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  1. You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
  3. You both like jikook.
  5. Stranger: This is overboard but I need to know something. Did you see anything last night? JK
  7. You: ... What would I have seen? I'm guessing I wasn't supposed to have seen whatever it is? JM
  9. Stranger: Basically yeah. JK
  11. Stranger: Just getting into trouble I shouldn't have. Maybe JK
  13. You: Well now you /have/ to spill it. JM
  15. You: Please tell me you didn't do anything illegal? Or kill someone? Or do anything else absolutely idiotic? JM
  17. Stranger: I plea the 5th? JK
  19. You: Overruled. What did you do? JM
  21. Stranger: Ate ten cups of noodles JK
  23. Stranger: No that's a bad lie JK
  25. You: Kook, I swear- JM
  26. Tell me or I'll steal your laptop, or something. JM
  28. Stranger: It's not something you should know JK
  30. Stranger: I fucked someone JK
  32. Stranger: No I can't lie JK
  34. Stranger: Fick JK
  36. You: Just spit it out! Seriously. JM
  38. You: If you did fuck someone, okay?? Cool? Congrats? I hope you were safe about it? JM
  40. You: But just tell me, you've already ran your mouth. JM
  42. You: Or I'll drag Namjoon-hyung into it. Maybe I should... JM
  44. Stranger: No no no no no n o JK
  46. Stranger: Um JK
  48. Stranger: It's illegal JK
  50. You: Alright, tell me. JM
  52. Stranger: Cannibalism? JK
  54. Stranger: In a way? JK
  56. You: Hold the fuck- You WHAT? JM
  58. You: You better start talking or I /will/ grab Namjoon-hyung. JM
  60. Stranger: No JK
  62. Stranger: I have a condition aJo
  64. Stranger: * JK
  66. You: Are you sure you didn't do drugs? Get super buzzed? JM
  68. You: If you're bullshitting me, I'm going to be livid. JM
  70. Stranger: Well. You know how I get when you make something with a lot of garlic? JK
  72. Stranger: And how I prefer going to movies instead of walking around downtown usually JK
  74. Stranger: Or how i stay up late gaming and get up early JK
  76. You: .... Oh my god. Are we on the same page? JM
  78. You: Like... are we talking... maybe some... supernatural things? JM
  80. You: Like possibly dealing with blood things? JM
  82. You: Because that's a relief. I'm glad you didn't fucking eat a person. JM
  84. Stranger: That's a relief? JK
  86. Stranger: You're not freaked out? JK
  88. You: No?? My first reaction is wow, that's kinda hot, okay. JM
  90. You: But if this isn't some elaborate prank, then I'm shocked that it's real. JM
  92. Stranger: It's hot? JK
  94. Stranger: I'm shook JK
  96. Stranger: Well. Yeah. I'm not bullshitting JK
  98. You: Yeah, it's hot, you dipshit. You had me so scared. JM
  100. You: Well... wow. I don't even know what to say? I don't want to interrogate you. JM
  102. You: Congratulations, maybe? Unless it's been traumatic. JM
  104. Stranger: What's hot about it? JK
  106. Stranger: I'll interrogate you JK
  108. You: Well, there's the whole romanticism of it in Gothic literature. Like ooh, this is a sexy taboo. JM
  110. You: And when I think vampire, my thoughts go right to a femme fatale sort of woman or a really cool and... mysterious sort of man. Not inherently dangerous, but that's fun too. JM
  112. You: But you're definitely more dorky. Sorry, I love you, but. JM
  114. You: Annnnddd I'm kinda into a little bit of pain, so? There. JM
  116. You: Are my answers good enough? JM
  118. Stranger: Yeah actually JK
  120. Stranger: Your turn. I guess. JK
  122. You: Hm! Okay. When'd this all come about? Is someone else a vampire between us?? JM
  124. Stranger: No. But there is a hunter JK
  126. Stranger: Please don't tell Namjoon aJk
  128. Stranger: I'll be the sexy gothic vampire you want me to be JK
  130. You: Okay, that actually makes me upset. Oh my god. You're his OG admirer and... JM
  132. You: I won't tell him. Promise. JM
  134. You: You don't have to barter with me. I mean, I wouldn't be mad to see you in some fancy clothes with jewel tones and a few ruffles, but I also like you the way you are. JM
  136. Stranger: It's really rough. JK
  138. Stranger: And he's a genius JK
  140. You: I'm so sorry, Kook. JM
  142. You: You... really need a hug. Where are you at? JM
  144. Stranger: I'm on the roof JK
  146. Stranger: I'll come down JK
  148. You: Ah, brooding, right? Hot! JM
  150. You: Sorry, sorry. You're the best. JM
  152. You: I'm just in my room, door's open, I'll see you in a sec. Love you, you dweeb. JM
  154. Stranger: I like this attention JK
  156. You: I give you attention anyways! Don't get too much of an ego boost. JM
  158. Stranger: I will JK
  160. Stranger: Jungkook slipped down from the roof and figured he'd entertain Jimin and convince him if there was anything he needed convincing with. He knocked on the window and lifted it to slip inside. "Hey. Sorry. I figured I'd try something... different. I could really use that hug though."
