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  1. Avi: andrew = vailant courageous man
  2. Avi: hussie = promiscuous woman
  3. Zuki: Not sure what I'd call my land.
  4. Kuraiou: ditto.
  5. Zuki: I want RIVERS, in it, though.
  6. Kuraiou: since i'm really not in Chicago proper, it's kind of...
  7. TheAngryBeard: Can't remember what my land was... OH YEAH
  8. Kuraiou: the Land of Endless Houses That Look Kind Of The Same and Chain Restaurants
  9. TheAngryBeard: The Land of Suburbs and Also Suburbs
  10. Zuki: A really good rendition of 'This land is your land, this land is my land,' wil lmake me break down crying.
  11. Zuki: have seen Guthrie sing it live.
  12. Zuki: yep. Crying.
  13. Kuraiou: aw
  14. Nevrmore: The Land of Palindromes and Dnasemordnilapfodnaleht
  15. Wintermute: The Land of Energy and Matter
  16. Kuraiou: Wintermute: isn't that everywhere?
  17. Kuraiou: brb
  18. HyperAtomic: 117.84.88
  19. Ledundead: The land of Snow and Silence
  20. Zuki: yeah.
  21. Zuki: It does.
  22. Zuki: You can't knock it, though.
  23. Zuki: I met my fiance there.
  24. Zuki: No joke.
  25. Ledundead: Oh! The land of Snow and Spirals
  26. Ledundead: BETTER
  27. Zuki: ....I confess that we both stopped reading years ago, tho.
  28. Zuki: years and years.
  29. HyperAtomic: yess
  30. Wintermute: Land of Data Packets and Tubes
  31. Teleharmonic: Land of Damn Lies and Statistics
  32. randomEncounter: Land of Haphazard and Meta
  33. HyperAtomic: Land of Cat and also Cat
  34. Mirakelsey: are you guys choosing your world names
  35. Zuki: aahahahahaaaaaaaaaa
  36. Zuki: Do I have the land of MYTH and ANTHROPOLOGY, then?
  37. Teleharmonic: Land of Large Cats and Things
  38. Ledundead: Land of Land and Land of Land and Land or Land and Land or Land and Land...
  39. Solaris: BWAH HA HA HA HA
  41. Wintermute: The Land of Water
  42. Wintermute: and wetness
  43. VeggieBLT: Land of herp and derp
  44. Wintermute: The Land of Python's and Gibbons
  45. MightyMoose: hahahaha
  46. Mirakelsey: nice
  47. Kuraiou: Land of Repetition and Repetition
  48. Teleharmonic: Land of Lies and Chicanery
  49. Ledundead: Land of Nomansland and Wallabys
  50. Avi: Land of Squirrels and Girls
  51. Fawn: Land of Video and Games
  52. Nevrmore: Land of Redundancy and Repetitiveness
  53. Zuki: Land of Terrain and Adjectives?
  54. randomEncounter: Land of Brevity
  55. Ledundead: Land of Hella and Jeff.
  56. VeggieBLT: land of plumbers and fire fllowers
  57. Gazpacho Soup: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/10239152/Bloody.jpg
  58. Ledundead: Land of Conciseness and.
  59. Teleharmonic: Land of Friends and Zoidberg
  60. Nevrmore: Land of Descartes and
  61. Wintermute: awww
  62. Avi: Land of ??? and !!!
  63. Teleharmonic: Land of Lunch and Snacks
  64. Zuki: brb.
  65. Teleharmonic: Land of Song and Hyperbole
  66. Avi: Land of Voices and Echoes
  67. Wintermute: Land of Voice and text
  68. Fawn: Land of Portals and Turrets
  69. Teleharmonic: Land of Huge Success
  70. Solaris: And Cake
