Student of the Sultry Tome

May 23rd, 2018
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  6. >The duties of the Librarius Sola are particularly burdensome this week
  7. >You've noticed, over the past few days, a series of older, human-written tomes have been transported to the
  8. private sanctum of Ofelia
  9. >As one of the only dutiful scribes available, it is you under pain of responsibility to find these scripts and
  10. deliver them to her
  11. >This is usually not a concern, yet, some of these texts linger in corners of the Librarius that you're
  12. surprised still exist
  13. >Even more surprising is their content - or perhaps lack of; you do not recognize ANY of the authors, and they
  14. seem to be musings of personal affairs
  15. >How strange, you think
  17. >Indeed, you are an apprentice scribe to Ofelia, Matriarch of Words
  18. >Or was it, Keeper of Grand Syntax?
  19. >No, no, perhaps Priestess of the Pale Scroll
  20. >Ah well, grand titles are common amongst the high-beasts in the capital of Solaria
  21. >It is befitting, you figure - she is, after all, a Pegasarii, one of the noble high servants Empress Eternal
  23. Karletta Frampt
  24. >She is a pegasarii and you but a human, caught in the grand white halls of service, specifically the
  26. Librarius, a massive codex of written works stretching throughout the Empire, perhaps farther
  27. >From this, you attend and nurture each book like a child, given the proper time
  28. >And make no mistake, this is a task fit not for everyone
  29. >Some of these books are massive; some inscribed in stone!
  30. >You move them, examine them, collect them, and store them
  31. >All under the whim of Ofelia
  33. >Despite the labors, you don't mind it
  34. >In fact, you find it quite exhilarating!
  35. >Some days you sneak a small book about the "high-beasts," the noble blooded anthropoids who serve and guard
  36. the capital
  37. >In it are luxurious tales spun in grand epics; indeed, the pegasarii who fly on wings of fire, or the ember-
  38. tailed vixens with burning lances, or the pale lions whose cries invoke the wrath of the sun itself
  39. >When you're lucky, sometimes there are personal accounts, and those accounts come with sketches
  40. >Ahh, you are always amazed - the high beasts are clad in intricate armor and weapons befitting only the
  41. strongest of warriors
  42. >You admit, you often look at the pegasarii a bit too long
  43. >It's hard not to
  44. >Ofelia is one, though retired from her noble services
  45. >To the eye she is an unassuming anthropoid mare at first glance
  46. >But upon second, the wielder of the gaze is treated to a lovely figure of snowy white horsehair crowned with a mane of strange reds
  47. >You say strange, because Ofelia's mane seems to shimmer like fire
  48. >Of course she is often in noble habit of gold and scarlet
  49. >And her wings, ahh! Mighty and lofty, fit for such a mythical creature
  50. >How she came upon the service of the Librarius Sola you aren't sure, but you don't complain
  52. >It's a new day, and after your morning sup of bread and cheese, you return to a task picked by Ofelia
  53. >She's requested one last book, somewhere in the aged columns of human indexes
  54. >You note she's been fascinated with them as of late, though you don't question it
  55. >Likely she is just conducting research; after all, there's more to Solaria than just low-beasts
  56. >At any rate, you go to the section of the Librarius, a lonely corner at one of the low levels
  57. >In it are tomes left unattended, mainly because they are loose patchworks of scribbles, random notes, poor
  59. attempts at novella, and you think a child's portrait of a knight
  60. >You are methodic, however, and finding the sum of Ofelia's intrigue is a task you are happy to comply with
  61. >After some sifting, you indeed catch the small thing, a dainty book wrapped in red
  62. >The title is worn beyond recognition - you only make out some of it
  63. >All you can compile is "utra," and that appears to be in Low-Anglic
  64. >But, it fits Ofelia's definitions perfectly, and your careful eye confirms the rest
  65. >With tender care, you hoist the thing and return to the elevator mechanisms, heading to Ofelia's private
  66. quarters
  68. >The quarters are in the highest part of the indexes, a large circular room, filled with ornamentations and
  69. devices mysterious to you
  70. >A grand telescope sits on one side for the dissection of star-paths, while a center table is where Ofelia
  71. rests her current object of fancy
  72. >You enter with polite diligence, careful with your prize
  73. >"Grand Mistress, I've retrieved the tome, as you asked," you say, not quite seeing her
  74. >For a moment, you wonder if she isn't there; usually, she's occupied with something, and it's hard to miss the
  75. wings
  76. >You decided to place the book on her center desk - you're sure she'll find it
  77. >As you approach, you notice there are several tomes open, pages flicked through, bookmarked, read
  78. >It's not your business to mind the affairs of a pegasarii, but you are curious
  79. >Setting the book on the table, you take a gander, and. . .
