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Jun 18th, 2014
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  1. cooke's vk:
  4. 18.06.2014
  5. To lose league or tournament - no big deal. But to lose it miserably - is insulting. Two weeks beforehead everyone knew when is the semi-finals, and still failed to gather squad. Funny, the right word.
  10. 12.06.2014
  11. Playoff Esports Heaven?
  12. Guys, seems like by our own ignorance we've mislead you. As it was told to us, TDM-League Esports Heaven 2014 it not finished. There is still expected some playoff. Information is not confirmed, but probably it's early to give first place to deliberate murder. [11.06.2014 21:28:46] coolleR: Excellent. It's never hurts to rape everyone once again)
  14. 08.06.2014
  15. Esports Heaven Spring Cup 2014
  16. First division games of Esports Heaven Spring Cup 2014 completed. Today 102 have a match against aCtion Ligan within Arena Master Spring 2014, and previously we had unfinished match at ESHeaven. Naturally, the idea to play two games in a row occurred. However, after viewing schedules Esports Heaven Spring Cup in 2014 it became clear that aCtion Ligan withdrew from the league. So that the results of the first division known. This spring, almost simultaneously started three teamplay league. But looking at the number of dropouts in the middle of the season, it seems that now we will not see mych of a TDM in near future. All hope on Prague. Well, all 102 games on Esports Heaven Spring Cup 2014 you can see in events. The results are following:
  18. 1. deliberate murder (Latrommi, coolleR, pavel, ash, 421, deisma)
  19. 2. unknown (winz, l1nkin, phOenX, Zyrinx, tg, gerppa)
  20. 3. Neutralizerz (fearZZz, cas, noctis, purri)
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