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Log Twenty-Six: Search for the King's Jewel Part 1

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May 25th, 2013
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  1. 03[14:24] * Now talking in #Wizardbase
  2. [14:24] <Adrian> Hiya Wits
  3. 06[14:24] <Wits> hi
  4. [14:24] <Corbenik> Wits
  5. [14:24] <@Dirk> Hi Wits
  6. [14:25] <@Dirk> Did already roll for the ReCo Circle ... No Botch :)
  7. [14:25] <Adrian> afk a bit :)
  8. [14:27] <Adrian> Does ceremonial castings have a longer lifespan ala Rituals?
  9. 06[14:27] <Wits> Good. I'll need to roll for Baruch's lab refinement as well to see if his lab gets highly organized or spotless
  10. [14:27] <@Dirk> No it makes it just easyer to cast the spell
  11. [14:28] <Adrian> ah
  12. [14:28] <Adrian> won't the spell fade then?
  13. 06[14:28] <Wits> !roll 1d10+12 (against 12; highly organized :)
  14. [14:28] <Wonderbot> Wits, (against 12; highly organized :): 13 :1+12
  15. 06[14:28] <Wits> !roll
  16. 06[14:28] <Wits> !roll 1d10+12 (against 12; highly organized :)
  17. [14:28] <Wonderbot> Wits, (against 12; highly organized :): 16 :4+12
  18. 06[14:28] <Wits> Baruch's lab is so organized it almost hurts
  19. [14:29] <Adrian> I'd be worried :p
  20. 06[14:29] <Wits> !roll 1d10+2 (against 9, spotlessness)
  21. [14:29] <Wonderbot> Wits, (against 9, spotlessness): 9 :7+2
  22. [14:29] <CJR> OK any ideas where i cna upload maps quickly for todays game? :)
  23. 06[14:29] <Wits> Ha, and it's spotless as well, at least until Arabella with her lowly intelligence messes it up
  24. [14:29] <Adrian> remind me not to send an apprentice your way Wits :p
  25. 06[14:29] <Wits> I'd use dropbox if you just need to upload them
  26. 06[14:30] <Wits> If you want to modify them, then scribblar is good
  27. [14:30] <Adrian> either way, afk for a few minutes be back soon
  28. [14:30] <CJR> Dropbox will do. Is it best to do it now or wjen we need them?
  29. 06[14:31] <Wits> You should probably put it in the public folder now and only give out the links when we need them
  30. 06[14:31] <Wits> imho
  31. [14:32] <@Dirk> Btw is is start of Winter or later we start the adventure? I ask because Dirk learn exact 3 new spells trough winter so each month a new spell adds :)
  32. [14:33] <CJR> Just before start of Winter technically, by 5 days.
  33. [14:33] <@Dirk> OK thanks
  34. [14:34] <CJR> Ah I found I already had uploaded it. Age you know
  35. [14:34] <CJR> How many of us will ther ebe today?
  36. [14:35] <CJR> Today's adveture is good for companions who leave the city to play in. One character each, and I'd prefer maximum two magi
  37. [14:35] <CJR> Just in case it ends in a prty wipe out you see. I'm kind like that :)
  38. [14:35] <Adrian> all save for Nyaa I think
  39. 14[14:35] * Corbenik raises hand
  40. [14:35] <Adrian> Maybe Freespace too, if he sleeps in again :p
  41. [14:35] <@Dirk> Freespace still not here and beside him dont know who else wanted to come
  42. [14:36] <CJR> OK I have to go sort a couple of things, brb
  43. [14:36] <@Dirk> Btw Wits Int+ MR 12 thats extrem High
  44. [14:36] <Adrian> If it ends in a party wipe then we still got two left, it's always nice :p
  45. [14:37] <Adrian> three if we count Amaranth
  46. [14:37] <CJR> Silas and BAruch might be good choices.
  47. [14:37] <CJR> Silas definitely.
  48. [14:37] <Adrian> Yep
  49. 03[14:37] * Adrian is now known as Silas_
  50. [14:37] <Silas_> dun dun dun DUUUNN
  51. [14:37] <Silas_> (I'm gonna die!)
  52. 03[14:37] * Calpurnia is now known as Calpurnia_on_vacation
  53. [14:38] <CJR> Anyone heard from amaranth at all?
  54. [14:38] <Silas_> How is the trolling going? :p
  55. [14:38] <CJR> Ramon might suit this one too
  56. 06[14:38] <Wits> CJ: Two questions: Did we get any xp from the adventure when the boat attacked our covenant? I'm pretty sure you haven't specified it yet. Another thing: Do our labs have Superior tools and Superior equipment, since we have the grogs at the required level? Do we have to pay the initial cost to get them, or do we get them for free?
  57. [14:38] <CJR> Nope, it wasn interlude t athe start of Paris
  58. [14:39] <Silas_> She's active on forums, and she'd prefer not to give up the chance to join us
  59. [14:39] <CJR> You can have the specilialists make them, but you don't gt them for free, except for Calpurnia who does
  60. 06[14:39] <Wits> Schwarz: Yah, int 5 mt 7, not that exceptional for a Bonisagus of Baruch's age - he has puissant MT on the house, remember
  61. [14:39] <CJR> OK cool so long as she is OK :)
  62. [14:39] <Silas_> but other than that,.. I can't say if she'll be here or not
  63. [14:39] <@Dirk> Yes a bit over a week agai she was active because of the Lab assignment
  64. [14:40] <@Dirk> but ingame I can't remember when she was here last time
  65. [14:40] <CJR> CAlpurnia has Goricious old lab
  66. [14:40] <CJR> I'm just going to shop, so brb
  67. [14:40] <CJR> CJR has left the building :)
  68. [14:40] <Silas_> To be fair, getting into the game can be a daunting task, especially since we keep adding more and more months to plan out hehe
  69. [14:40] <Corbenik> lol
  70. [14:40] <CJR> (will get simple once Antonius kills you all!)
  71. [14:41] <Corbenik> Oh yeah
  72. [14:41] <Silas_> (or we kill him ! HARHAR!!)
  73. [14:41] <Silas_> How much would upgrading tools cost us then?
  74. [14:42] <Silas_> Is it mentioned in the book?
  75. [14:42] <Silas_> (<- slacker apparently :p )
  76. [14:43] <Silas_> My old classroom teacher would have complained that I ask and not investigate myself, but.. meh, the pair of you seem to know what you are doing :p )
  77. [14:43] <@Dirk> Haha the I placed her in the right lab with my updated Covenant Description
  78. 06[14:43] <Wits> Yeah, it's in the book - I'll look it up sono but have to go do omething first - brb 10min
  79. [14:43] <Silas_> no worries on my account Wits
  80. [14:44] <Silas_> I'll look it up later if need be
  81. [14:47] <Silas_> :( it's started raining
  82. [14:47] <Silas_> and the weather was so warm and wonderful for the past two days
  83. [14:53] <@Dirk> btw CJ how many Campaigns have you running beside this one? I know you want to end one in the next months.
  84. [14:54] <Silas_> In a wizard duel (certamen) you are still not allowed to scry you opponent even if you win, right? - still bound by the Oath
  85. [14:56] <CJR> I'm back now.
  86. [14:56] <Silas_> wb
  87. [14:56] <CJR> Only three sagas at moment including playing in this one
  88. [14:57] <@Dirk> wb
  89. [14:57] <Silas_> I have a bad feeling then :p
  90. [14:57] <Silas_> My danger sense is tingling
  91. 03[14:57] * Dirk is now known as Ramon
  92. [14:58] <@Ramon> If CJ prefers Ramon then he get Ramon :) as it is still end of Autumn maybe I can even write the exp to Autumn for Ramon :)
  93. [14:58] <Silas_> Are (half) grogs allowed to study the Covenant's library?
  94. [14:59] <@Ramon> No only Scribe , and Mages I think
  95. [14:59] <Silas_> mhm
  96. [14:59] <Silas_> would make sense :)
  97. [14:59] <Silas_> can't have their dirty fingers going through the delicate volumes
  98. 06[15:00] <Wits> The virtues cost 5 points and 20 points, so 25 points altogether - now I'll just have to figure out what the exchange rate between points and pounds is
  99. [15:01] <@Ramon> haha thats where I stoped to look deeper today
  100. [15:01] <Silas_> !roll 1d10 will frespace make it
  101. [15:01] <Wonderbot> Silas_, will frespace make it: 6
  102. [15:01] <CJR> OK< almost ready!
  103. [15:02] <@Ramon> Ramon arived a bit early for his winter stay this year ^^
  104. [15:03] <Silas_> To be fair it can be tricky to get to our covenant ^^
  105. [15:04] <@Ramon> (Not when Sedala know here way trough the Sky Seas)
  106. 03[15:04] * CJR_ ( has joined #Wizardbase
  107. [15:04] <CJR_> IN brief: the Barons have rebelled, raised an army and taken London
  108. [15:04] <CJR_> The French under Prince Louis have invaded
  109. [15:05] <CJR_> John has lost much of the kingdom
  110. [15:05] <Corbenik> Unfortunately for them they don't know that there be dragons in England
  111. 02[15:05] * CJR ( Quit (Ping timeout )
  112. [15:06] <Silas_> (they are about to find out :p )
  113. 03[15:06] * Ramon sets mode: +v CJR_
  114. 03[15:06] * CJR ( has joined #Wizardbase
  115. 03[15:06] * Ramon sets mode: +v CJR
  116. [15:06] <+CJR> OK my connection is acting up :)
  117. 03[15:06] * Wits is now known as Baruch
  118. [15:07] <+CJR> In other news, TAitale has noticed something odd about the city
  119. [15:07] <Silas_> (there is something to be said about it though, Liabellus has two dead dragons, one eaten when he turned into a frog and the other when the first dragon turned back from a frog while still in his gut..)
  120. [15:07] <@Ramon> (SO we probably have Baruch,m Adrian, Ramon and Corbenik as player)
  121. [15:07] <@Ramon> (err Silas)
  122. [15:07] <+CJR> While the previous erratic wobbling was sored out by you all with magic, the city is slowly dropping, so far about three feet a season.
  123. [15:07] <Silas_> (that convent keeps chaning names..)
  124. [15:08] <+CJR> This is of course not noticeable to anyone but Taitale
  125. [15:08] <@Ramon> (iks thats not good)
  126. [15:08] <Corbenik> (ABANDON FLYING CASTLE!!!)
  127. [15:08] <+CJR> I'll give you a minute to discuss news..
  128. [15:09] <Silas_> (Taitale might keep that quiet too, as he was about to lose his life last time he spoke up :p )
  129. 02[15:09] * +CJR_ ( Quit (Ping timeout )
  130. 06[15:09] <Baruch> Nah, I'm pretty sure he'll tell them - and show the data to back it up
  131. [15:09] <Silas_> (the french invasion or general news?)
  132. [15:09] <@Ramon> (Btw CJ what for did you ned the Artes Librars score of Drik about the Age of our Covenant?)
  133. 06[15:10] <Baruch> He has his children (and Baruch) taking readings all the time, so he has numbers to show
  134. [15:10] <Silas_> (oh, and what would you guys say if Silas got married? ^^ was what I intended for the Autumn season)
  135. [15:10] <+CJR> OH yes. It is rather old, Dirk knos that much. Exactly how old hard to say, but after The Flood.
  136. [15:10] <+CJR> But not by a huge amount
  137. [15:11] <+CJR> Ah yes, was planning to play that out :)
  138. [15:11] <+CJR> Silas is getting married.
  139. [15:11] <Silas_> (ah, neat)
  140. [15:11] <+CJR> Brother gUi offers to officiate
  141. [15:11] <Corbenik> (well first of Silas your going to have to woo her again)
  142. [15:11] <+CJR> Maybe w can do it next session? :)
  143. [15:11] <Silas_> (works fine too :)
  144. [15:11] <+CJR> There will be a story, and xp!
  145. [15:11] <Corbenik> XP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  146. [15:12] <Silas_> (oh you sly talker you :p )
  147. [15:12] <@Ramon> (A lot of unloved Mages at the wedding ^^)
  148. [15:12] <+CJR> And a chance to gain the Lost Love or True Love flaws!
