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  1. •Enthusiasm/communication
  2. I am a happy person, and try my best to always make others feel comfortable around me. I am always in a great mood, and open to any conversation, whether it’s from new players or experienced players, talking with other people makes me relate to them a bit more every time. This is something that I deem extremely necessary in a staff member.
  3. •Open Minded
  4. I like hearing what people have to say and debating. I got interested in this when, as an activity outside of school, I signed up to a club, in which we met up every week with a topic, and debated. That experience taught me how to listen, and share my opinion in a constructive manner.
  5. For example, once we had Donald Trump as a theme. At the time, I couldn't even imagine how people could even consider voting for him, no offense Trump supporters. Now, even though I don’t agree with his ideas, I at least understand why people like him and vote for him, which I think is something quite interesting to learn.
  6. •Work Ethic
  7. When I start a job, I give my soul into making it as awesome and accomplished as I possibly can. Whether if it's for studies, minecraft, or even basketball, I give my best into making things happen.
  8. •Trust
  9. I am a very trustworthy person. When a secret is told, I will take it to my death, as long as it’s legal. This I feel is important as confidentiality is a big part of creating relationships with players
  12. •Offensive by times
  13. I still am a little young, and can sometimes make jokes that may get perceived as offensive, though the intention wasn't. I’ve been working on this, and though I can keep a straight face in any matters in which I deem necessary to focus, and which are important, sometimes while just playing I can be a little overboard
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