  71. Ledundead: Land of Lochs and Blarneystones
  72. HyperAtomic: Land of ale and whores
  73. Teleharmonic: Land of Overstated Satisfaction
  74. Wintermute: Land of Science
  75. Nevrmore: Land of Shits and Giggles
  76. randomEncounter: Land of Piss and Vinegar
  77. MightyMoose: Land of Land and Land
  78. Teleharmonic: Land of Pith and Moment
  79. Ledundead: Land of Slashfics and Furries
  80. Fawn: Land of Your Land and My Land
  81. Avi: Land of Mayonaise and Ranch Dressing
  82. Teleharmonic: Land of Dudes and Bros
  83. Fawn: Land of Coffee and Donuts
  84. Avi: Land of Bros and Bras
  85. Nevrmore: Land of Bitches and Hos
  86. MightyMoose: Land of Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff?
  87. Fawn: Brahs
  88. Kuraiou: Land of Lakes And Butter
  89. Avi: interpret that however you want
  90. Fawn: Bras
  91. Fawn: ?
  92. Gazpacho Soup: Land of Treacle and Cabbages.
  93. Wintermute: Lands of Land
  94. Teleharmonic: Land of Incense and Peppermints
  95. Ledundead: Land of Earth and Water.
  96. Wintermute: Land of pop and lock
  97. MightyMoose: Land of Land and Not Land
  98. Teleharmonic: Land of Fail and Win
  99. Kuraiou: Land of Huge Tracts of, and
  100. Avi: Land of Vibrations and Harmonics
  101. Teleharmonic: Land of Porkchops and Mint
  102. Gazpacho Soup: Land of Fat and Steam
  103. MightyMoose: Land of ADD and
  104. Fawn: Land of Whomps and Thwomps
  105. Mirakelsey: Land of Salt and Pepper
  106. Teleharmonic: Land of Birch and Silver
  107. VeggieBLT: Land of vibrators and dildos
  108. Nevrmore: Land of Kicking Ass and Taking Names
  109. Ledundead: Land of Springtime and Hitler
  110. Gazpacho Soup: Land of poprocks and soda.
  111. Teleharmonic: Land of the King and I
  112. HyperAtomic: Land of Veggie and Fanfics
  113. VeggieBLT: Land of chewing bubblegum and kicking ass
  114. VeggieBLT: land without bubblegum
  115. Nevrmore: Land of Pit and Pendulum
  116. randomEncounter: Land of Fuzzy and Dizzy
  117. Mirakelsey: Land of Romeo and Juliet
  118. Ledundead: Land of Bluh and Glub
  119. Teleharmonic: Land of Harold and Maude
  120. Avi: Land of Lint and Eyelashes
  121. Fawn: Land of MSPaint and Adventures
  122. Wintermute: Land of Sizzle and Zizzle
  123. Kuraiou: I was an extra in Miracle on 34th Street!
  124. VeggieBLT: land of truckers and prostitutes
  125. Teleharmonic: Land of Taste and Splendor!
  126. Dacen: Land of Piss and Vinegar
  127. randomEncounter: Land of Country and Western
  128. Fawn: Land of Wine and Prescription Medication
  129. Dacen: Land of Taft and Bathtubs
  130. Ledundead: Land of Tundra and Moose
  131. Nevrmore: Land of R and B
  132. MightyMoose: Moose?
  133. Kuraiou: Land of Moose and Squirrel!
  134. Fawn: Land of R and R
  135. VeggieBLT: land of corn and corn and corn and corn and beef and corn and corn
  137. Avi: Land of Tom and Jerry
  138. Fawn: Land of Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam and Eggs
  139. Avi: Land of Bargains and Low Prices
  140. 'Bink' has left the chat.
