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  1. Sylvia Stokes
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  6.     About 50 years ago, nobody needed a computer. In fact, most of the world didn't even know it existed. How did people get things done? How did businesses run? It’s all so different now because of computers. I wouldn't be surprised if the majority of the world used computers, surfed the web and purchased things online. How do we keep it all running though? How does it all function? There are many services that contribute to the development and maintenance of a website. You can’t simply create a website and publish it online. You need to know a few of the main factors of building a website and what it will be hosted on. If your goal is to have millions connect to your website, then you’d need something to host your website on. Something with high capacity and these days, there are not a lot of personal computers that are capable of sustaining that much people connecting to their website. There are things today known as data centers. These centers are usually masked as a hosting provider and you simply pay them to host your stuff. Those services are much more convenient because instead of paying for higher capacity Internet; you are paying less for them to pay more for their Internet. Of course, there are a bunch of other customers and you will all most probably be sharing their servers, which is what they host your stuff on. This report will highlight a few of the hundreds of services that provide this.
  8.     There are hundreds of services out there but one that I personally enjoy the most is 1and1. They have a pretty sleek user interface and extensive flexibility. It’s extremely easy to navigate and work with. They offer to build the website for you, they also offer to host it on various platforms. It starts at $2.49 and I have to say that they are pretty neat and secure. I suggest this for the novice because of its “noob-friendly” interface.
  10.     Another company I love is Bluehost. I highly recommend it for the intermediate web developer. They’re not as “noob-friendly” as you would think. It’s more professional (no offence 1and1). They offer this service for only $4.95 a month and I recommend it for big businesses.
  12.     EmpireHosts is a good company. I suggest it for the novice because of their cheap prices. Their products are not of the best quality but you get what you pay for. $5 for a 1GB server is completely amazing.
  14.     iPage also offers cheap and professional web hosting. I recommend it for the intermediate. They are powered by wind energy which helps the environment.
  16.     Last but not least, HostGator. HostGator is a professional web host provider. Despite its extremely low prices, HostGator never fails to give you customer support.
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