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Hitomi-2 by Edge-Braak

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  1. Hitomi-2
  3. Hitomi rested on the kitchen floor, her body melted, her pool-form lapping gently against the unit cupboards. She didn't want to be completely still. This new existence, this liquid energy, was something she wanted to enjoy truly. She wanted to explore and embrace it, and she wanted to be free of all those small quirks and insecurities that had made her walk with hunched shoulders and bowed head for all that time before the apple.
  4.     It was funny to her that something so small, so innocuous, could have affected such an enormous change. She had no idea how the mechanics of it worked, what magic Madam Yukio had worked on the fruit to make it affect her like this. It was unthinkable, unimaginable, and utterly amazing. She wondered why she'd been chosen, because she had to have been chosen, right? There was now, in her memory, notes of distinct suspicion in the way Fujiko had urged her to visit this shop. Fujiko was like this, too, Hitomi realized, and must have been for quite some time. She wondered what her friend would have to say, now that all the secrets were out and revealed.
  5.     There was a knock at the door.
  6.     Hitomi reformed slowly, drawing her liquid mass up in the center, a pale pink traffic cone drawing up from the fleshy pool. The cone grew ever upwards, as more flesh rolled up its sides to add to its mass and swell it out. Tendril-like growths formed at the upper section, flowing out from the main body in a boneless, tenticular manner before sharpening and sucking back to a fixed length. Hitomi began to shape her body, slowly teasing fingers into the undefined arms, imagining the joints of elbow, wrist and shoulder. Her cone-like body began to shift and warp, widening and becoming oblong, while the features of her face appeared at the very top, an aquilined impression on her own flesh, as if rising from within herself. Her lips formed first in a moan of pleasure, as her whole body tingled and shuddered as it slid over and through itself to obey her wishes. She stroked her hands over and through herself, laughing at the toffee softness of her body, then rested her hands upon her sexless chest, and swelled her breasts into and over them. Rapidly solidifying softness slid through her fingers, and she let out a cry of sharp pleasure. Her nipples formed, distended and split around the impediment of her delicate wrists, clinging to her like sucking mouths. Hitomi bit her lip as her teeth solidified, and concentrated. Her breasts, a part of her like any other, obeyed her will, and sucked on her hands. She cried out as the sensitive flesh began to ripple and move, the sucking motion a liquid shifting that caused her breasts to ripple visibly, not unlike the surface of a pond blown by a stiff wind.
  7.     Hitomi's legs began to form, even as her torso curved out and her navel dimpled into being. She threw her head back and cried out, as her hair flooded back from her face in a dark mass, and her eyes formed. Her perceptions, so broad and wide when liquid, hardened down to points. Eyes. Ears. Nose. Lips. Different portions of her skin returned different feelings. She was solid, yet it occurred to her she was at once completely divided. It was strange...
  8.     Her thoughts were blocked by another spasm of pleasure, as she gently pulled her arms and felt her breasts ripple and shift violently, as her fingers slid through the pillowy titflesh, her sucking breasts unwilling to let her hands go free. Her legs split away from the cone, as she felt the last of her liquid self flowing onto her delicate feet, forming her toes and nails, sharpening the definition of her ankles and giving the soft muscle of her calves the proper shape, in turn providing the curve of calf to the back of her knee, and up her thighs to her tight buttocks.
  9.     Her nipples sucked on her fingers, and she screamed. Her breath came hard and fast, her skin seemed to burn with pleasure that rolled out in waves from her small, tight breasts, their shapes a little distorted by the fingers held within them.
  10.     Then, a voice intruded. "Hitomi? Should I just go home again?" Fujiko said with a delightful laugh.
  11.     "Oh, Fujiko!" Hitomi said, realizing that she'd completely forgotten about her friend. She pulled her fingers out of her breasts, felt her nipples snap back together, the flesh knitting slowly and smoothly together to form unbroken pinkness, and she froze up. A low cry slipped out under her breath, and she clutched at her now solid breasts. She felt fabric drift through her skin and weave together across her body, underwear, shirt and shorts knitting themselves onto her as her body allowed them to reform within and be extruded.
  12.     Finally, Hitomi hurried to the door and opened it, her sandals clicking on the floor. Her shoulders were a little hunched, and a very embarrassed smile was plastered to her face as she swung the door inwards to reveal her friend stood outside.
  13.     Fujiko was always more beautiful than Hitomi. That was what Hitomi felt. She felt a lot of people were more beautiful than her, but that wasn't the point. Fujiko had short hair, slightly spiked, usually combed back a little to accentuate the roundness of her face and the perfect slants of her brilliant black eyes. Black lipstick adorned her lips, and purple eye shadow coloured her sockets. She wore a red T-Shirt a size too small so it clung to her shapely, well toned body, bearing the proud slogan 'Property of A. Nobody'. The shirt ended short at her navel, then a chain made a belt for her that preceded her jeans, which were snug fit around her hips. She emanated cool whether she tried to or not, simply because she was always so relaxed, always so casual and laid back. Nothing ever seemed to faze or upset her, and if anything bad happened to her she never talked about it, or it simply didn't get to her. Hitomi had turned to Fujiko throughout her life, whenever her own, more turbulent emotions had gotten too much for her to deal with.
  14.     "C... come in," Hitomi said with a little smile.
  15.     Fujiko bent down and picked up a little shopping bag, then walked into the room.
  16.     "What did you bring?"
  17.     "A few things," Fujiko said, walking swiftly over to the kitchen counter and putting the bag's contents on it.
  18.     Most of it was manga, seemingly. They often read manga together, sharing the good bits from whatever they were reading, talking about their favourite artists. Fujiko usually took it further and talked about the messages behind the stories, the meanings and the influences. She knew her stuff, was intelligent and well read. Hitomi tended to agree more than contribute in these half-monologues, simply because she tended to read silly, light manga. She preferred not to think too much. But this time there were a few obvious differences. For one thing, Fujiko had brought a melon.
  19.     Hitomi found herself walking over to stare at the melon with rapt curiousity, looking for another of the strange kanji that had been inscribed onto the apple. Was something else about to happen, she wondered? A little shiver of possible anticipation ran through her, as she thought about the last few... minutes. It suddenly occurred to her it had been less than an hour since she had changed. Since she'd melted. It had seemed longer.
  20.     "Well, you would appear to be entering the 'what the hell just happened to me' stage," Fujiko laughed, putting a hand on the counter and hopping up onto it, and Hitomi watched the shape of Fujiko's simple slip-on shoes softening and tightening, more closely hugging her foot. A little spot of skin showed over one of the sides, then it was like a rent opened in the middle and the bridge of Fujiko's foot became visible. A moment later, her shoes were fully absorbed into her feet. She smiled at her friend. "Well, I don't need to pretend anymore, do I?" She asked in a defensive tone. "It feels pretty unnatural to take my clothes off these days, actually," she commented with a little shake of her head. "But at the same time it can be really erotic, so I don't mind sometimes. But shoes are right out. Just a pain kicking them off," she said with a dismissive shake of her head.
  21.     Hitomi giggled. "Erm, Fuji? What's the melon for?"
  22.     "There's no kanji, if that's what you're looking for," Fujiko said in a slightly chiding manner. "Greedy. What else do you want, to be turned into air, maybe?"
  23.     "I'm not greedy. Just curious," Hitomi said, suddenly feeling a little defensive, but Fujiko's laugh immediately disarmed her again. "Well, what is it for?"
  24.     "You'll probably find out," Fujiko said, eyeing it and smiling. "For now it’s a surprise."
  25.     "A surprise?" Hitomi asked, unable to stifle a little giggle. "What's surprising about a melon?" She looked at and squeezed it, then tossed the fruit in the air and caught it. It was like tossing a rugby ball, she thought. The shape was a little imperfect due to the vagaries of nature, but that just added to the charm. She liked the wavey green patterns on the side. For some reason they always reminded her of a zebra.