  141. VeggieBLT: Ireland: Land of Sheep and Potatoes
  142. Teleharmonic: Land of Wizards and Bullshit
  143. Nevrmore: Land of Aloha and Aloha
  144. Gazpacho Soup: Land of Milk and Somniphobia
  145. HyperAtomic: Land of Harsh and Wimsy
  146. Kuraiou: s/Aloha/Shalom
  147. ZingDev: i gtg
  148. Fawn: bye!!!
  149. ZingDev: Bye
  150. Kuraiou: bye Zing!
  151. randomEncounter: Land of Cheese and Dead Parrots
  152. Teleharmonic: Land of Zing and Dev
  153. VeggieBLT: land of explosions and micheal bay
  154. Wintermute: Land of pleasure and regret
  155. Ledundead: Land of Diseases and Inhospital conditions
  156. Fawn: Land of Alarm Clocks and Not Waking Up To Them
  157. Avi: Lnd of abbrvs and a.nyms
  158. Dacen: Land of Bees and God
  159. Teleharmonic: Land of Delight and Oh Fuck No
  160. MightyMoose: Land of Heat and Humidity
  161. randomEncounter: Land of Shades and One Liners
  162. MightyMoose: YEAAAAAAAAHHH
  163. Wintermute: Land of me and your mom
  164. Fawn: Land of Updates and False Alarms
  165. Avi: Land of Pits and Cliffs
  166. Mirakelsey: Land of Harmony and Discord
  167. HyperAtomic: Land of Rabbits and Grails
  168. Ledundead: Land of Crabs and Karaoke
  169. Teleharmonic: Land of Accounts and Expenses
  170. Dacen: Land of Chips and Dips
  171. Nevrmore: Land of Banks and Fuck Banks
  172. 'ZingDev' has left the chat.
  173. Kuraiou: Oh I have my final and perfect land. Land of Curs and Vowels.
  174. Mirakelsey: Land of Tints and Shades
  175. Avi: Land of Rhyme and Reason
  176. VeggieBLT: Land of Valve Time and (second word not fininshed untill 2011 (2012 (2015 ( never)))
  177. Avi: Land of it keeps happening
  178. Ledundead: Land of Malls and Sparkles
  179. Teleharmonic: Land of Strength and Horsedick
  180. Fawn: Land of Bluh and Bluh
  181. Gazpacho Soup: Land of Andrew Hussie watching Spade Slicks Watch Jack Watching Karkat watching Feferi and Sollux
  182. Fawn: (huge bitch)
  183. Wintermute: Land of Fawn and Tele
  184. MightyMoose: Land of Procrastination.................................and laziness.
  185. Teleharmonic: Land of Antici
  186. Teleharmonic: pation.
  187. Ledundead: Land of Heartattacks and HNNNNNRG
  188. Nevrmore: Land of Tele and Nevr
  189. Dacen: Land of Sollux
  190. Nevrmore: CHECK YES OR NO
  191. HyperAtomic: Land of Prognostication and I told you so
  192. Fawn: Land of Prostitution and STDs
  193. Teleharmonic: Land of Fucks and Cup
  194. Mirakelsey: Land of Kelsey and Kuraiou
  195. Kuraiou: awww!
  196. Wintermute: Land of stuff and shit
  197. Kuraiou: the best land!
  198. Mirakelsey: the best.
  199. Ledundead: Land of Super Fighting Robot and Mega Man
  200. Kuraiou: we are the stars
  201. Kuraiou: it's us
  202. HyperAtomic: Land of Dinosaurs and Betrayal
  203. Teleharmonic: Land of Traps and Treasures
  204. MightyMoose: I'm in my dreams I'm the star, it is me.
  205. Mirakelsey: LAND OF MARCEL VS CAPCOM
  206. Fawn: Land of Chutes and Ladders
  207. Mirakelsey: I MEAN AND
  208. VeggieBLT: land of Gazpacho and his Speaking Mistakes
  209. Mirakelsey: MARVEL
  210. Zuki: Guuuuuh.
  211. Wintermute: Land of EPPPIC and NESSS
  212. Nevrmore: Land of All of Gin Joints in All the World and She Had to Walk into Mine
  213. Gazpacho Soup: Land of Drills and BIGGER DRILLS
  214. Kuraiou: Land of Marcel Marceau and Charlie Chaplin
  215. Dacen: Land of Phillip Glass and Phillip Glass and Phillip Glass and Phillip Glass and Phillip Glass and Phillip Glass and Phillip Glass and Phillip Glass and
