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Casimir and Valeriya walk and talk log

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Apr 4th, 2017
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  1. [00:49] * Valeriya shivers slightly as a cool breeze blows through the streets of Sandpoint
  2. [00:50] <Casimir> "It's quite chilly this evening, would you like my cloak?"
  3. [00:52] * Valeriya bundles herself tightly in the cloak's warm fibers, "Thank you, friend."
  4. [00:52] * Valeriya seems distant, lost in thought of the day's events
  5. [00:54] * Casimir is content to walk down these familiar cobblestones with a young lady at his side
  6. [00:56] * Casimir seems to rest on his cane a little less
  7. [00:57] <Casimir> "It's so still. To think that yesterday this was all a goblin fueled chaos."
  8. [00:58] * Valeriya nods "Sandpoint will endure... As will we."
  9. [01:00] * Valeriya sheepishly returns Casimir's cloak as the pair arrives at the front door of his house, "Thank you for being there... when the bite took me."
  10. [01:03] * Casimir smiles widely, "You were not alone in the suffering down there. That place was an absolute dungeon of misery. Are you sure you won't come in for a cup of tea to keep you warm?"
  11. [01:06] * Valeriya looks at her feet for a moment and tosses her hair to the side, "It's a tempting offer, but I should get to the dragon before the others fall asleep. They should know about Lord Foxglove's hunt."
  12. [01:08] * Casimir allows disappointment to flash across his face for an instant, "Very well, good night, Valeriya. Be safe. I look forward to tomorrow's adventure."
  13. [01:09] * Valeriya turns away and takes a single step before stopping dead in her tracks
  14. [01:10] * Casimir is still watching as Valeriya departs, he is puzzled by her sudden inaction
  15. [01:12] * Valeriya continues to look down the street, as if she was stuck between running away and running toward him "Cas...Casimir?" she calls out while still facing away from him
  16. [01:13] * Valeriya turns around, tears streaking down her face
  17. [01:13] <Valeriya> "Will you be my dicky daddy? Will you give me my cummies?"
  18. [01:14] <Casimir> "Yes, my sweet Valeriya, I will fill your tummy with my dicky daddy cummies."
  19. [01:14] * Casimir drops his cane and kicks it aside
  20. [01:15] * Valeriya runs through the door eagerly
  21. [01:15] * Casimir takes one last look out at the empty street and smiles before closing the door.
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