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  1. #OperationGreenRights resume OPCOLTAN
  2.     #operationColtan
  4.     Hello, time to expose a few things to the public eye of the entire world. Coltan is a resource that is used in most electronics and computers across the world. It's full name is Columbite-Tantalite, known across the industries as Tantalite.
  6.     A country named Congo, has about 64% of the worlds Tantalite reserves.
  8.     Enormous corporations buy from Congo, however there is a large problem. There is a war in Congo, children get kidnapped, turned into slaves, and forced to work the mines to mine this precious mineral. Currently in its solid form, this resource sells for about 1,000 dollars per pound.
  10.     That's right, the chips in your phone, in your T.V.'s, and maybe even in this very computer, comes from a company that gets this resource illegally. At one point the United Nations attempted to bring a trial against more than a dozen companies. However this trial was dropped when a single country protested loudly against them. The country that did this, well none other than the good old United States of America!
  12.     It doesn't seem that much like a problem does it? However let me remind you that Congo is currently controlled by a host of different criminal organizations, all have participated in kidnapping, human trafficking, and illegal extraction of natural resources. It's not only Tantalite that they are mining, they're also mining a large portion of diamonds used in rings. When different major jewelry companies were asked if there diamonds came from illegal mining operations, the vast majority wouldn't say yes or no.
  14.     Now we shouldn't blame the Congonese, they are trying to get by, and honestly blaming the gangs will do nothing. We cannot hit the gangs, that is an issue for the U.N. to attempt (and most likely fail) to solve. We need to focus on the companies here, who have been proven that they know whats going on, know of the suffering, and refuse to stop buying the resources from these sources.
  16.     Pretty much, this is the equivalent to Kony using child soldiers, and the companies funding him to kidnap the children. Now I'm sure that no one win their right mind would support this company. So why do we continue to support the corporations and companies, that are paying the gangs, to kidnap children and adults, force them to work, and eventually use them to kidnap more people?
  18.     So, now that we've covered the basics. We will continue our extensive research, we will publish all the companies we find buying from Congo illegally, and we will strike back against them.
  20.     Now let me tell you companies something, any company who does bussiness with the companies/ corportations/ organizations below, will be asked to change their ways. If they do not stop relations and bussiness with the offending companies, they will be dealt with.
  22.     The offending companies are highly encouraged to help us, and save us some trouble, by refusing to buy from these dirty sources. If you don't you will also be dealt with.
  24.     We are Anonymous
  25.     We do not forgive atrocities
  26.     We do not forget Corruption
  27.     Expect us.
  29.     List of offending companies/ corporations:
  41.     KINROSS GOLD
  44.     OM GROUP Inc
  46.     TRINITECH
  51.     There is a full list with over 50 different major companies here:
  54. Press Opcoltan 30 MAY 2012
  56. --------------------------------------
  57. Our attention turns to you, unscrupulously and greedy multinationals.
  58. Behind your famous commercial images, fabricated and marked on an false Ethic, the most cruel barbarites are hidden.
  59. Coltan,  the mineral that you use to produce capacitors of mobile phones,   besides being harmful to health, is also the sick result of enviromental  rape and enslavement of underdeveloped populations.
  60. His  gruesome traffic conceal the abuse of human rights and the dirty,  imperialist war, wich is the daughter of greed and contempt of life in  all its meanings.
  61. We can not remain indifferent to greedy profiteers whose revenues are  derived from the suffering of a colonized, oppressed and  exploited  people, forced to work in inhuman conditions and paid with meager  wages.
  62. We also can not remain indifferent to the accomplices of environmental devastation.
  63. Your work is unworthy: if you break the Life, we violate your sites.
  65. Appeal  to the Citizens of the World: while self-styled advertising campaigns  boast the next technological item, thousands of children are deprived of  their childhood, their bloody hands don't know what a toy is, and they excavate constantly, searching for a mineral wich is harmful to health. Thousands of fathers and mothers also work up to 72 hours without any  protection, being enslaved and humiliated. Coltan is deleterious for  human rights, for environment, and also for health. Do not be complicit  in this mess, make your voice heard, read up, stand up, fight to restore  dignity to those who are without because of the dirty work of "democratic" giants of marketing.
