DXN - RoShoujou - Part 4 (End)

Jun 16th, 2016
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  1. [08:26] <Cherem> =====
  2. [08:26] <Cherem> Morning has risen fully over the leafy maze of Shirobayashi, but you find yourselves in a strange luddite estate. "The House of the Moon", Moonlight Mirror called it, the japanese manor / estate / training ground. Come morning, you've been woken up by Akite and... Miyu? Two Miyu? A doppelganger of the idol, with a distinctly airheaded aura around her.
  3. [08:27] * Cerys_Doyle continues to keep quiet, as she has been since they had left their temple hiding place to come here.
  4. [08:28] <Shinjou_Miyu> "Time to wake up."
  5. [08:29] <@Mr_Rage> "Gwarhrr~"
  6. [08:29] <Goemon_Hozuki> "Whats the plan for today?"
  7. [08:30] * Otomo_Reiko slumbers lightly in the corner, worn out from her all-night vigil of paranoia.
  8. [08:31] <Cherem> Honda's groan can be heard from the other room, sitting up slowly and looking around in a daze. "Come now, up and at them! There's a bathroom to wash your faces, but it's time for breakfast!" The Doppelganger smiles, looking around at all the waking folk. Akite has been watching the two Miyus with intensity, leering at the imposter.
  9. [08:32] <@Mr_Rage> Ai blinks at the doppelganger and the other Miyu, and back again. The wheels turn...
  10. [08:33] <Shinjou_Miyu> "Let's get going! I need food before I decide to eat someone!"
  11. [08:34] * Cerys_Doyle walks over to Reiko and nudges her gently with her leg. "Time to get up love."
  12. [08:34] <Cherem> Akane*
  13. [08:34] <Goemon_Hozuki> "Honda get up we gotta get some food." Goemon shakes honda a bit and gets up.
  14. [08:34] <Otomo_Reiko> The hikki grumbles and mutters.
  15. [08:34] <Cherem> Doppelganger nods, "And cannibalism is a big no!" She heads towards the door, simply glowing at the whole situation.
  16. [08:35] <Cherem> Honda yawns, rubbing his eyes. "Yeah... Alright, I could do that." Standing up shakily, he adjusts his shirt and starts folding up his futon.
  17. [08:36] <Cerys_Doyle> "Don't make me carry you." She kneels down and gives the girl a bit firmer of a nudge.
  18. [08:36] <Otomo_Reiko> "I'm up, I'm up." Shes got some dark bags under her eyes but she's on her feet.
  19. [08:37] <Shinjou_Miyu> Miyu goes off to the food.
  20. [08:38] <Goemon_Hozuki> Goemon just follows after to get some food.
  21. [08:38] <Cherem> Doppelganger takes the front and leads you down the hallway, passing several other Overed. You gain some looks, ranging from wide-eyed stares from a pair of children maybe eight years old to a curious glance from a haggard, tired looking man who seems to be herding the two.
  22. [08:40] <Cherem> You arrive at what seems to be a meeting hall, where several sitting tables are set out. There's several Overed buzzing about, including a morpheus who is drawing plates and utensils from seemingly their sleeves, and a hanuman making sure the tables are cleaned. More people start to file in,
  23. [08:40] * Cerys_Doyle follows after, carrying her suit jacket over her shoulder.
  24. [08:40] <Cherem> until the place is positivly buzzing with people greeting each other and sitting. There's four tables with space for six each lining the hall, and then one table resting "above" them, like an "E" with an extra leg. That table is home to ten spots, with the natural flow of plates and utensils towards the center.
  25. [08:47] <Otomo_Reiko> Reiko doesn't seem overly thrilled with the growing body of strange and unfamiliar faces, though she's equally on the verge of falling asleep at the table.
  26. [08:47] <Cherem> Standing in front of it, you can see Kagami directing people, who are bringing out barrels of rice.
  27. [08:47] <Cherem> Doppelganger turns to you, "You'll be eating with The Sage and Kagami-chan, so we're in the front." She points to the head table, heading there herself and plopping down just off-center on the far side. She beckons to the cushions on the other side of the table, "Oh, but one of you will sit on that end, beside Takao."
  28. [08:48] <Cherem> She points at the end furthest away from her, and Honda already starts heading that way.
  29. [08:48] <@Mr_Rage> Ai beams to vritually everyone, never having had the opportunity to meet so many people at once, save maybe on her first day at school.
  30. [08:48] <Shinjou_Miyu> Miyu nods, moving along as well to claim a seat.
  31. [08:49] * Cerys_Doyle heads up to the table as well.
  32. [08:49] <Goemon_Hozuki> Goemon heads to claim a seat at the table.
  33. [08:50] <Cherem> Ai's smile certainly disarms some people, some of the older members greeting her and wishing good morning, but she gets a big grin from one of the children. There's people of all ages here already, taking up the tables and talking about plans for the day.
  34. [08:51] <Cherem> Really, it sounds rural and rustic, listening to them talk. Some of them are from City N, some others have work in the neighboring town.
  35. [08:52] <Cherem> After a moment, there's a small ringing sound, and the people who were already sitting, Doppelganger included, stand up (with some annoyance on her part.) A moment later, wall behind Doppelganger has a shadow appear for a fraction of a moment, and slides open to reveal... Takao. Tch. He steps inside without a word, and goes to his spot next to the end.
  36. [08:52] <Cherem> *the wall behind
  37. [08:52] <Shinjou_Miyu> Miyu does as the others do and stand.
