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Oran Mini - Nephene Stops Rolling For Curry

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  1. [21:55:24] <Raven> Evening of Spring 90! Raven heads to the Lazing Slaking after a long, frightful day, filled with insanity and nonsense.  
  2. [21:56:09] <Nephene> Surprisingly, Nephene isn't in. Amon is manning her place at the counter, cleaning out a few steins.
  3. [21:56:56] <Raven> Raven takes a stool at the bar.  "Amon...where is everyone?"  
  4. [21:57:29] <Nephene> <Few customers. Nephene lost track of the new one,> says Amon's distinctive head-voice.
  5. [21:57:40] <Raven> "The...new one?"
  6. [21:58:54] <Nephene> <A Krabby she got recently. It's a wanderer.> He sets a dried stein down, and slides it over to Barkeep's usual place at the counter, ready for replacement.
  7. [21:59:37] * Barkeep comes down the stairs yawning.
  8. [21:59:40] <Raven> "Oh, been a while since I stopped by, hadn't heard of that."
  9. [21:59:50] <Nephene> <He's an odd one.>
  10. [21:59:52] <Barkeep> "Huh... oh, Raven!"
  11. [21:59:59] * Barkeep rushes over to the counter
  12. [22:00:05] <Barkeep> "I'm sorry, have you been waiting long?"
  13. [22:00:11] <Barkeep> "I told Neph to wake me up... where is she?"
  14. [22:00:16] <Nephene> <I was told to watch over things here while she went looking.>
  15. [22:01:05] <Raven> "Naw, I just got here...you know I just realized, I've...never eaten anything here, do you guys serve food at all? Starvin'."
  16. [22:01:13] <Nephene> <We do.>
  17. [22:01:29] <Barkeep> "Sure thing, hmm.."
  18. [22:01:36] <Nephene> <Nephene is the cook, however, and she only puts items that are more or less impossible to screw up on the menu.>
  19. [22:01:36] <Barkeep> "Well, what kind of food do you like, Raven?"
  20. [22:02:00] <Nephene> <Then again, I've never seen the scruffy one work with the pans.>
  21. [22:02:11] <Barkeep> "O-oi!"
  22. [22:02:12] <Nephene> Another stein slides down the counter.
  23. [22:02:29] <Barkeep> "Well... I mean marcel can cook so well if we really need it..."
  24. [22:02:37] * Barkeep rubs the back of his head nervously
  25. [22:02:38] <Raven> "Hah, I can relate to that," she says with a smile toward Amon.  "My cooking is very practical and boring.  But..favorite dish, eh..."
  26. [22:02:59] <Nephene> <Why so defensive?>
  27. [22:03:04] <Barkeep> "And... uh besides! I should be tending the bar."
  28. [22:03:08] <Nephene> <I simply said I've never seen you cook, not that you cannot.>
  29. [22:03:52] * Raven watches this banter, amused, as she thinks. "My ancestors would be rolling in their grave for this response, but poultry dishes. Specially Torchic."
  30. [22:04:21] <Barkeep> "Uhh, well it's uh, Nephene and Marcel are both better at it aren't they?"
  31. [22:04:31] <Nephene> <I wouldn't know. Let's see.>
  32. [22:04:49] <Barkeep> "Hey, so where's Neph?"
  33. [22:05:00] <Nephene> <Looking for the new one, as I told Raven.>
  34. [22:05:12] <Nephene> <I don't think he's gone far.>
  35. [22:05:15] <Barkeep> "You know what we should do? We should go looking for her to make sure she's okay."
  36. [22:06:03] <Raven> Raven looks around curiously. "Doubt she's gone far, I think I'd of seen her on the way over..."
  37. [22:06:03] <Nephene> <If anything, she's probably still in town.>
  38. [22:06:37] <Nephene> A burbling noise comes from under a seat near Raven.
  39. [22:07:08] <Barkeep> "Eh?"
  40. [22:07:22] <Barkeep> "That wouldn't happen to be..."
  41. [22:07:25] <Nephene> "Cooooo-coooo-sheeeee."
  42. [22:07:40] <Nephene> Indeed, it's a Krabby, thought one that's colored a deeper orange than usual.
  43. [22:08:14] <Raven> Raven looks down curiously, and tries to scoop him up, "Hey, you the new guy around here?"
  44. [22:08:15] <Barkeep> "There you are... come on, Neph is worried sick about you."
  45. [22:08:33] <Nephene> <What was his name, again....>
  46. [22:08:41] <Barkeep> "Karkata."
  47. [22:08:48] <Nephene> <Karkata, that's it.>
  48. [22:09:28] <Nephene> "Coooo-sheeeee," Karkata burbles as she's scooped up. He's somewhat sticky to the touch, like candy.
  49. [22:09:50] <Nephene> *he's
  50. [22:10:08] <Raven> "What on earth...are you covered in sugar or something?" she places him on the bartop
  51. [22:10:34] <Nephene> Burble burble. He extends a pincer towards Raven, as if offering a handshake.
  52. [22:10:46] <Barkeep> "Don't lick him. He might pinch your tongue."
  53. [22:11:07] <Barkeep> "And it might be rude."
  54. [22:11:39] <Nephene> Karkata burbles in disappointment. He's a bro! He wouldn't do that! But the licking part is pretty gross.
  55. [22:12:11] <Raven> Raven carefully...accepts the handshake, not wanting to hurt the little guy. "Karkata, got it.  I'm Raven."
  56. [22:13:48] <Nephene> Karkata's mouth bubbles happily, and shakes Raven's hand. He skitters sideways across the counter over to Barkeep, his feet tapping in a distinctive triplet rhythm.
  57. [22:14:02] <Nephene> <Mmm. Now I wonder where your sister ran off to.>
  58. [22:14:06] * Barkeep exhales, "Well, we should get you back to Neph, little guy."
  59. [22:14:16] <Raven> "Heh, nice little dance he has there."
  60. [22:14:21] <Nephene> "Cooooo-sheeeeeeee."
  61. [22:14:30] <Barkeep> "Oh, by the way..."
  62. [22:14:36] <Barkeep> "While I've got you here, come say hi to David."
  63. [22:14:42] <Nephene> He seems wholly unconcerned, and just seems to like being around new people.
  64. [22:14:44] * Barkeep plops the little Dialga on the counter.
  65. [22:15:55] <Nephene> "Cooo-sheeee?"
  66. [22:16:33] <Barkeep> "Di di di."
  67. [22:16:34] <Raven> "That thing IS awefully adorable, but I can't imagine how powerful it must really be to be involved in...whatever the hell happened earlier today."
  68. [22:17:00] <Barkeep> "Well, sometimes really strong things just happen to be really cute as well." he smiles.
  69. [22:18:21] <Nephene> Karkata offers the same pincer-shake as he tappity-tappity-taps over to David. His other pincer seems to mime the doffing of a top hat.
  70. [22:19:16] <Raven> The extremely obvious is lost on Raven, who has moved a few bar stools down to watch this little dance.  
  71. [22:19:50] <Barkeep> The dialga calmly leans towards the krabby and tries to lift up one of its feet to touch it.
  72. [22:20:05] <Barkeep> its legs seem a bit short and stubby for the task
  73. [22:20:39] <Nephene> Karkata simply meets the Dialga there, and shakes for him. Tappity-tap.
  74. [22:20:45] <Raven> "Maaan, I wish I had some of the references from back home on things like this...curious just what IS this little guy."
  75. [22:20:57] <Nephene> Amon grunts disapprovingly, clearly thinking that he has better things to be doing.
  76. [22:22:31] <Nephene> A breathless Nephene jogs into the inn moments later.
  77. [22:22:53] <Raven> "Oh, hey Nephene, found your krabby," she says with a wave.
  78. [22:23:15] <Nephene> "Oh, thank Arceus," she manages to say between breaths.
