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  1. Gunmet: nice rachil profiling
  2. Gunmet: i hope you lik ebeing reported
  3. The White Blacky: nigga
  4. The White Blacky: please
  5. SonicFinatic: racist?
  6. The White Blacky: Nigga?
  7. The White Blacky: Im black
  8. Gunmet: i fine dthat word highly offensev
  9. horsecokjohnson: that's the worst i've ever played with rammus.  jeazus
  10. Gunmet: its derived from a dirogatory term and this is still offensev
  11. The White Blacky: Damn son you think im racist and you cant spell
  12. Gunmet: no i never said your racest
  13. horsecokjohnson: i know how you niggas are with your pork
  14. Gunmet: i said your using an offensev term
  15. The White Blacky: ...
  16. The White Blacky: Well
  17. The White Blacky: Saying niggas for me is like greeting people
  18. Gunmet: well if you stddy history at all you would relise how  offensev that truly is
  19. The White Blacky: nigga please
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