  26.     "Shall we go sit down? Have a drink, maybe watch some TV?" Fujiko asked, just throwing options out randomly. "Or do you want to play with the melon more?"
  27.     Hitomi giggled again. She wasn't quite sure what had gotten into her. "Yeah, sure. You brought juice, right? I've only got milk in the fridge."
  28.     "Milk is good for you," Fujiko chided, "not that it actually matters for us anymore, of course," she chuckled as she headed towards the living room. "Bring the juice! Glasses would probably be good, too."
  29.     Hitomi left the melon and manga on the kitchen top, then took the carton of juice that had been in the bag and fetched a pair of small, wide glasses from a cupboard. Her mind was still a whirl from her recent discoveries and experiences, but she was aware that it was a good idea to calm down a bit and think carefully. She thought about what Fujiko has said and done so far. Absorbing her shoes, talking about taking her clothes off or not... it impressed itself on Hitomi that an awful lot of things in her life were about to change, in terms of meaning if not in practice. Convenience or inclination seemed likely to become more of a deciding factor in what she did. But she hadn't really had much in the way of inclination before.
  30.     She went through to the living room, hearing the sound of the TV a moment before entering. She was somewhat startled as, with a sound not unlike stretching latex, Fujiko's arm slowly lengthened, coiling and spiraling towards her from the middle of the room. Fujiko smiled, her tongue poking slightly out of one side of her mouth. Hitomi stood, frozen in fascination and amazement, while Fujiko's arm came nearer. "We can do a lot of things, if we practice," she said, her voice somewhat forcibly kept even. It was obvious that she was enjoying this immensely.
  31.     "Like go all stretchy?" Hitomi asked, blinking slowly as if to make sure she wasn't imagining things.
  32.     "Like this," Fujiko said, and let out a quite audible gasp of pleasure, as her hand, wrist and about a foot's length of her arm suddenly bulged and swelled, then widened sharply, fingers becoming lost in the rippling mass of flesh that formed, before suddenly the bulge split in two and quickly refined itself down to not one, but two tendrils and hands. Without even a hint of confusion, Fujiko's arm lengthened a little more, allowing her to snag the juice and glass. Her arm retracted slowly, leisurely, while Hitomi slowly walked to her chair and sat down, staring in amazement at Fujiko's rubbery arm.
  33.     "That's amazing," Hitomi said.
  34.     "That's incredibly simple," Fujiko said. "Try it yourself."
  35.     Hitomi looked at her hand, and realized that she had no idea where to start. "How?"
  36.     "Exactly," Fujiko said, and Hitomi watched in amazement as Fujiko's split arm stretched and distended, the part holding the carton lengthening one finger which curled snake-like around the cap, then melted onto it to allow her to easily twist it free and pour herself a glass of the ruby red, still liquid. The arm stretched to offer the carton to Hitomi, who took it from her dumbly, then watched as the tendril melted away, reabsorbed into Fujiko's arm in a matter of moments as it was simply sucked back into her elbow, the fingers forming a momentary series of ripples in the flesh before even that vanished. "But it's something to get the hang off, right? Really convenient." She took a sip from her glass and smiled. "Feels great, too, but then you'll find that pretty much everything does."
  37.     Hitomi poured herself a drink and took a sip of her own, her eyes on the TV. She suddenly felt stupid and inferior again, because she didn't know what to do. There was a lady with a bright smile on the television, talking about toothpaste and how it had cleaned up her smoking stains.
  38.     "Hey, don't look like that!" Fujiko said. "I sent you to Yukio's because I wanted to help you. I don't want you looking all sad."
  39.     "But I don't know what to do," Hitomi said, hopelessly.
  40.     "That's alright," Fujiko laughed. "You've been changed for less than two hours! You can't get the hang of things that easily, you know. I'm not exactly the most amazing thing you can see at Yukio's, either. Some of the girls there are... impressive," she said with a close-lipped smile which suggested she was trying to strangle a little laughter.
  41.     "How long have they been changed?" Hitomi asked.
  42.     "Well," Fujiko said, "nobody actually knows how old Madam Yukio is, but we're pretty sure that Oichi's over a hundred."
  43.     Hitomi splurted juice out of her mouth and over her clothes. She sat there in amazement for a few seconds, blinking and wondering if Fujiko was mocking her. It occurred to her, as well, that her nose was dripping with the stuff, and her clothes were all stained. "I had probably better get a cloth," she said.
  44.     "Why?" Fujiko asked, laughing softly. "You're not thinking right. The juice is all on your clothes, isn't it?" She asked, and again there was that soft sound, a little moan of pleasure, and Fujiko's neck stretched out like a snake, gently turning this way and that, her face displaying closed eyes and a dreamy smile. Her hands reached up and stroked her stretching skin, and she bit her lip, before her long, long neck shook and she opened her eyes again. She looked Hitomi up and down, moving her neck around for different angles, then said, "Yeah, it's just on your clothes."
  45.     "So I should…" Hitomi said, feeling something on the tip of her mind but not quite sure how to grab it.
  46.     "Just absorb them and reform them. They'll be unstained, clean, and the liquid will be gone," Fujiko winked, then retracted her neck and took another drink from her glass.
  47.     "But then I'll be naked," Hitomi said, and giggled. "Sorry, I sound silly."
  48.     "No, I know what you mean. You feel like being naked in front of me would make you feel uncomfortable," she said, and Hitomi nodded. "Try and break the habit. Some of the girls in Yukio's literally never let their clothes out when they're indoors and out of sight. When you turned up they were probably in the basement. Go on. Just do it. I'll share me if you share yours," she said, winking again.
  49.     Hitomi paused for a few moments, then put her glass down on the table and tried to build up to doing it. She knew how this worked. She'd done it a few times already. But still, baring herself to Fujiko... but then she was all wet, and looked stupid and stained. She didn't like that. She preferred things to be neat and tidy.
  50.     Hitomi concentrated, and felt the 'fibres' of her clothes beginning to unravel, to slip below her skin, to discorporate and be reabsorbed into her. She couldn't resist a small shiver of pleasure. Her shorts pressed tight around her crotch as they were sucked into her, she felt the lips of her sex ripple as they devoured part of the garment, the flesh of her thighs moved like quicksand to pull the red fabric inside her body. Her nipples poked free of her shirt, then the small swells of her breasts, and she arched her body in a single sinuous movement, feeling her flesh flow free of its imprisonment. It occurred to her that she could have just absorbed the top layers of clothing.
  51.     Fujiko smiled. "You're really beautiful, you know that?"
  52.     Hitomi blushed and hid behind her hands, then extruded her clothes again. Just as Fujiko said, they emerged from her perfectly clean and unstained again. She wondered where the stains had gone, and realized that she could taste it vaguely all through her body. She'd drunk it up. An idea struck her. She put one of her fingers into the glass and tried to absorb the juice through it, but it didn't work. She tried to make her flesh move and suck it up, but for some reason, while she could see the finger's outline rippling and softening, almost floating with the liquid, she couldn't take the juice out. She pulled her finger out, now a shapeless blob of flesh, and straightened it into her finger again. It was dry, and she again could vaguely taste the drink, and she felt herself growing quite perplexed.
  53.     "Ah, the old 'pour it on me' technique," Fujiko smiled. "Works best with champagne on the breasts, or so I'm told," she laughed. "It'll probably be a while before you can do that, I'm afraid. But I'm glad you're thinking. It tells me I made the right choice," she said, her voice betraying her happiness.
  54.     "So," Hitomi said, turning side on to the TV. There was a cooking show coming on. "Let's get back to me finding more about what's happened. Oichi's over a hundred, you said?"
  55.     "Good idea!" Fujiko declared, and curled her legs up on the chair, in the manner she always did when they were settling in to chat. "Yes, Oichi's over a hundred, Yamako's probably six or seven hundred, and we know that Yukio's much older than her. In case you hadn't guessed, we're not quite natural. Although, in a way, we're more natural than anything else," she said, raising an eyebrow as she ran the thoughts through in her own head.