  79. [22:23:42] <Nephene> "I've been looking all over for him. I turned my back for a minute and he was gone. Probably making new friends without telling me."
  80. [22:23:59] <Barkeep> "He's pretty friendly."
  81. [22:24:08] <Nephene> "But troublesome."
  82. [22:24:42] <Raven> "I could imagine it'd be fairly easy for him to sneak out, being so small and all..."
  83. [22:25:21] <Barkeep> "I came up with a name right after my nap, Neph."
  84. [22:25:25] <Barkeep> "I'm going to call him David."
  85. [22:25:43] <Nephene> "David? I guess it works."
  86. [22:25:56] <Nephene> "Strikes me as a little mundane, considering what it can do, but he's yours."
  87. [22:26:30] * Nephene retrieves a towel under the counter, one specifically reserved for picking up the Krabby without dealing with all the stickiness.
  88. [22:26:34] <Nephene> "As for you, little one."
  89. [22:26:51] <Nephene> "I don't mind if you go out, but could you at least -tell- me first?"
  90. [22:26:57] <Barkeep> "I dunno, I thought it was either that or Thomas."
  91. [22:26:59] <Nephene> "I might even take you there if you're curious."
  92. [22:27:08] <Barkeep> "I think I like David better though. More modern."
  93. [22:27:11] <Nephene> Karkata burbles.
  94. [22:27:13] <Raven> "Eh, I think it's fitting.  Least for now, hopefully he'll grow into the name...and not 30 feet high."
  95. [22:27:52] <Nephene> "Anyway, sorry I wasn't here."
  96. [22:28:02] <Nephene> "Would've woken you up as soon as Raven got here."
  97. [22:28:02] <Raven> "I mean, he looks draconic, who know how big he'll get."
  98. [22:28:32] <Nephene> Karkata tappity-taps out of Nephene's grasp, and back onto the counter.
  99. [22:29:15] <Raven> "Oh, I just got here myself practically, no worries.  We were talkin' about cooking just before your little dancing friend popped up."
  100. [22:29:31] <Nephene> "Cooking! Right, can I get you anything?"
  101. [22:29:33] <Barkeep> "I'm not sure I've ever seen a full grown dragon in person."
  102. [22:30:49] <Raven> "About that...what do you serve, Nephene? I don't think I've asked you before."
  103. [22:31:03] <Nephene> "Simple fare, really."
  104. [22:31:22] <Raven> "And...I'm not sure if I can call what my mental refrence is a dragon," she shudders.
  105. [22:31:41] * Barkeep gives a curious tilt of the head.
  106. [22:31:50] <Nephene> "Breakfast all day, spaghetti, basic curry and rice, sandwiches, stuff like that."
  107. [22:32:25] <Nephene> <As I said, items that are impossible to mess up.> Amon chimes in. Nephene frowns.
  108. [22:32:52] <Raven> "You got any poultry in stock?"
  109. [22:32:59] <Nephene> "Yep."
  110. [22:33:00] <Barkeep> "We do, actually."
  111. [22:34:34] <Raven> "hmmm," she thinks... "Can you make curry with poultry? I've never had curry wouldn't know."
  112. [22:35:16] <Nephene> "Sure can. How hot do you want it?"
  113. [22:35:25] <Barkeep> "You like spicy foods, Raven?"
  114. [22:35:54] <Nephene> Already, she's searching the pantry for any needed ingredients.
  115. [22:36:32] <Raven> "Yup!  Love spicy things.  Carry some hot peppers and other spicy herbs and dried goods when I'm out in the wild for a while to spice up whatever I hutn down.  But...how spicy indeed, uh,hm. Let's go with a little above mild? Just cause I'm not sure what to expect."
  116. [22:37:14] <Nephene> "Red curry, then."
  117. [22:37:53] <Raven> "Why the curious look, Barkeep?" She says, head tilt of her own.
  118. [22:37:53] <Barkeep> "Haha, maybe some morning you should swing by and she can make you and me an omelette. I usually have mine with some cheese, peppers, ketchup, and combusken."
  119. [22:38:17] <Barkeep> "Just wondering what kind of dragon she's talking about."
  120. [22:39:29] <Raven> She frowns.  "You remember that ghost, Vodun.  He was one of my granpapa's companions."
  121. [22:39:49] <Barkeep> "I thought it might have something to do with him. He have a dragon?"
  122. [22:40:50] <Nephene> "Is this about the business in the tower?"
  123. [22:41:15] <Raven> "He's...got a lot of interesting companions.  Lebowski, a huge metallic bug, biggest one I've ever seen. Spends most the time napping, but is super friendly.  Kasim, who is Maki's grandpa as well.  Old dog, can speak like Amon here, but doesn't say much, for example.  Most of them roam around the house freely, cept that one.  He doesn't let that one out much."
  124. [22:42:25] <Barkeep> "Why not?"
  125. [22:42:59] <Raven> "I don't know the story behind it, he didn't like doing it with others around, would usually wait till after midnight.  Saw it a few times by chance.  That one..." she frowns, "Let's just say you don't want David to grow up like that, there had to be a reason he didn't want me meeting it."
  126. [22:43:35] <Nephene> "Who is your grandfather, anyway?"
  127. [22:43:44] * Nephene prepares the rice.
  128. [22:43:46] <Clarity> WHOMP.
  129. [22:43:58] <Clarity> "I told you, Missy, don't be so stuffy~!"
  130. [22:44:01] <Raven> "What in the -" she looks toward the door, surprised, frown gone.
  131. [22:44:15] <Clarity> WHOMPWHOMPWHOMPWHOMPWHOMP.  The knocking sounds like it's being done with more than just a full fist this time.
  132. [22:44:43] <Nephene> "....."
  133. [22:44:57] <Barkeep> "The door opens."
  134. [22:45:25] <Clarity> "You've GOTTA try the new stuff they have in!  Neffy's curry is REALLY GR- WHOA!"  The door opens.  So much so that a teenager falls on her face, letting go of Submission's arm.
  135. [22:45:50] <Raven> "Oh, shoulda guessed it was Clarity."
  136. [22:46:19] <Clarity> Everyone's favorite Shinx follows behind and facepalms.  With his paw.  Facepawlms.
  137. [22:46:35] <Submission> "I did not knock. I swear," Submission excuses himself.
  138. [22:46:40] <Nephene> "Um....hi!"
  139. [22:46:44] <Submission> (Also, geezus, facepawlm? Really?)
  140. [22:46:47] <Nephene> "Anything I can get for you?"
  141. [22:46:55] <Clarity> (Yeah, I gave myself a real facepalm after typing that)
  142. [22:46:58] <Barkeep> "Oh, good evening, Sub!"
  143. [22:47:01] <Raven> (I facepawlmed at facepawlm)
  144. [22:47:18] <Barkeep> "Thanks again for helping put that window in the bar."
  145. [22:47:21] <Raven> "Oh, hey Submission; haven't seen you around for a while," she says with a smile.
  146. [22:47:27] <Clarity> "Hi!"  Flipping to her feet in an exaggerated way, Clarity brushes herself off.  And then SLAMS the door closed with a foot.
  147. [22:47:37] <Submission> "Evenin', Barkeep. Glad to do the work. How's business?"
  148. [22:48:02] <Barkeep> "Could always be better. I'm thinking of trying that tournament some time soon..."
  149. [22:48:49] * Clarity just kinda walks in next to him afterward, with a big goofy younger sister-esque grin. Does it work? No, because she definitely isn't a younger sister now anything resembling one at all. Sky, on the other hand, has a strange blue growth with a shell protruding from his back. Oddly, he doesn't seem to mind.
  150. [22:48:49] <Raven> "And Nephene, he isn't my grandfather.  He's my great grandfather.  I always called him Granpapa for short.  That's a ...long story, though.  What's this about a tournament?"