  149. 06[15:12] <Baruch> Do our characters have any idea that the crown thing and the invasions and the dragons might be related to the city falling?
  150. [15:12] <Corbenik> (ohhhhhhhhhh)
  151. [15:12] <Silas_> We do, Gorcious told us as much if I recall
  152. [15:12] <+CJR> BAruch: dunno. Do they think they are related?
  153. [15:12] <@Ramon> Yes that was told by Antonius
  154. [15:12] <Silas_> or wait..
  155. [15:12] <Silas_> yes Antonius
  156. [15:13] <Silas_> whether that is true or not..
  157. [15:13] <+CJR> Taitale notes the falling has been over a period of only two or three years
  158. [15:13] <+CJR> Yes :)
  159. [15:13] <Silas_> it's probably best if we play along with the idea tho :p
  160. 06[15:13] <Baruch> Right, he did mention it I think. Ok, so they probably have a vague idea they might be related, but not sure how or what
  161. [15:14] <+CJR> Talking of Antonius
  162. [15:14] <Silas_> oh god, here it comes...
  163. [15:14] <+CJR> Servant arrive at the doors of Silas and Baruchs sanctum. The message is simple: report to Antonius at once
  164. [15:14] <Silas_> I'd have liked to die married :p
  165. [15:14] <@Ramon> Did he recover from his Dancing Hickup
  166. 06[15:14] * Baruch reports at once
  167. [15:15] <+CJR> Yes, the plants helped. And as he noted "It only cost us Calpurnia, a small price to pay. And my dignity"
  168. 14[15:15] * Silas_ gathers his gear and moves to speak with Antonius
  169. [15:15] <+CJR> BAruch as you enter the Temple you notice the servants appear very quiet - subdued even.
  170. [15:15] <+CJR> Silas you also notice they are rather unusually quiet and respectful as you enter the building
  171. 06[15:16] * Baruch looks worried
  172. [15:16] <Silas_> [to Baruch in a hushed voice] "do you think Antonius had someone executed?"
  173. 06[15:16] <Baruch> To Silas: "Let's hope not." To servants: "Is anything the matter, here?"
  174. [15:17] <+CJR> "No Sir. Except Antonius Sir..."
  175. [15:17] <Silas_> (was tempted to add "again")
  176. [15:17] <+CJR> BAruch Pre + Fol Ken vs Ease Factor 9 - they are nervous
  177. [15:17] <Corbenik> (I'm going to guess I'm not there as you are in The Temple of Christian Maguses)
  178. 06[15:18] <Baruch> !roll 1d10-2
  179. [15:18] <Wonderbot> Baruch: 5 :7-2
  180. [15:18] <+CJR> Corbenik is dealing with an overturned wagon accident in the plaza outside
  181. [15:18] <+CJR> The servant loos worried, andsays nothing but bows stiffly
  182. [15:18] <Corbenik> (Damned wagons, THATS WHY YOU CARRY YOUR CRAP)
  183. 06[15:19] <Baruch> "Let's go see him, Silas. They are obviously upset."
  184. 06[15:19] * Baruch heads for Antonius
  185. 14[15:19] * Silas_ nods
  186. 14[15:19] * Silas_ follows Baruch, half a step behind
  187. [15:20] <Silas_> (mm! warm feet, how I missed you)
  188. [15:21] <Silas_> (found my slippers :p )
  189. 06[15:21] <Baruch> (The exchange rate between the points and mythics pound is apparently 1 for 1, apparently, so the virtues cost 25 mythic pounds. I'm not sure how many silver pennies that is, though.)
  190. [15:22] <@Ramon> (Mythic Silver Pound)
  191. [15:22] <Silas_> (a lot. Wasn't a pound 240 silver pennies?)
  192. 03[15:22] * CJR_ ( has joined #Wizardbase
  193. [15:22] <CJR_> "Ah! Baruch! How are you? And Silas, dear Silas, soon to wed I hear!? I simply must find a suitable gift for you, and arrange some better quarters for you and your lovely wife. Who is she by the way? I am so glad you can join me. Can I interest you in a goblet of wine?""
  194. [15:22] <Corbenik> That explains it
  195. 02[15:22] * +CJR ( Quit (Ping timeout )
  196. [15:22] <CJR_> (Sorry what did i miss?)
  197. 03[15:22] * CJR_ is now known as CJR
  198. 06[15:22] <Baruch> (Nothing, I think)
  199. [15:23] <Silas_> (nothing, just idle banter :p )
  200. [15:23] <Corbenik> ( O_o oh god this looks bad, he's being friendly)
  201. [15:23] <CJR> "I simply can't trust the senior magi these days to get anything right. Anything you need for you labs?"
  202. [15:23] <CJR> "Or anything I can do for you?"
  203. 06[15:23] <Baruch> *looks taken aback* "Ah, good to see you as well... head mage? A goblet of wine sounds splendid, thank you."
  204. [15:23] <CJR> "Really, it would be the least I can do!"
  205. [15:23] <CJR> He claps his hands
  206. [15:24] <Silas_> "Thank you, master! She is Aedith, a grog we rescued from Libellus, when we were gauntleted"
  207. [15:24] <CJR> A terrfified looking manserant appears from an antechamber, and scurries off on hearing wine is required
  208. [15:24] <Corbenik> (Oh god this is bad)
  209. [15:24] <CJR> "Ah yes, Aedith! Quite, a very suitable match"
  210. [15:24] <Silas_> (heh god, we are gonna die..)
  211. [15:25] <Corbenik> (PS who the hell is Aedith)
  212. 06[15:25] <Baruch> "Congratulations on that, Silas. I did not know."
  213. 14[15:25] * Silas_ smiles
  214. [15:25] <Silas_> "I am glad you think so"
  215. [15:25] <CJR> "I shall enchant you matching wedding bands, so you alays know where thje other is as a wedding gift Silas? Woud that be appropriate? And arrange a longevity ritual for the young lady?"
  216. [15:25] <Silas_> "I am sorry, I meant to tell, truly, but a lot has been going on lately"
  217. [15:25] <CJR> (Edith! Aedith is the correct spelling, but everyone calles her Edith s that is ho it is proounounced)
  218. [15:26] <Corbenik> (oh okay)
  219. [15:26] <CJR> "yell me, is Ramon about?"
  220. 06[15:26] <Baruch> "I think he arrived early, yes."
  221. [15:26] <Silas_> "It would be most generous sir, I am awed"
  222. 06[15:26] * Baruch still looking slightly apprehensive
  223. [15:26] <CJR> "tell me, as a friend to a friend - we are good friends after all?"
  224. [15:27] <CJR> "is Ramon reliable? Sound? One of us?"
  225. [15:27] <Silas_> "Of cause we are sir"
  226. 06[15:27] <Baruch> "He seems to be, I would say. But I am no expert on such matters. What do you think, Silas?"
  227. [15:28] <Silas_> "I... would think so,..? I... it may depend on the matter, I suppose"
  228. [15:28] <CJR> The manservant appears with an exquisite cut crystal decnater. It contains a glorious black wine with a heady aroma - a Pinot Noire, one of the Malbec grapes of South France. He pours generous goblets for yu each
  229. 06[15:28] <Baruch> "Thank you, good man."
  230. 06[15:28] * Baruch tastes
  231. [15:28] <Silas_> [takes the glass] "many thanks"
  232. [15:28] <CJR> "Is he loyal to our covenant though? We can trust him?"
  233. [15:29] <CJR> (delicious. Just a hint of magic.)
  234. [15:29] <Silas_> "Yes I would think so"
  235. [15:29] <Corbenik> (Dude that wine is probably worth more than you guys)
  236. 06[15:29] <Baruch> "He must have loyalties to his home covenant, of course, but he does seem to be fond of us."
  237. [15:29] <Silas_> "Indeed"
  238. [15:29] <CJR> "ah, good good. We may need to call upon his services. A matte rof utmost discretion"
  239. [15:29] <CJR> "if we find him untrustworthy, we can always slay him"
  240. [15:30] <Silas_> [sips the wine] "what matter is that?"
  241. 06[15:30] <Baruch> "Well, there is that possibility, I suppose."
  242. [15:30] <Silas_> [coughs]
  243. [15:30] <Silas_> "I-- indeed" [cough]
  244. [15:30] <CJR> (Antonius says that the way he might say "would you like a cheese sandwich?" - completely matter of fact
  245. [15:30] <Silas_> (of cause)
  246. [15:31] <CJR> "baruch, if oyu have cause to believe he is being indicrete, arrange an accident"
  247. [15:31] <CJR> indiscrete
  248. 06[15:31] <Baruch> "... Of course, head mage, as you wish."
  249. [15:31] <CJR> "Would you care for some grapes?"
  250. [15:32] <CJR> "Well it is lovely to see you both. Anything else you require? Baruch, I was thinking you may need a larger lab soon?"
  251. 06[15:32] <Baruch> "I.. yes, most kind of you, head mage."
  252. [15:32] <Corbenik> (It would be funny if this was caused due to Calpurnia not being here)
  253. [15:32] <Silas_> "I am fine, but thank you. This wine is excellent!"
  254. 06[15:32] <Baruch> "Well, yes, a largel lab might come in handy with my new apprentice and all."
  255. [15:32] <CJR> "Oh yes... one last thing. I need you, and perhaps Raom to do me a small favour. Just between us you see."
  256. [15:33] <CJR> He looks ta you both very intently.
  257. 06[15:33] <Baruch> "Anything you wish, head mage."
  258. [15:33] <Silas_> "of cause"
  259. [15:33] <CJR> "Excellent. Very well, I wish you to steal the Crown Jewels of England, and bring them here."
  260. [15:33] <Silas_> [cough]
  261. 06[15:34] <Baruch> "... I see. Might I inquire, unless it is too bold, why we require them?"
  262. [15:34] <CJR> "Unfortunately time is short, so I will require them within a week"
  263. [15:34] <CJR> Antonius looks at Baruch
  264. [15:34] <Silas_> "I,.. if I may, sir, why are they required?"
  265. [15:34] <CJR> "He stares at Silas
  266. 14[15:35] * Silas_ dips his head
  267. 06[15:35] <Baruch> "... I understand. We shall procure the jewels at once."
  268. [15:35] <Silas_> "I did not wish to presume"
  269. [15:35] <CJR> He claps his hands, and the servant returns. Fetch me Corbenik and Ramon!
  270. 14[15:35] * Corbenik is fetched
  271. [15:35] <CJR> Corbenik, Ramon, you recieve summons ot the chamber
  272. [15:35] <Corbenik> (I go)
  273. [15:35] <CJR> I'll tell you as soon as you enter
  274. [15:36] <CJR> Ramon about?
  275. 14[15:36] * @Ramon enter the Temple upon this request
  276. [15:36] <CJR> Excellent.
  277. [15:36] <Silas_> (only the crown jewels? phew, could be worse I suppose..)
  278. [15:36] <CJR> OK, just before you two arrive
  279. [15:36] <CJR> Antonius looks thoughtful.
  280. [15:37] <CJR> "Erm, yes. I suppose you should know. The stolen crown, you are aware of it? The ward has broken, the dragons are loosed, the Apocalypse has begun"
  281. [15:37] <Corbenik> (heh at least he didn't ask for the crown jewels of the Holy Roman Empire (if it still exist right now) or the Papacy)
  282. [15:37] <CJR> He smiles. More wine?
  283. 06[15:37] <Baruch> "Yes, we... are aware of these developments."
  284. 06[15:37] <Baruch> "Apocalypse, is it?"
  285. [15:37] <Silas_> "You mentioned so earlier yes, I had hoped we might... deal with it, at soon as we had a chance"
  286. [15:37] <CJR> "yes, and the French are here. Chasing King John around"
  287. [15:38] <Silas_> (as soon*)
  288. 14[15:38] * Silas_ nods
  289. [15:38] <CJR> "well we have a change. WHat if we take a new Crown of England, in this case the Crown of Matilda, and reinter it?"
