TG The First Shower 2

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  1. 'And you can also accompany your gay friend!' Peter said throwing Nate into the girls locker room.
  2. Diane peeked around the corner of the showers and saw Nate facing a closed door.
  3. 'Dave?' Nate said. 'I know you're in here too, it's just me, Nate, where are you?'
  4. Diane had no idea what Nate was talking about but she definitely knew two things. 1. She felt very needy at the moment and wasn't finished with what she started a few minutes ago and 2. Nate looked kinda cute. Nate turned around and noticed the steam that had enveloped over the last 10 minutes.
  5. 'Decided to take a shower anyway?' He said to this Dave who wasn't in the room. He walked to the lockers.
  7. Diane saw nothing but took another step. The steam had flown into the changing room and she knew her towel would be somewhere over there. If she could just grab it she wasn't naked anymore and that would help a lot. She took another step to the lockers and was almost at her locker when something caused a wind blow, causing the steam to move away to the other aide of the room. Diana saw Nate standing not even 3 feet from her. He had turned his back on her but suddenly turned around, facing her.
  8. 'Oh my god.' He whispered, looking at Diane from head to toe. His sight stuck at her boobs and at her pussy and his mouth fell open. Diane was completely stunned and wasn't able to do something. Nate suddenly came to realize he was looking at a naked girls tits and turned around quickly. Partly to hide his red head, partly to give her some privacy.
  9. 'I thought this was the girls lockerroom?' Diane asked.
  10. 'Y... yes it is but some jocks threw me in... In here.' Nate said stammering.
  11. Diane smiled, he really was cute.
  12. 'I've never seen your.. I mean you around here?' Nate asked.
  13. 'Really?' Diane asked surprised. 'I've been here all my life but yeh... You get that a lot don't you? I mean, even I don't know everyone around here. Still, I'm Diane and if you was thinking of it. I already have a boyfriend. He's called Peter. He leads the football team but I don't like him as I used too... I don't know what it is but he seems to act like an ass more and more.'
  14. 'Tell me about it.' Nate said, still turned around while Diane didn't show any intention to get dressed or something. 'He makes my life a living hell and he just threw me in here.'
  15. 'That's it!' Diane suddenly shouted. 'He can make fun of people but he hasn't any right to throw anyone in here. If everyone can enter I can't even do things.... Like showering I meant!
  16. Nate turned around again. Facing Diane in her full naked glory. 'I'm really sorry about all of this. I promise you I didn't mean to be here or anything like th...'
  18. Diane cut him of by walking towered him. She pressed her lips onto Nate's and kissed him passionately. She started to feel warm again and she didn't have any time to chat.
  19. Nate kissed her back after a few seconds and they both stood there for almost a minute. Nate was still in his outfit for the gym and Diane... Not so much.
  21. 'Oh Christ I need someone right now.' Diane said, feeling very hot inside.
  22. 'What the...' Nate muttered but Diane cut him of again. 'Stop talking.' and she kissed him again with even more fury than last time. After a minute she moaned. 'Oh yes go on.' She said, louder this time.
  23. Nate pushed her back. 'What are we doing?' He said.
  24. 'You're helping me out and you are doing it right now.' Diane said. 'I needed someone right now and you're the first who enters which means you will do it.'
  25. Finally Nate got what she meant and he brought one hand down to her crotch. When he touches her pussy Diane moaned. Nate stepped behind her and laid his other hand on her chest and started softly rubbing it. Diane moaned again and brought her hands to her chest as well. She started poking and rubbing and cupping her boobs and she moaned louder and louder. Nate kept fingering her quicker and quicker until she screamed out of pleasure. Pleasure was washing trough every cell of Diane's body and it was impossible to stop it. With another moan she came. She sat down on the floor still heavily breathing.
  27. After a few minutes she looked up at Nate. 'Thanks,' she said. 'I owe you. Whenever you need something just tell me.'
  28. Nate blushed. 'Maybe you could return the favor?' He said with a very red head. Diane giggled.
  29. 'Right now?' She asked. 'Under one circumstance, we will do it under the shower. You're all dirty and sweaty.'
  30. Dave smiled and followed her to the showers. He wanted to walk to the last shower as he usual did but Diane grabbed his arm and pushed him to the first one. 'We'll use my shower.' She said. She turned on the hot water and Nate started to rub himself in with the water. At first he didn't notice his black hair growing longer but as it grew to his lower back he felt the back of his head getting heavy. He shook his head to get all the hair out of his face but because of that, the water splashed directly onto his face, causing it to change. His lips puffed out and his nose shrunk until it was almost the same as Diane's. His eyes grew bigger and turned from black to green and his hair gained some curls however you couldn't see that right now because it was wet. His neck thinned and his voice went up to a far higher pitch.
