Witch Trials

Aug 3rd, 2019
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  1. Salemite
  3. 0/0/0/2
  5. Girls granted special power and knowledge from a source few understand. Once, girls accused of having these gifts would be executed, now the dead call on these strange abilities to save them from worse fates.
  7. Dolls of other classes cannot acquire Skills from the Salemite Class using Favor Points
  9. Secret Skill:
  10. Occult Power:
  11. [Auto/None/Self] You can now declare an occult maneuver again even if it hasn't been resolved yet and you can now apply a single auto timing maneuver that increases damage to occult reinforcements that would normally be invalid.
  12. "Only those who have dedicated themselves fully to the occult arts can hope to understand how to subvert their limitations."
  13. -----------------
  14. -Astral Projection [Action/1/1] Target an Area. For the next 5 Count, treat yourself as occupying that Area and count as being in that Area for the purposes of declaring and being targeted with Attack maneuvers, including Area Attack maneuvers. This maneuver cannot be declared again until its effect ends. This cannot be declared again until its effect ends. Maneuvers that make use of your current Area for properties other than Range are applied to your actual location
  15. "A ghostly projection that you can take actions from. While certainly useful, the ritual does carry certain risks."
  16. -Quick spell [Auto/None/Self] You may choose to have a -1 to the count delay before an Occult reinforcement activates or its duration, to a minimum of 0.
  17. "Being able to casts spells as quickly as possible, or knowing the corners to cut in a ritual, is quite the handy ability."
  18. -Prepared Spell [Rapid/0/Self] Declare a maneuver from an Occult reinforcement at rapid timing.
  19. "Taking the action to have something ready to go when its needed has rarely failed to pay off."
  20. -Polymorph [Action/1/Self] Change a reinforcement part to a different reinforcement part of the same type and tier. The part must be intact. This lasts until the end of the phase and can only be declared once per phase.
  21. "Your occult prowess can do many things, why not be able to change parts of your own body?"
  22. -Dispel [Rapid/0/0-2] Negate all Auto-timing maneuvers a target has applied to their own Attack maneuver on this Count, or negate all of a target's Auto-timing maneuvers which would affect attacks aimed at them during this Count.
  23. "Those who know how to create also know how to destroy."
  24. -Familiar [Auto/None/Self] You acquire the Familiar reinforcement part.
  25. "A magical creature that is also a faithful companion. It aids you in your work, but if harm befalls it, it would be devastating."
  26. Familiar [Any/Auto/None] +1 to attack checks with Occult parts. When this part is damaged, gain a madness point on your treasure fetter. This cannot be repaired during the battle phase.
  28. Occult Reinforcement Rules:
  29. -Unless otherwise stated, auto skills that affect damage/AP cost cannot be applied to occult reinforcements.
  30. -An Occult reinforcement cannot be declared again until the count that the previous declaration will resolve.
  31. -You cannot declare an Occult reinforcement which would have its effect resolve at negative AP.
  32. -Only Salemites can take Occult reinforcements without a focus.
  33. Optional Rule: Psychedelics can have 0/0/1/1 as their starting reinforcements. If they do not have Salemite picked as a class or sub-class, they must take Focus.
  35. Parts:
  36. T1: Magic Missile [Arms/Action/2/0-1] Shooting Attack 1+Chain 2. The result of the attack check is 6, no other maneuvers may effect the result of this check. This can only be declared once per round.
  37. "A classic magical attack, even if its power is weak, there is value in the fact it always strikes true.
  38. T1: Focus [Any/Auto/None/Self] This allows non-Salemite characters to acquire 2 Occult reinforcement parts.
  39. "Those who lack ability can rely on charms like this to allow them to cast a few spells."
  40. T1: Light [Any/Check/1/0-2] Hinder 1
  41. "A flash of light to distract a foe."
  42. T1: Helping Hand [Any/Check/1/0-2] Support 1
  43. "A ghostly hand lends its aid to an ally."
  44. T1: Inscribed Mind [Head/Auto/None/Self] +1 AP
  45. "There are runes carved into your brain that improve cognition."
  46. T1: Crushing Hand [Arms/Action/3/0-1] Unarmed 3. This maneuver takes effect 1 count after it is declared.
  47. "An invisible hand reaches forward and crushes a foe in its grip."
  48. T1: Mage Shield [Torso/Rapid/0/0] Defend 1 against the next attack that hits the target. This is resolved 1 count after it is declared.
  49. "A simple protection spell. It requires a bit of preparation and is weak, but can still help."
  50. T1: Curse Carrier [Arm/Rapid/1/0] The next time an attack hits the target, the attacker is Staggered.
  51. "Bestow a rune upon your friend, cursing whatever strikes them."
  52. T1: Launch [Legs/Action/4/Self] Move 2. If this move is hindered, you break one part.
  53. "A spell intended to launch its user forward with great force. Effective, but the act leaves you vulnerable to interference."
  54. T1: Color Spray [Arm/Action/2/0-1] The next attack every enemy in the target zone makes suffers a -1 to their next check. This effect cannot add up with itself.