  162. You: Jimin had been expecting Jungkook to pad in through the door of his room, so when he heard the knock and steps behind him, he couldn't help but jump a little. When he realized it was just Jungkook, though, his smile grew wide and so did his eyes. Cool. A little scary, but cool. "You're good," Jimin said softly. He walked over to Jungkook, then pulled him into a close embrace. A little squeeze, a little ruffle of his hair. "You smell good. Like, night air. Very much the vibe." Jimin leaned back to smile up at Jungkook, making some space between them. "Sorry, I should stop joking so much. But wow. I'm still reeling."
  164. Stranger: He'd been bottling this up for weeks—months even! He'd known Namjoon was a son of a hunter at least, and it was only speculation that he was one himself, but the fear of anyone finding out made him shut down. Jimin coddling him even when he knew what kind of monster he was felt so, so good. He'd been starving for this. "You smell good. But I don't want to describe it. Still grosses me out." He sighed, pressing a sweet kiss to Jimin's forehead. "You're staring at me weird..."
  166. You: Jimin shut his eyes and hummed at the soft kiss, reveling in it. Ah, wow, aside from everything vampiric happening, that made him reel too. He couldn't stop the flush on his face, so he just laughed at Jungkook's comment. "Am not. I'm just... enamored," Jimin said, dramatically flourishing his wrist. He opened his eyes again and looked up at Jungkook with a warm smile. That /was/ true, melodrama or not. "I'm glad I smell good, I just bought that super pricey cologne." But there was a thought at the back of Jimin's head telling him that that's /not/ what Kook meant. Jimin loosely slung his wrists around Jungkook's neck, still smiling up at him. "So, if you want, tell me things that you're comfortable sharing. I wanna get a better picture of what you're going through, Kook."
  168. Stranger: Jimin was truly the kindest soul he'd ever met. How tragic was it that someone like him would fall in love with an angel. Jungkook heaved a shaky sigh and as he pulled away, took Jimin's hand and walked to the bed to sit with him. "Everything is different. A lot of the gothic stuff is right, but there's so much different. I'm hungry all the time. I don't eat though because so still need like it's just... awful. Do you know how hard that is?"
  170. You: At the shaky sigh and defeated tone of Jungkook's voice, Jimin's smile fell a little. It became more wistful because while he didn't know exactly what the other was going through, it still upset him, because that was his guy. Jimin squeezed Jungkook's hand and scooted so he could rest his head on Jungkook's shoulder. "I'm sorry. That sounds like hell. Is there any way to get an in at the local hospital? For blood, I mean? What else is different? You don't have to go into detail if you want." As he talked, Jimin rested his other hand on top of Jungkook's and began to draw little patterns into it. He hoped it would be some sort of soother, even if just a tiny bit.
  172. Stranger: "Well, my heart stopped. So I don't function like a person anymore. I'm cold all the time now, but it's not like I can sit in the sun. I always feel like a leech now, and I hate it." Jungkook restes his head on Jimin's and was immediately overwhelmed by how good he smelled. This happened every time they cuddled, kissed, fucked, slept together even. It took every ounce of energy in him to resist biting too hard or biting at all during any of these. "Nights are the worst. I have to sit around and pretend like I exist like a normal person in the middle of the night. I'm so lonely and restless and I can't do anything except just go on the roof and watch the sky... I've gotten really good at making pillow dummies in bed... and I fake sleeping in just so no one gets suspicious but... It's so lonely Jimin. I feel like all my time is slipping away or moving too slow."
