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  1.  - Solid menu work
  2.  - Controls could be icky, but that's what I get for playing keyboard
  3.  - Tutorials are a plus
  4.  - Jump-strafe is more powerful than expected. The distance surprises me every time
  5.  - Juggling enemies with melee attacks feels really good
  6.  - Tapping works, holding doesn't
  7.  - Not exactly sure why W+L is there twice
  8.  - Menu navigation not available via keyboard
  9.  - Hitting enemies in the air with lightning stops them from falling. The statement that lightning doesn't cause hitstun just seconds before is confusing
  10.  - Trying to fight the shade on easy. Mouse and keyboard must be used in tandem to select stuff. Can't press enter or leave button with any key or mouse button. ESC doesn't work either
  11.  - Correction: This is true for all enemies on all difficulties
  12.  - Correction: Accept/Cancel bound to X/Y on KB. Unexpected, especially when using non-QWERTY keyboard
  13.  - Game Over screen does not accept input
  14.  - Enemies tough as nails
  16. I'm digging it, but I am not good enough to truly enjoy it.
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