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  1. Well, shit.
  3. I'm voluntarily resigning from my position as an administrator. I've fucked up one too many times, and i'm not afraid to admit that. Clearly, there is an outcry in the community from people wanting me gone, for various reasons. I administrate as a way to give back to the community, and if you guys don't think I should be administrating, then I don't think I should be either. I don't know whether or not I will reapply in the future, provided I get the chance. But, if anything, I need a break at the least.
  5. I didn't fuck up administrating. Well, I did and I didn't, in a way. I think I am a pretty crack admin, in fact. I did fuck up in one department, though, and that is the professionalism department. Being an administrator entails being a role model to the players, as well. Instead of acting like one, I earned myself a multitude of complaints, and a pretty lengthy history of being shitty. It hasn't helped that I have been stressed out over other things outside of SS13, but of course that is no excuse. As an admin, I should have been more conscious of how I was acting while I played. I played like a player, when I should have been playing like an admin.
  7. I'd like to take a moment here to dispel any rumors or allegations of admin abuse, ban evasion, or whatever else that has come up. I've got a big thing about trust and respect. I wouldn't ever want to break the trust of you guys, or the other admins.
  9. So that's that.
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