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  1. Santiago comes from Tangier, sitting at the bar. When he saw the people engaged in the behavior of the site, for example, pipe and hated holding hands, of people as heretics. He feared that he could not speak Arabic, emotions himself with money. Age and appearance the same as Santiago to resolve it. Santiago told him to go and he offered to pay him as a guide. The young man explained that the Sahara was dangerous people and that Santiago had to show that he had enough money to make the trip. The owner spoke angrily in Arabic, a young tugboat Santiago not to tell the bartender was a thief.
  3. Santiago gives young people the money to buy a camel. The two men before Santiago market, put the swords on the screen. Santiago asked the young man to find the price of the sword, however, realized that the young man is gone. Market Santiago waited for nightfall, when the young man came back and began to cry when he realized he had been kidnapped. The rest of their property are counted in Santiago. It was his book, his jacket, Mokisede needed. He is known, to pay for their trip. He asked if he could find the treasure, but when he įkišo his hand in his pocket, he realized that the stone is slipping through the hole, landed on the floor.
  5. When he collects, he remembers his promise to their own decisions, and he decided to continue his mission. Santiago fell asleep at the fair. When he awoke, the traders began to open stores. Sweets vendors offer Santiago his first sweet. Santiago draws attention to the fact that some businessmen speak Spanish, the language of the other, but they're not verbal communication. In addition, the initiative woke up feeling of anxiety. For more than 30 years, his shop stood abandoned in the street, to attract more customers.
  7. When Tangier was a busy port, business, but sales decreased from the nearby city of Ceuta are important. On the same day, see Crystal trader Santiago to look around your shop. Santiago asked for food, but traders did not react crystal glass window cleaning. Santiago glasses cleaner anyway. During that time, two customers came in and bought the crystals. When Santiago was more Crystal dealer took him to the Café. He explained that Santiago was not clear because the Quran ordered him to feed the hungry. Santiago said that everyone must clear their minds of bad ideas. Dealers said good Crystal for users to enter and work in Santiago offering clean Santiago. Santiago said he was marketing to clear any crystals overnight for the money to come to Egypt. The businessman replied, that trip to Egypt was so precious, Santiago won't earn enough to go years.
  9. Santiago was disappointed, but accepted the job.
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