  151. [22:49:45] <Barkeep> "Oh, right, hey raven, do you know if it's illegal to bet on a bunch of people fighting eachother in a ring outside the bar?"
  152. [22:50:16] <Clarity> "Oh!"  She PLOPs down next to Raven with a big yaaaaaaaaaawn.  "Good mornin' to you too!"  Invading others' privacy?  What's that.  The legendary derp herself barely even noticed people were talking.
  153. [22:50:16] <Raven> "Like a...boxing tournament, or a Pokemon tournament?"
  154. [22:50:39] <Barkeep> "Which do you think I can get more money for?"
  155. [22:50:45] <Barkeep> "I mean uh"
  156. [22:50:48] <Barkeep> "Participants."
  157. [22:50:49] <Nephene> "Whatever's safer."
  158. [22:51:00] <Nephene> "I'm not entirely sure this is a good idea, though."
  159. [22:51:14] <Barkeep> "You're right, it could be dangerous..."
  160. [22:51:17] <Barkeep> "We'll make them sign a waiver."
  161. [22:51:23] <Clarity> Saltsky leaps up into her lap, being poked a couple times by the energetic teenager.  "Ooh!  Ooh ooh ooh!  Sky would be awesome at one of those!  Look how awesome he is!"
  162. [22:51:32] <Raven> Raven laughs, and roughs up Clarity's head a little with a noogy of sorts. "Hello to you too, kiddo - And honestly I think you'd get way more interest with a Pokemon battle tournament."
  163. [22:52:20] <Raven> "More room for involvement, more exciting, and probably less lethal if we have that kid with the medigun on hand."
  164. [22:52:25] <Barkeep> "Oh really then..."
  165. [22:52:42] <Nephene> "More destructive, though."
  166. [22:52:44] <Submission> "Dos might enjoy a battle or two..." Submission says absentmindedly.
  167. [22:52:51] <Barkeep> "That's why they're fighting outside, see?"
  168. [22:52:52] <Clarity> "Eheheheh.  Neffy~!  I'm huuuuungry~!  I told Missy I'd take him to try some of that SUPER MEGA ULTRA-SPICY curry of yours from the other day, can we have some?"
  169. [22:53:06] <Raven> "Legality for a battle tournament should be pretty flexible, would have to probably fill out some paper work at town hall."
  170. [22:53:14] <Nephene> "....two plates of green chicken curry, then?"
  171. [22:53:25] <Barkeep> "Hmm... I think a 1,000 gold entry fee should be good."
  172. [22:53:37] <Clarity> "Yeah~!"  SLAM.  Imperials go on the counter.  Unfortunately Clarity is loaded with them.
  173. [22:53:42] <Barkeep> "Cover the cost of hiring that kid with the gun..."
  174. [22:53:59] <Nephene> "And maintenance."
  175. [22:54:03] <Raven> "I mean hell I'd be up for that myself," she cracks her knuckles.  "Any chance to train the little cadets is a good one."
  176. [22:54:12] <Barkeep> "Maitenence, and contribute to the prize pool."
  177. [22:54:16] <Nephene> "Maybe charge for booth space and seats."
  178. [22:54:31] <Barkeep> "And running some bets on the side..."
  179. [22:54:37] <Nephene> "...."
  180. [22:54:52] <Nephene> "I'm not entirely sure this is a good idea, but we do need to make some money."
  181. [22:55:05] <Raven> "I'm not sure on how gamblin' would work without permits and such.  Doubt we got the propper stuff around here."
  182. [22:55:07] <Barkeep> "Haha, next time I think I'm going to die, I can feel comforted knowing that my casket will be weighed down by mountains of gold!"
  183. [22:55:11] <Nephene> "Maybe get some new people into town, too."
  184. [22:55:15] <Barkeep> "Uhh, I mean."
  185. [22:55:22] <Barkeep> "Yes. Publicity is good."
  186. [22:55:35] * Barkeep polishes a glass. Pokerface.jpg
  187. [22:55:40] <Clarity> Hands SLAM down on the bar.  "Whoa whoa whoa WHOA WHOA WHOA.  Money?"
  188. [22:55:45] <Clarity> "... To make Sky look awesome?"
  189. [22:55:58] <Barkeep> "Yes, there will be a fabulous prize pool."
  190. [22:56:24] <Raven> "Well, let's just be relieved that that whole fiasco at the tower was just my ollld buddy trying to scare us to death."
  191. [22:56:36] <Barkeep> "Maybe I could even contribute this band I found on the ground."
  192. [22:56:38] <Clarity> "Mmmmmnnnn~!"  She squirms around in her seat while Sky gives a look of absolute horror and frantically shakes his head.  "Okay!  How much you need?"
  193. [22:56:41] * Barkeep puts the choice band on the table.
  194. [22:56:47] <Raven> "...granted that Ricki kid did something really fuckin' stupid.  I got no idea how to resolve that problem."
  195. [22:56:50] <Barkeep> "Or this rock I found." puts down the smooth rock
  196. [22:56:59] <Submission> (Has Nephene actually put down food?)
  197. [22:57:03] * Barkeep puts down the arm. "Or this arm I found."
  198. [22:57:09] <Nephene> (Nope.)
  199. [22:57:11] <Raven> "..."
  200. [22:57:17] <Raven> "Did you reallykeep that."
  201. [22:57:18] <Clarity> "..."
  202. [22:57:21] * Clarity pokes it.
  203. [22:57:31] <Submission> Submission has been very quiet as of late, but it's not uncommon for the giant to say little, everyone knows. He waits for his food silently, watching the ruckus next to him.
  204. [22:57:38] <Barkeep> "I'm taking it to lisa tomorrow."
  205. [22:57:45] <Barkeep> "She might know what it does."
  206. [22:57:53] <Raven> "I just hope that isn't my hand."
  207. [22:57:57] <Barkeep> For sub's benefit, this is a completely skeletal severed arm.
  208. [22:57:59] <Raven> "That'd be a bit much."
  209. [22:58:08] * Nephene pours some red chicken curry on a bed of rice, and slides the plate, complete with utensils, over to Raven.
  210. [22:58:08] <Barkeep> "Huh..."
  211. [22:58:17] <Nephene> With that, she gets to work on the green curry.
  212. [22:58:21] * Barkeep holds it up and eyes it carefully, looking back between raven's hand and the arm
  213. [22:58:24] <Barkeep> :/
  214. [22:58:29] <Nephene> "I am so lost."
  215. [22:58:30] <Clarity> Head-tilt to one side, then the other, then the other, then the other.  "What... tower is this, again?"
  216. [22:58:47] <Raven> "you know...that whole fake body thing."
  217. [22:58:54] <Barkeep> "A new guy in town owns it now. It's that old tower that was boarded up that everyone says was haunted."
  218. [22:59:02] <Submission> Submission's eyebrows raise at the skeletal arm. "Interesting catch, Barkeep."
  219. [22:59:11] <Barkeep> "Lucky coin found it for me."
  220. [22:59:13] <Nephene> "All curry plates are 200 P."
  221. [22:59:14] <Barkeep> "So it might be useful."
  222. [22:59:21] <Clarity> ... Her eyes go wide.  "Whoa... whoa whoa whoa.  THAT tower?"
  223. [22:59:25] <Raven> "With that Ricki kid - I swear I was about to chop his arm off - draggin' one of them around."
  224. [22:59:26] <Nephene> "You can pay when you're done."
  225. [22:59:31] <Barkeep> "Maybe it's ricki's arm."
  226. [23:00:03] <Clarity> "D-Don't tell me there really were real ghosts in there?"
  227. [23:00:16] <Barkeep> "Yeah... there were..."
  228. [23:00:28] <Raven> Raven looks at the dish and remembers she's starving.  Smiles and takes a spoonful curiously.
  229. [23:00:31] * Barkeep shudders.
