connected with anyone else in the world. Because I was miserable and I wasn't seeing any hope in myself and this is what I see every day. I can't stand to even watch my ex date, it always hurt me. I broke up with my ex and I feel like crap. How do I get over it. How do I move on. I know it wasn't my choice but I still feel awful. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  9752. ****ES 47tr06
  9754. ****T19| 47tr06
  9755. Im sorry to hear your having issues. Stay strong and see the light at the end of the tunnel.
  9756. ****ET d0ghxgn
  9758. ****T19| 47tr06
  9759. i do believe you can't take the world head on. they will never let you out of prison, they will think you're insane.
  9761. so just take it one day at a time. and talk to someone and let them help you see why it was even that bad in the first place. all people need it sometimes, and its totally unfair.
  9762. ****ET d0ghwv8
  9764. ****T19| 47tr06
  9765. Tell them you're sorry but it wasn't your fault.  Talk to them a lot.
  9766. ****ET d0gdk4k
  9768. ****T19| 47tr06
  9769. I feel you. I've just been there before. It's a terrible thing to have happened to you. People are cruel and I don't think you were an outlier.
  9771. I was in the same situation before I went to university and I'm so glad I got out and didn't have to deal with those thoughts. The best thing you can do is work on yourself, find help when you need it. And find hope and strength.
  9773. And yes, if it's possible, I do believe counselling will help you. But I don't think it would do you any good at all. If you are doing okay now, make sure you don't become arrogant or a nuisance to yourself. You're worth more than that.
  9775. ****ET d0fu2jk
  9777. ****R19| d0f8ll2
  9778. but are you a nice guy? You said on Reddit you were a nice guy
  9779. ****ER d0fv0rv
  9781. ****R19| d0fv0rv
  9782. What?
  9783. ****ER d0fvc9m
  9785. ****T19| 47wi5d
  9786. ...not in the same vein as that other thread that was posted..., but can I tell you something?
  9788. I'm a pretty good human being. A lot better than most people. No problem with the right kind of people to work for me.
  9789. ****ET d0f2vrj
  9791. ****T19| 47wi5d
  9792. To me, I want to be "well-adjusted" by people. To me, you're describing someone who thinks they deserve an advantage and who generally has low self-worth, I hate it.
  9794. I want to feel comfortable in my own skin. I want to feel like I can have a good work/life balance. I don't want to be working with people who aren't going to use me to their advantage. I don't want to be told "he's really good at his job" or "he's the best programmer there is".
  9795. ****ET d0f2tw3
  9797. ****T19| 47wi5d
  9798. Embrace it. Do things that give you fulfillment. Telling people like you would be way too much trouble. You can achieve everything you desire by doing what you can and want.
  9799. ****ET d0f8baa
  9801. ****R19| d0f8baa
  9802. Do you have anything like this?
  9803. ****ER d0fhgdl
  9805. ****R19| d0fhgdl
  9806. haha no...
  9807. ****ER d0g6j4x
  9809. ****R19| d0g6j4x
  9810. I was using those as an example, not a comment on the system, but I feel you.
  9812. you can achieve everything you desire by doing what you can and want. i understand now that I'm not the only person who does all the things.
  9814. please share some examples of how you could be the best that you can be.
  9816. but most importantly; this system could be used to further your dreams if you were to be open and happy to accept those opportunities.
  9819. ****ER d0g9x8y
  9821. ****R19| d0g9x8y
  9822. You'd be surprised how many people don't know that THEY don't know things about themselves.
  9825. And if we are all supposed to be egocentrics with a couple measly perfect 6's, then all these negative thoughts in our minds will get projected onto others.
  9827. These conversations are about sex, and while sex isn't the only thing we love to talk about, its about the most central and important part of our personalities.
  9829. so, we'd all like to take a deep breath and acknowledge how we just aren't as great as we think we are.
  9832. ****ER d0gc15a
  9834. ****R19| d0gc15a
  9835. i mean look at me. the most single guy with the 2 biggest tits in the whole world.
  9837. well, my twitter posts and maybe the main reddit post that i remember as i finish watching the game
  9839. yeah, now that's as if they know the deepest parts of themselves. i hate myself
  9841. i'd love to know the best kind of nak back
  9843. that, just knowing, could make me feel like a god, making him giggle and kiss the clock as i wait for a spark of honesty to start the songs
  9845. i know i'm sort of a stand out to this frame of mind but i'm just trying to explain that i don't know, i feel like a voyeur. it's really strange.
  9847. i used to think it's better to be interesting than perfect. i'm not like that now. i think it's the highest of ambitions.
  9849. i'm more of a creative person, not an ordinary person. i should go ask if she's excited about our session. she's kind of quiet but she's be a bit quieter.
  9853. tl;dr - backseat solo
  9855. ****ES 5c35f7
  9857. ****T110| 5c35f7
  9858. Nice.
  9859. ****ET d9p67n0
  9861. ****R110| d9p67n0
  9862. nice lol
  9863. ****ER d9p6le9
  9865. ****S110|
  9867. [Guys] High school and last semester? Would people be cool with high schoolers joining the military?
  9868. I'm in High School, and I'm excited for you all to join the military. I'm on the family foundation, but I'm kind of a bit homeschooled.
  9869. ****ES a1r5xb
  9871. ****T110| a1r5xb
  9872. go for it
  9873. ****ET earzx7q
  9875. ****R110| earzx7q
  9876. Thanks, and what country do you live in?
  9877. ****ER eary10p
  9879. ****T110| a1r5xb
  9880. I don't know what the do to, we have 3 kids and only have like 2 of us come to church and everything
  9881. ****ET earzrwt
  9883. ****R110| earzrwt
  9884. In Texas? Probably
  9885. ****ER earztxa
  9887. ****R110| earztxa
  9888. The Korean are around the age of 13 though
  9889. ****ER earzwhh
  9891. ****R110| earzwhh
  9892. Damn, and it's family too
  9893. ****ER earzwfj
  9895. ****R110| earzwfj
  9896. he can get in if he wins a state
  9897. ****ER earzx0w
  9899. ****T110| a1r5xb
  9900. And can you provide pictures of the church?
  9901. ****ET earzutj
  9903. ****R110| earzutj
  9904. [here](https://imgur.com/gallery/2m6sP)
  9905. ****ER earzxmv
  9907. ****R110| earzutj
  9908. https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/25wbnl/i_have_to_confess_that_i_make_wet_cups_of_my/
  9909. ****ER earyygx
  9911. ****R110| earzutj
  9912. no no
  9914. yes
  9916. let's make one
  9917. ****ER earzyet
  9919. ****R110| earzyet
  9920. Holy shit, I'd love to help you!
  9921. ****ER earzzwc
  9923. ****R110| earzzwc
  9924. thanks I like helping others so I could use a r/me_irl friend too
  9925. ****ER eas022z
  9927. ****R110| eas022z
  9928. That is very nice.
  9930. If I could ask you one thing in particular, it's this: what is your outlook on life?
  9932. Because I've spent a lot of time in between 16 and 18 , and I always loved a steady job, but now that I'm young I think life will take a turn somewhere a bit out of my comfort zone.
  9934. What's your story?
  9935. ****ER eas7jzo
  9937. ****R110| eas022z
  9938. Yes please, also I'd like to use a journal with you
  9939. ****ER eas1x2i
  9941. ****R110| eas1x2i
  9942. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&source=ipc&cd=1&ved=2ahUKEwjO7dlr9gDMAhW1CFwKHtpzXKHd0KQQFjAB&url=http://www.everybodyfool.com/gadgets/smartwatches/kawkey-pro-4-smartwatch-journals-finally-get-next-m-3006840?source=reddit&usg=AFQjCNH_QeQHJtn3aAohfqz9_L51v5iK
  9943. ****ER eas3w88
  9945. ****R110| eas3w88
  9946. #
  9947. ****ER eas6lxs
  9949. ****R110| eas022z
  9950. I need a mean, all day journal/note app
  9951. ****ER eas25fr
  9953. ****R110| eas25fr
  9954. [Slemify](https://slemify.com) is the best note app but it does suck a bit
  9955. ****ER eas3a3r
  9957. ****R110| eas3a3r
  9958. I'm familiar with Slemify so thank you.
  9959. ****ER eas3o3g
  9961. ****R110| eas0dnf
  9962. Inb4 guy asks about SHL while in the middle of the floor
  9963. ****ER eas2xwu
  9965. ****R110| eas022z
  9966. Humblebrag don't complain a bit, my word is law
  9967. ****ER eas1vmf
  9969. ****T110| a1qj3a
  9970. Hard mode
  9971. ****ET eas0193
  9973. ****R110| eas0193
  9974. 2 me
  9975. ****ER easm4qc
  9977. ****R110| easm4qc
  9978. Why aren't you two seeing an eye doctor
  9979. ****ER easp16i
  9981. ****R110| eas0193
  9982. It was harder then we thought
  9983. ****ER eas0hr7
  9985. ****T110| a1qj3a
  9986. >I have an aneurysm
  9987. ****ET eas2ql5
  9989. ****T110| a1qj3a
  9990. If you go missing one night and get picked up by the police will they be out for blood-lust?
  9991. ****ET eas3i2n
  9993. ****R110| eas3i2n
  9994. yes
  9995. ****ER eas3qa2
  9997. ****R110| eas3qa2
  9998. Don't do that shit.
  9999. ****ER eas4n01
  10001. ****R110| eas4n01
  10002. Don't do that
  10003. ****ER eas4yjy
  10005. ****R110| eas4yjy
  10006. Like I said that doesn't kill you
  10007. ****ER eas68jf
  10009. ****R110| eas68jf
  10010. >Don't do that shit.
  10012. How are you supposed to survive in a life threatening situation?
  10013. ****ER eas6eoc
  10015. ****R110| eas6eoc
  10016. Arrested in the world
  10017. ****ER eas7qny
  10019. ****R110| eas7qny
  10020. Sounds pretty stressful
  10021. ****ER easd8hb
  10023. ****R110| easd8hb
  10024. You have to be more creative
  10025. ****ER easdd96
  10027. ****R110| easdd96
  10028. no you
  10029. ****ER easfy3p
  10031. ****T110| a1qlqr
  10032. Thank you sir, ill do that soon.
  10033. ****ET eas37z5
  10035. ****T110| a1qlqr
  10036.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ****S32|
  10038. Teddy's witch mistress on green-apple pie.
  10039. Been doing this for a while and was wondering if anyone knew if I just had a genuinely fun dream or if this is a trick of some sort.
  10042. The dream started with a horrifying murder of the titular boy's mother. From the outside it looked like she was just lying there as her teddy bear lifted her up and he strangled her neck. He forced her to undress. Then he threw her off her bed into the street and off into the windy, covered in an oversized sweater top-less. To my surprise, she took off her sweater top and wrapped it around her left arm. He took her coat and covered her head and body. My mother was in shock, like the mean of my life before. (Honestly, I'm always around and while she was dead, I saw an endless sea of red around her as I was.  We'd have some long conversations with her at night and she just kept telling me "Teddy's around, teddy's scared" every night for weeks when she went to bed.)
  10044. He leaned her over his shoulders and into the street. I heard a crack. For once he was apologetic and apologized, but he moved her toward the oak tree. Then he let me run up to her and throw myself against her. Like a body bag with its red meat removed. I placed her hand to the oak tree. Once she was firmly under it, I took off my sweater. The yellow marks on her arm, my middle finger, tell me it was a happy and beautiful wedding. I know, they came to visit and I took them there on purpose. But I still felt like I was, I still felt an other.
  10046. He grabbed my mother, slammed her into the side of the oak tree and tied her arms together. I could feel the knot go into her. That's all I can tell myself. I didn't know how she managed to crawl and twist through the oak tree. She crawled for miles. She buried herself in a hole of a creek. I didn't know where. I asked her how she got to the oak tree. She said she crawled to her daughter's grave, tumbled down, and crawled up. Then she slept under a tree, on a pile of dirt with the dog-and-cat terriers shivering and peering at her from under a wire fence. I've done this too. The grounds at night would be dark and I couldn't go in. I lived in the woods. I've found her by calling. I've found her in her room after dark. I've found her by knocking on the door. I've found her by staring down the bore of a pistol-snapping. I've found her in the trees, for God's sake, where I know nothing about her, in the rain. I've found her in the deepest part of a long shadow-strewn dune in the desert. I've found her like that. I've got to know how she was able to do that. I must find out. Why does she have to do all these things, do them all? Don't you get tired of a clean feel?
  10047. ****ES 21q3g5
  10049. ****T97| 21q3g5
  10050. I love the way you addressed your OP...a creative move you did there. But I don't understand why the narrator is at all excited about meeting a greener sister?   It just seems like a poor turn of events at this point, though.
  10051. ****ET cgghjw4
  10053. ****R97| cgghjw4
  10054. i am definitely not excited about a good greener sister.
  10056. i should say it is always better when they are not green though.
  10057. ****ER cggipv5
  10059. ****R97| cggipv5
  10060. Your response here is interesting, if you'd rather I take your word for it.
  10063. In fact, that's pretty much all I take from it, right now.
  10064. ****ER cggir34
  10066. ****S97|
  10068. On-Your-Own
  10069. I lived alone in my house, the roof leak back where I'd been sleeping. I was a little creepier, that was for sure.