  290. [15:38] <CJR> It will be an Arcane Connection to the Realm
  291. 06[15:39] <Baruch> "Oh! Would that work?"
  292. [15:39] <CJR> "My researches suggest ther eis a sacred bloodline of those who first made the wards and buried the crowns. I pkan to find a living descendant, use their blood in a dsacrifice to rebury it, and save England, and so the world."
  293. [15:39] <Silas_> "That... seeems... quite clever, actually."
  294. [15:39] <CJR> "yes, but we may have to sacrifice the Crown Guardian, whoever he si"
  295. 14[15:40] * Silas_ eyes narrow
  296. [15:40] <Silas_> "How much blood would be needed?"
  297. 06[15:40] * Baruch pales a little
  298. [15:40] <CJR> "Still little cost to stop all this, and save the city!"
  299. [15:40] <CJR> "Oh all of it I think. You cut off their head, and then need a magical wolf called polandus to guard it. Soemthing like that. I'm stll researching, I know very little"
  300. 14[15:41] * @Ramon clear his troat
  301. [15:41] <CJR> "The first step s to simply acquire the Imperial Crown of the Empress Matilda, the Crown of England and the angevin Empire"
  302. [15:41] <@Ramon> "Sir you called?"
  303. [15:41] <Silas_> "Master, I've... ergh, been dealing a bit with this.."
  304. [15:41] <CJR> Ah Ramon and Corbenik, do try the wine?
  305. 14[15:41] * Silas_ turns to Ramon
  306. [15:41] <Corbenik> (no)
  307. [15:41] <CJR> "Excellenr Silas. I was hoping your ne wife may be able to help me trach down the Crown Guardian"
  308. [15:42] <@Ramon> "Oh thank you sir, to nice"
  309. [15:42] <Silas_> "Yes.."
  310. [15:42] <CJR> "She comes from the right region if i understand these things correct"
  311. [15:42] <CJR> "So enough idle chat. Go and fetch what we need!"
  312. [15:42] <CJR> Antonius smiles.
  313. 06[15:43] <Baruch> "Very well."
  314. [15:43] <Silas_> "She does, yes.. We actually know who has the real crown now, master, we may not need the... items you asked us to find"
  315. [15:43] <CJR> YOu all levaing?
  316. [15:43] <@Ramon> "So The 2 other Mages will introduce me in what I'm needed for?"
  317. [15:43] <CJR> Antonius looks shocked
  318. [15:43] <CJR> "You know who has the Crown?"
  319. [15:44] <Silas_> "Yes, I do not know how to retrieve it though, without a tribuneral to aid me"
  320. [15:44] <Silas_> "And even then..."
  321. [15:44] <CJR> "IF we can find it, we can use it as an Arcane Connection using my magic to find the crown Guardian, and sehd their blood as required"
  322. 14[15:44] * Silas_ taps chin
  323. [15:44] <CJR> "sadly the current crown is not an AC to this infernal family we seek "
  324. 06[15:45] <Baruch> "Won't this other crown work for the ritual, then?"
  325. [15:45] <Silas_> "Would simply burying it again not work?"
  326. [15:45] <CJR> "it will do as a subtitute though!"
  327. [15:45] <CJR> "I'm not a Cron Guardian, so I have no idea, but my reading fo the lkegend is now, it will not."
  328. [15:45] <CJR> "the Crown Guardians spirit guards the Crown."
  329. [15:46] <Silas_> "I.. see"
  330. [15:46] <CJR> "Still, here are plenty of peasants out there. Chopping the head off one in the greater good is hardly a tragedy!"
  331. [15:46] <Silas_> "Having a new spirit, of the same family, guarding the new crown would work?"
  332. [15:47] <Corbenik> "Indeed Philospher King"
  333. 14[15:47] * Silas_ hardly turns to glace at Corbenik
  334. 14[15:48] * Corbenik ignores Silas
  335. [15:48] <Silas_> "You can leave the matter safely to us, master"
  336. 14[15:48] * Silas_ bows to Antonius
  337. 06[15:48] <Baruch> "..Yes. Let us get the crown jewels."
  338. 06[15:48] * Baruch bows, leaves
  339. [15:49] <@Ramon> "Are you talking about this stolen Crwon that now is hold by one of the Archmages of the Stonehenge tribunla? I barly remmeber the things I heared then."
  340. 14[15:49] * Silas_ empties the glass of the wine and leaves
  341. 14[15:49] * Silas_ gently takes Ramon's shoulder and leaves
  342. [15:50] <Silas_> "I shall tell you the task on the way"
  343. 14[15:50] * @Ramon leaves with the others
  344. 14[15:50] * Corbenik leaves with others
  345. 02[15:50] * CJR ( Quit (Ping timeout )
  346. [15:50] <Corbenik> (thought so)
  347. [15:51] <@Ramon> (I also thought CJ would react to what Ramon sayed ^^)
  348. [15:51] <Silas_> We have two choices, as I see it. Get the crown jewels as requested, or the one Archmage Stephan has
  349. 06[15:52] <Baruch> I guess. It might be he could just use it to home in on Edith's dad, though
  350. [15:52] <@Ramon> the first should be much easyer for the second we need Antonius in the group
  351. [15:52] <Silas_> Then, before reporting to Antonius, speak with Edith and get her to bury it secretly
  352. [15:52] <Corbenik> (well 1 of them we will fight mundanes the other we will fight a wizard)
  353. [15:53] <Silas_> I'd agree, the new crown might be easier..
  354. [15:53] <Silas_> Regardless, we are breaking our oath big time..
  355. [15:53] <Corbenik> (New crown might not work though)
  356. [15:53] <Silas_> (the mages involved though...)
  357. [15:54] <Silas_> there is that..
  358. 06[15:54] <Baruch> Yeah, and the old one might also not work - or so Antonius seems to think.
  359. 06[15:54] <Baruch> One alternative might be to try to find someone who knows
  360. 06[15:54] <Baruch> Polandrus or Edith's dad or someone
  361. [15:55] <@Ramon> Yes but remember we got only 1 week time!
  362. [15:55] <Silas_> We'd need to use the AC from Edith to find either..
  363. [15:55] <Silas_> or Gust really..
  364. [15:55] <Corbenik> Most likely Polandrus would know most accurately
  365. [15:55] <Silas_> indeed
  366. [15:56] <Silas_> I wonder if Taitail would know why one week is needed...
  367. [15:57] <Silas_> or rather, why he needed it in one week
  368. 06[15:57] <Baruch> I doubt it - it probably has to do with the legend Antonius has been studying
  369. [15:57] <Silas_> maybe the city is more unstable than we give it credit for
  370. 06[15:57] <Baruch> Or the location of the jewels
  371. [15:57] <Silas_> sounds likely...
  372. 06[15:57] <Baruch> Once they get to the castle, they're harder to get
  373. [15:58] <Silas_> there could be that, do we know where King John is now though?
  374. 06[15:58] <Baruch> The characters don't but we do - it's in the stuff CJ posted
  375. [15:58] <Silas_> Clearing up the country side, if our Red Cap has the truth of it =)
  376. 06[15:58] <Baruch> He's traveling towards a castle by himself
  377. 06[15:58] <Baruch> or with his retinue, more appropriatley
  378. [15:59] <@Ramon> "If you Mages could profid me with the necesary location we might even have a shortcut trough the skysea but I prefer not to use it.
  379. [15:59] <Silas_> hehe otherwise he's a braver monach than I'd ever be...
  380. [15:59] <Silas_> "Why not Ramon? - we may need it, time is of the essence now"
  381. [16:00] <@Ramon> "Because of the dangers there its part of the magic realm as fare I understand it"
  382. 03[16:01] * CJR ( has joined #Wizardbase
  383. [16:01] <@Ramon> "seadala is at home there but we not"
  384. [16:01] <CJR> Typical.
  385. [16:01] <CJR> We had a power cut.
  386. [16:01] <Corbenik> CJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  387. [16:01] <Silas_> "The crown jewels are the safest bet to my mind, but I should like to speak of it to Aedith first I think.."
  388. [16:01] <CJR> OK, back now.
  389. 06[16:01] <Baruch> <CJR> "Still, here are plenty of peasants out there. Chopping the head off one in the greater good is hardly a tragedy!"
  390. 06[16:01] <Baruch> <Silas_> "Having a new spirit, of the same family, guarding the new crown would work?"
  391. 06[16:01] <Baruch> <Corbenik> "Indeed Philospher King"
  392. 06[16:01] <Baruch> * Silas_ hardly turns to glace at Corbenik
  393. 06[16:01] <Baruch> * Corbenik ignores Silas
  394. 06[16:01] <Baruch> <Silas_> "You can leave the matter safely to us, master"
  395. 06[16:01] <Baruch> * Silas_ bows to Antonius
  396. 06[16:01] <Baruch> <Baruch> "..Yes. Let us get the crown jewels."
  397. 06[16:01] <Baruch> * Baruch bows, leaves
  398. 06[16:01] <Baruch> <@Ramon> "Are you talking about this stolen Crwon that now is hold by one of the Archmages of the Stonehenge tribunla? I barly remmeber the things I heared then."
  399. [16:01] <Silas_> Welcome back :)
  400. 06[16:02] <Baruch> One more thing "Head Mage, you wouldn't happen to know where the crown jewels presently are?"
  401. [16:02] <CJR> ***OK, let us assume the four of you have gone somewhere private to talk**
  402. [16:02] <Silas_> (That would be best, we've been debating it a bit hehe)
  403. [16:02] <CJR> Antonius frowns. "NO - why I am sending you! With King John I expect!"
  404. [16:03] <CJR> (You come up with a plan?)
  405. [16:03] <Silas_> (would Ramon have news of King Johns doings?)
  406. 06[16:03] <Baruch> (I guess we are going for the crown jewels as Antonius insistsed, based on our conversation?)
  407. [16:03] <@Ramon> (Cj are you up for leting us go trough the sky sea for a shortcut in travle distance after we know where we have to go?)
  408. 06[16:04] <Baruch> "Ramon, if we presume the jewels are with King John, have you heard any rumor where he is currently?"
  409. [16:04] <CJR> Well we will discuss it. First let's work out were you need to go :)
  410. [16:04] <CJR> RAmon, any relevant Area Lores?
  411. [16:04] <@Ramon> (Only the general Europa with focus on Covenants but that is to broad for this now)
  412. 06[16:05] <Baruch> (Maybe with a high roll? He's a king, after all, and doing rumory stuff)
  413. [16:05] <CJR> OK< well given you are a Redcap and brought news of the situation, I'm going to let you roll.
  414. [16:06] <CJR> This is BIG stuff, and JOhn's activities are known all over Europe
  415. [16:06] <@Ramon> !roll 1d10+2
  416. [16:06] <Wonderbot> Ramon: 12 :10+2
  417. 06[16:06] <Baruch> (Hehe, sure)
  418. [16:06] <@Ramon> (Stress die?)
  419. [16:06] <CJR> Ouch.
  420. [16:06] <@Ramon> !roll 1d10
  421. [16:06] <Wonderbot> Ramon: 5
  422. [16:06] <CJR> Three botch die. This could go badly wrong
  423. [16:06] <@Ramon> !roll 1d10
  424. [16:06] <Wonderbot> Ramon: 8
  425. [16:06] <@Ramon> !Roll 1d10
  426. [16:06] <Wonderbot> Ramon: 7
  427. 06[16:06] <Baruch> (phew)
  428. [16:06] <Silas_> phew
  429. [16:06] <CJR> (the skill is not directly suiyable hence extra botch doie)
  430. [16:07] <CJR> OK< Ramon has no idea. "In England" is the best he can offer.
  431. [16:07] <CJR> Anyone else got a plan?
  432. [16:07] <Corbenik> (Don't have correct lore)
  433. [16:07] <Silas_> "I should ask Aedith to join us, she speaks the language, and would serve as an AC to the ghost we need..)