  32. Diana had pulled of his shorts and pulled down his boxers. Nate quickly turned around to wash any dirt away before she could do anything. The water caused his member to shrink how ever he didn't notice first. His stomach flattened too and his waist pinched inwards. He was still wearing his shirt which became far oversized as his frame shrunk.
  34. He turned back to Diane and she smiled. Water on his butt caused it to grow just as his hips and thighs. His legs overall grew several inches but he still didn't notice. Diane lowered herself and started rubbing what was left from his dick. There was much less steam in the shower right now and Nate mostly stayed himself. The water passed Nate's smaller shoulders and his chest started to grow. He moaned as he felt pleasure coming from his crotch and from his chest. Diane turned him around and the water could now freely splash onto Nate's chest (and shirt). Two little bumps started to grow and Nate looked down.
  36. He screamed and jumped away from the water.
  37. 'What's wrong?' Diane asked shocked.
  38. 'The water... I'm... Girl... Turning!!' He yelled and ran towards a mirror. When he saw his face he almost fainted.
  39. 'Yes you're a girl? So what?' Diane asked.
  40. Nate started to hyperventilate and steam was getting into his head more and more.
  41. 'Something's wrong.' He said.
  42. 'Don't be so silly,' Diane said. 'Come back to the shower.'
  43. Nate wondered for another second what could possibly have made him freak out that much but couldn't come up with it so he walked back to the shower.
  45. Nate's chest grew more and more as he turned the water on again and Diane was forming his member into a pussy. Nate moaned as she shove her finger into it and she giggled. Her chest must have been B-cup when her shirt started to change too. The sleeved disappeared and it started to shrink. In the meanwhile. Nate became a fully girl on the inside and outside. She looked marvelous with her black hair, great slim figure and broad hips. Her boxers started to change too and Diane couldn't go further. She was done anyway, Nate was now Nadia and she looked great. The black boxers shrunk tightly around Nadia's new pussy and turned into lacy white panties. Her shirt had formed into a matching bra which was a but oversized but as Nadia stayed under the shower. Her breasts grew to a small C-cup.
  47. They both laughed and walked to the lockers.
  48. 'Why don't you get completely undressed when showering?' Diane asked. 'It's far better and feels great.' With every step her breasts bounced a little.
  49. 'Its just uncomfortable for me.' Nadia said while blushing.
  50. They both wrapped a towel around themselves and dried themselves of.
  51. 'Shall I open a window?' the steam is getting a little too thick, I can barely see my hands.' Nadia said and she opened a small window. Within seconds the steam disappeared and the fog in there heads started to disappear too. Diane started to feel dizzy and sat down on the ground. Nadia said: 'Diane I don't feel very well I think I'm gonna...' She fainted and fell on the ground. Diane wanted to stand up but fainted to and the both laid on the floor.
  53. 10 minutes later they both woke up.
  54. 'My head hurts. I had such a weird dream.' Nadia said
  55. 'Tell me about it.' Diane said. She suddenly froze and slowly looked down. 'Holy...' She didn't complete the sentence and at the same time, Nadia looked at herself too. They almost fainted again.
  56. 'Was that real?' Nadia asked.
  57. 'Did you really... Did me?' Diane asked.
  58. 'Oh my god, I believe I did.'
  59. 'And now....'
  60. 'Yeh...'
  61. They both kept silence for a while but after a few minutes Diane walked to one of the lockers. She opened it and took some clothes out of it. 'I believe these are my clothes... I can remember buying them and wearing them.' She said.
  62. She put then on and she had less trouble she would've expected putting on those unfamiliar clothes on her unfamiliar body. Nadia put her clothes on too and when they were done they stood in front of each other quite speechless.
  63. Diane wore a white shirt which fitter tightly around her chest and waist. You could see the outlines of her bra trough them. A red (short) skirt and black stockings completed her outfit.
  64. Nadia wore skinny jeans and a blouse with underneath a plain white shirt. You could see some cleavage but nothing too slutty.
  66. 'You look hot.' Diane said.
  67. 'You look hotter.' Nadia replied.
  68. 'What do we do now?'
  69. 'I think it's best if we let Peter pay for what he did.'
  70. 'Yes,' Diane said. 'But how are we going to do that?'
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