  80. >Oh my
  81. >These are certainly the earlier passages you retrieved, but they're not what you expected
  82. >They're. . . adult in nature, to put it bluntly
  83. >The books have scribbled sketches and images, and in particular, of very 'compromising' positions
  84. >To be blunt, they're quite erotic in nature
  85. >You hear a laugh
  86. >"Finding the indexes interesting, student?"
  87. >You jump, as Ofelia approaches from the side, wings fluttering as her hoofs click against the stone floor
  88. >"Er, well. . ."
  89. >You try to muster some words, but anything you might say paints a lie against your expression
  90. >Ofelia waives you off, amused
  91. >"You needn't lie, student. I find them fascinating. Humans ponder such lustful things."
  92. >You clear your throat, stepping back
  93. >"I suppose we do," you say
  94. >You attempt to shift the subject - "I've brought the passage you asked f-"
  95. >Ofelia struts up to you, a smirk pulling at her lips
  96. >You forget how much larger she is than you, several hands by estimate, and her wings certainly make her
  98. daunting
  99. >"I know what you brought, student."
  100. >She holds out her hand, expecting
  101. >At proximity, you can't help but notice her scarlet habit is more. . . exposed than usual
  102. >In fact, the split of her massive cleavage looms over you, her gentle breaths send the weighty breasts
  104. wobbling ever so gently
  105. >You try not to mind this, handing over the worn book
  106. >"Ahem, well, it uh. Appears to have sustained some. . . damage. . ."
  107. >She takes the piece and immediately begins flipping through it
  108. >Her scarlet eyes dance over the pages and you can see her smirk widen to a sinister smile
  109. >The white fur blossoms with blush as her cheeks flush
  110. >"Yes, just what I was hoping to see. . ." she says
  111. >You can only imagine what lingers on those pages, but, remembering yourself, you attempt to bow and leave
  112. >You don't know why, you feel you'd rather stay and. . . look
  113. >"If nothing else, Grand Mistress, I will uh, take my-"
  114. >Her gaze snaps to you
  115. >"Leave? Oh no, you'll do no such thing, student."
  116. >You're taken aback; what else could she need?
  117. >Setting the book aside, she looks you over with a grin most wicked
  118. >Her hands trail behind her, unfastening, and at once, her habit robes fall away
  119. >"I need a plaything to sate my curiosity, after all."
  121. >"Mistress! I-if the scarlet clerics happen upon me, surely I'll be flayed!"
  122. >Ofelia has decided today, of all things, you are suited to a different task than just shuffling books
  123. >Keeper of pages she might be, the pegasarii is still imbued with strange magics
  124. >She's used them to, well, bind you, having clamped you to a bed
  125. >You've been stripped and, to your embarrassment, exposed for her
  126. >Her nake, curvaceous figure sends wild thoughts through your mind
  127. >The fat rump and hefty bust are like something out of a dream, causing your malehood to spring up like a
  128. newborn tree
  129. >"The scarlet clerics have better things to do."
  130. >It's clear Ofelia cares little for the regiments and routines of the Solarian orders; what terrible mischief!
  131. >Clamped on her large, luxurious bed, she approaches you, eyes tossing over your figure
  132. >"Now then, what use can I get from you, I wonder. . . we'll need to do something with this, I think."
  133. >You grunt, frightened yet quite aroused, as she crawls over you, her finger coming to tap at the tip of your
  134. flank
  135. >"I. . ." You cannot find any words for this "predicament," though, you feel yourself less interested in
  136. combatting the situation
  137. >A new sensation comes over you, however, like liquid warmth
  138. >Tendrils of gold wrap around your shaft, and to your immediate shock, you seem to be "growing" larger
  139. >It feels astounding, really, the whole of your loins trembling
  140. >Until, as soon as this 'enchantment' began, your flesh is like that of a stallion
  141. >You now, quite literally, have a cock of glowing light
  142. >That's. . . different
  143. >The pegasarri seems pleased, taking her hand and immediately stroking the reforged mast
  144. >An amazed breath escapes you, as you squirm against the magical behinds, soft silky palm caressing your groin
  145. >"This will do quite nicely, student. It's so hard finding any males with the strength to please me. So many
  146. broken, old men. But you. . ."
  147. >Her face is wild, and now, her soft, moist lips come to your tip
  148. >Oh by Sol Solarius! Is she doing what you think she is?
  149. >Yes, she applies warm, mirthful kisses against the sides of your fiery cock, mumbling in adoration as she does
  150. >A tongue leaps to lap at the side, then the tip, watching you for reactions
  151. >You, of course, are beside yourself with pleasure
  152. >Not only is this strange, enchanted flesh larger, it's far more sensitive too, sending fields of tingling heat
  153. throughout its length every time Ofelia touches it
  154. >"Gagggh! Grand Mi-"
  155. >She scoffs, "Oh, student, enough of the titles. They're such laborious things."