  38. [08:54] <Cherem> However, he's simply the opening act: the violet women seen before, in a much more modest appearance than before, her kimono a lush lavender and silver threading held together with a white obi. Her silver hair is tied up behind her, puffing up a little before cascading down behind her like a waterfall of moonlight. Her hands and disappeared into her sleeves,
  39. [08:54] <Cherem> and as she enters the people watching bow their heads. Her eyes cast over you all, deep and dark with little gimmers of violet light.
  40. [08:56] <Cherem> Doppelganger, still cosplaying as Miyu, seems to light up as this woman enters, or at least stands up straighter. The woman glances around and returns these nods with one of her own.
  41. [08:56] <Cherem> "Please be seated, and begin." Her voice carries exceptionally, and as she sits at the center of the table, the rest follow suit. Moonlight/Kagami, watching this whole affair, moves to the seat between this woman and Takao, and nods at you in greeting.
  42. [08:57] <@Mr_Rage> Ai bows her head as best she can.
  43. [08:57] <Shinjou_Miyu> Miyu takes a seat, looking to the woman.
  44. [08:57] <Goemon_Hozuki> Goemon nods in return.
  45. [08:58] <Cherem> Honda watches this all with a vageuly critical eye, still glancing at his feet when the woman looks around, and sits down at the end.
  46. [08:58] <Cherem> "Allow me to introduce Our Master," Kagami ignores the look from Doppelganger, "Watanabe Misaki". Myself, I am Kumotta Kagami, and you have met Shirotono Takao." she glances at the man, who shrugs at this reintroduction.
  47. [08:59] <Cherem> Watanabe smiles just so slightly and bows her head a fraction at her introduction. Doppelganger moves over just slightly, helping herself to a cup of the tea already set on the table.
  48. [09:01] <Cherem> "These are the Tindalos Members I spoke of, Master. They were discovered at the old shrine, and brought here," Kagami continues.
  49. [09:02] <Cherem> "Master, Master," Doppelganger parrots Kagami, earning her a look from the Overed, "We knew they were coming here, why play these theatrics?" She sits back a little, stretching, "It's too early for this kind of stuff." As she talks, you notice that there's two children, fifteen and maybe eight? bringing over plates with rice, fish, and bowls for soup.
  50. [09:04] <Cherem> Honda starts to introduce himself, somewhat taken aback and hesitating as Doppelganger and Kagami exchange words, "Erm... My comrades and I were seeking shelter, and we met with Kagami here at the shrine." He's watching Watanabe closely, who thus far is just watching this scene play out.
  51. [09:04] <Cerys_Doyle> Food. Excellent. Cerys waits til it gets to her before taking a healthy share.
  52. [09:07] <Cherem> Watanabe finally speaks, "If you would pardon my sisters... Welcome to our home. I hope the accomadations were to your liking." She has a manner of speaking that makes you feel like her attention is always directed at you, her words measured and dolled out carefully.
  53. [09:09] <@Mr_Rage> "Mhm!"
  54. [09:09] <Otomo_Reiko> Reiko shrugs, picking at her food,
  55. [09:09] <Shinjou_Miyu> "I haven't found anything to complain about aside from Honda's epic snoring."
  56. [09:11] <Cherem> "It wasn't that loud," Honda mumbles a little, but it elicites a smirk from Takao and a tittering giggle from the Doppleganger.
  57. [09:11] <Cerys_Doyle> Cerys doesn't look like she agrees with Honda about his snoring, but continues eating without saying anything.
  58. [09:11] <Goemon_Hozuki> Goemon just eats the food without saying anything.
  59. [09:12] <Cherem> "That may be out of our reach, but I do hope you slept well." Watanabe smiles slightly, "Now, it is not often that Tindalos and the House cross paths, certainly not within the woods." She smiles faintly, carefully picking up a bit of fish with her chopsticks. "Might I ask what led you here?"
  60. [09:16] <Otomo_Reiko> "it's a little complicated," Reiko utters from behind a yawn.
  61. [09:16] <Shinjou_Miyu> "The short version is guys with guns. We originally thought it was the UGN, but now we're not so sure."
  62. [09:18] <Cherem> At the Alphabet agency term, you get a mixed reaction. Kagami's eyebrows raise, Doppelganger scowls, and Takao takes a sip of Miso. Watanabe nods a little, "Complicated indeed. Certainly, since my House has an agreement with the Network, to police the borders of the forest. But you say there is room for doubt?"
  63. [09:19] <Otomo_Reiko> "Our conflict may also be against the False Hearts, in this matter."
  64. [09:19] <Cerys_Doyle> "If it was the UGN, they were trying to appear as someone else."
  65. [09:19] <Shinjou_Miyu> "The UGN has Ginyomi now, and last we heard she was doing alright. If they wanted us all they'd have leverage with that."
  66. [09:22] <Cherem> "Mm, mysteries within mysteries." Watanabe muses. "Who is this Ginyomi?" She looks at Kagami, but Doppelganger speaks up, "She's a friend. Tindalos Board member."
  67. [09:23] <Cherem> "Mm. Right. So you are being pursued by the UGN, or somebody masquerading as them... And might I be right in saying that is has to do with the recent work Tindalos has done?" Watanabe takes a bite of rice, musing.
  68. [09:24] <Cherem> Akane is sitting alongside Ai, closer to the end of the table, eating her rice carefully, listening in to all of this.
  69. [09:24] <Otomo_Reiko> "I cann't imply that isn't the case."
  70. [09:25] <Shinjou_Miyu> Miyu eats with enthusiasm in between responses. "Anyway we're not really sure who our pursuers are with just yet. But under the circumstances we thought it better to avoid rather than engage."
  71. [09:26] <Cherem> "Wise." Watanabe nods a little, "To be honest, you have my interest as well. We have made it abundantly clear with the City N UGN that the forest will be kept False Heart and radical free, but if they are sending people into the forest..." She stops, "Mm... They know who you are though, yes?"