  56.     "How does that work?" Hitomi asked, leaning forward and resting her chin on her elbow.
  57.     "We're kami. Well, Yukio's a kami. She hasn't said this, by the way, she always says it doesn't really matter, but I had a look in some old books, and lo and behold I found her face staring back at me from a portrait done in the Tokugawa period. There's also a description of her in a text that dates back nearly a thousand years, and the powers are all right. So, my investigations have suggested to me that she's a kami," Fujiko said.
  58.     "So what does that make us?" Hitomi asked.
  59.     "Lesser kami," Fujiko shrugged, "I don't know if there's a proper word for it. Budding kami?"
  60.     "That sounds like 'buddhist' kami," Hitomi said, raising one eyebrow and giggling a little.
  61.     Fujiko laughed. "I suppose so. But anyway, we're kami, making us as natural as anything else in this land. More natural than most. Spirits of Japan, here in soul before Humans ever came here, and likely to be when they're all gone, too," she said, and let out a little sigh. "Immortality really starts to weigh on your mind after you've got it."
  62.     "Fujiko," Hitomi asked suspiciously, "how old are you?"
  63.     "Me?" Fujiko smiled devilishly, as if about to say something shocking, but then her expression relaxed. "Same age as you, like always. Silly. Don't you remember when I was 'this high'?" She asked, gesturing with a hand.
  64.     "You could have made yourself shorter," Hitomi said, tilting her head back imperiously. "Right?"
  65.     "Yes, but don't you remember when we were playing tennis at school?" She asked.
  66.     "Oh, right," Hitomi said, recalling already the incident Fujiko was about to relate.
  67.     "When I went wide for that ball I had no chance of reaching and went headfirst into the wall?" She asked. Hitomi nodded, wincing in sympathy as she always did when she remembered the accident. "I bled like a pig! In case it hasn't occurred to you, we don't bleed anymore. I can prove it if you want. Go get a knife, stab me up. I don't care. Feels quite nice, actually," she laughed.
  68.     "I'll... pass," Hitomi said. "So, we don't bleed anymore. Well, we don't have any blood. How am I supposed to get through work?"
  69.     "Easily. You'll never take a sick day at any point in your life from this moment onwards," Fujiko said. "Just don't go for a job that requires a blood test. You'll pass all your medicals with flying colours, when they X-Ray you you'll seem to have all the right bits, and whatever. Just don't let anybody take anything out of you, or it'll discorporate, go back to being liquid, and you'll be in big trouble. We're not supposed to let the secret out."
  70.     "Why not?"
  71.     "Well, mostly because it’s a secret and because Yukio says so. But I imagine it's to avoid people having the usual bad reactions they do to almost anything," Fujiko said. "I mean, think about it. How do you think most people would react if they could see me doing this?" She asked. Her torso stretched vertically upwards, her hips visibly tapering inwards as her body lengthened out, her navel being pulled almost flat as she stretched up to press her back flat against the roof, spreading out her arms as if lying on the floor. Her eyes were closed, her lips moved in silent shapes of pleasure, then she let out a low cry as she twisted her body around and around, spiraling her torso like an ascending staircase. As if her point wasn't made enough, she then lengthened her neck, as well, snaking it down amid the sound of her stretching flesh, her features twisted up as she stroked her lengthening flesh and turned her head so that it was only a few inches from Hitomi's face. She opened her eyes. They were flat, black planes. Hitomi gasped. "Well?" Fujiko asked, her voice completely normal.
  72.     "Your eyes…" Hitomi said. "They're scary."
  73.     Fujiko pulled her body back down, the twists simply softening and flowing together, evening out and reshaping as if reduced to the consistency of modeling clay, then forming once again into her smooth curves and tight navel, her strained clothes disappearing beneath her skin, offering Hitomi a clear sight of Fujiko's breasts, stretched across her wildly distorted torso like sheets on a washing line, as they pulled back together and fleshed out once more before her red shirt blossomed back into being. The slogan was different, now. It read 'I Can Play Twister On My Own, Thanks'. Considering what she'd just being doing, Hitomi couldn't resist a giggle, which thankfully took away the little crawl of fear that had started in her when she'd seen Fujiko's eyes.
  74.     "Don't be scared," Fujiko said. "You can do that, too. But do you see the problem? I wasn't even trying to be scary, there. I really mean that. If I wanted I could take this pretty little body and bloat it up so I was eight feet tall with four arms, teeth like razorblades and a tail I could cut holes in doors with. And that's been unimaginative. Or I could borrow ideas from hentai. That works, too. Flowing mass of tentacles is soooo easy for us, you know?"
  75.     "So, you're worried about what people would do if they knew about you, about us?" Hitomi asked.
  76.     "Kind of. You can speak to Yukio about it yourself. Don't take my word on everything. I just want to help you through the transition from Human to not. Help you think a little outside the box. That's really what helps to loosen up your ability to control your flesh. Thinking about your body as a piece of you rather than you. Thinking about it as a compression of you rather than the whole of you. Knowing that there's an awful lot of other things you could be but right now choose not to be. That kind of thing. It'll take a while, but I think you'll adjust pretty well," Fujiko said, watching the TV as she spoke. The chef was cooking up a plate of sushi, and dicing up a melon. Fujiko smiled. "Well, if that isn't a coincidence I don't know what is."
  77.     "What? Oh, the melon," Hitomi said. "Kind of funny."
  78.     "Go get the melon," Fujiko proclaimed. "I want to show you something."
  79.     Hitomi stood up and left the room, draining her glass of juice as she went. Her mind was full of new information, all of a sudden. She wasn't sure what to make of it all. She picked up the melon and headed back to the lounge, then went to toss it to Fujiko. Instead she tried to just make her arms longer, to roll the flesh over itself and extend it out, but it didn't work. She threw it to her instead.
  80.     Fujiko caught it, then looked at Hitomi and smiled. "Better idea. Just the thing to loosen you up." Fujiko stood up from the chair and walked over to Hitomi, then crouched down in front of her and held up the melon, carefully balancing the enormous fruit with one hand. "Now, Hitomi, you're a better cook than I am. How does one prepare and eat a melon?"
  81.     Hitomi laughed. "You know how. You slice it in half, then make smaller cuts to reduce it to smaller, servable slices. Add sugar or lemon juice, and eat. It's not difficult."
  82.     "But there's an easier way," Fujiko said, smiling.
  83.     "Really?"
  84.     "Yeah. You just eat it. Whole. Go on. Do it," she said.
  85.     "I don't," Hitomi said. Fujiko didn't move her posture. There was just that sound, the stretching sound of her body as she snaked forward, suddenly very sensuous, rubbing the lengthening coil of her torso against Hitomi's thigh even as the upper part slid to the side, so Fujiko could put her arm around Hitomi's shoulders. Her shirt melted away again, and Hitomi found Fujiko's breasts remarkably close to her face. "Fuji, I," she started.
  86.     "Shhh. Eat. Trust me on this one. It'll help you see things in the right way," Fujiko said softly, then gently pressed one end of the melon against Hitomi's lips.
  87.     Hitomi swallowed, not really understanding what Fujiko wanted, but opened her mouth as best she could. She'd always had a small mouth, that formed a beautiful angle when she opened it just so. She couldn't get more than a very little bit of the melon in her mouth. She tried to bite down on it, but the skin was a little tough. She pulled her head away from the melon and tried to separate herself from Fujiko, but suddenly her friend's torso stretched dramatically, and coiled twice around her body. "Fuji!"
  88.     "Hitomi," Fujiko said, her fingers tripling in length to support the melon as Hitomi rocked her. "Stop it. Trust me. Have I ever done anything bad to you? Have I ever lied to you?"
  89.     "No," Hitomi said. "No. I'm just confused."
  90.     "This should help put things in perspective," Fujiko said. "That's why I suggested it. I'll stop if you really don't want to go on. But you'll like it. You liked it when you liquefied, didn't you?" She asked, and Hitomi nodded slowly. "You'll like this, too. Just in a slightly different way."
