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  1. :zap: **OPMINES 6.0 RELEASED** :zap:
  3. :question: Tired of all these pay-to-win servers making you sacrifice quality gameplay?
  4. :exclamation: Rejuvenate yourself with a free ``/claim VIP`` when you join today only :white_check_mark:
  6. :sparkles: **FEATURES** :sparkles:
  7. :one: Custom balanced enchantment system.
  8. :two: Custom cells for player shops, level top payouts, and build rewards.
  9. :three: Free season pass challenges and tier system for all members
  10. :four: Consistent, fair, and knowledgeable staff team at your service 24/7
  12. :clock1: **WHEN AND WHERE?** :earth_americas:
  13. Release was 1 day ago and anyone can rise to the top.
  14. **SERVER IP**: ```` or ````
  15. **DISCORD**: <discord invite link>
  16. **TRAILER**:
  18. :moneybag: **REAL MONEY WEEKLY PAYOUTS**  :moneybag:
  19. :one: $70.00 PayPal **OR** $80.00 Buycraft  
  20. :two: $30.00 PayPal **OR** $40.00 Buycraft
  21. :three: $25.00 PayPal **OR** $30.00 Buycraft
  22. :four: $15.00 PayPal **OR** $20.00 Buycraft
  23. :five: $10.00 PayPal **OR** $15.00 Buycraft
  25. :hammer_pick: **NEED STAFF MEMBERS** :hammer_pick:
  26. Follow this format ➜ <>
  27. Create an application here ➜ <>
  28. *You do not need any type of rank to apply before release*
  30. :rotating_light: **TONS OF GIVEAWAYS** :rotating_light:
  31. We are giving away full discord nitro codes and ranks everyday!
  32. Checkout the ``#giveaways`` channel when you join the OPM discord.
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