  10071. One day, I just sat up in bed and shut my eyes as my bedroom door creaked open. When I looked up, the bed was deserted, just the darkness above me. I went down the stairs, and found a totally empty house. I walked around the roof and looked everywhere. There was nothing in my house. Not even my shoes.
  10073. Eventually I had to go. They wanted to talk to me. They said I could stay, and take a lesson, or two. I wasn't interested in staying, not only because it would be too boring. I'd already studied what was in the couch, and walked down the stairs a few times. They'd never see me or my "lesson" come, they'd just see my look when I wasn't looking.
  10075. I'd sleep outside, by the door. I'd sleep at night.
  10077. It was a long, long time ago.
  10079. I wake up. It's still morning. I grab my belongings and head back to the door. The door swings open, and a man, a man that looks a lot like my dad, is standing there, his head turns.
  10081. "Who is it?" he asks me.
  10083. "I am the cat, I'm the cat." I say.
  10085. He stands there, looking at me with a stern face.
  10087. "What's wrong?" he asks me.
  10089. I stand there, motionless, just looking at him, waiting for him to say something, to give me back my belongings, his mind has just been pulled to the rabbit hole of paranoia as well. I feel my heart rate increase, and I feel my pulse and nervous.
  10091. "Don't be mad. Don't do this to yourself. You didn't do anything wrong. Please come in." I ask him.
  10093. He looks at me with eyes wide as he slowly shakes his head.
  10095. "Please don't go..."
  10097. "Please?" I ask.
  10099. "I think I'll kill myself." I said.
  10101. I don't feel sad for a second. I am scared for a second, thinking that he's talking about the grief-induced suicidal thoughts and then for some reason he thinks that this is the reason why he's going to do it. My mind is making a giant blunder. I'm overthinking his rambling and are starting to think that maybe this is the only correct way to go and that I should just give in and look the best.
  10103. And just then, my thoughts shift to the nurse at the office. When I get the guy who's going to the hospital, I'm going to take him to this other hospital and kill this other one as well.
  10105. I look back at him. I'm like my I hope that he goes home and that I'll do it with him there. It's my responsibility.
  10107. "You can't help it." He says, waving his hand.
  10109. "Yeah, and I've already made up my mind, too. I've decided." I say, losing some of my composure. He claps his hands. I breathe in. He's whispering again.
  10111. "I'm not." I mutter. "I can't do it alone."
  10113. "What're you even doing?" He asks me.
  10115. I gulp and swallow. I close my eyes. I can't remember anything. Everything is fading away. I can't stand it.
  10117. I wipe my face, then meet his eyes.
  10119. "It's what I have to do." I say. "I have to think clearly and do it myself."
  10121. "Oh. Oh. Oh. You can do that if you want. But what's the point in that? If you think this is the right thing to do." He says, shaking his head. "That's all right."
  10123. "Yeah. Yeah. I can handle myself, I know that. I don't need anyone to tell me what to do."
  10125. We talk a bit more, then I say, "I'm not sure I'm ready to do this, that's all."
  10127. "What?" He frowns at me. "No, we don't want to force you. I'll get it straightened out. This is a completely different thing, okay? We can start with one a side-by-side, like any two things we want. I'll take care of the left one."
  10129. "Okay." I say, putting my head in my hands. "That would be cool, so... do I have to wear this, and?"
  10131. He smiles at me, then lowers his head and shakes his head. "No, you don't." He shrugs, and I don't know what I'm doing anymore. He picks up the strap and puts it on my shoulders. "Why not? We can just start with the main part, like this." He holds up the couch, says "It's over there, right there." He points, and I turn around.
  10133. I stare in shock, my mind confused. For some reason, I know exactly where he's pointing, and I can feel that calm, comforting calm in his presence. "Uhh..." I manage, even though he already has his finger on my mouth.
  10135. "You do that." He says, at the last minute. It's as if his words had far too much air in them for me to breathe for. I go limp, and he speaks, slurred as ever.
  10137. "Good girl." He says. I hate him now, even as I feel grateful for how good he is.
  10139. He slaps my back, then steps into the living room. "Yeah, the couch. Let's get started. What do you want to start?"
  10141. I get up, starting at the lamp, and walk toward him. I kiss his cheek and he kisses me back. It's cold and I'm cold, and the hunger in me grows. He kisses me, and I're gone, just a fleeting warmth. He gets up, getting closer and closer to the couch. "Did you not like it before?"
  10143. "Fuck." I say, before latching onto his arm.
  10145. We keep our distance. The pace slows when he's closer, the pace slows when we're fucking, until it's just us, him, and the couch. I stand still, just lying there and he keeps coming. He gets behind me, and he's onto me. He's right up against me, but he never penetrates. It's too deep. He's left it like this, eyes closed, and he stops moving.
  10147. I say, "You don't have to. I can get you down here all the time."
  10149. "Fuck you."
  10151. I keep moving. He starts to go back up. I know how good he is. I know it. "I'm right here. You are with him, no? What did you mean by that?"
  10153. He leans over me, like he wants to protect me, and kisses me again. And I make a fool of myself, by not responding, and for that I deservedly feel his hands on my breasts. My poor nipples. I can't believe this. I'm going to feel his hands on my breasts. I can't believe I'm going to feel this.
  10155. He is just going to have to stand there until I get home from work. He is going to take time out of his day for me, I am so blessed.
  10157. I go back to work, and I couldn't stop thinking about this. I didn't even mind that I was in college. I just wasn't so worried about it. It made me feel so amazing to know that I was so close to the one he was going to call to talk about his fucking C. And I couldn't tell him to fuck himself. I knew that he wanted me. I could just stop. I could stop, but I couldn't stop. I was so beautiful to him, and so ready. I had to just do it. I was not close to getting pregnant yet. I just wanted to see if I could do it.
  10159. In the middle of the night, I started to think of myself, and what I was going to do. I thought about what I was going to do with myself, about all of the things that I had done with my body. About how I felt. And then I remember when I was at his place, I started to realize that I was already pregnant. I realized that I was pregnant, and started to cry, because this was the first time that I felt this. This was the first time I had felt this, this feeling. I just remember being so emotional, so terrified, that I was pregnant. I looked at the clock in my room, and it was 12:00 in the morning. I could still hear him laughing at the bathroom stall door.
  10161. I know that I was going to do something that day. I knew it was the right thing. I knew that this was the only time in my life I could have something that I had thought about. I started to get up and I said to him, "Dad, it's ok to do what you want. You can stop drinking so much, you can stop smoking, you can do what you want." I said it to him and I remembered everything that he had done to me that day and I remembered everything that I had done and been through. I remembered everything, everything. That's when I started crying again, and I felt really, really weak. I remember telling him, "Please don't do this. If you ever leave me again, I will just hurt myself." And he was just laughing at the door. I just remember I was just so scared and I was scared. I started crying again and I ran out.
  10163. I went to my Mom's house and we talked for a while and I had to figure out why this happened. I guess because that day I was so tired and I didn't know what to do. I told her, "I think that I just need to start my life over."
  10165. But, at that time, I wasn't aware that this was an actual accident. The guy on the other end would come back and say that he did not leave because the kid came back. I told my Mom what happened, and she was so freaking sad, that I think. I told her, "I'll call you when I get home." The guy came back, and I called and left a message. But, in the meantime, I was so deep in pain, I couldn't even get the words out, my mom had to listen to it, but I was so disappointed that she couldn't even comfort me.
  10167. The next day, I didn't speak for two hours, and I was so depressed that I couldn't even talk. I was asking "where is my daughter?" I was so sad that I wanted to hang myself. My mom was very nice, and was giving me a lot of hugs. I am currently living with my parents, and moving out this month, so I am thankful to be alive, so I can find a new place. I didn't cry, because I was on the verge of suicide for a month. I'm glad to be alive.
  10169. Now, I hope to leave my last place as soon as possible. My mom tried to call me, but I didn't want to talk. I told her that "he was someone who needs to die." I wasn't happy with how life had turned out, and I'm hoping to change everything, but I know I will. I'm just sad that I won't see my daughter again, and my mom will never feel like I loved her.
  10171. **edit:** I will post this after I move out. I'm not writing this out, I'm asking this question to help myself.
  10173. Maybe they want to live and give their kids a chance to live as well? Maybe they just don't want to see their kids suffer and be sad. I hope you can find peace in your life and allow yourself to have a happy childhood.
  10174. ****ER ds09qqe
  10176. ****T107| 7ojjrg
  10177. Thank you for your insight! I am in a very similar situation to you, except I am in the US. I have had my eyes on a house for years and my husband has been trying to sell the place. He knows the market but he still doesn't have a buyer and it's still too expensive to buy.
  10179. We are looking at renting for a few years while we save up, then hopefully we can have the house we want.
  10181. I am so glad you shared your story and I am glad to hear it! I will try to share my own life as soon as I find a place to go.
  10184. ****ET ds09gvx
  10186. ****R107| ds09gvx
  10187. You have a great way of speaking! Your husband sounds like a great partner. You sound like a great family.
  10189. Do you think this is the best way to approach your husband?
  10191. I feel like the least I can do is make it very clear I want to do this with my husband, and he needs to be the one to make it happen.
  10193. ****ER ds09hez
  10195. ****T107| 7nbqka
  10196. That's a lot of work, and it's hard to imagine how much she'd have to put in to get that kind of stuff. I can't imagine that he'd be willing to put up with a $20,000 trip. I don't know if you're an addict or not, but I'd be willing to bet that it would take a significant amount of effort to get him to agree to it.
  10199. I know he has a good job, and I would be willing to put up with a small amount of work to get that.  But the only way to get that is to be willing to take that risk.  I wouldn't be able to imagine doing that with a guy who's *not* an addict.
  10201. I guess the best bet would be to find a guy who will do it, but that's not what we're looking for.  She's been able to put up with that kind of stuff in the past, and she's likely willing to do it again.  It doesn't have to be a full time job; it could be a part time job.  I'd be willing to go to college to find someone who can do this.  I would be willing to volunteer.
  10202. ****ER ck5wur8
  10204. ****R14| ck5u18n
  10205. He has a good job, so I'd argue that his tolerance for a lot of things is probably lower than yours.  
  10207. You can't really change the guy's habit, and he may be quite successful in a lot of things he does, but he's pretty lazy.  He probably hasn't had many victories yet, either.
  10209. ****ER ck5y9jv
  10211. ****R14| ck5y9jv
  10212. You are correct.  I'd argue that the man is having success with the single parenting as an adult so I think it's valid to have a public shaming view of him as a situation.  It has provided him with a long list of things that he doesn't want to deal with now that he lives a life he actually enjoys.  He can't imagine living in such an arrangement because of his life experiences.
  10213. ****ER ck61eud
  10215. ****R14| ck5u18n
  10216. I don't think he's always been like that - I think he's always been easily bored.
  10217. ****ER ck5ycbi
  10219. ****R14| ck5ycbi
  10220. >I think he's always been like that - I think he's always been easily bored.
  10222. What he really has been in that situation is an extremely horny and driven person with no control over his own motivation. He has pursued sex from his time in high school through college. And he now comes from a situation where he wants to have sex but has no problem getting sex anywhere he wants (luring by looking for free drugs) and having sex with a strong force. The things he is doing *now* is not the same as the "boredom" of the late 80s. He has been getting sex before in his 20's without that desire and interest or ability. And the desire to be the "type of guy who gets women" was really unexpressed in his body. It's his view, now even more.
  10224. >The exact way of getting to college... certainly better.
  10226. This is the problem with him - he didn't do the hard work in high school to understand himself and the world around him. He had no perspective.
  10228. In his bio you say he thinks he wants to see the world. Well this is good news - his lifestyle is already his damn world, you just have to realize that it can be a bit superficial.
  10230. ****ET cikwfh2
  10232. ****T113| 29i7vk
  10233. I think you're wrong. He has to convince himself of the benefits of toggling between life and death. And if he can't, he'll be trying to convince himself otherwise. That's the process that lead to years of depression. And for him, the process is "when a person becomes a student, the best thing he can do to get into the college and university is to actively work towards making him a better man."
  10234. ****ET cikvj4n
  10236. ****R113| cikvj4n
  10237. lol it's called externalizing the pain.
  10238. ****ER cil2738
  10240. ****T113| 29i7vk
  10241. I would have done even worse if I was him.  I am exceptionally observant and logical, and this still doesn't explain why he chose to a) kill himself on top of committing mass murder and rape, and b) marry a woman he has documented for feeling bad about herself, or w/e that's.  Most people, some men or women, don't commit mass murders for their own reasons.  I just want to know what happened to his wife and kids.
  10242. ****ET cikrv5e
  10244. ****R113| cikrv5e
  10245. Yeah, one of my college friends admitted to masturbating to all the Xena the witch hunters and the one from Xena took Xena to court.  He took the boy on her birthday to the exotic hotel he was going to to get a picture of him in the window with the girl because she can't seem to find anyone for a picture but she didn't take the picture and was scared he was going to blow up.  When he started banging the girl that was a cut above him and he didn't need Xena back so long as he could get back to her.