  230. [23:00:39] <Clarity> "Hooooly crap, that's SO AWESOME!"  And then both her hands grabbed the double-creature, lifting it into the air.  "SKYYYYYYYYYYY!"
  231. [23:00:47] <Clarity> "We.  HAVE.  To go there."
  232. [23:00:49] <Barkeep> "It wasn't awesome..."
  233. [23:00:51] <Barkeep> "Not even a little bit."
  234. [23:01:00] <Barkeep> "Well until the end when I met David."
  235. [23:01:03] <Raven> "There was...a Ghost.  A very very troublesome one." ; ;
  236. [23:01:05] * Barkeep motions to a tiny dialga on the counter.
  237. [23:01:12] <Clarity> "Nooo nonononononoway, real ghosts?  REAL GHOSTS?  Tell me more, more more more more more~"
  238. [23:01:18] <Nephene> "....."
  239. [23:01:45] <Barkeep> "It wasn't fun. We all thought we were going to die, one of us maybe did twice, and I think Ricki just doomed all of humanity."
  240. [23:01:46] * Clarity drops the creature on the bar. Salt oozes off and goes over to greet the minidragon, causing Sky to shake off and jump back onto the floor.
  241. [23:01:50] <Barkeep> "Not to mention his poor dog."
  242. [23:02:03] <Clarity> "But... but that sounds like..."
  243. [23:02:15] <Barkeep> "Speaking of which, he is NOT allowed in this establishment anymore."
  244. [23:02:17] * Clarity trembles a little. Lip quivering.
  245. [23:02:22] <Clarity> ".... ADVENTURE!"
  246. [23:03:16] <Raven> Raven continues to pick at her food, trying to forget all the tramautizing pranks she suffered as a child. "And this is really tasty.  I'll try something a bit spicier next time now that I know what it's like!"
  247. [23:03:24] <Nephene> "Claud, are you going to put up a sign at the door?"
  248. [23:03:35] <Nephene> "I think I overcooked the chicken a bit...."
  249. [23:03:48] <Submission> "That boy seems off," Submission comments, but his eyes wander over Clarity and quickly up to the ceiling.
  250. [23:03:49] <Nephene> "I got that recipe from Flynn, but if you want the quality stuff, you should go to his place."
  251. [23:04:07] <Nephene> "I'm mostly here because my food is quick and cheap to make."
  252. [23:04:27] <Barkeep> "Neph, I would if the boy could read."
  253. [23:04:38] <Nephene> "He can't...."
  254. [23:04:40] * Nephene sighs. "Oh, dear."
  255. [23:04:46] <Raven> "Claud?" She says curiously. "Is that your actual name, 'Barkeep?' "
  256. [23:04:53] * Nephene lets the curry simmer.
  257. [23:05:03] <Raven> "And yeah I dunno what the hell to do about the puppy demon thing."
  258. [23:05:07] <Nephene> "Everyone calls him Barkeep."
  259. [23:05:08] <Clarity> Another head-tilt.  All this time, he's just been 'Mr. Bark.'
  260. [23:05:13] <Barkeep> "It... well kind of."
  261. [23:05:14] * Nephene simply leaves it at that.
  262. [23:06:00] * Barkeep wants desperately to tell Raven she can call him Claud but is a bit shy about saying it in front of Clarity.
  263. [23:06:17] <Raven> "I'm considering culsulting Terry for ways to blow it up."
  264. [23:06:24] <Raven> "I never thought I'd say that."
  265. [23:06:33] <Clarity> "What..."  Sky looks up shaking his head again, as if trying to say 'don't even start.'  Is he listened to?  No, he isn't, Clarity stares straight into the eyes of the others in pure excitement.  "What kinda guy is it who just moved into this place, anyway?  Does he like, own the ghosts too?"
  266. [23:06:47] * Nephene scoops out rice onto two more plates.
  267. [23:06:57] <Balthazar> "HEEEEEEY, RAAAAAVEN!"
  268. [23:07:02] <Raven> (good thing she's going to do it anyway then!)
  269. [23:07:04] * Balthazar shouts from outside.
  270. [23:07:04] <Barkeep> "Speaking of things blowing up."
  271. [23:07:22] <Nephene> "....was there something planned here that I wasn't aware of?"
  272. [23:07:26] <Raven> "Well, that was awefully convienent."
  273. [23:07:40] <Clarity> "Why does that not sound as familiar as it should?"  Sky shrugs.
  274. [23:07:45] <Raven> "Not that I know of, other then mentioning to Claud I was going to stop by later."
  275. [23:07:50] <Barkeep> "Oi, kid! You can come in."
  276. [23:08:10] <Balthazar> "I THOOGHT I VAS BANNED, EH?"
  277. [23:08:25] <Barkeep> "You weren't banned. But you still have to mind the sign!"
  278. [23:08:43] * Barkeep points to a new sign he put up that says 'NO BLASTERS'
  279. [23:08:54] <Submission> (Does the Lazing Slaking do wine and ales and such?)
  280. [23:08:55] * Clarity hungrily eyes the plates, drooling a little, while waiting for them to be served.
  281. [23:09:03] * Nephene serves the green chicken curry on the rice, and slides the plates over to Submission and Clarity, retrieving a set of utensils from under the counter.
  282. [23:09:07] <Nephene> "Enjoy, you two."
  283. [23:09:13] <Barkeep> (they do)
  284. [23:09:16] <Nephene> "It's not the best, but I'm trying to learn."
  285. [23:09:33] <Balthazar> "OKAY!" He opens the door and enters the bar, blaster in hand, but holds it as soon as he notices the sign. On the other there seems to be a small strange green statue with a clock on its belly.
  286. [23:09:52] <Submission> Submission digs in quietly. Boy, he isn't saying much at all tonight! He seems to be eyeing the whorls and grains in the wood carefully.
  287. [23:10:02] <Balthazar> "Raveeeen, i built ze clock your friend asked."
  288. [23:10:06] <Clarity> "All riiiiiight~!  Thanks a bunch, Neffy!"  Grabbing said utensils, the happy teen also digs in.
  289. [23:10:18] <Raven> Raven snickers at the sight, still eating slowly.  "Oh, figured that's what this was about."
  290. [23:10:47] * Nephene is still very lost. "What's going on, again?"
  291. [23:11:25] <Submission> "S'good, Neph. Thanks," is his short response to the food. He doesn't seem to be bothered at all by the curry.
  292. [23:11:49] <Raven> "Maka asked Balth to make a clockwork robot for the library.  And Balth, you're not going to believe who we ran into today."
  293. [23:11:58] <Balthazar> "It's a valking clock, and it can bellow a ring vhen it's 6 am!" He then notices the other persons on the bar and waves at them. "Hey, you guys vant robots too. And explosives?"
  294. [23:12:07] * Clarity scarfs half of it down before an Omanyte shuffles over with extremely sad eyes. Clarity has a staring contest with it.
  295. [23:12:23] <Balthazar> "You ran into...?"
  296. [23:12:47] <Clarity> "Okay, one bite."  Spooning it out to the shellfish, she suddenly turns around with a loud gasp while dropping it.  He is happy at this and starts eating the whole spoon.  "ROBOTS?"
  297. [23:12:49] <Raven> "Vodun.  He's been in town longer then either of us I think, go figure."
  298. [23:12:53] <Raven> She shudders.
  299. [23:13:08] <Barkeep> "Nothing explodes in this bar either."
  300. [23:14:09] <Barkeep> "Robots on the other hand..."
  301. [23:14:13] <Barkeep> "Well what kind of robots."
  302. [23:14:14] <Barkeep> "What can they do?"
  303. [23:14:31] <Balthazar> "...Vodun." His tone suddenly turns sour. "Oh, pray tell, vhere can i find 'im. I really vant to thank 'im for all ze pranks and songs 'e gave me." Suddenly Balthazar's starts smiling with a creepy face.