  72. [09:29] <Shinjou_Miyu> "They must know."
  73. [09:29] <Otomo_Reiko> "Hope not
  74. [09:30] <Otomo_Reiko> ," the hikki mutters, poking at her rice.
  75. [09:30] <Cherem> "You have families?" Watanabe continues. "Friends, perhaps?"
  76. [09:32] * Cerys_Doyle shakes her head. "Not me."
  77. [09:32] <Goemon_Hozuki> Goemon nods "Family."
  78. [09:32] <@Mr_Rage> Ai whines. "Papa..."
  79. [09:33] <Otomo_Reiko> "He's fine, hes got brain."
  80. [09:33] <Otomo_Reiko> brains*
  81. [09:33] <Cherem> "Ah, yeah." Honda sits up, "We do have that end to consider."
  82. [09:33] <Shinjou_Miyu> "Yeah, we do."
  83. [09:35] <Cherem> "And the UGN, or these people, would pursue him?" Watanabe's face turns thoughtful, "I have a proposal. The UGN will not look here, if those people are UGN. If you bring them here, I will offer my protection while this is... sorted out."
  84. [09:38] <Otomo_Reiko> "Contacting them is a problem inside your...compound."
  85. [09:41] <Cherem> "Ah. Yes." She nods a little, "Tsukimiya will go with you, she knows the way back. If you can find them, bring them here. And if they're being chased... I would ask that you bring us something of theirs back. A shirt, a personal affect, something."
  86. [09:42] <Cherem> "The Pursuers," Doppelganger glanced up before, clarifying Watanabe's request.
  87. [09:43] <Cerys_Doyle> "Of course." Cerys takes a drink of tea and makes a face, sets the cup down and produces a flask before takign a drink from that instead.
  88. [09:43] <Shinjou_Miyu> "Sounds like a plan."
  89. [09:43] <@Mr_Rage> Ai tiiilts her head, but the prospect of having her family safe and sound has her brightened up considerably.
  90. [09:44] <Goemon_Hozuki> "Alright."
  91. [09:45] <Cherem> Doppelganger watches Doyle with a wide-eyed look, "This early?"
  92. [09:46] <Cerys_Doyle> She nods. "It'll wake ye up." She puts the flask away.
  93. [09:51] <Cherem> =====
  94. [09:52] <Cherem> When the breakfast is done and Doppelganger, formerly introducing herself as Tsukimiya-chan ("Just, Tsukimiya, please."), joins you as you leave the compound.
  95. [09:53] <Cherem> You realize you're not the only ones leaving, as other members of the House exit not far behind you, but as you disappear into the woods, the manor slips from sight, into the trees and half-light of the woods. Once it's out of sight, your cell phones start to get reception again.
  96. [10:05] <Cherem> As you begin your inspection / search, Tsukimiya follows behind you, sort of drifting. When you look away from her, her form shifts to something less unnerving than a duplicate of Miyu, instead taking on a woman with short, fluffy white hair and blue-gray eyes, trading the Idol-jogging outfit for a simple, casual sundress.
  98. [00:00] <Cherem> =====
  100. [10:41] <Cherem> Your search continues: looking for Ai's father was proving to be... interesting, at least. Visiting the house, there was evidence of Yuu and Michio leaving in a hurry. Inside, there's footsteps, boots with dirt on them probably, that go around the house, looking in cabinets, going through Yuu's room, et cetera.
  101. [10:43] <Cherem> Of note, the computers are missing. Weird. But looking in the backyard, you can see that part of the fence was busted open by... something, and checking cameras and asking neighbors reveals there was "some crazy commotion" but nothing specific.
  102. [10:44] <Cherem> On the Cameras, you can trace the path the two took, actually dropping into the sewers but re-emerging later several blocks away. The second shot has Michio's arm snapping back into place, having used the Renegade to open the covers.
  103. [10:48] <Cherem> And following those glimpses, you see Yuu's father clearly knows where he's going. He's headed into the city, amazingly, almost towards the UGN.
  104. [10:56] <Cherem> However, you finally manage to find him, you think. An apartment building, halfway up on the fourth floor. Probably not very comfortable living, but when you're on the "run"...
  105. [10:57] <Cherem> In any case, as you "find" him, Honda stops you, "Alright. So we go in, grab them, and take them to the Mooninites back there."
  106. [10:58] <@Mr_Rage> "Nnnh..." Ai bounces on her heels, tails thumping anxiously.
  107. [10:58] <Cerys_Doyle> "Grabbing probably isn't necessary. But I wouldn't doubt if we've been followed."
  108. [10:59] <Cherem> "Well, maybe not grabbing," Honda concedes, "But, we get them and go. Although, if we've been followed, maybe a disguise? Or..." He frowns.
  109. [11:01] <Cerys_Doyle> She shrugs. "Doubt we can trick them by splitting up again."
  110. [11:04] <Cherem> As you talk, Doyle, you're able to get a glance at the situation. Doesn't look like you were followed, actually, but there is most definetely surveillence being performed on this building, and the buildings on the block.
  111. [11:04] <Cherem> Nothing as open as a helicopter making passes, but there's little telltale signs, people parked in spots for too long, idling or occasionally talking into their sleeves.
  112. [11:05] <Cherem> This is, however, very, very sporadic, or it would be if you had just noticed it. However, it comes up to you that this place is indeed being watched.
  113. [11:05] <Cerys_Doyle> "I think we're being watched right now actually." She mentions.
  114. [11:06] <Cherem> "... Now?" Honda at least has the decency to not snap around and look around wildly
  115. [11:07] <Cherem> "Eh? Followed now?" Tsukimiya pipes up, glancing around.