  434. [16:07] <@Ramon> "Sorry sir I dont know where he is right now but we might ask at the Stonehenge Redcap quarter or Nobles"
  435. [16:07] <Silas_> ""
  436. 06[16:08] <Baruch> "We must, I presume, unless no one has a better plan."
  437. [16:09] <CJR> The Stonehenge Covenant Mercer house is at Coventry
  438. [16:09] <Silas_> "The kings location can be assured in England, surely, and not the most pressing consern"
  439. [16:09] <CJR> You re currently drifting over the North sea
  440. 06[16:09] <Baruch> "Let us visit the redcaps, then. They will be sure to know better."
  441. 14[16:10] * Silas_ nods absently
  442. [16:10] <Silas_> "Yes"
  443. 06[16:10] <Baruch> "I have a bad feeling about all of this." *looks quite misearble*
  444. 06[16:10] <Baruch> "What was this you mentioned about a shortcut, Ramon?"
  445. [16:11] <@Ramon> "I agree to take the crownjewels is bad buissnes but if this prefent the Apocalypse then sure someone have to do it"
  446. [16:11] <CJR> **Everyone feels the covenant lurch suddenly**
  447. [16:11] <@Ramon> "Sedala knows her ways trough the skysea"
  448. 06[16:11] <Baruch> "I only hope it does. I... Antonius is a ... fine leader but this .. I am not sure about this."
  449. [16:11] <Silas_> "You will excuse me, I shall go and have Aedith join us, haste is of the essence"
  450. 14[16:11] * Corbenik luched
  451. 14[16:11] * Silas_ tries to stay up
  452. [16:11] <Corbenik> "What the hell"
  453. [16:11] <CJR> **strange feeling in stomach, like yo suddenly fell88
  454. 06[16:12] * Baruch looks even more miserable
  455. [16:12] <CJR> Outside you here a multitude fo voices crying out
  456. 14[16:12] * @Ramon run to sedala
  457. [16:12] <Silas_> "by all that is holy!"
  458. [16:12] <CJR> hear even :)
  459. 06[16:12] <Baruch> "Let us do this, now."
  460. [16:12] <CJR> Sedala flaps over to meet you on the plaza Ramon.
  461. [16:12] <Silas_> "I will be back with Aedith! Wait for me"
  462. 06[16:12] <Baruch> "If you think that is wise, certainly."
  463. 14[16:12] * Silas_ runs to Aedith~~
  464. [16:12] <Corbenik> "...this will end badly won't it"
  465. [16:12] <CJR> Silas, you see Edith. She has been buying a new dress and is looking for you to shw you it
  466. [16:13] <Corbenik> (lol)
  467. [16:13] <Silas_> "My dear, I..."
  468. [16:13] <CJR> She is now caught up in the oanicking crowds in the raod from the pLaza to the Bazaar Quarter
  469. [16:13] <Silas_> "We may be able to settle your family's oath"
  470. [16:13] <@Ramon> "Sedala we once again need to travel with many persons could you increase your size a bit?"
  471. [16:13] <CJR> The city shudders again, then seems to drop violently for half a second
  472. 14[16:14] * Corbenik A look of horror is on his face
  473. [16:14] <CJR> Silas, Aedith being carried away from you by the flood of panicking citizes running to the Plaza
  474. [16:14] <CJR> citizens
  475. 06[16:14] <Baruch> Do I see this?
  476. [16:14] <Silas_> [in latin to the crowd] "Stay calm! It will pass shortly! No cause for alarm!"
  477. [16:14] <Silas_> (yelling)
  478. 14[16:14] * @Ramon get on sedala
  479. 14[16:15] * Silas_ does a dash for Edith, trying to get her away from the crowds
  480. [16:15] <Silas_> (ah wait)
  481. [16:16] <CJR> Silas PRE + Leadership rol please
  482. [16:16] <Silas_> (you can do room sized spells outside right?)
  483. [16:16] <CJR> Nope, not technically. Only in a room
  484. [16:16] <@Ramon> (No only in a clear defined room)
  485. [16:16] <Silas_> !roll 1d10+1 (not trained, sadly)
  486. [16:16] <Wonderbot> Silas_, (not trained, sadly): 11 :10+1
  487. 06[16:16] <Baruch> (It would have to be group)
  488. [16:16] <Silas_> (doh)
  489. [16:16] <Silas_> !roll 1d10+1 (not trained, sadly)
  490. [16:16] <Wonderbot> Silas_, (not trained, sadly): 5 :4+1
  491. 06[16:16] <Baruch> Do I see this?
  492. [16:16] <CJR> I think thwo botch die
  493. [16:16] <Silas_> !roll 1d10
  494. [16:16] <Wonderbot> Silas_: 10
  495. [16:17] <Silas_> (lol)
  496. [16:17] <CJR> Baruch, nope you are with Ramona and Sedala
  497. [16:17] <@Ramon> (outch)
  498. [16:17] <CJR> Silas is suddenly bowled over by the crowd. Then something odd happens
  499. 06[16:17] <Baruch> (Not our best roll day thus far)
  500. [16:17] <Silas_> (sweet god, what did I do)
  501. [16:17] <CJR> Silas, Brawl Defence roll please
  502. [16:17] <CJR> !roll 1d10+4
  503. [16:17] <Wonderbot> CJR: 11 :7+4
  504. [16:17] <Silas_> !roll 1d10-1
  505. [16:17] <Wonderbot> Silas_: 4 :5-1
  506. [16:18] <@Ramon> (Short AFK to set up new tea water)
  507. [16:18] <CJR> OK, Silas, I'll explain what happens to you in a minute.
  508. [16:18] <Silas_> (at least Ramon didn't send us to africa to look for King John ^^)
  509. [16:18] <Silas_> (sure)
  510. [16:18] <CJR> Baruch, Corbenik, Ramon - Edith scrams as she runs in - "They have taken Silas, and i don't have my sword on me!"
  511. [16:19] <CJR> She gestures frantically towards an alley way
  512. [16:19] <Silas_> (lesson for us all, don't try to save the fair maiden)
  513. 06[16:19] <Baruch> I'll fly over where she gestures at once
  514. [16:19] <Silas_> (Should've known the age of chivalry was dead hehe)
  515. [16:19] <@Ramon> "Get up on Sedala"
  516. [16:20] <CJR> OK< Baruch, two large thugs have grabbed Silas and are pulling him down the alley, feet off the ground
  517. [16:20] <CJR> Sedala flies over, you see the same
  518. [16:20] <CJR> OH sorry, I misunderstood
  519. [16:20] <CJR> Corbenik?
  520. [16:20] <Corbenik> Staying still
  521. 06[16:20] <Baruch> I'll put one of them to sleep with Call to Slumber
  522. [16:21] <CJR> OK Corbenik, the crowd are dangerously out f control. The guards look overwhelmed. Any plans?
  523. 06[16:21] <Baruch> !roll 1d10+22
  524. [16:21] <Wonderbot> Baruch: 31 :9+22
  525. [16:21] <CJR> OK< roll Baruch
  526. [16:21] <CJR> OK, the thug drops.
  527. [16:21] <CJR> Silas is still held by the other one
  528. [16:21] <CJR> Silas yiu can cast but can't use gestures
  529. [16:21] <Silas_> "Put me down! I am a mage!"
  530. 14[16:21] * Corbenik trying not to become part of the fearful mod
  531. [16:21] <Silas_> (suits me fine)
  532. [16:22] <Silas_> (how much minus is no gestures? -2 right?)
  533. [16:22] <CJR> "FYUFUIUHIHO HKHHOHOIHO" says the thug in alanguyage you don't speak
  534. [16:22] <Silas_> (or was it 5..)
  535. [16:22] <CJR> -5
  536. [16:22] <Silas_> (I'll try call to sleep as well then)
  537. [16:22] <CJR> The guard gather round corbenik, awaitiung orders
  538. [16:22] <CJR> OK roll Silas
  539. [16:23] <@Ramon> (Is there enoug place to go down in front of him with sedala size 4?)
  540. [16:23] <Silas_> !roll 1d10+14 (yelling and no gestures)
  541. [16:23] <Wonderbot> Silas_, (yelling and no gestures): 21 :7+14
  542. [16:23] <CJR> NO alley too narrow for Sedala
  543. [16:24] <CJR> Silas, you drop the oher thug with your spell
  544. [16:24] <Silas_> (known spell too, so there is a bit of penetration)
  545. [16:24] <CJR> OK< they are bot lseeping like babies
  546. [16:24] <Corbenik> "Try to keep the mod from expanding, we most likely won't be able to fully stop it but try to block off areas with more than yourself, build baracades with wagons and or ANYTHING REALLY, JUST MAKE SURE THIS DOESN'T"T GET BIGGER THAN WHAT IT IS)
  547. [16:24] <Corbenik> -mob
  548. 06[16:24] <Baruch> I'll fly back to corbenik and tell him to send a grog or two to arrest the men who attackd silas and hold them in the dungeron for the time being
  549. [16:25] <CJR> OK< PRE + Leadership for Corbenik please
  551. [16:25] <CJR> The city tilts, and shudders
  552. [16:25] <Corbenik> !roll 1d10+7
  553. [16:25] <Wonderbot> Corbenik: 16 :9+7
  554. [16:25] <Silas_> (Is there a bonus when sponting a spell close to one you know? (as in changing target) )
  555. [16:26] <CJR> Corbinik masterfully directs teh crowds, who order everyone to their homes
  556. [16:26] <CJR> Yes, +1
  557. [16:26] <@Ramon> (OK in ~30 Min the time start where I might be callwed away because of work who should I send my char?)
  558. [16:26] <CJR> Sorry +1 fr every magnitude fo the original spell
  559. [16:27] <CJR> (Send ot me?)
  560. [16:27] <Silas_> (ah ok, like in research then)
  561. [16:27] <CJR> Yep.
  562. [16:27] <CJR> (What timne w playing till? 3 or 4?)
  563. 14[16:27] * Silas_ runs back to Edith
  564. 06[16:27] <Baruch> "We cannot stay behind for this. Let the grogs handle the rest, and let us get going."
  565. 06[16:27] <Baruch> (I can play for about two hours still)
  566. [16:28] <Silas_> [to Edith] We need you to come to England with us, it is important. We might settle your family's oath"
  567. [16:28] <Silas_> (can stay as long as needed really)
  568. [16:29] <@Ramon> (Mail is out CJ)
  569. [16:29] <@Ramon> (I hope I can do till the end but just in case)
  570. [16:29] <CJR> Aedith "England! Oh good, I can try and get some thigs done, and get my sword properly sharpened!"
  571. 06[16:29] <Baruch> (Ah, yeah, you weren't certain if you must go or not, Schwarz. Forgot about that)
  572. [16:30] <CJR> (Thanks!)
  573. [16:30] <Silas_> "It has to be now, and we are in a hurry... and... you may not like all the details, but we have to work with what we have just now - I will tell you on the way"
  574. [16:30] <CJR> OK, order is being restored, and th city is just shudderin slightly now
  575. [16:31] <CJR> Aedith smiles and nods happily
  576. 06[16:31] * Baruch gets on Sedala as soon as Ramon's back to the square
  577. [16:31] <Silas_> (basicly, steal from your king and sacrifice Gust or your sister, no worries right? :p )
  578. [16:31] <@Ramon> (OK how big have sedala to get to transport 5 people?)
  579. [16:31] <CJR> "Oh, Brother Gui has asked Anna to marry him!"
  580. [16:31] <Silas_> (J/K)
  581. [16:32] <CJR> Er, huge, but Sedala can do it. :)
  582. 14[16:32] * Silas_ smiles
  583. [16:32] <CJR> Or you could take the Flying Boat?
  584. [16:32] <@Ramon> (Size 5 or 6?)
  585. [16:32] <CJR> 5.
  586. [16:32] <CJR> actually 4.
  587. [16:33] <@Ramon> (OK Sedala is already size 4 as I orderd her to increase size 1 time already)
  588. [16:33] <CJR> Aeditha "Anna told him to get lost! And you know hat? He went off and spent the whole evening alone with that tart Arabella!"