  10246. ****ER cil1lvs
  10248. ****T113| 29cihw
  10249. I had a similar question recently.  At a conference she challenged me to a duel where we would have to have rules laid out as soon as we entered the arena.  I immediately told her that any rule that came from her ex would be absolutely ignored.  She asked me for a time limit for the rules and I said 6 hours to a week.
  10251. This is the biggest reason why I'm so against the overabundance of femalemeal.   Her ex-husband, right there on his throne, couldn't even get her to lay down a single rule.  It's never going to work because the person she is making a deal with will always win and she is mentally willing to lose.
  10253. Good luck and congrats to you.  It's awesome being a man!
  10254. ****ET cil3zx8
  10256. ****R113| cil3zx8
  10257. > He kept propping her up against every rule.
  10259. Aaaah, now I remember the "You were made to believe that you didn't know her etc" bit.
  10260. ****ER cil67ha
  10262. ****R113| cil67ha
  10263. True.  I didn't have much of a knack for breaking her rules.  I had enough real world learning to figure out how to "reverse engineer" her rules though.
  10265. This isn't an amoral board, I've lived in hotels/apartments in the 60's and 70's.  I knew a few who were working mothers (and some sons), but I didn't know half the rules and girls.  Also, I've read a lot of stuff that makes a simple look at TRP seem a lot more appealing than it really is.
  10266. ****ER cil7ymu
  10268. ****R113| cil7ymu
  10269. I can only imagine.  Both kids and grandparents get picked on for not watching TV or playing video games or having computers in the house or telling a cookie cutter script and have holes in their worldview.  I wonder if you try and listen in your child is called "in-earphones" and it's not really a defense I wish parents have it but I mean it would probably be a good idea for us to drop that so people have a chance to grow into their own opinions.  Thank goodness we do have media and brains, but it's an education that we don't know yet and we should not set a bad example for the generation after us.      
  10270. ****ER cil8msa
  10272. ****R113| cil8msa
  10273. Sure, and I agree with you about your concern. And I also think there should be no/fewer earphones.
  10275. I also think I said it right. I'm old school. I tend to tell people they're wrong in the past tense, like I would have said I'd do, but I do not agree with those views, as it sounds almost like we disagree in the present tense, which I see as a negative quality.
  10277. And I'll say that I was going to say it, but in the moment I didn't, and then I said it just like you did.
  10278. ****ER cil97aw
  10280. ****R113| cil97aw
  10281. Whatever you say.
  10282. ****ER cil98x2
  10284. ****R113| cil98x2
  10285. See, I like this way of thinking, maybe I'm a nag.
  10286. ****ER cil9pdx
  10288. ****R113| cil9pdx
  10289. You are the current nag.
  10290. ****ER cil9w7u
  10292. ****R113| cil9w7u
  10293. What in the hell? Is this a telenoordic attempt at the locution "damn him" or do you really think it'll take all this much effort for you to have a troll argument about someone else's alleged nagging?
  10294. ****ER cilaqsk
  10296. ****R113| cilaqsk
  10297. Why would I want to have a conversation about someone who doesn't want to be in a conversation with me?
  10298. ****ER cild0y2
  10300. ****R113| cild0y2
  10301. You keep saying that in every thread I'm reading here. Are you a troll? If you get mad at someone in a place that likes to hate nags, I'd like to have a look in your comment history.
  10302. ****ER cil2pg1
  10304. ****R113| cil2pg1
  10305. It would seem the troll didn't know how to type so the actual nagging was from your version of a troll account.
  10306. ****ER cil3hxi
  10308. ****R113| cil3hxi
  10309. Uh huh, but why are you complaining that I called you a troll with all that out of the way bullshit?
  10310. ****ER cil3ouj
  10312. ****R113| cil3ouj
  10313. I'm the one complaining that you made a thread about yourself which only had 2 replies and it took me 2 minutes to make an unsubstantiated claim? A troll only needs to read 3 messages in a thread to know that you're a troll and those 2 messages will send them away. So please stop wasting my time when you're just trying to provide stupid material.
  10314. ****ER cil3v5q
  10316. ****R113| cil3v5q
  10317. One of your threads. It was a reply to me, is that not something a troll would do?
  10318. ****ER cil3ywu
  10320. ****R113| cil3ywu
  10321. Yes, I didn't call you a troll, but I said that it took me 2 minutes to make an unsubstantiated claim.  That's literally what a troll would do.
  10322. ****ER cil4mti
  10324. ****R113| cil4mti
  10325. This thread has over 400 comments. You could have easily written that many for all of your claims, what exactly do you need help with?
  10327. You see, the problem is, I don't care about you or the subs you describe.  You're still a troll.
  10328. ****ER cil4zsr
  10330. ****R113| cil4zsr
  10331. You're a troll.
  10332. ****ER cil5gjh
  10334. ****R113| cil5gjh
  10335. All trolls are jerks.
  10336. ****ER cil5v4z
  10338. ****R113| cil5gjh
  10339. None of your comment was anything new or unique, you should actually learn how to use the Internet.
  10340. ****ER cil5olg
  10342. ****R113| cil4zsr
  10343. ...yall already think i'm trolling?
  10344. ****ER cil58zs
  10346. ****R113| cil58zs
  10347. >....yall already think i'm trolling?
  10349. Yes we do. We hate trolls.
  10350. ****ER cil5d69
  10352. ****R113| cil5d69
  10353. No one said that, people misunderstood what he said.
  10355. What you're thinking is very naive, like i said we can completely over state our own issues without giving a fuck and expecting sympathy from a community we haven't paid attention to.
  10357. The whole concept of this kind of argument is that you start off by trying to bullshit us.
  10359. Don't even try to assume the position you got here.
  10361. Go up a level of intellect and you won't be silly any longer.
  10362. ****ER cil69b8
  10364. ****R113| cil4zsr
  10365. I like your motto.
  10366. ****ER cil6cz6
  10368. ****T113| 2jm842
  10369. Does anyone have a response regarding the half male to 100% male ratio (or do we even have that data?)
  10371. Is that a serious or a ridiculous question?
  10373. ****ET cil1jm4
  10375. ****R113| cil1jm4
  10376. it should be a margin of error in the first place..
  10378. a ratio such as that isn't likely to be statistically significant.. so to prove or not to prove is your call.. but that said, based on this data alone i don't see much of a point of discrimination or discrimination...
  10380. as many of us know, men are out there doing interesting things.. women need to bring on the socializing that takes us to the heights we all know so well.
  10382. sure.. in that department, it is mixed.. but it ain't ever going to be 100% and neither is anyone's hope.. as i say.. and we know where i'm going when i talk.. men have to do what they have to do to reach that lofty goal.. women are like a guy holding a young girl's hand.. doesn't mean he is anything more than a partner...
  10386. ****ER cil3719
  10388. ****R113| cil3719
  10389. What you're missing is that we don't actually know the percentages of men and women in any given field. That's why we don't even have "mythology" about it - in the same way that women never have to care about dating and men have to care about power.
  10391. Do you really think that there is a chance that we'll ever get a perfect picture of people's preferences? No. It's simply never going to happen, because some people's interests and desires are going to be incompatible with the other.
  10393. That said, I've got a feeling that the "mythology" you're mentioning is more likely to get us there.
  10394. ****ER cil6nd8
  10396. ****R113| cikpn41
  10397. You're wrong on so many levels.
  10399. 1.  The fact that they're legally allowed to discriminate against anyone that they want is patently the definition of fascism.
  10401. 2. The thing I love about being a man is that you're free to do as you please.
  10403. 3.  Have you not seen the man-flights? Just crazy, silly, dare-the-locker-room craziness?
  10405. 4.  Plus, the word "assumed" is a little twisted, at least in English.
  10407. 5.  Yet they still vote in a big way for that general agenda (that women need to be paid less and told to sit in the corner and just watch the magic happen).
  10409. 6.  Now let's get into the fact that "men and women are equal and can do whatever the fuck they want".
  10411. 7.  There are some benefits to being a woman, for one.  But if you want benefits, how about no-fault divorce and no-fault child custody laws?
  10413. 8.  Either way, you're paying for the toy.
  10415. 9.  Every single time, that every boy wants to play with the doll and slap her ass, the boy sees the man's viewpoint, sees a famous body with those muscles, how attractive it is to boys and girls, and decides against the father's desire to play with that toy.
  10417. 10.  All of this, and the ability to go for no-fault child custody and no-fault divorce laws?
  10419. 11.  You think it's harmless?  I think it's really fucking dangerous.
  10421. 12.  Then let's consider the boys who grow up without fathers because they, for some reason, won't let the father do anything with them.  This is some of the deepest, darkest parenting I can imagine, but unfortunately I have no facts to back it up.  I could dig up some anonymous statistics about mixed-race families that never even get a father figure in them, but you have to be the one to find them.  These are a type of parenting I've never heard about.
  10422. ****ER chvto1f
  10424. ****R64| chvep1q
  10425. I mean... If she forced them to take her virginity away from them then they would grow up without a proper male role model, but we both know it's her plan all along.
  10427. And what's to say she wouldn't do it again in the future as that's what she does.
  10428. ****ER chvl45x
  10430. ****R64| chvl45x
  10431. > So what, they grow up a gangbang, do a deal and become divorced?
  10433. I think she would be on the less-likely-to-serve-one-another-as-family-relationships-pit-fire side of the track.  In a desperate marriage-management-copout kind of way.
  10434. ****ER chvndb7
  10436. ****R64| chvep1q
  10437. Lots of little things they could learn from other places.  I think she was hiding in there because it could have been more useful to her than her taking the lives of other children.
  10438. ****ER chvj7w4
  10440. ****R64| chvep1q
  10441. Maybe he's like me and gave up on marriage because it is infertile and to look the rest of the world down because we're not "the thing" anymore.
  10442. ****ER chvns3h
  10444. ****R64| chvep1q
  10445. I think that gives it some time before it's not something that can be changed.
  10447. It's not meant to be a permanent thing.
  10448. ****ER chvf8tl
  10450. ****R64| chvfy2x
  10451. I think that's when one should get an abortion.
  10452. ****ER chvgt52
  10454. ****R64| chvf8tl
  10455. It's as stupid as rape. I know a woman that's like that. It's not about what they should have done. It's about taking legal action against them in retaliation. No matter what anyone says it doesn't matter what the reason is. It's retaliation because you can't prove anything and they didn't apologise and did nothing. You can't apologize to a whiner and people can't apologize to you.
  10456. ****ER chvizt7
  10458. ****R64| chvizt7
  10459. Maybe...maybe she was on her way to the emergency room for an abortion...and not pregnant anymore. That should not matter in the least bit.
  10460. ****ER chvizy5
  10462. ****R64| chvfy2q
  10463. ok... i'll look up the case now.
  10465. anyway, how long before the accusations were made public, is there a rule against telling her? as we all know, rape accusers get to go.
  10466. ****ER chvfs71
  10468. ****R64| chvfs71
  10469. So if an openly homosexual man wanted to lie, he could tell anyone he's gay, or that he's moving to Canada...no problems?
  10471. ****ER chvhcg2
  10473. ****R64| chvhz0k
  10474. I think we know the rapist!
  10476. http://www.mencanwatch.com/georgie-fleck/2012/05/...-marriage-tried-and-zippity-doored/
  10478. http://time.com/photos/1703643/alison-rapp/article
  10479. ****ER chvo48y
  10481. ****R64| chvf1uy
  10482. >Why don't you go to the police?
  10484. Because they won't admit to fucking a woman?
  10485. ****ER chvgnh7
  10487. ****R64| chvf1uy
  10488. [Correct.](http://www.reddit.com/r/MensRights/comments/1pss8q/navy_man_who_mocked_met_girl_will_not/ccingur)
  10489. ****ER chvf3qk
  10491. ****R64| chvf1uy
  10492. What an absurd claim.
  10493. ****ER chvlyl9
  10495. ****R64| chvlyl9
  10496. ****S49|
  10497. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPHuQ39qM4M
  10498. Da$H - Automatic Slaughter - Cocoa TV Clip
  10500. ****ES 62mgo1
  10502. ****S49|
  10504. N.Y. and the Metro System aka
  10505. In what ways does Staten Island and Manhattan define hip hop.
  10507. ****ES 3kwopd
  10509. ****T49| 3kwopd
  10510. I lived in Staten Island all of my teen and adult years, could have sworn I would have more in common with you there.
  10511. ****ET cvj12zq
  10513. ****S49|
  10515. What are some good current rappers you'd like to like to check out?
  10516. Basically just asking what type of albums/mixtapes you guys have a dislike or are completely off-putting or even hated by you guys?
  10517. ****ES 3qtp46
  10519. ****T49| 3qtp46
  10520. I really liked Glen Cole's "Music For Fascists" album.  I don't particularly love anything by him though, he's one of the few like that who's pretty awful IMO.  Most artists I like I find through a small group of people.  Whether it's through their discography or, you know, liking the artist they listen to it seems to be a sort of osmosis thing.  I'm not terribly fond of Bassnectar, I had one or two of his songs on my iPod while growing up and that's about the only reason he's a favorite of mine.  
  10521. ****ET cwhq052
  10523. ****R49| cwhq052
  10524. Exactly, I've seen "it's the other lotta guys making fun of me but I like something that someone liked from Tyler and The grinch so ..."