  116. [11:08] <Goemon_Hozuki> "Ok well at least they aren't barging in."
  117. [11:10] <Cerys_Doyle> "There's cars outside, people talking into mics to each other. They have this building and area under watch." She shrugs again. "Expected."
  118. [11:11] <@Mr_Rage> "Rrrrh."
  119. [11:11] <Cherem> "Ah." Honda clears his throat, "Alright. Well, then, disguises?" Honda cracks his neck, "The sooner we have them, the better."
  120. [11:12] <Cerys_Doyle> "Does this building have sewer access?"
  121. [11:15] <Cerys_Doyle> "They might not be watching the sewers, we could make our way past their surveillance."
  122. [11:15] <Cherem> Honda shrugs, glancing at Reiko. "Might. It was the law that all the buildings have to be connected, but, something like that, enough for us to get in, I mean..."
  123. [11:16] <Cherem> "Sewers...?" Tsukimiya looks doubtful, "Do people really go down there often?"
  124. [11:16] <Cerys_Doyle> "Only when necessary."
  125. [11:18] <Cerys_Doyle> "Anyone else have an alternate plan?"
  126. [11:18] <Cherem> "Mm... fair enough." Tsukimiya shifts, twirling her finger in her hair.
  127. [11:18] <Goemon_Hozuki> "Only if they really have to.. which i think we have to." Goemon sighs.
  128. [11:19] <Otomo_Reiko> "I wonder what they're watching for, exactly."
  129. [11:20] <Cherem> "A rescue attempt? Confirming he's there?" Honda shrugs, "We should get going in either case."
  130. [11:20] <Cerys_Doyle> "All of us in one place. We grabbed onto the bait."
  131. [11:20] <Otomo_Reiko> "Certainly the most likely."
  132. [11:21] <Cerys_Doyle> "If there isn't any other options, we should get moving so we aren't trapped up here."
  133. [11:21] <Cherem> Honda nods in agreement to that at least.
  134. [11:22] <Otomo_Reiko> "I'll find us the enterance."
  135. [11:24] <Cerys_Doyle> A nod from Cerys and she heads to the door, opening it a crack to listen through into the hallway.
  136. [11:24] <Cherem> =====
  137. [11:26] <Cherem> The Sewers. Great. You descend into the stone catacombs and under the street easily enough, lit up by the heart-warming, nostalgic red/orange lights and welcomed by the loving smell of hot, stale air and sour waste. Honda drops down and dusts off his pants as he gets up, rubbing the area where his gun should be. "Goemon, I forgot to get it back from you."
  138. [11:26] <Cherem> Behind him, Tsukimiya drops down, dress fluttering as she holds down the front/center of it to guard her dignity, and neglecting to actually land. Instead, she hovers about a foot over the ground, gently bobbing up and down as she floats.
  139. [11:27] * Cerys_Doyle walks ahead of the group slightly, alert for any danger.
  140. [11:28] <Cherem> Walking, you come to a convenience ladder, metal rungs leading up to the apartment, with a warning about trespassing (and the address, of course)
  141. [11:28] <Cherem> Honda scowls, "Tch, I was looking forward to a disguise."
  142. [11:29] * Otomo_Reiko works away on her phone while she has internet access, multitasking like crazy when not complaining about the smell.
  143. [11:29] <Otomo_Reiko> "How do you stand it? It stinks. It smells. I'm going to need to many baths after this."
  144. [11:29] * Cerys_Doyle holds out her flask. "Helps with everything love. Either way, stick close and help me guide us out."
  145. [11:30] <@Mr_Rage> "Rrrrh," Ai tries to keep everyone on-task.
  146. [11:31] <Cherem> "Ara, Ai-chan, you're that concerned?" Tsukimiya smiles warmly as she floats behind.
  147. [11:31] <Cherem> Honda looks up the ladder, "Doyle, mind taking point, open that thing for us?" He's talking about the heavy-looking trap-door at the top of the ladder.
  148. [11:35] <Cerys_Doyle> "Right." Up she goes and shoves it open. No need to be modest here since she's not wearing a tress like some floaty tart.
  149. [11:36] <Cerys_Doyle> *dress
  150. [11:36] <Shinjou_Miyu> "What is it about us and sewers?" Miyu sighs, speaking a bit rapidly.
  151. [11:36] <Goemon_Hozuki> Goemon shrugs "Who knows."
  152. [11:36] <Cherem> "Dark places for Dark Purposes?" Tsukimiya grins, earning a scowl from Honda, who follows Doyle up the ladder.
  153. [11:38] <Shinjou_Miyu> Miyu twitches. She comes along with a sigh.
  154. [11:38] <Otomo_Reiko> Reiko brings up the rear, trying to text even as she climbs.
  155. [11:39] <Cherem> Up the ladder, you come to... well, a basement. A fire escape map on the wall shows that you're technically in the "second" building, as it's two buildings linked by a very small skyway. It'll be a pain of a walk, but Yuu's father should be four stories up.
  156. [11:39] <@Mr_Rage> Gogogogogogo.
  157. [11:40] * Cerys_Doyle hurries ahead again, keeping an eye out for more trouble, leading the group and tryign to keep ahead of the anxious Ai.
  158. [11:41] <Cherem> "Yeah, I guess we're getting in our exercise." Honda glances at the others and starts running up the stairs. At his side, Tsukimiya laaaaazily floats up.
  159. [11:42] <Shinjou_Miyu> Miyu looks envious.
  160. [11:43] <Goemon_Hozuki> Goemon starts running up the stairs after them.