  216. randomEncounter: Prognostication
  217. randomEncounter: Land of Predictions and
  218. Avi: Land of Bunnies and Boxes
  219. Zuki: Guys I love you all.
  220. Kuraiou: dammit I was trying to laughing and I just coughed instead!
  221. Nevrmore: Land of 4'33 and                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
  222. Wintermute: Land of Crunch and Munch
  223. Teleharmonic: Land of Apples and Stereo
  224. Fawn: Land of I Told You and So
  225. Kuraiou: Tele: DOESN'T EXIST :O
  226. Wintermute: Land of jokes and failure
  227. Fawn: Land of Knock and Knock
  228. Mirakelsey: the land.
  229. Teleharmonic: Land of Bread and Circuses
  230. Gazpacho Soup: Land of Science and hot female professors
  231. Wintermute: The Is Land
  232. Fawn: Land of Toast and Toasters
  233. Avi: Land of Owls and Wolves AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
  234. Kuraiou: hahahaha
  235. Ledundead: Land of Awesome Voiceacting and No Teleharmonic
  236. Nevrmore: Land of Dead Cats and Live Cats
  237. Gazpacho Soup: Land of Radio and Video
  238. Avi: Land of Prepositions and Conjunctions
  239. Wintermute: Land of Cops and Robbers
  240. Ledundead: Land of Arsenals and Kittens
  241. Fawn: Land of Video and Radio Stars (it doesn't end well)
  242. MightyMoose: Land of Nouns and Nouns
  243. HyperAtomic: Land of Pitches and Scores
  244. Teleharmonic: Land of Jack and Shit
  245. Teleharmonic: And Jack left town.
  246. Wintermute: and of Bells and Salava
  247. TheAngryBeard: Land of ??? and Profit
  248. Mirakelsey: Land of Tubes and Wires
  249. Dacen: The Land of Cats and Quantum Instability
  250. randomEncounter: Land of Prices and Values
  251. Nevrmore: Land of Jokes adn Typos
  252. Fawn: Land of Love and Marriage
  253. Gazpacho Soup: Land of Aces and Dicks
  254. Mirakelsey: Land of You and Me
  255. MightyMoose: Land of Problems and Sleuths
  256. Avi: Land of Children and Sharp Objects
  257. Teleharmonic: Land of Pins and Needles
  258. MightyMoose: Land of Toast and Cats?
  259. Avi: Land of Zukis and Lexxys
  260. Ledundead: Land of Plot and Weird Shit. WE're all here.
  261. Mirakelsey: Land of Rainbows and Rainbows
  262. Teleharmonic: Land of Here and There
  263. Gazpacho Soup: Land of Here and Back Again
  264. TheAngryBeard: (Location) of (Noun) and (Madlibs)
  265. Nevrmore: Land of Much Ado and Nothing
  266. Ledundead: Land of SOLUX DYING and HONK
  267. MightyMoose: Land of
  268. Teleharmonic: Land of Your Mom and My Face
  269. Avi: Land of Smog and Grime
  270. Kuraiou: that reminds me of my time in the Land of Physics 101 and No Gravity Or Friction
  271. Wintermute: Land of imporatance and Ernest
  272. Nevrmore: Land of Shakes and Spears
  273. MightyMoose: Land of Next and Normal
  274. Wintermute: Land of Snakes and Planes
  275. Kuraiou: ^5
  276. Mirakelsey: yes.
  277. Gazpacho Soup: Land of snakes and solids
  278. Avi: Land of Arks and Archeology
  279. Fawn: Land of Static and Feedback
  280. HyperAtomic: Land of Coffee and Innuendo
  281. randomEncounter: Land of Dumb and Dumber
  282. Teleharmonic: Land of Deals and Bargains
  283. Avi: Land of Pencil and Paper
  284. Gazpacho Soup: LAnd of Atlases and Kindness
  285. Teleharmonic: Land of Drama and Weeping
  286. Teleharmonic: yeah, people who don't actually cause the drama often blame themselves for it.
  287. Ledundead: Land of Tests and No. 2 Pencils
  288. Wintermute: Land of Pears and Planets
  289. Dacen: Land of Ladies and Michaelangelo
