Mom disq 15

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  1. Mc (friend): Yoon Seon
  2. Son: Jin Woo
  3. Mom (fmc): Jin Yi
  4. Blonde: Yuri
  8. The chapter starts with son open the door of the room and get a bad surprised when mc having sex with his mom, he angry thinks why is that son of a bitch doing that to my mom? Son thinks I can’t make a proper judgment on an unexpected situation, what the hell is going on here? Mc is going deeper against his mom again and she moans louder, after that mc cum over her back meanwhile son is outside depressed thinking all right? It’s Jin, mom says ha… you Yoon Seon… he now angry thinks you mom call him by his name… return to inside the room mc says how have you been without men, she says I don’t know. He now getting up says I think I should go now, she agrees with that. He now put his clothes and mom comes from behind him and hugs him saying I want to be with you, mc says I want to be with you. Tomorrow is Friday, so I’ll go to work when I get off come. Mom says okay, he kisses her and her response that kiss. Mc says take care of yourself and mom says see you tomorrow. Son is behind hearing all of that, he still angry thinks what kind of a jerk did you hook up with Ms. Yuri and her?
  10. Now outside mom is looking mc leaving and her legs starts to trembling, she thinks Yoon Seon, I think it’s still embedded in the pussy. Next day on work, son thinks if I don’t plan it, it’s not human. Son now asks to mc did you get a yellow tag on the oil supply? Mc says what? It’s… It’s still… son asks again do you know when it’ll be over? Mc says it’s… next week… son says hand it in to me today and go home, mc says yes? I can’t do anything until I get off work, chief. Son screams what’s so talkative about? When you’re done, you’re done. Mc angry thinks that bastard is mad at me for Yuri’s problem, time pass and son is returning to the office asking about mc where did he go? Coworker says I just got off work a while ago, son very angry thinks look at you, and you’re leaving the office without finish what I did. In some place mom is waiting for mc, some dudes there says she’s killing me. Where? Mc finally comes saying it’s Jin, she turn around saying Yoon Seon. He asks did you wait a long time? She says no, I just got here. Mc hug her says let’s go, she says yes. Blonde saw both together thinking I think it’s the girl he told about, she says what is it? It’s pretty good, they now are in some motel place and mom gets mad, mc looking at her asks why? She asks can’t we go on a date? Mc asks date? She says yes, mc a little angry says this makes people weird. Mom reacts surprised by that, mc living says I was in a bad mood. Let’s go, mom says Yoon… Yoon Seon, she grabbing his arm says I’m sorry, just go in. Mc still angry says I feel like I was, after that he take off his arm over her hands. Mom says Yoon Seon, I’m sorry. He turn around with a smile to look at her, mom is on the floor crying saying please forgive me and please… Tbc…
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