  156. >She practically hugs your length with her face, smothering the flesh into her cheek, her other palm carefully
  157. squeezing your testes
  158. >What wild sights! You can't believe what you're seeing; even the way your luminous shaft dimples her visage is
  159. such a strangely pleasing vision
  160. >You groan, practically humping the air, though the bindings on your wrists and ankles make things difficult
  161. >"Ohh? You like that? Fascinating. There were so many pictorials of this act, student. Humans are such a
  162. creative, lustful bunch."
  163. >Laughing, she proceeds to wrap her lips about the tip, and here you practically buck
  164. >Her giggles are muffled, pinning you down as her maw begins to suckle and serve the bright inches, slurping
  165. against them
  166. >"Ngnn! By the angels of Sol!"
  167. >What else can you say, really? This is not what you could ever imagine
  168. >You watched with astounded enthuse as the pegasarii mare engulfs your flank, a sloppy chorus of muffled moans
  169. and mouth strokes filling the private chamber
  170. >Ofelia is staring at you with those blood red eyes, clearly amused, her throat bulging as the lance of light
  171. dives into her
  172. >Even her plump, white haunches sway and wiggle with her motions, like some bizarre conductor overseeing a
  173. sexual orchestra
  174. >Her nose flares as her mouth drapes over your enchanted flesh, down to the threshold, gulps and sloppy trails
  175. of saliva escaping her
  176. >"Nnnf, b-by the golden hammer of Frampt!"
  177. >Worse (or perhaps better) yet, you cannot seem to reach peak
  178. >Your cock is utterly sieged with the intense heat of an orgasm, yet you cannot seem to reach out
  179. >What torment! Is it the magic preventing you from doing so?
  180. >Perhaps Ofelia knows this, continuing to milk and toy with your flesh, her lips stroking every veiny inch with
  181. a craftsman's care
  182. >Finally, she slows her motions, releasing you with an audible pop, the luminous malehood drizzled with saliva
  183. >"Agh, Ofelia, this is too much!" you plead, the whole of your flesh trembling
  184. >She regards you with an amused grin
  185. >"Oh? I think it can be much more, student."
  186. >You aren't sure what she means, but you don't know if you can take anymore!
  187. >"W-what do you mean?"
  188. >For a moment, she rises, sitting on you, her plump, soft rump resting just before the axis of your malehood
  189. >The weight is immense, but not overly so, though you are forced to gaze at her large, heavy tits
  190. >"Ahh, it's a shame you are bound, otherwise, you could play with me."
  191. >She laughs a bit, taking her palms and tossing her immense bosom together
  192. >"Perhaps for another time. . ."
  193. >You groan, clenching your teeth; that's not fair!
  194. >The pegasarri seems quite happy to torment you, rubbing her bottom against the immense light-cock
  195. >Her cheeks sandwich your loins a moment, and you can feel the sodden, moist warmth of her nether lips barely
  196. touch you
  197. >Agh! By the Bright Heavens! If you don't find release soon you may perish, you're sure of it!
  198. >Again, you try to hump, but the shimmering, magical coils holding you in place allow for no such thing
  199. >Bah! Damned magics
  200. >Worse, Ofelia has seen fit to lean just so, that her wobbling mantle and perky nips are but an inch from your
  201. face
  202. >What sins have you committed to possible deserve such a terrible torment?
  203. >"Ofelia! Please! If you don't grant me release I'll die! I can't stand this!"
  204. >For a moment, the winged mare ignores you, continuing to wiggle against your shaft
  205. >"Ahh, I'm only warming up, student."
  206. >She sighs, exchanging position once again (much to your chagrin, you were enjoying the view of her hefty tits)
  207. >"But I suppose you should be rewarded for your labors. You at least have the stamina I desire. . ."
  208. >Now, the grand mare has shifted to where her backside is visible
  209. >The immensity of her rump is quite easy to appreciate from the angle, as is the majestic splendor of her wings
  210. >She rises, only just so, that her adequately soft, plump pussy spreads into view
  211. >The nether lips now fondle the crown of your enchanced cock, sending small springs of aroused pleasure through
  212. you
  213. >"By SOL!"
  214. >Ofelia nickers, profoundly amused
  215. >It has only now dawned on you what is about to happen; a confidant of the Empress Eternal, a great warrior on
  216. wings of fire is about to mount you like some primal mate
  217. >Oh gods! There isn't a tome in all the Librarius which could've prepared you for this!