  91.     Hitomi smiled in reply to Fujiko's, then settled herself and dropped her mouth open, just like she was going to the dentist. She even said 'ahhhh'. Fujiko laughed, then pressed the melon against Hitomi's mouth. Hitomi again didn't get what was supposed to happen, even though she felt Fuji's body stretching further so that the coil of flesh was up behind her head, supporting it. Then it tightened, and suddenly the melon was being forced into Hitomi's mouth.
  92.     She let out a surprised cry and a single choking sound, the slightest struggle, before a liquid surge ran through her face, her flesh shuddered slightly, and her face was filled with pleasure. Her little mouth, her whole jaw, was stretching open. Sound attempted to escape her lips, but it was strangled, trapped inside. Distorted groans inched their way past the melon's enormity, as her lips were pushed outwards to grip the melon's surface, as her jaws defied all possibility and began to stretch down, up, and sideways merely to engulf the melon's end. Hitomi's eyes were filled with the melon's curving surface, stretching away and up as if towards the horizon, which was filled with Fujiko's gentle smile. Sensations rippled through Hitomi's being, and she slowly closed her eyes to savor them.
  93.     She felt the flesh that was pretending to be the ligaments that held her jaw together beginning to come apart. The sound was a brutal snap, as 'bone' broke, but when it broke it liquefied in moments, and Hitomi felt her face becoming more and more amorphous, the shape less and less determined and set, the sharp crack of her jaw was a bright explosion of pleasure, as nerve endings fired powerfully before solidity gave way to liquid flesh.
  94.     She felt her skull becoming pressured more and more as the melon was forced into her now gaping maw, a rounded film lined by her lips that was spreading further and further outwards around the melon's sooth surface. She felt it become tight, her skull growing tense and tight. It was a dam in the river of pleasure flowing through her flesh, preventing it from overwhelming her. But she wanted it to. She wanted it to so much. Her nipples hardened into points, her clitoris grew stiff and to attention, her mind was filled with a blizzard of laughter and half-clouded thought tinged with amazement at what was happening. She twitched, all through her body, her whole flesh rippling unnaturally and her clothes untwining and flowing away within her. She didn't care about being naked before Fujiko now.
  95. She felt her friend push hard. Hitomi screamed, the sound twisted into a half-note that escaped from her stretched, distended mouth and near-filled throat. Pleasure erupted from her head, and her skull cracked violently, the sound like a gunshot in the living room, drowning out the laughter from a sit-com on the TV. Her skull rippled, the shards of bone unwound like stray threads from a tapestry and flew apart into pure liquid flesh. The melon pressed against the back of her throat and began to force downwards into her throat.
  96. Hitomi could feel the upper part of her now boneless head, her smooth-skinned, delicate features, beginning slowly to fold backwards and down. She opened her eyes and saw her line of vision moving upwards and upwards, as she folded down against the melon's surface as the fruit began to redefine the shape of her head. She could feel her lips reaching the halfway point, she could feel herself spreading and stretching out to encompass half of the melon completely. Her throat swelled and slid effortlessly around the melon's body. Hitomi wanted to take control. She wanted to take over from Fujiko. That was when she felt it.
  97.     Her arms, her fists clenched and her limbs splayed out to her sides, stretched.
  98.     "That's right," Fujiko laughed. "That's brilliant, Hitomi!"
  99. Hitomi's arms coiled and stretched, doubling in length in a moment, while her essense flared in glory, it felt so easy, so natural. She became more and more accutely aware of her flesh, how it moved over and around itself and spread out, how her body's mass was being shifted to allow her to make the changes she was performing. Her face, her throat, they were mere stretching and spreading of flesh, softening to the point that the melon's body could simply deform her body. But her arms… she was moving more flesh into them to allow them to lengthen, to change their constituent and texture.
  100.     Faked elbows and bones came apart and were put to purpose, fingers and hands melted away and lengthed into tapering tendrils, her arms became coiling, rubbery tentacles that flicked Fujiko's hand away from the melon and flicked around the melon, gripping it with such strength that Hitomi knew she could crush it with ease.
  101.     She looked up at the ceiling, now. She could feel her face stretched now out across the melon's up-sloping surface, her nose now the most vertically apparent feature of her face. Her throat, her face and now even her shoulders deformed as the melon pushed down into her, as she hungrily pushed it into her mouth. Her lips began to slide down over the melon's far side, and she began to ripple herself forwards, consuming it hungrily, echoing a voice rendered utterly inhuman that told of her sensations, of her love and lust of what was happening.
  102.     Her face was stretched out further as the melon's widest part entered her head, she felt her eyes spreading and pulling out onto the side curves, her vision moving, then sliding back into a less confusing viewpoint as she finally closed her lips around the melon entirely, and felt her mouth reforming around it even as her throat and face were violently reshaped by its passage. Her face slowly began to unfold, her skull to slowly reform as if it were slowly spiralling out of her flesh itself. The melon's outer part passed wholly into her throat, and her head flowed back into perfection. She waved her arm tendrils about in front of her face, then smiled and split them into three, and began to stroke over her distended throat and her gently curved shoulders.
  103.     Her shoulders had displaced and slightly folded back, and Hitomi groaned in pleasure, her voice an undulating sound that required no breath, as she stroked her tendrils over her flesh, rendered somehow even more sensitive by the process. Her excitement grew as she gently stroked her tendrils over the enormous distortion of her throat, rendered into a pronounced oblong deformity that she could not help but squeeze and stroke.
  104.     Fujiko's distended neck pushed closer, and suddenly kissed Hitomi on the lips. She didn't even think as she returned the kiss in full, tongues and all. The head and neck pulled back, coiling and folding back into place on Fujiko's shoulders. "Swallow it down. All the way."
  105. Hitomi gulped. Her throat rippled once, twice, a third time, and the flesh of her throat shifted, tightened, and returned to the soft curve that she had once thought immutable, as she felt the melon drop down into her belly.
  106. Breath returned to lungs that had not been working for more than a minute. Hitomi gasped and sighed, crossing her legs hard over her dripping sex. "Oh…" she said.
  107.     "Tasty, no?" Fujiko asked. She licked her lips mischievously, then opened her mouth and her tongue flicked out to a length of more than a meter, and licked hard over Hitomi's nipple. She screamed and curled up on herself, wrapping her tendrils around her body. Fujiko smiled. "Now that's a sight I was hoping to see."
  108.     "I'm… different," Hitomi said. "My arms," she slowly unwrapped her body as the rushes of pleasure subsided, and she waved the tendrils around before her eyes. "They're so strong."
  109.     "No, not really," Fujiko said. "They feel stronger than they are. But over time they'll grow stronger, and longer, and you'll be able to make more, as you grow in power. Oichi, you remember I mentioned her?"
  110.     "Yes," Hitomi said, "but I don't know who she is."
  111.     "She's beautiful. Tends to goth herself up to the extreme," Fujiko said.
  112.     "Oh, yeah, I saw her! Didn't really pay attention, though," Hitomi replied. "What about her?"
  113.     "I've seen her crush cars with her tendrils. Easily."
  114.     "Really?" Hitomi asked, unable to keep a little incredulity from her voice. That sounded unbelievable. "We get that strong?"
  115.     "Oichi's weak compared to Yamako or Yukio," Fujiko said. "Yamako doesn't talk much about what she can do. She's very wise, you know? Very zen. She tends to guide us young ones toward greater self realisation, but there's hints. You know when you liquify, you make a pool about so wide?" Fujiko said, making a wide circle with her hand. Hitomi nodded. "Yamako can and has filled an entire room, a bigger one than this, at that."
  116.     Hitomi's eyes bugged slightly. "That's incredible. Will… will I do that?"
  117.     "I think so. Something I've found out that some of the girls don't know about, you see, is that we don't need to eat. But when we do, we don't give off any refuse," she said. "No trips to the toilet for us anymore! So what do you think happens to that melon you've eaten?"
  118.     "I… don't know."
