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  1. Name: Pinmy Heri
  3. Age: 27
  5. Dress: Long white tunic with bishop sleeves, a small brown vest overtop, and tight brown pants underneath. All together with a colourful silk like cape.
  7. Item(s) always on him: A canesword, does a poor job of pretending he needs the cane part, as well as a small leather pouch filled with some spare GP just in case.
  9. Where is he from?: A large, not very well off town initially. His mother later remarried into wealth and was faced with the culture shock of moving from a poorer town to aristocrat life. Pinmy quickly acclimated to bougie life, however, after receiving top of the line education.
  11. Do you have any family?: A mother, as well as a late step father who granted him much wealth. No siblings or extended family.
  13. Do you know any of the other party members?: Probably not
  15. Did you do any specific training before becoming an adventurer: Pinmy is by no means an adventurer, he is cowardly and will use people to protect himself and/or for his own gain. He would never go on this potential adventure alone, and only if he has other people he can use to further his own goals of wealth and societal standing.
  17. Did you have a job before becoming an adventurer?: Pinmy was wealthy due to his family, however, upon his step fathers passing, received a large amount of land that he now holds for rent-seeking behaviour. He extracts capital from many different kinds of people.
  19. Did you go to school?: He went to the best school that money could buy. It was very clear that his step father saw him as his own son, and wanted the best for him. He learned many valueable lessons on how to exploit people and how the economy works!
  21. How does your character act with strangers?: He is known to put on a different face for every stranger depending on the grift he's going for, he will say what they want to hear if it means he gains social capital or even economic capital. He desperately wants to be liked by everybody despite his overall despicable personality. Being disliked isn't something he aims for. Due to his wearing of masks in social situations, he does not do well in group settings where previous masks have been established for separate people.
  23. How does your character act with friends?: Very similarly to the above. He is not known for having lots of friends, but lots of acquaintances. He never allows people to become too close for fear of his true self being revealed to them.
  25. How does your character act with family?: His mother is the only person you will find Pinmy acting like himself towards. His grifting and lying was initially to further support his mother, but at this point, it has just become something he enjoys.
  27. What is your immediate goal?: Making as many positive impressions as possible, no matter how fake they are. Being seen as 'the good guy' by the townsfolk.
  29. What is your long-term goal?: Using cultivated social and economic capital to thrust upwards in power in society. Whether it be through economic strongarming a nation, or becoming a higher up in the government.
  31. What is a flaw your character possesses which is a major part of their personality?: Pinmy has so many strings of lies going, it's often he gets caught up in them. He has spent so many years of his life being fake, people who have seen through his ruse are untrusting of him. His selfishness will be his undoing.
  33. What is a flaw your character possesses which is a minor part of their personality?: His need to be liked. He will go to great lengths to win the favour of people, which can be seen as both a benefit and a negative.
  35. How do you solve problems?: Pinmy will immediately begin to look at unethical options to solve his problems, not really resorting to murder however. He would sooner buy them off then have somebody killed. Anything that can get the problem solved the fastest and least violent.
  37. What is the first thing you do when danger arises?: As stated earlier, Pinmy is a coward. He will try to make a break for it, or use the people around him to protect himself. He is capable of supporting people that are defending him, but rarely gets his own hands dirty.
  39. How do you fight, if at all?: See above
  41. Do you enjoy fighting?: Pinmy does not enjoy fighting. Not for any moral reasons, he is just a pussy.
  43. What is your character worst at?: Genuinely connecting with people. In 27 years the only person he has ever had a genuine relationship with is his mother. Everything else is embedded in lies.
  45. What does your character hate doing that might be otherwise benefical: probably fighting lol
  47. How do you overcome or compensate for your weaknesses?: Pinmy may be a coward, but he is not stupid. He has a sharp wit and is fairly intellectual, cold, and calculated. Given enough time, he can utilize what people see as weaknesses and turn them to his favour. He may get caught in lies, but he'll just come up with more lies to cover himself. He may not fight himself, but he may come up with ways fighting is not required to begin with.
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