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  2. CraneToday at 2:14 PM
  3. @Clystra @Panacea wanna push +8?
  4. ClystraToday at 2:17 PM
  5. If you can tell me what to pull, sure... But to be frank, I still need my weekly
  6. CraneToday at 2:20 PM
  7. lmao don't think i can do that
  8. it's fine we can pub
  9. PanaceaToday at 2:21 PM
  10. maybe if you dont mind me being garbage
  11. ClystraToday at 2:21 PM
  12. You can't point me?
  13. I'm not an idiot. I can follow the map... I just dot know the fastest ways between the bisses
  14. Bosses
  15. CraneToday at 2:22 PM
  16. yea idk either lol it's hard to remember the path because i just folow the tank
  17. and we want to +2 our +8s
  18. so if u aren't confidant with ur gaming skills then oof
  19. ClystraToday at 2:24 PM
  20. Gaming skills? You're sitting me right?
  21. I'll pull every fucking thing there
  22. I don't give a shit... I just want to be fast
  23. And if you can't do that, the fuck you
  24. @Generalbeaner get me the fuck out of here if I'm that useless
  25. CraneToday at 2:27 PM
  26. yikes
  27. ClystraToday at 2:28 PM
  28. Yeah, yikes is right
  29. Get your shit together
  30. CraneToday at 2:28 PM
  31. sorry man but i can't hold ur hand
  32. get ur shit together
  33. look at yt videos
  34. ClystraToday at 2:28 PM
  36. CraneToday at 2:28 PM
  37. look where to go
  38. ClystraToday at 2:29 PM
  39. Point me and I'll fucking do the work!
  40. PanaceaToday at 2:29 PM
  41. I need an adult I feel bullied
  42. CraneToday at 2:29 PM
  43. yea i don't know where to go lol
  44. i'm not a tank
  45. i just follow the tank
  46. ClystraToday at 2:29 PM
  47. Then maybe you need to look at those yt vids you're suggesting
  48. CraneToday at 2:29 PM
  49. LOL
  50. "do my work for me"
  51. ClystraToday at 2:30 PM
  52. You're telling me to do something you havent done
  53. CraneToday at 2:30 PM
  54. because i'm not a tank
  55. ClystraToday at 2:30 PM
  56. That's not leadership status
  57. CraneToday at 2:30 PM
  58. why would i do that
  59. i'm not a leader
  60. ClystraToday at 2:31 PM
  61. That's why you stick to dps
  62. CraneToday at 2:31 PM
  63. correct
  64. ClystraToday at 2:31 PM
  65. I'm glad you didn't invite me now
  66. CraneToday at 2:32 PM
  67. yea why would i inv a tank that's asking for help that i can't give them
  68. ClystraToday at 2:32 PM
  69. Exactly =)
  70. CraneToday at 2:33 PM
  71. autism
  72. ClystraToday at 2:34 PM
  73. Yeah, way to be prejudice
  74. CraneToday at 2:34 PM
  75. lol ur such a pussy
  76. grow a pair
  77. ClystraToday at 2:34 PM
  78. A pair of what? Balls? Tits? Gotta be specific
  79. CraneToday at 2:34 PM
  80. sry man not gonna try to help a retard
  81. ClystraToday at 2:35 PM
  82. I know you aren't =)
  83. But I'll still help you if you need a tank
  84. CraneToday at 2:35 PM
  85. if u know how to tank the dungeons then sure
  86. but u don't
  87. and u won't learn
  88. ClystraToday at 2:37 PM
  89. Thats your opinion... And I can't change that
  90. FrostMacoToday at 4:03 PM
  91. i can point you to some good guides but you shouldn't pull everything it waste time and could be deadly for a team wipe . EVERYONE should know the routes and the most dangerous parts of the keys they enter its called team work. what clas is your tank ?
  92. ClystraToday at 4:17 PM
  93. thats the point. hes asking for a tank and a tank is saying he doesnt know optimal paths, but will help
  94. CraneToday at 4:18 PM
  95. everyone doesn't have to know exactly what mobs to pull in order to do m+
  96. you just have to not be retarded and do interrupts and mechanics
  97. for dps
  98. i have a general idea of where to go obviously
  99. but i don't know exactly what mobs to pull
  100. that's the tanks job
  101. not mine
  102. ClystraToday at 4:19 PM
  103. no, its the leaders job to lead
  104. nevermind ... not getting into this again
  105. CraneToday at 4:20 PM
  106. imagine pubbing for m+ and having to ask someone what mobs to pull every single pack
  107. people would just leave
  108. ClystraToday at 4:21 PM
  109. i dont normally block people, but the problem is taken care of ... i apologize for the spamming
  110. zombiesonacouchToday at 4:21 PM
  111. :smiley:
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