  218. >"Nnmmf. . . think I made you a bit large. . ." mutters Ofelia
  219. >Her hips dance again, and her suckling snatch parts, the wet warmth of her tunnel now enveloping you
  220. >In one smooth, fluid motion, her bottom comes crashing upon your loins, and you're enveloped by her
  221. >"Gah!"
  222. >Oh by all the fields of Isarius, you wish you could reach out and grope those splendid hills of mare rump
  223. >Alas, you are at the mercy of her actions
  224. >Indeed, Ofelia begins to bounce her hips against your immense shaft of light
  225. >Each rise suckles your length while each crash sends a clap of impact which echoes throughout the bedroom
  227. chamber
  228. >"Ohnff. . . student. . . it feels marvelous. . ."
  229. >Ofelia's wings begin to flap, adding momentum to her falls and rises
  230. >Ah, and what's this? You hear her moan
  231. >Oh it's a sound greater than all the songs sung by the clerical priests
  232. >Though you are restrained, you fidget and squirm, doing your best to hump into the immense backside
  233. >Each motion causes healthy, jubilant jiggles to cascade through her bottom, yet another exciting vision
  234. >The pegasarii looks back to you, face flushed, exhaling with hot, whet groans as her hips dance against you
  235. >"Ofelia! Agh!"
  236. >Despite your vocation, you are truly at a loss for words
  237. >What an animal you are, nothing but a low-beast, despite your human heritage
  238. >The winged-mare enhances her pace, now bouncing wildly atop your luminescent cock
  239. >Her melodic moans are something out of a dream; to think, this powerful creature is pleased by you!
  240. >Oh, by Sol!
  241. >She's tossing her self like a rambunctious storm now, milking you dry
  242. >Agh! You can't take it anymore! Your enchanted flesh is roaring with an intensity like no other
  243. >It is so overwhelmingly good it actually *hurts*
  244. >You weren't meant to feel such incredible sensations!
  245. >"Nnnff! student! Your lance. . . stronger than a hundred stallions!"
  246. >Ofelia seems lost in her own estate of orgasmic delight; after all, you don't figure yourself an equine
  247. soldier
  249. >By all the fires!
  250. >It seems whatever 'lock' was in place, were there such a thing, has released
  251. >And by proxy, so do you!
  252. >"HNNGG!"
  253. >Oh, heavens
  254. >You can feel the rivers of hot white utterly bursting from you
  255. >The emission is an utter deluge, Ofelia shouting with surprise as you drown her mare cunt with an excess of
  256. enchanted seed
  257. >That's certainly not you! You can hardly believe it yourself
  258. >And each dollop that escapes you, each 'wave' creates tremors of tingling intensity bringing you over the edge
  259. >Again, the physical, pleasing intensity is so profound you are in a splendid agony
  260. >You can barely see yourself as Ofelia slams her lips against you, accepting every bit of seed you eject
  261. >Once you are spent, you breathe as though just hefting one of the ancient stone scriptures
  262. >"B-by Sol above. . ."
  263. >Ofelia has also ceased her motions, suckling cunny keeping you in place
  264. >Eventually, she does shift, her damp, pink pussy slipping from you, along with a trail of hot white
  265. >Oh heavens, thank goodness, it's over now
  266. >You don't think you can match the stamina of anything further
  267. >Ofelia stands now, turning to you
  268. >She's grinning
  269. >"A good warm up, student."
  270. >Oh. . . no. . .
  272. >Ofelia spends the rest of the evening toying with you and the enchanted cock
  273. >It's a tormenting bliss
  274. >You're freed from your shackles, but only just so, allowed to fornicate with strange new positions she locates
  275. from the tomes you brought
  276. >She binds your neck with light, forcing you to fuck her while you push her ankles to her neck
  277. >Or, she has you mount her from behind, bouncing into her soft pucker
  278. >Your coated with sweat, and each time you think you're spent, she forces magic into the pulp of your essence
  279. and grants you renewed vigor
  280. >This goes on for. . . well, frankly, you can't even keep track of time
  281. >You think, eventually, you're allowed to rest
  282. >The private chamber is a mess of ejaculate and Sol knows what else
  283. >You hope Ofelia can speak on your behalf, because the other Librarius Sola attendants won't find your absence
  284. amusing
  285. >Well, perhaps it would be worth it
  286. >To have mated with a pegasarii - ah, be damned, it would be worth a flaying from the clerics
  287. >You fall asleep again
  289. >At some point, Ofelia wakes you
  290. >To your relief, you are allowed to feed and bathe, along with the assurance no one will disturb you
  291. >You go to clean in her water-room, thankful for the hot water
  292. >You return, only to find Ofelia in the main chamber, nake once more, bending over
  293. >You notice something, however
  294. >This time, it's HER ankles and wrists which are bound by magical light
  295. >"Your turn," she announces with a devilish smirk
  297. >Oh, by the sun
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