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Mar 8th, 2016
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  1. Dis:
  2. A city of Hell, from _la Divina Commedia_. ([Dis] is the Latin spelling of a pre-Classical Roman name for
  3. the underworld and/or its ruler; the Italian form is [Dite].)
  5. Sibylla Plaza:
  6. From Latin [sibylla], an oracle, especially the Apollonian prophetess at Cumae. (The Italian is
  7. [sibilla].) A reference directly to Virgil's _Aeneid_, in which the Sibyl accompanies Aeneas through the
  8. underworld -- just as a version of Virgil later accompanied the narrator of the _Commedia_.
  10. Ezov Park:
  11. Hebrew אזוב‎, a plant mentioned in the Bible, plausibly [Hyssopus officinalis], but not definitely so.
  13. Harla Shire:
  14. Icelandic [harla], "very". Alternatively, named for the Harla people, an extinct ethnic group in (mostly)
  15. Somalia. Alternatively, named for Harlan County, Kentucky, setting of the recent TV series _Justified_.
  16. Alternatively, named for Harlan Ellison, noted SF author.
  18. Railyards:
  19. Middle English [reȝol] "ruler, straight bar" + [ȝerd] "yard (unit of measurement)". I infer that a "yard"
  20. is now standardized as two cubits -- unless "league" was fixed and "cubit" was redefined to make a league a
  21. myriacubit, in which case a yard is now roughly 1.894 cubits. Alternatively, this paragraph is very silly.
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