  161. [11:44] <Cherem> At the fourth floor, you can see the skyway, lined with windows. Somewhere outside, a helicopter passes by. But now the question is, where is Yuu's father exactly?
  162. [11:47] <Cherem> Goemon, it's not even a challenge. Your renegade comes to the fore, enhancing your vision and pulling up the red light of heat signitures. Looking around, this time of day there's not too many people home, probably some neets, but otherwise...
  163. [11:48] <Cherem> You notice one room is taking up a lot more heat, a lot more energy. A computer is glowing warm red, and a body at it, typing frantically. Opposite, another, smaller figure, laying on their side and breathing slowly. It's a room not far from the skyway, maybe two rooms down.
  164. [11:48] <Cherem> There's also another flight of stairs near it.
  165. [11:48] <Cherem> "So... any idea which room?"
  166. [11:49] <Goemon_Hozuki> "I got a good idea of where they are." Starts heading to them.
  167. [11:50] * Cerys_Doyle follows.
  168. [11:50] <Shinjou_Miyu> Miyu follows. She keeps getting more and more twitchy and occasionally glares at random stuff along the way.
  169. [11:51] <Cherem> As you approach the door, you do notice some things. It's almost... polished. It should be wood, but it's cold to the touch: metal? And despite the rapid typing and computer, it's deadly silent. There doesn't seem to be a peep-hole as well, which is... well, odd, considering all the others do.
  170. [11:52] <Cerys_Doyle> "This looks promissing."
  171. [11:53] <Cherem> "So, just knock, or..."
  172. [11:53] <Cherem> Goemon, you notice the typing has stopped. The figure has frozen, head facing the door.
  173. [11:53] <@Mr_Rage> "Nnnn, Papa!"
  174. [11:54] <Goemon_Hozuki> Goemon knocks on the door.
  175. [11:54] <Shinjou_Miyu> "We could knock accompanied by saying something like 'Open up or we're going to melt your face off'"
  176. [11:54] <Cherem> And it hesitates. A moment later, you notice a little spike of heat, and the figure is holding something. It approaches the door carefully, slowly, until it's right on the other side.
  177. [11:54] <Goemon_Hozuki> "Considering he stopped typing he at least know someone's here."
  178. [11:55] <Goemon_Hozuki> Goemon just backs up from the door a bit.
  179. [11:55] <Cherem> The door opens with a jarring noise, and there's the sound of several chains stopping it. A moment, and then: "Hand."
  180. [11:55] <Cherem> Yeah, that's your father's voice.
  181. [11:56] <@Mr_Rage> Ai bounces on her feet, shoving her arm through the gap in the door!
  182. [11:57] <Cherem> There's a laugh, and then, "Alright, alright, hold still for a moment." There's a pricking pain in your finger, and a moment passes. "Ai! You, how did... Here, let me open the door."
  183. [11:58] <@Mr_Rage> Wumpf!
  184. [11:58] <Shinjou_Miyu> Miyu breathes deeply, giving the door a paranoid look.
  185. [12:00] <Cherem> There's a lot of locks being undone, and then the door snaps open, and there's your father, shirt askance, a little unshaven, but greatly relieved. In one hand, he's got a little device, no bigger than your hand, probably what he pricked you with.
  186. [12:00] <Cherem> "Well, that solved that." Honda smiles, rubbing his cheek with a relieved look.
  187. [12:00] <@Mr_Rage> "Rrrh~!" Ai embraces the man tight, tails wagging.
  188. [12:01] <Otomo_Reiko> "Hnnh. Told you he'd be fine."
  189. [12:01] <Cerys_Doyle> "We're not out of this yet."
  190. [12:01] <Goemon_Hozuki> "We better hurry and start getting outta here."
  191. [12:02] <Cherem> He pulls you into an embrace only a father reunited with his child can give, squeezing you tightly, "Thank god, thank god, I was so worried. You're safe." He's smiling but sobers up a little at the other comments, "Ah, yes, yes." He pets Ai's head as he talks, "You found me far too quickly for the UGN to be behind."
  192. [12:02] <Shinjou_Miyu> "Yeah, we can't linger. We want to take you somewhere safe."
  193. [12:03] <Cherem> Behind him, Michio peeks out around the corner, approching the scene carefully. He looks at you all, eying the floating Tsukimiya with some suspicion, but he looks more relived to see friendly faces.
  194. [12:05] <Goemon_Hozuki> "to the sewers?"
  195. [12:05] <Cerys_Doyle> "Sewer is still probably the safest route, if we can make it back down."
  196. [12:06] <Cherem> "Sewers?" Yuu looks apprehensive, "Alright. I need to get my hard-drives, at least." He turns around and goes to the desk you can see behind him, which is loaded with computers and other technological gizmos. A moment later, he's putting black brick after black brick into a suitcase.
  197. [12:09] <Cherem> However, almost while he's turning around, there's a multitude of signs. A Helicopter comes way too close. There's the sound, as distant as it can be, of booted feet on stairs. And a moment later, there's the sound of a silenced bullet piercing the skyway's windows.
  198. [12:10] <Cerys_Doyle> "Aw shite."
  199. [12:10] <Shinjou_Miyu> Miyu breathes heavily. And smiles.
  200. [12:11] <Goemon_Hozuki> "Well i think the plan to get out of here without a fight went out the window or through it."
  201. [12:11] <Otomo_Reiko> "I wish I was back in my room right now."
  202. [12:11] <Cherem> "Mm..." Tsukimiya floats back a little bit. "A bit of a damper."
  203. [12:11] <Cherem> "You think?" Honda goes for his gun.
  204. [12:11] <Goemon_Hozuki> "Didn't they storm your room?"