  589. [16:33] <CJR> OK then, you are ready to fly. :)
  590. [16:34] <Silas_> "What? I can't imagine that. I will have a talk to him when we return"
  591. [16:34] <CJR> (By now everyone knows Aeditah and Arabella despise each other)
  592. [16:34] <Silas_> (yeeah...)
  593. [16:34] <CJR> Aeditha: "YYou had best! Or I will cut his stones off!"
  594. [16:35] <Silas_> (the 'tart' was a nice touch though)
  595. [16:35] <@Ramon> !roll 1d10+3 (Area Lore Skysea for Sedala know a shortcut)
  596. [16:35] <Wonderbot> Ramon, (Area Lore Skysea for Sedala know a shortcut): 12 :9+3
  597. [16:35] <CJR> The Senior Magi have emerged from theri towers, and are moving round the city casting spells
  598. [16:35] <CJR> OK, you know a shortcut!
  599. [16:35] <CJR> :)
  600. [16:35] <Silas_> (haha yeah, we need to leave for sure)
  601. [16:35] <CJR> Describe the journey Ramon :)
  602. [16:36] <@Ramon> (Sorry I didnt read up the skysea so fare I only know that sedala have to get up high to reach him)
  603. [16:36] <Silas_> (When Antonius starts throwing people off a tower it's best not to be involved)
  604. [16:36] <CJR> OK< I'll do it
  605. [16:36] <CJR> You fly up and up and up, till they city looks like a tiny dosc the size of a coin far far below you
  606. [16:36] <CJR> Suddenly there is a mist of clouds above
  607. [16:37] <CJR> YOu break through, and are lying over a cold grey green sea, that exttends as far as trhe eye can sea in all directions
  608. [16:37] <CJR> Fort what seems like na hour you fly over this sea, the only landmark the sun, which appears much bigger and brighter, though curiously no warmer
  609. [16:38] <CJR> Finally Sedala dives back in to the waters of the sea, and you emerge back through cluds, a tapestry of verdantwoods, fields and towns and villages a mile below you
  610. [16:38] <CJR> Sedala spirals down and down.
  611. [16:38] <CJR> Everyone holding tight?
  612. [16:38] <Silas_> (indeed!)
  613. 06[16:39] <Baruch> (To be sure)
  614. [16:39] <Silas_> (I don't want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere)
  615. [16:39] <Corbenik> (yeah)
  616. [16:39] <@Ramon> "One of you good in Imaginem for disguise?"
  617. [16:39] <Silas_> (what was the usual difficulty again..?)
  618. [16:40] <CJR> About 5 if oyu just want to look like a cloud
  619. 06[16:40] <Baruch> (It's base one +2 duration +1 touch some for size, so you should be able to do it I think)
  620. [16:40] <@Ramon> (need to get the cloud disguse as item as soon as posible ^^)
  621. [16:40] <Silas_> !roll 1d10+13 (muto imag)
  622. [16:40] <Wonderbot> Silas_, (muto imag): 21 :8+13
  623. [16:41] <@Ramon> (not after 1/2)
  624. [16:41] <CJR> OK, the cloud slowly drifts down, acting oddly for a cloud to be sure.
  625. [16:41] <CJR> !roll 1d10+2
  626. [16:41] <Wonderbot> CJR: 4 :2+2
  627. [16:41] <CJR> OK, you reach the ground.
  628. 06[16:42] <Baruch> "Where are the redcaps stationed, Ramon?"
  629. [16:42] <CJR> On a green hillside just a few hudred feet away stands a stone manor house and barn, and a small stome outbuilding.
  630. [16:42] <CJR> A flag flying on the thatched roof bears the symbol of house Mercere
  631. [16:42] <Silas_> (considering we've seen clouds dodge then this should not even raise an eyebrow :p )
  632. 06[16:42] <Baruch> "Ah, that would be the one, to be sure."
  633. [16:42] <CJR> A number of people are watching your descent from the vicinity of the house, poiunting and idly chatting
  634. [16:43] <@Ramon> (I have House of Mercer Lore 2 and int 2 do I need to roll?)
  635. [16:43] <CJR> A young man strides over towards the cloud. He is good looking, handsome even, and carries a lute
  636. [16:43] <@Ramon> (but I think this is the house)
  637. [16:43] <CJR> He wears a redcap at a juanty angle
  638. [16:43] <CJR> Nope, you know folks here ramon
  639. 14[16:43] * @Ramon get down from sedla and out of the cloud
  640. [16:44] <CJR> This is Joscelyn. He has an eye for the ladies, and si a real charmer, and a great musician
  641. 14[16:44] * Silas_ dismounts afterward and helps Aedith get down as well
  642. [16:44] <@Ramon> Latin "Hello Joscelyn, long time not seen"
  643. [16:44] <CJR> Never tries his luck with a maga though
  644. 06[16:44] * Baruch walks over
  645. 14[16:44] * Corbenik gets off
  646. [16:44] <CJR> "Ah hi Ramon - who is this delightful creature?" He kisses Edith's hand
  647. [16:44] <Silas_> (a shame Calpurnia couldn't join us..)
  648. [16:45] <Corbenik> (Oh yeah it would be amusing to see what would happen)
  649. [16:45] <@Ramon> "Oh she is the future bride of Silas ex Mercer"
  650. [16:45] <Silas_> [a bit cold] "this is my fiance Aedith"
  651. [16:45] <CJR> Corbenik, can you make a Per + awareness for me please
  652. [16:45] <Corbenik> !roll 1d10-1 (+1 if spotting)
  653. [16:45] <Wonderbot> Corbenik, (+1 if spotting): 4 :5-1
  654. [16:46] <CJR> Josclyn smiles, and still holds Edith's hand. "Can I pluck you a winter rose my dear?"
  655. [16:46] <CJR> Baruch, Per Awreness please
  656. 06[16:46] <Baruch> !roll 1d10+1
  657. [16:46] <Wonderbot> Baruch: 2 :1+1
  658. 06[16:46] <Baruch> !roll 1d10
  659. [16:46] <Wonderbot> Baruch: 6
  660. [16:46] <@Ramon> "Any News about the War?"
  661. [16:47] <CJR> Baruch, another redcap, a woman with a wolfskin cloak is studying you all intently, but particularly you and Silas
  662. 06[16:48] * Baruch bows slightly in the woman's direction
  663. [16:48] <CJR> "Oh yes! The French are already masters of the whole south, except for East Anglia. Cambridge fell last week. The bArons continue to fight for them against John, though some have defected to the LKings cause"
  664. [16:48] <CJR> The woman looks thoughtful, and slips in ot the manor Baruch
  665. [16:49] <CJR> Joh is in East Anglia, where he has been burning the baron's lands.
  666. 03[16:49] * Gustbran ( has joined #Wizardbase
  667. [16:49] <Corbenik> (GUSTBRAN~~~~~~~)
  668. [16:49] <CJR> He has made camp at Bishop's Lynn!
  669. [16:49] <CJR> Hey Gustbran!
  670. [16:49] <Gustbran> (it's already saturday!?)
  671. [16:49] <Silas_> (Hi Gust, we plan to sacrifice you!)
  672. [16:49] <@Ramon> (Yep ^^)
  673. [16:49] <Gustbran> (damn time, man)
  674. [16:50] <Corbenik> (indeed)
  675. [16:50] <CJR> lol :)
  676. [16:50] <@Ramon> (So he is also with us?)
  677. [16:50] <CJR> OK, 5 minute break oK to let Gutsbran atch up?
  678. 06[16:50] <Baruch> Arright. I'll post the log thus far to Dropbox for you
  679. [16:51] <Silas_> Antonius is getting desperate to see an end to the crown buisness, he's send us to fetch the crown jewels of King John's (the current king's) intending to slay a member of the Guardian Family (which Aedith and you are part of) and have them guard it, thus ending the dragon problem
  680. [16:51] <CJR> (I think you would have brought him, so I'm ok if oyu want to. Or I can just introduce another character he can play in a short while, either way)
  681. [16:51] <@Ramon> (In short our city haved high problems agains and we are send to retive the crown of King John, also one of your blood have to be sacreficed in the end)
  682. [16:52] <CJR> To be clear, the onky surving members of the Crown Guardian lineage are Aeditha, Anna and Gustbran.
  683. [16:53] <Gustbran> (!)
  684. [16:53] <Corbenik> 1 must die so the others live
  685. [16:53] <Silas_> (We, have an alternative idea though, get the crown jewels as asked, but asking Polontus or Edith's dad to guard them)
  686. [16:53] <Gustbran> (to 'slay'!?)
  687. [16:53] <Corbenik> (well technically to behead but yeah)
  688. [16:53] <Silas_> (technicalities)
  689. [16:53] <Corbenik> (Also Corbenik is in full support of the plan)
  690. [16:54] <Gustbran> (I'm glad I came today!!!)
  691. [16:54] <Silas_> (Also, we are expected to procure the jewels in a week)
  692. 06[16:54] <Baruch> here's the log thus far if you want to take a look
  693. [16:54] <Silas_> (afk a sec, bio break)
  694. [16:55] <Gustbran> (I only have wordpad. it cuts off after about 5 lines.)
  695. [16:55] <Gustbran> (don't worry too much, just fill me in the gist.)
  696. [16:56] <CJR> OK. Ignore the minor killing the Crown Guardian family stuff, no one has told your or Edit that bit yet
  697. 06[16:56] <Baruch> (Silas: I think Edith's dad probably doesn't live anymore if only the three mentioned by CJ remain)
  698. [16:56] <CJR> Mission: To steal the crown jewels of england
  699. [16:56] <CJR> Where are they: Apparently wit King John in Bishop's Lynn, Norfolk
  700. [16:57] <Corbenik> Basically The head magus wants us to stop the dragon apocalypse by stealling a crown then sacrificing one of the guardians. (you, aedith, anna)
  701. [16:57] <CJR> Why: Antonius needs them to save the covenant
  702. [16:57] <Gustbran> (oh joy. thats a new addition to our list of crimes..)
  703. [16:57] <CJR> Where are you: Mercer House, Coventry, where you flew on Sedal ato find out where King John is
  704. [16:57] <CJR> The Big Picture; The French have invaded England. The Barons asked them to
  705. [16:58] <Gustbran> (any reason for why a sacrifice is necessary?)
  706. [16:58] <CJR> King John is now effectively a fugitive, with little left of his army
  707. [16:58] <CJR> He s in East Anglia, his army in Nottinghamshire
  708. [16:58] <CJR> End fo summary
  709. [16:58] <Silas_> (we need a new guardian Gust )
  710. [16:58] <Silas_> (or, a guardian rather, for the crown)
  711. [16:58] <CJR> (Oh ther is ome other stuff about the nd of the worlkd and dragons and the city falling, butthat s the important stuff)
  712. [16:59] <Silas_> (it *may* not need be new)
  713. [16:59] <CJR> (in short, one of my usual simple plots. Nick the jewels, save the world stuff.)
  714. [16:59] <Silas_> (that's not too far from Liabellus is it?, King's lynn)
  715. [16:59] <@Ramon> "You mind if I have a look at your maps to refresh my memory about the exact locations?"
  716. [17:00] <CJR> Libellus is about 78 miles South. Schola Pythagoranis ai about 50 miles south
  717. [17:00] <Gustbran> (mmm. If I have to die then so be it, but if it's scripted, I'd prefer a blaze of glory, myself...)
  718. [17:00] <CJR>
  719. [17:00] <CJR> It's called Bishop's Lynn in 1216
  720. [17:00] <@Ramon> "I'm not the often in this tribunal as you know"
  721. [17:00] <CJR> (lol! You don't have to die. You have two cousins!)
  722. [17:01] <CJR> click on map it gets bigger
  723. [17:01] <Gustbran> (but I don't want them to die either!)
  724. [17:01] <Corbenik> (Yeah Aedith is a female anyway thus making the sacrifice even more stereotypical)
  725. [17:01] <Gustbran> (*sniff*)
  726. [17:02] <CJR> You are currently off map, two days ride west of Peterborough on a horse.
  727. [17:02] <Corbenik> (But do you want to die for a madman's idea?)
