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  1. [00:52:14] <Giantree> Meanwhile, on the other side of the continent...
  2. [00:52:26] <Giantree> Well, ONE of the other sides of the continent...
  3. [00:52:50] <Shinobu_Nagare> The other side of the war, even!
  4. [00:54:27] <Giantree> Sometime when most of the main group is out having rough sex in the inn or cuckolding each other, before even the time when Noa gave them the plot infodump.  In fact it may even be before they met Noa the first time, but nah, I think it's actually after that.  We join the underground's main laboratory, the secret base of the Sirrolantean Army's R&D division, where the ninja they had had employed all along in case of any moles in their army (and they're very good at their job) are constantly lurking the shadows.  They're lurking the city and the inn too, but there's always at least one assigned to the lab in case they're called on.  This is one of such times.
  5. [00:54:31] * Giantree is now known as Steyr
  6. [00:55:01] <Steyr> The bespectacled scientist, in the middle of overlooking some documents, snaps her fingers abruptly.  "Shinny.  Rise and shine.  Got a mission."
  7. [01:00:35] <Shinobu_Nagare> The ninja, whose reddish-violet hair marked him as one of the Nagare clan, grumbles some flavorful words underneath his breath as he stands up, off of the wall he was leaning on. "What's up, chief?" The formality of his tone would make one think that the two were close friends, but it was really far, far from it. Or maybe it wasn't. No, it definitely was very far from close friends.
  8. [01:01:55] <Steyr> Says you.  Well, Steyr is as dismissive as ever, and just starts talking without even looking in your direction.  "Actually got two.  First, go to my house and feed my cat again tonight.  Gonna be pulling an all-nighter at work and you know she goes batshit when she doesn't get her kitty kibble."
  9. [01:03:44] <Steyr> "Second, we found our AWOL NS."  Even if it's before meeting the other group, Noa cheated and told them that somebody would come up with that name in the future.  Heh.  "It's not where it should be, and its signal is moving north.  Real weird shit.  We need someone to go take a look, and even though I know you love me so much, might as well have you do it."
  10. [01:05:56] <Steyr> "Oh yeah, and we have word that everyone's best friend Rolant might be hanging around there too.  Off him and make things easier for us, will ya?"
  11. [01:07:45] <Shinobu_Nagare> The ninja quirks an eye at the double duty he'd be pulling. Normally, he'd think it'd be "feed the cat" or "go get grocerie"-- Oh, that's why. "Great. Last thing we fucking need is for a legendary weapon to be going where it shouldn't be. Also, have I mentioned that NS is a dumb name?" Yes, yes you have. For... the eleven and two-thirteenth time. "... huh, so I actually have a real assignment, huh?" Shinobu smirks at the thought of it.
  12. [01:10:16] <Steyr> "It's catchy.  Like the acronym, don't like the full name.  Maybe I should just make a better one official, like 'Negative Synchronizer.'  Doesn't matter though."  She crumples up the documents she was looking at and tosses them over her shoulder.  Yeah, the ninja are probably on trash duty too, because Steyr is a real slave driver and these people just really like to abuse what they have.  "You'll be out for a while, and probably still need to go sneak-sneak, so pack light but bring enough so that you don't die."
  13. [01:11:32] <Steyr> "We'll give you the exact location of our signal, estimated one of the big R, and probably hit you up with some tempcomms with Noa just in case shit goes south."  At least these guys prepare.  "You know, those things that make sound to the other person when you talk into 'em?  Just in case the memory of how they worked disappeared from that hollow skull of yours.  Again."
  14. [01:13:20] <Steyr> "Uh.  Hmm, how far of a walk is... oh whatever, you'll be fine.  Head out on the morrow.  Oh yeah, and it's gonna be cold, might want a coat or twelve."
  15. [01:14:56] <Shinobu_Nagare> "It can also stand for 'Nagare Shinobu'," The arrogant asshole picks up after the researcher, rolling his eyes. "Yeah, yeah, I know what to do on this shit. I'm not the best ninja for nothing, chief. Besides, shurikens are easy to carry." The same could not be said of the katana. "Don't worry, I know how those work now. Pretty sure you skimmed over it last time, though." A small pause. "... wait, I'm not going to Acaiah, am I?"
  16. [01:17:28] <Steyr> "Shuriken.  The plural doesn't have an s on it."  Wow.  "Yeah though, you didn't know?  I didn't say it?  Oh, I didn't, did I.  Yep, we're gonna have the big gov declare war so all the guys who'd be standing guard up there are busy going at each other's throats and you can just kinda walk past.  Might have to slit a few of those throats yourself but it's nothing the 'best' ninja can't handle, yeah?"
  17. [01:18:29] <Steyr> "Er, going at our guys' throats.  Technical correction.  Easy to get tongue-tied talking about this stuff, and you wouldn't BELIEVE how many meetings of old fat men blathering at each other about politics I've had to sit through today.  Or how many more are coming."
  18. [01:19:46] <Steyr> ... Yeah clarifying by the way, this is definitely before the main group showed up
  19. [01:21:24] <Shinobu_Nagare> "'Course, yeah," There seems to be a little less confidence in the nod. "Man, this is going to be one helluva mission. If this won't bring back the Nagare name, Iunno what will." He casually checks if he brought his two main ones. Yep, he did. The katana can be left behind, though. Who needs swords in this time, anyway?
  20. [01:22:13] <Steyr> "Anyway, you know the fifth is weird and doesn't have a set name or identity like the others do, so I honestly have no idea in hell who you're looking for.  We'll try to keep up comms when you're near the signal but it'll be far, so we might have some issues.  Assume we won't be able to more than we will and don't rely on us too much.  And if you see Rolant on the way, trash 'im."
  21. [01:24:23] <Steyr> "If anything, it's probably Rolant compressing the thing and moving it.  Actually, that's the only thing that makes sense.  But it compresses differently than the others and... oh, we've been over this.  Just assume it could be anything for now."
  22. [01:25:45] <Steyr> 'Been over this' means 'it doesn't just turn into a rock like the others,' it seems.  She's given lectures about it before but there was no excitement in listening to them, so more likely than not you would've toned most of it out.
  23. [01:28:42] <Shinobu_Nagare> "Cool. Say, uh... couldja do me a favor, chief?" For once, there's actual worry in his voice, and not discontentment. "If I turn out to not be the best, and die, wipe my name off the public records, since the Nagare clan pretty much dies with me. If I get outta this alive... do the same thing." No, that sounds pretty not him. Uhhh... "That aside, how muchyou wanna bet that I'll kill more'n twenty guys?"
  24. [01:29:42] <Steyr> "Sure.  Consider it done."  She pulls out another document and starts crossing something off.  Damn, that was fast.  "And I don't need to.  If you can't even kill that much I would've fired you years ago."
  25. [01:29:48] <Steyr> "'Smissed."
  26. [01:34:51] <Shinobu_Nagare> "Understood. I won't let ya down, chief," With that, Shinobu dashes off, to his quarters first to pack, and then to Acaiah, where glory could at last be seized in the name of his family. However, it wouldn't be that easy- No, of course it'd be easy. He's the best, like no one ever was. The firstborn male of his generation. A sign of prosperity, in spite of the downfalls of the generations preceding him.
  27. [01:35:07] <Shinobu_Nagare> He could not fail. It just wasn't an option.
  28. [01:37:39] <Steyr> Steyr waves you off unenergetically, and approaches the giant robot in the hangar a few moments later.  "Welp, he's dead.  So which of the ninja clans' heirs do I start using as my errand boy for the next few years, big N?"
  29. [01:37:45] <Steyr> f i n
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