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  1. Im not gonna argue, and im not trying to act like i know everything because i dont. I am only saying what you should hear. I have made about 15+ successful GMod Servers since about 2008-2009(And this is only the successful ones, i have made well over 50 servers). Garry's Mod is broken, it gets more and more difficult to create new content and gain player base that is technically speaking, dropping. Garry's Mod will always be my favorite game just because of the pure amount of time i have put into it. Superior Servers have offered me jobs in the past. I turned them down because i hate the way they run things. I feel like if a game has server and the ability to grow, they should be allowed to do that, when a server decides to use a small little bug in a source code of a game to manipulate servers at their discretion it pisses me off. I dont care how "good" you are, unless you have professional knowledge is C++, JavaScript, Python, or C# and are prepared to create a server base for a game with no knowledge on how the source code of the game even looks, then you will be hacked. BUT WAIT, that doesnt mean your server cant be successful. There are plenty of server that are small communities of about 64 or so players and hitting donations of about 5k usd a month. You can do that but once again, Garrys mod is loosing its base. VR is coming out and more people want to play that more than ever. Minecraft is gaining popularity in the need for content, Garrys mod is a sandbox but it still has a limit, Minecraft has open source code allowing anyone to manipulate the game and shape it into their own game. GTA V even has this capability now. Garrys mod is just destroyed and tainted by hackers who want to keep the game to theirselves and garry has no plans to stop them. I am willing to help grow servers but the servers that i help are the servers that know what happens in garrys mod. You may have 8k hours but i assure you, the way you speak and talk about garrys mod makes me very unsure you even know what garrys mod is haha. I recognize almost every addon i can visually see, and your telling me u have your own anti cheat, kinda unbelievable. I am sure i can hack your server right now if i wanted to, bhops, aimbot, esp, ect. Currently i have no exploits on the server side manipulation because of the updates garrys mod has had within the last like few weeks, but im sure if i did i could use them. Dont take this as a disrespectful comment, because im sure your good at lua but lua cant stop externals/internal external cheats. ALSO, last thing, it seems like you havent configured everything and thats a little concerning haha, you can take that as a disrespectful comment cus you really havent haha
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