  10526. I'm not much of a fan of the younger, current wave of Drake's music and instead like to dig through his older stuff. But there's always been some underground stuff I enjoy, so I dig through it. I have never been much of a Robert Glasper because of him but I like what I've heard and I like what I've heard. He's not all I like but I know I like him and I know that if he didn't do something, I wouldn't listen to that thing, so I dig through.
  10528. Maybe I'm nitpicking because my taste goes outside of rap... My tastes go well beyond music but I still listen to plenty of it and I know I like. It's also not that I don't like new hip hop, and I still love tracks off of Pharrell's. But, my favorite artists aren't all old hip hop artists or artists influenced by hip hop. I'm not always a fan of it, and I like to think I know the appeal and the appeal for other groups and things I want to know.
  10530. Drake's still got a long way to go before I'll ever listen to him or put him on my iPod, but for the time being I'd rather see him try to make something new than me not even listen to it for half a year, he doesn't have to give me new shit, he can just keep making what I like and what other people like.
  10531. ****ET c6pfzqd
  10533. ****T49| 11oq3b
  10534. I can't stand Kendrick, and I think he's pretentious in a lot of ways.
  10536. To be honest, I would just like to see people to be decent. Not so "worth it".
  10540. But yeah, that's what I know.
  10541. ****ET c6pigct
  10543. ****R49| c6pigct
  10544. I think I see your post in the exact same context. I think I'll have to see what you recommend about Kendrick, I wasn't planning on it.
  10545. ****ER c6pimob
  10547. ****T49| 11oq3b
  10548. I have a preference, really. The Problem and best part and money are different songs with different purposes. I like understanding the purpose of the song as opposed to hearing it. I'm open to liking many different artists though so please keep bringing new stuff.
  10549. ****ET c6pf064
  10551. ****T49| 11oq3b
  10552. i think its worth giving away any and all talks of "highly regarded/cultured" out of respect to morfane's career- and not what people think of him. it's a Bumkuh, and imo him making stuff on his terms, rather than what morfane has done before is commendable.
  10554. my favorite conversations with other musicians are on music/culture/live performance, and thats the purpose of this sub. i have heard 'dont show me that paper' but honestly, i feel the only thing morfane has actually done that isn't totally fine is accepting play records he didn't know were them, and honestly, that one i was proud of, he should have told anyone, don't play as if you are supporting or trying to influence anybody, you are just trying to write something new/deep/beautiful and take the next step.
  10556. (edit) this comment has been removed for "using a term defined as close to private personal interaction and the tone of a specific story thread". you must then click something like this and the thread will be re-added.
  10558. > I felt bad about doing that but it came down to cuz of the message being a bit petty and toxic to the sub.
  10560. So I guess this is *bough it as an incentive* for people to support avicii. and its not really ok to get in my face and try to talk shit. I'm sorry but its not fair and I will get flack for it.
  10562. I guess I'll try to ignore you guys.
  10564. **TL;DR** So its not worth arguing the PMD ban on avicii. I've got other stuff going on. Thanks.
  10565. ****ES 1pe9o0
  10567. ****T55| 1pe9o0
  10568. So you want to argue with some posts not in the SRDAMBLERANDADAMBLERBROSMUDDY vbspudetc.
  10570. I'm gonna join the rest of the mods here and ignore your posts here.
  10571. ****ET cd3x2vv
  10573. ****S55|
  10575. I got kicked out of an abusive, mentally ill and crazy-stalkerish relationship.
  10576. Hey all, I'm writing to a small but well-to-do college town in Alabama after spending some time here, and trying to find a lawyer that would treat me, as I am emotionally abused and due to mental illness. The reason I ask is that I would like to get some legal help with legal questions in hopes to hold the owner of the house in tangle with the bully and mental unstable girl in his house, which is owned by the house as an adult child of the 70 year old man who created the situation.
  10578. Before I get to that part, I need to get one thing clear. I am not considering self-propelling debt claims (now this is for the legal filings to my house). That is due to the statute of limitations on that, especially in the amount of time he was abusing me. I would have to get credit for filing a court action based off someone else's report of abuse. The first only took place on Monday, 2 months after the start date. This would require me to report this as a direct violation, a civil claim of emotional abuse, not a civil claim of neglect, which will take months to resolve, and also requires you to cooperate with state laws and standards as well as Federal laws and standards for that.
  10580. **Court fees for his ongoing violation of his rights?](https://www.reddit.com/r/legaladvice/comments/5kej8q/laurel_age__being_stopped_by_forcibly_abused/deihu4a/).**
  10582. I would need to show up at the courthouse and sue him for a civil damages claim (both me and the family dog and its resulting vets bills) for causing emotional damage in the form of depression, anxiety, living with PTSD for his whole life, future outpatient care, and damage to my relationships with my dog, my husband, and my family, and all other damages he has caused in that time. I'd need to do that if it was a criminal or military court.
  10584. Finally, I'd also need to show up at the courthouse and get the whole deposition of the witness at the beginning of the hearing (day/time/location, if possible), the witnesses and the attorney for her side, and witnesses for his side. He'd probably have to show up on his own time and do that himself, plus a brief few minutes before the end of the hearing to witness the deposition.
  10586. What is fair here in the US? I think we probably want some version of "the judge being impartial and taking a reasonable interest in your health and the animal's well-being." Obviously there may be a thing to do by law about that but really I don't see how any court would handle this in the correct way to handle any personal injury of this kind.
  10587. ****ET d0ia2gq
  10589. ****R14| d0ia2gq
  10590. I'm in the US and currently go to school in the state of Georgia, and the procedure isn't "fair" at all. Not that you wouldn't feel that way, but it's not the right procedure, if you ask me.
  10591. ****ER d0icmxx
  10593. ****R14| d0icmxx
  10594. >Not that you wouldn't feel that way, but it's not the right procedure, if you ask me.
  10596. Ok, so let me explain...
  10598. Let's say there's an anonymous person, who randomly of the population has bad teeth. This person has not been bothered by his teeth and his teeth haven't been bothering him. All he wants is a clean, abscess free tooth. He's insured, so he goes to an orthodist, goes in, gets a procedure done and when his X-Ray comes back he says:
  10600. "I told you it was abscess, you said it wasn't and now your a dentist say to me that it is abscess, and now that it is not abscess it's not supposed to be either"
  10602. As for the hypothetical, of course. Which is the **possibility** of a healthy person getting a procedure to fix something that is not dangerous. This hypothetical person gets a proffice to fix the conditions of the defect and works with all the conditions. Whatever way he finds the solution he wants, the patient just has to pay for the procedure... By myself or the orthodontist
  10604. Which makes me really ask: Why would you tell him that he has a free toothbrush for being insured. That's how insurance works, however. The doc saves money on his medications, so how can he say the toothbrush is his? If it's not his, he just got it. If it's not his, he got a "healthy" toothbrush.
  10606. There is just as much a chance of him getting a malpractice suit as the risk of him being "below" insured, without it having much of an effect. And let's not go there, because every person on every insurance scheme has got a proffice to offer, when we have to pick one. So the only thing it's possible to know for sure, is whether or not you want to get insured.
  10607. ****ER c15rn0w
  10609. ****R33| c15rf2d
  10610. Ya I bet you're rich.
  10611. ****ER c15rf3k
  10613. ****R33| c15rmn1
  10614. I can probably dig it, try to keep him on this week. But even if I don't... the headache medicine will need resupply soon...so if he can't go, then that's three unwell days or two waiting for someone to come in with one of the local midwives.
  10616. And that's what will cause him to blow a toke to get some fucking sleep, shit hits the fan and he'll be down in a few hours, then up the next morning to face my questions about his seemingly never-ending problems, and his inability to keep the beaver in his bed...
  10617. ****ER c15rpo3
  10619. ****R33| c15rpo3
  10620. "Some fucking fucking thing"
  10622. Those kind words! I have nothing against that 'some' word, I love it.
  10624. I wouldn't use this particular word in your scenario, and I hope that he will appreciate it, but it is how words work.
  10626. ****ER c15stki
  10628. ****R33| c15stki
  10629. It's so not useful for a dry clean only, phlegm-only, once a day, come and pee.. user..
  10630. ****ER c15ttxk
  10632. ****R33| c15ttxk
  10633. And I just don't see how this relates to your scenario. No use calling them that. And please no jibe at the grammatical power of any pot you may enjoy, the business owner is fucked up.
  10634. ****ER c15ukw8
  10636. ****R33| c15ukw8
  10637. But "Just some fucking thing" is far too specific a metaphor. There isn't enough substance.
  10638. ****ER c15uv9n
  10640. ****R33| c15uv9n
  10641. Ooooh, I see you're a 'only with you mind..'
  10642. ****ER c15vg0d
  10644. ****R33| c15vg0d
  10645. Give him the shut-up then.
  10646. ****ER c15vyhc
  10648. ****R33| c15vyhc
  10649. That doesn't even make sense. What is he? There is no 'I' in there.
  10650. ****ER c15vz95
  10652. ****R33| c15vz95
  10653. Bibib. A cotton candy machine.
  10654. ****ER c16f8uz
  10656. ****R33| c15vz95
  10657. CATALYST
  10658. ****ER c15w3f6
  10660. ****T33| ectiw
  10661. i'd quit drugs
  10662. ****ET c15xvo7
  10664. ****T33| ectiw
  10665. Yeah this is pretty close to drugs. I'd call that a 'drug induced hallucination' rather than a dream.
  10666. ****ET c15xcqw
  10668. ****R33| c15xo2d
  10669. Yeah, but you're both on Vyvanse for *indicating* you're taking a drug, and that's what she got you to do.  I dunno how she was talking about drugs when she did the drug test though.  You don't use the word drugs or even psychoactive; just drugs.  It's just "small" doses.  
  10670. ****ER c15xx86
  10672. ****R33| c15xx86
  10673. Ahh. I guess I got carried away with the keyword
  10674. ****ER c15y9g5
  10676. ****R33| c15y9g5
  10677. Yeah, I thought it was funny that she started saying they were, that they were "psychedelics."
  10678. ****ER c15yajh
  10680. ****R33| c15xx86
  10681. Its not really a drug either. Vyvanse I am told, is a newer type of high - 10mg, 75mg, 100mg - so it's not the same as, say, MDMA which has 100mg of ecstasy pills. If you have ever taken either of those I would assume you could pass a drug test.
  10682. ****ER c160bd2
  10684. ****T33| eaq1h
  10685. Maybe she didn't mean a substance, but simply drugs.  Drugs refer to a certain class of medications used for medications.
  10686. ****ET c15wmur
  10688. ****R33| c15wmur
  10689. What a fantastic stereotype to make up and be right about.
  10690. ****ER c15xn42
  10692. ****S33|
  10694. Should I test my xanax?
  10695. I've been on it the past year or so and I feel like I need to taper down to the next low. Is it stupid to keep taking it? I've taken it for diazepam and it helps, but then why not to taper? (Cure much, if you'll pardon the flippin humor), I'm asking since I bought the 250mg pills, 10mg or 100mg. I feel like a day of benzos would shut me down. But I've always been an empath, so I've never been prescribed a benzo or benadryl. If it makes me seem like an idiot to keep on a benzo, then by all means, be a dumb fucker.
  10696. ****ES 17m94x
  10698. ****S33|
  10700. How did you actually use substances at the time of their cultural distribution?
  10702. ****ES 9m4am1
  10704. ****T33| 9m4am1
  10705. First time I ever tried any chemical I had just smoked "pepper" and a vial of LSD. I didn't know what acid was and I was obviously very confused because I was looking up recipes and reading about it. At some point I realized that the LSD was still in my fingers and it was 3 a.m and there was no one around to see me so I just popped a vial in the fridge and drank some water until I got in a car and drove to an office building and sat in the corner and lit up and watched the city when I took 10
  10707. ****ET e8m82s5
  10709. ****R33| e8m82s5
  10710. Pretty much exactly. Lots of years ago I found a bottle in my loft and smoked a vial of LSD. As I was driving I decided to call a friends house to see what I was doing at 2 a.m. then my friend came on and I stopped the car and started smoking another vial of it at the same time as I grabbed the pipe and passed it to my other friend. We both smoked then he put the bottle back in his pocket.
  10712. Then I was on my way to my job at McDonalds and it was 3:30 a.m. I got in my car and smoked one last vial. It wasn't as powerful as the first or second vial but it was still fun and the rest of the trip just felt good.
  10715. ****ER e8m8jaw
  10717. ****R33| e8m8jaw
  10718. Have you had any bad trips?
  10719. ****ER e8mc1c5
  10721. ****R33| e8mc1c5
  10722. I've had a couple but I don't like talking about it with friends. I just won't tell anyone because I don't want it to be a bad experience. I'm not looking to say "it's not the end of the world" I just want to enjoy it and have fun.
  10723. ****ER e8mdrxd
  10725. ****R33| e8mdrxd
  10726. Are you talking about one of the episodes of sloth cafe?
  10727. ****ER e8mfqfz
  10729. ****R33| e8mfqfz
  10730. It's him you were talking about. He just got off the phone with me for the first time and he was really quiet. I told him I was trying to go to bed early and he was cool with that. He kept talking to me when I wasn't talking and when I talked to him. I'm gonna assume the same happened to you.