  728. [17:02] <Silas_> (You don't have to die, hopefully - if we stick to the plan)
  729. [17:02] <CJR> Baruch, something pings your and Silas' Parma Magica
  730. [17:02] <@Ramon> "Gustbran and Edith you both best also have a look as you might know the locations"
  731. [17:02] <CJR> What level Parma do you both have actually?
  732. [17:02] <Silas_> (1 still)
  733. 06[17:02] <Baruch> My parma is 3, with specialty terram
  734. [17:03] <@Ramon> (baruch should have at lats 3)
  735. [17:03] <CJR> OK, Silas I need ot look at your character sheet
  736. [17:03] <CJR> Baruch, a spell failed to penetrate your parma just now
  737. [17:03] <Silas_> 1 sec then :)
  738. [17:03] <CJR> It penetrated Silas's though
  739. [17:03] <Silas_> (or do you have it?)
  740. [17:03] <CJR> I just checked. :)
  741. [17:03] <CJR> I have it
  742. [17:03] <Silas_> (kk)
  743. [17:03] <CJR> OK, we all ready to continue?
  744. [17:03] <CJR> *** TIme in ***
  745. [17:03] <Silas_> (ready)
  746. [17:03] <Gustbran> (yepper)
  747. 06[17:04] <Baruch> (Aye)
  748. [17:04] <Silas_> (wait, did Gust tag along?)
  749. [17:04] <@Ramon> (Jep my talk was already intime)
  750. [17:04] <Corbenik> (yep)
  751. [17:04] <Gustbran> (I'll just sit back and wing it softly)
  752. [17:04] <Silas_> (a yay or nay from Gust will do :) )
  753. [17:04] <Gustbran> (Yup!)
  754. [17:04] <Silas_> (kay)
  755. [17:05] <Corbenik> (wha?)
  756. 06[17:05] <Baruch> Can I spont an intellego vim to try to see where it came from?
  757. [17:05] <CJR> Baruch, taht woman emerges from the house again, holding a scroll
  758. [17:05] <Silas_> [tries his best to ignore the dolt holding Aedith's hand]
  759. [17:05] <CJR> Baruch, not easily. have a look atthe InVi guidelines
  760. 06[17:06] <Baruch> (Yeah, I did. Can't do it.)
  761. [17:06] <CJR> Joscelyn has actually taken Edith off to show her the roses
  762. [17:06] <CJR> The oman is looking at the scrooll, then looking at Baruch, Silas at Gustbran, then back to the scroll
  763. [17:06] <CJR> She appears to be studying you intently
  764. [17:06] <Silas_> (who are we talking to?)
  765. [17:06] <Silas_> (or was, talking to)
  766. [17:07] <@Ramon> (Ohh my I forgot Baruch and Silas where ordered to questioning ^^)
  767. 06[17:07] <Baruch> I'll go over to the woman. "Is there a problem, good lady?"
  768. [17:07] <Silas_> (heh I should have kept my 'absentminded' flaw..)
  769. [17:07] <Corbenik> (LOLZIES)
  770. [17:07] <Silas_> (oh joy :p )
  771. [17:08] <@Ramon> (So it would be bether to ask a Noble ^^)
  772. [17:08] <@Ramon> (or even a Tavern would be bether)
  773. 14[17:08] * Corbenik you know what since I'm bored me going to follow where Joscelyn took Edith
  774. [17:08] <Silas_> "We have need of aid, dear madam, could you aid us?"
  775. [17:08] <CJR> Woman: Only that you appeart to be wanted by order of Blackthorn for crimes at Tribunal? She says it quietly, but with a not of menance in her voice
  776. 06[17:08] <Baruch> "Oh yes. There is that bit of misunderstanding."
  777. [17:09] <CJR> And my name is Icharad of Mercere, sodalus (with a sneer)
  778. 14[17:09] * Silas_ bows, not minding the sneer
  779. 06[17:09] <Baruch> "Ah, excuse my manners. Baruch ex Bonisagus."
  780. [17:09] <CJR> "Well I suggest you surrender now, and we can sort it all out" - she gestures to the door, where abeareded redcap is emerging with a bow
  781. [17:10] <CJR> The bow is heavily ngraved and clearly enchanted.
  782. 06[17:10] <Baruch> (Well fuck)
  783. [17:10] <Silas_> "I am Silas of Mercere, and there is no hostility is needed"
  784. [17:10] <Corbenik> (Now the main question is, CJ did you appove my leaving or am I still with them)
  785. [17:11] <CJR> Icharad "I will let the Quaesitors decide that". A number of grogs are now running towards the house from the fileds
  786. [17:11] <CJR> Somewher ein the rose garden Edith shrieks
  787. [17:11] <CJR> OK, actions please...
  788. [17:11] <Silas_> "... that may be for the best"
  789. 06[17:11] <Baruch> Can I blast both the redcaps with the wind at once? Is there anyone else near who might be a problem then?
  790. [17:11] <Silas_> [turns to where Edith screamed]
  791. 06[17:11] <Baruch> I.e. how are they standing in relation to me
  792. [17:12] <Silas_> "What was that?"
  793. [17:12] <Corbenik> (CJ!!!!!!!!! Where be me, as I said before this escalted I went with Edith)
  794. [17:12] <CJR> You are indeed. JOscelyn just tried ot kiss her, and she struck him and shrieked :)
  795. [17:12] <CJR> BAruch, will take an aiming roll but yes
  796. [17:12] <Silas_> (haha)
  797. [17:13] <CJR> Corbenik, Joscelyns hat has been knocked clean off
  798. 14[17:13] * Corbenik walks up towards them "Now now is that what you do with all the ladies?
  799. 06[17:13] <Baruch> I'll prioritize the guy with the bow, but will also hit the woman if possible
  800. [17:13] <Silas_> (oh god...)
  801. 14[17:13] * @Ramon is probably inside studing the map
  802. [17:13] <Gustbran> (this is going to end badly, I fear!)
  803. [17:14] <Silas_> (moral compas, where do you point I wonder...)
  804. [17:14] <Silas_> !roll 1d2
  805. [17:14] <Wonderbot> Silas_: 2
  806. [17:14] <Corbenik> (Oh yeah this is why he wanted Silas to come with us)
  807. [17:14] <CJR> OKey doke :)
  808. 06[17:14] <Baruch> Are there other people of the covenant anywhere near us?
  809. [17:14] <Silas_> (I'm an eternal optimist, this will work out)
  810. [17:14] <CJR> JOscelyn looks embrassed, and scranles after his hat. COrbenik two grogs ahve grabbed spears and are running your way
  811. [17:15] <Silas_> (a few come towards us I think)
  812. [17:15] <Gustbran> (so is aiden, but he isn't here! :()
  813. [17:15] <CJR> There are six grogs running in from different dirtections, all still some way away
  814. 06[17:15] <Baruch> Ok, I'll blast first
  815. [17:15] <Silas_> "What did you do to Edith?" towards the woman with the scroll
  816. [17:15] <CJR> OK roll away
  817. 14[17:15] * Corbenik turns to them with a stare that puts people in their place "Do you really want to try that?"
  818. [17:15] <CJR> Icharad: WHo the hel is Edith?
  819. [17:16] <CJR> Corbenik Pre + leadership
  820. [17:16] <CJR> Actually Baruch, roll Inititive
  821. [17:16] <Gustbran> !roll 1d10+3 (how well armed and armored are the grogs? per+awar)
  822. [17:16] <Wonderbot> Gustbran, (how well armed and armored are the grogs? per+awar): 11 :8+3
  823. 06[17:16] <Baruch> I'll fast-cast the wind
  824. [17:16] <CJR> !roll 1d10-1 guy with bow
  825. [17:16] <Wonderbot> CJR, guy with bow: 6 :7-1
  826. [17:16] <CJR> Okey doke.
  827. [17:16] <Corbenik> !roll 1d10+7 (+1 if intimidate)
  828. [17:16] <Silas_> "the girl we came with, that went with that [with ice] charmer"
  829. [17:16] <Wonderbot> Corbenik, (+1 if intimidate): 15 :8+7
  830. 06[17:16] <Baruch> !roll 1d10+4
  831. [17:16] <Wonderbot> Baruch: 6 :2+4
  832. 06[17:16] <Baruch> (god fucking damned this luck)
  833. 14[17:16] * Corbenik Corbenik draws his sword as well
  834. [17:16] <CJR> Corbnik, th two grogs take one look at you and lsow down, then stop
  835. 06[17:17] <Baruch> (Can I use Confidence on that?)
  836. [17:17] <CJR> Gustbran what yt you doing?
  837. [17:17] <CJR> Brauch you are fast casting so you go first anyway
  838. 06[17:18] <Baruch> Ok
  839. [17:18] <@Ramon> (2 or 3 more combat rounds till I get out from the noice?)
  840. [17:18] <CJR> Icharad "Nothing. I don't care about your tart" (with venom)
  841. 06[17:18] <Baruch> !roll 1d10+36 (shout & wave)
  842. [17:18] <Wonderbot> Baruch, (shout & wave): 37 :1+36
  843. 06[17:18] <Baruch> !roll 1d10
  844. [17:18] <Wonderbot> Baruch: 2
  845. [17:18] <CJR> Ramon, you look up and see Artorious the Redcap with is bow standing in the doorway facing out, There is some disturnbbacnce outside
  846. 06[17:18] <Baruch> (So penetration 27)
  847. [17:18] <CJR> OK, make an aiming roll. INT + Finesse
  848. 06[17:19] <Baruch> !roll 1d10+8
  849. [17:19] <Wonderbot> Baruch: 13 :5+8
  850. 14[17:19] * @Ramon hurry outside then (still need at last 1 turn)
  851. [17:19] <CJR> BOth Artorius (with te bow) and Icharad are bolwed overn adn sent sprawling
  852. [17:19] <Corbenik> "Now then I suggest you run off as I can guess that your fellows are also fighting, and not to mention fighting people who were able to defeat Maguses are above all others from what I heard. As such the likely hood of your deaths should you stay is far above that which it ever has been. Understood?"
  853. [17:19] <CJR> Ramon, as you go to the door you too are sent flying by a tremedous blast of wind
  854. [17:19] <CJR> Gutbran?
  855. [17:20] <Gustbran> (I did a per+aware roll, on the grogs.)
  856. [17:20] <Silas_> "what did you do?!" [to Baruch]
  857. [17:20] <CJR> Two of the grogs are vaulting the wall, and one has grabbed a spear and is charging you!
  858. 06[17:21] <Baruch> "We must flee. The quaesitor will have our hides if he gets hold of them."
  859. [17:21] <CJR> (Another Hermetic Crime is the technical answer Silas!)
  860. [17:21] <Corbenik> (MORE CRIMES, SCREW EUROPE WE HAVE A FLYING CITY!!!!!!)
  861. [17:21] <Silas_> (yeah...)
  862. [17:21] <Gustbran> (ohh boy..)
  863. [17:22] <CJR> The other one is pickingf up an axe and shield
  864. [17:22] <CJR> OK, next round. WHat you all doing?
  865. [17:22] <Silas_> (I'm debating who to turn on...)
  866. [17:22] <Gustbran> (I'm really trying not to be wanted in every country we visit...)
  867. [17:22] <CJR> Edith takes her action: she kicks Joscelyn in the testicles hard
  868. [17:22] <@Ramon> (While for the first you could ask that a other questionar as he is not allowed to meke investigations where he is involfed direct now you did a other crime ^^)
  869. [17:22] <Corbenik> (ooooooooooooh)
  870. [17:23] <CJR> Edith: "Follow me Corbenik, I'll protect you!" Leaving the graoning Joscelyn, she runs for the Sedala-Cloud
  871. 14[17:23] * @Ramon get up disorientated and wondering who have attacked him
  872. [17:23] <CJR> lol
  873. [17:24] <Corbenik> "....." follows Edith sword and shield drawn
  874. [17:24] <CJR> Artorius gets to his knees and reaches for his bow
  875. [17:24] <CJR> Gustabran, the spearman is running past you to attack BAruch. The axeman is putting his armour on
  876. [17:25] <Gustbran> (I guess I've got to protect baruch? or do you think you can handle it?)