  119.     "Nothing, unless you want it to," Fujiko said. She curled up on the arm of the chair and smiled. "Absorb it. Make it part of you. I found it easy. I think you will, too."
  120.     Hitomi frowned slightly, then nodded. It was easy. She felt herself, her flesh, flowing inwards, wrapping and folding around the melon. She felt herself piercing the skin, the flesh beneath. She tasted the juices through her body, felt the hard seeds being crushed and ground up by her encroaching body. The melon popped sharply, as it was crushed by her, and then she felt it and her losing their definition. The melon became softer, spreading out. Then it was disappearing, being sucked up through her body, rolling out in flesh that greatly surpassed the apparent mass of the fruit. Hitomi let out a little gasp, and looked down as her body let out the same stretching sound she'd heard from Fujiko, and her breasts suddenly gained heft and weight. Her tendrils curled down and stroked them, and she felt her breasts swelling into her grip. On instinct she wrapped her limbs around them, tightly trying to prevent them growing, and began to sigh in pleasure as her flesh refused to be contained, and swelled without pause, pushing her grip wider and wider, contemptuously swelling until her breasts had doubled in size. They were bigger, rounder, soft and bouyant, with larger, longer nipples. Her six tendrils stroked over and around them, caressing the underflesh and the body, while she shuddered and gasped.
  121.     "Everything you eat," Fujiko said, "adds to your mass. You'll notice that you're bigger the next time you melt."
  122.     "My… breasts," Hitomi said, feeling her breasts swelling gently closer together as the last of the melon's mass was added to her bosom. "Can I make them smaller again? Or bigger?"
  123.     "Of course you can," Fujiko said, smiling happily. "That's the last little thing I want us to do today, before I let you relax and try and actually absorb all of this stuff I've thrust onto you. That is, I want you to get the hang of changing yourself, getting used to being mutable. It's one of the big potholes we can run into. You know, getting stuck in the Human mindset? I'm not saying that you're going to be over it after today. It'll probably take months to go away completely. But it'll help you make the transition. You're doing way better than I did so far, at least," Fujiko smiled.
  124.     "Thank you," Hitomi said, smiling bashfully. It occurred to her that she was naked, and she quietly extruded her clothes again. Fujiko didn't comment.
  125.     "Let's watch some TV," Fujiko said, "and just chat for a while."
  126. So they did. They watched TV, just like they always had, as if nothing was different at all. While they did, Hitomi thought about the sensations that had overwhelmed her so far tonight, the experiences that already seemed like some strange kind of dream. Just sitting, talking with Fujiko was a reminder of the past, and with that reminder it seemed that the present had never occurred, that Hitomi had daydreamed it all in a moment of madness. But slowly, little things began to impress themselves on Hitomi's mind. As they talked, as they commented on the news or on the hair of one of the presenters or a character they liked from a show, Hitomi began to notice that little things about Fujiko were different. Her shirt seemed tighter, particularly around the bosom. Her hips seemed more extravagant, her waist pinched a little more closely in. Her hairstyle changed, and back again. Finally, she couldn't resist commenting.
  127.     "Are you matching the girls on TV?"
  128.     "Got me! I was wondering when you'd pick up on it," Fujiko said, finishing off her third glass of juice. The carton was almost empty now.
  129.     "Is it… of course it is. I copied one of the girls on my calendar… I should have known that…" Hitomi said, squeezing her eyes shut and rubbing at her temple with one arm. Her tendrils had long since been fused back into her arms, the long and slender multiples liquifying and flowing together like wax, before swelling out and forming the gentle curves of her elbow and the divide between her wrist and forearm.
  130.     "Don't worry," Fujiko said, her voice utterly soothing, completely empathic, a link to something Hitomi recognised while surrounded by experiences she didn't. "For now, try not to think too hard. For now, just do."
  131.     "Do what?" Hitomi asked.
  132.     "Do… this! Be her," Fujiko said simply, pointing at the woman on the television.
  133. Hitomi looked. She cocked her head on one side as she regarded her muse. Then she pushed herself towards the image, and felt her flesh pulse. Her limbs lengthened subtly, planing off some additional width to give her additional grace and thin beauty. She felt her face and features soften even further, melt into half liquid before her skull clicked into a slightly different alignment and her liquid flesh solidified upon it once more with a sound not unlike breaking ice. Her eyes were a little rounder, now. Her breasts widened a little, spreading mostly down her chest rather than across it. Her clothes felt a little tight but it wasn't too bad. Her hair became long, reaching down to her mid back, and her waist pinched slightly, to make her more curved. It was done.
  134. Fujiko clapped. Hitomi stroked her face, and marvelled at how different it felt. Her skin texture had changed!
  135.     "How is this possible?" She asked, her voice mimicking the woman's. "I don't know what her skin feels like."
  136.     "Her body does, though, and that's what you’ve become. Her body. Hmm. My turn. I know," she said, wrinkling her nose and casually stretching her arm a good three feet to snatch the remote. She turned to a music channel, and began flicking through them until she found her kind of music channel. Fairly loud, very dark, lots of depressed people singing about how depressed they were and how life sucked. All of a sudden, Fujiko's participation in the gothic and punk lifestyles seemed rather ironic, or at least the goth part did.
  137.     "Gotcha," Fujiko said. She stood up and struck a pose. Her hair shone and seemed to fall against her scalp before flowering out into a set of much more pronounced spikes. Her eyes cracked and became more sharply slanted, making her seem even more firmly Japanese, her very womanly body became more girlish. Her breasts sucked down and her torso shrank a little, so that it seemed she was growing down to her tight shirt, which hung on her body quite naturally in this woman's shape. With a series of soft pops, as her spine moved and realigned so that her back arched more suggestively, the change was done. Fujiko smiled and regarded herself. "Ooooo, pretty. I always did think she was beautiful. And this voice! Doesn't it make you want to sing?"
  138.     "I wouldn't know, I'm someone from daytime TV," Hitomi said, blinking a few times.
  139.     "Now that we'll have to change. I think you should be an actress," Fujiko said, then looked down at herself critically. "But first I need to fix something." She closed her eyes and sighed, and her shirt began to tighten again as her breasts swelled up into it, become larger and yet firmer, round and fleshy, but supporting themselves well. Her nipples widened and hardened, and Fujiko let out a throaty purr of pleasure, her arms stretched and coiled down so she could stroke her burgeoning bosom. She didn't stop growing until it seemed that she was going to rip right out of her shirt, her breasts having grown at least four or five cup sizes. "Better," Fujiko said, then almost imperiously turned around and sat down.
  140. Hitomi blinked a few times, and tried to hide the fact that she was feeling not too subtly aroused by watching Fuji change like that. The channel shifted, the movie was scary. Hitomi knew it well. Dark Water. Bad. Really bad. It had given her nightmares for weeks. Fujiko caught a glance at Hitomi's expression, and changed the channel. They found a period drama, it was Azumi, Ryuhei Kitamura's big hit.
  141.     "Pick one," Fujiko said, "our actress, model or superstar Ms. Aya, or our geisha friend there who's name I cannot recall. Damn I like this movie."
  142.      Hitomi cocked her head on one side, and felt herself shrinking, her clothes almost instinctively sucking into her body as she became too small for them. Her arms became firmer, a litle wider, as muscles tightened onto her frame. Her breasts perked up and grew a little, her compacted frame settled into subtle, delicate curves and perfect smooth shoulders. Her hair became short and rimmed her rippling face. She felt the waves of flesh running over her features, reforming and reshaping them, she felt her skull clicking and cracking as it moved into a new configuration. She sighed with delight as she felt her sexual passage changing its shape a little, too, becoming tighter. Her change done, she stood up and admired herself.
  143.     "Now this I love," Hitomi said, flexing her muscles. Aya wasn't hugely developed, but she was a lot more muscular than Hitomi had ever been in her life. "No wonder she swings that sword so well!"