  66. "We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented." (Elie Wiesel)
  68. OpColtan press release
  72. According to the UN the war in Congo in 1998 was not an ethnic conflict. It was a war for Coltan.
  73. We remember that in Congo's genocide 800000 people died. The Rwandan army and over 25 militias were involved.
  74. Many children and farmers were forced to dig coltan in terrible health conditions whith their bare hands. Also nature was devasted and gorillas were killed. Coltan is quite radioactive so miners were exposed to terrible diseases.
  75. UN accused Nokia, Bayer, Ericsson, Siemens, Sony, Intel, Hitachi, IBM , Samsung, Motorola, Panasonic, LG, Dell, Apple be directly or indirectly involved in the war of 1998, in order to control coltan traffic. Then UN decided to suspend the trial against the above mentioned companies because the problem was "solved". Also U.K. government officials constituted an office called RAID to investigate on the war in Congo.
  76. Mrs Feeney, RAID director, said: “Essentially the UN was forced to drop the case but as they explained (in their reports), ‘solved’ meant that the initial allegations were substantiated”.
  77. Many nations and mostly USA forced UN to stop the trial.
  78. All mentioned companies now claim that they use only coltan from war-free areas in Congo. We know that these claims are false. In 2012 a military group of Mr. Ntaganda formerly involved in 1998 war, begun a civil war in Kivu, one of Congo's regions. Obviously Kivu is very rich of coltan. Once again a few rich people destroyed nature and placed human beings in great misery. Once again many people were forced to loose their lives digging in unfair conditions. We immediately request no more violence against nature and human kind.
  79. Nokia, Bayer, Ericsson, Siemens, Sony, Intel, Hitachi, IBM ,Alcatel, HP, AMD, Samsung, Nec, Motorola, Panasonic, LG, Dell, Apple , AVX, Traxys, Kemet, etc...etc.. We are aware of your current role of stealers of that mineral, stealers of the life of Congo's citizens. UN's trial bowed to your filthy aims,but now it is time to explain and pay for your criminal behaviour.
  80. The trial is the whole humankind.
  86. The UN trial of 2001 about congo's war in 1998 showed that the conflict was a fight to
  87. control Congo's coltan mines. Firms like Apple, Intel, IBM, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, etc... use great amounts of coltan in order to produce computers and cellular phones.We know that also in 1998 intel used lots of coltan,and that coltan comes from Congo. So we can say that intel contibutes indirectly to
  88. create the Congo's war in 1998.During Congo's coltan war 6 milion people lost their
  89. lives.We also know that,now,mininig companies that provide coltan to intel,are working in
  90. Congo.In 2012 a new civil war in growing up in Kivu.Kivu is Congo's region which has lots
  91. of coltan mines. The war of 2012 is by mr.Ntaganda and this army, formerly involved in 1998
  92. war.So,now,there's war in Congo and namely Congo is not a war free area.Intel says that
  93. from 2013 its coltan will come from conflict-free areas.So we ask to Intel:
  94. where do you take your coltan from 1999 to 2012?
  95. Why have not you developed a sustitute for coltan in this last 13 years?
  96.  Pristine ecosystems where destroyed in order to extract coltan and also lots of gorillas were killed.
  97. Coltan in digged whith bare hands in hinumane condition by cogolese people.
  98. Children usually dont'go school in order to dig the mineral.Coltan is also quite radioactive and
  99. miners has terrible healt problems.
  100. For Intel, desploiting Congo's people and devasting Nature in cheeper than develop new war-
  101. free thecnologies.    
