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9 April 2014

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Apr 22nd, 2014
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  1. 1. New artwork for Ryuujou Kai.
  2. 2. Chitose and Chiyoda carrier Kai Ni gets new idle, resupply and secretary lines.
  3. 3. Shimakaze Kai gets new resupply, idle, secretary, and starting battle lines.
  4. 4. New BGM for 1-5, and the night battle BGM has been remixed.
  5. 5. Removal of White Day Cookies from the item shop.
  6. 6. New UI interface in fleet selection menu, this new interface allows you to remove all your ships except the flagship from a fleet. You must have more than 1 ship in a fleet to do this. This button is located to the right of the Mamiya button, and to the left of the fleet name.
  7. 7. Equipment changes for enemy vessels:
  8. -Battleship Ru-Class Flagship, Battleship Ta-Class Flagship have their secondary cannons removed (or third main gun) and replaced with reconnaissance planes.
  9. -Battleship Ta-Class, Heavy Cruiser Ri-Class Elite, Heavy Cruiser Ri-Class Flagship get new reconnaissance planes.
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