Bimbo Pirates 16- Firey

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  1. Chapter Text
  3. The bimbo pirates were in a rut at the moment, sailing to Alabasta was taking a bit and they were all getting a little stir crazy, with a troupe of bimbos on a boat and a total of zero dick to go around they were all starting to reach their limit of lesbian fun.
  5. “HMM!” Nami moaned a bit sitting on her lounger and rubbing her pussy.
  7. “I know you’re horny Nami put don’t you think that’s a bit much?” her sister asked “In broad daylight on the deck of the ship?”
  9. “I hope we get there soon I feel like I’m gonna go crazy.” Nami moaned “And no I don’t think it’s a big deal for me to openly masturbate, a girl has needs!”
  11. “You know I was thinking.” Nojiko said “Sooner or later we’re gonna need a doctor, with the fighting and the sailing it’ll be good to have someone around just in case.”
  13. “Good point we’ll have to be on the look out for one.” Nami agreed.
  15. The group sailed a little longer until they heard a thunk on the side of the ship, when they went to investigate, they came across a tall, muscular young man with a handsome face that all the girls were quickly eyeing up while Nami bat them back and got to talking. The fact that he didn’t even wear a shirt was a huge bonus.
  17. “So, you’re name’s Ace?” Nami smiled “Sorry we bumped your boat we can give you a ride if you need it.”
  19. “Nah it’s still fine I’ll stop and catch my breath though with you fine ladies.” He laughed.
  21. “Oh I think we’d appreciate that, we don’t get much male company and well…” Nami smiled “We could certainly use it, my crew and I are a bit aggressive about our…needs and we haven’t had any fulfillment in a while so you might want to stay on your toes cutie, though you seem like you can handle yourself.”
  25. As the day went on it became more and more clear that every woman on the ship wanted him…badly, it seemed like they were each slowly waiting to see if the others would make a move first, the way he was looking at them seemed to be giving the go ahead to flirt and make a move, it was just a matter of who would take the bait, the girls were getting agitated, squirming, moaning and more.
  27. In the end it was Carmen who had the first strike, after serving their guest a delicious meal he fell asleep, and she just couldn’t resist any more.
  29. “Oh, there it is.” She smirked getting on her knees and free his nice thick foot long cock from his shorts “I’ve missed this.”
  31. She started licking and kissing the shaft, allowing her lips and tongue to slap it with saliva. Gradually she opened her mouth and allowed herself to start sucking on it.
  33. “HUH?!”
  35. “Oh, sorry did I wake you?” Carmen giggled looking up and seeing Ace with a surprised look on his face “I just couldn’t resist and you looked so cute napping like that…and so hung too.”
  37. “You really don’t have to-ohh.” He moaned as she sucked again.
  39. “The whole crew wants a piece of you, and judging by how eager this thing is you want a piece of us too.” Carmen smirked.
  41. Carmen kept on sucking, allowing Ace to lean back and sigh, it usually wasn’t hard for him to pick up women but most weren’t this eager, this beautiful or this skilled as the Bimbo Pirates were.
  43. “HMM!” Carmen kept bobbing her head.
  45. Carmen let her large full breasts press against his thighs as she sucked away, his big cock making her lips into a wide O shape.
  47. “Feels good right?” she smiled before stuffing him back in her mouth.
  49. “Feels great.” He moaned seeing her suck on his fat cock.
  51. Carmen kept bobbing her head and sucking away lips gliding up and down, Ace starting to look more and more aroused and ready to blow, Carmen increasing her speed to push him over the edge.
  53. “UGH!” he groaned suddenly cumming down her throat, hot spunk shooting out.
  55. “OH HMM!” Carmen licked him clean “So good, I missed this.”
  57. “That was incredible.” He said.
  59. “Hmm I’m sure there’s more in store for you.” Carmen laughed “I made sure to make that meal for you extra notorious so you should be able to go again in no time at all.”
  61. “I’ll be happy to test that.” Mikita came in, her large long legs swaying “If your still up for it big boy?”
  63. She sat herself in his lap and felt his hands go around her waist to touch her ass.
  65. “Sure I am.” He smiled almost mischievously.
  67. “OHHH~” Miss Valentine moaned as her lips slowly spread and took his cock into her warm pussy, her body adjusting to his size as her bimbo side reveled in finally getting its first cock.
  69. Ace grunted still holding onto her ass and thrusting at her, Valentine bouncing away stimulating his cock while she made herself a little lighter in order to really make herself move. She wrapped her hands around his neck and started leaning in, her breasts pressing against his face as she started moaning more and more, really taking it.
  71. “Ha!” she moaned more as Ace’s lips kissed her breasts, her body shaking.
  73. “Oh yeah…ugh.” He grunted “You know what you’re doing.”