  304. [23:15:20] <Raven> "He's left town.  That's the bad news I guess, um..."
  305. [23:15:27] <Balthazar> "Yes, i vill thank zat purple blob for scaring me vhen i vas mixing nitroglycerin, oh 'e vill pay."
  306. [23:15:29] <Clarity> "Rrrrrobots."  Staaaaring, staaaaaring.  And that's when it's apparent that the whole spoon is in Salt's mouth.
  307. [23:15:38] <Raven> "you remember the story about the ditto in the bottle who was absolutely insane."
  308. [23:16:29] * Balthazar puts the small Elgyem-shaped robot on the floor and sits next to Raven. The robot waddles over Charity, marching as the clock ticks. "Ze urmarse priestess?"
  309. [23:17:24] <Raven> "Yes, the urmabutt priestest.  I don't a clue how the shit it happened, but she somehow was in that old guard tower, had cursed Vodun under her service, and planned to kill us all."
  310. [23:17:36] * Clarity leaps off the stool/chair/etc to bend down and look at this thing in total fascination while- Charity? Oh come on, stop that, it was only funny when Joanna did that. Still, Sky sighs.
  311. [23:17:47] <Raven> "And then that Ricki kid...fed her to his Lillipup.  Pretty sure he killed it, and now the priestess is a puppy."
  312. [23:18:16] <Barkeep> "Speaking of which, hey balth, you're good at making things explode, right?"
  313. [23:18:39] <Balthazar> "Zat is the stupidest story i ever 'eard. Vhich means... It's related to our old folks all right, eh?"
  314. [23:18:52] <Nephene> "Your old folks?"
  315. [23:18:58] <Raven> "...I fear it is."
  316. [23:18:58] <Nephene> "Did they know each other?"
  317. [23:19:11] <Submission> After finishing the curry, Submission waits patiently for the conversation to die down a bit, watching Barkeep for when the man has a bit.
  318. [23:19:14] <Barkeep> "Wait... are you two related?"
  319. [23:19:22] * Clarity keeps watching the robot go. Salt spits the spoon out and starts eating the ~third of the curry that's left.
  320. [23:19:25] <Raven> "Oh, it's related to my granpapa.  Yes.  And no, not blood related - do you want to explain this or me?"
  321. [23:19:44] <Balthazar> "Explosions? Yeah, but i don't think i 'ave enough gunpowder and nitroglycerin for now. I am vaiting until supplies from ze city arrive."
  322. [23:20:00] <Balthazar> "You are my sister all ze same!"
  323. [23:20:00] * Barkeep shrugs and turns over to Sub, "Can I get you anything to chase it down?"
  324. [23:20:54] <Submission> "Chase what?" Submission asks, plainly oblivious to the conversation.
  325. [23:20:57] <Balthazar> Meanwhile, the robot stops as its heat opens in half, revealing a bell from inside! It jingles seven times.
  326. [23:21:31] * Clarity lets out "oooooh"s and "aaaaaah"s. The omanyte continues to chomp.
  327. [23:21:45] <Barkeep> "That curry, Sub."
  328. [23:21:55] <Barkeep> "Can I get you something to drink, in other words?"
  329. [23:22:01] <Raven> "Daaaw oh you," she puts an arm around him.  "Basically, his uncle and my granpapa worked together out in the eastern isles.  They became pretty good friends, and ended up livin' close together in the capitol.  So we kinda grew up together."
  330. [23:22:48] <Barkeep> A tiny little dragon sits patiently on the counter, watching the little robot.
  331. [23:23:24] <Clarity> After the seventh bell, Clarity's peripheral vision eyes the curry and realizes what's going on with a loud scream.  "WHOA!  You can't have all that!"
  332. [23:23:34] * Balthazar gets flustered. "Yeah, pretty much zat. Raven vent to ze military academy vhile i went to ze university."
  333. [23:23:55] <Raven> "But...yeah, this all comes back to that priestest puppy.  I -think- I should probably write home about this."
  334. [23:23:57] <Clarity> The Omanyte on the plate gives a quizzical expression for a second before his eyes look like they're about to bulge out of his body.  He falls over.
  335. [23:25:01] <Submission> "Oh, yeah, actually. What's good for spicy dishes alcohol-wards?"
  336. [23:25:36] * Clarity shrugs and picks up the spoon, umaware of the saliva on it. And keeps eating the curry without a wipe.
  337. [23:25:45] <Raven> "They had a loooot of really odd stories, that one was one of the odder.  Scary to think if it's true, what else is."
  338. [23:26:07] <Balthazar> "Vell, of course! A human hating shapeshifter on ze loose is something you'd report to ze authorities!"
  339. [23:26:37] <Balthazar> "Vhy you guys didn't seized it? It shouldn't even 'ave left ze tower!"
  340. [23:26:50] <Barkeep> "Does some neat vodka sound good to you?"
  341. [23:26:51] <Raven> "Oh, it's seized."
  342. [23:27:23] <Raven> "Just the local retard, I'm sorry for the harsh words but come on, has it in an apricorn ball.  She seems to be powerless. For now."
  343. [23:27:45] <Balthazar> "Zhen dispose of it. Uncle made a mistake vhen 'e did not threw it inside a volcano. A Pok├ęball vill not 'old it for long. Not longer zhan a bottle."
  344. [23:27:57] <Clarity> "Aah~!"  TINKTINKTINKTINK.  And without a single bit of liquid, Clarity finishes the curry and gives a big grin as the utensil is dropped on the plate loudly.  Salt seems like he's struggling to not blow up.
  345. [23:28:08] <Submission> "Vodka... sure. How do they make that, again?" Sub asks, probably not the first time he's asked Barkeep about alcohol brewing. Wonder what he's up to?
  346. [23:28:12] <Raven> "Well the thing is, she's literally stuck inside a Lillipup body, and can't use her powers."
  347. [23:28:39] <Raven> "Buuuut, we could seriously use a Shaman down here or something I dunno shit about how to handle this."
  348. [23:29:29] <Barkeep> "Well... usually by distilling grains such as Rye or Wheat..."
  349. [23:29:52] <Balthazar> "Ah, a 'Shaman'." He airquotes the last word. "Und exorcising it outside of ze Lillipup is a good idea. It almost killed adventurers more experienced zhan everyone on ze town!"
  350. [23:30:46] <Raven> "Well what do you supose we do? strap dynomite to it? Ask your alien friend to use some of his tech to destroy her?  I can't think of many things that don't risk her escape."
  351. [23:30:48] <Barkeep> "But there's actually quite a few ways to produce it. Potatoes, Sugar beets, molasses, rice, even soybeans."
  352. [23:30:58] <Balthazar> "I just... It's a serious thing ve are dealing vith, Raven. It's a really scary story from ze past, that should be buried."
  353. [23:31:38] <Balthazar> "Ve fill ze Lillipup vith explosives, then send it on orbit vith ze UFO."
  354. [23:31:42] <Clarity> "Neffyyyyyyy!"  Pushing the plate forward... well, that's all that happens.  Would anyone expect Clarity to actually be listening to all this?  Nah.  Was she?  Oh ho ho ho.  A big, snarky grin keeps being worn with a gigglefit coming from the teenager.  "It was really frickin' great, thanks a lotsabunch!"
  355. [23:31:57] <Raven> "We could still use a second opinion before doin' something detrimental."
  356. [23:32:05] <Clarity> "And... I think he needs some water."  A point to the VERY WATER-DWELLING POCKET MONSTER.
  357. [23:32:17] <Balthazar> "Saving ze vorld is not detrimental!"
  358. [23:32:22] <Submission> "So, really, anything could be used so long as it's starchy, eh?" Submission answers, pondering.
  359. [23:32:37] <Barkeep> "Pretty much, actually."