  877. 06[17:25] <Baruch> (No way I can handle it, I'm pretty sure you can see as much)
  878. [17:26] <@Ramon> (Not sure should I roll loyality for sedala if she get into this fight and if so the question is witch side here loyality is)
  879. [17:27] <Silas_> (I'm considering rolling as well :p damn you CJ)
  880. [17:27] <Silas_> (right)
  881. [17:27] <Silas_> (time to step in..)
  882. [17:27] <CJR> OK, what yoiu doing?
  883. [17:27] <Gustbran> (I'm going to intercept/chase after the spearman)
  884. [17:27] <Silas_> (Scent of Peaceful Slumber inside the room)
  885. 06[17:28] <Baruch> I'll cast Wizard's sidestep - I can't take to flight during the same turn, can I?
  886. [17:28] <Silas_> !roll 1d10+19 (rego mentem)
  887. [17:28] <Wonderbot> Silas_, (rego mentem): 23 :4+19
  888. [17:28] <Silas_> (known spell)
  889. 06[17:28] <Baruch> I'll try to maintain concentration on the wind spell while I do that
  890. [17:28] <CJR> !roll 1d10 spearman initiative vs Gistbran
  891. [17:28] <Wonderbot> CJR, spearman initiative vs Gistbran: 3
  892. [17:28] <CJR> Gutbran, roll initiative
  893. [17:28] <Gustbran> !roll 1d10-1
  894. [17:29] <Wonderbot> Gustbran: 4 :5-1
  895. [17:29] <CJR> OK< poor olfd Ramonis pinned ot the wall of back of room by BAruch spell
  896. 06[17:29] <Baruch> I'll shout "Flee at once, everyone!"
  897. 06[17:29] <Baruch> Not yet - there's a roll, right?
  898. [17:29] <CJR> OK< SIlas what is your Penetration
  899. [17:29] <Silas_> (none sadly)
  900. [17:29] <CJR> Yes, can you look it up Baruch? :)
  901. [17:29] <CJR> Well Ramon has no magic resistance afaik?
  902. 06[17:30] <Baruch> !roll 1d10+18 (Shout+wave)
  903. [17:30] <Wonderbot> Baruch, (Shout+wave): 21 :3+18
  904. 06[17:30] <Baruch> Sidestep succeeds
  905. [17:30] <Silas_> (do you want an initiative?)
  906. [17:30] <CJR> NOpe, thats fine. Ramon and Artorius fall asleep
  907. [17:30] <CJR> Gutbran, you have iniative
  908. [17:31] <CJR> what you doing? :)
  909. 06[17:31] <Baruch> !roll 1d10+7 (for keeping the wind up, target 12)
  910. [17:31] <Wonderbot> Baruch, (for keeping the wind up, target 12): 10 :3+7
  911. [17:31] <Gustbran> (time to outspear the spear-er! ;))
  912. [17:31] <CJR> OK roll attack
  913. [17:31] <@Ramon> "ChrrrrRRR" ^^
  914. 06[17:31] <Baruch> The windspell dies down as I cast the Wizard's sidestep, so Ramon doesn't feel it's effects, but falls asleep nonetheless
  915. [17:31] <CJR> !roll 1d10+6 Harald the spearmans defence
  916. [17:31] <Wonderbot> CJR, Harald the spearmans defence: 7 :1+6
  917. [17:32] <Gustbran> !roll 1d10+11
  918. [17:32] <Wonderbot> Gustbran: 19 :8+11
  919. [17:32] <CJR> OK, so 12 + damage?
  920. [17:32] <Gustbran> (8 damage)
  921. [17:32] <CJR> So 20.
  922. [17:33] <Gustbran> (you're safe for now, surely, baruch! :))
  923. [17:33] <CJR> he is only wearing heavy cloths, so 1 protction + stamina 1 = 18 damage. Lucky he is large! H ettakes aHeavy Wound -5
  924. [17:33] <CJR> He tries ot stab you back.
  925. [17:33] <Silas_> (holy handgranade it's difficult to keep track of all this )
  926. [17:34] <CJR> !roll 1d10+4 as he is wounded so badly
  927. [17:34] <Wonderbot> CJR, as he is wounded so badly: 7 :3+4
  928. [17:34] <@Ramon> (No problem because of your attacks Ramon can talk him self out of this but he drop out of the adventure as well probably)
  929. [17:34] <CJR> OK make a defence roll Gustbran
  930. [17:35] <Gustbran> !roll 1d10+8
  931. [17:35] <Wonderbot> Gustbran: 10 :2+8
  932. 06[17:35] <Baruch> (We can't get out of here without Ramon, though, can we. No one can talk to Sedala)
  933. [17:35] <CJR> OK, Gutbran neatky sidesteps.
  934. [17:36] <CJR> OK, so Gustbran is fighting one grog, Corbenik is with Edith by Cloud, and no grogs dare charge him, Ramon is asleep
  935. 06[17:36] <Baruch> (Goddamn, couldn't we just have gone ask someone else :( should have realized this)
  936. [17:36] <CJR> Silas and BAruch are casting spells
  937. [17:36] <CJR> Suddenly Icharad just vanishes. She is no longer there.
  938. [17:36] <Silas_> (we all forgot...)
  939. [17:37] <Silas_> (damnitalltoheck)
  940. [17:37] <CJR> OK, back to normnal time, as the other grosg attacking you are either putting on armour or circling warily, and the one Gustbran stabbed is on his knees coughing up blood
  941. [17:37] <CJR> OK, what you all doing now?
  942. [17:37] <Silas_> finding a fitting target to put to sleep
  943. [17:38] <Silas_> (litteraly)
  944. [17:38] <Silas_> (literally*)
  945. 06[17:38] <Baruch> I'll run into the building, spont snap of awakening on Ramon
  946. [17:38] <Corbenik> (funny isn't it how the maguses mentioned by Blackthorn are the only ones still a part of the covenant (well Cal will get back someday))
  947. 06[17:38] <Baruch> !roll 1d10+18
  948. [17:38] <Wonderbot> Baruch: 25 :7+18
  949. [17:38] <CJR> OK RAmon, you awaken suddenly!
  950. 06[17:39] <Baruch> "We must flee at once. Follow me."
  951. [17:39] <CJR> SIlas, ther eis one grog half way in to a chain shirt over by the stable, and he looks tough
  952. [17:39] <Silas_> (time for a nap then)
  953. 14[17:39] * @Ramon stumble to his feet
  954. [17:39] <CJR> OK roll 'em
  955. [17:40] <Silas_> !roll 1d10+19 Call to sleep
  956. [17:40] <Wonderbot> Silas_, Call to sleep: 26 :7+19
  957. [17:40] <CJR> Gustbran, the guy you hit look spretty badly done for
  958. [17:40] <CJR> OK the axeman falls asleep, still half way in to his chain shirt
  959. [17:40] <Gustbran> (I'm gonna regret this!)
  960. 06[17:40] <Baruch> As soon as Ramon is awake, I'll half-drag him bag to the cloud
  961. [17:40] <CJR> You going to finsh him off?
  962. [17:40] <CJR> He is fully awake.
  963. [17:41] <@Ramon> in Occitan "Sedala come here!"
  964. [17:41] <CJR> Snap of awakening does that
  965. 06[17:41] <Baruch> Yes, I'm dragging him back to the cloud unless he resists
  966. [17:41] <CJR> A clud rushes towards the building
  967. 06[17:41] <Baruch> Is it Sedala's size?
  968. [17:41] <CJR> Corbenik, you notice two of the grogs are stringing arrows now. Any action?
  969. [17:41] <CJR> Yep :)
  970. [17:41] <Corbenik> (who are they looking at?)
  971. [17:42] <CJR> RAmon, Baruch and Silas
  972. [17:42] <Corbenik> (hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm)
  973. [17:42] <Silas_> (dum dum dum duuumm!)
  974. [17:42] <Corbenik> (what is edith doing?)
  975. [17:42] <Gustbran> !roll 1d10+2 (int+chirugery on the guy I just almost killed!)
  976. [17:42] <Wonderbot> Gustbran, (int+chirugery on the guy I just almost killed!): 3 :1+2
  977. [17:42] <Gustbran> !roll 1d10
  978. [17:42] <Wonderbot> Gustbran: 8
  979. [17:42] <Silas_> (wow...)
  980. 06[17:43] <Baruch> (Haha, gus the field surgeon's first triumph)
  981. [17:43] <Silas_> (I'm impressed!)
  982. [17:43] <Corbenik> (Watch as they guy attacks him)
  983. [17:43] <CJR> OK, GUstbran you stuanch his wound. He looks confused, but grateful
  984. [17:43] <Gustbran> "Who are you and why are you attacking us?"
  985. [17:43] <CJR> Edith is clambering up Sedala's tail. Sedala is not impressed.
  986. 06[17:43] <Baruch> Do I notice the grogs with the bows at all?
  987. [17:44] <CJR> "I'm HArald foo Mercer house. My job is to protoect the masters. Icharad called us as you are felons!"
  988. [17:44] <CJR> MAke a Per + Awareness BAruch
  989. 14[17:44] * Corbenik going to try and slink my way over to Sedala and try not to get spotted
  990. 06[17:44] <Baruch> !roll 1d10+1
  991. [17:44] <Wonderbot> Baruch: 10 :9+1
  992. [17:44] <CJR> yep.
  993. [17:44] <Corbenik> (spotted by archers)
  994. 06[17:44] <Baruch> Ok. How many are there?
  995. 06[17:45] <Baruch> Oh, wait two it was
  996. [17:45] <CJR> two, yes
  997. [17:45] <CJR> Silas?
  998. 06[17:45] <Baruch> Is there anyone between me and them? If not, I'll just wind again to divert the arrows
  999. [17:45] <CJR> Corbenik climbs up with Edith on to Sedala
  1000. [17:46] <CJR> Nope, so yes, good call.
  1001. [17:46] <CJR> Roll to cast.
  1002. 14[17:46] * @Ramon get on sedala if Baruch let me
  1003. [17:46] <Gustbran> "well, tell them it was a misunderstanding!" wags his fingers at the man and starts running toward the others!
  1004. [17:46] <Silas_> (I'll try to find others who are acting aggressively)
  1005. [17:46] <CJR> Only the tw archers about to shoot you
  1006. 06[17:46] <Baruch> !roll 1d10+45
  1007. [17:46] <Wonderbot> Baruch: 53 :8+45
  1008. [17:47] <CJR> OK Baruch spell works, just make an aiming roll for me. Int + Finesse
  1009. [17:47] <Silas_> !roll 1d10-2 (+1 with awareness)
  1010. [17:47] <Wonderbot> Silas_, (+1 with awareness): 2 :4-2
  1011. 06[17:47] <Baruch> !roll 1d10+8
  1012. [17:47] <Wonderbot> Baruch: 12 :4+8
  1013. [17:47] <Silas_> (just not sure if I notice them)
  1014. [17:47] <Silas_> (or, now, rather sure I don't :p )
  1015. [17:48] <CJR> OK, the arros blow half a mile in that blast!
  1016. [17:48] <CJR> Right, everyone by Sedala?
  1017. 06[17:48] <Baruch> Yes. Let's get out of there
  1018. [17:48] <CJR> RAmon, you flying everyone out?
  1019. [17:48] <Silas_> "No, we need to settle this, the Quaestor might even help us if we explain it!"
  1020. [17:49] <@Ramon> In occitan "get up and teleport"
  1021. 06[17:49] <Baruch> "Don't be a fool. After this they won't have anything to do with us."
  1022. [17:49] <CJR> okey doke
  1023. 14[17:49] * Corbenik looks at Silas as if he was insane
  1024. 06[17:49] <Baruch> "Bah. We should never have come here. Such foolishness." Baruch looks even more miserable than before
  1025. [17:49] <CJR> BAruch, Silas, Gustbran, you getting on the pegasus?