  205. [12:11] <Cerys_Doyle> "Find some cover."
  206. [12:11] <Shinjou_Miyu> "This is just what I wanted for my special time of the month." Miyu hisses out.
  207. [12:12] <Cherem> And the next moment, the glass of the skyway goes bursting in, and several men dressed in black, armed with assault rifles barrel through, landing on the ground and making to clear the area. Unfortunetly for them, you are there.
  208. [12:14] <Otomo_Reiko> Reiko goes for cover in the open doorway, motioning to Mii-kun that he should probably get down too.
  209. [12:15] <Goemon_Hozuki> "Hello and welcome." Goemons arms ignite.
  210. [12:20] <Cherem> The first man is wearing a balaclava, his uniform a matchinb black/gray urban digital uniform. You can guess he's the leader by the order "FREEZE, YOU'RE UNDER ARREST" and the subsequent squeezing of the trigger. That, and some tiny, smokey-brass pips on his neck.
  211. [12:26] <Otomo_Reiko> "While they're still orienting themselves, advance! I'll offer tactical advice from here!" Shouts the hikki hiding from the scary men with guns.
  212. [12:27] <@Mr_Rage> Fearless of the gunfire, Ai is nearly on top of the first man before he's done spraying bullets. Without Akane to hold her back, she's free to respond to the perceived threat as she sees fit.
  213. [12:29] <Goemon_Hozuki> Goemon runs to the other soldier leaving the one shooting to Ai.
  214. [12:29] <Cherem> The man's bullets snap and crackle, his magazine glowing as energy pumps through it. It blasts holes in the wall , and you can hear a distinct metal pinging as it passes through two apartments and stops at Yuu's safehouse.
  215. [12:40] <Cerys_Doyle> Avoiding the blast, Cerys stands i nthe doorway to provide extra cover, her black armour clanking to existance around her body, gun materializing in her hand as she takes aim at the man, firing right back with trained accuracy.
  216. [12:48] <Shinjou_Miyu> Miyu breathes out a cloud, this one slightly tinged with red. The voices seem more eager about their ominous whispering.
  217. [12:49] <Cherem> The leader's backup, three men dressed similarly, blast at Miyu, their bullets pinging wildly. Of notice is that they tear through the door and the walls of Yuu's safehouse, disregarding the bulletproof nature.
  218. [12:56] <@Mr_Rage> With his guard down and his Overed powers already taxed on defense, Ai slams into the leader with all the force of a truck, goring the poor man on a set of wicked curved horns. Momentum carries him up into the ceiling, and gravity helpfully brings him down to the carpet, Ai's transformation complete. Burly, well-armored, and broad, it's astonishing to think that this is the Chimera's idea of a /defensive/ form.
  219. [12:58] <Cherem> The man crumples on the carpet, a wide, dark stain on his outfit forming, coughing and hacking as he rolls to the side, bringing his gun to bear again.
  220. [13:02] <Goemon_Hozuki> Goemon tries to go and punch down the soldiers.
  221. [13:06] <Otomo_Reiko> "So hey, I might have read something about tatics for indoor firefights in urban environments, listen up..."
  222. [13:06] <Cherem> The blow takes the first by surprise, and it sends him back into his budy, but their guns still work, and there's murder in their eyes.
  223. [13:12] <Cherem> The leader looks up, pulling up his balaclava with one hand to get the blood out of his mouth, letting out a shout as his gun moves almost on it's own, peppering you with a mag-dump from hell.
  224. [13:14] <@Mr_Rage> Lead punches into Ai's bichrome flesh, drawing out rivulets of blue blood, but the beast barely stumbles, chest shuddering as her regenerative flesh already begins pushing the bullets out.
  225. [13:17] <Otomo_Reiko> "Hey, try punching those guys at the stairs some more!"
  226. [13:24] * Cerys_Doyle notices the new troops appearing in the hallway and opens fire on them, unrelenting and accurate gunfire blasting away.
  227. [13:25] <Cherem> The first man actually collapses, holding his chest and hitting the ground like a sandbag, but a moment later the other three behind him open fire, blowing through the stairwell and into the group.
  228. [13:36] <Cherem> The second unit opens up on you, Goemon, their shots connecting like heavy sledgehammer hits.
  229. [13:37] <Cerys_Doyle> Blood and oil trickle from the bullet holes in Cerys' armoured form.
  230. [13:38] <Goemon_Hozuki> blood drips down from various holes in Goemon. "That all?"
  231. [13:39] <Cherem> As you say that, the second steps back. He doesn't look like he wants to be here at all.
  232. [13:45] <@Mr_Rage> Grabbing the man even as he keeps trying to put shots through Ai, she simply throws him out the window, bellowing her dominance.
  233. [13:49] <Cherem> "What in the-" And the next moment, he goes right through the open chasm, flying out and meeting the ground in a passionate thud.
  234. [13:59] <Goemon_Hozuki> Goemon retaliates against the soldiers with a series of flaming punches, cracking bones.
  235. [14:00] <Cherem> And there's no way to prepare or brace for that. The two go down like sacks of flour, filled with gristle and crushed bones.
  236. [14:01] <Cherem> However, you do find yourselves in a particular situation. Ai, Goemon, your combat has taken you to the middle of the skyway, and it's here that you can get a quick look at the "whole picture."
  237. [14:01] <Cherem> Outside, there's two helicopters, and several black vans parked outside the doors of the Apartment. There are distant police sirens, but the most pertenant noise is the light sound of gunfire coming towards you.
  238. [14:02] <Cherem> One of the helicopters has a mounted gun, and it's starting to pepper the skyway with bullets.
  239. [14:03] <Cherem> They are devoid of insignia, but these are military-grade weapons they're using, and military grade armaments in general.