  360. [23:32:47] <Raven> "But what if we screw up and she gets free?!  Maybe she'll eat the explosion or some weird shit!  We don't know what she is."
  361. [23:33:14] <Nephene> "....right, hold on."
  362. [23:33:27] * Nephene pours Clarity a glass of water from a pitcher.
  363. [23:33:28] <Balthazar> "Zat's vhy ze orbit part. On space she vill be ze Alien's problem."
  364. [23:33:51] <Submission> "Hmm... Interesting. Now, you have a wine cellar here. What makes a good wine cellar?"
  365. [23:34:06] <Clarity> "Thanks!"  Grabbing it, it's very carefully tilted so that the Omanyte gets a good drink.  Massive gulps.  Clarity chugs the rest.
  366. [23:34:13] <Nephene> "Gramps might be a better person to ask for that, Submission."
  367. [23:34:40] <Raven> "Just...for now, we can be thankful she's trapped. Again."
  368. [23:35:03] <Barkeep> "Well the big one is actually over at Mac's."
  369. [23:35:36] <Clarity> The glass of water slams down.  SLAMS down on the table.  "You... people..."
  370. [23:35:48] <Clarity> "Are... SO AWESOME!"  The teenager's eyes sparkle.
  371. [23:35:54] <Raven> She shakes her head, turning her attention back to the curry.  "I mean, it could be worse. And what the hell are you goin' on about, Clarity?"
  372. [23:36:11] * Balthazar shrugs. "I... Guess so, eh?" He then turns to Clarity. "Vhat. You vant a robot too or...?"
  373. [23:36:16] <Submission> "Sure. Do you know anything about keeping alcohol at all then? Barrels of ale and the like?"
  374. [23:36:19] <Clarity> "Skyyyyy, we gotta go see this, don't we?  This creepy tower, this possessed dog... oh man, oh man, oh man, they don't even WRITE stories this good!"
  375. [23:36:34] <Clarity> "..."
  376. [23:36:36] <Barkeep> "Well sure, a bit. Why do you ask?"
  377. [23:36:43] <Clarity> "... And a robot sounds awesome.  Really really awesome."
  378. [23:37:10] <Raven> "Clarity, we have enough totally batshit stories to write a library."
  379. [23:37:16] <Balthazar> "Uh, it's just clockvork. And miniaturized chips, but mostly clockvork."
  380. [23:38:04] <Clarity> "Ahahaha!  I bet you could wri..."  ...  Her face freezes.  "Library.  ... Library."
  381. [23:38:12] <Clarity> "Write a..."
  382. [23:38:39] <Clarity> "OHMIGOD, THAT'S IT!"  SLAMMING imperials on the table (again), she peps up and scoops up both tinymons, twirling away from the bar.
  383. [23:38:51] <Nephene> "....."
  384. [23:39:03] <Balthazar> "Ah! Your friend, ze shy one! She lives on ze library, right? I forgot, i really need to deliver ze clock!"
  385. [23:39:19] * Barkeep stares down at the lonely omanyte.
  386. [23:39:29] * Nephene finds Clarity's boundless energy to be pretty tiring (even considering that she's exhausted from looking for Karkata), but still keep a smile on her face.
  387. [23:39:33] <Barkeep> (oh wait)
  388. [23:39:35] <Barkeep> (nevermind :B)
  389. [23:39:38] <Clarity> (hur)
  390. [23:39:42] <Barkeep> (I thought she said she left both of them behind)
  391. [23:40:03] <Clarity> "Ahahaha!  Want me to take it for you?  That's where I gotta go, oh man oh man oh man..."
  392. [23:40:07] <Submission> "I'm thinking about building a place to keep some homemade stuff. I wanted to know what to avoid using, woods and stones and the like, and what to keep in mind."
  393. [23:40:32] <Raven> Raven just watches, puzzled.
  394. [23:40:41] <Clarity> "Thanks Neffy it was really awesome you have fun Missy make sure to tell her it was really good let's get some more later I'll buy a robot later okay?"  Also for the record she totally paid for both of them, being loaded lets you do this.
  395. [23:41:37] <Submission> Submission grunts in reply to Clarity. He's used to it.
  396. [23:41:45] <Barkeep> "Well, it's not quite my specialty. I try to learn from grandpa mac when I can, but there's still a lot left to learn for me."
  397. [23:41:52] <Barkeep> (why is clarity so rich?)
  398. [23:41:59] <Clarity> (Rich merchant parents.)
  399. [23:42:11] <Barkeep> "However, I'd be happy to introduce you. I think you'd like him."
  400. [23:42:38] * Balthazar grabs the Elgyem robot on the floor and follows Clarity. "Uh, ve talk more about it later, okay sis?"
  401. [23:43:26] <Raven> "Mhm, sure."
  402. [23:43:46] <Clarity> "OKAAAAAAAAAAY~!  Oh maaaan, I can't wait!"  Salt, still not having grown to very much of a maximum size, plasters himself on the Shinx like a hat and it looks really adorable because of their color scheme.  Clar busts the door open.
  403. [23:43:58] <Submission> "That'd be nice, Barkeep. I've kind of been looking for a reason to extend the house a bit, and this will give me something to work on."
  404. [23:44:27] <Barkeep> "Always good to have a project."
  405. [23:44:57] <Balthazar> "Hey, vait a bit! Zis is kind of heavy, eh?" He runs after Clarity, puffing with the machine on his hands.
  406. [23:45:03] <Barkeep> "Raven, can I get you anything?"
  407. [23:45:53] <Clarity> PLOMPF.  The animal-hybrid jumps to the ground and the teenager, barely able to contain herself, reluctantly slows down.  But like hell she stops skipping on the way to the library.  They're gonna go find WIZARDS.
  408. [23:46:20] <Raven> She blinks a bit, watching the two leave, before turning back to Claud.  "Oh, hm...sorry about that, got caught up in things.  How about...just a lager, I guess, nothin' fancy."
  409. [23:47:04] <Barkeep> "Sure thing." he fills up a mug and slides it over to her.
  410. [23:47:08] <Barkeep> "There ya go."
  411. [23:47:13] <Clarity> And then Clarity suddenly popped her head in one last time.  "Oh hey, Guard Lady, tell Hay he's awesome, 'kay?  'Kay!"  SLAM.
  412. [23:47:21] <Submission> "Yeah," Submission says simply, his eyes still working on plans in his head. (Did Barkeep actually ever get him the vodka? I totally wasn't looking.)
  413. [23:47:33] * Barkeep totally gives him the vodka.
  414. [23:47:39] <Raven> "I swear that girl is just as nuts as Ricki, just...in a different way."
  415. [23:48:45] <Barkeep> "That's not nice, Raven."
  416. [23:48:54] <Barkeep> "She's eccentric, sure."
  417. [23:49:01] <Barkeep> "But Ricki..."
  418. [23:49:09] <Raven> "...okay yeah that's a bit much."
  419. [23:49:21] <Raven> She nods in agreement, and takes a sip of the drink.
  420. [23:49:24] <Nephene> "It's tiring just keeping up with her."
  421. [23:49:28] <Barkeep> "She's about on par with your brother from what I've seen."
  422. [23:49:37] <Barkeep> "You might be a bit more used to him though."
  423. [23:49:40] * Nephene collapses onto a bar stool.
  424. [23:50:00] * Barkeep pats the little Dialga on the counter.
  425. [23:50:13] <Nephene> "Are you two really related?"
  426. [23:50:16] <Submission> Submission drinks deeply, then blinks a bit and looks to Barkeep. "Can I get a beer on top of this? Just whatever is on tap."
  427. [23:50:22] <Raven> "That's probably a much more fair assessment.  And like I said, he's not ACTUALLY my brother.  It's kinda liiiike...can't think of anyone else around town like it."
