Fitness - 44

Aug 17th, 2020 (edited)
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~ Fitness ~

피트니스 --- Publisher Link

By 고손작 --- 지호 & 은손

Notable Characters:

Name / Nickname Situation Relationship
Lee Hyun-Soo Personal Trainer Single
Song Sangmi Office Worker Single
Ha Dongjoon Personal Trainer Single
Kim Seonju Gym's Manager Single
Jeon Miso [N/A] Single
Yeo-Jeong FMC's Manager Single
Yu Ria Personal Trainer Single

Script Information:

Hyunsoo H
Sangmi S
Dongjoon D
Kim K
Jeon Miso JM
Yeo-Jeong YJ
Yu Ria Y
Customers C1...
MC's Mom MM
FMC's Mom FM

{Inner talk / Thought}


Chapter - 44

Step Step

Y: ......


D: Ugh... That was so hard...

K: You did a good job ~


Y: {Aaah... So earlier inside the warehouse... It was Dong-Joon who was with Seonju Unnie...}

H: By the way Miss Yu Ria, were you looking for me for something in particular...?

Y: Oh, about that...

Y: Hyun-Soo, do you have any free time after closing today?


Y: Puff...!

H: A little higher please.

Y: Huff ~ !

Y: Puff...!

H: {Just a little more...}

H: {And it'll reach her...!}



H: {Aah... Stop thinking about this Hyun-Soo, focus on helping Yu Ria...}

Shake Shake

H: Come on, it's the last one.

Y: Puff ~

Y: Hyun-Soo, could you help me with my stretching please?


H: Of course.

Y: Thanks for your help Hyun-Soo.
I've to take care of so many people these days that I don't have enough time to train myself properly.


Y: I don't know why I asked you to help me when I already know you're as busy as me, I'm really sorry.

H: Don't worry about that... I don't have anything to do, so it's better than just staying at home...

Legs Apart

H: {Wow... Coach Yu Ria is so damn flexible...}




Y: So... You aren't going on a date with your girlfriend after work...?

Time to change of posture





H: My girlfriend?

Y: You know, the girl I saw last night...

S: If you're really his coworker, is it okay for the two of you to have fun and drink alone like this at night? Hiccup ~

H: Oh ~ No you're misunderstanding...! She isn't my girlfriend...
She's a girl friend, a female friend.

Y: Ah... I was afraid she'll misunderstand our relationship and be mad at you... That's a relief.

H: Don't worry she can misunderstand our relationship all she wants, it's no big deal.

H: And what about you Yu Ria, do you have a boyfriend?


Y: I'm single too... It's been a while since I've been in a relationship...

H: I see...

H: {I never thought a woman as attractive as her will lack pursuers...}

Press ~

Hold Hold

H: By the way, there is something I've always been really curious...

Hold Hold

Y: About what?

H: Why did you join our gym center when you were already working in the center of Gangnam...?

H: What are you doing here? I'm sure a woman as experienced and talented as you must have been really famous in Gangnam.

Brush against...

Y: That...


H: {Uh...?}

Y: I'll tel you about this if we get closer in the future...


H: {Why are you acting like this so suddenly?}*

Y: We'll stop here... Thanks for you help...

Step Step


H: Thank you.


Y: Then... See you tomorrow...

Vroom ~

H: Did I say something wrong? She didn't say a single world since we got into her car...

Women are hard to understand...

H: And... I even thought we were friends already but...

What does she mean by getting closer...?

H: Was it because I was touching her body like this...?

H: I don't think it's the reason behind her sudden change... So what could it be...?

Mumble... Mumble...

R: ......




To be continued...
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