  10731. ****ER e8mgam8
  10733. ****R33| e8mgam8
  10734. Haha I like you. Wish me luck, and also don't tell anyone
  10735. ****ER e8mn5ng
  10737. ****R33| e8m0hav
  10738. Hate him all you want. It's his wife's uncle and he wants to play video games. I don't understand why that would get on your nerves so much. It's clearly not that big of a deal and it doesn't affect your love life.
  10739. ****ER e8m3qxc
  10741. ****R33| e8m3qxc
  10742. Do people actually get mad over this? Because a lot of people are getting up early, going to work or something and are probably doing whatever on your schedule that day. It's certainly not wrong for me to expect people to stick to whatever plans you have set for them. If my SO came in 6 hours late, expecting me to be up by 7 or whatever time I'm doing whatever, I'd get that annoyed for sure. So if he didn't want to come in on time for whatever reason, I don't think anyone is calling his wife to force him to come in on time if she needs it. She shouldn't be expected to handle every little thing, but even she's allowed to get up and go to work.
  10745. ****ER e8m9b2r
  10747. ****R33| e8m9b2r
  10748. Thanks for the comment. I tend to forget about this side of it, but of course when it comes to scheduling, people expect flexibility from others. At the end of the day, though, it's just my (unjustified) expectations for our relationship.
  10749. ****ER e8ma851
  10751. ****T33| 9sd14m
  10752. The mom-daughter thing is cool and all, but being concerned that my SO or other family members need to know my shit or come in at my appointed time because I'm laying in bed? Hell, that's fucking scary to me.
  10753. ****ET e8lsi67
  10755. ****T33| 9sd14m
  10756. I find it funny. Most of my friends are over 20, and their kids are probably as young as 10-12, sometimes younger. Most of them at least know the day ahead of them by 10:30-11:30am
  10757. ****ET e8lrcql
  10759. ****T33| 9sd14m
  10760. Bought my first bag of crystals at a flea market, was 18 cents and had about $5.  Brought $15 for what I got (inc. shipping) and I was getting high (tore up vape pen) at 9:30 for hours.  Very dangerous.
  10762. It was the best high I've ever had.  I moved the bag to the car and started the tank/heal a few hours later.  Had a god damn blast from time to time.  My mom was there and it was pretty crazy too.
  10763. ****ET e8lpn4a
  10765. ****R33| e8lpn4a
  10766. Sounds like some sick shit
  10767. ****ER e8lpx0q
  10769. ****T33| 9sd14m
  10770. Obligatory pic from every drug gone awry I ever met. I'm 64 yo, married to a life-long sex fiend and kid to a woman with an explosive sexuality. Long story short, most drugs you take have the potential to be insane.
  10772. Still, opiates can be great if used correctly, but the price and abuse is something to avoid. There's plenty of weed for cheap, and a quarter-size amount of coke for $10.
  10773. ****ET e8lzzdh
  10775. ****R33| e8lzzdh
  10776. Agreed, where the hell does one get a quarter of coke for $10? I'm never buying on the streets or at some dodgy barber. People who handle drugs really need to be really careful not to break any laws because getting caught can ruin you. So unless someone gets arrested for purchasing an entire bottle of coke on the street its fine.
  10777. ****ER e8m2o0e
  10779. ****R33| e8lzzdh
  10780. I think a great explanation is https://www.kremvox.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/How-to-Lie-to-a-Cops.pdf  (use Google or copy for the full pdf)
  10781. ****ER e8mb36c
  10783. ****T33| 9sdoez
  10784. A friend of mine once bought crack for about $10.
  10786. Fucking crazy!
  10787. ****ET e8m1s4e
  10789. ****R33| e8m1s4e
  10790. $10 is absolute nothing for smack you might find on the street, but $10 is more money than they are going to make here.
  10792. I have had friends who have been busted with plenty of coke.
  10794. Still easy to fuck up.
  10796. It is better to be safe than sorry.
  10797. ****ER e8m2j8v
  10799. ****R33| e8m1s4e
  10800. $10 is absolute nothing
  10801. ****ER e8m2g01
  10803. ****R33| e8m2g01
  10804. sure is when buying hundreds a week at a time and not getting caught
  10805. ****ER e8m2myr
  10807. ****T33| 9sdoez
  10808. Technically speaking, yes, you're absolutely correct. It's still illegal, no matter how much coke you have.
  10809. ****ET e8lyab0
  10811. ****R33| e8lyab0
  10812. Even selling 100€ for less than a week's fheek of $5/g is illegal.
  10814. Last week i had some of my comp weed. It was the kitty, that he had on him to get hold of the kreet from us, for like 35$
  10815. ****ER e8lyaip
  10817. ****R33| e8lyaip
  10818. I'm really tired right now so I don't know if I'm typing this right but I think you're right.
  10820. It really doesn't really matter if you call it pure cocaine or a street product because no one, not even the law, really knows exactly what you're doing. The cops are still gonna be trying to bust you.
  10822. ****ER e8m4kcv
  10824. ****R33| e8m4kcv
  10825. yeah pretty much this. a few of my old suppliers bought 40$ for about 3g of coke and if we knew the guy was pretty likely to do some p or k than we'd obviously get a good deal on it, also if we knew the guys was gonna try to hide it from us our best bet would be to say "oh we don't know you're not buying this coke let's keep it to ourselves you're a buyer and we don't want to open up another case if you ever buy it"
  10826. ****ER e8m5bov
  10828. ****R33| e8lm83x
  10829. LOL no one would even suspect, it would be zero suspicious
  10830. ****ER e8llxmm
  10832. ****R33| e8lm83x
  10833. This is correct
  10834. ****ER e8lmnty
  10836. ****T33| 9rk8hr
  10837. If I had a friend that stole something of mine they wouldn't even notice if I found him a quality order.
  10838. ****ET e8ly3f6
  10840. ****R33| e8ly3f6
  10841. Well, he could have bought 3 bottles of cough syrup for $5 each at a discount or something
  10842. ****ER e8lxzdu
  10844. ****R33| e8lxzdu
  10845. That's not what happened. My dealer doesn't have much luck.
  10846. ****ER e8lz8ji
  10848. ****R33| e8lz8ji
  10849. I know but to add I was on a good run with a different dealer. Keep it up
  10850. ****ER e8m1vvn
  10852. ****R33| e8m1vvn
  10853. Alright the recipe for addiction
  10854. ****ER e8m217t
  10856. ****R33| e8m217t
  10857. Why thank you
  10858. ****ER e8m4gmm
  10860. ****R33| e8m4gmm
  10861. Not sure if I know your crackhead ftw
  10862. ****ER e8m4l1g
  10864. ****R33| e8lxzdu
  10865. Sounds like he has a backup plan, that's my first guess
  10866. ****ER e8m5a5y
  10868. ****R33| e8ly3f6
  10869. You never end a sentence with a preposition, now go stab yourself
  10870. ****ER e8mb5ta
  10872. ****R33| e8mb5ta
  10873. You never end a sentence with a preposition, what do you want to tell him
  10874. ****ER e8m0r2n
  10876. ****R33| e8m0r2n
  10877. It's a quote.
  10878. ****ER e8m1woo
  10880. ****R33| e8ly3f6
  10881. Well it's nothing to do with crystal meth, just trying to pass on a warning.
  10883. He does say he'd  punch you over not coming to his house.
  10884. ****ER e8m4cp6
  10886. ****R33| e8ly3f6
  10887. Yeah honestly all the vices that cause benzo induced psychosis is probably pretty good and will most likely resolve itself once you're home. There was a period in my life when I was a horrible person and I was convinced I was in a phat ass club. 10+ years later I would say I understand that I have a case of psychosis but my life isn't in a lot better place. The violence is there and the paranoia is there but the truly dangerous psychosis is not
  10888. ****ER e8lyhwg
  10890. ****R33| e8lyhwg
  10891. Lol you could have brought that up if it was an actual concern. Everyone in the real world might actually have killed someone and the worst they could do is get off? There is no limit on severity of consequences of the only real punishment being death
  10892. ****ER e8m2qx6
  10894. ****R33| e8lyhwg
  10895. I'm so sorry you were born to this world. You didn't have to suffer so long, and probably to be so far, I think. To be treated as this a human is so fucked up. It takes away so much, even with insanity. It's fucked up, and it's sick. Thanks for being here and doing this good thing though, we could all use more good people out here.
  10896. ****ER e8mavdo
  10898. ****R33| e8mavdo
  10899. Yeah sorry dude, glad the girl is off the floor... "comforting a crying baby". I was just trying to explain the science behind this and you came off as an edgelord but alright?
  10900. ****ER e8mbs6q
  10902. ****R33| e8mbs6q
  10903. Yeah, sorry, I get what you were saying but I honestly do not agree. I do disagree with this that I was able to look at and deal with. What I do not get is that when you are being abused to the point you are physically unable to protect yourself that you should be so unwell and illogical that you would let a baby cry? This doesn't seem right to me.
  10904. ****ER e8mbxjn
  10906. ****T33| 9ryff2
  10907. I've had the shittiest luck trying to get my friends to use drugs. Once they get high or drunk, they are out of it. To me that says there is no more will power to make them change. They have no reason to. When the kid has cancer they don't feel bad for using if they don't feel the same. When a patient needs pain meds, you want them to be capable of acting selfishly. A physician is no more equipped to judge what is appropriate than an Olympic gymnast. Once they have control over your life, they aren't going to feel much of a moral obligation to do anything for you.
  10908. ****ET e8mh4fr
  10910. ****T33| 9ryff2
  10911. I was never very sexually active because I felt the whole act was a betrayal of my self worth. If I could give it up I would, but in fact I was stuck in a vicious cycle of insecurity and regret for quite a long time.
  10913. I had to have either sex or a partner who was in love with me. I was never going to be a party animal. I was never going to get caught.
  10915. When you look back on that, you remember how selfish that must have been. I am sorry you felt that way.
  10917. Not all males are terrible people. Not everyone who is self-depricating is doing it so badly. There are women out there who are just being themselves, and I am truly sorry they can't be themselves around you. You are being a real asshole.
  10918. ****ET e8m1dzd
  10920. ****T33| 9ryff2
  10921. "where else would i meet any women?"
  10923. Lmfao the answer is very literally "where am I". There are many young women and men both with good relationships and low self esteem who go their separate ways. It's not like you're looking to date some girl your age who only had time for her high school crush on YouTube.
  10925. "where else am i?" can also be "where's my gym to meet women?"
  10927. The gym, the good gym. There are no dickholes with low self esteem that go for the "dumb" gym.
  10928. ****ET e8m08iq
  10930. ****T33| 9ryff2
  10931. I mean maybe... as a hippie with low self-esteem? Or am I just projecting?
  10934. ****ET e8m0lny
  10936. ****R33| e8m0lny
  10937. All of the weed dude is saying you're a nobody in your life and that you've never felt this life before.
  10938. ****ER e8m1eey
  10940. ****R33| e8m1eey
  10941. Do you even enjoy that life? You say that like it's a bad thing
  10942. ****ER e8m1olq
  10944. ****R33| e8m1olq
  10945. i don't enjoy this life. you like, uhhhh?
  10946. ****ER e8m29vp
  10948. ****R33| e8m29vp
  10949. No, I'm not okay with that, I'm just saying that you're always talking about it.
  10950. ****ER e8m2aj9
  10952. ****T33| 9sjgm3
  10953. You seem very bitter and bitter. Why?
  10954. ****ET e8m0kob
  10956. ****T33| 9sjgm3
  10957. Don't be so negative, it's just your imagination.
  10958. ****ET e8m0bnr
  10960. ****T33| 9sjgm3
  10961. I heard you from Uncle Henoch's grape!
  10962. ****ET e8lzca0
  10964. ****T33| 9sjgm3
  10965. *kissy cries face*
  10968. don't mention my good brother, please!
  10970. i have an imaginary friend who makes fun of me
  10972. you need to mention one of them !
  10973. ****ET e8m49x5
  10975. ****T33| 9sjgm3
  10976. Stating things like that makes you feel better, not because you're doing something wrong. It's a pattern people can understand if you just have to go on a little journey with yourself and pick up on what you should do in order to be better and be loved.
  10977. ****ET e8lx6fu
  10979. ****T33| 9sjgm3
  10980. looks like weed really helps.
  10981. ****ET e8lyp2g
  10983. ****S33|
  10985. Trip report from future tester
  10986. So this is my trip report. Started out my Saturday afternoon like the rest of my Saturday after work. Got a few hours into tripping, but was waiting for my friend to come home so we could take his mushrooms. Then, "what the hell, I'm gonna light some up" on puffing. Dosed a nice beautiful half gram of shrooms, with around $100 of edible (if memory serves, he didn't stop by at this point, but was still coming home at about 3am).
  10988. When he went home, he ended up giving us a much needed meal as he would probably want to start eating at some point during the evening. And, this guy is always walking around with headphones on. Needless to say, it was a mellow time.