  144.     Fujiko directed Hitomi to be someone else. Zhang Ziyi. For Hitomi it was one of the most remarkable things she'd ever experienced. Feeling her form change was something she was getting more used to. Feeling the hard balletic muscle winding onto her frame was a new and wonderful feeling, but the overwhelming thing was the changing of her face as it shifted into Chinese beauty. The subtle changes in ethnicity were startling to her. Her eyes felt so different, her face felt completely different. As the last clicks and pops passed over her, and her quiet pleasure stopped, she began stroking and touching her face, feeling the changes that had been made, remembering how she had been before. She was perfect.
  145.     "This is amazing," Hitomi said.
  146.     "Ho ho!" Fujiko said. "That's what you think. Now it's time to be a Western actress. Let's see who we can find, shall we?"
  147. Fujiko channel skipped until, quite randomly, she came upon the wrestling. WWE, rather than one of their preferred, homegrown promotions. "Perfect, though surprising."
  148.     "I prefer GAEA, or I preferred GAEA before it shut down," Hitomi said immediately, as the two women on TV seemed about ready to begin… a pillowfight? "Why do I get the feeling that I'm not going to see Diehard Kansai from either of those two?" She asked, marvelling at the beauty of Zhang's voice, although it did feel strange to hear it speaking Japanese rather than Chinese.
  149.     "Probably because you're not," Fujiko replied simply. "However, be one of them."
  150.     Hitomi looked. She picked at random. She gasped. Her breasts thrust out sharply, stretching themselves out, the flesh shuddering and swelling to catch up. She grew taller, her curves became a little more accentuated, her muscles melted away completely into goose-soft arms and legs, and flat but undeveloped belly. Her breasts kept growing, now swelling and building into her grasping hands, the still soft flesh rippling between her fingers again and consuming her hands. She laughed, and felt her face sharply begin to redefine and crack open. Her skull changed abruptly, her cheekbones grinding downwards, her eyes becoming rounder and wider, her lips becoming fuller, her hair curling out in darkness, spreading down to her shoulders. She let out a full throated moan as her breasts solidified and she slowly pulled her hands free of her own sucking flesh, though this time she didn't make her breasts join in on the fun. She looked down at herself. Her breasts had grown remarkably. "They can't be natural on this body," she said suspiciously.
  151.     "They are on you," Fujiko laughed, "just like these are on me. We're all natural, Hitomi, nothing else to us. Just flesh with a consciousness attached, motivated by… stuff. I'm not even going to pretend to understand the mechanics of it or how the kami do what they do. You've just perfectly mimicked – gah, my English is terrible, I can't read her name and have no idea what those announcers are saying – her body. Thing is you haven't mimicked her implants, just the shape her breasts have taken on as a result. Nice, eh? Breasts as big as you like, no modification required, and feel perfectly natural every time."
  152.     "As big as I like?" Hitomi said, looking down at herself.
  153.     "Well, within reason. There's only so much flesh in any of us. But within certain, very expansive, limits, as big as you like. Whatever shape or consistency you like. Oichi's really imaginative. She once made her breasts completely round, like hemispheres, no nipples, but then she kind of added spikes, and gave the flesh the consistency of PVC rubber. It was like hugging a catsuit, but she was butt naked," Fujiko said, smiling broadly.
  154.     Hitomi slowly sat down, her body reinforcing itself onto this less comfortable form, the broad American accent already annoying her. Her language sounded really strange coming from those lips. It felt good to be back in her own skin, at the very least. "We can do… anything, can't we?"
  155.     "Well," Fujiko said, her somewhat modified singer's body melting back into her own more accustomed frame, her clothes surprisingly disappearing, so she sat without any embarassment, completely naked, with her friend. Hitomi didn't feel embarassed anymore, not after the things they'd shared so far tonight. She'd always thought Fujiko was beautiful, now, seeing her flawless, smooth skin, she knew she was right to think that. "We're shapeshifters, yes. Limitless? No. Like I said, we have our artificial limits, and we can raise them over time. But it does take effort to do that. Want to put it in?"
  156.     Hitomi licked her lips as she remembered swallowing the melon. "Sure," she smiled. "But I'm not sure if there's anything I could swallow that's bigger than a melon," she said with a slightly wistful smile.
  157.     "Oh, I dunno," Fujiko replied, and seemed to think for a second. "Beachball. That makes for quite the evening meal," she said, and smiled. "Took me nearly two hours to get that all the way down, and I did look really quite funny when I was done. Until I absorbed it, obviously."
  158.     "A beachball?" Hitomi asked, her brow furrowing into a frown. "But, that's not food!"
  159.     "Hitomi, to us, a melon isn't, either! There's no such thing. As far as I can tell, we can 'eat' anything. Yamako's even hinted that she's absorbed a man or two who got too forward with her in the past. The TV, the furniture, a car, it doesn't matter! I've eaten all kinds of things you wouldn't expect. Our bodies can transmute pretty much anything. That said, some things don't taste very nice. I wouldn't recommend a breeze block. Makes you a lot bigger, yes, because its really dense and we can convert it incredibly efficiently, but it tastes awful. I'd rather swallow a truckful of wasabi."
  160.     "What happens now?" Hitomi asked, a little confusion in her tone. "What happens to me now? Nothing's going to be the same, is it? I'm not going to wake up and find this was all a wonderful, wonderful dream, am I?"
  161.     "No. But it is a dream. Just a very real dream. As for what happens, that's up to you. There's a lot you'll need to learn. Spending some time at Yukio's would be a good idea, just to get used to the others and see what you can do, and to be in an environment that's supportive. You'll grow fast there, you'll be challenged, and you'll expand. I went there for two days a week every week after I'd changed. These days I go when I feel like it," Fujiko shrugged. "But how you live is up to you. There's one of us who just vanished one day, hasn't been seen since. I think she went bad, though. Yamako always looks sad when I ask about her, and Yukio doesn't even recognize she existed. So that's not a good thing. Like I've said, we can be really scary if we want to be."
  162.     "What about my job?" Hitomi asked, aware even as she spoke that the question felt almost irrelevant, really a bit childish.
  163.     "Keep it, leave it, fuzz it, feed it. Do what you like. I'm unemployed, on benefits or I do spot work here and there. But Yukio will support us if we want her to. She's got a fortune, from her shop. I don't know what she serves there – yes, I said what – but they turn up quite often. There's something strange about that place, for sure," Fujiko said with a contemplative nod. "Welcome to the land of do as you please, Hitomi. Eternity's stretching out in front of you, and it's all so good."
  164.     Hitomi fell silent as she thought about Fujiko's last statement. Eternity. Immortality. Her mother had always said that being immortal was a punishment from the Gods. But Hitomi had always asked why the Gods were immortal, then. Her mother had always replied that men were not Gods, and so should not be like them. But now, if Fujiko was right… Hitomi was a God, a little Goddess. She bit her lip shyly. That was such a funny idea. Shy little Hitomi as a Goddess. Nobody at school would have believed it. She wasn't afraid. Yet. There was no-one in her life, she realised, nobody she would miss as she didn't grow old and they did. She hadn't been close to her parents for years. She hadn't really had a serious boyfriend. She hated her job most of the time.
  165.     Now, everything seemed brighter, better. She imagined sitting at her little desk, absorbing her sandles and melting her feet into a pool around her. Feeling the floor out better, creeping up into the drawers and oozing through the locks on the drawers only her boss was allowed to open, at night when he was in and she had gone home. She imagined going to the toilets and swelling her breasts up, stroking them with long tendrils and pleasuring herself in ways she'd never thought of. She swallowed self-consciously. This all sounded good to her.
  166.     Fujiko smiled. "Well, I'd probably best be going. You need to think some, I can tell. But you learnt a lot tonight, I hope. I also hope it all sticks. It probably won't, though. You'll resist. Everyone does a little. I think it's an instinct of the body to rebel against something so different."
  167.     She went to head towards the door, but stopped as Hitomi's arm slowly stretched out and coiled around her naked hips, slithering up so the hand that had traced delicate fingers over Fuji's perfect skin would cup her breast and stroke over the nipple, the finger softening to shape itself in a perfect mould around it. Fujiko gasped. "Wow. Hitomi, you're being very forward all of a sudden. What's gotten into you?"