  174. You: After listening to Jungkook divulge his feelings, Jimin just sat there for a minute to take it all in. "I'll warm you up, since I'm your furnace." He leaned back, moving to press a soft kiss to Jungkook's cheek. "You're absolutely not a leech. But- And I feel like a broken record, but I'm sorry. I'm glad you're telling me about it, though, so you don't have to be so alone." With a careful hand, Jimin reached to cup Jungkook's cheek. "Is there any way for you to make vampire friends? I mean, there have to be more in the city. After all, we're in Seoul. Besides, there have to be good vampires. Especially other nerdy ones that scream about their video games for hours on end." Jimin kissed Jungkook's cheek again, staying there for a moment to just smile against his skin. "You know you can come to me about anything. Even though I don't really get this first-hand. I'm proud of you for telling me, Kook. Tell me more about time? Tell me more about the nights?"
  176. Stranger: Jimin made his chest hurt in all the ways that used to feel so good. As much as Jungkook would like to make analogies about fluttering stomachs and melting hearts, it didn't work like that anymore. There was always an ache whenever Jimin treated him with so much care and kindness— this was nothing new—but somehow Jungkook knew he was so undeserving of it. The vampire sighed at the validations and whispered commends about pride and he couldn't help but want to kiss him. He indulged in that impulse, closing the inches between their lips even just briefly. Twice was nice too. "I watch you sometimes. I watch everyone honestly, but I like you the most so I'm here. When I'm not, I've found that most night shift workers at convenience stores have my condition. We talk mostly about instant noodles though... it's one of the only things that is halfway satisfying." Jungkook's ramble could have sounded normal if not for the chilling subtext. He'd been put while he was starving. He wanted to be normal so badly he was eating human foods. He was obviously handling it so poorly that a stranger could identify him as supernatural. He would never say all of this, but even worse were the secrets about the first time a full moon pulled him out and he only remembered waking up writhing one the sun completely covered in crimson and reeking of blood. "I don't want more friends... I just want to abuse you and keep you like this. Steal your warmth and pretend like everything's okay." Jungkook turned and wrapped his arms around the older boy. He jerked over and pulled Jimin down too so they crashed against the pillow. "You're really not scared of me?"
  178. You: Jimin accepted the brief kisses, sighing out a breath once Jungkook pulled further away. As Jungkook talked about going out, Jimin ran his hand through the younger's hair, raking it back from his face. "Kinda weird, but also kinda sweet that you watch... me? Let's call it checking up," he murmured, keeping his eyes trained on Jungkook. His smile didn't morph into pity, it kept that wistful sort of twist. God, he just wanted Jungkook to find some solace. It made Jimin's chest ache, the way that Jungkook had been reduced to insatiability. Sure, normal human drives courtesy of the limbic system could make someone feel a simmer underneath their skin, but this wasn't mortal. He could only imagine that this was searing. Undeniably more troublesome. Jimin pressed a kiss to Jungkook's jaw before he'd moved them. When Jimin was then laying right underneath Jungkook, he couldn't help but let out a little laugh. This was a familiar spot, but oh-so-different now. "Kook," he spoke up, "it's not exactly abuse. I'm happy to stay by your side. And no, I'm not scared. I trust you." His hand had fallen out of Jungkook's hair when they were moved, so Jimin reached to run his fingers through it again. "Literally all this does is make me worry for you. And it gives you more cool points. And of course, makes you even more hot." Jimin leaned to kiss the tip of Jungkook's nose, then let his head fall back down so he could give Jungkook a reassuring smile. "You're still you. And you know I think the world of you."
  180. You: [hey dude i assume u fell asleep - if u wanna continue i'd be happy to on discord, my user is ripplesofhope#8312 !! hope to hear from ya, if not, this was fun!!]
  182. You have disconnected.
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