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  1.  - The problem with tacked together art is that it's difficult to create a coherent style / look for your game. The font and the level up frame being the most obvious example here
  2.  - Font is surprisingly hard to read. Mostly due to the lowercase r. It's also unnecessarily small. The upgrade menu spans about 1/9 of my screen; the space to enlargen the text is there. Why not use it?
  3.  - Constraining the cursor to 1/4 of the screen feels weird
  4.  - Action being interrupted by the level up screen is not okay. Even the music stops. How about giving the player an upgrade point that they can spend by opening that menu whenever they want, without pausing the game in the background? Try to keep the game flowing
  5.  - I'd like the option to turn off the cursor strafing with player movement. Using M+KB I'd like the reticule to stay where I pointed at, not moving with the player
  6.  - I can play the game in one corner and just ignore 3/4 of all enemies. Intended?
  7.  - Player sprite could use some more contrast and other indicators. With all these desaturated colours it's hard to differentiate between mobs
  8.  - Enemy slowdown is an upgraded reflex boost, since it doesn't slow down your reload and fire rate
  9.  - Weapon drop needs to be spread out more. Got 3 weapons at level 2, the next one at level 7
  10.  - Pickup hitbox could be bigger. It happened several times to me that I did not pick something up although I have definitely touched its pixels
  11.  - Rocket launcher confirmed OP. That reload time is ridiculous
  12.  - I sometimes felt that the main music may have been more suitable than the actual combat music
  13.  - Game needs more contrast visually. Everything's either blood or an unappealing mush of grey, brown, and green, completely desaturated. Player and pick ups need to be more visible. I sometimes didn't see weapons or boosts until they were despawning. Some lighting effects may help. Try to experiment more
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