  168.     "I, don't really know," Hitomi said, and then calmly pressed her legs together, flowing the flesh into one mass, the division of knee, thigh and calf vanishing in moments, her feet flooding into a pool, and then her single column of flesh raising her effortlessly upright from the chair, as her legs reformed. "I want you," she said, half in realisation and half in shock.
  169. She opened her mouth as if to speak further, but her tongue licked around her lips instead. She looked down at it, then her eyelashes fluttered as sensation rushed through her, and her tongue lengthed easily to lick at Fujiko's other nipple. Her tongue returned, and she looked a little bashful. "I really want you."
  170.     The stretchy sound echoed out, and Fujiko's neck lengthed so she could kiss Hitomi full on the lips. Their tongues mingled and coiled around one another, holding them tightly into the kiss. Hitomi felt Fujiko's body distort and stretch sideways towards her. The arm around Fujiko's body lost its hand, tapered to a tendril, then split with a sound like shredding paper, into five tendrils that coiled around both of Fujiko's breasts and squeezed them hard, kneading the flesh.
  171.     Fujiko let out a full throated moan of pleasure, and Hitomi exulted in knowing she had caused it, created it.
  172. Fujiko broke the kiss, her serpentine tongue sliding back into her mouth, and looked at Hitomi with passion in her eyes. "Alright. You've asked for it. I'm going to show you something that's so different, it'll blow your mind completely."
  173.     "Dare you," Fujiko said, unable to keep her smile from being cute as well as sexy.
  174.     Fujiko put her hands on Hitomi's shoulders, and slowly drew them together. "You'll feel something good. Don't try and control it. Just ride the feeling."
  175.     Hitomi didn't know what Fujiko meant until their nipples touched each other. Hitomi felt her body ripple abruptly, her flesh visibly waving as it ran all towards her breasts, then up to her nipples and in to Fujiko! Their nipples fused, suddenly. Hitomi gasped, would probably have doubled over if her breasts were not now lined to Fuji's, causing Hitomi instead to scream in pleasure as she pulled on her nipples and fleshy breasts, stretching them almost to points.
  176.     "Oh, that seems like a good idea," Fujiko laughed around her own sigh of pleasure. She lengthened her arms to grip the chair Hitomi had been sitting on, then simply threw herself backwards. The small link of flesh was stretched out almost unto a thread of nipple-shaded spider silk, their breasts were distorted sharply, and Hitomi shuddered violently as an entirely new pleasure rushed like a tidal wave through her body.
  177.     She felt Fujiko's breasts growing, as their bodies began to meld together. Hitomi felt herself drawing Fujiko's nipple into her body even as Fujiko did the same to Hitomi. The flesh was melding, becoming part of them both, or they were both becoming part of something else. "What's… happening?" Hitomi gasped.
  178.     "Sex… our way," Fujiko growled, swelling her breasts until they were far larger than Hitomi's had been when she took the diva's form. The gargantuan fleshy globes seemed to suck Hitomi's breasts up onto their slopes, and yet it felt to Hitomi that at the same time her breasts were opening themselves up to swallow Fujiko's. All at the same time, the flesh was fusing together and melting into one, the slight skin tone difference not evening out but showing up in patches all across the joining points.
  179. Fujiko gently took Hitomi's head and pushed it down against her bosom, and Hitomi felt her face push forward into that softly melting mass, and felt both of their bodies melting to her head, holding and sucking it in. Her neck lengthened, then broke off, and another head slowly pushed up out of her shoulders, forming even as they began to slope inwards. Her tendril arm was one with Fujiko's breast, the whole length was being pulled into it. Hitomi felt something press against her crotch, and half-formed eyes blinked in shock. "What?"
  180. "That?" Fujiko said huskily. "That would be my clit." It pushed against Hitomi's sex, and she felt it swelling and lengthening, forming a perfectly acceptable replacement for a male member. Hitomi's sex lips kissed and clung to it, and as her second head formed fully she christened it with a scream of ecstasy as Fujiko entered her length into her body and, still building in girth, began to stretch her open with no more difficulty than a strawberry being thrust into a tub of ice cream.
  181.     Hitomi looked down and saw as well as felt her first head being swallowed up, saw her own breasts bulging and growing to match Fujiko's. Her dark hair was being sucked in, strand by strand, even though a perfect copy of her head was still on her shoulders. Her whole body was alive, itching and burning with sensation, wonderful sensation that was building in the parts of her that were not involved in the eager conjoinment.
  182.     Hitomi thrust herself forward and kissed Fujiko, and then pushed her lips forward and fused them to her friend cum lover's. They deliberately pulled their heads back to strain their liplock link, before it hungrily pulled them back together, their kiss never broken, tongues touching and melding into one, then their faces flowing down into their lips, being reduced to a flat mask of flesh as their features were hungrily devoured.
  183.     Sensation shifted. Hitomi's Human senses were shut off. She heard with her flesh. She tasted with her flesh. She thought with her flesh. She smelt and felt with her flesh.
  184.     She could hear Fujiko's unnatural cries of pleasure, a feminine twisted re-recording of her normal voice, echoing and reverberating liquidly through Hitomi's body just as Hitomi's passed through Fujiko's. She could taste Fujiko's salty flesh, as the clit-cock inside her was being sucked up and up and up, far longer now than the barrel of Hitomi's sex, stretching it vertically upwards into the core of her body, now already deep in her belly. Hitomi's sex flesh sucked as she willed it too, giving Fujiko a blowjob even as Fuji's melting body thrusted hungrily into Hitomi's. She smelt their sex already thick on the air, a scent unlike anything a Human body could produce, sweet and intoxicating. She felt amazing. She felt amazed. She felt amazonian in pride and power.
  185.     Hitomi's legs fused together once more, her feet flowed out across the floorboards. Hitomi realised, as she felt Fuji's clit swelling now as thick as a poster cylinder, stretching Hitomi's sex ecstatically around it, as she felt it lengthening until it was just behind and between their singular melting breast, that something was going to happen when their pools touched. She heard Fujiko's laughter as her friend realised that Hitomi had guessed it was coming.
  186.     They touched. Hitomi's world detonated violently. Shards of thought, sensation and emotion were cast adrift on an ocean of the purest experience, as flesh liquidly flowed together, their bodies hungrily devouring each other in an orgasmic throe. Their shapes became indistinct and blurred, faceless heads melting into a singular cone-like spire, shoulders sloughing down into the burgeoning mass that had once been Fujiko's breasts and now engulfed the torso of both women. Hips pressed together in a single, final and powerful thrust, clit-cock lengthed until it penetrated into the spire itself, entering the infinitessimal remains of both women's fleshed out heads, pressing against their roof. All pretense of bone disappeared from ribs and hip and leg, and then there was just the single mass standing in the room.
  187.     Hitomi felt, with the clarity of cracking ice, their melded form melting. She felt them flowing down into the pool, and its edges expanding violently, spreading out underneath the furniture, flowing around the sides of the table and the TV unit, hungrily reaching for the walls. They melted as one, and at Hitomi's will their mass began to creep up and over the furniture. She felt the soft texture of the fabric coverings in every minute detail, and she hugged them close, spreading their mass wholly over them, covering them entirely. The glass table, the glasses, the carton of juice, the television, the lamp in the corner as their spreading pool reached it, everything was covered by them. Hitomi felt so much bigger, with Fujiko helping, lending her own mass to her will. She knew Fujiko was nestling within and around her at once, enjoying the sensations Hitomi's experiment was giving them.
  188.     The blob-shape was slowly devoured by Hitomi, the clit-cock the final thing she sucked into their mass, forming a great mouth to devour it at the last moment in a fit of symbology, before settling down into liquid perfection. They covered the entire floor space of the room. They covered the furniture, they had spread partly up the walls, and they had covered half of the corridor outside, reaching towards the kitchen. But for some reason, this made Hitomi angry. It made her feel limited.
