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Mar 12th, 2015
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  1. Classes
  3. New abilities for class units. Lots of spells effecting enemy cities(Sunburst,Forge Blast etc.) are buffed and cause major happiness penalties against cities race.
  5. -----------------ARCHDRUID-----------------
  6. * Shamans now have Awaken Spirit ability, grants one animal +500 morale and +3 melee damage until the end of combat
  7. * Call Beast Horde now summons 2-3 animals per turn instead of 1. For the Horde!
  9. -----------------DREADNAUGHT-----------------
  10. * Musketeers and Cannons must now reload between shots. Reloading takes one action point, and ends the unit’s turn. Engineer’s rapid reload will also reload a unit.
  11. * Golem is now Tier 2, stats and price have been adjusted to match
  12. * Engineer now has the Maintenance ability, it will heal all Machines in the same stack as it for 3 hitpoints per turn on the world map. Also gains Flash Grenade ability
  14. -----------------ROGUE-----------------
  15. * Rogues now have a new skill called “Dark Pact” which is unlocked by researching Produce Shadow Stalker. Researching this skill buffs all Bards, Succubi, Assassins and Shadow Stalkers to help the Rogue in the late game.
  16. * Age Of Deception now only applies its Empire Happiness penalty to players the caster is at war with.
  18. -----------------SORCEROR-----------------
  19. * Wisps, Node Serpents, Fantastic Creatures and Phantasm Warrior all have increased mana upkeep
  20. * Dome of Protection now protects stacks stood in the city as well as the city itself from magic(Players can enchant through their own cities throne DoP).
  21. * Chaos Rift now expires after running for 4 rounds.
  23. -----------------THEOCRAT-----------------
  24. * Shrine Of Smiting now has Holy Relic ability, and heals 2HP per turn on the world map for each devout unit in the same stack as it is.
  25. * Armageddon now only affects the players the caster is at war with.
  27. -----------------WARLORD-----------------
  28. * Warlords have a new Scout unit, which can be built from any city and is always researched when the game starts. It is a melee only irregular with swimming.
  29. * All Manticore riders have higher upkeep, gain special abilities depending on race.
  32. Races
  34. Increased Race Diversity, lots of new skills.
  36. -----------------DRACONIANS-----------------
  37. * Draconian Crusher, Draconian Berserker and Draconian Assassin now have Improved Wallclimbing (no attack/defense penalty when stood on walls)
  38. * Draconian Charger now has Lesser Flying, and can fly during tactical combat (but not on the world map)
  40. -----------------DWARVES-----------------
  41. * Dwarf Axemen, Dwarf Crusaders and Dwarf Phalanxes now have Defensive Strike (Once per battle strike that allows a unit to both attack and guard in the same turn)
  42. * Dwarf Firstborn and Dwarven Miner now have Shatter Strike (+5 damage versus Frozen, Petrified and Stone Skin units)
  44. -----------------GOBLINS-----------------
  45. * Goblin Skewer is no more, replaced by the Goblin Butcher (tier 2 pikemen with life stealing)
  46. * Goblin Marauders and Big Beetles now have Demolisher (+4 damage versus machines and obstacles)
  48. -----------------HALFLINGS-----------------
  49. * Halfling Bard has Slingshot instead of Light Crossbow, Halfling Monster Hunter has Fireworks instead of Light Crossbow.
  51. * Storm Sisters, Apprentice, Evangelist, Shaman and Succubus now have Total Awareness (Cannot be flanked from behind and can do attacks of opportunity on hexes behind themselves)
  53. -----------------HUMANS-----------------
  54. * Human Mounted Archer have Blessed Arrow, costs 110g (was 100g)
  55. * Humans have increased production on cities (+10 in total now)
  57. -----------------ORCS-----------------
  58. * Orc Spearman, Orc Greatsword, Orc Black Knight, Orc Berserker, Orc Exalted and Orc Impaler now have War Cry (once per battle, self buff that increases melee damage)
  59. * Orc Shock Trooper now has Guard Breaking (Melee attacks from this unit stop target units from guarding)
  61. Balance
  63. Specializations Balance
  65. * Air: Zephyr birds now have melee attack 9 (was 7) and Wing Beat. Researching it is cheaper
  66. * Creation: Condemn Killing is now effective on everybody, not only Devout units.
  67. * Wild: Swap Location no longer affects heroes
  68. * Wild: Summon Lesser Elemental can no longer be a starting skill (tier 4 research now)
  70. Balance Overall
  72. * Multiple items from the main game and Golden Realms have been rebalanced by altering their effects, values and categorizing them into different tiers.
  73. * Units will no longer get XP from using Sprint, Phase, Shadow Step and War Cry
  74. * Inns that have not had their unit lists customized in the level editor will now start off with only tier 1 units and unlock a new tier every 10 rounds. When a new tier is unlocked, the inn’s unit list will be completely refreshed.
  75. * Killing or retreating a Hero will now automatically cancel any global tactical combat spells they had cast
  76. * Leader’s now respawn with full movepoints once they return from the void
  77. * If a unit flees a battle, it will now lose all the XP it earned during that battle.
  79. Misc. Improvements
  81. * Casting Catalyst, Treasure Chest, Production Resource, Knowledge Scroll, Columns of Champions and Sage Tent pickups now have defenders when placed by the random map generator
  82. * If there’s more than 1 hero in an army, then the hero with the most army boosting abilities will go first. Leaders will always lead their own stacks, however.
  83. * Leader Editor now shows details on the Class, Race and Specialisations you choose
  84. * Reduced the skillbook’s random poolsize to make skill picking more predictable
  85. * AI settling code improved
  86. * Summon spells can now target forts as well as cities and heroes
  87. * Rewards for clearing high-level sites are better
  88. * Added support for the tactical AI to use teleportation abilities
  90. Bugfixes
  92. * Steal Enchantment no longer works on Overload, Savage Rage, Warped Equipment, Webbed, Deteriorated and Entangled.
  93. * Independent AI no longer spends skill points of recruitable heroes
  94. * If a stack starts its turn on a visitable structure (like a shrine) when the structure finishes recharging, that structure will automatically trigger on the stack
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