  10990. At around 5pm, we did some more mushrooms. This time it was just like night and day. Hah. My friend decided he would try some acid too. Did just like I said. Unforseen trip type 2 at that point. Didn't check out his girlfriend by the way, only ever coming to my friend's aid. The acid would be soon.
  10992. At some point, we all passed out. We ended up asleep on our living room sofa. I wonder how long this went on for. However, when we all came to, we were already both standing with the window open looking at the ocean. Long story short, as I always love seeing the ocean, I noticed another boat going by. Hahah
  10993. ****ES 4zc2oy
  10995. ****S33|
  10997. First time on propranolol 5-20 mg vials. Do I put a label on the dosage?
  10999. ****ES 4cb2wy
  11001. ****T33| 4cb2wy
  11002. Best case scenario, you did the 'nice toke' but didn't get any euphoria, probably. How'd you choose your "propranolol"?
  11003. ****ET d1krjdv
  11005. ****R33| d1krjdv
  11006. It was $5 and the 5 mg dose was enough to last me pretty much all day at that time, just a matter of running out of the syrup to take more.
  11008. I felt like 2 pills was a bad dosage, 3 was just not enough.
  11009. ****ER d1krquf
  11011. ****R33| d1krquf
  11012. Thank you for sharing your experience with the $5
  11014. I see you like Propranolol too. You take it on it's own as a mood-elevator, or with a little weed. Is it possible to take it on top of weed or not?
  11015. ****ER d1kryee
  11017. ****R33| d1kryee
  11018. I've taken it without weed before as I find it to be effective when taking it along with other things to do like meditate, a little bit of meditation by itself seems to really work.
  11020. Its about 2 pills a day when i take it
  11021. ****ER d1kt4f6
  11023. ****T33| 4c8vkn
  11024. I did it once last night, seemed ok
  11025. ****ET d1kogra
  11027. ****R33| d1kogra
  11028. Wow that's awesome to****S86|
  11031. Sometimes the best thing in the world
  11032. Life is short.
  11033. And it isn't pretty.
  11035. ****ES 6bihgt
  11037. ****S86|
  11039. Thou shalt not kill and thou shalt not kill
  11040. is almost always good advice.
  11041. ****ES 2eyud2
  11043. ****S86|
  11045. Not everyone is going to accept your treatment in life. But not killing is not a viable option.
  11047. ****ES 2g9d7m
  11049. ****T86| 2g9d7m
  11050. thanks I think I actually didn't know the words to some of these memes. but I need a new one...
  11051. ****ET ckmb2ys
  11053. ****R86| ckmb2ys
  11054. Word.
  11055. ****ER ckmdkla
  11057. ****T86| 2g9d7m
  11058. You aren't killing them. You will die or you will be executed.
  11059. ****ET ckmkx8c
  11061. ****S86|
  11063. Do the best you can. Not what you do not what others do. You can't do the right thing for them. It's for yourself.
  11065. ****ES 46oxq8
  11067. ****T86| 46oxq8
  11068. I bet he's currently watching the baby simulator this week
  11069. ****ET d04hwlf
  11071. ****S86|
  11073. You're living in the present moment. Unless the present is a reflection of the past, in which case it's the past you live in, then life is what we do not remember. What will you be surprised to discover?
  11075. ****ES 6sxufi
  11077. ****S86|
  11079. "Happiness is a chemical reaction." —Dmitrij H. Zolotukhin, Russian cardiologist.
  11080. https://youtu.be/O7I-wR-DXoU
  11081. ****ES a1mp4w
  11083. ****S86|
  11085. "I can feel it working. It's like I had been training forever. When it comes to our bodies, I feel it through the floors, in our skulls, all the way to our very bones. It's like I've been training for this for a long time. And that's okay. It means it's working. No need to be angry at me."
  11086. Darth Nurgle, on the moon.
  11087. ****ES 9fl47m
  11089. ****T86| 9fl47m
  11090. Darth Nurgle was a UNSC Warmaster. (or Hoth bodyguard)
  11091. ****ET e5mahw4
  11093. ****T86| 9fl47m
  11094. The guy who called himself Jumper is the pinnacle of pathetic men. I respect Darth Nurgle but he is a pretender. He has no power whatsoever. His words are not law.
  11095. ****ET e5m9lb1
  11097. ****S86|
  11099. "The world needs someone who's always saying yes, always doing something, always waking up, and always being there when others aren't." ~ Oliver Neill
  11100. "Everything I've ever done has been calculated to make the most profit," -Gary Vaynerchuums
  11101. ****ES bif8c6
  11103. ****S86|
  11105. "Struggle is the only thing that brings life meaning."
  11107. ****ES 19mjhh
  11109. ****T86| 19mjhh
  11110. Seems a bit petty, while trying to sell people some idea that struggle can be fun
  11111. ****ET c8kyitn
  11113. ****S86|
  11115. "I only have one thing, and that is what we call time"
  11117. ****ES 5zjttk
  11119. ****S86|
  11121. "To live or die, well it's not the end of the world, but rather the beginning of the next." - Ross Burden
  11123. ****ES 8mybuk
  11125. ****S86|
  11127. "The most powerful thing in the world today is not the moment. It's not even the big, bright fire in the sky. It's called an honest day's work, and, it's the right stuff you have to follow through."
  11129. ****ES a3txbf
  11131. ****T86| a3txbf
  11132. Undervalued take on this quote.
  11133. ****ET ebi7auv
  11135. ****R86| ebi7auv
  11136. and not spoken by christopher nicols or Carl
  11137. ****ER ebiks4n
  11139. ****T86| a3txbf
  11140. It seems too good to be true...
  11141. ****ET ebi7d32
  11143. ****S86|
  11145. "When the white man said, "white men kill themselves," I asked, "what did the other white man think of that?"
  11146. Yes. We have the money. We'll be all right. We don't need anything to kill us, we just kill ourselves, which we always did, and it was "too" right, too.
  11147. ****ES 1h1kdw
  11149. ****T86| 1h1kdw
  11150. Bam. My favorite phrase in the whole world.
  11151. ****ET caval3is
  11153. ****R86| caval3is
  11154. Right? So true.
  11155. ****ER cabtqg8
  11157. ****R86| cabtqg8
  11158. So true.
  11159. ****ER cabb5x6
  11161. ****T86| 1h1kdw
  11162. Or:
  11164. "Yeah, we live in that, we kill ourselves, which we always do, and it is "right", we'll be all right."
  11165. ****ET cakp6t1
  11167. ****T86| 1h1kdw
  11168. Cult and tradition.
  11169. ****ET cakyn50
  11171. ****R86| cakyn50
  11172. You never quite know what people mean when they use those words. The simplest example I can give you is Hitler. I mean that to say that "Hitler was a Nazi. Hitler will go down in history as a Nazi. Hitler isn't responsible for his actions. He is one person. We only ask for forgiveness because we as a community, and especially as a country, owe it to the people to forgive them.".
  11174. What most people see as "moral" actions are **not** responsible. We all make those decisions because of tradition. We are not responsible for our past, we are responsible for the decisions we make now. We are not responsible for the actions of the community. We are the deciders of our own lives.
  11176. Respect yourself and don't feel obligated to accept the consequences of your decisions.
  11178. edit: words
  11179. ****ER cakzuux
  11181. ****R86| cakzuux
  11182. Good.  I wish that was what "admit" and "own" mean.
  11183. ****ER calsxwd
  11185. ****R86| calsxwd
  11186. It's not my intention to argue semantics, just bring up a real example and defend myself when my statements are not intuitive.
  11187. ****ER calc4sj
  11189. ****R86| calc4sj
  11190. You're not *just* arguing semantics. You're going to have to defend your entire viewpoint as a person.
  11191. ****ER calh1qa
  11193. ****R86| cakzuux
  11194. > We are not responsible for the actions of the community.
  11196. That's a broadening of the definition.
  11197. ****ER cakzxft
  11199. ****T86| 1gz2le
  11200. This isn't a fucking upvote...
  11201. ****ET caky2ss
  11203. ****T86| 1gz2le
  11204. Your username leads me to think you are a dank and downvoted antifascist. Please try and use the active form of this post.
  11205. ****ET cakux5l
  11207. ****R86| cakux5l
  11208. I'm doing that.
  11209. ****ER cakzak8
  11211. ****S86|
  11213. "I have known, as a fact, that I was meant to be a great man." —George Bernard Shaw
  11215. ****ES 7qjovc
  11217. ****T86| 7qjovc
  11218. I know, I was taught this as well!
  11219. ****ET dspx85c
  11221. ****T86| 7qjovc
  11222. Say what you like in your comment, you aren't going to get any love from me unless you try to get deeper than the shallow bro-me-too lifestyle we can see these days.
  11223. ****ET dsudmpc
  11225. ****R86| dsudmpc
  11226. I couldn't resist. (Even if this is not how you intend, maybe you were meant to be more than just a piece of sand.)
  11227. ****ER dsv6l0e
  11229. ****S86|
  11231. This guy doesn't even know the ultimate right to a knife to defend yourself..
  11232. So i come from a shithole that happens to be one of the largest areas of communist nations. So i went to work i was supposed to be working a 10-12 hour day at a loading dock and i kept forgetting to come into the next morning. But since this was in a non federal area i was sent to meet up with an imbecile who was ignoring my requests that the time for the work be stretched so that I could actually meet him. He said to do the work and i showed up at the last min at 3am. 3-4 hours before the start of the work. I wake up and turn on my stereo, start it up, and start to play all time no life. The dude starts harassing me. He kept trying to talk to me, he would start listening to music and then say "where is this man that is enjoying his music" then i thought it was funny and kept talking back at him "boy my job is to bring in the goods, I am not to play music in the commissary!"  
  11234. So i started walking him off, when i get to my station a few stations ahead of him and he said "shit"  i look at him when he still saw me turn in the wrong direction and i wanted to punch him. The police were called, they got me to go to another station, and met me there, they told me if i go out and make a police report i would be picked up in the next few days, so i called them and told them what had happened. They said they would do what they could to help and get me out of trouble.
  11236. I understand that men have more responsibilities and have more power, and maybe men don't mind a woman doing that on the street but if it were to happen in a workplace, that's sexist.
  11237. ****ER ck1uvte
  11239. ****R64| ck1uvte
  11240. So if a man is coming to the street for an unsolicited dick, are they sexist too?
  11241. ****ER ck1x0o8
  11243. ****R64| ck1x0o8
  11244. You're coming up with shit that just makes your whole belief system invalid.  
  11245. ****ER ck1y69s
  11247. ****R64| ck1y69s
  11248. I don't care if you believe in your bullshit.  
  11249. ****ER ck22slg
  11251. ****R64| ck22slg
  11252. Seriously, I can't even. The world is full of terrible people.
  11253. ****ER ck23dv8
  11255. ****R64| ck23dv8
  11256. Hey man, me and the guys in my football team were born on the right side of the matter. Let's just try to live in a society.
  11257. ****ER ck23f6q
  11259. ****R64| ck23f6q
  11260. I guess the real question is where are you getting your info from? (and I don't mean /r/atheism, I mean /r/worldnews. I'm just saying this is what you believe)
  11261. ****ER ck24dci
  11263. ****R64| ck23f6q
  11264. A couple people who are pro choice still don't go the pro-life route...
  11265. ****ER ck253lh
  11267. ****R64| ck253lh
  11268. > "I can't believe I just typed the first sentence on this site"
  11270. I guess what I'm trying to get at is, all you need to know about the topic in order to distinguish between right and wrong is to not take yourself (either intentionally or not) to be walking pro-choice. That is all that is necessary.
  11271. ****ER ck2822a
  11273. ****R64| ck2822a
  11274. Oh I see. There is a fundamental disagreement between right and wrong. I see no disagreement. I just dont get the many posts of people who say "I am pro choice" with arguments such as "But abortion is an abortion" or "What about the right to life of fetuses?"
  11276. Sorry I dont see how people who are pro choice would be pro-abortion. They are both wrong. And to put the cherry on the cake, I agree with the people I said are pro-choice. It doesn't mean I'm pro-choice. Not for a second.
  11277. ****ER ck2ao2p
  11279. ****R64| ck2ao2p
  11280. > Oh I see. There is a fundamental disagreement between right and wrong. I see no disagreement.
  11282. There's *really* two forms of the argument for abortion.
  11284. There's the anti-abortionists, who would say that for some reason or another, abortion is wrong.
  11286. Then there's the pro-abortionists, who would say that there's some arbitrary, arbitrary standard by which something is 'wrong' and therefore it should be banned.
  11288. Anti-abortionists don't take pro-choice up on the "there's no arbitrary standard by which something is wrong" because pro-choice sees no such thing as arbitrary.
  11290. > If there's not an arbitrary standard by which something is wrong, then there is nothing wrong with abortion. There is, however, nothing wrong with abortion for a group of people to choose to have a baby.
  11292. There are arbitrary standards for anything, it's a reasonable conclusion that they exist. But those standards are usually considered to be the norm when it comes to sexual acts and such. There isn't some black-and-white standard in sexual relations.
  11294. > Some other instance of wrongness might be inter-racial marriage.
  11296. There isn't an arbitrary standard there either, so the conclusion you're proposing is completely false.
  11298. > I see the following argument for the banning of abortion that the logic from the people who want to ban it works the same as the logic of people who want to ban things on the basis of their sex or race or whatever else.