  1026. 06[17:49] <Baruch> Yes
  1027. [17:49] <Gustbran> (yes)
  1028. [17:50] <Silas_> (grudingly, yes)
  1029. [17:50] <CJR> OK RAmon, where you off to?
  1030. [17:50] <@Ramon> (Its just a 5 feet jump sedala do but that should be enough to get them of trail a bit)
  1031. [17:50] <@Ramon> (err 5 paces)
  1032. [17:50] <CJR> BAruch, roll a simple die and add INT :)
  1033. [17:50] <CJR> OKey doke. :)
  1034. 06[17:50] <Baruch> !roll 1d10+5
  1035. [17:50] <Wonderbot> Baruch: 7 :2+5
  1036. [17:51] <CJR> BIshop's Lynn - that wa sthe town the covenant was overrougjhly when you set off to fly the apprentices to Tribunal with Goricious
  1037. [17:51] <CJR> Quite close to where you were atacked by the first drake actually
  1038. [17:51] <@Ramon> "Keep in close contact with sedala"
  1039. [17:52] <CJR> You will have com a complet circl when you return there.
  1040. 06[17:52] <Baruch> I'll tell everyone else about that
  1041. [17:52] <CJR> Sedala is climbing now, rather fast
  1042. [17:52] <CJR> OKey doke.
  1043. [17:52] <Corbenik> (heheh, Can I ask what kind of circle?)
  1044. [17:52] <Silas_> "We -really- need to explain this when we get the chance!"
  1045. [17:52] <CJR> Back in 2, please tlakiin character for now
  1046. 06[17:52] <Baruch> "Did you get the King's location, Ramon"
  1047. [17:52] <@Ramon> "What happened anyway I just realised that combat going on bevore I got knocked out!"
  1048. 06[17:52] <Baruch> "Silas, I would be wont to agree if I thought any explanation was possible at this point."
  1049. 06[17:53] <Baruch> "Ramon, it seems Silas and I are still wanted by the quaesitor. They wanted to hand us to him."
  1050. 06[17:53] <Baruch> "We should have realized this would happen. It is all my fault."
  1051. [17:53] <Silas_> "..."
  1052. [17:53] <Corbenik> "...."
  1053. [17:54] <@Ramon> "Ohh I remember the Letter I haved to read for Antonius"
  1054. 06[17:54] <Baruch> "The quaesitor will not be lenient towards us if he catches us. I chose to flee rather than be handed over to him."
  1055. 14[17:54] * Gustbran is deep in thought over the events that got him mixed up in this whole thing.
  1056. 06[17:54] <Baruch> "Yes, that is the one."
  1057. [17:54] <Silas_> [still slightly grudgy]"not now anyway"
  1058. 06[17:55] <Baruch> "Let us hope we manage to save the world. Perhaps that will give us political clout come tribunal."
  1059. [17:55] <Silas_> "yes.."
  1060. 06[17:55] <Baruch> "Or else... I do not know."
  1061. [17:55] <@Ramon> "I hope so"
  1062. [17:56] <Silas_> "I hoped that we might convince the Questor that we were not in the wrong"
  1063. [17:56] <@Ramon> "Because I didnt manage to view on the map what a good clos location would be to use the skysea we have to go there the normal way and you maybe say me when I did turn wrong direction"
  1064. 06[17:57] <Baruch> "We may have to attempt to forge alliances against the Quaesitor for there to be any chance of success."
  1065. [17:57] <CJR> ok i'm back
  1066. 06[17:58] <Baruch> "Silas, you seem to forget what kind of a man the quaesitor was. And that we seem to have corroborated our guilt many times over."
  1067. [17:58] <@Ramon> (Think now would be a good breaking point)
  1068. [17:58] <Silas_> "..."
  1069. [17:58] <CJR> Yes, it's 4pm
  1070. [17:58] <CJR> Shall we wrap with you flying to Bishop's Lynn?
  1071. 06[17:58] <Baruch> Yea
  1072. [17:58] <@Ramon> Sure
  1073. [17:58] <CJR> (I was expecting you to be there about 2pm lol!)
  1074. [17:59] <CJR> OK, a few quick questions before everyone goes
  1075. [17:59] <Corbenik> (Yeah well we're typing and you have power outages)
  1076. 06[17:59] <Baruch> Hm, do we know what the mercere covenant's political allegiances were?
  1077. [17:59] <CJR> I need to catch Nagash t do CAlpurnia's adventures in Trolland. WHen is best for you to resolve that?
  1078. 06[18:00] <Baruch> I'm just trying to figure out if we juts angered the other half of england's magi, or if it's the same half again
  1079. [18:00] <Corbenik> HHmmm
  1080. [18:00] <CJR> RAmon will. Neutral in the voluntas/Blackthorn struggle, hold six votes technically but don't vote, they proxy their votes ot the Quaesitores
  1081. [18:00] <@Ramon> (its up to you the next adventure I have planed is a trip to Barcelona Autmnd / winter 1217)
  1082. 06[18:00] <Baruch> (I don't think he needs us to do that, just Nagas)
  1083. [18:00] <CJR> Well if people up for finsihin t this one next week, I want to get Calpurnia back soon though
  1084. [18:01] <Corbenik> For week days I am active 3:30om-10pm, EST
  1085. [18:01] <CJR> (yeah just two of us will do.)
  1086. [18:01] <Gustbran> (hopefully I converted one grog to our side! *sigh*)
  1087. [18:01] <CJR> I think that is GMT+6
  1088. 06[18:01] <Baruch> Next week should be good
  1089. [18:01] <Corbenik> For sunday I should be free, though I do have work to work on but I can do that whenever
  1090. [18:01] <CJR> OK, email me whn ould be a good tiume for you VCAlpurnia
  1091. [18:01] <Gustbran> (I need to be more aware of the day!)
  1092. [18:01] <Corbenik> Well are you free tommorow?
  1093. [18:01] <CJR> Yeah I just check the doodle
  1094. [18:01] <@Ramon> (But if you want to we can organice a recovery action trough the winter 1216 for Cal with the people remaining on the covenant)
  1095. [18:01] <Silas_> Thanks for the run today, a fun challenge :)
  1096. [18:02] <Gustbran> (almost missed today again.)
  1097. [18:02] <CJR> I am but only 11GNT ro 1GMT
  1098. 06[18:02] <Baruch> (Yeah, thanks for today, CJ! Was scary as hell, mostly due to our own crappiness)
  1099. [18:02] <CJR> OK next question, is it going ok? Is the story actually interesting?
  1100. 06[18:02] <Baruch> (Baruch is sooo screwed come tribunal. He may have to fly over to the Americas and hide there for a while :D)
  1101. [18:02] <@Ramon> (yes thanks for the RPG and I'm suprised that I forgot about this important part of our story already oO)
  1102. [18:02] <Corbenik> 1 momment as I convert that and figure out if I'm on daylight savings or normal
  1103. 06[18:03] <Baruch> I find it very interesting, yes.
  1104. [18:03] <CJR> Ther eis quite a big plot, and it will be resolvable hopefully: you ca win
  1105. [18:03] <CJR> I just worry some characters don't get enough spotlight time.
  1106. [18:03] <@Ramon> (haha I just hope ramon still live for my next adventure as I would need him then ^^)
  1107. 06[18:03] <Baruch> I find it all ties together very nicely.
  1108. [18:03] <CJR> Nothing worse than sitting a whole session with nothing to do
  1109. [18:03] <Silas_> (haha you shouldn't be surprised Schwarzbart :p we've forgotten a lot of things that we really should have paid more attention to!)
  1110. [18:04] <Silas_> Either way, thanks for the run, see you next week
  1111. [18:04] <CJR> Also different people prefer different types of plots
  1112. [18:04] <Gustbran> (yup!)
  1113. [18:04] <CJR> OKey doke, see you SIlas
  1114. 02[18:04] * Silas_ ( Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.90 [Firefox 20.0.1/20130409194949] )
  1115. [18:04] <@Ramon> Thats why I mad 2 so different chars ^^ and Ramon suit the curent adventure deffenitive bether then Dirk
  1116. [18:04] <CJR> Still if folks not enjoying stuff bettter to let me know and i will try and change things
  1117. [18:05] <Corbenik> Well I like it, and as from what I can tell Faeries can only get xp from adventures then I'm fine with whatever
  1118. [18:05] <CJR> Hence my asking :)
  1119. 03[18:05] * Wonderbot ( has left #Wizardbase
  1120. [18:05] <CJR> Oh yes, can people email me their updated character sheets please?
  1121. 06[18:05] <Baruch> Ok
  1122. [18:05] <Gustbran> sure
  1123. [18:05] <CJR> I have them printed, but they ar enow a bit out of date
  1124. [18:05] <Corbenik> Me like politics and this is very amusing as that whole things was caused by a failure on our part.
  1125. [18:06] <@Ramon> you got the one from Ramon just today, and Dirk will have to wait till I have a other major update till I send him again.
  1126. [18:06] <CJR> Well I thought when the woamn started looking at yuou all carefully you would catch on!
  1127. [18:06] <CJR> Ye sthats fine
  1128. [18:06] <Corbenik> Well technically she didn't look at me :P
  1129. [18:06] <CJR> OK, has anyone logged today?
  1130. [18:06] <Gustbran> one question: when defending after attacking, can you use dodge or are you forced into the "attack" defense rating?
  1131. 06[18:06] <Baruch> I've got the log, yes.
  1132. [18:07] <@Ramon> Phone, looks like we closed down oat the right point ^^
  1133. [18:07] <CJR> You can switch to dodge freely
  1134. [18:07] <Gustbran> I used the lower one just to be safe.
  1135. 06[18:07] <Baruch> I'll try to post it
  1136. [18:07] <CJR> Cool. OK, any questions i need to resolve?
  1137. [18:07] <CJR> Oh that reminds me need to post Edith's character sheet
  1138. [18:07] <CJR> I don't think I ever did?
  1139. [18:07] <Gustbran> I dont' think so.
  1140. [18:08] <CJR> OK< I'll post her and Anna. Oh and I guess Arabella too :)
  1141. [18:08] <Corbenik> Hmm what kind of circle did we just do clockwise or counter?
  1142. [18:08] <CJR> widderships, so counter
  1143. [18:08] <@Ramon> I put something up in our GM convo maybe you have a look at
  1144. [18:08] <CJR> winddershins sorry can't type - counterclockwise
  1146. [18:09] <CJR> OK will go read that. I get a lot of mail, so I norrmally check it once a day
  1148. [18:09] <Gustbran> later!
  1149. 02[18:09] * Gustbran ( Quit (Quit: )
  1150. [18:09] <@Ramon> OK have to drop out now, see you al in the forum
  1151. [18:09] <@Ramon> cu
  1152. 02[18:09] * @Ramon ( Quit (Quit: )
  1153. [18:09] <Corbenik> Well actually a easier way to do this what time is it for you right now CJ
  1154. [18:11] <CJR> I'm free for 50 minutes or so. Just have to persuade lisa to go buy food :)
  1155. [18:11] <Corbenik> :p
  1156. [18:11] <CJR> One minute :)
  1157. [18:12] <CJR> do you use skype at all?
  1158. [18:13] <Corbenik> Yes I do
  1159. [18:14] <CJR> ok add me. Talking faster for this i think :)
  1160. [18:14] <CJR>
  1161. [18:14] <CJR> or user name chrisjensenromer
  1162. [18:14] <CJR> I am not imaginative :)
  1163. [18:14] <CJR> But keep this open.
  1164. [18:14] <Corbenik> One thing don't worry about the picture it's from a rp I did where I played a pychopath medic
  1165. [18:14] <CJR> So when we last saw Calpurnia she had one the troll's contest
  1166. [18:15] <CJR> OKey doke.
  1167. [18:15] <CJR> So what did you ant to do nbext?
  1168. [18:15] <Corbenik> Figure out what I can do there, what have I looted and stuff
  1169. [18:16] <CJR> OKey doke. :)
  1170. [18:16] <Corbenik> Okay I might have found you maybe
  1171. 06[18:17] <Baruch> Bye!
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