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Indivisible Lore/World-building information dump

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Oct 12th, 2015
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  1. >based on Buddhist/southeast asian mythology
  2. >a long time ago goddess Khala descends upon earth (lady in picture) and consumes everything in her path
  3. >wants to consume cosmic mountain in the center of the world and destroy the earth
  4. >a spell seals her away
  5. >now the seal is weakening
  6. >world consists of Heaven/Human earth/Underworld/Hell
  7. >2 types of beings: humans and devi (higher beings)
  8. >buddhist rebirth cycle plays a role
  9. >human world devided into north, east, south, west
  10. >the crater where Khala descended is filled with liquid, is called "Basin of Milk" and is located in the south
  11. >"milk" can be processed into "soma", gives power and joy, but is too difficult to process correctly --> failed version of soma that causes addiction, like a drug, starts warping people's forms: turn into horrible monsters
  12. >south taken over by warlord, he is very strong, was apparently granted a "boon of khala" and destroys everyone who isn't aligned with khala
  13. >khalas landing left behind parasitic creatures (see: prototype boss, organic worms in his head), warlord uses them as part of his army
  14. >humans are fighting amongst themselves (khalas presence is responsible)
  15. >steampunk aspects: the west gained accelerated sense of knowledge: premature industrial revolution in the west (for now called: iron kingdom)
  16. >khala left things from other world systems she roamed before behind --> strange occurences due to these otherwordly objects
  17. >there are interdimensional travellers from more advanced worlds that were destroyed by Khala
  18. >east = equivalent to china, jade empire
  19. >most incarnations are Lokan (human) some are Devi (higher beings)
  20. >inarnations aren't dead like einherjar, they're alive
  21. >incarnations can be missed, exploration/discovery encouraged
  22. >west is polluted, try to consume resources from neighbors
  23. >west has airships
  24. >east still uses gunpowder
  25. >razmi liked dark magic etc. so her village got weirded out
  26. >ajna: prefers physical training over mental, as seen by her falling asleep while meditating in the trailer
  27. >there are trade cities, bigger/advanced cities and villages across all regions (south, east, north, west)
  28. >especially huge city in the south: soma addicts gather there, probably something like slums
  29. >Dhar: first incarnation you get, happens on accident, absorbing incarnations is not always on purpose, ajna doesn't understand her powers yet
  30. >robot golem incarnation is possible (from iron kingdom)
  31. >prototype boss: based on man-lion, temple guardians, the prototype boss combined 2 man-lions for its own body
  32. >uses the man-lion's souls to attack (hence the fire attack shape), when he dies, the spirits take revenge on him (hence death animation)
  33. >ajnas skirt is down when in temple (being proper) and she doesn't wear shoes: pulls her skirt up when it's go-time
  34. >people of all ages can be incarnations, animals can be incarnations
  35. >Ajna's dad's injuries from an important event, he was strong and wise was sealed off/crippled, only has one eye
  36. >Heruka form: literally means "Blooddrinker", gains inredible powers, can use iddhi more strongly (beams, fire, speed)
  37. >there will be a beastiary with a dedicated incarnation for it
  38. >"Roti" = "flatbread"
  39. >Vetala (Khala's organic parasites she left behind) = parasitic in nature, take control of undead, weird alien creatures could be a design, latch onto dead things or, if they're stronger, living beings, some even talk and are sentient
  40. >in the final version: taking care of roti might be a feature, interaction with him would be important
  41. >there will be non-human incarnations, robo character
  42. >dinosaur monsters exist
  43. >incarnations arent permanently stuck as being incarnations
  44. >subject to change: heruka form = hulk --> personality change, gets mad starts raging etc.
  45. >heruka form: leveling up (pallette change first, like blue skin) then completely new final form as Ajna gains control over her powers
  46. >mayan guy is based on the mayan sport where you hit a ball with your hip through a ring
  47. >ajna can force people to join as incarnations, Razmi also has her own motivation though
  48. >devi = higher ranked beings, Khala on her own very high level, devi couldn't stop her and are weaker than you would expect a "god" to be
  49. >ajna dies = all of her incarnations die, but reviving ajna will be possible (brink of death or something) to avoid immediate game over
  50. >visiting inner realm: ajna meditating
  51. >there will be coffee in the game, food important part of culture as part of the game (beastiary for food, food powerups, food quests for ingredients/convincing other incarnations to join etc.)
  52. >mentions time based events: holidays, day/night, seasons
  53. >incarnations: not everyone is good, many different personalities
  54. >incarnations have story arcs and character development, side quests to "level them up"
  55. >Ajna's mom plays a role
  56. >story will span 49 days (time it takes to be reborn in Buddhism), wrap up in 50-something days
  57. >ajnas inner realm may have customization (furniture for example)
  58. >devs want to pursue combination iddhi attacks (like chrono trigger)
  59. >moral conflicts with incarnations
  60. >headpiece (praying beads) passed onto her from her father, also symbolizes incarnations
  61. >Razmi, Zebei and Tungar are prominent characters, but not necessarily core characters to the story
  62. >ajnas travels make her realize the world is more complicated than she thought and not black & white, conflicts are not simply black & white, ajna learns about the world with the player
  63. >"Razmi" = "radiant, light", "Ajna" = "6th chakra point where the third eye is", "Tungar" = "lofty, high", "Zebei" = "Jebei: general under genghis khan and means "arrow", but changed to zebei because jebei means "butt" in spanish"
  64. >incarnation "naga rider" teased
  65. >there will be HUGE bosses (off-screen types)
  66. >dragons are mentioned
  67. >costume changes for Ajna are a possibility due to less frames than a FG character
  69. and
  71. >new 350$ tier added for voice message from Skullgirls Voice Actors
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