  240. [14:05] <Otomo_Reiko> "Try not to get shot! I'll try to come up with better tactics, bare with me!"
  241. [14:12] <Cerys_Doyle> "Don't worry. We've got this." Cerys shoots down the last soldiers in view with some execution style headshots.
  242. [14:13] <Cherem> They collapse, like puppets with strings cut, and for a moment, you have a chance to breath. But not much: this place is heating up fast.
  243. [14:13] <Cherem> Honda, having watched it all from the room, takes a deep breath, "I... am really lucky I have you guys. We should get going."
  244. [14:14] <Shinjou_Miyu> "Right. This is nuts..."
  245. [14:15] <Cerys_Doyle> "Agreed. Let's move."
  246. [14:16] <Cherem> "Don't forget to grab something from them." Honda kneels and checks one of the guards for identification, but he's not able to bring up anything.
  247. [14:16] <Otomo_Reiko> "I'm going to miss this internet access."
  248. [14:17] <Goemon_Hozuki> "Hurry and grab something."
  249. [14:18] <Cherem> "There's no ID here. Nothing." Honda grumbles, pulling off one of the balaclavas, stained red with blood with a ragged hole between the eyes.
  250. [14:19] <Otomo_Reiko> "Might be government, an anti-Overed force?" Reiko's even patting one down, looking for anything.
  251. [14:19] <Otomo_Reiko> "Pictures, take pictures of faces. Maybe I can do a database search later."
  252. [14:20] * Cerys_Doyle pulls out her phone and takes pictures of what is left of them and their faces.
  253. [14:20] <Cherem> "Alright." Honda reaches down, grabbing one of the fingers of the men, "Er, don't watch this." A moment later, he comes up with a pinkie finger.
  254. [14:20] <Cherem> "We should get going." Honda grimaces, and "Eugh... that was a bad idea."
  255. [14:22] <Cerys_Doyle> With that Cerys shoves them along.
  257. [00:00] <Cherem> =====
  260. [08:58] <Cherem> Having left Yuu's Safehouse behind, it was back into the sewers and to the House of the Moon. Travelling the Sewers was the right idea, in the end: despite the kind of winding route you have to take, and avoiding patrols occasionally, you come closer and closer to Shirobayashi.
  261. [08:58] <Cherem> Yuu, to his credit, isn't actually that phased at walking through the sewers. He's holding his briefcase and wlaking with a clipped, quick manner, which in turn makes Honda pick up his own pace as he tries to explain the situation to Yuu. Michio is at Yuu's every step, his own echoing the larger man's.
  262. [08:59] <Cherem> "So you went to the House of the Moon." Yuu blandly puts it, surprisingly familiar with the concept when Honda finally drops where you are all heading.
  263. [08:59] <@Mr_Rage> "You know about it?!" Ai is in awe of her father, as usual.
  264. [09:00] * Goemon_Hozuki (~Goemon_Ho@Rizon-5FFF9C81.clv.wideopenwest.com) Quit ( Remote host closed the connection )
  265. [09:00] <Cherem> "Mm. When we were looking for a house here, they were a factor on our living space." He smiles thinly, "Never met them myself. Mysticism and science." That's ended with a little wink at you.
  266. [09:01] <@Mr_Rage> The Chimera doesn't quite catch his implication, but she beams, comforted by the knowledge all the same.
  267. [09:04] * Goemon_Hozuki (~Goemon_Ho@Rizon-5FFF9C81.clv.wideopenwest.com) has joined #DXtheGame
  268. [09:11] <Cherem> Up ahead, you can hear the sounds of feet, furtive and muffled. The sounds of guns being prepared.
  269. [09:11] <Cherem> Listening closely, it's maybe... a grouping of people, maybe ten at most.
  270. [09:12] <Cerys_Doyle> "More?" She sighs moving to the front.
  271. [09:13] <Cherem> As you step up, there is the option to avoid this conflict. However, it would mean doubling back, and potentially running the risk of meeting more of these sweeping teams.
  272. [09:29] <Cherem> Electing to double back, you move into the Sewers, leaving the men in front of you behind. The Sewers are vast, sprawling and criss-crossing in a way that almost make you think of a maze.
  273. [09:33] <Cherem> However, you're able to avoid a second patrol, three men armed with rifles and marching down the center. You pass by them pretty easily, but you overhear them as they talk. "Report says they'll probably head towards the forest. Units are heading that way."
  274. [09:35] <@Mr_Rage> "Rrrrh"
  275. [09:36] <Cherem> Your father keeps close to the wall, his profile kept low, one hand on Michio's back and nape to keep him from standing up too straight. Curiously, he seems almost used to it.
  276. [09:37] <Cerys_Doyle> Cerys leads alongside Ai, alerting her to any noises she hears.
  277. [09:41] <Cherem> At that news, you press on quickly, before they can close the net. You arrive at a manhole that seems to be unwatched, clambering up it and out into the sun.
  278. [09:41] <Cherem> You're not even 30 meters away from it when you hear the sound of a van screetching to a halt beside the manhole, vomiting out three men who immediatelly get to work opening it and dropping down a flare.
  279. [09:43] <Cherem> "To think, we only just beat them." Michio shivers a little.
  280. [09:43] <Cherem> Honda nods, "Right. We should get into the woods, before any more of these mooks show up."
  281. [09:44] <Cerys_Doyle> "Come on then." She pulls Honda ahead of them to quicken his pace.
  282. [09:44] * Otomo_Reiko sighs, followingg reluctantly.
  283. [09:44] <@Mr_Rage> Hup hup hup!