  290. Avi: Land of Dreams and Pillows
  291. Mirakelsey: that
  292. Gazpacho Soup: Land of Love and Playing Cards
  293. Mirakelsey: sounds wonderful
  294. Mirakelsey: Avi
  295. Ledundead: Land of Wrenches and Electricity. (guess the reference, win a prize)
  296. Gazpacho Soup: Sounds of Horrid Avi
  297. Teleharmonic: Land of Meat and Potatoes
  298. Wintermute: Land of Pirates and Bays
  299. Nevrmore: Land of Opportunity and Ohwaitnoyougotdeported
  300. Avi: Land of Spaghetti and Meatballs
  301. Wintermute: Lnad of Mnid and Tirkcs
  302. Avi: The Land Before Time
  303. Ledundead: Land of Hell and Death
  304. Dacen: Land of poop and butts hahahahahaha
  305. Teleharmonic: I think you mean "Land of poop and butts lol"
  306. Nevrmore: Land of Ping and Pong
  307. Wintermute: Land of Mega and Man
  308. Dacen: land of farts and butts
  309. Avi: Land of Towers and Rings
  310. Ledundead: Land of Zombies and Sitcoms
  311. 'Alex' has joined the chat.
  312. Avi: Land of Dacens and ThisCrabs
  313. Kuraiou: wb
  314. Wintermute: Land of Headcrabs and Crowbars
  315. Ledundead: Land of Karkat and Karaoke
  316. Alex: it's 4:13 somewhere in the world
  317. Nevrmore: Land of Pins and Stripes
  318. Kuraiou: Land of Butterflies and Hurricanes
  319. Alex: ehsy
  320. Avi: Land of Ogling and Winking
  321. Teleharmonic: Land of Moustaches and Pistachios
  322. Wintermute: Land of memes and annoyance
  323. Ledundead: Land of Hippies and Saxton Hale
  324. Kuraiou: o__o
  325. MightyMoose: Land of Australium and Kangaroos
  326. HyperAtomic: Land of Bifurcation and [red/blue]
  327. Nevrmore: Land of Indiana Jones and Temple of Doom
  328. Alex: i,,,,,
  329. Ledundead: Land of Galaxies and Drills
  330. Dacen: Land of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y19Q5FwHkgE     AND      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXe0IA31qTc
  331. Wintermute: Land of Rick and Rolled
  332. Wintermute: Yes what is it?!
  333. Solaris: Let me guess
  334. Solaris: A Whole New World?
  335. Alex: ...
  336. Alex: sorry it's dark
  337. Avi: Land of Cats and Keyboards
  338. Alex: it's very dark in this room
  339. Wintermute: jaja
  340. Alex: and i don't have my glasses on
  341. Ledundead: Land of Darkness and Cyphers
  342. Alex: hold on
  343. Kuraiou: that was hard to translate manually :(
  344. Alex: so what's happening?
  345. MightyMoose: Sdrawkcab dna esrever fo dnal
  346. Avi: http://tubedubber.com/#isbx65Lwfw0:-lOBc3QZD9w:0:100:0:90:true
  347. Avi: Land of Tacks and Compasses
  348. Alex: why's everyone
  349. Alex: land of stuff
  350. Alex: w-what
  351. Kuraiou: that's what we're doing
  352. Avi: hahahaha
  353. Kuraiou: we're coming up with gag Lands
  354. VeggieBLT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWTFG3J1CP8&feature=player_embedded
  355. Alex: bye dacen?
  356. Ledundead: Land of PRICES and VAULES
  357. Alex: it's not, uh
  358. Alex: loading
  359. Alex: hold on brb
  360. Wintermute: http://thefrogman.me/post/273628690/famous-movie-quotes-as-if-written-by-a-proper
  361. Avi: bye Dacen
  362. Kuraiou: jesus we had 18 people
  363. Solaris: Bye Dacen
  364. Solaris: Or Avi
  365. 'Dacen' has left the chat.
  366. Wintermute: laterbro
  367. Gazpacho Soup: http://pastebin.com/HkhMkPzw
  369. Solaris: didnt you try out with Gamzee?
  370. Avi: Land of Pee and Backed Up Plumbing
  371. Wintermute: we are done
  372. Wintermute: its over
  373. Wintermute: :|
  374. Wintermute: :?|
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