  189.     She tightened on the couch, unused except when she wanted to lie down and relax. If she wanted to relax now she would be like this. Liquid and free. She tightened on it, and began to gulp it up, to pierce and devour it, to break it apart and absorb it into them. Their body rippled with pleasure, and began to expand, the liquid edges rolling out over the floor towards the kitchen. Hitomi knew what she was about to do, finally, and her exultation grew into joy as she began to devour all of it. The lamp collapsed inwards suddenly and the steel length bent impossibly. The couch back slowly curled in like the tongue of a moth, the sides softened and seemed to disappear, and it began to recede, its solid form and edges disappearing, becoming a mere hilly mound of rapidly sinking flesh.
  190. The table curved downwards in its centre, as Hitomi reshaped herself, there was no table. Just her. She formed a bowl there in which she began to pour the chairs, a strand of flesh stretching from the top to funnel the converted flesh stuff into it. The plastic TV remote and batteries were absorbed in moments, the TV itself and unit followed quickly, silenced forever as she folded it up on itself and sucked it up, and finally she felt their/her boundaries touch the fridge door. She rippled upwards and oozed inside, opening it just slightly and pouring in and over the shelves, gulping eggs, milk, peppers and all in moments, beginning to fill the fridge completely with flesh and then overspilling it. She heard the fridge door bang against something, and exulted. Her mass, suddenly, began to recede. Why?
  191.     A ripple formed into a bulge that spread and shaped itself into Fujiko's body. Hitomi felt herself being reduced. She quickly sucked up the last of the lamp, and the couch, as her edges pulled back from the walls and rolled back across the floor. She felt herself being reduced to a thin streak like a car tyre mark across the apartment, spreading from the living room to the fridge. She'd picked up enough mass from the couch and TV to do that much at least.
  192.     Fujiko stepped free. Hitomi was reduced, certainly, but she was exhilarated. She formed the impression of a face, as her pleasure was somewhat reduced by their experiences. "Fuji? Am I doing something wrong?"
  193.     "No, no, Gods no!" Fujiko cried, looking at the bowl. "Hitomi you have no idea how amazing what you're doing is. I don't want to take any of this from you. All of this stuff you're absorbing… it's yours. I'm just going to be amazed. I've never seen anyone grow this fast, you simply shouldn't be able to do this! Not this easily!"
  194.     Hitomi smiled. "Do you like me?"
  195.     "I think I might yet fall in love with you," Fujiko said, "but you need to put on a little weight first," she winked.
  196. Hitomi's impression of a face twisted into a predatory grin, and nodded. "I want you to drink a little of this, though," she said, meaning the bowl in the table, then melted away. The two chairs were reduced to thin sheets now. The bowl was overflowing. Hitomi felt/saw/heard/smelt Fujiko bend down and lick a little of the thick flesh up into her. Then she leant over the table, and her breast began to suck the flesh up directly. Hitomi thrust the two strands of flesh into Fujiko's breasts, and pumped the last of the chairs directly into them. Her chest swelled into a double F cup, the biggest breasts Hitomi had ever seen, and yet she knew now how much bigger they could be, even though she couldn't personally imagine it yet. There was a sound like a balloon being twisted off, and Fujiko let out a gasp of pleasure, and her enormous breasts slowly tightened and curved down to their smaller shape and heft. She stroked them and smiled at Hitomi, bending down to kiss the table.
  197.     Hitomi sucked the table into herself, and spread up from the fridge to the freezer, opening it and rushing inside. Cool air rushed over her, just as Fujiko's firm feet depressed her body as Fujiko made her way towards the kitchen. Hitomi rippled up around Fujiko's calves, so that she walked a little more slowly, so that she dragged her soft flesh through Hitomi's body, auto-masturbation for her as she devoured chickens and cardboard boxes and beef and peas and plastic wrapping.
  198.     Her flesh poured from the fridge, around the outside of it, engulfing it in moments, then beginning the same process with the freezer as she scoured the inside of ice.
  199.     "Oh, this is unbelievable," Fujiko said, and watched in disbelief and wide eyes as the entire fridge/freezer block began to twist and flex, as Hitomi drove threads of herself into its structure again and again, hammering through the solid steel to spread fleshy tendrils through its structure, breeding and multiplying and expanding and devolving the hard construct into soft, pliant Hitomi-flesh through which she began to feel and exult, as her world grew, and grew, and grew. The block melted. Its bottom flowed into the liquid mass that now began to fill the kitchen floor area as it had at the beginning of the night, but the process was slow. Hitomi was growing, growing so much from devouring this. She poured up the sides of the kitchen units and flooded the cupboards, devouring biscuits and sweets in moments, explosions of taste mingling all through her being in shocking combinations. The pleasure of rubbing over the smooth surfaces combined with her lust for devouring them, as she realised that she wasn't going to be satiated until she had consumed her entire apartment. She wanted, with such blazing certainty, to annihilate her old life utterly this night. She had the power to do it, and do it she would.
  200.     The phone became part of her. The cooker was consumed piece by piece, another great work of man that would bloat her intensely. She ripped it from the wall and rested it in the centre of her mass as the last of the fridge/freezer disappeared within her and she flowed up the walls to the cupboards higher up. She formed a version of herself in the centre of the room before the cooker, and licked her lips, then with half-formed hands wrenched her liquid face open and ravenously began to devour the cooker. Her half-formed body's mouth distended beyond the point that her head could be recognised as such, and her liquid body rose to meet her, consuming cooker and body both and spreading out still more.
  201.     Fujiko trudged, unable to prevent her own arousal, at first masturbating herself, then sitting down onto a phallus Hitomi formed of her own body in the bedroom, as Fujiko watched in aroused disbelief her friend consuming her entire bedroom, and the shower as well. She watched, in one night, in less than five hours, as Hitomi's mass swelled from her birth to fill the entire floor space of the apartment, leaving it clean, and spotless, and seemingly unlived in. There was no marks to suggest there had even been kitchen units, or a bed, or a shower, or anything.
  202.     As Hitomi slowly reformed, her massive liquid body flowing across the floor rapidly to form even a little of her compacted flesh, Fujiko watched with passion, and lust, and growing love.
  203.     The impression of her face was first. It pushed out as if her head was pressing forward from within, moulding the flesh around it before hair flicked out of the bald pate. Hitomi cried out as her half-formed body gave her lips to cry with. She looked down at herself as her shoulders rippled out into the curve of her bosom as it flowed up from her mass. She could feel how much of her she was stuffing into every little bit of solid skin she was creating. She smiled as she realised how it worked. The more flesh she gained, the more diluted her body, so the more of her she had to put together to form a solid form. A perfect equilibrium, whose proportions changed with every desired change of shape to allow it to occur.
  204.     She stroked her breasts as the nipples rippled out of her mass. She watched as the change in colour occurred as the flesh flowed towards her and then climbed out of the mass, curving up and settling onto her body in stiff-fleshed arousal. The undersides of her breasts were painted on, and the curves of her sides slowly began to form as well, bit by bit she was put back together, until she was finally extruded from herself, the last little puddle of flesh flowing up and forming her feet in the bare, empty living room.
  205. She looked around herself for a few moments, regarding the scene, remembering intimately what she had just done; and giggled.
  206.     "Oh, Fuji," she said, "there's nowhere for you to sit."
  207.     Fujiko laughed, hard, so much that she eventually had to stifle herself with a hard hand clamped over her lips. Hitomi joined in, clothing herself quite subtly, showing just a little of the cute shyness Fujiko knew so well; old habits dying hard. When she had calmed down, Fujiko pointed at her and said, "Okay. You're coming to Yukio's. Right now."
  208.     Hitomi nodded. There was a lot she had to learn, still. Thinking about it, remembering what she'd done, she came to a realisation. "Fujiko?" She asked.
  209.     "What?" Fujiko asked, her clothes rippling over her body.
  210.     "How did I just eat my apartment?"
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