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Oct 17th, 2019
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  1. App Name: Agency
  2. Purpose: This app would be designed to help people who have diablities connect with volunteers who can help. (Kind of in the same vein as "Be My Eyes") For those who are hard of hearing, having a voice to text option that can be used in social situations. For those with have limited sight, call a volunteer and use the camera to navigate/give info about something they cannot see. For those with physical limitations, the ability to call a volunteer in the area to help with transportation/mobility. Or, perhaps a craigslist of sorts for either items that help with any of these limitations (for example, children grow out of prosthetics rather quickly, perhaps you're upgrading from one chair to a nicer one, but the old one is still good) or setting up volunteer opportunities for communities to come together and build things that increase mobility. Like a Habitat for Humanity, only with the sole purpose of doing things like installing ramps, or rebuilding someones kitchen to be more accessible.
  4. Obviously this is too much to do in one project, but I think there's a lot to choose from.
  6. Tech stack:
  7. Probably consume Google maps api, Google Cloud Speech for talk to text, Google Cloud Text to Speech for the vision impaired.
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