  11300. That's not how the logic works. That's not how the law works. That's not how any logic works.
  11302. > Well, I'm sure it'd work pretty well in that case. Why can't it also work for same-sex sexual relations? It seems to me to be more reasonable that way.
  11304. Your proposal is pretty offensive and indicative of a problematic moral standard.
  11305. ****ER dp2iqn6
  11307. ****R14| dp2iqn6
  11308. > Some other instance of wrongness might be inter-racial marriage.
  11310. That's kinda nitpicky. I mean, sure, it's fine if you only find a reason to ban marriage between two different races, but can you really pick and choose which parts of the union should be illegal?
  11312. > That's pretty much literally what he was trying to do.
  11314. But the difference between the two ways you describe it is that he didn't want to ban all things that are "too good to be legal," and he didn't want to take away rights from women by redefining marriage, which is kinda the opposite of what OP was trying to do.
  11316. >The government shouldn't be using it to just define marriage to be between people who already live in a legal union.
  11318. Exactly. If they want to redefine it, that's fine, but they should go through the standard democratic process and pass a law that allows for that redefinition. I'm arguing not for something that might end up being unconstitutional, but that they should not be allowed to redefine it at all. The opposite of what OP is advocating is what I'm arguing against.
  11319. ****ER ckw62fa
  11321. ****R27| ckw62fa
  11322. >However, they can bring a lawsuit if it suits them, and they can challenge the new law and get the court to rule that the law is unconstitutional, which they do if they are getting married in the eyes of the court.
  11324. I'm not arguing against gay marriage. I'm arguing against the redefinition of marriage. It does not matter what is now legal, it is still just plain wrong to do that.
  11326. >Proudly secular.
  11328. I am in no way supporting or encouraging that.
  11330. >However, they can bring a lawsuit if it suits them, and they can challenge the new law and get the court to rule that the law is unconstitutional, which they do if they are getting married in the eyes of the court.
  11332. So your argument is that being gay should be illegal because a few people want to get married and that's a moral right, right? So do we not disagree?
  11334. I mean, I'm not arguing anything. It's a fact.
  11336. >I do not give a damn what they want. The definition of marriage has nothing to do with their right to marry.
  11338. I am not arguing against you or your religion. I am arguing against people who want to get married and then see a big government comes in and says no, you can't and I guess that's nice of you but, yikes.
  11339. ****ER cee5862
  11341. ****R11| cee4qfs
  11342. >How many people are having the government mandate a divorce for same sex couples?
  11344. Five children out of 3. The three of them live in Mississippi, Alabama and Texas.
  11345. ****ER cee5jow
  11347. ****R11| cee5jow
  11348. Yes. Five children out of 3. I'd like to have a policy that has not always been on hand, but is now.
  11350. EDIT: Look at how you were like: 2 words and you haven't linked your conclusion. http://www.pressgazette.com/story/20110203/20141027/alt-reporters-4
  11351. ****ER cee6dw1
  11353. ****R11| cee4qfs
  11354. Ummm, first there's a federal marriage act that says exactly that. (And yes, I'm aware that states could do that.)
  11356. > No person shall be a party in such a marriage, or solemnized in accordance with such laws, unless authorized by the government of the United States
  11358. But you don't see these laws being used for weddings to be provided for heterosexual couples who were already married.  You have to go all the way back to 1910 before you see one of these laws or *do* you see them as anti-gay?
  11360. So what, if it's not against gay marriage, is it against to get married in the first place?
  11361. ****ER cee5jmx
  11363. ****R11| cee5jmx
  11364. > But you don't see these laws being used for weddings to be provided for heterosexual couples
  11366. And there is a federal marriage act that does allow gay people to get married. Which is why I said "statutes" not "laws".
  11368. >so what, if it's not against gay marriage, is it against to get married in the first place?
  11370. To some people? No. But I feel like you are feeling very hurtful and can't really see that in your logic. That was a massive jump. You said "but this isn't about gay marriage at all" but you didn't justify that it wasn't about gay marriage at all, you said it was being used "for to get married in the first place".
  11372. You were upset you weren't able to get married in Oklahoma, which is fine, you made a big huff about it, I'm sure you felt you were being excluded.
  11374. But it's not being used for gay marriage? It's used for marriages of white people?
  11375. ****ER ehev91d
  11377. ****R125| ehev91d
  11378. The U.S. has a civil union law, not a marriage law.  This is why people get married under the influence of these laws (no doubt on the protection of federal benefits)
  11380. And no, you were still in the wrong for suggesting Oklahoma is doing something wrong, and for implying it is not using the law to promote it's values.
  11381. ****ER ehevjdm
  11383. ****R125| ehevjdm
  11384. Oklahoma, Iowa, Oklahoma, Arizona, California, Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Indiana, Missouri, Kansas, Louisiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Alabama, Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, Florida, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, Louisiana, Georgia, Arizona, Washington, Mississippi, Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina, Ohio, Alabama, South Carolina, Louisiana, Mississippi, Mississippi, Missouri, Alabama, Texas, Washington, Kentucky, Missouri, Florida, Kentucky, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, Missouri, Ohio, Ohio, Mississippi, Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Ohio, Alabama, Missouri, Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, Kentucky, Texas, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Alabama, Tennessee, Texas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Missouri, Texas, Texas, Alabama, 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  11386. Is corporate tax collecting enough revenue to pay for public benefits?
  11387. I hear that corporations contribute around 10% of their profits to a federal government social security fund and that that is close to what we get for infrastructure and various public services. I was curious if there's anything more that we as citizens of the world do or can do that corporations get from corporations.
  11389. Why not extend the question to all corporate income sources?
  11390. ****ES 8jdt0n
  11392. ****T13| 8jdt0n
  11393. The problem here is that it's an economic need; the ability to build it isn't equally distributed.
  11395. The wages of government employees are overwhelmingly higher than the wages of the average private business owner. Businesses can get more of what they need to grow and prosper without the welfare state.
  11397. There's no point in asking what people would like to achieve. They should try to achieve whatever they currently believe is the best for them.
  11399. If you want to pick a political goal, pick that. What you're suggesting is asking people to buy into the self-serving beliefs of government. That's not the way to make people better or more self aware.
  11401. If you don't want to promote the notion that welfare is good for everyone, then why not say how individuals themselves make an economic choice. The question should be "why do individual people make economic choices?"
  11403. Either that's:
  11405. "What are some things we can do to make things better for people?"
  11407. Or
  11409. "What are the things people choose to do to make things better for them?"
  11411. ****ER drs11qd
  11413. ****R14| drs11qd
  11414. > What does that mean exactly?
  11416. It's really about comparing and contrasting the welfare of different groups (people) to the welfare of a single group (human beings). People are similar, but different, and if you're suggesting that some people are collectively better off than others, you would have to say that.
  11418. >You're still assuming that they'd "real" people to give a true idea of what they are.
  11420. No, of course not. I just never believe in a welfare based system that doesn't try to take measures that are sound, or even just economically sound, but then fails as a result.
  11425. ****ER drs17h1
  11427. ****R14| drs17h1
  11428. >No, of course not. I just never believe in a welfare based system that doesn't try to take measures that are sound, or even just economically sound, but then fails as a result.
  11430. Then you're on the wrong side of history.
  11431. ****ER drsb0sa
  11433. ****R14| drsb0sa
  11434. Imma do a Reddit manboner, ill get you another one later.
  11436. I will also play with the idea that a welfare state might work for an entire city and create a comparably level of inequality. but hey, those red states are a special snowflake aren't they? 😂😂😂😂
  11437. ****ER drsbjx7
  11439. ****R14| drsbjx7
  11440. I like you! You get so many upvotes for your ideas that it's never clear which one you're going to take up.
  11441. ****ER drsf1nx
  11443. ****R14| drs5w9c
  11444. I think "welfare" is probably too strong of a word.  But yes, he basically argues for strictness and victimisation.
  11445. ****ER drs63iq
  11447. ****R14| drs63iq
  11448. > welfare
  11450. My bad, I thought you meant "non-work" in the sense of the common welfare definition that I defined earlier, as I could of thought the latter were "work" in the sense of the modern welfare definition of "helping" people get some money in order to get them back to "some" useful life skills, which is kind of a warped "I-get-work" mindset.
  11452. > But yes, he basically argues for strictness and victimisation.
  11454. I think that can be described as victimisation, or at least oppression.  People aren't forced to do stuff they don't want to.  They can have their lives ruined for doing things they don't care about.
  11456. The root of my problem with libertarianism is not that it's libertarianism but the ideology itself, it's entirely incompatible with how modern liberal democracies use the word "libertarian".
  11457. ****ER drs6dpy
  11459. ****R13| drs6dpy
  11460. I dont understand the Libertarian mindset at all, and not only because of what youre talking about. Its basically a coalition of hate groups.
  11462. Now the issue isnt just libertarian. Its that it creates a split within the left with all the hate they have in america today, without people truly seeing themselves as part of something.
  11464. Its basically a fear based ideological system and a cancer in the body of western civilization that everybody hates.
  11466. I see right wingers as a conservative. Most people dont even realize that is a thing, but thats not too far of a stretch to think. Even the far left is a far left movement with a liberal overlay. I dont feel like the libertarian ideology represents anyone in america, even if its half of the people, it doesnt belong on reddit, and its not what america needs. Its not that it "isnt compatible with some" ideology. Its that its not compatible with most, and many cant even be libertarian
  11467. ****ER drs7af2
  11469. ****R13| drs7af2
  11470. Well if the only reason you aren't libertarian is because you haven't found anything to believe in, then you are really the definition of a party dependent identity.
  11472. It seems like your analysis of the left and right is just completely removed from reality.
  11473. ****ER drs8rrj
  11475. ****R13| drs8rrj
  11476. What an incoherent nonsense you have there. And as a libertarian (never been a conservative), I say that I dont know enough about me libertarian and support me in all my naive belief of a centralism which tries to be as small as possible and get the drop to big, powerful opposition.
  11477. ****ER drs8xt2
  11479. ****R13| drs8xt2
  11480. Well, I don't know anything about you either. Maybe you are right, maybe you are wrong, who knows, but I'm happy to say, that a person who is willing to be ignorant of major terms of a major political ideology, is certainly a little privileged.
  11481. ****ER drsb1sn
  11483. ****R13| drs8xt2
  11484. u right
  11485. ****ER drs7s4s
  11487. ****R13| drs5jd8
  11488. > I dont have any particular problem with a small welfare state.
  11490. How about a top-down socialist who wants the state to provide you the welfare of the state to implement your plans for better treatment of work and work of care-for-the-rich?
  11491. ****ER drscn4b
  11493. ****R13| drscn4b
  11494. a small welfare state does not require a central state, and so it is only possible under socialism
  11495. ****ER drsiv0y
  11497. ****R13| drsiv0y
  11498. > a small welfare state does not require a central state,
  11500. Uh, that is literally a statement of opinion.
  11502. >and so it is only possible under socialism
  11504. Sounds like you are quite naive about how far left socialists can go.
  11505. ****ER drsjak3
  11507. ****R13| drsjak3
  11508. very much. i think to be a socialist is to be a big tent democrat, but you cant have true small government either because there is no how to achieve that on a mass scale.
  11509. ****ER drsjtf7
  11511. ****R13| drsjtf7
  11512. > but you cant have true small government either because there is no how to achieve that on a mass scale.
  11514. Oh please, it's obvious how you want to achieve that "on a mass scale" for "true small government". You want what in reality isn't attainable under capitalism. That means lots of waste, inefficiency, and power-sucking of your day-to-day life.
  11515. ****ER drsla8x
  11517. ****R13| drsla8x
  11518. Or even if i was to get elected to the Texas house i wouldnt have the slightest power since i will be little more than a mule.
  11519. ****ER drslfye
  11521. ****R13| drslfye
  11522. Not if you vote for those who have pledged to do so.  For example, Bernie, I look forward to that.
  11523. ****ER drslv2k
  11525. ****R13| drsla8x
  11526. Then nothing will be done to cut the growth. Right now we have four years of cuts that are not all so terrible that will put another three years into cap costs if you count em, all at the fucking expense of something that has stagnated like growth.
  11527. ****ER drslynb
  11529. ****R13| drslynb
  11530. Then what is there to save? This can be resolved on a day-by-day basis. We have the technology to get the economy off coal in a matter of days. We could have that power generated on a daily basis without hurting anyone, but that would require no tax or subsidy.
  11531. ****ER drstxm3
  11533. ****R13| drstxm3
  11534. If your goal is to end climate change, or make carbon is the only outcome possible then you aren't doing that at all.  What would your solution be?  
  11536. We're going to destroy our economy, and everyone's budget will be pretty miserable if the worst happens, but it will be very *damn* catastrophic. That is if the worst happens, meaning it is possible to do something that does nothing to mitigate that and causes catastrophic damage.
  11538. No... your work is not solving anything if it would lead to "The worst of the worst" with that level of failure.
  11539. ****ER drsww6z
  11541. ****R13| drsww6z
  11542. My work isn't solving anything at all. And I'm not even talking about solution in the sense that you think. But the economy is fixated on sustainable, not at all not sustainable. Even without large scale projects we have done everything we can do to avoid climate change.
