MrPinku Noose Room Escape Walkthrough

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  1. 1st: White coat pocket -> Obtain Ziagra
  2. 2nd: White coat -> White coat falls on the ground
  3. 3rd: Go under the music set -> Feel like a perv # 1
  4. 4th: Spider -> Obtain spider
  5. 5th: Switch on the left of the music set -> "Do not touch!"
  6. 6th: Use spider -> Breaks air-conditioner
  7. 7th: Click on girl -> See USB fall
  8. 8th: Seat -> There is something under it
  9. 9th: Pink knife -> Obtain pink knife
  10. 10th: Brown pot on the fridge -> A toy ... childrens toy not the ones you are thinking about
  11. 11th: Use pink knife on the bottom left hole -> Bear jumps out of the pot
  12. 12th: Glass on the table -> Empty glass on the table
  13. 13th: Use Ziagra -> Put it in some Ziagra
  14. 14th: Left pillow -> Obtain USB
  15. 15th: Power plug on the left of the music set -> You need to plug it in.
  16. 16th: Power plug -> Turn on the music set
  17. 17th: Fridge -> Lets see what's inside
  18. 18th: Bottle -> Obtain vodka
  19. 19th: iPod -> Lets make some noise
  20. 20th: Use USB -> Starts music
  21. 21st: Click on her -> She is hot!
  22. 22nd: Glass -> It's getting hot in there
  23. 23rd: Use vodka -> Fills the glass with vodka containing Ziagra
  24. 24th: Click under the music set -> Feel like a perv # 2
  25. 25th: Peep trough the hole near the back button -> Melons
  26. 26th: Click on her -> Watch her ​​drink
  27. 27th: Click on her -> She is drunk
  28. 28th: Click on her -> Watch her ​​"dance"
  29. 29th: Safe -> Enjoy the rest
  31. Incomplete ending #1:
  32. Click on fridge while she is sitting -> Get frozen
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