  104. We underline that also in 2011 Intel promise to stop immidiately to use Congo's minerals.This never occours.So in 2012 Intel promises another time,to produce conflict free processors from 2013.Also Traxys substain that from 8 maj 2012 its minerals would come from conflict free areas,but we shows that Traxys is laying.This is prooved by "salvakalumba"'s mail in Traxy's dumped db.So great firms are completely unaffordable,they are only interested in making money. We speak to every human being , if reading about the atrocities of intel feel pain in your heart, now you can contribute to sort out the truth.
  105. OperationGreenRights offers you the compleate database of , please look inside and use the informations contained in order to protest freely and proof intel's responsability.
  107. " Leak ahead " against intel !
  108. 1° release
  110. To improove the efficency of the protest we also offer the " 15 $Bilion$ CONTACT " table.
  111. We found it under Data Base: IntelCEG Table: 15billionContacts.
  112. It's a huge list of email contacts by important members of major companies. Many of them are directly or indirectly involved in trafficking coltan from Congo.
  117. 2°phase released
  119.     Pwned INTEL DATABASE
  122. release By MexicanH Team
  123. Special thanks to MexicanH Team RT
  125.     $Bilion$Contact€mail$
  127.  ( nokia, motorola, samsung, vishay, nasa, many gov etc..etc..)
  130.     CE-MEMBERS PDF
  133. (File size: 31.77 MB)
  135. PRESS:
  136. TWITTER:
  138. This time OperationGreenRights propose you a little leak.
  139. The following Email was sent by to TRAXYS firm. We know that now a civil war is going on in Congo. So Congo surely isn't a war-free area. Ovbiously no one should desploit countries during a civil war so, as explained in the following mail, the lead ore in rapidly taken to Zambia, so noone can proove that the ore is digged in Congo.The aforementioned civil war, is due to mr. Ntaganda, a war-lord formerly involved in the war in Congo of 1993. RAID, which is an organization or the english government, and also UN, demonstrated that the war in 1993 was a war for coltan.Congo, which is now troubled by another civil war, is also reach of many other minerals different from coltan, e.g. lead ore.Whit this mail mr salvakalumba is triyng to sell lead ore from Congo to Traxis. So that leak shows that firms are digging and selling minerals from Congo. Further more, TRAXYS declarate, on 8 May 2012 that the sourcing of minerals from Democratic Republic of East-Congo is suspended in order to to protect its reputation from any appearance of wrongdoing. This mail shows that declaration is false, TRAXYS is clearly interested in Congo's lead ore. For this reason "salvakalumba" move the lead ore digged in Congo to Zambia so no one can proove that the lead ore is digged in Congo. This permit TRAXYS to say that they realy believe that the lead ore is from Zambia and not from Congo.
  140. We know that, in Congo, miners suffer terrible work conditions and nature is destroied in order to extract ore. From 2012 another civil war is growing up in Congo.Great companies dont'care to all this things, they continue to dig devast Congo's Nature forcing congo's people in war and slavery!
  142. the next email is from Traxys DB :
  144. | 4, chemin public golf DRC | NULL | cogimex | May 18 2012 5:04AM | | 1442 | HI, we are here by to let you know that we are able to supply this products to you.the quantity available now is 30000 Mt and the grade is between 65%pb and 72%pb, not less then that.Right now , we have started moving the lead ore from DRC to our warehouse in chingola Zambia.Plz let us know if you are interested.Regards Thierry
  147. | Gl. Strandvej 30                                                                                   | 2990 Nivaa, Denmark    | Envirotec Denmark ApS | May  7 2012  9:38AM | | 1424 | Dear Traxys, \n\nWe have access to some Tantal & Niobium ( Coltan ) 5 tons pr. month and are looking for at partner to process and refine this. Please contact us. Best regards Steen B
  149. The Following links contain dump of complete Traxys DB :
  152. *Update: 04/06/2012
  154. 1°part of dump DB :
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