  428. [23:50:24] <Balthazar> "Uh, so you know ze vay? I actually vant to take some books too..." He asks Clarity.
  429. [23:51:19] <Clarity> "Yeah!  Thattaway!"  A point, while skipping.  Of course she's so loud that even INSIDE the bar the shouting can be heard.  Sky looks at him and only shakes his head in apology.
  430. [23:51:41] <Barkeep> "Coming right up, Sub."
  431. [23:52:15] * Barkeep puts a nice mug in front of him.
  432. [23:52:16] <Nephene> "You're keeping tabs on the drinks, right?"
  433. [23:52:33] <Nephene> "Three meals, two drinks so far, I think..."
  434. [23:52:43] <Barkeep> "Three."
  435. [23:52:46] <Raven> "I'm good for my word, don't worry," she waves a wallet around.
  436. [23:52:49] <Nephene> "Right."
  437. [23:53:05] <Barkeep> "50 for the drinks, 200 for the meals."
  438. [23:53:41] <Submission> "Yeah, good, someone told me once 'Vodka without beer is money thrown in the wind'," Submission says, sipping his. "I'm fine too. Not having much tonight. I have to get back to the house and clean things up."
  439. [23:53:47] <Submission> *his beer
  440. [23:53:48] <Balthazar> "So uh, vho are you again?"
  441. [23:54:16] <Raven> "Thank god there's a festival tomorrow though, could use a little festivity after all that fright."
  442. [23:54:32] <Raven> She picks at her food, still barely touched due to conversation.
  443. [23:54:37] <Barkeep> "I'm worried I'll be feeling a bit drained."
  444. [23:55:49] <Raven> "Well, hopefully bandits don't attack halfway through it again."
  445. [23:55:57] <Nephene> "Likewise. I still have to think of something to do, though...."
  446. [23:56:00] <Submission> "Well, if you're not up to it, Barkeep, I was thinkin' I might invite some folk to my place after the festival. Maka could have her little friends, and I'm cleaning up the house anyway..."
  447. [23:56:29] <Barkeep> "Uh, hmm."
  448. [23:57:01] <Barkeep> "I'll see about it, I think."
  449. [23:57:07] <Clarity> "Who am I?"  A long pause.  "Uhh... oh right!  I think if I remember right my name's probably Clarity... yeah, somethin' like that!  Unless I'm sleepwalking again.  And that's Sky, and that's Salt..."
  450. [23:57:16] <Raven> "How you been doin' anyway, Submission?"
  451. [23:57:39] <Raven> "Sorry to have been ignorin' you a bit so far, lot of distractions."
  452. [23:57:39] <Barkeep> "You're going to the festival though, Raven?"
  453. [23:57:52] <Barkeep> "Err uh, sorry, go ahead."
  454. [23:57:55] <Balthazar> "I don't think you are sleepvalking. Unless i'm sleepvalking as well, but we sleepvalking together at ze same time might be a pretty unusual coincidence. Unless i'm imagining you."
  455. [23:58:55] <Submission> "As you will." Submission then turns to Raven, "Oh, it's nothing. Been fishing a lot lately, spending time with Dos. It's been quiet at the house. Troubles of living so far out."
  456. [23:59:25] <Raven> She nods.  "Been backpackin' a lot lately myself, till about last week."
  457. [23:59:31] <Clarity> "I've imagined me before!  Maybe I am?  You seem like someone I'd dream about.  I've dreamt about robots.  I've dreamt about having robots, being robots, robots blowing up, robots coming from the sky...  Oh, not you, Sky, the other one."
  458. [00:00:26] <Raven> "And I'll see if I can swing by tomorrow as well; Maka's been trying to show me something for a while now."
  459. [00:00:46] <Balthazar> "Robots blowing up... Hehehe! Boom! Boom! Zap! Zap! Yeah, i do it all the time, vhen i am awake too, but it's all about exploding and shooting lasers, eh? And after ze UFO came i am going to build a giant robot Ariados to protect us. I made a smaller one as a model, but..."
  460. [00:01:22] <Submission> "Sounds good. I'll grill some fish I cured recently. I've been keeping an eye on the weather lately, though. Looks like rain, mayhaps."
  461. [00:01:47] <Raven> "But yeah, I'll be there for sure, Barkeep.  Hopefully while off duty.  Hopefully," that's a horrible lie. She's the only guard.
  462. [00:01:58] * Clarity nods and listens along wide-eyes, breaking for a "whoa!" or a "holy crap, that's awesome!" every now and then. Sky continues to roll his eyes during this.
  463. [00:02:06] <Barkeep> "Well since we're going to end up at the same place anyway, what would you think of hanging around the festival with me?"
  464. [00:02:14] <Barkeep> "If you're off duty anyway."
  465. [00:02:27] <Barkeep> "Who decides if you're on duty?"
  466. [00:02:39] <Raven> She ponders this...
  467. [00:03:21] <Submission> "Suppose you do, don't you, Raven?" Submission chuckles.
  468. [00:03:26] <Raven> "I...I suppose I do, huh, that is an odd realization.  I seriously need to get some fresh blood in the corps."
  469. [00:03:38] <Clarity> And then a point forward.  "Whoop!  There it is!"  A big library stands in front of them because they had apparently been talking all this time.  Sky gives a glare like 'you're not REALLY going to start knocking on a library door, are you?'
  470. [00:03:41] <Balthazar> "Yeah, i vill show you ze UFO, it came vith an Alien, and i think i can make it fly again!" He makes flying motions with his arm. "SWOOSH! Faster zhan light, eh?"
  471. [00:03:52] <Nephene> "Maybe hire some temps?"
  472. [00:03:55] <Barkeep> "You know what else is kind of funny?"
  473. [00:04:00] <Barkeep> "I've got the whole town guard in my bar."
  474. [00:04:30] <Barkeep> "And I just served everyone in the town guard a drink."
  475. [00:05:14] <Barkeep> "But you know, I'm sure you could hire more guards if you just asked around a bit."
  476. [00:05:23] <Clarity> "That's so frickin' awesome!  I gotta see it sometime!  But... this TOWER FULL OF GHOSTS is totally gonna be even more awesome, right?  Like, what if there are WIZARDS or something there?"
  477. [00:05:26] <Raven> She was taking a sip of her drink as he said this, and choked as she laughed, nearly spitting some up. "That is a hilarious realization."
  478. [00:05:27] <Barkeep> "Heck, sub, what would you think of it? You did one heck of a job on those bandits."
  479. [00:06:07] <Submission> "I've made sure everyone in the town guard got home safely," Submission jokes. Then he srs's the fuck up. "I don't know. That was a particular instance."
  480. [00:06:24] <Raven> "And yeah I've been tryin' to recruit.  You think more people would be willin' after the whole spring festival fiasco."
  481. [00:06:54] <Nephene> "Well, I -used- to be in the guard, Raven."
  482. [00:07:04] <Nephene> "I might be able to join a reserve, or something."
  483. [00:07:18] <Balthazar> "Ze tower... Vell, zere is something zhere i vant to see for myself." Vodun could have returned there. And if he has, oh there would hell to be paid!
  484. [00:07:18] <Nephene> "Think I still have my dad's book on procedures and survival, too."
  485. [00:07:20] <Raven> "But you know, to hell with it; yeah, I guess I'd be free that night unless something catastrophic happens, sure."
  486. [00:08:15] <Submission> Submission is silent again, now.
  487. [00:08:21] <Raven> "Hell, reserves or not, any help is good."
  488. [00:08:40] <Barkeep> "But Neph..."
  489. [00:08:49] <Nephene> "Hm?"
  490. [00:08:49] <Barkeep> "Well, if Neph is joining, I'm joining too."
  491. [00:10:25] <Raven> "Ah, you don't have to do that, Barkeep; I'll be honest, it's not as dire a situation as I make it sound.  I mean, I'm often gone for days at a time backpackin' around the wilderness."