  284. [09:44] <Goemon_Hozuki> Goemon nods and hurries behind after them
  286. [00:00] <Cherem> =====
  288. [09:47] <Cherem> Waiting at the entrance to the forest is a familiar figure. She's not draped in the bright, colorful, intricate outfit you saw her in last, but Kagami looks almost at home in the much simpler red pleated skirt and bow under her white haori. She looks like a shrine maiden really, her hair pulled up behind her head, and as you approach she gives you a shallow bow, "Welcome back. I shall guide you to the House."
  289. [09:48] <Cherem> Walking into the woods, there isn't as much of a show with mist and fog, but there is certainly a distinct point where, when you turn, the woods seem to close in and off the land behind you, the rest of the world disappearing into a thick canopy of green and brown. And as soon as you're aware of that, the House appears before you, where Takao is standing, waiting.
  290. [09:49] <Cherem> "So," he starts off, "I have news, of a sort." He glances around, "Wait, where's Tsukimiya?"
  291. [09:50] <Cherem> Now that you think about it, it's been awfully quiet: the moment she started floating, she was pretty much incorperal anyways. But at some point, it seems your escort simply... vanished.
  292. [09:51] * Cerys_Doyle looks around. Surely the girl was with them the whole time.
  293. [09:52] <Goemon_Hozuki> Goemon scratches his wondering where she went off to?
  294. [09:52] <@Mr_Rage> Ai blink-blinks.
  295. [09:54] <Cherem> Kagami lets out a smug "Hmph. I told the Master she would." She turns, "In any case, the House of the Moon welcomes you, both old and new." She nods at Yuu and Michio, who nod and bow respectivly. "I recall, we asked for a personal item- although, we shouldn't talk about this in the entryway." She heads inside, leading the way.
  296. [09:57] <Cherem> And inside, she leads you past the main hall, to the entryway that Watanabe entered the first time. "You will recall, we requested a personal item." The door slides open, revealing the base of the tallest building in the compound. "I ask of you, do you have something?"
  297. [09:59] <Cerys_Doyle> "Er, yeah. They didn't have a whole lot on them though so keep that in mind."
  298. [10:00] <Cherem> "I see." She holds out her hand, and Honda goes into his pocket.
  299. [10:03] <Cherem> And grimaces as he drops the end of a pinkie into her hands. "Ah." She examines it, and shudders, "I suppose this will suffice." She turns, "Takao will keep you company, and show your newcomers to their rooms." She steps back, going to the the building, passing along a stone bath flanked by two koi ponds. You can see her open the sliding door to the base of the tower, catch a glimpse of smoke and incense drifting out, as well and candlelight, and then she disappears.
  300. [10:04] <Cherem> Meanwhile, Takao clears his throat, "If you'll follow me. The UGN sent us an ambassador, who left maybe ten minutes before you arrived."
  301. [10:15] <Cherem> He leads you back to the rooms you were in before, with two children following you. The futons have been removed, and replaced with a long table, with cushions for seats. There's some dry crackers on the table, and as Takao sits, he glances at the children. A moment later, they're gone. "Please, sit. There will be tea in a moment."
  302. [10:15] <Cherem> Yuu watches this with a casual eye, while Honda frowns.
  303. [10:16] <Cherem> She was sitting at the table, but as you enter, Akane stands up, "You made it." She looks around you evenly, seeing you, Ai, and your father, stepping up quickly. A moment later, she's got Michio, checking him for any injuries.
  304. [10:19] * Cerys_Doyle relaxes, checking her own wounds, sitting a bit apart from the rest of the group.
  305. [10:20] <@Mr_Rage> Ai beams at Akane, tails swishing with delight. Everyone's back together again.
  306. [10:21] <Otomo_Reiko> "How nice." The hikki plops down to fiddle with her phone and nibble on a cracker.
  307. [10:21] <Goemon_Hozuki> "Finally a chance to rest."
  308. [10:21] <Cherem> Akane turns her attention to Ai, "And you..." She frowns, examining your clothing. "Blood?"
  309. [10:22] <Cherem> Yuu sits, "Mm. This was not the place I was expecting." He looks around, making eye contact with Takao. He shrugs a little, "So, the UGN will not pursue me or my family here?"
  310. [10:23] <@Mr_Rage> "Hmh? Oh! Um... got in a fight rescuing Papa n' Michi." Ai makes to strip until Papa stops her, pointing her towards the baths. Reiko feels it a little before it happens, the hairs on the back of her neck prickling up out of some primal knowledge a predator was bearing down on her. Smek! One right on the cheek.
  311. [10:23] <Cherem> Akane watches, first about to stop her from undressing, then stunned at the sudden display of affection.
  312. [10:25] <Otomo_Reiko> "Geh! W-w-wha!" While her pose was all indignation at being touch her face was bright red and her expression something like shock.
  313. [10:25] <Otomo_Reiko> touched*
  314. [10:25] <Cherem> Takao nods in agreement, "Yes. It is indeed a place where we can rest." He blinks, "Ah, yes, bathing. There is a communal bathroom down the hall, and as of now it should be empty. Just draw the curtain shut and you shouldn't be disturbed."
  315. [10:25] <Cherem> Honda glances around, "I should be fine. Goemon, we'll go in later."
  316. [10:29] <Otomo_Reiko> At the mention of a bath the hikki does her best to casucally sniff her forearm.
  317. [10:30] * Cerys_Doyle smirks watching reiko, but sighs at the bullet holes in her suit. she sure went through a lot of clothes.
  318. [10:30] <Goemon_Hozuki> "Sounds like a good idea
  319. [10:31] <Cherem> "Well, later..." Takao lets out a concerned noise, "well, we can spare an hour. Come back when you're done, I do have news for you."
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