  75. “You’re gonna have a fun time with us baby.” Valentine moaned “HAAAA~!”
  77. She screamed and climaxed, feeling him flood her body with a rush of semen and adrenaline, with valentine satisfied Ace new it was only a matter of time before more girls wanted some fun.
  79.  -----
  81. “So, Ace do you have a lot of girls in your crew?” Carina asked sitting with him.
  83. “I work with Whitebeard so there aren’t many girls around.” He said “Especially none like you guys.”
  85. “Whitebeard really, you must be important.” Alvida smiled “I know a lot of pirates that’d love to work with him.”
  87. “Well after meeting you girls I might have to get him to change his mind.” Ace laughed “We could use people like you.”
  89. “Nami doesn’t seem like the type to join under another pirate banner.” Carina laughed “But we appreciate the thought.”
  91. “Though you guys don’t have a lot of girls I’m sure it gets…stressful.” Alvida smirked.
  93. “This must be like a little vacation for you.” Carina leaned closer “So Ace, do you like bigger girls like me and Alvida or are you more into the skinny model type?”
  95. “I like ladies of all shapes and sizes.” He smiled.
  97. “Oh, we can tell.” Alvida laughed.
  99. Both busty ladies were rubbing his thighs and purring like excited kittens, Alvida’s smooth hands starting to get his pants off while Carina started kissing him and rubbing his bare chest.
  101. “Hmm so big.” Alvida said getting him free and starting to stroke him to full mast.
  103. “Big is right.” Ace said looking and lightly squeezing both women’s busts.
  105. “Fufufu.” Carina laughed a bit popping out her large tanned tits while Alvida did the same with her pale puppies “This is even better?”
  107. Both ladies got to their knees and pushed their tits together around his cock, resting it between their four soft sizable knockers.
  109. “Ohh~” Ace moaned seeing his cock swallowed up by the flesh.
  111. “I think he likes it.” Alvida smirked leaning down to kiss the tip as it peaked out.
  113. “If I was a guy with tits like these around my cock, I’d be moaning like that too.” Carina smirked “You’ve so soft Alvida your skin makes my nipples tickle.”
  115. “My powers have benefits.” Alvida leaned over and kissed Carina a bit.
  117. The two ladies bounced their breasts around the cock, Ace moaning in pleasure. They kissed and made out for him to watch, occasionally even doing so around his bulb to enhance the sensation.
  119. “Hmm come on.” Carina moaned.
  121. “Cum for us baby.” Alvida said “Spray your hot stick cum all over our big tits.”
  123. The girls jiggled a little more till Ace busted all over, coating their bosoms in his spunk.
  125. “Hmm, I’ve missed this feeling.” Alvida laughed.
  127. “So warm.” Carina smiled.
  129.  -----
  131. Towards the afternoon Ace was able to see Desire and Olive doing some of their training, sticks and swords clanging together as both ladies worked out.
  133. “Seems like he’s enjoying the show.” Desire laughed “If you wanna go play with him I don’t mind, maybe he’ll spar with.”
  135. “I can tell he’s stronger than he looks at first.” Olive said “I think I saw him on a wanted poster once but I’m not sure, why you don’t want to go at him too?”
  137. “I’m saving my energy for something special.” Desire snickered.
  139. “Well I’d feel bad fucking the guy in front of you then.” Olive said “Hate to tempt you.”
  141. “I’m just waiting on guys.” Desire smirked “How about we give him a different show?”
  143. Olive smirked and nodded, the two both dropped their weapons and did some more direct hand to hand training.
  145. “HMPH!” the two locked hands and pressed together, their chests squishing a bit.
  147. “I didn’t realize you were so soft under all that muscle.” Olive smirked.
  149. “And you’re stronger than you look.” The muscular woman laughed a bit moving quickly and wrapping Olive up in a bearhug from behind “But you can’t beat me!”
  151. “Oh, you think it’s that easy?!” Olive threw her head back to bonk Desire and get free, quickly tackling her to the ground and wrapping her legs around her head.
  153. Ace was happily watching the two, their soft strong bodies colliding and shifting in all sorts of interesting poses.
  155. The sight of the two sexy ladies grappling, squishing and shifting together was enticing, but soon he left to do other things.
  157. “It’s exciting isn’t it?” Nojiko asked Vivi “The feeling of…wanting a man.”
  159. “That’s what this…urge is?” Vivi blushed touching her stomach a bit “It doesn’t feel bad but it’s something new.”
  161. “I’m guessing a princess doesn’t really have much experience with men.” Nojiko laughed “Hmm, I bet you’re a fast learner, you were with other things.”
  163. Vivi turned bright red in response.
  165. “I’m serious there are men that would kill to feel those royal lips of yours around their cocks, might as well use’em if you’ve got’em.”