  492. [00:10:57] <Nephene> "If it comes down to it, I may not be as strong as Submission, here, but I know a thing or two about defending myself."
  493. [00:11:42] <Barkeep> "Right. And I'm joining if Neph is."
  494. [00:12:56] <Submission> Submission suddenly snaps back to reality at the mention of his name. "Well, I'm always around if trouble starts anyway. This is my home, after all." He stands up quickly. "I have to get going, then."
  495. [00:13:15] <Nephene> "So soon?"
  496. [00:13:18] <Nephene> "Well, alright."
  497. [00:13:27] <Barkeep> "Come back anytime."
  498. [00:13:39] <Raven> Raven jostles her drink around.  "Well, I'm not gonna say no if you're volunteering, but really, I'm not pressuring anyone to enlist!"
  499. [00:13:51] <Raven> "And good night, Submission, see you tomorrow, hopefully."
  500. [00:15:07] <Submission> "Here's your money, Neph. Barkeep, Raven, have a good night. Come by tomorrow after the festival. I'll have a fire going." Submission then lumbers quietly out the door and back home. He was oddly quick to leave there.
  501. [00:15:30] * Barkeep nods as he leaves.
  502. [00:15:32] <Barkeep> "Oh and uh..."
  503. [00:15:37] <Submission> (I gotta get some shut eye.)
  504. [00:15:41] <Submission> (Take it easy, all.)
  505. [00:16:12] <Barkeep> "Yeah, Claude is kind of my name. Claudius actually. If you want... it'd be okay if you called me Claude or... something like that."
  506. [00:16:37] * Nephene seems a bit surprised by this. It's unusual.
  507. [00:18:08] <Raven> "Well I wasn't if it bothered you, I mean, hell, I didn't know it till now anyway, but okay, if you prefer that."
  508. [00:19:10] <Barkeep> "Oh well uh, it's not like I prefer, I mean usually I have everyone... I mean if it's you, uh, you can just uh call me what you like. 'Scuse me."
  509. [00:19:30] * Barkeep picks up David and hurries upstairs
  510. [00:20:08] <Raven> She gets to finishing up her meal, "Well cya tomorrow, Claud!"  She laughs.  "Well he seemed embarrassed about it sure enough."
  511. [00:20:12] * Barkeep hurries back down and gives kind of an awkward bow to Raven. "Uh, have a good night! Please come again."
  512. [00:20:18] * Barkeep hurries back up
  513. [00:21:20] * Nephene chuckles. "He really does like you, though."
  514. [00:22:07] <Raven> "He's been a good bit friendlier ever since he helped me question that wizardly fellow.  Not that he wasn't before, but," she shrugs.
  515. [00:22:36] <Nephene> Tappity-tappity-tap.
  516. [00:22:57] <Raven> "Is that your Krabby?" she looks around.
  517. [00:23:17] <Nephene> "....pretty sure it is. It's catchy, I have to admit."
  518. [00:25:19] <Raven> "Why is he so sticky anyway?  Feels like a giant desert or something."
  519. [00:25:58] <Nephene> "I don't know."
  520. [00:26:08] <Nephene> "It's like he's sugary, or something."
  521. [00:26:51] <Raven> "...I'd imagine he wouldn't like knowing he gets described by how he could probably taste.  Poor thing."
  522. [00:29:28] <Raven> She continues to finish up her meal, since she's taking her sweet time as is.. "But seriously, it's a bit surprisin' to see him acting like this all of a sudden.  Well, I was hoping you guys would drop the dearest customer act, but still"
  523. [00:29:43] <Nephene> "I do it just to be nice."
  524. [00:29:52] <Nephene> "If it bothers you, though, I'll try to adjust."
  525. [00:32:33] <Raven> "I wouldn't say it bothers me, just..." she looks looks up, thinking of the right phrase.  "Well, it's a little different for me I guess, I mean, I'm always technically on the job, so the way I reply to people is just what it is.  I guess it's different when you work a more standard job."
  526. [00:33:10] <Nephene> "Yeah. You don't want to anger your customers."
  527. [00:33:28] <Nephene> "This isn't a high end place, but it still pays to be polite."
  528. [00:34:28] <Raven> "Well consider me not easily offended," she says with a toothy grin.  "Also, ain't your birthday coming up soon?"
  529. [00:34:44] * Nephene sighs at the realization. "Yeah, it is."
  530. [00:34:46] <Nephene> "The 24th."
  531. [00:36:44] <Raven> "hmmm," she ponders. "well I'll have to do a little brainstormi- oops, bad timing?"
  532. [00:37:04] <Nephene> "No, it's not that. I'm just getting old, that's all."
  533. [00:38:20] <Raven> "Well, I mean, we're the same age, sorta, so it's not like you're alone."
  534. [00:39:00] * Nephene frowns. "Well, -you're- not alone now, I mean."
  535. [00:39:54] <Raven> "No, I mean, like, you're not the only one breezin' through her twenties.  I think that Lisa girl is about our age too."
  536. [00:42:48] <Raven> She scratches her head.  "I'm not sure what you're sayin' here."
  537. [00:43:07] <Nephene> "Um....nothing."
  538. [00:44:34] <Raven> She just stares confused for a bit.  "Why are you so depressed all of a sudden?  Sorry if I said something."
  539. [00:47:02] <Nephene> "Hey, um....when's -your- birthday?"
  540. [00:48:39] <Raven> "The 21st of Winter," she says, still confused.
  541. [00:49:06] <Nephene> "Right. I'll....remember that."
  542. [00:53:39] <Nephene> "Well, um..."
  543. [00:53:43] <Raven> She turns to finishing up her meal, also putting down the cash she owes on the bar top. "Sorry I brought up the birthday thing...workin' in the armed forces for a few years, kinda dulled thinking about things like that."
  544. [00:54:16] <Nephene> "It's no big deal. Really."
  545. [00:54:41] <Raven> "livin' around civilians is still kinda fresh to me."
  546. [00:56:04] <Nephene> "Just, uh."
  547. [00:56:08] <Raven> "hm?"
  548. [00:56:14] <Nephene> "Go a little easy on my brother tomorrow."
  549. [00:56:21] <Nephene> "He's probably nervous as all get out."
  550. [00:57:43] <Raven> "What do ya mean?  I mean sure he got scared as hell back at the tower, but we all did.  Not like we're gonna go off on some dangerous adventure or something.  Just hangin' out at the festival."
  551. [00:58:09] <Nephene> "Oh, it's not that."
  552. [00:59:11] <Nephene> "....look, he's just not really used to getting close to people."
  553. [00:59:30] <Nephene> "The fact that he's letting you call him by name is pretty big. Usually, only I can do that."
  554. [00:59:43] <Raven> She spoons up the rest of her meal.  "Really?  Well, I guess he does put off that persona..."
  555. [01:00:51] <Nephene> "I worry about him a lot."
  556. [01:02:05] <Raven> "Well, I know that feeling.  I'm always concerned Terry's going to blow himself up or something, and we're not even flesh and blood."
  557. [01:03:27] <Nephene> "Yeah....it's something like that."
  558. [01:03:57] <Nephene> "I've gotta get ready to close up shop for the night, though."
  559. [01:04:15] <Raven> "But okay, I know I'm lot more rugged then most, so I'll keep that in mind," she is curious just what's so scary about a firework festival, however.
  560. [01:04:46] <Raven> "Yeah, sorry to keep you so long.  Thanks for dinner, Neph.  I'll cya later," she finishes off her drink, gathers her things and waves goodbye for the night.
  561. [01:04:59] <Nephene> "See you tomorrow, Raven."
  562. [01:05:48] <Nephene> With that, she gets to wiping down the counter....alone.
  563. [01:06:06] <Raven> She heads out the door, "And by the way, we're baking. soon."
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