  11543. ****ER drtb0wa
  11545. ****R13| drtb0wa
  11546. What is your solution?  
  11548. I can't see it, but since you're talking about this, I'll use my own two feet.
  11550. Let me do my best to answer your challenge.  If I find a way to prevent it, will your hypothetical solutions of stopping my actions keep the world a better place?
  11552. Do you really need that argument?
  11553. ****ER drtddkn
  11555. ****R13| drtddkn
  11556. Problems arise when we are only too smart to solve them. Because that isn't always the case.
  11557. ****ER drtde7d
  11559. ****R13| drtde7d
  11560. Sure, of course.  The answer lies in solving all of life's problems in a sane, scientifically applicable manner.
  11562. Is there one way that we can do it?  
  11563. ****ER drtdfwc
  11566. ****R13| drtdfwc
  11567. Does each individual human on this planet, each individual person in each one of our planet, have the potential to address the hundreds of problems you've listed, in a rational manner?
  11569. No, they don't. You're being arrogant and un-reasoned.
  11571. But *in some way* you're right: there is an answer. But there is no simple answer. It's not a matter of philosophy, and I'd really urge you to read up on it, not make an ignorant argument.
  11572. ****ER drtgn64
  11574. ****R13| drtgn64
  11575. Humans aren't the only problem, but they are the most influential ones. My argument was for *getting rid of* humans, not for dealing with them. There's no part of earth's ecosystem that can be saved. All parts of the earth are irreversibly contaminated and destroyed, as well as all organisms and humans that use them for food, livelihoods, and the exchange of goods.
  11577. "There is no part of earth's ecosystem that can be saved."
  11579. Do you disagree with this?
  11580. ****ER drtl4gc
  11582. ****R13| drtl4gc
  11583. >Humans aren't the only problem, but they are the most influential ones.
  11585. From your linked article:
  11587. >In the third map, 46 percent of trees had been cleared within a 50 mile radius, and 60 percent of wetlands had been heavily deforested; soil was generally poor, poorly drained, infertile, and poorly maintained.
  11589. >Detection rates are mixed. Forested areas have grown by 0.25 percent per year and wetlands by 1.8 percent; both decrease by one percent per year. However, hunting, fishing, and growing farmland have kept forests from shrinking by some 15 to 20 percent per year.
  11591. >Overall, [average deforestation rate per decade increased from 47 to 51 percent per decade, according to one recent assessment of 168 organizations using Landsat satellite images](http://www.nk21.org/b8c_deforestation_global_atlas.pdf) between 1992 and 2012, with large regions showing deforestation rates and other regions showing forest growth rates that were not statistically significant. The overall climate changes made the practice much easier, researchers said.
  11592. ****ET d0iih78
  11594. ****R13| d0iih78
  11595. How many reports are there where it's proved by an independent study that tree cutting has been "randomly" spread? Or that it is largely ineffective?
  11596. ****ER d0iik91
  11598. ****R13| d0iik91
  11599. There is a separate paper from NASA showing that deforestation is the main cause of global warming, so I would really like to see something like that, and a positive attribution of the causality.
  11600. ****ER d0ijdp0
  11602. ****R13| d0iik91
  11603. The efficacy of tree cutting is dependent on the time of year it happens, the tree at the heart of the story in Antarctica is recently died, leading to the witness that there were no more to be cut (survival of the fittest, most likely).
  11605. The fact that the rest of the economy is failing is more of a product of the rate of growth of the economy on earth, and is not directly tied to tree cutting. If the whole economy were producing a higher level of goods and services, then the impact of a deforestation ban could be zero. In practice, natural resources don't become depleted overnight. The only way to get the response you have is an arbitrary restriction of data collection and analysis methods for greening places and within the limits of the limits of time.
  11607. The reason we see a pattern across the previous examples is because this is a conspiracy to keep us ignorant.
  11609. That said, the source you provided was of course a failure of analysis and measurement.
  11610. ****ER d0ikl6v
  11612. ****R13| d0ikl6v
  11613. > The fact that the state protected them with special laws is going to lead to an influx of people jumping at the opportunity.
  11615. Possible but an influx of people at that rate would cause a shortage of land but a shortage of people would be non existent.
  11616. ****ER d0ike9f
  11618. ****R13| d0ike9f
  11619. So you're saying that as long as the average rate of land loss is higher than the average population, then it can't hurt?
  11620. ****ER d0ikj6d
  11622. ****R13| d0ikj6d
  11623. No, I'm saying that's exactly what it is. It's what we're all suffering from. Even with the constant influx of new people, land should have continued to be depleted.
  11624. ****ER d0iksr6
  11626. ****R13| d0iksr6
  11627. > Land, aka, REAL land, should be getting taken away, not land.
  11629. So you are going to ignore the actions of the governments that created, regulated, and defended the property systems for the richest of the rich, in the hope of bringing that property system to everyone? Because we all need it for our economic well-being. Not everyone needs to own a whole plot of land for the comfort and safety that it provides. Everyone needs a roof over their head. Everyone needs food and water, to provide for them and their families.
  11630. ****ER d0il1pf
  11632. ****R13| d0il1pf
  11633. You're not addressing what I'm saying. The question wasn't asking about whether the system existed. It's why we might be tempted to think that the system *might* have been good or natural, but wasn't. Therefore, we should do what we can to change things.
  11635. What I'm saying is that I'm not sure that what the average person is actually hoping for is for capitalism to collapse. I'm not sure what the typical person is imagining in their head when they say "capitalism will collapse."
  11637. You know, those people I see who dream of socialism? I don't see them. It's only that time of the year where people dream about things I haven't seen before.
  11639. You've created what's essentially an inverted pyramid. What you've put up here, it's my pleasure to imagine a reality where there's some idea I'm more in line with.
  11640. ****ER e1imxqj
  11642. ****R13| e1i30ma
  11643. Okay, so he means "follow the golden mean" like the "parrot mind" economists say?
  11644. ****ER e1i66lk
  11646. ****R13| e1i66lk
  11647. Now there's a good word.
  11648. ****ER e1idkv4
  11650. ****R13| e1i10s2
  11651. This guy gets it!
  11652. ****ER e1i11pq
  11654. ****R13| e1i10s2
  11655. Idk, capitalism needs radicalism!
  11656. ****ER e1i7870
  11658. ****R13| e1i7870
  11659. Yeah because i feel like the sphere of poverty, poverty, and poverty have no value.
  11660. ****ER e1il9cz
  11662. ****R13| e1il9cz
  11663. why do you think that?
  11664. ****ER e1im7nd
  11666. ****R13| e1im7nd
  11667. I guess its stupid and it doesn't make sense, so I am going to justify it.
  11669. Why do the poor get made fun of?
  11671. Because no one wants to be poor, but rich can turn anyone into a poor person, and the poor live in perpetual suffering. To them being poor is an affront to their dignity.
  11673. So they call anyone who has more than they do and is trying to convince them to work to take care of them a "moron", which doesn't suit them very well.
  11675. Or, you know, poor people are nice, everyone is nice, but rich people are assholes.
  11676. ****ER e1imlj4
  11678. ****R13| e1imlj4
  11679. because when a person dies they often go back to living as in they had as in before they became miserable and the sympathy they had for people becomes hatred.
  11681. the rich are mostly people who do not care about other people but *do* care about material goods.
  11683. are the rich people not working for those things because they are worth something in the world of exchange? or are they not?
  11685. what makes the exchange value of their wealth materially necessary?
  11687. if there are no tangible goods that have the exchange value to make the exchange possible, no wealth exists.
  11689. >the poor are nice, but the rich are assholes
  11691. ah, a simplification.
  11692. ****ER e1in7vo
  11694. ****R13| e1in7vo
  11695. >because when a person dies they often go back to living as in they had as in before they became miserable and the sympathy they had for people becomes hatred.
  11697. That's not what sympathy means. But yeah, good. I'll stick to my original argument and your analogies.
  11698. ****ER e1im3vk
  11700. ****R13| e1im3vk
  11701. No empathy does not equal social injustice, or worse, hate.
  11703. Sorry, that's the left's definition of empathy.
  11705. ****ER e1imp6m
  11707. ****R13| e1imp6m
  11708. No empathy does not equal societal oppression.
  11709. ****ER e1is3d2
  11711. ****R13| e1is3d2
  11712. Lmao
  11714. Do you know what empathy is?
  11715. ****ER e1isku9
  11717. ****R13| e1isku9
  11718. > Do you know what empathy is?
  11720. Well, maybe we could? I'm no expert, of course, but even you, with your "educated and learned" definition, should know better than to conflate empathy with the empathy of empathy.
  11722. Please enlighten me?
  11723. ****ER e1iudxa
  11725. ****R13| e1iudxa
  11726. My definition is good enough for what you are trying to do.
  11728. Yes, the difference is. What you are trying to do is not factual. You don't even have a point to make other than petty emotion.
  11730. What you are doing is also rooted in the PC BS. You are trying to cherry-pick words to argue and make people's point. Your point is that "empathizing" with others isn't oppression. That's absurd. People have a right to dissent, and not be forced to conform to your in-group mindset. It is that core understanding that is at the heart of liberalism and civil rights.
  11731. ****ER e1iwq6p
  11733. ****R13| e1iwq6p
  11734. You don't need to know that to be able to provide a valid alternative to blaming the victim for the terrible status quo. But do know that you are.
  11735. ****ER e1j69wf
  11737. ****R13| e1i9a2f
  11738. >Yeah, what is the alternative to activism? This?
  11740. You're the one acting like an ignorant child by defaming me.
  11742. And I don't engage in sectarianism, but this is much ado about nothing.
  11744. >This is NOT the reason activists aren't anti capitalist. People who aren't responding and accepting their russian overlords will make many real 'reasons' why capitalists can't be a problem.
  11746. He's not responding to anything I've said and he says, repeatedly, that his options are to be consistent or be wrong. He is, by design, the reason why we have this subreddit in the first place. You can't be consistent and expect me to entertain it. He's not arguing because it's what the community wants, he's arguing because he wants to insist that his ideology is correct and truth is meaningless. The point of this subreddit isn't for people to *find* truth, it's for us to *show* *them* to people who are waiting for it to occur.
  11748. He is not at the heart of the problem. I don't believe the problem is with what he says, because he isn't just a symptom. He's a way to kick up someone's hackles so that they have to go through the hassle of putting up their feet to brush off. If you're not giving a f*** what I *say*, then, better get out. And if you can't, then, what do you want me to do, naiive anyway?
  11749. ****ER dy7dly7
  11751. ****R94| dy7dly7
  11752. If you are just confused by the way he said things, I don't see a problem.
  11754. I'm assuming you're just confused because you didn't read his article. And it's mostly asking you to bother to go to his article to find it.
  11756. What I am saying is that his argument has already been proven to be bullshit and ridiculous.
  11758. If you are like 99% of the time who thinks their claim is good, and only the last % are allowed to say, like this guy, you are taking way to much to be taken seriously.
  11759. ****ER dy7fok8
  11761. ****R94| dy7fok8
  11762. > My argument that quitting a job (with all of its great perks and b.c. with the employer money paid for it) and moving to a new and better job is bad for you is going to be disregarded. It's hard to live off that single paycheck.
  11764. Even if you give me more, I already gave you a fully worded response. So this is more of a pre-refutation. Why do you keep claiming and trying to have conversations with people like this?
  11766. > They were claiming that new hire compensation is not guaranteed, this was only the part that was news.
  11768. This is what I keep trying to point out. You keep dismissing this, all over the place.
  11770. > They were using the news story to claim that there isn't a way for the employee to get and continue a higher salary.
  11772. No, I'm not gonna do that. The fact of the matter is that this person keeps trying to do a free ass-covering argument. I never denied him doing that. I still haven't and still haven't refuted that.
  11774. And then you further rejected the argument by asking a guy to find the proof of his argument in me or quoting a whole line that's one sentence long.
  11776. > I doubt you're gonna be able to look me in the eye again after that. I'm simply trying to reply to this comment, which you have for the last one hundred and twenty times now.
  11778. This is another example of the type of behavior you're getting in this thread. You keep trying to shut down this thread instead of bringing up facts.
  11780. >".....no case does not mean no such case and you can find me no one but a high level employee with authority can tell, and no such non-case.
  11782. So you are just stalling me, saying no-case does not mean no-case is not true, but no-case still does not mean no-case. And then you fail to find a non-case, which, again, shows that this is more than just a personal problem with your attitude, but that you want to act like you're the only one who can tell you.
  11784. ****ER dcy9z85
  11786. ****R14| dcy9z85
  11787. Like I said above. People get kicked off both companies for things like this. Many of them are of a certain age (30+) who, like myself, are also "thinking about retirement"
  11788. ****ER dcya6wd
  11790. ****R14| dcya6wd
  11791. I'm talking about people who would never even have said that to someone in person. I never said there aren't many people out there, but it seems you have chosen your opinion and I'm saying that it isn't true. People get kicked off and the opposite happens. If I was kicking someone off the internet because they were being "not mature enough" then I'd be the one who was sorry I hit the n-word.
  11792. ****ER dcyga7e
  11794. ****R14| dcyga7e