  167. Without thinking Vivi touched her lips and Nojiko laughed.
  169. “You really think so?” the naïve girl asked “No, I can’t ask a total stranger to do something like that, I don’t even know what I’m doing.”
  171. “It’s one of those instinct things once you try it, you’ll get it.” Nojiko said “How about I help you get started?”
  173. Vivi felt the mature young woman take her hand and lead her over to Ace.
  175. “Hi there hot stuff, my friend and I were wondering if you were up for a little fun?” Nojiko asked “You see she’s a bit new to all this and nervous, I thought a nice strong thing like you might be able to hold her hand and help me guide her?”
  177. “I’m always around to help people out.” He said “Especially if it’s returning the favor to you ladies for being so hospitable.”
  179. Vivi blushed as Ace looked at her, they were just about the same height so she was able to look deeply into his eyes.
  181. She began to squirm, the feeling of need building up and making her just want to tear both their clothes off. Vivi slowly moved to her knees panting a bit, starting to fiddle with his shorts to free him.
  183. “That’s it let it out nice and easy to start.” Nojiko guided her.
  185. Vivi pulled his pants down and saw the sizable half hard penis before her, it was jarring at first but also arousing.
  187. Ace laughed a bit at the innocently curious expression on her beautiful face.
  189. “Now grab it and stroke, slow and first build up to it.” Nojiko said.
  191. Vivi followed, slowly placing her right hand over the shaft, fingers trembling just a bit with nerves as she started to stroke.
  193. “It’s so…stiff.” Vivi stroked it “But tender and fleshy.”
  195. Nojiko giggled cutely as Ace moaned a bit, the gentle stroke of Vivi’s curiosity was quickly turning him on.
  197. “You’ve got him ready now going in dry your first time is probably a bad idea, lick it, get it nice and wet.” Nojiko said.
  199. Vivi slowly poked her tongue out, licking the tip and pulling back at first, the unfamiliar taste and texture stunned her but again she found it appealing in a way.
  201. “Hmm.” She slowly started moving her tongue around and getting it slick.
  203. Vivi started slurping on it a bit, covering the cock in her saliva.
  205. “Now open your mouth and let it in easy, don’t go to fast and choke.” Nojiko said seeing the princess slid the shaft between her lips “Relax your throat a bit more…there that’s it now just suck and lick, move your head like you were eating a popsicle.”
  207.  Vivi followed as best she could, slowly craning her neck, moving it forward and back as her plump lips glided over it.
  209. “HMPH!” she coughed a bit having leaned in a little far before pulling back to take it a bit slower.
  211. “Ohh.” Ace moaned “You’re doing great.”
  213. “Keep at it Vivi.” Nojiko smirked rubbing her pussy a little and smiling at Ace, moving over and taking his hand close to her warmth where he took over the rubbing “Hmm~”
  215. As Nojiko let Ace start to rub and finger her pussy Vivi kept rapidly improving, moving her head faster and faster, slowly becoming able to take a little more into her throat without coughing or gagging. Mentally she was a little surprised at the sensation but was enjoying it, something so big and meaty between her lips like this felt good.
  217. “Ohh!” Nojiko moaned as Ace’s fingers hit her “She’s…hmm really getting into it.”
  219. “She really is she’s gonna make me…UGH!” Ace groaned.
  221. “HMMM!” Vivi kept slurping loudly and shaking her head, saliva dripping out her mouth, closing her eyes to really savor the shape and feel.
  223. Ace moaned as he got his second blowjob of the day, the princess luscious lips taking him deep into her throat, her body’s wet warmth pushing him to a point of no return, his fingers slick and twitching inside Nojiko, unable to keep the pace with the pleasure he was having.
  225. “AHH!” he moaned cumming in Vivi’s mouth, Nojiko squirming as she climaxed with him.
  227. “HMPH!” Vivi gagged a bit as hot spunk hit her taste buds, the unfamiliar secretion making her a little surprised, slowly she swallowed, the taste tickling her nerves.
  229. “Hoo…So Vivi how was your first blowjob?” Nojiko asked.
  231. “Hmm, pretty good.” The princess giggled wiping her lips off on the back of her hand.
  233. -----
  235. Since it got late so quickly Nami told Ace to stay with them tonight and they’d part ways in the morning.
  237. “Carina said you work with Whitebeard; had a feeling you were a pretty important pirate.” Nami smirked “I knew I recognized you, Fire Fist Ace.”
  239. Ace laughed “You got it, sorry if I surprised you.”
  241. “Not at all, it’s an honor to have someone so famous on our little ship, just a punch of pirates from the East Blue on our way down the Grande Line.” Nami said standing just an inch or so taller than him.