  55. "Unleash a dazzling spray of colors, disorienting your foes in the area."
  57. T2: Vortex [Head/Rapid/2/1] Select up to 3 targets in range and move them into your zone. This counts as a move maneuver.
  58. "Pull friend or foe into close proximity to yourself. While it has its advantages, it is also very risky."
  59. T2: Barrier [Any/Damage/2/0-1] Defend 2 + Negate Explosive
  60. "A stronger defensive spell that can both protect and contain force. While faster to cast, it takes some energy to use."
  61. T2: Witch's Hat [Head/Damage/1/Self] Defend 2
  62. "The hat of a witch is iconic, and by necessity of what they do, very durable."
  63. T2: Vindictive Ward [Any/Action/2/0] The next two attacks against the target have a defend 1 applied against them and causes the attacker to break one part. This maneuver resolves 2 count after it is declared and cannot be declared on the same target more than once per round.
  64. "A protective spell of the wrathful variety. Attackers find their bodies fail even as they strike."
  65. T2: Arcane Beam [Arms/Action/2/1-2] Shooting Attack 2 + Chain 1, this maneuver resolves 2 count after it is declared.
  66. "Beams of energy are a tried and true method of mystical mayhem."
  67. T2: Ethereal Sword [Any/Action/3/0] Melee Attack 4
  68. "A blade of magical might. Each swing brings crashing ruin."
  69. T2: Gust [Torso/Action/3/0] Move 1
  70. "A powerful wind carries the target away."
  71. T2: Repeat [Head/Action/3/0] Make the target repeat their last action timing maneuver at the end of the count with the same target and the cost is reduced by 1. If their previous maneuver is no longer valid, this maneuver does nothing. This can only be used once per round.
  72. "A strange technique that makes the victim repeat their last move. There's certainly value in it, but care must be taken."
  73. T2: Mend [Arms/Action/3/0] Repair 2 basic parts, chosen by the target, on the target. This is resolved 2 count after it is declared.
  74. "A ritual that repairs the body after it has run its course. Such an ability is only more valuable now that pain is no longer an issue."
  75. T2: Misfortune [Head/Action/3/0-2] The next failed Attack maneuver made against something in the same Area as the target of this maneuver will instead strike this maneuver's target. Treat the attack as though it had been a critical failure. This maneuver resolves 2 Count after it is declared.
  76. "Those cursed with this affliction do not have to wait long before ruin comes."
  78. T3: Tar Pit [Any/Action/2/0-1] Target an Area. For the next 5 Count, the first Move maneuver applied to each character in the target Area has a Hinder Move 1 applied to it automatically. This effect may only apply once per character per round.
  79. "A sticky solution for sticky situations."
  80. T3: Arcane Strength [Head/Auto/None/Self] +1 damage to attack maneuvers with Occult reinforcements.
  81. "A stronger mind allows stronger spells, it's simple logic."
  82. T3: Symphony [Arms/Action/3/0-2] Ranged Attack 2. On the next two counts, you make declare Ranged Attack 2 against a target in range.
  83. "Summon a symphony of guns to sing for you."
  84. T3: Haste [Head/Action/2/0-1] This maneuver may be declared once per Phase. The target's next maneuver has its AP cost reduced to 0. Additionally, the target's Maximum AP is increased by 1 for the remainder of the Phase.
  85. "Give your self or your sister the chance to act swiftly. The rush lasts but a moment, but some of it lingers for longer."
  86. T3: Phase Out [Any/Action/3/0-1] During the next three Count, the target may not declare or be targeted by any maneuvers. If declared more than once upon a single target or if the target is immune to the Stagger property, any AP that it would lose is treated as if the target had used Spine. This maneuver cannot be declared on a Count lower than 5.
  87. "Banish a target to another plane where they can neither harm nor be harmed. Be careful as repeated use has diminishing effect."
  88. T3: Flight [Any/Rapid/2/0] -1 to melee/unarmed attacks directed at the target for the rest of the round.
  89. "Take to the sky to avoid the attacks of short-ranged foes."
  90. T3: Meteor [Arms/Action/5/0-1] Blast 4 + Explosive + Area. This maneuver does not resolve until 3 count after it is declared.
  91. "The most destructive spell one can hope to pick up. Its power cannot be understated."
  92. T3: Swift Rot [Any/Rapid/2/0-1] The target breaks 4 parts.
  93. "Magic keeps our limbs moving, but it can also cause them to wither away."
  94. T3: Bless [Torso/Action/1/0] Support 3 to the target's next Check. This maneuver may be used up to twice per Round, but not on yourself, and may only be used once on any individual target per Round.
  95. "Relatively uncommon among the occult arts, but generally better appreciated by the target."
  96. T3: Gate [Torso/Action/2/1-3] For the next 5 Count, all participants in the battle may treat the Area you occupy and the target Area as adjacent for the purpose of Move maneuvers. This effect does not alter the range of any maneuver and is always based upon the location you currently reside in, not the location where it was first declared.
  97. "A secret ritual to allow one to cross great distances as if they were next to each other, however nothing stops what's on the other side from crossing as well."
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