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  1. Character’s Name: Elisabeth von Gilder burg
  2. Character’s Age: 24
  4. Ethnicity: Stormwindian
  5. Know Language(s): Common
  6. Literate?: Yes.
  7. Religion/Beliefs: The Holy Light
  9. Physical Appearance: Elizabeth would be a woman of short stature; she would seem more dainty then the warrior kings and queens before her. She would have some muscle to her however nothing spectacular; being more ladylike then warrior. She would have flowing brown hair and a small scar running from her left eye to the bottom left of her lips.
  10. Personality: Elizabeth would be rather calm, a surprising trait given her bloodline. She would tend to also be kinder then those who came before her. She would in most cases gravitate toward diplomatic solutions. She tended to be forgiving and well natured, wanting to help people more then hurt them. Though she bore the burden of being Grand master of the Scarlet Onslaught, she was not as fanatical as her brothers and sisters.
  12. Likes: Elizabeth enjoyed quite the amount of luxurious such as wine and fine dining.
  13. Dislikes: Elizabeth disliked one thing above all else, the Scourge.
  15. Strengths: Elizabeth would be a charismatic negation as well as being quite adept with her saber.
  16. Weaknesses: Elizabeth's skill with Light magic would be lacking in comparison to the great rulers before her.
  18. Fears: Elizabeth would be greatly afraid of the Scarlet Onslaught falling back into it's corrupted ways.
  20. Character's History: Elizabeth was born into the prestigious von Gilder burg Bloodline long after the wars of her grandfather and father. The family of conquerors. Elizabeth knew little of her grandfather, having died long before she came into the world, though, Tyr often revered him as a hero as they did with her father as well and as their glory days of war were over, Elizabeth lived a rather spoiled life. She was taught how to fight as all Gilder burgs are, though, she never had to apply the skills. She was often referred to as the weakest of her bloodline as each before her had done something of note though when she eventually came to power at the age of 18 due to her father's untimely death, the kingdom started to collapse. Once grand castles reduced to rubble without their garrisons and repairs, for she thought there was no need as war was not in the future of -her- kingdom surely. Elisabeth was a poor ruler some would say, allowing what was a budding empire to fall so short of what it could have been though part of the blame was on her father for not continuing the conquests of her grandfather. Then, something happened, amongst the ruins of her kingdom, something stirred inside her. A desire to make a name for herself, and she knew just where to start. She had found that the Scarlet Onslaught had becoming lacking in her rule, she neglected it far too much however, she was a woman of history. She studied every book she could get her hands on, and she knew of the corruption that her father and grandfather had turned a blind eye to, but she could not simply act on it and remove the corrupt ones, the kingdom would riot. She was not her father and certainly was not her grandfather, the people would not rally to her as they did them. They would not accept the tough decisions that lay ahead, so, she did what her family taught her, she consolidated what power she had and formed the Faceless. The best warriors in the kingdom to serve as the muscle behind her word. The faceless was made up of all female warriors, the cream of the crop, and they never stopped their training to serve as the new elite force of tyr, and the royal guard to the future of the von Gilder burg bloodline. Once her force was established she quickly removed the offenders from the Onslaught, having their heads removed publicly and informed all those who remained that they would follow the ideals of the Crusade of old, the ideas that Ta elan Fordring himself wished to uphold. Though her actions and words rang true, rallying the people, she found there was nothing for her new crusade to actually do, the reformation was complete however, they had no wars, and she was no tyrant to needlessly conquer. She once again grew slothful, indulging in lavish feasts and partying while her kingdom continued to stagnate. Then one day she felt it, the feeling that her father and grandfather both described, she felt it. Something about the Scourge awakens something in the Gilder burg bloodline, and sure enough in that same day word came, unread in the plague lands. She always knew they were there, but they were dormant, just as Tyr had been but now, they marched, seemingly having leadership and numbers they never thought imaginable and not seen since the days of her grandfather. She however had not army as he did, no towering castles and legendary crusaders. She had her faceless and what remained of the Onslaught, a shell of Tyr's former self. Had she not been so slothful surely the defenses of Tyr would still stand, surely the armies would rally and the ground would once again quake with the might of Tyr's armies, but, it was too late for that. The power that burned inside her gave her hope, she felt as if the power and wit of alll her ancestors was being forced into her. She knew what this meant, she knew it was time for Tyr to become what it once was yet again. The forges of Tyr are ablaze again, the Faceless stand vigilant alongside the Scarlet Onslaught. Smoke billows on the horizon as the giant wakes. Elizabeth would don her Armour for the first time. One with the faceless. It was time for her to step out of her grandfathers shadow. The horns that had been silent for too long once again echo through the plague lands; the true conquerors have awoken, Tyr marches to war with their Queen at the helm.
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