  243. “You guys are from the East Blue?” he asked “I have a brother there, wants to be a pirate too? His Name’s Luffy.”
  245. “Luffy’s your brother!” Nami laughed, her breasts bouncing “Oh I know Luffy, he’s a good friend.”
  247. “I hope he doesn’t cause you much trouble.” Ace said.
  249. “Not at all he’s always helpful and a treat to see.” Nami smirked “He and I get along great, we’re…familiar with one another. Your brother is quite the man.”
  251. “Oh, I never really pegged Luffy for the type.” Ace said.
  253. “He took to my lesson well.” Nami fluttered her lashes “Though I wonder if you being the older brother would make you even better, you’re gonna be here all night, care to join me in my cabin?”
  255. They got up and moved, no less than a step into the room were the two pressing together, making out and tearing off their clothes.
  257. “Hmm yeah…fuck yeah.” Nami moaned as her shirt was removed and Ace leaned down to start kissing her breasts “Yeah suck on my huge tits baby.”
  259. “HMM!” Ace moaned smacking his lips around Nami’s tits, digging his fingers into the softness.
  261. Nami enjoyed her new body, the larger breasts and extra height, and she loved when men worshipped it like this eager to explore each inch of her.
  263. “I’m glad I let the other girls warm you up.” Nami smirked “But the Captain always gets what she wants. My powers make them horny, nothing they can’t control but everyone gets stir crazy shitting on a ship for a month or more with no stops, now you ready?”
  265. “You girls certainly made me feel welcome.” He said jiggling her boobs.
  267. The two kissed and rubbed each other’s bare bodies a little more, getting ready for the good part.
  269. “You’ve done enough foreplay today with my crew, no reason to wait anymore.” Nami laid on her back and spread her legs “Enjoy.”
  271. Ace obliged and soon entered her, cock sliding into her tight pussy.
  273. “HMM!” Nami moaned feeling her insides spread for the girth, her arms crossed under her breasts as she started getting rocked and slammed into.
  275. Ace grunted and thrust his hips forwards, rhythmically plunging in as Nami’s breasts wobbled around in a hypnotic fashion.
  277. “Oh yeah give it to me, gimme that big cock!” Nami screamed.
  279. Nami squirmed, shivered and shifted as the meaty stick inside her sent sparks of pleasure down every nerve, her desire overflowing. She rubbed and caressed her breasts, moaning constantly. The look of a sexy girl under him was a lot for Ace to handle too, the beauty of mystery of Nami drew him into her more and more.
  281. “Hmm baby yeah.” Nami moaned “I…I…OHHH!”
  283. Nami came for the first time, but she was horny, needy and no where close to done yet.
  285. “Hope you didn’t think that was all.” Nami said straddling his waist “There’s plenty more.”
  287. Nami lowered her lovely body down onto him and started riding his dick, letting it plunge into her. She let out another yelp of excitement and arousal before starting to bounce on it, her breasts slapping and shaking wildly on her chest. Ace reached back and palmed her ass as she rode him, both moaning together in sweet symphony.
  289. Once again, they came not long after before changing positions again, Nami laying on her side as Ace hugged her from behind and started thrusting, his hands massaging her breasts while he did so.
  291. “Oh yeah baby give it to me good!” Nami moaned “Fuck this slut!”
  293. “So tight and so soft.” He moaned “Incredible.”
  295. Nami started to moan a bit more as things heated up, the hands on her body feeling a little warmer as she started to sweat.
  297. “Talk about hot stuff.” Nami giggled seeing the little wisps of flames on his hands.
  299. Nami and Ace fucked longer and longer until the two could no longer hold out, Ace’s cock twitching inside her, his breaths hot and shallow on her neck as he finally gave way to the unstoppable eruption.
  301. “OHHHH!” Both moaned as cum and juices started flying, filling and spraying.
  303. They took a bit to catch their breath, both hot and sweaty. They weren’t done just yet, they fucked a few more times until both passed out from sheer exhaustion.
  305.  ------
  307. “Hmm, that was great.” Nami moaned waking up the next morning but seeing she was alone, a small letter nearby “Guess someone cut and run.”
  309. “It was great spending time with you ladies, here’s a Vivre card if we’re in the same area again let’s talk this will let you know how to find me.” It was signed “PS can you give a copy to Luffy?”
  311. “Well so long Fire Fist.” Nami giggled finally remembering the pirate’s poster from back in the East Blue “I’ll make sure to pass the message to Luffy…have to make sure he keeps up with his big brother.”
  313.  -----
  315. AN
  317. Thank you for reading. Feedback is appreciated. Feel free to message me any questions or concerns.
  319. Suggest what you want to see in the future
  321. If you so choose
  323. Till Next Time!
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